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 Gabriel Juvanni

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Gabriel Juvanni
Purple Dragons
Gabriel Juvanni

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PostSubject: Gabriel Juvanni   Gabriel Juvanni EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 1:19 pm

Gabriel Juvanni Gabrielorigins

Name: Gabriel Juvanni
Nicknames: Gabe, Rabbit (a nickname given to him due to his sex addiction)
Age: 23
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single. (He prefers it that way)
Affiliates: The Purple Dragons.
Family: 'Mama', the older woman that opened her home to him when he was 12. Ezekiel, his sworn brother. Dee, adopted father figure. Isabelle, Ezekiel's daughter. Jigs (his pit bull). Lexi (ex-girlfriend) His 'family' is all adopted. Gabe has no ties to his blood parents.

Gabriel Juvanni Gabeorigins2

.::Physical Appearance::.

Gabriel stands at 5'10" and weighs roughly 160. He has curly, dirty blonde hair, sultry eyes and full lips. A pretty boy by appearance, but rough and jagged around the edges. He has a quarter of Italian blood running through his veins, but like the percentage, his appearance isn't too heavily influenced by that. Gabriel possesses intense green eyes that have the natural ability to swoon any unguarded female. The thug is thin, but lightly and handsomely muscled in moderation.  His attire of choice is baggy jeans and a wife-beater, preferably black. He can often be found wearing hoodies too, during the cooler months. A good pair of sneakers are also a plus. Being in his line of work, Gabriel must be fast on his feet. A small pistol is usually always tucked in the waistline of his jeans. You never know when you may run into your rivals, after all.

Juvanni's skin is of average Caucasian color. He has various scars dispersed over his body. The most noticeable is the scar along the left side of his neck from where Jencko, the leader of their rival gang The Turks, attempted to slice through his jugular.

Gabriel Juvanni Gabrieltattoo
(The Purple Dragon tattoo that adorns Gabe's shoulder blade)

Showing his support and devotion to his gang, Gabriel adorns a large tribal dragon tattoo  on his left shoulder blade, inked in the appropriate shade of purple. A more simpler 'Dirrrty' tattoo graces his upper right arm.

While Gabriel is thug to the core, the man does know how to clean up when special occasions arise. He looks smashing in a black tux, but certainly hates suits of all kinds. Growing up, the only people he ever saw in the 'penguin costumes' were dead people, so he associates them with such. Being in his line of work, he knows that he will  find himself permanently in one of those suits far sooner than most. It is inevitable.


For the most part, Gabriel has a laid back and peaceful personality. He would rather be hanging out with his boys, smoking a blunt or swooning the ladies than being involved in a street war. He can certainly step up to the occasion when it arises, and has the skill and experience to hold his own and have his brothers' backs. He is usually slow to anger unless it concerns the Turks, or anyone else that threatens his life, and the life of his sworn brother, Ezekiel Blat.

Gabe is an introvert, and emotions over mind. His feelings control him. He's sensitive and easily hurt, though he usually hides that. He struggles from depression and insecurities due to his 'hard knock' life.  While he is deathly loyal to Ezekiel and Isabella (Eze's daughter) and the rest of his extended family,  Gabe has a real problem with commitment. Having being raised for his first 11 years in a loveless home, the thug genuinely feels that he is  unworthy of  being loved, so he rarely holds a relationship. Gabriel is a smooth talker with the ladies, but because of his 'hang ups' prefers one night stands and having friends with benefits.

The bad boy has a love for pit bulls, and not for the reason you would think. Breaking the thug stereotype, Gabe is against dog fighting and animal abuse of all types, and even saved a young 6 month old pit bull pup from a fighting ring that he was dragged to by some friends. While Gabe is a dog lover, the thug is deathly allergic to cats. Being in their presence for even a short amount of time can cause serious issues for him. Still, he likes the four legged fur balls, he just can't have any sort of interaction with them.


Being born into near poverty, Gabriel's brief upbringing was harsh and cold. His father was an alcoholic that hated the idea of being tied down with a child. His mother usually worked the streets, selling her body for money. The woman preferred this lifestyle over getting a real job.  It gave her more time to be at home, but instead of focusing on raising her child as a mother should do, her free time was spent indulging in drugs and shooting up. Gabriel was neglected, being sexually and physically abused by his father, and often went hungry. His young life was spent in and out of the hospital, the abuse always blamed on bullies at school. This violent cycle went on until the destined thug turned eleven, at which point the dysfunctional family moved into another neighborhood and a neighbor saw the child when she visited the home in an attempt to greet the newcomers. DHR was alerted, but a twist of fate would land him on the streets before the agency could pull him from his violent living situation.

