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 Kovu Malandro

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Kovu Malandro

Kovu Malandro

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PostSubject: Kovu Malandro   Kovu Malandro EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 2:45 pm

Name: Kovu T. Malandro
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Human (Formerly), Northern Fence Lizard (Currently)
Physical Appearance: She's a 3 ft tall light green lizard with dark brown hair with a ice blue flower in it, And her locks are held up in a curly ponytail. She has icy blue eyes and a white bandanna around her neck. She has dark green freckles and a light green hue for her underbelly. She wears a black traditional Japanese dress without the sleeves and has sports bandages on her arms and legs.
Affiliation: TBA
History: Kovu lived with her mother and her younger sister Violet, They lived in poverty. One day when Kovu hit the age of 10 her mother dropped her off at a orphanage, Saying she didn't want she and her sister to suffer with her. After a year with the help of Violet, she escaped and they lived on the streets together. They survived by stealing and constantly being on the move.

Violet had dark brown hair like Kovu and had light grey eyes, Her face was decorated with freckles and she had a small necklace with a purple gem on it. She wore a white dress that her mother had knit for her most of the time.

One day when Kovu was being chased by the police she ran into the Kraang. Mistaking them for police she confronted them and attempted to take a canister of mutagen from one of the soldiers. She yanked and eventually they let go, She turned around and fell, Landing on the canister. The mutagen mutated her into a lizard and by the time she tried to call out for help, The Kraang was gone and the police were catching up.

She ran back to the small abandoned house she and her sister were residing in for the night and tried to convince Violet it was her. Violet just screamed and called her a 'monster', running away. Kovu attempted to go after her but Violet kicked her in the shin when she caught her and ran away from her.

Having lost her identity and her sister, She lurks around the docks, feeding on fish and patrolling every night. Sometimes at night, she observes the people in a Japanese dojo, When it was closed, She broke in. An alarm went off during her presence so she grabbed a armful of weapons and ran away. Out of the items she took she chose 2 tessens, and some throwing knives.

Her progress went slow, As she had no idea how to use them until she observed the people in the dojo and practiced them for herself. After a year, She had mastered them, But still no sign of Violet or the Kraang.

Every night she still scales the rooftops, Searching for her sister so she could have her family and maybe her life back. She has had no luck whatsoever, and still ponders if she'll ever see her again.

Alignment: Neutral (She only cares for the well being of herself and those who she cares about, And will do what she feels is right.)

Personality: Kovu has a sly and mellow attitude and she thinks before speaking, But its very easy to strike a nerve of hers. She can be full of herself sometimes, And works surprisingly well under pressure. She's also a bit of a child at heart, As the bond she had with Violet was based off of trust and making each other laugh. She even sees a bit of Violet in every child.

Likes: The night, Stealing things (She's a kleptomaniac), Being depended on, Children
Dislikes: Being alone, Loud noises. Small spaces, When she doesn't understand something.
Weapon(s): Tessens (Signature weapon), Throwing knives
RP Sample
The reptilian examined the scene silently, Taking in all the colors and details bit by bit and piecing the scene together in her mind.

She looked left and right, Seeing that the street was empty and no one appeared to be about, She cautiously wandered into the open, Leaving the shelter of the alleys.

The moonlight washed over her turning her light brown skin tan and illuminating her mint green eyes, Making them vibrant.

She took a deep breath taking in the crispy night air before darting forward into the shadows that await her presence.

She looked back at the scene one last time before turning back and returning to the darkness she called home.

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PostSubject: Re: Kovu Malandro   Kovu Malandro EmptyFri Aug 14, 2015 1:15 am


You did well incorporating suggests made in Chatzy. Wink

Everything looks good and she will be a fun addition to any thread I feel Very Happy so Approved!

Go forth and cause mischief!
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Kovu Malandro
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