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 Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10

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Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10   Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 EmptyThu Sep 22, 2016 4:07 am

Mikko: Bruce: we talked about this. no eating the furniture

Candy: Stitch: I eat no furniture no more! *burps and cushion feathers as expelled -*

Mikko: lol

Mikko: Love: *hugs Stitch* don't fuss at this adorable ball of fluff!

Candy: Lilo: *giggles* to think he was actually designed to destroy cities

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: lol dawwww

Kitteh: Hard to believe tomorrow is the first official day of Fall - and the high temp forecast is calling for 86 degrees. O.o

Kitteh: WTF?

Candy: whoa

Mikko: wooooooooooo

Kitteh: Yeah. This has been one weird summer.

Kitteh: I think Mother Nature is going through Menopause. [tongue]

Mikko: the warm fall and winters suck! cuz then the fleas don't die off and it's hell for our poor pups

Kitteh: Awwwwww

Candy: yes - sucky fleas and mites and ticks and bot flies [tongue]

Kitteh: Bot flies?

Candy: yes bot flies! annoying

Kitteh: Do they bited?

Kitteh: bite*

Candy: most specifially its the young, the larvae that are internal parasites of mammals, some species growing in the host's flesh and others within the gut. Are bothersome to horses well those we have here

Candy: think sometimes people, cattle... any mammal I guess

Mikko: ewwww bot flies! I seen video of dogs with bot fly infestation

Mikko: poor pups

Candy: yes pretty gross - its more of the infections they can cause if left untreated but whilst annoying not a huge problem biggest one is sometimes ticks and grass seeds

Candy: this is why sometimes I has to get hands on - all oooover my beasties to make sure things are fine... especially in vunerable body parts

Candy: mouth, ears, eyes.. nostrils,

Kitteh: Yeah, I'll bet.

Candy: the sheaths and penises, vulva and anuses - no skin fold is a safe place to hide! [tongue]

Mikko: *keeps allllllllllllllllll the animals inside*

Candy: hehee

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: the animals see Candy come outside and they're like ooooh shit, here comes miss handsy

Kitteh: LOOL!

Candy: lool - no hiding form me! no ticks will hide!

Candy: or grass seeds

Mikko: lol

Candy: [big grin]

Mikko: finished the cookies?

Candy: yes and icing the widdle cupcakes annnnd the honey joys are set - and the milo balls

Candy: now to just bag em all for school snack packs and finished... and get these pies in the oven

Candy: for dinner [tongue]

Mikko: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so many goodies!

Candy: hehehe yes food is a family fav time - both making and eating it - kids be home soon and will want to dip the cookies int he left over icing for extra yums [tongue]

Candy: so wil leave that out for them to have fun with - might be some old lollies they can decorate them with somewhere *rifles through the cupboard*

Mikko: oooooooooh

Candy: hehehe keep them busy for an hour or so after school [wink] well the little ones

Kitteh: And hyped up with sugar. [tongue]

Kitteh: Then it's playtime? [wink]

Candy: yes! then play!!

Candy: which out here means some rough sport of some type - maybe dirt cricket

Kitteh: Oooooh

Candy: or kicking the ball around... taking turns on the ATV ? [tongue]

Candy: hide and seek in the farm yard next door with all their stuff lying around - old tractors and things

Candy: chasey? [big grin] hehehe the possibilities are endless [tongue]

Mikko: woooooooooooooooooooo

Candy: hehehe it's amad house [tongue]


Candy: lol! don't say that - it will be!

Candy: and it's almost obligatory to dance to the nutbush

Candy: macarena

Candy: chicken dance

Candy: annnnd bus stop

Candy: whenever they come on [big grin]

Mikko: wooooooooooooo

Last message was written 5 minutes ago

Candy: hehehe oh man we need to get past this freaking tank scene some time - I wants me real bro mance! all four bros!!! [tongue]

Mikko: blame Don! Mikko and Raph are all ready to get out now!

Mikko: Don is the one who's all nooooo we have to wait

Candy: lol!

Candy: blame mikey -

Candy: ... we all know it was Mikey

Candy: whatever it was [tongue]

Mikko: it's always Mike!

Candy: yep [big grin]

Mikko: Bebop is just gonna start getting naked

Candy: oh dear [tongue] hehehe instead of peep show its pig show!

Mikko: yes!

Candy: hehehe - Ben and Jerry might be intrigued - their gay

Mikko: LOL

Candy: [big grin]

Mikko: Bebop says if they want pics they better pay

Candy: lol! oh they'll want pics [tongue]

Candy: Rocky is gonna cum in on a weird scene some time

Candy: [tongue] hehehe pun with the cum word there [tongue]

Mikko: lool

Candy: hehehe enjoying that song in the sing to me sweet angel of music shares [tongue]

Mikko: what song?

Candy: awww or i was - freaking add

Candy: how the hell did that - never mind gotta fix that hang on

Mikko: ok

Candy: ... WTF - hehehe be fixed in a moment [tongue]

Mikko: @.@

Candy: hah thats better - hehehe what [big grin]

Mikko: whacha listening to?

Candy: hehehe the Lab Song [tongue]

Mikko: oooooooooooooh

Candy: finlly fixed - like Ee says... don't leave her unsupervised in the lab [tongue]

Mikko: Bax: NEVER AGAIN!

Candy: .... not sure how she got the rest to go along with it [tongue]

Mikko: boobs

Candy: mwhahah these science parodies of songs give me the giggles

Candy: lol boobs huh?

Mikko: yes!

Candy: well that ee says now her boobs are behind glass and only one gets to see em nakey [tongue]

Mikko: Bax: TITS NOW! *sprays cloths eating acid in the tank*

Candy: bwhahaha found ben and jerrys face claims [tongue]

Candy: tankEe: *squeks - runs and hides in 'den'*

Candy: ... theres a camera in there huh?

SCIENCE WARS - Acapella ParodyYouTube · 3:38 · 3M · 98%iTunes: Bandcamp: SUBSCRIBE: Follow us: @WhaleWatchMePlz and @MitchellMoffit Inspired by the amazing Jon Cozart and his fantastic Disney parodies: Lyrics by Mitchell Moffit, Greg Brown, Rachel Salt, Jessica Carroll and Rosie Currie. Get the AsapSCIENCE BOOK: LINKS TO FOLLOW US Instagram - Greg ( Mitch ( Twitter - Greg ( Mitch ( Snapchat - Greg (whalewatchmeplz) Mitch (pixelmitch) FOLLOW ASAPSCIENCE Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Vine: Search "AsapSCIENCE" on vine! Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93 Toronto P, Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 Created by Mitchell Moffit (@mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (@whalewatchmeplz). Welcome to Science WARS! Chemistry-Bio-Physics-Mathematical But which field is best? PHYSICS: I understand the force and energy Quantum mechanics and relativity My field is pure and they rely on me I see the universe like nobody You may have made fun of me in high school For being awkward and following the rules Now I’ve got laser (WOW, That’s really cool) May the mass times acceleration be you Atoms-Entropy-Dark Matter-String Theory CHEMISTRY: If you want to feel a bond Then I can give you a good reaction The elements that make up life Are my essence, are my satisfaction All the other fields out there are so basic Yeah, I’m the central science Keep your eye on me I’ll get you charged If you need me, call me up on Avogadro's Number If you leave me, take a titrant Shove it up your acid buffer Dopamine and serotonin Will keep you good and happy So get your flask and your glass all set up And begin to understand the world! BIO: Within me you’ll find life’s beauty In genetics and ecology Symbiosis and not division Unless it’s mitosis or the study of fission Even if you don’t pass, at least you’ll enjoy my class! Evolution, has brung us along All species singing one song MATH: If you want to learn about the world I must say I am the purest field of study you can take Immune to misinterpretation The blueprint of creation The backbone of all things science No bias, just constant augmentation In your mind, and observation No gadgets, just your logic and your time And PIE ENDING: Together we will find the answers to life! With physics-bio-chemistry-and math We can...SCIENCE! [Click to hide video thumbnail. To stop showing these thumbnails automatically, click on My Preferences and deselect Video thumbs/info.]

