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 Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.)

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Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) Empty
PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.)   Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 12:34 pm

pt 01.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah it would and it was a part of my old life

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get up needs to stretch her legs*

Leo oh man, WAY too many drugs

Espionata: Mel: Leo?

Leo I didn't say that.

Espionata: Mel: You didn't?

Leo no. that wasn't meant to be in color. that was my player

Leo I am sober

Leo and I heard that you were missing me

Espionata: Mel: I am

Leo *hugs her close* I missed you too

Espionata: Mel: Thanks *Hugs him back*

Leo You feel too thin. We need to put some food in you

Espionata: Mel: I know Leo but that will take awhile

Leo right, can't rush that. It'll only make you sick.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah pluse LH has me on a iv

Leo good. *pats her head* is there anything I can get you?

Espionata: Mel: Food

Mikey *sulky - waves and goes to kitchen*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Mikey

Leo *brings Mel to the kitchen* what's wrong Mike?

Espionata: Mel: *Sits at the table*

Leo *starts making Mel someing light to eat*

Espionata: Mel; Thanks Leo

Mikey nothing *pouts and makes self coffee*

Leo no, Mike, something is up. What's wrong you can tell us.

Espionata: Mel: You miss Ally?

Mikey it's nothing dude - how'd you know? *mopes*

Espionata: Mel: Pretty obvious and I've known you pretty well

Leo I get it, Mike. I miss Vic too. She's been away a lot. But I have Neo to distract me. You want to watch him?

Mikey Sure - give me my nephew - I'll go get Blaze too Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: They're cute

Leo *pulls Neo from his high chair and hands him to Mike* Neo is getting better about his biting.

Espionata: Mel: He has?

Mikey of course their cute - they take after the Mikey Very Happy *nuzzles Neo* good boy - come we go fetch your cousin Blaze, he is a big boy Wink *goes off to fetch the Blaze*

Leo yeah. he still has his moments, but it's getting better. *watches Mike run off and hands Mel some pancakes and milk*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo *Eats some of the food*

Leo no problem. got to take care of my sister

Mikey *coming back - still chatting of course - keeping boys in one arm each -*

Leo *smiles at Mike* you are going to be a great father, Mike

Mikey: Blaze: *just finished his dinner - give happy milk burp and kicks his feet - baby cooing and ooooing*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah well LH doesn't want me to do much

Mikey of course dude - I am a natural Very Happy - here wanna hold Blaze? Very Happy he's heavy Wink *offers Blaze to Leo*

Leo he's right. We need to get your boyfriend here. he can help take care of you

Mikey: LH: *snoring in loung room*

Leo: Neo: *reaches for Blaze*

Mikey how the portals are closed *grins and nuzzles Neo brings his Blaze arm closer to Neo* remember boys no fighting until yous can both walk*

Espionata: Mel: I know but the portals are closed

Mikey: Blaze: *catchs his cousins hand and pulls it in to suckle on it - not very coordinated - still happy noises and kicking away*

Leo If Don would ever get out of his lab maybe he can help with that

Leo: Neo: *laughs and tries to pull his hand away*

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Mikey: Blaze: *kicks more vigorusly - suckle suckly on little fist*

Leo: Neo: *reaches with his other hand*

Mikey typical Raph spawn Razz *chuckles at the boys* look your the same size hehehe

Leo don't know? are you and he having issues?

