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 Ida Thredgoode

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Ida Thredgoode

Ida Thredgoode

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PostSubject: Ida Thredgoode   Ida Thredgoode EmptyWed Jan 27, 2016 1:25 am


Ida Thredgoode

(did not keep her first husbands name and continues to use her second hunsbnds last name instead of reverting back to Christie.)


Gran Gran, Nee and HoneyBadger.


63. Feb 14th 1953

Personailty and Traits.

Upon meeting others Ida knows she comes across as eccentric, witty, as well as filled with knowledge, and she is not afraid to speak her mind and showed quite a sharp tongue, especially during arguments. For the most part, though, she usually tries to maintain emotional composure, without being indifferent, but either because of her italian beginnings or just the kind of person she is her emotions are loud and she trusts her 'woman's intuition' and heart greatly and has likewise always inspired her daughter and granddaughter to do likewise.

She has showed a great fondness for everything culinary.
And believes music is a form of magic. glad to have inspired a similar love for song and dance in her granddaughter.
Enjoys getting out to camping.
Lives to have the next adventure.
Loves to mix old home style and modern living into the family home and cafe.
Adores her son in law, Hank and Granddaughter, Erica. And has always supported, encouraged and greatly enjoyed her granddaughters peculiarities.

As well as this, she has a temper, or as she would put it - get real silician and scream the walls down. Is loyal to a fault and unafraid to fight dirty if the need calls for it.

bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cooking.
dislikes being asked her age and being called old!
her adventurous spirit sometimes is tooooo adventurous for her (dammit!) age and often has lead herself her family into many an adventure.

Family and History:

Michael Thredgoode (her true husband, deceased)
Trixie Martins (daughter, deceased)
Hank Martins (son in law)
Erica Martins (granddaughter)
Elena Martins (granddaughter, deceased)

1953, born to poor parents, Ida never the less grew up to be at the time a young, independent Sicilian 'gypsy' in the 1970's,  when she married her first husband, a choice highly influenced by her folks, and was forced to make the journy from Italy, she had been a mere seventeen year old bride, and her first husband, a domineering and jealous man, known as Francesco Alabra, she had been forced to leave behind her family, friends, and all the good things associated with youthful freedom. Only to be isolated in a strange land, the USA with no one except the older francesco, who, as she later openly recalls, 'treated me like one of his farm animals'.

Though thankfully he would never give her children.

It was some years after he passed in a farm accident and with what little inheritance Ida had from him and selling the farm and what from her parents passing she soon brought a small hunters cottage in North Hampton, upstate New York and remarried a gentle loving American man Micheal Thredgoode a mere week after meeting the man, their wedding rings were simple gold bands set with small carved wooden badgers, Ida's a honey badger, Michael's a wolverine. This marriage was much happier, raising their daughter Trixie and supporting her as she becomes a military woman and leaves the family nest.

There was many happy years, traveling and hobbying around their small home after that and even when Michael passed away from a heart attack and Ida moved out of the cottage she kept it for family camping trips as soon after her husbands passing her daughter and her husband welcomed their daughter, Erica. Ida dubbed herself, Gran Gran and eagerly threw herself into the role of grandmother moving into the family apartment and opening up a cafe on the ground floor, combining her passion of being on the home front with her love of cooking. And even better the family remained long term friends with the O'Neils whom where not only farm neighbors in North Hampton but also next door in New York itself!

Ida has met a lot of people she's served int he cafe, and many are long term patrons and some of whom she has even baby sat for and often still treats these as she would her own granddaughter - although not so much leading them into wild adventures as she does Erica. Misses her daughter Trixie terribly and grieves for what might have been if her and the infant daughter Elena had of survived - but goes about it in the only way she knows how and living her years to their fullest.

Playby: Stockard Channing.
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Ida Thredgoode

Ida Thredgoode

Posts : 10
Join date : 2016-01-26
Location : Where the action is!

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PostSubject: Re: Ida Thredgoode   Ida Thredgoode EmptyWed Jan 27, 2016 1:39 am

So far, so good.

It was still and dark and silent... and she was sneaking...

ahead of her was her daughter, sneaking...

ahead of her granddaughter sneaking...

They were on the landing heading down the stairs -


"OH!" gaspes all three females.

Hank, her tall son in law stands there in paisley pj pants arms crossed over a bare chest, a smirk on his face. "Going some where gals?" He asks.

Erica lets out a little giggle hoping on her feet excitedly. Trixie tries to fight a grin... fails... Ida beams. "Oh... you joining us are you?" she asks in a teasing manner.

The mans shoulders heave in a sigh shrug and slump. "Fine.... lets go to the Burning Man... but no one is dancing naked in the moon light got it?" He says grabbing their purses and his wallet.

Ida laughs with Trixie and the women follow Hank down to this large vehicle. "Of course not - the nudity is entirely optional - as you well know." She teases her son in law choosing to climb into the back seat of the cab with her granddaughter.

She sniggers with her as there was a groan in response.
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Ida Thredgoode
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