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 Agent John Bishop

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Agent John Bishop

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Agent John Bishop Shawn-Roberts-is-Albert-Wesker-albert-wesker-15496412-400-300

Name: Agent John Bishop
Date of Birth: October 5th, 1776
Height: 6'
Weight: 185 lbs.
Occupation: Special Agent of the U.S. Government, and head of the Earth Protection Force.

:::~Physical Appearance~:::

Standing at 6 foot tall and weighing in at around 185 pounds, Agent John Bishop is well toned with rock-hard muscles that would leave even the most devoted body builder in awe. Caucasian by birth, but there is something 'unworldly' and undetected lurking beneath the surface of skin that has been cloned several times over.  He is usually sporting a black suit and tie, and shades conceal his hollow brown eyes. Due to his experimentation, when agitated or upset, his eyes glow a haunting red color, hence why the expensive shades are a necessity at all times. Being a man of importance, he must blend into the norm and not give away why he is wise beyond his years.   His black hair is cropped short and slicked back in perfect 'all business' manner, because the Agent is just that. All business and no bullshit. His suit is completed with a pair of combat boots that are perfect for leaving a mark on foreigners from other planets, or anyone that threatens to tread on US soil.  


Agent Bishop is a no nonsense kind of guy.  His expression is usually stern or indifferent. But he does have a sense of dark humor. Highly intelligent and having more time than most to evolve, he often loses simpletons when engaging in conversation. The Agent is cold and cruel when it comes to invaders and those he assumes will threaten the earth, his intentions are in the right place, at least to him anyway. Keeping the world safe is his top priority and if that means hurting feelings and breaking bodies along the way, then so be it.  He takes great pleasure in inflicting pain and torturing those he deems unworthy of sharing this planet with him.

The Agent has a very dry sense of humor that is usually followed up with an intimidating smirk. The smirk is a regular to contort his lips, because he knows he's better than you in every possible aspect. The man has a very obsessive personality and devotes one hundred percent of his time to his cause.

Bishop is a very secretive individual and remains a mystery to everyone, even those who work closely beside him. After the loss of his family and the life he once had, becoming close or emotionally connected to another living soul has been impossible for him, and something he has no desire to do. He will outlive everyone, after all. No need in forming connections that will only be severed by death. This would be a lonely existence to most, but keeping himself busy leaves little time to dwell on unproductive feelings.

Cunning, uncaring and manipulative, there is little that Bishop wouldn't do to obtain what he wants.


Bishop had a normal childhood with middle class parents that could provide for him. Being schooled in the late 1700's meant things were relatively simple without the pressures of fitting into a modern day school setting. He was home schooled, but even at an early age with limited resources to fuel curiosity, John Bishop showed immaculate intelligence which made his parents hopeful that someday, he would be their small village's doctor.

John always had a love for science and most of his early years were spent scouting through the wilderness, taking notes of wildlife and flora in his area. After turning 16, he became the apprentice to a local scientist. He learned a lot from the professor and it seemed to be the perfect 'job'. Not only was he following in a field that he loved, but he would also met the love of his life. Anna was 18 at the time, and the assistant of Professor Arnolds. The two became close and after a year of dating, they became married. A few years later, the couple would have their first ad only child, a daughter named Victoria.

Being a man with protective qualities, Bishop also had pride and love for his country. He became a US soldier in the 19th century, but his life was changed forever when he was abducted by an alien species known as 'The Greys'  while fighting in the battle for New Orleans. After invasive and painful experimentation that altered his DNA, John managed to escape and returned to the battlefield where he was found, seemingly near death by his fellow soldiers. It took several days to recover and for his body to adjust to the 'changes', and during that time his wife feared the worst. Miraculously Bishop came back from certain death, but it seemed the 'sickness' had changed him.  He became moody and depressed, conditions that robbed him of previous happiness. The experience traumatized him and left him with an overwhelming paranoia about alien invasion. He became dedicated to preventing such a thing from happening and unfortunately this insanity was too much for Anna. It seemed his entire focus was based around fears birthed from his imagination. She felt abandoned and forgotten so she chose to take their daughter and leave. Another tough blow for John, and after that 'damage to the heart', he chose to block out the need for love and decided to never again form any kind of attachments.

It took several years for his daughter to come back into his life, and unfortunately it was under horrible circumstances. at the age of 18, she was attacked by several men and left with injuries that would prove fatal, thanks to that century's lack of medical capabilities. Thanks to the experimentation, Bishop knew that he would see a day when saving her would be a possibility, so he put her into a form of stasis and has kept her close ever since. His most prized possession.  

