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 Shaya Gallant (Original)

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Shaya Gallant
Original Character
Shaya Gallant

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PostSubject: Shaya Gallant (Original)   Original - Shaya Gallant (Original) EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 10:48 pm

Name: Shaya Gallant
Nicknames: Shay, Shy, Gal, Gallivant.
Age: 23, Feb. 26th, 1992
Gender. Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Lab Assistance as an Environmental Specialist
Place of Residence: An apartment on the middle income family area, where her roommates and her share. Her favorite spot is on the garden roof where her herbs and vegetable plants grow. She grows cold hearty veggies for winter which reminds her of home.
Nationality: Canadian/ American.
Spoken Languages: English and Acadian French
Eyes: Green with her left one have a speck of brown in it
Height: 5’7
General Appearance: Shaya’s body type is long-limbed and undefined hourglass figure. Her dark green glasses both hide her face and frame her eyes given the right point of view. Her green eyes are hidden by the thick lenses when she looks to her fidgeting hands. Her right hand has pink hair elastics, usually two, on it for when she puts up her hair. Her hair is a mousy blond colour that in summer sun is almost honey blond. She keeps most of her hair up in a high ponytail. Her left cheek has a birthmark Shaya covers. Her favorite colour is purple like her favorite cowl neck sweater. She would prefer to wear a skirt to show off her legs but she wouldn’t. She usually wears a sweater, jeans, and low thick heeled boots.

Character traits: Shaya is an excitable yet shy human. Her excitement comes out as an explosion of joy and eagerness. Her passion can be infectious when given a welcoming environment. Her trust is given partly until the person would be true to her; she will relax with them. Her emotions are not well hidden.
Her usual traits are polar opposite to her usual actions. Over years of bullying in Junior high and extended family she is painfully nervous of others. Her tendency to hide or run away from a fight has saved her more than once. She prefers to be in the spotlight but it is safer in the shadows of others who can handle being burned.
Her nervous of others doesn't include people younger than her. She would protect her juniors and harmless kids; much like a mother hen. She has a tendency to be caring, patient, and content with much.

*Dancing with others
*Teaching other people to better themselves
*Chinese food and homemade cookies
*quiet study space for her to read her Environmental Study journals/reports

*Loud yelling, fights and violence
*Jump scare videos
* Electric pop music

Skills and strengths: She is knowledgeable in environmental factors in Boral and urban areas. She is quick on her toes when the need arises. She has a green thumb for trickery plants from the North. She is good at listening to others.
Flaws and weaknesses: She is painfully shy and bashful. Her facial expressions are very prominent and can't lie well. Her anxiety about others makes her over think a situation.

Shaya Gallant is an older sibling to one brother, Chris. She was the bolder of the two when she was younger. Her bubbly personality was the first to enter a room then her voice. She was known for being the group's dictionary and knowledge powerhouse. Loud brash little tomboy.
Her mother and father worked trade jobs, Construction and Carpenter.They preached to her to go get her education before getting a job. Work is important but a job you love is more important. She instilled that into her classwork.
She completed her High school diploma at the age of 18. She fought hard to complete school on time. School itself was enjoyable for her but the social aspect was bitter for her.
She was bullied for 7 years of her schooling, from the last 2 years of elementary to the first year of high school. Some of the bullying comments were based on her looks, another part was her easy to target personality and her alternative lifestyle friends. Trash dumpster toss, rotten food thrown at her, leg waxing foam in her hair, being punched and thrown around; she took the attacks to her long as it was just her and not her friends. Her friends tried to hide as a group or run from the attacks until class started. She would be their distract to get away.
Due to this type of bullying she is nervous of loud noises, violence and most people getting into her personal bubble where they could grab her. She became a shell of her once excitable self as a child. She became a nervous, skittish, yet content of being in the shadows of others pride.
Going to University changed some of her outlook. She saw smart kind people try to better the world, unlike her previous years. She met others who were like minded like her. She started to try to be less scared of others, which is a daily battle with her to this day.
Now she is an environmental specialist in urban settings. Half of her time is walking through the muck of the local lakes and swamps, the other half is writing up report for businesses and government for building plans. The career is many long hours typing or wrenching through aquatics; but she loves the quiet it gives and the mobility of writing reports anywhere in the New York state as she pleases.
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Shaya Gallant
Original Character
Shaya Gallant

Posts : 207
Join date : 2015-03-19
Age : 32
Location : Dr. Fallows Lab in NYU

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PostSubject: Re: Shaya Gallant (Original)   Original - Shaya Gallant (Original) EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 11:06 pm

In the quieter streets of New York city the Winter hush came and left Wards Island park. The highway above the small park left a hum of city life in the stillness. The view of the Hell's Gate Bridge was framed by the grey sky and white dusting of snow on trees bare limbs.
A lady in black coat was taking notes on the walkway inside the small urban park. She looked up to the bridge from under her thick green frames and smiled at the scene set from the cold March weather. It was a picturesque scene as she kept writing on her worn clipboard with her head down leaving her nape cold from her high blonde ponytail.
She continues further into the park to inspect it's vegetation. She checked off common plant types and the amount of human debris left around. She almost gave the park a near perfect mark until she noticed broken branches on the trees and a ruined tent long lost in the leafless bushes. She huffed to herself, "Can't have a perfect view without human involvement."
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PostSubject: Re: Shaya Gallant (Original)   Original - Shaya Gallant (Original) EmptySun Mar 22, 2015 6:19 am

Aw, Shaya seems like a sweetheart! ^^ This profile looks great! You gave your OC depth and personality, and with her occupation and background, it will be easy to get her involved!! ^^

Profile approved!! Very Happy Welcome to Origins!! We're glad to have you!

Feel free to throw around ideas in the plotting section! If you need help getting started, just let me know!
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PostSubject: Re: Shaya Gallant (Original)   Original - Shaya Gallant (Original) Empty

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Shaya Gallant (Original)
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