Mikey: Erica: *shuffles past*

Espionata: Mel: No we're not having problems just don't know if the portals can be fixed from here

Espionata: Mel: Hey Erica

Mikey: Blaze: *too young to catch both hands - but lets go of the one he has and tries to catch the other - drooling and happy baby babble*

Leo we'll see what we can do

Leo: Neo: *screams happily and kicks*

Espionata: Mel: Hope so

Leo it can't hurt to try and fix them. *sits down with the others*

Mikey: Erica: *mumbles a hi and makes a coffee*

Espionata: Mel: No it can't I miss Raidon

Mikey *grins watching the nephews playing in his arms* good boys - don't be like your daddies and fight all the
time, be best buds

Mikey: Blaze: *the scream sets of his own happy squeal and he wriggles like a worm in Mikey's arms*

Leo: Neo: *wiggle wiggle*

Espionata: Mel: He wiggles like a worm *Stops eating*

Leo I understand. seems we're all missing someone

Espionata: Mel: we are

Leo: Neo: *looks at Mike then smacks Mike's nose*

Mikey: Erica: yeah... we are *records as much of Blaze's moments so Red does not miss much - records now him playing with his cousin*

Mikey *playing growl and catch that smacking hand in his mouth gently*

Espionata: Mel: It happens

Leo: Neo: *laughs and drools everywhere*

Mikey: Blaze: *sees his mother and mmmmmmmms eagerly huge huge gummy grin at her*

Leo hopefully we can all get together at some point and maybe do something as a whole family

Mikey *chuckles and lets go of the little hand nuzzling*

Leo: Neo: *follows Blaze's gaze to Erica and reaches to her*

Mikey: Erica: *giggles -* dawww whose a cute boy? *smooches Blaze - lifts Neo from Mikey and snugs him* hello Neo

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Mikey *chuckles and churrs hoping to spark Blaze to copy* maybe we can go out to the farm and hang out there for a while?

Leo: Neo: *lays his head on her chest and sucks his thumb*

Leo the farm is a good idea. I do love it out there and I'm sure the kids and girls will too

Mikey: Blaze: *mmmmmms and kicks away - but no churring -*

Donatello joined the chat

Mikey: hihi

Leo: hello)

Espionata: hi

Espionata: Mel: Yeah better than the city

Mikey: Erica: ... *farm sounds good and cuddles Neo rubbing his little shell*

Leo much better. I'll be honest, if there wasn't so much going on here I would love to just, move to the country

Leo: Neo: *purrs*

Donatello: Hi

Mikey: Erica: *just thought that herself - Blaze would surely benefit from a farm life style - smiles at Neo* dawwww *smoochies his head*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah instead of being in the sewers

Leo: Neo: *smiles big toothy grin*

Leo yeah. It's nice down here. but it doesn't beat fresh air

Espionata: Mel: No it doesn't

Mikey well we could always come back to the lair to patrol the city and what not - but I think ... maybe Ally would like being out of here too - but we has to ask April

Mikey: Erica: hehhee whose a cutie?... you are? *baby babble at adorable Neo -*

Espionata: Mel; I think April will let everyone move to the farm

Leo of course. yeah, maybe some country air will get the girls more active

Leo: Neo: *giggles and grabs Erica's breast*

Mikey: Blaze: *kicking kicking - squeals*

Donatello: Mikey, have you been logging the regular Origins chat tonight?

Mikey: Erica: *and that of course makes that breast leak - wetting the shirt she is wearing - gently moves his hand away*

Mikey: yep

Leo: Neo: *gets fussy!*

Leo I think he might be hungry I should take him to Vic

Leo: I haven't)

Donatello: Thanks.

Espionata: Mel: Angel will like that

Mikey: Erica: yeah I'd be happy to nurse him for her - but not sure if he needs vampire only Wink

Leo yeah that might be dangerous. and I think he needs a mix of blood and milk.

Mikey: Erica: well I doubt he could drink me dry - but I too think he may prefer mummy milk not aunty Wink *holds out
Neo to Leo*

Tara joined the chat

Espionata: Mel: Yeah and he likes to bite at people

Leo *smiles and takes Neo* yeah. and I'm not sure how Vic would feel about someone else nursing him. she's a little crazy with that

Leo: hello!)

Tara: (hello!)