Mikko: yes

Kitteh: lol

Candy: Ben and Jerry! [tongue]

Mikko: lol

Candy: actually love these two dude's channels - so many interesting things to Learn [tongue]

Candy: tankEe: ... fine - may be able to look but only one gets to touch!

Candy: tankEe: *sass*

Mikko: lol

Candy: tankEe: wait - do I count too? so is that two get to touch or just one? *ponders*

Kitteh: lol

Candy: she's having a Mikey moment [wink]

Mikko: lool

Kitteh: Or a Donnie moment with overthinking things. [wink]

Mikko: Bax: put her in the tank with the pig

Kitteh: oDon:

Candy: tankEe: warning - I will poke out eye balls of anyone foolish enough to come in here for me [tongue]

Candy: rohEe: *so proud*

Candy: thats it I am letting my girls hang out too much

Candy: except Ochatee - she just don't talk to anyone

Candy: except Blaze

Kitteh: Awwwww

Candy: [wink] it's good for him, he is learning loads

Candy: yep no even chat to oMikey !

Mikko: Bebop: BLAZE!!!!!!

Candy: oMikey: what about him!?! *looks about - did some one bring his nephew here without him noticing?!

Mikko: Bebop: I HAVE HIM! MINE!

Mikko: MM Mikko is not happy that no one is seeing her as the tots mother figure!

Candy: not yet - more of a patient first

Candy: well in regards to Splinty -

Candy: ... probably Erica too [tongue]

Candy: April - a rude guest and competition

Candy: Shen - a patient

Mikko: dawwwwwww

Mikko: she don't mean to be rude! well to April she does

Candy: meh pming the Raph/ Mikey payer - great posts but they ignored waaaay too much of interaction from Shen and April and Maste rSplinter - gotta see if they wanna edit before everyone posts [tongue]

Candy: April will just - put up with it

Candy: [tongue]

Mikko: dawwwwww

Mikko: MM Mikko: *hugs her boys*

Candy: [big grin]

Mikko: the most she was able to manage before passing out was tickling Gold's cheek

Candy: awww -

Candy: yep

Candy: oMikey: but how!? no one knows where he and his mother are?! even I don't know she just... drops him by sometimes

Mikko: Bebop: sniffed him out

Candy: Blaze: *unconcerned - had a biiig day - happy lazy little turtle*

Candy: oMikey: I'll have to tell her that - [tongue]

Mikko: Bebop: *snuggles Blaze and smooches his head*

Candy: hahaha little ftL boys - be happy with the pizza - unhappy with medicine [tongue]

Mikko: awwwwww

Candy: Blaze: *beams, chuckling - chattering happily, words like Maaaa and Doh and Mimi and Eo and BeBe here and there - some hand gestures for colors he knows.

Mikko: Bebop: *goes along with it and hands him lolly pop*

Candy: oMikey: don't see much of her - she barely says anything to me - have no idea where she is staying *actually has some idea but not sharing*

Candy: Blaze: *oooooh lolly pop! - chews - still chattering around it*

Mikko: Bebop: she needs a new man! me ^^

Candy: oMikey: don't think she wants a new man dude

Mikko: Bebop: she don't know it yet

Candy: rohEe: nah - trust me - fellow Ee here... if my man suddenly disappeared I would be looking for him [wink]

Candy: mmEe would agree [tongue]

Candy: evilEe prefers girls and says f all dudes

Mikko: Bebop: if my women disappeared it's her loss. unless she vasnished under strange ressons then I would look.

Mikko: Mikko wants to know if she likes girls why does she want to fuck all dudes?

Candy: rohEe: hey we Ee's loyal - she probably thinks no way he'd just leave right? so - go find him - hope she's staying safe

Candy: ... no she is not - but oEe is stubborn - and any time she portals somewhere very very dangerous she leaves Blaze in oMikey or rohMikey's care

Mikko: Bebop: maybe I killed him.

Candy: lol no just F - not ucking

Candy: oMikey: really?... dude my bro too much for you to handle

Candy: Blaze: *mumbles RaRa - and keeps a chattering - getting sleepy though

Mikko: Bebop: kill him and take his family. right Blaze? *grins* I'm the best daddy anyway.

Candy: oMikey: well... I will tell her that next time she picks up Blaze - *will not say any such thing - silly woman*

Kitteh: [tongue]

Candy: oMikey thinks shes stupid for continuing to look [tongue]

Mikko: Bebop: no need for her to pick him up. I can keep him from now on.

Candy: oMikey: no way - she'll want him back - and she's mum she has final say

Mikko: Mikko: plus Rock isn't going to like you having a kid hanging around very much

Mikko: Bebop: awwwwwwwwwwww *pouts*

Candy: oRock: meh poop factory

Mikko: Love: I'll take him!

Candy: oMikey: OO *snatches and hugs nephew away from her* NOoooooo way -

Candy: hehehe he's thinking she'll have him with BBQ sauce

Mikko: Love: awwwwwww just a lick?

Kitteh: lol

Candy: oMikey: nooo!

Mikko: Love: *smiles at Mike* can I lick you?

Candy: Blaze: *giggles relaxing in Mikey's arms - one foot up against his plastron - points about with drooly lollipop* Doh Doh - Eoooo - Mimi... Bebe... Rara!

Candy: oMikey: Oo *jumps back* nah thanks - my other me might not mind it so much *points at rohMikey raiding the fridge*

Mikko: Mikko: *hands Blaze a stuffed teddy*

Mikko: Love: *pounces on RoHMike* rawr!

Candy: Blaze: *gets lollipop stuck to it - but hugs anyways - still looking about*

Candy: rohMikey: *both he - and the Stitch between his feet squeal like girls and spin around various fridge stuff falling out on top of Stitch*

Kitteh: lol

Kitteh: oDon: O.o Mikey! >​.<

Mikko: Love: *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiiiiiiiiiiicks RoHMike's cheek*

Candy: Mikey's: Me Mikey?!

