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 Daisy Adams

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Daisy Adams
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Daisy Adams

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PostSubject: Daisy Adams   Daisy Adams EmptyMon Mar 07, 2016 12:12 am

Daisy Adams Giphy

Name: Daisy Adams
Nicknames: Crazy Daisy, Bubbles
Age: 17
Relationship Status: Single.
Affiliates: Whoever is nice to her!

:::~Physical Appearance~:::

Daisy Adams Harley-Quinn-Suicide-Squad-07282015

Standing at around 5'7", Daisy is an average height. She is slender, though, has curves in all the right places. Her hair is naturally blonde and usually pulled up into two pig tails and often dyed different colors. She usually wears white 'clown' make up applied to her naturally pale skin. Her eyelids are normally always painted brightly to match her pig tails. Being a bit of a tom boy and rough, her makeup is usually smeared, face dirty from whatever mischief she has gotten herself into at any given time. She has blue 'puppy-dog' eyes that can go from psycho to innocent with the drop of a hat.

Daisy is a fan of baby-doll shirts and extremely short shorts with ripped panty hose covering her slender legs. (though nude is certainly her most favorite 'attire') Her favorite 'shoes' are boots, though, she does like heels, but wearing them usually ends badly.  

She has a heart tattoo on her right cheek, and a small star at the center of her lower back. She has various small scars from an abusive past and getting herself out of bad situations, but most are covered by her clothes except for the one along her forehead, which starts at her hair line and ventures halfway down.


Daisy suffers from a vast array of mental issues. She is bipolar, has ADD and the lingering effects of overdosing on her father's drugs when she was five years old. She is psychotic and outbursts can consist of her screaming in your face, sobbing uncontrollably like a lost child or laughing demonically or joyfully. She is a roller coaster of emotions, and while those on the ;outside' may deem her disturbing, she has a very innocent quality about her.

For the most part, Daisy is bubbly and chatty, rarely ever meeting a stranger. Hyper and a big time flirt, most would deem her 'boy crazy'. She has an obsessive personality, and once she is fixated on something or someone, she is completely 'devoted' to the object of her desire.

Daisy is deathly loyal to those she loves, and while a little.. well...a lot.. off her rocker, she has a very nurturing nature, and very caring to those that are worthy.  


Daisy was born in Brooklyn, NY on the Fourth of July. Her father, Corey Adams is an officer of the NYPD. Her mother was a psychiatrist that suffered severe depression after giving birth to her baby girl. Motherhood became too much and the young 'mom' left her daughter in the care of her husband when the baby was only two months old. Being a single father led Corey to unhealthy habits, drinking and abusing narcotics being among the list of agents in his downward spiral.

Even with the absence of her mother, Daisy was a happy child. She loved her father dearly, even though he didn't seem to return that love. The man blamed her for his failed marriage and it seemed that he was only doing the minimal to raise her. While he was working, a young teen used to baby-sit her for a little extra spending money.

At the age of five, Daisy discovered her father's pills that he had placed on the kitchen table. A combination of narcotics, all brightly colored and appearing much like candy to the youngster. She ingested the drugs, which led to a near fatal overdose that left her with permanent brain damage.  This disability was only more of a hindrance to her already uncaring father, who got away with the neglect by blaming it on the young babysitter. He was an officer of the law, after all. It was his word against hers.

As side effects of the damage, Daisy began suffering from seizures at the age of six and developed split personality disorders. She hears and sees things that do not exist, and became friends with these figments of her imagination (except for the 'monsters'.)

At the age of ten, Daisy suffered from physical and sexual abuse from her father on almost a nightly basis. Her father's friends even participated on occasions and the men conducted their sins, assuming that a 'brain damaged' girl wouldn't know better, therefore, they would go unpunished. It continued like a never ending nightmare until she was sixteen. Having enough of the abuse, Daisy grabbed a knife and slit the throats of her attackers, including her father's.

Being mentally unstable, the judge felt that the young girl was in no condition to stand trial, nor would she be accountable for her crimes. Instead she was placed inside the psychiatric ward where she underwent treatment, which mostly consisted of being heavily medicated and locked inside a padded cell.

At the age of 17, she was sexually assaulted by a male therapist who would later become her latest victim. She stabbed the man to death and completely dismembered him, shoving his torso in the kitchen's oversized freezer and his severed head was found 'slow cooking' in the oven.

After discovering that she had been attacked, she was taken into police custody and escorted to the hospital to be treated, but she managed to escape and crossed paths with a man named Lazarus King.....


* Messy ice-cream
* Puppies!
* Bubbles!
* Bubblegum
* Short Shorts
* Love
* Lots of Cuddles
* little 'squishy' type animals
*Finding Nemo
* Romantic love novels
* Really pointy, sharp knives that can cut muscle and bone like butter
*Red lipstick
*Boobs- she likes to 'honk' those of other women, so watch out!
* ...and um, BOOOOOOOYS!!!


*Mean people
*Being left alone
*Being ignored
*The fact that movies end.
* Animal abusers.
*Shrink rap on CDs

:::~Sample Post~:::

[u]November 2nd- 7 PM.[/i]

So far this outing sucked! Sure, Daisy was reeeeeally happy to have her over-sized strawberry ice-cream come, but she wasn't enjoying the company of her fellow 'lifers'... not at all. In fact, the teenagers around her age were mean to her, shutting her out of their 'inner circle' and treating her like an outcast. Ashley,  the young woman that volunteered and had taken her under her wing was nice, but everyone else in this little 'party' sucked!

After finishing up at the nearby Baskin' Robins, the volunteer rounded up her group and headed back to the institution.  She didn't seem to notice that one of her charges had fallen behind, or that the young blonde was digging around inside a nearby dumpster.

As they had passed the dumpster, Daisy had heard what she thought was a small cry. When she told the rest of the group about it, they all shrugged it off as nothing more than one of her 'voices'. Determined, she unearthed the source of the noise. A small pink 'blob' that appeared much like a human brain with tentacles, eyes and a large mouth. Soft gum where teeth one someday push through. The creature screamed and hissed at its 'captor', but Daisy wasn't the least bit fazed. She eyed the creature lovingly, disregarding the glass fragments and other debris that cut into her unprotected skin as she knelt in the trash of the dumpster with her new 'friend'. A huge smile edged across her red painted lips and her eyes gleamed with joy as she pulled the struggling 'blob' close, snuggling it in her protective arms.

"You are my Squishy, and I shall call you Mr. Squishy-squishy!! And yooooou will be mine forever!!! "
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PostSubject: Re: Daisy Adams   Daisy Adams EmptyMon Mar 07, 2016 11:30 am

Wooooo very dark history and all sorta of crazy! Go spread it all over the sight Razz

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Daisy Adams
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