Espionata: hi

Mikey: hi hi)

Tara: (yo)

Leo: Mikko: *dancing to rap songs in the living room*

Mikey: Erica: yeah I think I will ask her about nursing him when she can't before doing so Wink *chuckles and reaches to tickle her son*

Donatello: Hello

Leo *goes to bring the baby to Vic. then comes back* Does Mikko live here now?

Tara: *sits and watches*

Tara: Oh Hello

Espionata: Mel: No idea

Leo: Mikko: yes I do! *getting down with her bad self*

Tara: *giggles*

Leo: Mikko: *grabs new girl Tara and tries to get her to dance*

Tara: o.o

Mikey: Blaze: *wriggling still in Mikey's arms - waves fist in his Uncle Leo's direction*

Tara: *is grabbed*

Mikey *sniggers* see Raphitude Razz

Tara: *start's to dance*

Leo *waves to Blaze* I hope he's not like Raph

Leo: Mikko: yeah gurl! *twerks*

Mikey: Blaze: *gummy grin - wriggles wriggles wriggles*

Espionata: Mel: Figures >​>​

Leo I think he wants to get down

Tara: *pops gum into mouth and hand's one out to Mikko*

Mikey Well he is a big baby already - so he def going to be a big turtle like his dad Razz *holds Blaze out to Leo* see if you can get him to churr

Tara: *starts to blow a bubble*

Leo: Mikko: *takes gum and chews then pokes Tara's bubble*

Leo *takes Blaze and bounces him*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles and tries to get up to stretch her legs*

Tara: >​.>​

Tara: *blows another bubble*

Leo: Mikko: *also blows bubble*

Mikey: Blaze: *bouncing helps with wind - buuuuuurps loudly - and gummy baby giggle*

Leo that was beautiful. *blows raspberries on Blaze's cheek*

Tara: *blows a small fireball into bubble and then pops it extinguishing the fire*

Leo: Mikko: O.O whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Tara: o.o

Tara: I'm sorry I'll go sit down *sits down*

Leo: Mikko: no that was cool. you like, never have to bum a lighter from people!

Tara: *giggles*

Mikey: Blaze: *cackle - turns head to suckle on Leo's nose baby oooing*

Tara: i can produce fire from my fingertips wanna see?

Espionata: Mel: *Uses table as support* Sheesh stupid weakness >​<

Mikey: Erica: *also thought it was cool but soooo not letting her do fire tricks near her son!*

Mikey *stands to help Mel*

Tara: Are you alright? *look's to Mel*

Leo: Mikko: yeah I wanna see!

Tara: *goes over to Mikko and produces fire on all of her fingertips*

Leo *grins and sits Blaze in the high chair then tickles him*

Leo: Mikko: ooooooh that's hot, yer hot. in more ways then one. *winks*

Mikey: Erica: Leo - he aint like Neo - he is not old enough to sit up *smiles and slips her son from the high chair*

Tara: Thanks....I think

Leo that's why he's in the chair to help him sit

Leo: Mikko: so you uh....seeing anyone?

Mikey: Blaze: *but tickling is good! wriggles happily trying to catch fingers -*

Leo see he likes it

Espionata: Mel: Sort of Triceratrons held me captive for over a week and turns out their food and humans do't mix
Espionata: *don't

Leo: Love: *comes running in and stops by mel* there's my kitten!

Mikey: Erica: he can't sit up! infants usually do not have the ability to use the high chair until about four to six months - maybe a little earlier for Blaze and way earlier for Neo... but he aint ready yet

Leo O.O ok I'm sorry.

Tara: *look's to Mel* Ouch hope you get better soon *look's to Mikko* No, not at this time....though I just moved

Mikey: Blaze: *unawares his mother is being protective - just happy to be in her hold and waving away at Leo - kicking and giving him plenty of baby babble cheek*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Love and I will

Leo: Mikko: we should totally hook up! go have dinner and stuff

Leo: Love: I heard my kitten was a sex slave!

Tara: Uh....