Candy: Stitch: *shrugs and eats all the spilled stuff*

Kitteh: oDon: Stop making such a mess! >​.<

Candy: rohMikey: ..... woooo I like kitties! [big grin] *pets pets*

Mikko: Love: *purrrrrrrrr*

Candy: oMikey: hehehe I am not cleanign it up! *brings Blaze over* wheres the twins bro? [big grin]

Candy: Blaze: *waves lollipop decorated stuffie at Don - babbles happily at him *Doh!

Mikko: Love says she's outside the room let her in HH let her in! lol sounds like a vampire. let me in! I'm hungry!

Candy: bwhahaha rohMikey be all for it - he is a cat turtle [tongue]

Mikko: dawwwwwww

Candy: not sure his borthers or the Casey or April or Splinty be happy about it though [tongue]

Mikko: Love: *curls up at the bottom of Mike's bed, keeps his feet warm*

Kitteh: lol Or the wolf from the Three Little Pigs. [tongue]

Kitteh: Well, there's one pig there, anyway. lol

Candy: oAngel: *twins with her - loves they have grown and both have Don's brown eyes*

Candy: lol by the hair of her chiny chin chin

Mikko: lol

Kitteh Don: *waves to Blaze* Hi, Blaze. [big grin] *then looks at Mikey* They're with their mother right now.

Candy: oMikey: oooh can we come see em? [big grin] Blaze so big he'll have to be careful

Candy: rohMikey: *loves warm feet*

Candy: Stitch: *eats all the mess packaging and all!! - burps and joins feet warming*

Mikko: lol dawwwww

Candy: Blaze: *griiiiiiins kicks foot so eagerly gets Mikey in the snout*

Mikko: I have to head off. night all *hugs*

Candy: night night *hugs*

Mikko left the chat

Kitteh: Night *hugs*

Kitteh: Shall we go, too? [wink]
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Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10   Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 EmptyTue Sep 27, 2016 3:32 am

Candy: Lilo: wow if any of the cousins were still on earth I am sure one or more would have iked a forever home [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gwen: that would be awesome! ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: fuzzy alien dude. please don't eat my things!

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *raids fridge*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Huddles under blanket* Hate the cold weather

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: try being a reptile [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I know DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I will! *puts a cloths basket on her back and crawls around on all fours*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *lifts Blaze off his shoulders - had felt somewhere verrrrry cold when his mother dropped him off, he and Blaze still have snow on them, though Blaze dressed in thick furrs is warm.* Don't know where he and his mother were but it was cooollld as heck. *helps the little turtle out of his furrs for now*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *to eager to run about to wait to be undressed properly - still has fur pants and clumsy run tackles Stitch!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: Eeeeee! *half chokes on soda - spitting it all over Mikko and her basket shell*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: That's cold OO

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: yes very! I was only in front of the portal opening for two seconds and was blasted by the frigid air - [big grin] and felt like my tail would fall off!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: O.O *tackles both of them*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Don't need that kind of cold DX

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *had been licking himself and Blaze clean - licks Mikko too*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *giggles mock growling - all energized!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *smoooooches both boys*

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 3 hours ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

[Bookmark] Rogue: heeeeeeey girl heeeeeey

[Bookmark] Rogue: so my friend is seriously trying to get me to start a gofundme thing for DP, lol. I'm like.. I can't. there are people needing houses, and I'm one of those. I can't make a page for a collectible, even though I wanted to cry leaving him behind, lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: I swear if I had a house and someplace to put him, that sexy motherfucker would have went on my credit card [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah I would feel the same way, I couldn't start a go fund me for a figure

[Bookmark] Mikko: or a...statue

[Bookmark] Mikko: at that point he's not a figure anymore

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I can't. I mean, there are people starving. really selfish to ask for money for a statue

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *gets lots of smoochies - licks licks licks!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I just needs to get me a BF that willdress up like him for me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and like Supes and Mistah J

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko and Gwen: *gives Stitch all the smooches*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *grabs Blaze and tosses him in the air*

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *lickslickslickslicks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *furr pants finally go flying - had half wriggled out of them anyways! Squeals loudly and happily as he 'flys!'*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *little furr pants cover his eyes - drops little furr top, trips over it! goes doooown!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *catches him and tosses again*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Watches while giggling*

[Bookmark] Mikko: It's getting hot in here, beacuse I live in hell.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yells in glee - actually flapping arms!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww, it's cool here.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *grumbles about kids and hope no one saw cloths take down the might Mikey - gathers them up*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *catches and blows raspberrys on his cheek*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Took pictures* XD

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *laughs - blows raspberries back*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *oblivious*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Sends those pictures to his brothers* >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG! I'm playing WoW. and I just caught a pet called a "young Mutant warturtle" It's a little turtle with two swords on it's back! XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: there was four of them. only four. the first for peeps to get there got them and I got one! i thought they might be all different at first, but they weren't

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *puts his sun glasses on Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *tphone beeps* k must get the little fellow back to his mum - hehehe *snaps picture of Blaze wearing the purple sunnies though - then scoops him free to dress back into his thick furrs* until next time Bebop [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *fights the redressing - then waves waves* Bebeeee! *waves! as he and the Mimi ninja vanish*

[Bookmark] Candy: and I'm gonna go - see yous *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 3 hours ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *waves back* By little thug.

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: He is cute

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade posted. he no happeh


Master Splinter I'm Hoooooooooooome! *so long away on spirit questing!*

Erica: Angel: *surprised! almost drops the little bundle of Dylan she is holding - luckily he would have only fallen onto her legs. Excitment - it had been a long time since anyone saw Splinter. She disengages the now sleeping once feeding son tucking him in beside Dakota and slipping out of the bed. Having mostly been laid up after the birth healing where she had torn. Dressing and leaving Don's... Their room* hello Master Splinter [big grin] eeee great to see you!

Master Splinter it was too quiet by half! but his worried look softened and he gladly moved closer hugging Angel* and you daughter - hw re you... mmm I can smell newborns all over you - Donatello been caring for you? *of course he would have been.*

Erica: Angel: Of course he has! *snugging the soft furr and grinning - it was more than excellent to see him!* Always very attentive in everything he does. And therefore excells at it [wink]

Master Splinter I am glad and proud to hear that, so tea? and can I meet the new ones?

Erica: Angel: I'd prefer Don were here too to show them off - [big grin] so very proud he is [tongue] but a Tea we can do now - *leads way to kitchen*

Master Splinter "Totally understandable, I bet he is indeed." Follows Angel trough the familiar Lair to the kitchen hopping onto one of the stools at the bench. "Where is everyone?" he asks. "The lair is too queit by half."

Erica: Angel: Grimaces as she sets the kettle to boil. "I have no idea. Neither does Don. Leo is still half out of his mind and never around much... Raph has gone. Mikey comes and goes - but is mostly gone so really it's just been Don and I and our twins here." Once the kettle clicks mkes two hot teas, half prepared a coffee for Don.

Master Splinter *ears doop as he accepts the tea* Thank you -" *sigh* "I'm sorry you and Donatello have been on your own so much is wrong. What of Erica? Blaze? Victoria and Neo?"