A fight between Gabriel's parents escalated and his father took it out on him, as he often did. Because the man felt that their son was the source of all of their problems. In a fit of rage, the curly-haired boy's father beat him and cast him onto the streets.

Gabe took shelter in abandoned apartment complexes and beneath bridges. The fact that he had always had to steal food in order to live proved useful. He stole just enough to survive, not wanting to risk being caught. One day his talents were witnessed by a local street gang known as The Turks. The young boy had wandered into their territory one night and the gang leader watched as the child slipped amongst a crowd of people, lifting a couple of fat wallets without anyone being the wiser. Jencko, the gang's leader, offered the child sanctuary and protection in exchange for his services. Normally the gang wouldn't concern themselves with someone so young, but having a 'tiny' member with such talent would prove beneficial.

Being so young, Gabe couldn't fully grasp what a 'blood oath' was, nor did he realize that he was signing away his life. All that the child could understand was that for once, he would have protection...a family. This childish illusion  lasted for a year, but unfortunately the abuse continued. Being the youngest often made him a target for the bullies of the gang. One night it was taken too far when the abuse turned sexual. It brought back memories of his father and he realized that the proposed protection was all a lie. Not understanding the consequences that would fall upon him, Gabriel left the gang, severing the blood oath and setting in motion a lifetime of being hunted.

Flippo and Frost, two of Jencko's henchmen had a run in with the traitor when he was twelve. Being much older and larger, they beat him half to death,  but an unlikely Angel came to his aid. Ezekiel Blat, a twenty one year old and a member of the Purple Dragons. Going against his better judgment, Eze brought Gabe back to his home where he was living with an older woman that he had affectionately dubbed 'Mama'. The woman had taken him under her wings, and did the same with Gabe. Dee, an African-American man in his late twenties completed the household of 'unlikelys', and became a father figure to the runt of a child. Dee was also a member of the Purple Dragons, and one of the higher ranks. Ezekiel and Gabriel became inseparable, and a brother's bond was formed way before Gabe joined the Purple Dragons.

Like many that join a gang, Gabriel did it for protection. There was a small part of him that also grasped at a sense of family, but that had been fulfilled the moment he had been taken into 'Mama's' home. Given his background and lack of schooling, Gabriel knew that his options would always be limited. Another reason and certainly his biggest driving point for joining the gang was so that he could always be there for Ezekiel. He owed the guy his life, and would gladly sacrifice his own for him.  

As his brother moved up in ranks, Gabriel supported him every step of the way. Gabe had no desire to be the 'higher up', he knew with it came more responsibility and it wasn't his thing. He preferred the more care-free role because that left more time for partying and girls. His free nights were filled with one night stands and the occasional threesomes. It's a reckless lifestyle that Ezekiel never approved of for his brother.

All of that seemed as if it would change when the thug turned twenty. Gabriel made a drug delivery to a party, and that's where he met the love of his life. Lexi Davis. She was eighteen and everything he liked in a woman. Intelligent, funny and compassionate. Unlike most of the upper class girls, she didn't judge him for being 'street scum'. The only problem was, she was taken. As luck would have it, that didn't last long.. not even past that dreaded night. Gabriel came to the girl's rescue when her 'boyfriend' tried to present her to his best friend as a 'sex gift'. Apparently Lexi hadn't consented and Gabe kicked both of the guys' asses.  

The two became an item and for the first time in his life, Gabe had stability in a relationship. Unfortunately Lexi's parents didn't approve of them and kicked her out of their home after they caught the young couple fucking on their expensive leather couch. Even though the thug was living in Eze's basement apartment, Gabe moved Lexi in with him, and the two were inseparable.  She even accompanied him during his 'jobs', and the gang eventually put her to work as a decoy. Gabe wasn't too happy with her role since it put her in danger, but at least he could keep her close. When Lexi turned 19, Gabriel popped the question and the two became engaged. He was 21 at the time, and while it would have seemed like he was too young to commit, the thug knew she was the one. She supported him in every way, and helped him with education. Since he had dropped out of school at an early age, reading and writing were challenging with him. Ezekiel had taught him what he could,  but with Gabe's ADD, it was a struggle.

Gabriel Juvanni Jigsaw

Even though Gabriel is an animal lover and despises animal cruelty of any kind, he was dragged to a dog fight one night. While everyone was placing bets and getting riled up, the thug slipped into the back room where the animals waiting to go into the ring were being kept. He befriended a young white and brindle spotted pit bull that didn't seem to have an aggressive bone in his body. Even being crated and half-starved, the six month old pup's tail never stopped wagging as he licked Gabe's hand. Considering the dog's friendliness and young age, Gabe never would have thought the animal would end up in the ring.