Leo: Mikko: *grins*

Mikey: Erica: *relaxes - and smiles* it's okay Leo - just remember he may almost be as big as Neo but developmentally wont be as quick cause he is not half vampire Wink

Espionata: Mel: No I wasn't

Tara: I don't think that would turn out well...the last person I was with....kinda got me mad and the last thing I remember was I caught the bed on fire

Leo: Love: oh good. cuz i would have to eat someone!

Leo: Mikko: awesome. so yer like...REALLY hot in bed.

Tara: *facepalms*

Espionata: Mel: I know Love

Tara: my hair catches on fire when i'm really really mad

Leo: Love: *licks Mel*

Leo: Mikko: so are you a mutant? alien? ghost?

Tara: mutant

Tara: though i keep human form so i don't freak people out

Leo: Mikko: you have a mutant form? let me seeeeeee!

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Love

Tara:, I don't really know you

Tara: and besides there are children around

Tara: i don't really want to freak them out

Leo: Mikko: ok fair enough. but you know...yer in the home of a bunch of mutants and one vampire

Leo: Love: always here to help

Mikey: Erica: *smiles and pat's Leo's shoulder and takes her son back to the spot*

Tara: what are you then?

Mikey: there now no children - or um infants to witness Wink

Espionata: lol

Leo: Mikko: I'm human. An awesome human!

Espionata: Mel: I'm stuck with bedrest DX

Tara: (was that erica talking?)

Leo *smiles at Erica then heads to the others in the living area*

Espionata: You will know if you see the character name plus this : beside it

Espionata: Mel; *Follows Leo*

Tara: (then who wrote the whole no children thing?)

Mikey: nope just player - hehhee

Leo: that was the player talking)

Leo: though people really need to put brackets when they are out of chartacter))

Mikey: Erica: *smiles back, but in Spot - pouts... bed sooo big and empty ... sighs and lays down on it, puts Blaze
beside her to watch him*

Espionata: (Yeah)

Mikey: yes I doo Very Happy )

Tara: (that's why i got confused on who wrote it)

Leo: Mikko: I am also a tattoo artist if you need some ink

Tara: I love tattoo's

Leo: Mikko: well I'm one of the best artist in the city!

Espionata: Mel: *Picks at the iv line* >​<

Leo I don't think you should pick at that, Mel

Tara: I guess I could show you all

Shaya joined the chat 10 seconds ago

Leo: hello)

Espionata: Mel: I know but it itches

Tara: hi)

Espionata: (Hi)

Leo: Mikko: show us!

Mikey: hi hi)

Mikey: LH: *big gator grin*

Leo I know. i've had a few in me. but if you play with it, it could get infected

Mikey: Blaze: *squeals loooooooooooooooudly! having the time of his life here kicking away*

Espionata: Mel: When can it come out?

Mikey: LH: Leo is right - do not play with it - *checks the iv bag - had given her onw laced with anti biotics this time*

Tara: *Tara closes her eyes for a few moment's before placing both hand's together and breathes out slowly* *opens her eyes to reveal them being black and quickly pulls apart her hands allowing her mutant form revealed to be a person that seem's to have red and black body with red lines going everywhere but with fire for hair*

Leo: Mikko: *grins* you look like a demon! that's hawt! I so wanna rock yer world in the bedroom

Mikey: Erica: not this bedroom! *yes heard!*

Espionata: Mel: Did you change the stuff in the iv LH?

Leo: Mikko: I'll use Don's he's never in there anyway

Tara: *brings her arms back together and then closes her eyes before breathing out slowly again to release steam around her revelaing her human form again and then open's her eyes*

Leo: Mikko: *claps* I'm so turned on!

Espionata: Mel: Mikko you're always turned on

Tara: *backs away slowly*

Leo: Mikko: awwwwww don't run off. I'm not going to do anything

Leo *sighs* Mikko is mostly all talk

Mikey hehehe I don't know sometimes she pretty hands on for all talk Razz

Espionata: Mel: LH when can the iv come off?