Erica: Angel: "uuuh have no idea about Vicctoria and Neo - or Ally before you ask have heard nothing, thats why Mikey is so lost of late. Um Erica ... I don't know - she was hurting a lot before she left, and Bebop was hitting on her. she took Blaze. He comes back now and then with that other Mikey thats not our Mikey and visits - perhaps he will be here some time. Should see him he is a big babe, and walking and talking... even signing!" Sips her tea. Wishes she had better news for the Master Ninja.

Master Splinter "I would like that a lot Angel - I ... wow so much is messed up - I hope she is alright... all of the girls." *wow it messed up was clarly an understatement* "Well... I hope things sort themselves out... how are your two doing? and you?"

Erica "Oh my two are great! - anytime Don and I need help Erica will come back for that - or Mikey will so we're not totally abandoned with our son and daughter - but I know Don gets lonely without his brothers around." *finally moves around the bench and parks her butt on a stool beside Splinter.* "The twins are doing well, growing, and I am all healed from the birth."

Erica: ooops not meant to be colored [tongue]

Erica: "Oh my two are great! - anytime Don and I need help Erica will come back for that - or Mikey will so we're not totally abandoned with our son and daughter - but I know Don gets lonely without his brothers around." *finally moves around the bench and parks her butt on a stool beside Splinter.* "The twins are doing well, growing, and I am all healed from the birth."

Master Splinter: lol it happens [big grin]

Master Splinter *watches Angel face - feeling his ears droop further* "I am sorry for most the part you and Donatello have found yourselves alone - but am glad no matter how hurt both Erica and Mikey are at least trying to be there when you need them." *pats her hand whenshe sits closr, his loooong trip was slowly catching up on him.* "More than happy to hear you are doing well, I know from my love with Shen and our... wlll it is never easy and so much can go wrong wth birth. I assume though under donatello's care you are on the mend though." *a grin - a proud one*

Master Splinter: hhehe how much more in here? I think Splinter be glad to hang out with his family here... well some of it [wink]

Erica: until Splinter and Angel go lay down? I can grab log later! - and yay!... yes some of it

Master Splinter: okay sounds good [big grin]

Erica: Angel: Meh no kidding, had been in a lot of pain afterwards, but slowly beginning to feel normal once more. though still tired a lot. *a yawn finishing her tea*

Master Splinter "I could imagine - I recall Shen needed some six weeks afterwards of recovery." He smiles gently taking a long draft of his own te now.* "And that is only to be expectd as you and Donatello oth become used to little ones." He assures gently. "I to am tired it has been a ong journey home."

Erica: Angel: A grin and patting Splinters shoulder. "Thanks for that - I'll bare it in mind." slids off stool "Then we should head off to rest for now yes?" a grin offering her hand.

Master Splinter "Agreed we can do more of a catch up after a rest." Splinter's tail curled and he dropped off the stool smiling rising his hand to hold Angel's and lead back out to the main floor of the Lair. "Rest deep and tell Donatello I would like to see him soon." A polite bow - and warm grin, it was very heartening to be home.

Master Splinter before turning away towards his own room before sliding away into the dark and quiet of the lair.

Erica: Angel: A bow in return. "I will - he'll be glad you are home safe." watching the Master Ninja go before turning back to the room she shared with Don and their twins heading into it. Eager for snugs and a rest.
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Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10   Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 EmptyMon Oct 03, 2016 2:48 am

Abriella entered for the first time 60 minutes ago ((newbie))

Erica: hello [smile]

Abriella: 'Ello...

Erica: how's you?

Abriella: Bored... And yourself?

Erica: lol damn no good being bored - and alright alright -

Abriella: Agreed... So what's up?

Erica: not an awful lot today, just chilling [big grin] you?

Abriella: I have literally nothing to do... :/

Erica: dawww well how'd you find this rp room ? [big grin] I'm always up for a little rp

Abriella: Well I was bored and thought hey why not try and Rp or something and I searches tmnt rp and I found this room. And it doesn't appear dead like all the other ones I was at.

Erica: well no a few members still keep it active

Erica: myself

Erica: whom plays Erica/ Mikey/ Angel/ April/ Leatherhead/ Rocksteady/ Slash/ Ida and Hank both in here and on the site this is attached to

Erica: Donatello

Erica: and Master Splinter whom is also TigerClaw/ Shredder and Casey Jones [wink]

Abriella: The one I'm trying to get people into, whenever I rp with someone in there if someone actually shows up... I have to use my OC,all four turtles, splinter, karai, shredder, Casey, and some others... Its hard to be honest...

Erica: the site itself is a little slow right now with prinicpe player and admin/ founder having personal issues and muse dips but we try to keep both active.

Erica: oh it is - very hard I get that

Erica: hang on I'll share the link

Abriella: Okay...


Erica: thats the site.

Erica: yeah we know what it's like to have to play several characters

Erica: based loosely on 2014 movie versions

Erica: I play several characters and at the moment really only myself, Don and Master Splinter players are the only ones really playing any rp in here

Abriella: Okay.. Coolness...

Erica: and we no mind people joining in [wink]

Erica: if your more 2012 turtles we do have a sister site based on them [big grin]

Abriella: I like all the versions... So I can rp in any of them... [smile]

Erica: awesome ! me too - prefer the 2012/14 but am flexible [big grin]

Erica: seeing if don player will pop in and say hi too

Erica: [smile] tell me about your oc

Erica: and our sister site is

Abriella: I have two OCs... The first one is Sammie a half mutant wolf with the ability to change into a wolf and back to her normal form which she still as her wolf ears and tail. She was found in her wolf form by Casey thinking she was an everyday dog until she changed back to her normal form after so long. And he told the guys about her and she panicked running away to an abandoned ware house in the outskirts of Mannhatten. Then Gabriella, she is April's niece. She grew up without a mother who died of cancer and so she lived with her dad who was a scientist, who managed to get his hands on one of the turtles, Leo. He ran experiments on him. And she found out all the horrible things that were happening to him and pretty much let him go back to his home and became friends with the turtles. Yeah its a working process but that's pretty much what I thought of while creating the back stories a while back.

Donatello joined the chat 33 minutes ago

Erica: hi hi

Donatello: Hello [smile]

Abriella: 'Ello...

Donatello: Hi, there. [big grin]

Abriella: That was supossed to say Abriella not Gabriella... -_-

Erica: mmm interesting oc's - definitely plenty of opportunities for variations on them [big grin] so Abriella would be Robyn's daughter to be April's neice - huh thats cool [wink]

Abriella: Pretty much...

Abriella: And tank you...

Erica: or if you were going for variety for a different story some time you could also go with Abriella being the daughter of Sid - Casey's cousin too. You know for different sites and stuff [smile] I have like four versions of Erica

Erica: one that is no longer active and three still going [wink]

Erica: so what type of rp you looking for - just chat rp or looking for forum activity too? we can get something going here chat wise soonish

Donatello: Apologies for being so quiet. I have a bit of a phone call right now.

Abriella: ???

Erica: oooh thats alright [smile] know phone calls...

Abriella: Its fine...

