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 Lydia Chikara

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Lydia Chikara

Lydia Chikara

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PostSubject: Lydia Chikara   Lydia Chikara EmptyTue Dec 15, 2015 10:30 am

((Face-claim – Yui Mizuno! Very Happy))

Name: Lydia Chikara
Nickname: Dii-chan (by her mother), Lydibug (by her father)
Age: 16
Birthday: June 20th, 1999
Height: 4’10
Species: Human
Myers Briggs Type: INFP
Aura: Yellow
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Positive Traits:
• Optimistic
• Good listener
• Honest
• Creative
• Kindhearted
• Loyal and committed
• A bit of a perfectionist
• Service-oriented
• Usually calm and level-headed
• Good at reading the emotions of others

Negative Traits:
• Too trusting
• Na├»ve
• Shy and timid
• Prone to emotional outbursts when stressed
• Strongly dislikes having her personal space invaded
• Uncomfortable expressing her own feelings
• Awkward in most social situations
• Can come across as a crybaby at times

• Books
• Hot tea (with extra sugar)
• One-on-one conversations
• Small children

• Violence of any kind
• Dishonesty
• Loud noises (Ex. People yelling, thunder, etc.)
• Dark places (16 years old and still uses a night-light)

• Fascinated with psychology, Lydia desires to be a psychologist when she grows up. She’s very good at reading people’s emotions, and can offer somewhat good advice based on some of the things she’s read about.
• Not only is she good at reading emotions, but she also claims to be able to read the auras of others.
• Lydia is a very good singer and pianist, though she refuses to perform in front of anybody.
• She is also very independent, and is able to take care of herself if she needs to (though she suffers from loneliness when on her own for long periods of time).
• She's not sure if it counts as a talent or not, but she is able to fall asleep literally anywhere without much difficulty.

Appearance: Lydia is short in height, and looks much younger than she really is. She has long, wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. She rarely wears makeup, however when she does she usually only puts on lip-gloss and a teeny bit of blush. She’s never been able to understand why anyone would want to put on more than that.

Once upon a time, a lovely Japanese couple got married and moved to New York City (as the husband, Jun, had been born and raised there). A few years later, they gave birth to a son. A couple years after that, their daughter was born.
The brother was quite extroverted whereas the sister was an introvert. The brother was athletic and strong whereas the sister was a bit sickly and weak. However, despite their differences they were very close. At least, they were when they were little. That was before school began.

Now, their son had no problems with public school. He made many friends almost instantly, and was relatively popular. However, Lydia had a harder time fitting in. Too shy to interact with the other students, she was often lonely. When they were younger her brother would often spend time with her. As he grew older, unfortunately, he deemed it ‘uncool’ to be hanging out with his baby sister.

As she got older, school became worse and worse. She began skipping classes, hiding in the school library. It wasn’t the actual classes that she disliked. A very bright student, she found it all fascinating. She just didn’t like being in the classroom, surrounded by people all day every day. She was too shy and awkward to make friends with anyone, and after a while the other kids began to ignore her as it became apparent that Lydia was anti-social (which technically is untrue).

The year she turned 16 was also the same year that her elder brother went off to college. It was also the year that her parents had to go on an important business trip in Japan. They wanted to bring Lydia with them, but as she was a bit sickly they decided that it would be best if she stayed home. With her parents away, Lydia decided not to go to school anymore (or at least until they returned).

RP Sample:

It was the first night by herself after her parents left for Japan. The sky was dark, and the moon was merely a sliver. Lydia was sitting upon her bed with a fat psychology textbook, reading with a lamp, string of colored fairy lights, and two nightlights illuminating her room. She probably didn’t need all of those extra lights, however on this particular night she found that she’d feel safer with extra.

As she read, she began to get a bit drowsy. It was nearly 11:30 according to her clock. Sighing aloud, she got up to put the book away on the shelf. Now – what to do? She wasn’t turning off all her lights; however she knew she couldn’t keep them all on either. She resorted to turning off the lamp and leaving the fairy lights and nightlights on. She then curled up in her bed, closing her eyes and trying to fall asleep.

It was probably a half-hour later when she found herself awake again. She’d heard a loud crashing sound, and it made her jump. Shaking a bit, she peeked out from under the covers to see what it might have been. To her relief, it was just the textbook that had fallen onto the floor. Crawling out of bed, she picked up the textbook and placed it back on the shelf, more secure this time (she wasn’t 100% sure how the heck it had fallen in the first place). She then walked over to the window to look outside for just a moment. She lived in New York City, so the view wasn’t the most beautiful – just streets. But she liked it nevertheless.

She then fell asleep, her face pressed up against the window.
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Lydia Chikara   Lydia Chikara EmptyTue Dec 15, 2015 11:06 pm

Looks good, and its always nice to see new young faces about - be sure to add things to her appearance and history to fill out the profile a bit more Very Happy - Approved.
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Lydia Chikara
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