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 Victoria Bishop

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Victoria Bishop
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Victoria Bishop

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PostSubject: Victoria Bishop    Victoria Bishop  EmptyFri May 22, 2015 11:39 pm

Victoria Bishop  Elena-9207

Name: Victoria Bishop
Nicknames:  Vicky, Vic, Tori, The Soul Sucker, Ivory She Devil  
Age: Over 300 years old, but who's counting, right? Stopped aging at 17 when she was put into stasis.
Relationship Status: Fresh out of the chamber.. she hasn't dated since  1816!
Affiliates: John Bishop, her father. Project Phoenix.. her personal 'blood bank'.
Gender: Female
Species: Human/ New age Vampire
Occupation: Sucking the life out of cute little mutants
Place of Residence: Previously  Area 51, Currently some classified lab in NYC
Nationality: American
Spoken Languages: English

:::~Physical Appearance~:::

Victoria is 5'8" and weighs around 110 lbs. She is slender with pale almost ivory skin and dark brown hair that she used to keep in loose curls, but her locks have gradually turned red after being introduced to mutagen based blood. Her eyes, once brown, now alternates between gold when in a contented state of being but deviate into an unworldly red when hungry or emotional. Almost black colored veins roll beneath her pale skin, just below her eyes whenever her appetite is aroused, giving her a very demonic appearance.

Back in the early 1800's before being mortally injured and placed into stasis, Victoria dressed as any young woman should. Beautiful Victorian style dresses that bloomed out at her waist and unlike most dresses of today, covered her legs and almost dragged the floor. Back then, showing skin was something you did only for your mate, and being the good girl that always thrived to make her daddy proud, any interested boys were quickly turned down.

She is currently adorning the white Victorian night gown that she was placed in before being put into stasis. With Victorian dresses no longer a thing in the modern world, it will be interesting to see what 'fads' this old young lady will adapt to once she has been unleashed from her glass prison.


Back during her time, Victoria was sweet and nurturing. She always thrived to make her parents happy and being Daddy's little girl, she spent countless hours with him whenever his busy schedule would allow. She was a real people person and could make even the most hardened person smile. She had a love for animals, and loved to accompany her father during his field studies. Her cheery demeanor slowly began to fade when her father was sent away to defend their country, and things would only get worse when he returned, but not as the man she once knew. His obsession with aliens and defending the world against them drove her mother away, and being 15 at the time, Victoria was ripped from her father's life with absolutely no say so.

Broken homes were a rarity in that era and Victoria slipped into a deep depression. Her personality began to change and she lost interest in the things that used to drive her. This went on for the course of two years and over that time, she became more daring and became wrapped up in the wrong crowds. At the age of 17, the sweet little good girl was long gone. She indulged in forbidden comforts. Alcohol and bad boys...

Nowadays she is a far cry from the girl she used to be. The world has changed during the time she has been dormant, and new times calls for a new attitude. Adapting to 'the times', Vic has become cheeky and daring. Having been 'held back' for centuries changed her  psyche and being given a second chance at life, she certainly isn't about to waste it. She is a flirt and tends to fall fast and hard, but has never been a believer in one night stands. When she loves, she loves fiercely and is deathly loyal to those she holds dear.    


Victoria was born in October of 1799 to John and Anna Bishop. Growing up, she was her father's pride and joy and always thrived to make him proud. Even at an early age, she would accompany him during his field studies and being exposed to the little critters that he took notes on, she developed a passion for all animals. Her favorites seemed to be snakes and reptiles in general.  Whenever his schedule permitted, Vicky was always at his side and sometimes even hung out at the lab where he conducted studies. Even as she grew older, she preferred being in his company over hanging out with girls, and even boys her age.

Being a good girl, she focused on her studies and always gave her absolute best in everything she did. Hoping to follow in her father's footsteps, she knew that she would have to work hard and allow no distractions into her life.  Her mother was always supportive of her decisions, even if she would have preferred her to be more focused on the 'American Dream'. Most girls her age thought about their future husbands and children, but Vic's sights were set more on being independent and establishing a career that would support her.

At the age of fifteen, her entire world was turned upside down when her Father was drafted into war. The thought of losing him was too much for her, and even though he came back physically, her 'rock' did not return mentally. He developed an obsession for defending the world against aliens. While Victoria kept an open mind, the 'insanity' was too much for her mother so she decided to end the marriage. Not the product of a broken home, her mother dragged her away from the person that meant the most to her. Knowing how much her father needed their support and being forbidden to contact him was suffocating for the young teen. She became less outgoing and she quickly lost interest in all of the things that she felt passion for, because it all reminded her of her father.

Victoria continued the downward spiral and at the age of sixteen, she fell in with the wrong crowd. Alcohol and partying became her scene, and she fell in love with the town's bad boy, the son of the Mofia leader. She had no idea that Sebastian's father was affiliated with the underworld, and unfortunately by the time she knew the truth, it was too late. One night while he was walking her home, a group of his father's enemies gunned them both down.

Victoria suffered several fatal injuries. Most of her organs had been damaged and her chance of survival was slim. The doctors called it nothing short of a miracle that she even survived, but it was a definite that she would not survive her injuries, even with the most skilled surgeons. Devastated, Anna made contact with her ex husband for the first time in two years, informing him that his little girl only had a few hours to live.  

Her father showed up a short time after, an emotional mess and refusing to allow his daughter to die. Medical technology was not advanced during those times but John had secrets, and a plan to save his little girl. Claiming that he wanted to take Victoria home so she could die in the comfort of her own bed, the doctors granted him that wish. He left their small town, keeping Anna in the dark about their whereabouts and the fate of their daughter. His wife had not understood him before and it would only add to her speculations of his insanity if he informed her of his plans.