Erica: and nevermind just sharing some oc creative ideas [big grin]

Mikko entered for the first time 17 minutes ago

Erica: lol hi Mikko

Donatello: hi [big grin]

Abriella: 'Ello...

Mikko: hjuhu

Mikko: O.O

Mikko: hihi

Donatello: lol

Erica: Abriella Mikko is the Leo player for

Erica: and so many Oc's I doubt I could recall them all unless I looked at the member list [tongue]

Abriella: Okay...

Mikko: ^_^

Mikko: I have around 30 OCs

Abriella: O.O

Mikko: ^_^

Kitteh joined the chat 14 minutes ago

Erica: [wink] yes quiet a few of dem oc's

Donatello: [wink]

Donatello left the chat 11 minutes ago

Erica: hehehe switcher roo

Kitteh: [tongue]

Abriella: O.o

Erica: lol - sooooooooo do we rp this place up or what?

Erica: [tongue]

Kitteh: lol

Abriella: Yes please!

Kitteh: I just put him in the closet! [tongue]

Erica: hehehe sounds like we planning a party

Erica: bwhahaha well tell him to leave the mop there and come back out

Mikko: I lost my dog. oh there he is!

Kitteh: He could probably use the mop instead. [tongue]

Erica: ... lol

Erica: [wink]

Kitteh: Same with the broom. [wink]

Erica: ... he just a natural with big looong sticks yo

Erica: )

Kitteh: lol

Erica: [twisted] *

Kitteh: ...and now he's trying to hide in a trash can. [tongue]

Erica: uh humor here can get a bit ...naughty - so some questions Abriella - how old are you? and your oc's - annnd what kinda rp you looking for? something long term and plot based or just random free all fun?

Kitteh: *from somewhere in the closet* 'm NOT coming out!

Erica: lol reminds me of that South park episodes when all those celebs go and hide in Stans closet

Erica: ... was it stans closet - lol either way was pretty funny [tongue]

Abriella: 16 same with my OC... And just any kinda rp really...

Kitteh: lol

Kitteh: Oooh [big grin]

Erica: Mikey: *hangs occupied sign on the closet*

Mikko: oh no. that means I have to watch my language? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO​OOOOOOOO

Erica: lol alright well will keep naughty humor more appropriate then

Erica: lol!

Erica: well seeing as we all just getting to know each other we'll have free for all - easy stuff

Abriella: Okay...

Kitteh: What format do you like to use, Abriella?

Kitteh: Story format or shorthand?

Erica: hang on changing my name to Mikey as I'll probably plays him not Erica [wink]

Abriella: Anything really, I really don't mind... It pretty much depends on what everyone else likes to rp with...

Erica changed name to Mikey

Mikey: tada!

Abriella: *golf claps*

Mikey: in here usually shorthand for free for all craziness [big grin] - so where to we unleash our charcaters? a beach?

Mikey: the lair?

Mikey: ... anywhere there is a closet we can shake Don out of? lol and thank you *bows*

Kitteh: lol

Abriella: Rawr! :3

Mikey: The zoo?

Mikey: should our peeps be enjoying a day at the zoo ? [tongue]

Abriella: Sure?

Mikey: Mikko - Kitteh? zoo?

Mikey: hehehe

Mikey: they have closets there [tongue]

Kitteh: lol

Abriella: XD

Kitteh: He says he'll come out if he gets his staff back. [tongue]

Kitteh: Don: I'm not fighting with cleaning supplies. -_- *again*

Mikey: Mikey: *eating some petting zoo pellets* why not you kicked serious butt with the broom

Mikey: lol jump in Abriella whenever you feel like [wink] free for all means - just do it! [tongue]

Kitteh: Don: Yes, yes I did. But only because I had no other choice.

Abriella: Uh... Mike, why are you eating those? *tilts head to side*

Kitteh: Don: *some rustling coming from the closet, removes his foot from a bucket and grabs the handle, has found his staff amidst the large amount of junk*

Mikey: Mikey: *chew chew* cause their food! - free too! A nice lady gave them to me - Ha! was about to say your new boot fashion might have been a hit [wink] awww was hoping you'd have been stuck with a mop this time

Abriella: Abriella: do you know what's in there? And I think she gave the food to you because she thought you were one of the animals here.

Kitteh: Don: Don't start, Mikey! *threatens his brother with his bo staff*

Abriella: Abriella: I think its a bit to late for that.

Mikey: Mikey: ... really - huh - well if she wants to pet me I'm happy with that - *grins at Abriella* - bwhahaha yeah Don we already started, now that your out of the cleaning supplies bro wanna pick which beastie we go see? *had a map somewhere...feels around belt for it.

Abriella: Abriella: I'd rather not. *she takes a couple step back*

Kitteh: Don: *puts his staff away* I'm very interested in seeing the primates.

Mikey: Mikey: Monkeys?! alright! *nope still no luck finding map - pouts a little* dawww but I like my shell being scratched - especially if you have a brush of some sort... *speaking of which some how map got stuck on said shell*

Abriella: Abriella: as long as we don't have to go to the shark aquarium I'll be fine. *she has always been afraid of sharks for some unknown reason*

Kitteh: Don: Follow me, then. *heads off for the primate section*

Mikko: I'ma head off here. byeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *spanks all on my way out* ))

Mikko left the chat

Mikey: Mikey: Oo - *stood stock still for a few seconds before following Abriella and Don,* there are Sharks here? ooooh man that would be awesome! - wonder if we get to swim with them? *finishes his pellets*

Mikey: see ya! )

Mikey: *hugs* )

Abriella: Abriella: I don't think you can swim with the *hesitently says the word sharks* s-sharks...

Mikey: Mikey: awwww - but their just misundertood toothy fish *skipping along - been looking forward to a zoo trip for like ever!* you okay? *noted the hesitation*

Kitteh: Don: *wonders where the rest of his brothers are, does NOT want to be stuck with Mikey all day*

Mikey: Ha! they purposefully ditched them [tongue] ))

Mikey: Mikey: Hey!! *pouts* ))

Abriella: Abriella: Y-yeah. Why wouldn't I be? *flashes him a smile trying to look like she was okay*

Kitteh: Don: *has stopped and turns around to look at the noticeably frightened girl*

Abriella: Abriella: What? *tries to look like she's fine*

Mikey: Mikey: I don't know - you just sound... spooked... *so oblivious to the connection between sharks and her fear - they turn into primate area - is face to face with a baboons backside cause said baboon is sitting by the glass window to eat his found fruit* OO

Kitteh: lol

Kitteh: Don: If there is something you really don't want to see, we can skip it this time. *to Abriella*

Mikey: [big grin] perfect timing Mikey [wink] ))

Abriella: Abriella: Its fine... I'll be fine with it. *mutters* hopefully...

Mikey: Mikey: nah nah girl can't have ya scared - *makes face at the baboon that finally noticed he was there -* we can skirt around that spot [big grin] Don's right

Abriella: Abriella: but I thought you wanted to see them. *she points out walking over to a glass cage and looking in and seeing a whole bunch of baby gorillas* Aw...

