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 Tara-Lee Stone

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Tara-Lee Stone

Tara-Lee Stone

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PostSubject: Tara-Lee Stone   Tara-Lee Stone EmptyFri Nov 06, 2015 1:06 am

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Basic Info:

*Name: Tara-Lee Stone

*Nicknames: Lighter

*Age: 18

*Birth date: Tara herself doesn't even remotely remember her birthday, but decided on July 15th

*Height: 6'0

*Weight: 220

*Species: Mutant (appears to be human)

*Face-Claim: Nina Nesbitt

*Occupation: Night-time janitor (in training to become both tattooist and hair dresser)

*Relationship Status: Single-(secretly hating it too)

*Current Residence: Tara shares an apt. with a fellow student at the hair dresser school

*Physical Appearance* (This will be in two forms both human and mutant)

*Human-Some women in New York City have slender fold's, keep up their appearances, and flirt/wink with anyone they believe is super cute. Well that isn't the case for Tara, you see being a mutant mean's you gotta keep your distance so for her it's usually blue or black jeans, any shirt that doesn't smell funny, black boot's for easy butt whooping, and some random hoodie that can cover her face. The height of her is what give's her away, due to the fact she's only five feet two inches while human, though her weight does stay at a firm 200 pounds, with a semi-muscular build under the clothing...that one thing is something Tara quite enjoys having. Her hair is long and dirty blonde, to which she never get's it cut or try's to straighten it...just put some hat on and your good to go right? And makeup on her pretty face? Ewww no! Her sky blue eye's will spit dagger's at you in a flash.

*Mutant-Ah, now here's the moment of truth, you see there is a reason why Tara try's her darn hardest to not allow anyone to see her face. For most girl's worry about their nail polish and lipstick not pairing up Tara has to worry about setting curtain's or bed's on fire! In her mutant form she somehow get's a small height of five feet six inches.....nothing to impressive, but it give's her joy to know. Her once long dirty blonde is completely gone, and is now replaced with fire flowing left to right. Her sky blue eye's turn utterly dark, just as charcoal. Her clothing somehow disapper's and is now replaced with a skin of that you would see on a volcano: full on black with flowing red lines going all around her body, as if they were her veins.

Tara is well, she can't really describe her personality for she herself doesn't really understand herself sometimes. There are day's when she can be calm, collective, supportive, and friendly towards those she considers family and friends. For them she would put her own life on the line, because deep down she realizes they would do the very same. On these day's she usually sing's random songs, normally one's she hear's on radio's, or work's on machines or any bit of technology that passes her by, or even sometimes try's random food from fellow friend's who want her mind to explore every possible rim of New York City.

But, when it comes to her 'dark days': the days when her memories return and she recalls all the evil and corrupt experiment's were performed on herself and others.  Its those days when if needed send her after enemies and she'll take them on one by one. Now, don't think that just cause she is like this she can't return, all is needed is some comfort from a close friend or lover to help her remember who she really is.

Tara-Lee Stone Tumblr_mk6zf4yw2V1qj6bp2o1_500

-Candy Cigrattes
-Disney Movies

Tara-Lee Stone Tumblr_mia6on37aW1rrpjpdo1_500

-Evil Guys (foot, shredder, etc)

-Fire manipulation
-Hand-to-Hand Combat
-Sword Training

-Semi-emotionless:(in other word's she's afraid to open up to guys in romantic ways)
-Extreme Cold climates
-Her brother:(All he has to do is create some sob story, and she's puddy in his hands)
-Powers: (fear's even she would lose control)

Tara-Lee Stone Tumblr_mamx7mAin61rrwjpto1_500


Tara doesn't recall much of her past or her birth for that matter, but she does remember that she has a brother, she think's he's a twin...though due to herself not knowing her own birthday perhaps he doesn't either. For her own birth, Tara is reminded of a memory this one being her as a small baby looking up into the eye's of someone, female perhaps and a smile plastered on her face...before it fades.

Flash forward and Tara is inside a small white room with what appear's to be three other's children, one crying, the other hiding her face in her hands, and the third: her brother throwing what appear's to be black fireball's at a target. A older gentleman shout's at Tara to repeat the same process as before and with ease performed the task. But deep down, she didn't want too....Tara craved for the outside world, to explore and learn and grow. But if she spoke a word of this to anyone she would be punished, by any mean's necesarry. The four children starting growing up, and soon learned they were mutants able to transform their bodies into different forms. It was there when  they learned that Stockman was the man ahead of this project and he was funding it all just so they can be used as weapons.

Before Tara could blink her brother  attacked one of the guard's while the other two pinned down other's making their escape, knowing they would have to go into hiding to protect their now free lives. Tara moved to other locations mostly keeping to herself, but finally returned to New York City and works as a nighttime janitor while all the while trains to  become a professional tattooist.

Cold and damp. Oh why had she been brought here again? She did exactly what the guy told her to do. Shoot the target. A small circle with orange and white colors on it. And she did, but if that was the case why was she here? Pulling up her legs, young Tara wrapped her arms around them, rocking slightly to get warmth back. Waking up from a nightmare Tara felt sweat dripping off her face, and quickly wiped it away. She then proceeded to get up out of bed heading towards the bathroom in the end to wash the sweat off...or at least try too.

Getting to the bathroom she made a mental not that her roommate was fast asleep and that she shouldn't awaken her. The bathroom was a nice size for the apartment they both shared, it wasn't large by any means but they were content so that's all that matters right? Tara glanced into the mirror seeing her eyes appear to have dark circles under them, better to wear sunglasses right? Turning on the water Tara made sure to keep it low so barely any noise was made and proceeded to wash her face trying to erase any reminats of her terrible night.

Turning the water off Tara made her way back to her bedroom and flopped down face first onto her bed. Laying there she pondered what life would have been like if she hadn't returned to New York City, but then her brother would have to bother her in the other place, so better here then anywhere else. At that exact moment Tara's phone vibrated to tell her she had a text message and when looking she saw it was from her own brother. Reading the message Tara sighed and was frustrated by him due to this very reason. He, against her protest sided with the foot, and wanted her to as well. But that would mean they become weapons again...and she down right refused to become one again.
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Tara-Lee Stone

Tara-Lee Stone

Posts : 13
Join date : 2015-11-04
Age : 36
Location : Pennsylvania

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PostSubject: Re: Tara-Lee Stone   Tara-Lee Stone EmptyThu Dec 03, 2015 8:00 am

I believe I am done
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Tara-Lee Stone   Tara-Lee Stone EmptyFri Dec 04, 2015 1:23 am

Okay this is not looking too bad - well done.

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PostSubject: Re: Tara-Lee Stone   Tara-Lee Stone Empty

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Tara-Lee Stone
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