Leo: Mikko: I'm just really lonely

Donatello: awwww

Mikey: LH: Very Happy when I say it can - and not yet

Leo It's not that bad, Mel. and it will help you get better faster

Espionata: Mel: But I don't feel dehydrated

Mikey: LH: thats not for fluids no more - a little anti biotics and vitamins

Espionata: Mel: Why that stuff?

Mikey: LH: because you were malnourished and in an alien environment? your immunsystem could use the boost

Mikey: Angel: you better not try using Don's room Mikko >​>​

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay LH

Leo: Mikko: ok I'll use the couch!

Leo no not the couch. you don't even live here!

Mikey: lol

Tara: *sits on couch*

Espionata: Mel: Not in front of everyone and you know I'm sick when I don't argue ugh DX

Leo: Mikko: can I live here?

Leo only if you pay rent

Leo *looks at Tara and holds out his hand* I'm sorry. My name is Leonardo. and you are?

Mikey: Angel:.... I don't pay rent

Espionata: Mel: While I'm their sister

Leo: Love: family don't have to pay rent.

Tara: *looks up and holds out her hand to shake his* I am Tara-Lee Stone, it's nice to meet you

Leo like wise. sorry about Mikko. she just comes over and steal food.

Tara: Ah

Espionata: Mel: And gives out drugs

Tara: o.o

Leo yes she likes to i guess that's good?

Leo: Mikko: sharing is caring

Mikey: Angel: *grins and waves at newbie Tara* hi I'm Angel

Mikey: Erica: *in passing* as long as she does not share with my son

Tara: Greetings Angel

Leo: Mikko: I'm not going to give a child drugs

Espionata: Mel: I'm Melissa but I go by Mel

Mikey: Erica: good - hi... hi um, I'm Erica

Leo and Don is usually in his lab and then there is Raph and Mike. Mike can get a little gassy

Tara: Hello Mel Hello Erica

Tara: *giggles*

Espionata: Mel: He makes people pass out DX

Mikey *in the toilet - farts loudly*

Leo: leo: then there is Vic. she's my woman. annnnnnd...april and Love. the cat. She thinks everyone is her kitten and will try to lick you to clean you

Espionata: Mel: Mikey!

Leo: I meant to put that in color)

Tara: *holds brain* Is that all *chuckles*

Leo: Love: I just want my kittens to be clean!

Tara: uh....ok?

Leo anyway, welcome to our home. if you need anything just ask.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Tara: Thanks

Leo: Mikko: *goes back to dancing*

Mikey: LH: *goes back to snooozing ont he floor*

Mikey: Erica: *pouts - then remembers she had left coffee in the kitchen - is hungry ... hurries to kitchen*

Espionata: Mel: How long is Mikey gonna be in the bathroom?

Mikey *finished ages ago - now singing into a hairbrush*

Leo Mike can be in there for hours

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Leo I don't care to know

Mikey: Erica: *giggles in passing* use your imagination Mel... *sighs and waves goes back to Spot*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Leo: Love: Mike is loving himself!

Tara: *giggles*

Mikey I am not!!!! *struts out*

Leo: love: yeah not anymore

Espionata: Mel: What were you doing then Mikey?

Mikey admiring my cuteness - what else?

Mikey: Angel: *plops down on couch - pouts*

Leo: Love: *cleans Angel*

Espionata: Mel: Oh

Mikey: Angel: ack! Love I am clean! *chuckling cause tongue tickles... but covers bump protectively*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles* You're lucky Angel

Leo: Love: just making sure! *moves over to Tara* are you clean?

Mikey: Angel:... I dont know last time Love and I were face to face she tried to take me out to get to Donnie >​< *sus - watching Love*

Espionata: Mel: True *Sitting on the couch holding her stomach ate a little to much*

Tara: uh...yes?