Kitteh: Don: Is it just the sharks that bother you?

Mikey: Mikey: [big grin] I doooo but I can sneak back and see em - wonder if any speak in an aussie accent? *watched way too much Finding Nemo! * GDay mate *tries it out moving over to peer into the nursery* eeeeeeeeeeeeee! *yes squeeeing*

Abriella: Abriella: *wasn't really paying attention since she was watching the baby gorillas play*

Mikey: Mikey: Dudette Don asked ya something [big grin] *lightly elbows her a grin at his bro - still unawares the map is stuck to his shell flapping in the breeze that goes past*

Kitteh: Don: *doesn't need a map - at least not that one*

Abriella: Abriella: *looks at Don* you said something?

Mikey: lol!

Kitteh: Don: Yes. I asked if it was just the sharks that bothered you.

Abriella: Abriella: a little bit... But I wanna make you guys happy, so we can see them if you guys want. *shows a slight smile*

Mikey: Mikey: *still trying his accent out* throw a snag on the barbie - didgeridoooo whooo whooo *map flapping away - food stains all over it - and bit smudge where Mikey drew smiley faces with the pencil he lost... somewhere* oh oh

Mikey: Mikey: *is over the moon* hey as long as we get faces painted some time I am happy as a boxing kangaroo in a fog *still trying - thinks he's pretty good at the accent*

Kitteh: Don: .... *just rolls his eyes at his brother* I'm so sorry about that, Abriella. He really is harmless...most of the time.

Mikey: [tongue] lol most of the time [big grin] ))

Abriella: Abriella: its fine... *shrugs it off*

Mikey: Mikey: *missed most of that as he was at the next large window mimicking a chimp on the other side* I am hoping to get a panda face - instead of kunf panda... be Mikey... Ninja Panda! *grins at his zoo buddies* hows about you two?

Abriella: Abriella: uh... Something that doesn't cover my face?

Kitteh: Don: I prefer not having my face painted.

Abriella: Abriella: not even a small painting? *tilts head to side ever so slightly*

Kitteh: Don: Not really. But...maybe a small something would be okay.

Mikey: Mikey: *pooouts-* suit yourselves - though I think ya's can get hands or arms painted on *blow raspberries against glass -*

Mikey: [tongue] silly Mikey ))

Abriella: Abriella: *runs out of exhibit wanting to see the next one even though she didn't look at everything in the monkey exhibit* let's go!

Mikey: Mikey: awwww but I think i was making a friend! *but slaps Don's shoulder in a friendly tag and skips after the girl* whats next? ya know always thought giaffes were pretty cool !

Mikey: giraffes* ))

Abriella: Abriella: actually I was hoping to go to the arachnoid exhibit... *laughs nervously looking down*

Mikey: pfffffft lol lucky no Raph with them then for sure [big grin] ))

Mikey: Mikey: ooooh that would be cool - which way Don!? *cause you know bro has that awesome memory and all*

Abriella: XD]

Mikey: don't follow Mikey around a zoo you would get lost ! ))

Kitteh: Don: *has a map of his own* Hmmm... *looks at it* This way. *points to the right and starts heading that way*

Mikey: Mikey: this way! *had been skipping the wrong direction and turns mid hop looking like he did some fancy ballet step and with a grin to Abriella again follows the Don*

Abriella: Abriella: *looks at Mikey in confusion but follows Don* just image how many species they will have.

Mikey: lol sound slike the look most have around Mike )

Mikey: Mikey: I have no idea - Don?! *grins at her look*

Last message was written 5 minutes ago

Mikey: Mikey: thooough am hoping we get to hold one - that would be tuuuubular!*

Abriella: Abriella: *walks into the exhibit seeing a whole bunch of people back away from the cages in fear and slightly giggles before walking over to a cage seeing a wolf spider and looks at it* I really hope they removed the venom from it. *continues to look at the spider in awe*

Mikey: Mikey: ... wait they can do that?! - had no idea [big grin]

Mikey: Mikey: *looking in a mini window that shows a spiders burrow - is -* coooooool

Kitteh: Don: *is amazed himself* It's a good thing Raph isn't here.

Abriella: Abriella: why would you say that? *doesn't know about Raph's phobia*

Mikey: Mikey: [twisted] hehehe yeah though hims running about flailing might be funneh to watch [tongue] - maaaybe we could buy plastic figures somewhere... *some many opportunities for most ebils*

Last message was written 5 minutes ago

Abriella: Abriella: woah... *walks up to a cage looking in it* I haven't seen these in years. *sees a bird eating spider* wow... You're just beautiful. *crouches to the ground looking at the spider for a while zoning everything else out*

Mikey: Mikey: some one is a arachnofan [big grin]

Abriella: Abriella: *wasn't paying attention was still zoning everything out and just watching the spider*

Mikey: [lol] lol Mikey is cool with spiders - his player... not so much [tongue] ))

Abriella: Same...]

Mikey: bwhahaha - I squeal like a ... well girl when they jump out of dark corners [big grin] hehehe and do the funneh ninja dance whenever walk through a web ))

Mikey: Mikey: bends to look too.* oooo thats coool - now if I can find a fake one of those to put in Raphs room [tongue]

Abriella: Abriella: why would you do that?

Mikey: Mikey: keep him on his toes - dude pumps too much iron needs to get some good cardio [big grin]

Kitteh: lol Yeah, I'm an arachnephobe -- big time. [tongue]

Kitteh: And I know I spelled that wrong.

Abriella: Abriella: so he's afraid of bugs?

Kitteh: Don: You have no idea.

Mikey: Mikey: yes all bugs - buuut Spiders and roaches are the best to get a reaction if you like being chased... like I do [tongue]

Kitteh: Don: Considering where we live, it's a wonder he even comes out of his room.

Kitteh: lol

Abriella: Abriella: *tries to hold back a laugh by putting a hand on her mouth*

Mikey: Mikey: hah! me too think it is strange - think he would hide there all the time! [big grin] my room is a bugs paradise... got some many pizza boxes...

Mikey: Mikey: maybe one or two still have crust in them

Abriella: Abriella: that's a little... *doesn't know how to finish sentence and gets up from the ground*

Kitteh: Don: Mikey... *makes a face* Master Splinter told you to clean those up.

Mikey: Mikey: *looks sheepish* I did!... but then we had more pizza

Kitteh: Don: And what's wrong with taking them out when you're finished?

Mikey: Mikey: at least I know with them there Rph wont be going in to borrow my Boo *glances at Abriella* Boutique Magazines

Mikey: Mikey: ... I actually don't think of that most the time

Abriella: Abriella: guys we are here to have fun. So can you two talk about the room later?

Kitteh: Don: *rolls his eyes at his brother, doesn't really want to know* Yes, we're here to have fun. And we shall.

Abriella: Abriella: great... *claps hands together* where to next?

Mikey: Mikey: right right plenty or time to get Leo to lecture me about that nd boo - boutique mags.... ooooh hey the amphibians are through here - hehehe hows about that way? Frogs so cute

Abriella: Abriella: I'm fine by that. *smiles slightly*

Abriella: Abriella: I'm fine by that. *smiles slightly*

Kitteh: Don: Great. Then after that, we can go see our cousins.

