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 Erica Martins.

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Erica Martins.   Erica Martins. EmptySat Nov 08, 2014 12:29 am


Erica Martins

Nick Name/s:

Bomb. Marshmallow.

Date of Birth & Age:

20th September, Seventeen!

Gender, Alignment, Species, Occupation:

Female, Neutral/Good, Human, Student.


A short five foot flat (despite her wishing and eating all her vegetables!) lean but curvy (this she is rather pleased with!) pale complexioned so much so she sunburns very easily so usually has loads of sun block on and or a wide brimmed hat on her wild curly dark brown hair (red tinges throughout) usually worn down but occasionally in a pony tail or up for special occasions, brown eyes.


Little quirky and nerdy, but sweet and friendly, caring and compassionate. Extremely loyal, best friend to Leatherhead and he is the reason she has a fascination with biological sciences, especially Comparative Anatomy, Xenobiology and Herpetology. Though seemingly more of a goof and playful Erica has a bright mind and whilst not at the engineering level intelligence when it comes to technology she is tech savvy enough to help her friend when he working... sometimes.

Loves dancing and singing - does not care if she is in the middle on a train or crowded shop, when her favorites song (and there are many!) come on she has to sing or bop alone -  often at inappropriate times.

She her Gran Gran can be very mischievous and sometimes get into all sorts of shenanigans! Like once they ended up on a restricted military firing rang field! and been out to the burning man several times!

Sees her friend Leatherhead as much as possible.

Likes and Strengths:

Apples and Apple related things,
Babies and animals - especially fascinated with Reptiles.
Being Independent
The Honey Festival
Enjoys a wide variety of music, except rap- and especially something she can groove too.
Loves just chilling with her friend or family.
Enjoys chocolate though her all time Favorite food is pasta (any sort!)
Prefers documentaries and anatomy documentary shows, books and activities that allow her to learn more and more about animals.
Only buys and wears red underwear. Most of her shoes are green and most dresses purple thought her choice jammies are blue!

Great at Dancing,
Excellent singing voice,
And thanks to her father has learned some French, Japanese and Elvish (tolkien nerds)
Italian thanks to her grandmother, Gran Gran
Naturally adventurous and bright.
Because of her interests with animals she has become quiet good at helping the odd stray she finds and rehoming them. Especially reptiles.

Dislikes and Weaknesses:

Dislikes Rap music.
Dislikes using public loos, and especially loathes being spoken to whilst in the loo and or speaking to people on the loo!
Phobic of clowns!

Can be impulsive and not think things through entirely,
When feeling awkward or embarrassed tends to make things worse as she becomes a veritable chatterbox who puts her foot in her mouth at every conceivable opportunity,
Her voice gets really high pitched and squeaky when she gets upset, sometimes to the point when her words become gibberish
Despite being exceptional good at dancing when it comes to sports Erica becomes uncoordinated to the point where she can be a danger to others whilst in play.
And because of that does not like sports too much.
Must wear glasses to read.

Family, Friends and History:

Mrs Trixie Martins (nee Threadgoode, Mother)
Mr Hank Martins (Father)
Gran Gran - Ida Threadgoode (Materal Grand Mother)

Leatherhead (best friend)

Erica lives in the three bedroom corner apartment above a small cafe that her primary caregiver and maternal grandmother 'Gran Gran' and helps out a little bit in the afternoon after school with her grandmother to close the 'Cafe Noble'.

Missing her gone of six years mother Trixie, and her busy with work always Father.

The cafe and apartment are in a busy active down town part of Manhattan, New York and though there is a lot of gang activity they themselves have had little to no trouble with them so far going unnoticed and thus staying out of trouble. The Cafe itself serves a range of good healthy eating meals and drinks and has a small stage Erica sometimes performs on and a small neat function room of the side,there is a stair case that bypasses the cafe up to the apartment that the family use when the Cafe is shut down for the night and the alarms all set.

When it is close up time late afternoon Erica then usually sneaks out to hang with Leatherhead bringing him books she had brought, or old second hand stuff from her school or found in flee markets and or at her favorite shop to hang out in Second Time Round. Has no close friends so plenty of time on her hands for following her life's passion. To dance, sing and perform. She has done some small local productions through school plays and self sought places in auditions.

Erica a strong respectful relationship with her grandmother and despite their absence most of the time a loving warm relationship with each of her parents, or had with in regards to her mother Trixie, whom often affectionately called her 'Bomb' as they had struggled for years to have a baby and she had been quiet the 'bombshell' surprise.

Though she is approachable, outgoing, friendly and having a wide circle of acquaintances within schools social groups Erica does worry her family with her lack of drive to make long term close friends at school (Unbeknownst to herself). Of course they do not know she has a close secret friend living in a network of connected sewers and storm drains beneath their cafe and apartment. Whom she had met as a small child sitting at the back door of the cafe reading out loud a book from school, and then small enough to hide himself in clothing Leather had crouched his way over to her - and she naively did not understand how lucky it was he'd found plenty to eat in the dumpster and was more interested in what she was reading that taking her as food.

It was the first of many books they shared. And one they shared with a fellow mutant, Slash when they found hi not long after LH's twentieth mutation day and her own sixteenth birthday.

Erica looks forward to getting into New York University chasing higher education in biological sciences, or something more internship like oooor into the music seen with her own music and is hoping to sell or perform musically in a local setting to pay her own way through higher education.

study  Sample Post  study

It was with pride Erica watches the last of the patrons leave Cafe Noble for the afternoon. The boy of about ten or nine clutching her last project.

A injured and dumped in a bin box turtle.

Luckily she'd had some first aid kit stuff at the time and managed to fix the little female up, caring for her until strong enough to finally - adopt out.

She waited until her Gran Gran had locked the door, and began pulling down the blinds indicating the Cafe was closed for another day. Then as Gran Gran walked by to tuck the black board sign now cleared and cleaned of the days specials away in it's spot next to the little shelf set that held the chalks that were used to up date it day by day before she begins a little 'congratulatory dance'. "Another one finds a home!" sing songing to the tune of 'another one bites the dust!' with some pelvic wriggling and little hops of triumph...

Gran Gran rolls her eyes, "Once again I have to be embarrassed for the both of us.." She mutters with mock horror and a fond grin.

"Yep." Erica answers still doing her jig of joy.

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PostSubject: Re: Erica Martins.   Erica Martins. EmptyMon Nov 10, 2014 9:10 pm

Hi Erica!
I've reviewed your app and everything looks good! ^^ The only thing left to do is adjust your user name to include your character's first and last name, then you'll be good to go! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Erica Martins.   Erica Martins. EmptyTue Nov 11, 2014 6:34 pm

I second this. This looks pretty good, Erica! I like how casual this oc seems. Like, she wouldn't even be considered as a 'fit' for the setting but somehow gets dragged into it. It's that normality that makes me enjoy the fact that she's around. Having a normal person, much like Irma, makes this setting more diverse; and that's always good. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Erica Martins.   Erica Martins. Empty

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Erica Martins.
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