Leo: Love: *licks Tara's cheek anyway* spicy

Mikey: Angel: *makes 'I got my eye on you gesture to Love - has cushion over preggo belly to protect it from cat woman*

Tara: Aw...watcha having if I may ask?

Mikey: Angel: twins - boy and girl Wink

Tara: What are you going to name them?

Espionata: Mel: Ate to much Sad

Leo: Love: tweetle dee and tweetle dum

Leo you should lay down, Mel.

Mikey: Angel: Donnie and I have not discussed names yet - he has been very busy

Tara: I

Tara: I'm sure you two will choose when the time's perfect

Leo: Mikko: name the girl after me!

Espionata: Mel: I will be fine Leo >​>​

Mikey: Angel: yes - Very Happy

Leo ok. Just making sure.

Mikey: Angel: and no Mikko Wink

Leo: Mikko: awwwww. I don't blame you. I was named after a porn star

Tara: *giggles*

Mikey: Erica: *comes back out and gives Blaze to Angel -* he puked on me - he's clean but I need a shower - *hurries off*

Mikey: Blaze: *gummy grin*

Espionata: Mel: I know Leo and hey Blaze

Leo: Mikko: *runs to the kitchen and comes back out with the last slice of pizza*

Mikey: Angel: *giggles* dawww did you cover Mummy in puke? hehehe look Blaze theres Mel - and new girl Tara, Tara this is Blaze *tickles infant turtle*

Tara: *waves* hello there

Leo my child is a little...bity but he's getting better.

Espionata: Mel: A little bitey?

Mikey: Angel: dawww good boy *winks at Leo* he will - Blaze is Raph and Erica's son Tara aint he a big boy? I don't think mine and Don's will be this big until their a couple of months old Razz

Leo well when he gets hungry he's out for blood.

Tara: o.o

Espionata: Mel: Well you have twins

Tara: So...Blaze is Raph/Erica's son, your having twin's with Donnie....*writes more notes so she'll remember*
Leo and Mike is with a woman named Ally

Tara: gotcha

Mikey and we're having twins - a girl and boy too Razz

Tara: *writes that also*

Leo: Love: these poor women!

Mikey: Angel: yes this big boy is Raph son, and Leo - you should bring your son out and show him off to Tara Razz *snugs Blaze*

Mikey: Angel: *protectively keeping Blaze and her belly out of Love's reach*

Tara: So might I ask a stupid question?

Espionata: Mel: Well my boyfriend is in another dimension

Leo *runs off and comes back with Neo* this is Neo. half vampire, half mutant turtle, all awesome

Leo ask anything

Tara: Did you all get married or what? *is curious*

Leo oh, no no marrage. I did propose though

Mikey: Angel: Erica and Raph are engaged. Mikey has yet to even think of making an honest woman out of Ally *
glares at him* and Don and I are engaged too

Tara: well that's nice

Mikey: Angel: yes indeed Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Leo: Love: for shame, Mike

Tara: It's lovely and all, I personally don't know what being engaged is congrads....I think....right?

Leo: Mikko: yes!

Tara: >​.>​

Espionata: Mel: While I'm being courted

Tara: *claps*

Leo: Mikko: *laughs* courted? that sounds so...fancy

Tara: i think it does

Tara: and it's sweet

Mikey hey I will wed my lady Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: It is but I don't him see him much

Tara: when Mikey?

Leo: Mikko: I have no interest in marrage I just want to date

Tara: you have to be at some time in your life

Leo: Mikko: maybe. maybe one day I'll find the right person and be swept off my feet

Tara: ditto

Espionata: Mel: *Groans and grips stomach* Behave stomach

Leo *puts free arm around Mel* need more food? maybe some ice cream?

Espionata: Mel: Not food Leo

Leo oh? is it lady stuff?