Being around for centuries, Bishop was present when the U.S. Army encountered the first aliens who crashed in United States territory and the subsequent creation of the black-ops Earth Protection Force during the Grant administration in 1870. He was also responsible for the Roswell incident of 1947, taking down a flying saucer belonging to 'The Greys'. The surviving alien recognized him, which proved this was the same group responsible for uprooting his sanity.

In more recent decades, he acted as Best Man to Finn, a Navy sailor who later on was turned into a mutant under unknown circumstances.

Bishop remains head of the Earth Protection Force, a black-ops team formed to protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats.  In order to combat a possible alien invasion effectively, he applies an "any means necessary" approach to his missions, and aims to accumulate alien technology and use it to improve humanity's gene stock and build an army of super-soldiers by doing secret (and quite illegal and unethical) experiments on captured aliens and mutants.

A recent news segment caught the Agent's attention and suspecting that the rumored 'virus' is something more complex, he left Area 51 where he is currently conducting a few experimentations and is now destined for the Big Apple...  


:::~Powers and Abilities~:::

Agent Bishop is trained as a war veteran and a secret agent with two hundred years of experience in all relevant fields of the military and espionage and also has an extensive basic scientific training in the field of genetics. Physically, Bishop is the prime example of a man at the peak - and even beyond - his physical capacities. While the source of his physical prowess is debatable, Bishop possesses speed and agility that borders on inhuman, allowing him to avoid most assaults to his person. He is an accomplished martial artist, which make him a very dangerous opponent.

As head of the Earth Protection Force Bishop has a wide range of high tech terrestrial and extraterrestrial technology available to help him. For heavy combat missions Bishop likes to use a special, combat suit equipped with laser weapons .


Though he has very few weaknesses, the one that he does possess is devastating. His body  suffers from an unknown condition that causes it to gradually break down. When the condition takes its hold on him, his skin will began to 'sag' and become gray and lifeless, despite his internal functions remaining vibrant and up to par.  He has survived throughout the centuries thanks in part to a succession of one or two clone bodies, but is currently trying to create a solution that will eliminate this annoyance.


* Inflicting pain on aliens and mutants- nothing gives him more satisfaction.
* Experimentation
* Dissection- preferably while the subject is still alive and fully conscious.
* Being in control.
* Sunglasses
* Suits and ties
* Fast cars
* scalpels
* Fine wine and lasagna


* Mutants
* The Foot Organization
* The Purple Dragons or any other gangs
* Interruptions during concentration
* Tree huggers that preach about alien and mutant rights

:::~Sample Post~:::

October 22, 2015
7:02 PM
Area 51

It had been another long day at the lab. Of course, being your own boss meant that you were free to leave whenever you wished, but such a reckless method was anything but productive. Besides, Agent John Bishop enjoyed every moment of being within the white walls of the surgical room, the coldness that would make most uneasy brought him great comfort. The scent of alcohol also had a very calming effect. The Agent was completely in his element here and everyone knew that once he was in his 'zone', it would be unwise to disturb him.

A large array of surgical instruments were strewn across  a metal table, some still covered in blood and chunks of flesh. A few small vials containing blood and tissue samples rested on top of a cloth to prevent them from rolling off. The samples should have been taken to the lab, or refrigerated for later use, but the truth was, samples had also been taken the day before. This was more for torture. To punish the 'mutant' that refused to be broken-- refused to be subdued.

A large holding chamber was situated in the middle of the room, its captive curled up in a ball, forehead and snout pressed against the glass. Bishop knelt to make visual contact with the creature, lowering his shades so that his glowing eyes could meet the pitch black gaze of his subject.  A small satisfied smile stretched across his features as he noticed the pale creature panting, taking pride in the fact that he had inflicted pain once again.

"What, it's almost as if you are not happy to see me.."
The Agent taunted, giving the glass a tap. He knew how sensitive the creature's hearing was and knew that such a gesture would only add to his discomfort. The mutant Turtle shifted to glare at him, his agitation highlighted by the definition of dark veins visible beneath the Reptile's almost snow white skin. His teeth were bared, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. His earlier attempt to escape from the torture had earned him a powerful backhand to the mouth. "Teenagers today are so ungrateful. Tsktsk. You should be thanking me for sparing you of that witch all those years ago.." A smirk ran across his lips. "That's right, you can no longer talk. Pardon my insensitivity." And the Agent was also responsible for that. The creature's vocal cords  had been severed only a few days after he had been captured and brought back to the lab.

The creature narrowed his eyes and seemed to be staring into the Agent's very soul, causing Bishop to shake his head in mock amusement. "That is not going to work. You should know by now that this glass blocks your telekinesis and telepathy attempts." He snorted. "Then again, you are nothing but an animal. Of course you wouldn't understand. I don't know why I waste my breath speaking to you. But I have big plans for you my friend. You will become the first of my super soldiers and you will irradiate those who do not belong here..."  
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Agent John Bishop
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