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 Hank Martins.

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Hank Martins

Hank Martins

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PostSubject: Hank Martins.   Hank Martins. EmptyThu May 21, 2015 12:29 pm


Hank Martins.

(Only Bishop and fellow ranking members knows it)
A.K.A Irohquois Martinez (name he works under for Bishop) Usually called by his code name Iroh.


43 (born 1972 5th February)



Physical description:

Eye color: Blue.
Hair color: Auburn (dark red brown still full and thick, and usually in an almost mullet cut)
Height : 6 foot 4 inches (about 195 cm tall)
Weight: 80 kg ( 176 in pounds - all muscle thank you!)

Usually gets about in functional charcoal or black suit and tie apparel - sometimes in his 'skull suit' when at work and boring functional polo shirts and cargo pants at home.


Hank is an hardened career soldier, often displayed a calm and collected demeanor, rarely showing any signs of fear in extreme circumstances. He buried his emotions deep inside himself, causing some to see him as cold and uncaring. Despite this, he occasionally showed a more human side, expressing great concern for allies' well being during dangerous operations, and even demonstrating compassion towards fallen enemies, and once or twice a mutant... but special circumstances. And only known to his employer Agent Bishop Hank loves his little family, gets along with his mother in law, misses and grieves still for his deceased wife and obviously his daughter is the apple of his eye.

He would go to extreme lengths to protect her, even if he feels she won't agree with the choices to do so.

Skills and Strengths.

*Years of training and experience
*Developed heightened levels of endurance and reflexes.
*Can survive prolonged periods of pain and torture.
*Master of most ballistic weaponry and even though he does not like bladed weapons he is acknowledged in their use.
*Is fluent in five languages other than English Russian, Zulu, Arabic, French and Japanese. (Klingon and Elvish apparently don't count!)

Weaknesses and Flaws:

*Does not have many and makes every effort to hide them. But his number one would be the target his family could be if any one but Bishop know of them.
*His knowledge of computing was somewhat limited, often relying on more technical-minded allies to deal with such matters during missions.
*And a smoker, though he has cut down a lot.


*His family.
*Being out on a mission. Yes he enjoys it.
*Hunting Mutants and or Aliens.
*And reveals a geeky side sometimes referencing Star Wars quiet a bit to his colleagues amusement.


*The idea his daughter is growing up! (when the hell did that happen?)
*Rap music.
*Wearing hats.


United States Army
Green Berets
And now Special Agent of the U.S. Government - EPF special task force soldier - often referred to as 'Ghost Agents'.

Current Occupation:

Soldier, Mutant/ Alien wrangler. Spy.


Mother in Law, Ida Threadgoode. Affectionately known as Gran Gran.
Wife, Trixie Martins (nee Threadgoode, deceased)
Daughter, Erica Martins.


A boy whom grew home shipped from foster home to foster home, later playing a part in why he refuses to move his mother in law and daughter around the country side with work - preferring to keep them in one place.

Hank was a late bloomer, all throughout school socially and studiously awkward.

He joined the military as soon as he was old enough to become a cadet, and initially was a Green Beret and his physical, mental and focus becoming honed and expanding, skills widening his abilities to make impossible missions happen soon had him inducted into High-Tech Special Forces Units in the mid 1990s. Repeatedly sent out operating a small task force disarming and destroying nuclear weapon-armed tanks averting potential nuclear catastrophe, becoming a notarized, meeting his wife in the Green Berets. They were married a short time after meeting. A month in fact.

But their wanted beginning of family was not to begin for years, in fact whilst building his reputation his wife, disillusioned with her last fight, left the CIA they had been with then and soon after their daughter made their little family complete.

His daughters' delivery also heralded a visit from a strange man, one Agent Bishop, whom took the happy moment with congratulations of his own and made it more so by recruiting Hank into the Earth Protection Force, during which time he received the codename Irohquois Martinez or "Iroh" While undergoing the new training regime which he found he not only succeeded in but thrived through, expanding his expertise of high-altitude skydiving, linguistics, closed-circuit open-circuit combat, diving, and free climbing, Alien and Mutant wrangling. During this time, Hank's real name and origins were classified.

Sixteen years have passed and Hank along with other members of 'Ghosts' are now used as special task members to seek out alien and mutant threats and put them down, or bring them in and clean up any mess left by them.

Trixie's passing away from cancer around the time their daughter was ten had been one of the hardest moments of Hanks life and he threw himself into work even more, and this vigor sometimes takes him from home for months, but when he does go home for a a few weeks or so at a time he dedicates himself to proper catching up time with his mother in law and especially his daughter.

And Hank enjoys his work. Of course those moments at home are nice to when he spends time with his family. He hopes to induct his daughter into EPF when she is old enough. Her almost instinctual knowledge of anatomy and biological sciences could be of use.

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Hank Martins

Hank Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Hank Martins.   Hank Martins. EmptyFri May 22, 2015 7:05 am

Hank looked up from the camp fire, it was a cold cold night and the three of them, himself, his mother in law and his daughter at this point thirteen sat close around the campfire listening intently to a story Ida just finished. Erica had gone first delighting and tickling their sides with a tale of high school shenanigans. Then Ida's memory from a long time ago.

Now it was his turn and he smiles, it would be played off as a tale, a legend. But it was the reason he had been recruited by Bishop, as had thirteen others that would be in this memory. " It was a different time ago, a different enemy ago, Sixty men and women, from CIA teams were sent to face down a force of five hundred enemy fighters. Their objective: to force the enemy back from a civilian hospital, and keep its occupants alive." And he could still see the massive ugly plain building in his mind.

"For three days, they held their ground, but the enemy's numbers were too great. Those sixty were cut down to fifteen. They wouldn't last another night, and the enemy knew it." he recalled that hopelessness of looking across at his wife amongst the fifteen. And there goodbyes that night to each other.

He continued. "Under the cover of darkness, the hospital was evacuated only one of their own to lead the way." his brave Trixie had drawn the short stick that night.

"The rest returned to the line, and took up positions beneath the bodies of their fallen and as they lay in wait, the blood from the dead poured over them. The sand stuck to their skin like a cloak, Changing them and Anointing them." he could still remember the sticky cold and the cloying sand.

"When the enemy drew near, the remaining fourteen rose out of that desert sand. They were like hunters that couldn't be seen, using stealth their enemies couldn't defend against. When the fourteen ran dry of ammunition, they used their blades...and when the blades ran dull, they used their hands. When the dust and sand had settled, only one of the enemy had survived. He was picked up in the desert, wandering aimlessly, traumatized. He expressed warnings to others of a force so menacing and unbeatable, it could only be described as supernatural. He called them..."

And it gave Hank a sense of pleasure he was amongst the group. "Ghosts."

His mother in law and daughter were appreciative of the tale and awed, but expressed disbelief. Which was fine.

And as Hank retreated into the tent, last to do so and his parked beside and sort of in front of his family females he sent a silent goodnight to those fallen and those fourteen still surviving now in the employ of Bishop as some of his most deadly agent against the threat of aliens and mutants.

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PostSubject: Re: Hank Martins.   Hank Martins. EmptySat May 23, 2015 11:11 pm

Lovelovelovelove it!! ^^

I love how Hank told Bishop's tale over a camp fire, that was a nice touch! Everything about this profile made me happy and I can't wait to see the guy in action, and excited about Hanky/Bishop interaction! ^^

Profile approved! Very Happy
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Hank Martins.
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