Returning to his makeshift lab, John, with the help of his small staff, prepped the dying teen and after dressing the youth in her favorite white gown, she was placed inside of a stasis chamber. Medical technology could not save her then, but there would be a time when it would be possible. One thing was for certain, he wasn't willing to lose her.  

Victoria Bishop  Victoria%20red1_zpsaafnqq3y


* Mutant Blood.. yummy!  The very essence of her being, and it makes a pretty good latte!

* Dancing-- a nice slow dance with a beautiful man is her favorite thing in the world.

*Music-- she's in for a culture shock when she hears the tunes of today. Justin ..Beaver? WTF!

Visible veins-- on her 'victims', that is. Her own sometimes makes her sad, especially the dark ones that roll beneath her eyes.

* Her Father-- the one true love of her life.

* The feel of grass beneath her toes and the warm rays of sun. Things she has not experienced in nearly 300 years.

* Cuddly rabbits


*Stasis-- ugh, such a bitch!

*Blood bags that haven't been warmed to a palatable temperature.

*Aliens. She has never encountered one, but blames them for taking her father from her all those years ago.

*pointy toed shoes... ouch!

*Corsets-- a man made invention to make women feel they need to look a certain way.

*Cold feet- nothing like cold toes!

*The Cold in general-- much more of a Spring person!

*Guns--  the evil that ended her life.

*Bad vampire jokes.


* Feeling like a freak.

:::~Sample Post~:::

Date: Nov. 6th
Time: 8:29 PM
Location: Area 51/ Bishop's lab

"Care to dance, my lady?" Even now, Sebastian's voice radiated within her, like a component of her soul. A heart beat, even though her own had been dormant for so long. Funny how the wheels of your mind could still torment you even as the rest of your being was at almost a stand still.

She could almost see the heat radiating in her own cheeks as she finally took the gorgeous man's hand, and a quiet giggle sounded in her mind as his warm lips met the back of her trembling hand.

"You really know how to flatter a girl.." Through her shyness, Victoria repaid him with a wink and finally an accepting nod. "I would love to."

It had been the start of a beautiful relationship, and her first steps into adult hood. Without her father in her life, it was time to find someone to fill the void, and this man made her feel whole somehow. She had turned down so many dances before, but she had made the right choice this time.. or so she thought...

Their entire fairy tale relationship flashed before her, the lies finally stealing the lime light. Their last walk together, hand in hand, then all of the happiness was ripped away as gunfire ripped through the night and bullets riddled her body. She could feel it all, causing her to wince and twitch within the confines of her glass prison.  Her heart spasmed, trying to jump start...

Her life began to slip from her as she watched him take his last breaths, one more of life's cruel blows before she would slip from this world. To know that her love would no longer be a part. Then her eyes slid closed for what would seem the last time...

Heartbeat reverberating inside of her head as a once faint heartbeat became stronger, more demanding of life. Memories seemed to kick start an instinctual need for survival and her eyes shot open, exposed for the first time in almost 300 years. Her vision was blurred from disorientation and the fluid that filled her 'cocoon', cushioning her within the womb of eternal life...

Within seconds, the glass that seemed unbreakable and had housed her since the early 1800's shattered  beneath the assault of her muffled  scream, spilling its floods and delivering a very old soul into this new world that would prove confusing and scary. Body recovering from the shock of her 'birth', the relic curled on the floor, taking in her first breaths as this new person. Any confusion was put on the back burner by an almost crippling hunger.

She could almost feel the pair of dark eyes watching her and finally her gaze shifted in the direction of the other cell, an animal instinct clouding any rational thinking. Finally pushing herself onto bare feet that had not walked in centuries, Victoria headed for the cell, eyes glowing an ungodly red and dark veins rolling beneath her eyes. She bared her teeth, displaying the very sharp and lethal set of Vampire like fangs she had evolved over the course of her hibernation...

The paled colored mutant shifted to the back of his glass cell, obviously frightened but she took no notice to that. No emotions or sympathy.. only hunger and a need to rip into him. The cell that had been crafted to withstand anything was shattered in a matter of seconds and the young Turtle's attempts at mind control had no effect on her, nor did the scalpels that suddenly pierced through her back as her 'meal' used telekinesis to levitate and control the tools of pain.

The Mutant was no match for her and in a split second, she had the youth pinned against the wall, twisting and breaking his arm with little effort. An agonizing wince of pain and a hiss through gritted teeth as her fangs ripped through his shoulder, taking a chunk of flesh that didn't quite satisfy her. Her teeth continued to rip into him like a shark curious about what was palatable and what was nothing more than a nuisance, unfazed by his struggles and attacks.

Finally, her teeth hit the Reptile's jugular and an almost orgasmic moan vibrated against him as she slowly drained the life from him...

Consumed by the daze that Project Phoenix's DNA gave her, Victoria was unaware of the eyes that watched her in shock, but her father's excitement over her 'reanimation' was quickly smothered by anxiety.. "VICTORIA!" Her father called out, hoping to pull her attention away from her victim. Not that Agent Bishop cared about the Mutant's well being, but Phoenix was his daughter's food supply.... her life line. The Turtle was the only available source of mutagen and if he perished, then she would too....
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Uh....Happy Valentine's day, Victoria. *smooches her cheek and hands her flowers* I love you
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Victoria Bishop
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