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 Tiphanny Jonnson

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Tiphanny Jonnson

Tiphanny Jonnson

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PostSubject: Tiphanny Jonnson   Tiphanny Jonnson EmptyTue Sep 09, 2014 7:39 pm

Tiphanny Jonnson A

Name:Tiphanny Jonnson
Nick name: Nny
group: Purple dragons

Looks:Dark skinned and thick wavy black hair. Nny is very thin and flat chested. Her hair is always up in a wild afro and her brown eyes usually covered with sunglasses. She doesn't wear much make up, doesn't need to with her perfect smooth skin. She has a lip and nose piercings. her only tattoo is a little purple dragon on her right hip.

Personality: Nny has a strong personality. when she walks into a room she demands attention and respect. She is a fighter and usually gets what she wants. She is also a hard worker. Both in her gang life and personal life. She's bisexual but if very choosy on who she sleeps with and has only had five partners in her life.

Tiphanny Jonnson B

History: Born to a poor family in south Africa, Tiphanny didn't have much growing up, she was an only child and there were no other kids in her neighborhood.She did go to a public school which required a uniform. She hated wearing it, but was thankful she had any cloths at all to wear. She had one friend in the form of a stray dog that came around their trailer. Nny would feed it and give it water. The dog ended up dying from worms.

When Tiphanny turned 14 she started working full time. She stopped going to school and went out to the more populated areas to sing. Every night she brought home enough money to keep the family going for another day. It was on one of these outings that she was discovered by a talent agancy, Convinced that this was her chance to pull her family from proverty she signed up. The record company put her together with a band and they called themselves The Answer. Together they made three hit CDs and she made enough money to move her parents to a nicer location.

It wasn't all good though, the company started to steal from the group. the band wanted more money, there was fighting and soon everyone went their own ways. But Tiphanny had made friends with other musicians. Namely a couple that called themselves Die Antwoord. The toured europe  with her but she wanted more, she wanted to make it big in the USA. Before that could happen tragedy fell on her family. An earthquake hit and her parents home collapsed trapping her parents inside. They didn't survive.

She had to put her career on hold and take care of things in her home town. It took her two years to get back to normal and she decided then it was time to head to america.

Tiphanny was 21 by this time. She flew to New York on her own, got a small apartment and started right away singing at clubs. Though she didn't really have time for it, she did find love. though it wasn't meant to be. But this love would change her life forever. Gabriel was his name. She had been with other people before, but Gabe was something different. He was a gang member which made her even more interested. So interested in fact that in order to be around her love more she too joined the gang. It was hell getting in but she felt it was worth it.

Gabe didn't turn out to be the man she thought he was. They finally spent a night together after weeks of hanging out and making out. Finally he slept with her. Then it was over. He didn't want a relationship. it broke her heart, not only did her heart ache, but now she was stuck in a gang.

The gang as it turned out, was a good thing. She still pined over Gabe, but she also made a lot of friends, and it didn't get in the way of her singing. In fact, a lot of the gang went to her shows to show support. Things were actually working out.

There was one little down side. Hun had decided to pair Tiphanny up with Gabe,Ezekiel, and Lexi. She loved Lexi to pieces and Eze was cool too though she didn't know him that well. But working with Gabe would be hard.

likes: singing/smoking/traveling/drinking/her hair/people/books

Dislikes: fighting (though she's good at it)/needles/guns/make up/cats

Tiphanny Jonnson C

Sample post:Tiphanny threw the first punch. It was to be expected though, she was so tired of the Jon telling her to get him a beer, or get back in the kitchen, then he slapped her ass and that was final straw. Nny turned around and punched him in the face knocking him to the floor. Of course it earned the attention of everyone else in the room. HQ was usually quiet, unless there was a game on or something. But now there was a fight. An unusal fight. The girls didn't normally start fist fights with the guys.

Once Jon was on the ground, Nny jumped him and started beating his face bloody. The guys thought it was funny seeing such a big guy get beat down, but soon the fight had to be broken up. One of the other guys wrapped an arm around Nny's waist and pulled her off the bleeding man. "That's what you fuckin get!" She yelled in her thick accent.

Jon got to his feet and wiped his face off. "Bitch!"


"Get her the fuck out of here!" Jon said and pointed to the door.

"Fuck you I can stay if I want!" She broke out of the thug's grip but didn't attack Jon again. instead she walked off to look for Lexi. she needed some girl time. Get away from the boys.
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PostSubject: Re: Tiphanny Jonnson   Tiphanny Jonnson EmptyWed Sep 10, 2014 11:41 pm

Tiphanny seems like an interesting person and I can't wait to see her develop more in the stories. Personally, I think that she should have a stronger motive for joining the PD than just having the hots for Gabriel, but I do understand that infatuation can cause some people to make rash choices that they'll regret once that love haze wears off.

I think this profile is good to go, but I think beefing it up along the way would be a great idea. Profile approved! Now, go forth and do as a Purple Dragon does. Wink
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Tiphanny Jonnson
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