Mikey: Mikey: Turtles! we ruuuule! *air guitar* Don - like you think we should try finding our turtle mum some time - I mean we were laid right? *Is leading that way and immediately drawn to the windows with the tiny tiny poison dart frogs inside* in eggs! laid in eggs I mean...

Abriella: Abriella: I don't think that's possible. Considering turtles don't live that long. But you guys are mutants therefore your lifespan is longer than the average turtle. *tries not to offend any one of them*

Kitteh: lol

Kitteh: Don: Yes, we were hatched from eggs, but I have no idea how we would find her - if she's even still alive.

Kitteh: Don: Actually, there have been many cases where turtles outlive humans.

Mikey: Mikey: I thought the type of turtles we were could live long ives if looked after right. *taps window - then squeaks like a mouse when a little frog leaps - forgetting there is glass between himself and the tiny tiny poisonous little froggies!* yeah yeah maybe we should try to find her - you know give her a good home ... if alive *pretends he did not girl squeak*

Kitteh: Don: Considering we're more humanoid now, I don't really know what that did to our life expectancy. *doesn't really want to think about that now*

Abriella: Abriella: *feels like she just offended him and gives Don a sad look* I'm sorry. Its just a force of habit considering my dad is a scientist and all.

Kitteh: Don: It's fine. *gives her a reassuring smile*

Mikey: Mikey: hey its fine different scientists study diff things - or so Don tells me... but he seems to know everything! *grins at them both moving to marvel at green tree froggies* ready when yous are to see turtles

Mikey: hehehe gonna have to do that in a game somewhere have the dudes go looking for their 'egg' mother turtle be a cute little adventure - ))

Kitteh: Don: *looks at frogs first*

Kitteh: Talk about a needle in a haystack.))

Mikey: bwhahahaha a little golden needle in a haystack [tongue] ))

Abriella: Abriella: *didn't really seem that interested in the frogs and walks to another part of the exhibit not knowing if they followed or not*

Kitteh: Don: *heads over to the turtle section*

Mikey: Mikey: *slow following guess - snakes! on the way through to the turtles!* wooooooooooo hey cousins! hey the snakes are over this way too - *hoping about on his feet looking eagerly into the tank waving at the 'ordinary turtles' *

Abriella: Abriella: *makes her way to the snake section* hmm... Wonder what kind they have here. *looks into the many glass cages and found a cinnamon ball python she looked at it for a while seeing if it will begin to move or something when she was practically shoved out of the ground by a complete stranger who didn't even appologze she gets back up off the ground dusting herself off and moving over to another glass cage*

Abriella: *on to the ground]

Mikey: awww ))

Abriella: That happened to me so many times]

Mikey: Mikey: ruuude - *flick a random bunched up sticky note he found towards the pushy person - making score motion when the paper bounces off and tumbles into nearby bin* you okay Ari? [big grin] *had been gaping open mouthed at a big big turtle lounging about in the sun* reckon we'll live as long as some of our cousins Don?

Kitteh: Don: I don't know, Mikey. *is somewhat distracted*

Abriella: Abriella: *mutters* people these days. *rubs her arm considering that's what broke her fall*

Mikey: Mikey: yeah no kidding [wink] *moves away from the spot where he'd just stood gaping - half jealous oh to be lounging about in bright sun right now and soooaking it up mmm -* your arm hurt? *moves closer to check glancing towards his brother to see whats got his attention over there,*

Kitteh: Don: *is checking out the red-eared sliders*

Abriella: Abriella: a little. But its not that bad. *continues rubbing arm moving over to see what Don is looking at*

Mikey: Mikey: good hate to have to think should have thrown more than paper at the rudie rude rudeson - *follows and grins* heeeey thats what we where! *totally not inside voice!

Abriella: Abriella: Mikey, calm down. There's no need to damage ear drums and shatter glass.

Mikey: lol! )

Mikey: Mikey: *totally sheepish* heheeee sorry just - man so cool.

Abriella: Abriella: its fine. Just can you talk with an indoor voice please.

Mikey: Mikey: I'll try but no guarantee that is quieter - my inside voice pretty noisey too *grins*

Abriella: Abriella: *rolls eyes and begins walking around*

Mikey: Mikey: [big grin] whaaat had to be honest [big grin] - *skips a tank over to check over a reaaaally big snake* whooooaaaa!

Abriella: Abriella: *looks around in various glass cages none of the animals really catching her eye*

Kitteh: Don: *has also moved on, joins Mikey at the large snake* Beautiful, isn't she?

Mikey: Mikey: yeeeaaaaah and so big... she - how can you tell she's a she? - hey Abriella look at this one - *totally fascinated*

Mikey: lol oh boy Mikey would love to be in there hands on [tongue] ))

Kitteh: Don: The color...and the size.

Mikey: and we's may have to wind down for the night my fellow fun rper's. I has evening work to get ready for [big grin] - ))

Abriella: Abriella: *spots a tank with a kamono dragon with it facing away from the crowd* woah... *moves a little closer until it turned around* wow... The biggest lizard known to mankind. And its just beautiful. *hears Mikey* I already saw it. *looks back at the giant lizard*

Mikey: Mikey: size?... normal for the gals to be big huh? [big grin] *has watched documentaries with don but most goes over his head* oooh cooool we'll move that way soonish [big grin]

Kitteh: Don: Yes. It's a trait that many reptiles have. Even turtles.

Kitteh: [smile] ))

Kitteh: reptiles share**

Abriella: Sure...]

Mikey: Alright! thanks will just log quickly so all is saved and thens we can vamooose and come back again another time [wink] ))

Abriella: Okay...]

Mikey: hang one let me check something [big grin] ))

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Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10   Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10 EmptyThu Oct 06, 2016 1:05 am

Master Splinter joined the chat

Mikey: Hi hi there!

Master Splinter: Hello Hello [wink]

Mikey: [big grin]

Kitteh joined the chat 10 seconds ago

Master Splinter: Hello - went back into o cha but no one thre now [big grin]

Kitteh: Nope. JUST left. [wink]

Mikey: awww

Master Splinter *super rat tackles Mikey!*

Master Splinter: [tongue]

Master Splinter: Don's next

Kitteh: lol

Master Splinter: will be havinga longer lunch tomorrow and can rp with you ladies properly

Donatello joined the chat

Mikey: yay! [big grin]

Donatello: Yay!

Mikey *back from wherever - had just placed down Blaze - goes doooown!* dad!

Master Splinter *snugs - licks licks licks- then rat scurries off to find Don and super rat tackle him too! - finds... proceeds with said tackle!*

Master Splinter: yes! Wooooo been looking forward to it [big grin]

Donatello Ahhh! *goes down!* Master...Splinter?

Master Splinter Donatello! - it has been too long! *snugs - rat licks!*

Mikey: Blaze: *goes a toddling*

Mikey Haha was wondering if I was going to be the only brother mowed down [tongue] *watching amused*

Master Splinter: lol where is he off to?