Gabe was dragged into the spectator section with the rest of the crowd, and he watched in horror as dogs tore into each other. The loser always lost its life. If not by the jaws of the victor, then by the gun of the show runners. His attempts to leave were always interjected, so he was still there for the 'finale', and watched in horror as the little white and brindle pit bull was dragged into the ring by a chain large enough to pull trucks. The dog's eyes immediately picked Gabriel out of the crowd, and it was as if the animal was pleading for help, cowering as he was positioned at one end of the ring. Gabe was held back by his friends when he tried to intervene, and was forced to watch as a heavily muscled, much older dog tore into the young victim. The 'fight' went on for five excruciating minutes, the little white and brindle pit only making attempts to defend himself, but it was futile. The fight ended with the younger animal's neck locked in the larger dog's jaws, his body motionless and covered in wounds, white fur stained in blood. Once the fight was called and the black dog crowned as 'victor', the aggressive animal was pulled away, leaving the victim in a pool of blood. As the silenced pistol was placed to the pit's head, Gabe broke away from his friends and pulled the would-be assassin away. A dime bag of pot was all it cost to walk away with the nearly dead bag of bones.

Not having money to take his new friend to the vet, Gabriel carried the pup back home and with the help and support of Lexi, doctored and nurtured the pit bull back to health. Gabe named him 'Jigsaw' after the mastermind in the Saw Trilogy.  It was a long road, but the dog proved to be worth every sleepless night, and every late night run to Taco Bell to spoil him with burritos.  The dog proved loyal, and once he was up to health, often accompanied Gabe, Lexi and Ezekiel on their 'jobs'.

Life seemed perfect, but unfortunately one night Gabriel made an irreversible mistake. As his and Lexi's wedding date neared, some of his friends encouraged him to head to the club with them and have a few drinks before becoming tied down with the domestic life. He became intoxicated, and one of his former one-night stands became jealous after learning that he was no longer a 'fucking' option for her. She drugged his drink, and later seduced him, making a few calls to insure that Lexi would catch them in the act. Her plan worked, and even though Gabe begged and apologized, Lexi decided to break it off.

After the break up, Gabriel sunk into a deep depression. Lexi was the one and he had fucked it up.  He continued to make attempts to set it right, but Lexi's mind was made up. he had been too crushed to set herself up again. Despite what had happened, the two still loved and cared about each other and decided to stay friends. It's a little painful still being teamed up with her on their missions, but he tries to seem unfazed. Now without commitment to hold him down, Gabriel has fallen back into his promiscuous ways.

His first hook up didn't happen til months later. He met a woman named Tiphanny, and after much flirting and making out, the two had a one night stand. At least Gabriel thought it was a one night stand, but apparently it was enough to set in motion the woman's infatuation with him and drove her to join the gang. Thinking that they were on the same page with uncommitted sex, Gabe remains oblivious to the woman's true feelings.


* Pot and narcotics.

*Women. He's a real ladies man.

* Taco Bell.

*Sex. Wild sex, preferably. The kinkier, the better.

*Partying and drinking himself into a stupor.

*Pit Bulls and most animals. Though, he can't be around cats.

* Rap and Alternative music. Linkin Park is his favorite and he considers their music the soundtrack to his life.

* The Saw Trilogy and other gory horror flicks.

* Fast Cars. Camaros are his favorite.

* Gambling.


*Funerals. He's been to one too many in his life.

*Hospitals-- practically living in them as a child, Gabriel had developed a phobia of the places.

* Condoms. You'll pretty much have to drug him to get one on him.

* Being called names. 'Pretty boy' and 'faggot' really get his blood boiling.

* Commitment.

* Breaking girl's hearts. He tries to make sure they're on the same page, but some girls become clingy.

* Animal abusers.

* The Turks

* Jencko's nappy hair.

* Wearing suits or getting dressed up.

* Country music.

:::~Sample Post~:::

A year an a half ago...

"C'mon man, there's nothin' you can do.." Dre' huffed, anxious to get out of their current location. The man was a lanky dark skinned thug, covered in chains and clothing that seemed too big for his scrawny frame. The fights were over. The owners of victors had cashed in, and the losers lay broken in bloodied defeat. "There ain't shit you can do. The ring leaders, they run a tight ship. Losers gotta's just the way it is..."