Espionata: Mel: No

Espionata: Mel: Lost to much weight that effects that part of my body

Mikey: Angel: lady stuff hehehe cute Leo - *pats Tara's knee * nice meeting you - I'm take this hefty boy back to bed and stay there with his mother - she's probably as miserable as I am missing her mate Wink *heads to Spot with Blaze*

Leo *brings Mel to the couch and sits her down* rest

Tara: *smiles and waves* nice meeting you two as well

Mikey: Erica: *wrapped in towel and chases Angel and her son into Spot*

Mikey: lol

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo

Leo Tara. tell us a little about yourself.

Tara: um..

Leo: Mikko: she's bad ass!

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Leo*

Leo *wraps his arm around her*

Tara: Well, I am 18 year's old

Tara: at least this form allow's me to look that age anyway

Leo oh?

Espionata: Mel; Huh?

Tara: yes

Tara: it's kinda hard to explain....

Leo I over heard Mikko saying something about fire

Tara: I am a mutant

Tara: I can control fire and control objects that have fire in them

Leo well it's nice having another mutant around. how were you mutated?

Tara: In all honesty I don't really remember

Tara: I get flashback's here and there, but nothing really concrete

Leo *nods* Maybe we can help you remember if you want

Tara: *nods* I like that, thanks, I did aquire a newspaper clipping in the mail from the last place I lived...the person's face on it...clicked in my head....told me to come here

Espionata: Mel: Huh?

Tara: what?

Leo what was that person's name?

Espionata: Mel: Maybe Stockman?

Tara: I don't have the clip on me right now...but I think it started with a S....

Tara: WAIT!



Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles closer to Leo trying to ignore her stomach*

Leo oooh yes we know him.

Leo: Mikko: I know that guy! he kinda works with the foot

Espionata: Mel: Tried to experiement on me more than once

Leo *squeezes Mel* yeah he's bad news. but we could get info from him

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get up feeling her belly churn* DX

Leo what you need Mel?

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to race to the bathroom*

Leo O.O oh my. I hope she's ok

Espionata: Mel: *Barely makes and gets sick* DX

Espionata: Mel: *Whimpers* That sucked

Leo: I'm getting off here for the night. night all *hugs*))

Leo left the chat 7 seconds ago

Espionata: night

Tara: (night as well)

Espionata: night

Mikey: night night Very Happy

Mikey: I'ma sign off this one two - send you all I have in Logs soon Don ))

Mikey left the chat 6 seconds ago

Espionata: night

Donatello: Night

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Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.)   Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 12:38 pm

pt 02.

Espionata: Mel; *On the couch*

Espionata: Mel: *Watching a movie bored out of her mind*

Mikey *also bored out of his mind!*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Mikey

Mikey hey hey Smile whatsssss up?

Donatello: Dawwww

Espionata: Mel: Bored

Mikey .... we could think up some pranks for my brothers Razz

Espionata: Mel: We could?

Mikey I suppose - usually the best time to set up pranks would be when their not here Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Really?

Mikey thing we can make a fake creepy crawlier to stick in Raph's bad that would freak him the hell out - Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Are you sure you wanna make him mad?

Mikey hey dude pumps too much iron - this chasing me about is good essential cardio - and a way to exercise his agility and endurance - if it were not for me and Splinter he'd be muscle only Razz *goes to find the items needed for building a fake creepy crawlie* and it's also good for Donnie to chase me about too

Mikey so yes I want them mad - Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay but I can't run

Mikey thats fine just play innocent and point fingers at me when the time comes Razz

Espionata: Mel: I can do that ^^

Mikey good now help me build this creepy crawlie *puts all the artsy craftsy stuffs on the coffee table and drags it over*

Espionata: Mel: Okay Mikey *Starts to help make the creepy crawlie*

Mikey Very Happy *shows her and helps her bend a coat hanger into a square shape so they can stretch a rubber band about the middle* Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Why is Raphie afraid of bugs? Aren't you the type of turtle that ate bugs before being mutated? *Helps*

Mikey I am not sure - but Donnie says it's a true phobia... I try doing my bit to desensitize him to buggy and sort of buggy experiences - hoping it would help... no luck so far...

