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 All About Mikey!

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Michelangelo Hamato
Michelangelo Hamato

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All About Mikey! Empty
PostSubject: All About Mikey!   All About Mikey! EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 1:48 am


About the great and powerful Mike!?!

Who are you?:

I'm Michelangelo, the cute mutant ninja turtle boy, the Big M, the Mikster and actual Naked Chef!

How old are you?:

*reads little profile bit under Avatar, sixteen!

SWEET Sixteen!!

Natural hair color?

All About Mikey! Tmnt-meme-flipbook-5

Eye color?:

All About Mikey! Mikey_unmasked_by_mikaarifutheninja-d6nimp7

Do you have any brothers or sisters? :

Got two older sisters - don't mess with April!or Angel! *makes 'don't you dare' gesture* and three older brothers Very Happy go mess with them Razz

Glasses/Contacts? :

Not for these;

All About Mikey! Mikey_unmasked_by_mikaarifutheninja-d6nimp7

though I do look cool in shades...

Piercing? :

No... though I have considered it ... in some places Wink

Tattoos? :

I wanted to get one of my face - on my face! but my bros and dad said no!! - what the heck... it's my face! Razz but in any case got some tribal ones yeah Very Happy I am getting pretty good with the gun ... and other body mod instruments Razz

Braces? :

Nope but I am sure if I need them Don will do it Very Happy

What's your height? :

mmmm five nine... ten? eleven? like I know Very Happy Don prob knows!

Are you a virgin? :

Yes! I am an innocent virgin! - Ladies come ravage meeeee!

Who's your mate/ spouse? :

No one yet... but when I meet her *winkies at who know who*
All About Mikey! Giphy

Do you have any kids? :

Nooooo, but I want em... soooooo bad.

Have any secrets? :

No I am an open book!


Color? :

Orange!! of course and Green!.... Blue and the soft gold of blond hair...

Song? :

Anything I can shake my tail too!...
"Ag-a-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple, shake the tree
Aga-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple, grind coffee
To the left, to the right, jump up and down and to the knees
Come and dance every night, sing with a hula melody"

Video game? :

All of them!!
All About Mikey! Huge-game-collection

Anime? :

All of them!!

Movie? :

All of them!!
All About Mikey! Vids

Book? :


Food? :

Pizza!!!! Gyoza!!!!

Animal? :

Cats... though Koala's are a very close second... when they start munching leaves I just Meeeeeeeeeeelt

Cartoon? :

Any! I love cartoons!


Play an instrument? :

Does my tail count?!

Like to sing? :

Love it!

Have any special talents/skills? :

Of course! I am a martial artist and a Chef master! and dancer... and singer... and just about everything y'know?

Exercise daily? :

Of course! I am a martial artist and a Chef master! and dancer... and singer... and just about everything y'know?

Love someone? :

Lots of people!!

Like school? :

I would love it - if I could go!


Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?

I think so yes Very Happy

Speak any other languages? :

A little Japanese

Go a day without food? :

yeaaaaaah under much protest!!

Stay up for more than 24 hours? :

 yep but again under much protest!!

Roll your tongue? :

yeah and more - you should see my cherry trick!

Eat a whole pizza? :

hehehe plenty of whole pizza's... growing young man, I need food!


Snuck out of the house? :

Yeah, often actually - usually to go see April or Angel or Casey or to shred it on my board. Oooor in the future when I got a mate - to see her Razz

Cried to get out of trouble? :

Yeah - Raph might pound me for admitting this but sometimes even he has given in to the big blue puppy eyes!

Gotten lost in your city? :

Oh like you would not believe - Donatello put gps on our tphones though.

Seen a shooting star? :

Yeah! it was great and I made a wish! Very Happy

Been to any other countries? :

No - but someday maybe!

Had a serious injury? :

Oh heaps - thank goodness for our mutagen laced blood we heal pretty quick... well quicker than humans.

Have you ever killed someone? :


Do you hate anyone? :

Not really - too busy living to hate.

Stolen something important to someone else? :


Solved a Rubik’s cube? :

Course! I took off the little stickers, painted all the squares with white out correction fluid and drew matching smiley faces on them! See Solved!

Cried over a girl/ boy? :

Yeah... Very Happy

Hugged a random stranger? :

Very Happy yeah - mostly kids, kids like the Mikey!

Been in a fist fight? :

Yep. I'm a ninja it's in the job description.

Been arrested? :

Not yet *knocks on the wood of his skateboard.*

Done drugs? :

Once had some cookies that were great... and I felt so mellow afterwards!

Had alcohol? :

Yep I have. Very Happy don't tell sensei though I suspect he knows.

Swore at your parents? :

In my head? Yes.... oh you mean out loud... no.

Got kicked where it hurts? :

Well any good kick hurts Razz buuuuuut I sense you mean my tail - the equiv to the human man's soft bits. And to answer... yes... yes I have actually but usually our tails are all tucked up out of kicking range when in a fight.

Been in love? :

Sure loved cartoons and comic heros and one day will woo, wed and make mine a lady! Love is great!

Ran over an animal and killed it? :

No yet.

Broken a bone? :

Oh yeah - and the casts are so annoying! get all itchy and can't scratch!

