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 Lotus Chan

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Lotus Chan

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PostSubject: Lotus Chan   Lotus Chan EmptySun Oct 18, 2015 9:04 pm

Name: Lotus Chan
Lotus Chan Blue_tongue_lizard_girl_by_riyachan

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 4'7''

Species: Blue-Tongue Lizard

Appearance: Lotus's appearance consists of light green skin, accompanied by dark green freckles covering her from head to toe. Her hair is either silver or white, depending on what lighting you see her in. She's considerably short for her age, but her agility often makes up for it. She's fairly thin, almost considered scrawny. Lotus wears a pair of thick, dorky glasses, along with a silky light blue dress. Like this one:
Lotus Chan Img-thing?

Affiliation: Currently none, she's alone at the moment

History: As a young girl, Lotus was told the happiest stories from her shelf of fairytales, and to this day, she's been awaiting her own happily-ever-after. Unfortunately, she's abnormally shy around everyone, and her appearance doesn't exactly help.
At the tender age of three, Lotus was introduced to her little sister, Minja. From the minute the infant opened her eyes and smiled at her big sister, Lotus knew she would do anything to protect this sacred angel. As they grew older, Lotus would often teach Minja about her favorite fairytales, and they would often play together; Minja being the princess and Lotus playing as the prince.
When Lotus was fourteen, she made a shocking discovery: She was bisexual. It happened the minute the new-girl of her school walked through the doors, instantly catching the hearts of many, including Lotus's. She made many attempts to befriend the perfect girl, but to no avail.
One day, as school let out, Lotus began her walk home. As she was on her way, she had passed the new-girl's house, and what she saw, broke, no, shattered her heart. The girl and a boy from Lotus's math class were kissing each other, heavily, no mercy given. By that point, she burst into tears and raced to her own home.
For days, she wouldn't speak to anyone aside from Minja. The eleven year old had proven to be quite the effective listener, and Lotus was sure glad to have her around.
When Lotus was fifteen, her parents broke out into a huge fight. This wasn't uncommon; they had never really been on the friendliest of terms. But what made this one different was that her mother had shouted to practically the whole world that she wanted a divorce. Her father agreed to it, and, well, you can assume where this is leading to.
The girls were given a choice on whom to live with. Their mother, who would be moving to New York, or their father, who would be staying in New Jersey, where they currently lived. Lotus had chosen her mother, because she saw the argument differently than her sister did, whom had chosen to stay in New Jersey. Despite this, Minja and Lotus stayed on good terms during the move. They had said their tender good byes, and that was that. They haven't seen each other since.
About a year after Lotus and her mother had moved into their tiny New York apartment, her mother suggested Lotus get a part-time job to help pay for the rent. Lotus, while rather hesitantly, agreed to it. On the first day of searching far and wide for ay kind of job she was qualified for, Lotus was attacked, in broad daylight, mind you, and injected with some kind of chemical. She had lost consciousness.
When she finally came to, it was midnight, and she had scaly green skin. Like any normal person would, she panicked at first. It took a few days of getting used to, but she managed, finding ways to hide herself among the busy, yet filthy, streets of New York. This is how she currently lives, always scrounging for food, brawling the toughest of situations to ensure her survival, living alone amongst a world of unbeknownst beings. Perhaps living alone is one of the reasons she's so jumpy around those whom she does not know well. Who can tell? Lotus's story may be tragically odd, but it is not over. I can promise you that much.
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PostSubject: Re: Lotus Chan   Lotus Chan EmptyMon Nov 02, 2015 4:42 am

Don't forget a bit about her personality and tadd more to the history in regards to her hopes, dreams... maybe she one day hopes to reestablish some sort of relationship with her mother? maybe she has seen other mutants and or heard of them and is looking for them or a 'sure' or something Very Happy

And add a sample post - then should be good to approve this character Very Happy
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Lotus Chan
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