Nothing he said seemed to be getting through to his curly haired friend. Bringing him here had obviously been a mistake. He had realized that the moment that Gabe disappeared into the back room of the old run down house that was now a fighting ring, and had bonded with the skinny white and brindle pit bull an hour prior to this. It was obvious the dog was nothing more than bait to get the others warmed up, and that sickening fact was put on display when it was show time. The pup's jaws had been taped closed so that he couldn't damage the champion, then 'Jaws', a massive red nose pit was brought out and released from his chain. Until the initial moment of impact, the skinny and neglected puppy thumped his tail in submission until the killer ripped into him....

Gabriel had tried to stop it, but the ring leader had their own version of bouncers. The massacre ran its course until the younger dog was a mangled mess, covered in wounds and blood and appeared to be dead. Then he was tossed out of the ring like a bag of trash so a real challenger could enter. That had been ten minutes ago. The little pit had long been forgotten and thought to be dead, and it seemed that Gabriel was the only one upset about this. He started to leave 'the show' several times, but his partners forbid it. They weren't gonna let him make the group look like a bunch of pussies. Man, where was Ezekiel when you needed him?

When the 'show' was finally over, Gabriel ventured over to where the little bag of bones had been tossed, expecting him to be dead, but also needing to see for himself. It was a shock to see that the animal was still breathing, but just barely. Still, despite the immense pain he must have been in, his bone-thin tail thumped the the ground behind him, happy to see someone that cared...

Gabriel was crouched down beside the bag of bones, stroking his head and trying to keep the creature from taking his last breaths. This whole experience sickened him. But sadly thug life and dog fights went hand in hand. It was a side of this life that up until now he had never witnessed in the flesh, and the whole thing tugged at his compassion strings.. something he should have severed the moment the blood oath rolled off his tongue. There were things that he could go along with, but this was a helpless animal that only wanted an ounce of kindness. This shit was wrong!

Before Gabriel could respond to his friend, a muscle-bound man moved over to where he was kneeling and aimed a pistol that harbored a silencer at the dog's head. The pit's once wagging tail stopped as if he knew what was coming, and a low whimper emitted from the pup's throat. Gabriel looked up at the man, sending him a disgusted glare. "C'mon.. you ain't gotta do that shit.." He huffed.

"Rules are rules. Besides, he's shit. He ain't no fighter. He's just a bait dog. His job is done..."

"I'll buy him from you.." The curly haired thug tried to bargain. "I'll give you fiddy, and two bags of weed..." It didn't matter that that fifty had been intended to treat Lexi to a nice date. No. He had to save this dog's life. She would understand. Besides, she never seemed to mind Taco Bell, anyway.

"Are you fuckin' crazy? That bag o' bones ain't worth even fifty... and he ain't gonna survive the night, see how bad he's ripped up? He was never intended to live. That's how life is. Some are fighters, some are losers.. and then there's this. A sad mess that was only born to make another creature great."

That certainly stuck a nerve with Gabriel. Growing up, his father had given him the same spill. Some were born for greatness. Some tried and failed, but they gave one hell of a fight. And then there was those that never made it out of the gates. The ones not worthy to breathe. "Then what the fuck you got to lose? C'mon man.. let me take him." Gabriel pleaded, one hand digging into the deep pockets of his hoodie and pulled out the weed, and the additional fifty that he had just made that night, selling some of the herbs. "Here.. yer comin' out good here..."

The large man took the offering and eyed the thug suspiciously, then chuckled sarcastically. "Yer the type of Thug that saves dyin' dogs... what does Hun see in you?" He asked accusingly and finally shoved the pistol back into the waistline of his jeans. He watched in amusement as the gangster breathed a sigh of relief, then carefully scooped the dog's limp form off the blood splattered floor. "You two are peas in a pod. You ain't no fighter... yer just a bait dog. And soon, yer job will be done. This underworld ain't got room for compassion. It's a dog-eat-dog world..." The man taunted, earning an angered glare from the dog's savior.

"Man, fuck you." The curly-haired thug spat. "It's foolish to underestimate underdogs.." He huffed, and joined Dre as he carefully carried the bloodied bag of bones towards the gang's van. "Man, Lexi's gonna have yer ass..." Dre warned and shoved a joint between his lips as he slid the van door open for his friend. "That fat ass is right, though. Yer too damn soft. Yer the type that saves dogs and shit. You gotta turn off yer compassion. Ain't no room for bein' a good person. It's gonna get you killed."[/color]

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I like the profile. But it's gabe what is there not to like? can't wait to interact with this asshole in the story
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Gabriel Juvanni
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