Gotten stitches? :

*nods nods*

Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? :

Yep, love Milk!

Bitten someone? :

Only my brothers in our younger days... might nibble on some one some day playfully.

Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld? :

Not yet!

Been to Niagara Falls? :

Again not yet!


Brushed your teeth? :

I got a brush from April annnnnnnnnd make sure since then I brush morning and night. Wink

Took a shower? :

Well we can always done here, even if I love water.

Had sex? :

Not yet... keen to try it though if the self lovins pleasure are anything to judge by when I get it right it'll be freaking incredible.

Saw a movie in theaters? :

Noooo but maybe sneak in sometime,

Read a book? :

Of course! I can read Very Happy and occasionally find them.

Had a black-out? :

Yeah probably we have certainly been in fights and battles and wiped out a few time son my board and not known what happened afterwards.

Tripped in front of someone? :

On occasion yep, gotta learn to laugh at yourself in those moments with everyone else Very Happy

Got sick? :

Yep yep.


Pants/shorts :

Neither really.

Winter break/spring break :

Spring! love Spring... flowers, birds.... girls smell three times as HWAT!

Spring/Autumn :

See response above!

Clouds/Clear sky :

I love rain! - but also love a clear sky to go see stars when out on the farm!

Moon/Mars :

The Mooooooooooooon!

Boy or Girl? :

I don't care as long as their healthy Very Happy... oh you mean romantically?! oh well I am not against guys but I like the gals Very Happy... a lot!


Do you believe there is someone for everyone? :

A lot of someones for everyone Very Happy so many people out there and all and the first 'someone' may not be the 'forever' someone.

What was your first kiss like? :

Mmmm it will be awkward and a little dodgy given my mouth is bigger than humans, and mismatched to some other mutants out there... but I'll get it and it will be awesome!

How old were you when you got your first kiss?:

I don't know - but soon yeah?

What was your first sexual intercourse like?:

If it does not go the way my partner wants I just hope they have fun and not afraid to try again.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?:

Again sooooon hopefully.

Do you think love is a load of sh!t?:

Not at all Very Happy.

What’s the best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex? :

Hugs with April or Angel... the scents of the sometimes females ninjas we battle... mmmm!

Have you ever been dumped? :

No and I hope if I am fortunate enough to experience a relationship I do nothing stupid and get my tail dumped.

Have you ever dumped someone? :

No... and unless it seriously aint working... I wont ever... feel like I'd be throwing away a special gift if I did that.


Funny? :

Oh I am hilarious - check this out...
All About Mikey! Chibi_tmnt___michelangelo_by_ebonyraven

Pretty? :

So pretty pretty...
All About Mikey! Tumblr_n596q99cCm1tx8q41o1_500

Sarcastic? :

Nah... Razz

Lazy? :


Hyper? :


Friendly? :

Oh yes I am the cuddliest, friendliest dude ever!

Evil? :

Oh totally yep...also sneak the last choc chip cookie!

Smart? :

Yes of course... I am a super smart.

Strong? :

Compared to a lot of humans yes.

Talented? :

Oh yes! watch the following...
All About Mikey! A11

Dorky? :

Probably Very Happy


All About Mikey! 3e9a9aff591a78a2159984a31fe64c34


Sky dive? :


Run away? :

From what? the hybernating bear that just discovered his honey got stolen - otherwise known as Raph? YES!
And fiesty little wolverines that is April or Angel on those days and no chocolate? YES!
Master Splinter after realizing what it was I that died his pantene pro v shampoo pink.... YES!

Curse at a teacher? :

Oh hell yeah!.... except Master Splinter.

Not take a shower for a week? :

Oh I have gone ages without bathing... the longest before my bros got me with the hose was a month!

Ask someone out? :

Indeed I would!


What kind of computer do you have? :

100% recycled one by Donatello. Very Happy

What's your job? :

The team joker - and Naked chef... cause nutrients and laughter are key!

Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? :

I probably would - have been known to throw it at my brothers.

How many posters do you have in your room? :

Oh heaps.

How many CD's do you have? :

Two dozen assorted cd's.

What do you do to relax? :

Love thy self?.... oh um.... ahem ignore that... I uh bake... I find baking relaxing.

There's a person who's teasing you, what do you do? :

Tease them back? Laugh?

Let’s say you have a person who you really care about but she/ he doesn’t know about your feelings. How do you tell her/him? :

Come out and tell them. Probably with a serenade or something.

Do you like your creator? :

I do indeed. Very Happy we need a creators day!

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Leonardo Hamato
Leonardo Hamato

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All About Mikey! Empty
PostSubject: Re: All About Mikey!   All About Mikey! EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 5:33 am

This is very good, Mike! Very informative. But you failed to answer all the questions. Now get back in your room and finish.
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Michelangelo Hamato
Michelangelo Hamato

Posts : 565
Join date : 2014-09-18
Age : 25
Location : Hogwarts!

All About Mikey! Empty
PostSubject: Re: All About Mikey!   All About Mikey! EmptyMon Sep 07, 2015 7:17 am

I finished!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: All About Mikey!   All About Mikey! Empty

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All About Mikey!
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