Master Splinter I missed you both - and your brothers. *lets go and beams at Donnie*

Mikey: bah whom knows - [tongue]

Mikey: Blaze: *trying to catch Splinters tail!*

Mikey: Angel: *giggling* that was the best sort of dad hug [tongue]

Donatello *grins* We missed you too, Sensei.

Master Splinter *rubs Don's head* I am sorry for my long spirit quest... I hear there are new grandbbies to meet?

Master Splinter *ear turns towards Blaze and tails hifts - making the boy have to chase it*

Mikey very long spirit questing [wink] have a good time though? thats most importn dad - *

Donatello *smiles* Yes. You have a new granddaughter and a grandson.

Mikey: Angel: there are - *winks at Don - heads off to gather Dakota and Dylan.* back in a moment

Mikey: wait right names I saved themon the computer - autocorrect did not do any funnies did it? [tongue]

Master Splinter: lol! bloody autocorrect

Master Splinter A granddaughter! fantastic ! was kinda jealous of my mm counterpart having a granddugh - though gleefully pointing out I have two grandsons [tongue] always fun to han with my fellow Splinties *tail catches Blaze and brings him close for hugs* My he has grown - and walking!

Mikey and talking - and signing! [wink]

Mikey: Angel: *comes back offering the twins to Don to show off to his father - beaming* they were awake when I collected them - so quiet they are [wink]

Donatello *smiles and takes his children in his arms* Here they are.

Master Splinter *carries Blaze closer, twitching nose sniff sniffs* Donatello was always the most easy to settle and quietest when placed down as a new mutant hatchling. Dawww hey look very healthy ... and so beautiful - very proud of you Donatello.

Mikey *grins crowds in for looksies -*

Mikey: Angel: well consdiering there is two I am glad they take after Donnie in that sense [big grin] imagine all the noise if they followed cousin Blaze's example of infant hood *tickles the little turtle tott chuckling* Thats Dakota and Dylan Master Splinter. *kisses Don's cheek.*

Donatello *smiles and offers one or both to his father*

Mikey: Blaze: *garbles something - points at -* Unel Doh! *gently pats pats little turtle faces - Mum said gentle with little little things... so gentle!*

Master Splinter *blinks had ot believed Blaze is talking yet -* wow... he has grown a lot *grins and excitedly puts Blaze down carefully sneking both of them for cuddles* I am so happy for you and Angel my son. Are you both happy? *sits next to Blaze.*

Donatello We are both very happy, Master Splinter. *then grins at the turtle tot and picks him up* Hi, Blaze.

Mikey: Angel: very happy - *sits with Splinter chuckling* your loving this granddad thing huh?

Mikey told ya dad he talks *grins*

Mikey: Blaze: *happy giggle and hugs Don* Doh! *then proceeds to baby babble fill his uncle in on the adventures hes had - new tooth glinting*

Donatello *smiles at his nephew* Wow, you have been busy, little man.

Master Splinter I am indeed- they are quiet settled little ones - *snuggle snuggle, nuzzles. Grins back at Mikey* you did tell me - what have you all been up to in my absence?

Mikey nothing for me - just boarding and chilling with Don and Angel... sometimes retrieving Blaze here.

Mikey: Blaze: *nods nods nods fervently - most serious face- pleased he had conveyed all that!*

Mikey: [tongue]

Mikey: in gobbledegook most of it

Donatello *smooches Blaze's cheek*

Donatello Just the usual, Master Splinter.

Donatello Well, the new usual, anyway. *smiles*

Mikey: Angel: such a long winded story - must have been somewhere exciting with mum - yeah the new usual is very quiet, very little foot or pd trouble, no dark turtle kids out for revenge on us.. all in all very quiet [wink]

Master Splinter well... most of that is good I suppose, no trouble whilst the precious buds are so young [wink]

Mikey yeah the new usual, got all this lair space and only Donnie to chase me around when I prank him [tongue] *has not done so for a while... kinda a hint he is gonna sometime*

Mikey: lol

Mikey: Blaze: *happy tail wags, only in a loin cloth and his own dew rag -* Muuum - *points randomly knows he and Mikey waved her off some time ago, waves down at his cousins - cause thinks their unintended fist waving about is actually waving at him*

Master Splinter: mwhahhaa [tongue]

Master Splinter: oh poor Don [tongue]

Donatello *narrows his eyes at his brother but says nothing*

Mikey *griiiiins innocently back* whaaat someone has to ensure we get all our cardio bro [tongue]

Mikey: Angel: your going to inspire my purple genius to build some sort of Mikey containment [wink] *grins at Don and pats spot next to her*

Master Splinter was Ee well when you saw her Mikey?

Master Splinter and if you are assigning yourselfcardio trainerbe ar Donatello might just decide your brain needs as much exercise as your mouth [tongue] *nope no gving the twins back - sooo cute!*

Mikey: Blaze: *points points at cosins, then Angel and Splinter - babble babble babble happily to Don whatever was on his mind random words like Mum, doh, Mimi, ball, Bebe, hop, hot and various others spilling forth*

Donatello: LOL

Mikey: hehehe

Master Splinter: [wink]

Donatello: Don agrees with this. [tongue]

Master Splinter: Splinter says go for it [big grin]

Mikey: Mikey says aawwww mouth does not run that much! [tongue]

Mikey I think she is okay - she doesn't really talk Master splinter. Just beeps the portal hopper we got whenever she is bringing Blaze through and gives him to me or the other Mikey or another Ee... does not let me hug her... flinched last time I almost touched her shoulder. But I think she is okay, not favoring any limbs or injuries I could make out.

Master Splinter *rocks his arm full* well you can't force her - just give her time and space.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *does not want to - buuuut* I need to go rest -

[Bookmark] Mikey: Angel: you can take them with you Don and I will come for them when they cry ;0

[Bookmark] Master Splinter yay! thank you - come little ones we will nap *carries them away - would take blaze too but he certainy don't want naps*

[Bookmark] Mikey: no... no he does not - too busy chatting Uncle Don's 'ear' off

[Bookmark] Donatello: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikey *portal hopper beeps* oh must take him back - *holds out hands for Blaze*

[Bookmark] Mikey unless you wanna come with?

[Bookmark] Donatello *smiles* I'd love to go with you. *really wants to see Erica*

[Bookmark] Mikey joined the chat 6 hours ago

[Bookmark] Mikey okay - *uses hopper to open portal straight to her*

[Bookmark] Mikey: Angel: say hi from me!

[Bookmark] Mikey: Mikey: *nods and grins waiting for Don to go through*

[Bookmark] Donatello *grins at Angel and waves to her before stepping through with Blaze*

[Bookmark] Mikey: Angel: *blows a kiss*

[Bookmark] Mikey follows they find a very surprised Ee waiting for them.*

[Bookmark] Donatello *smiles warmly at Erica* Erica! *brings Blaze over to her*

[Bookmark] Mikey: Ee: *very surprised - waves shyly at Don kisses Blaze*

[Bookmark] Kitteh was timed out 6 hours ago
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Odd bits and bobs Pt 1 - 10
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