Espionata: Mel: Probably because your scaring him >​>​

Mikey hey! I'm trying to scare the bug fear out of him! Razz

Espionata: Mel: That doesn't work that way Mikey

Mikey it does

Mikey all those smart shrinky heads say the best way to conquer a phobia is to interact with it ....

Mikey maybe I should ask Donnie about it Razz

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you should Mikey Oo

Mikey yeah - will ask him about it - some time *attaching pegs to the rubber band that when twisted about would unwind makign the 'creepy crawlie sensation and sound once hidden under bed covered* Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: You're gonna get smashed >​>​

Mikey anything to ensure my brothers are fighting fit at all times Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: I guess

Mikey exactly - sides I know it looks rough but for us the tackle and punches are not really that bad -

Espionata: Mel: I know Mikey

Mikey hehe they protest but secretly I think they enjoy the excuse to chase and pummel me - Razz

Espionata: Mel: I know they do Razz

Mikey *nods*

Espionata: Mel: You like being chased?

Mikey *nods* it's great exercise for me Razz *cleans up their mess and sneaks the device into the spot - silently, so as not to distirb Erica and Blaze in the bed - comes back*

Mikey: Hank: *finally out of infirmary!* well prank me some time when I can run again - have to
rebuild muscle myself Razz *using crutches*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Daddy

Donatello: Smile

Mikey: Hank: *parks self on couch carefully* hello - Smile glad your back

Mikey I think Angel and Erica keeping each other company for the moment - their both sleeping in there - hehehe left Blaze where he is little dude was stretched out between too ladies - looked very comfy Razz

Espionata: Mel: Thanks still got an iv

Espionata: Mel: Figures Razz

Mikey: Hank: *grins* good yeah I had mine taken out a little bit ago dawwwww how is my grandson?

Espionata: Mel: Lucky you

Mikey hehehe indeed star fish style stretched out pllow under his head leg on Angel's preggo belly and other leg on mum, arms over their boobs little turtle is in sleep soft heaven Razz annnnnd he's great - grown a little bit

Espionata: Mel: So the Triceratrons almost killed you Daddy?

Mikey: Hank: yeah was down for a bit with infection in the goring, had to stay down until cleared up so it did not spread to the bone

Espionata: Mel: That sucks

Mikey: Hank: meh wasn't so bad, had some pretty nurses to flirt with and with my work of cours ethe best medical care and private room so all good - sucked I could not be in touch with you and

Erica though Sad worried so much

Espionata: Mel: I know I've lost weight and stuff but it's happened before

Mikey: Hank: as long as you are trying to regain it

Espionata: Mel: I am didn't want to lose it in the first place I was small before but now I'm smaller >​<

Mikey: Hank: exactly so eat Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: I will Mikey won't let me not eat Razz

Mikey exactly Very Happy *puts on a different movie*

Espionata: Mel: And I'm on bed rest

Mikey: and I think I might sign off this one - plot pranks for Don and Leo Razz hehehe Hanks is staying on the couch with Mel Razz

Mikey left the chat 10 seconds ago

Espionata: lol

Espionata: >​>​

Espionata: :p

Donatello: Okay, gonna head off here. Night.

Espionata: night

Donatello: Wink
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Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.)   Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 12:55 pm

pt 03.

Love you said Hank was here. LIES!

Espionata: Mel: He was and so was Mikey

Love well where is he now miss smarty pants?

Love *sees Hank on couch and curls up with him*

Espionata: Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Espionata: Mel: Where's Leo?

Love: Leo: *ninja appears behind Mel* looks like Love has a new play mate

Love: wait this is confusing let me switch)

Love changed name to Leo

Leo: ok)

Leo: he's in color! Love is not)

Espionata: Mel: Hi Leo

Leo helloooooo Mel! *ruffles her hair*

Espionata: Mel: Great to see you

Leo I know I am great! I'm also a bit tipsy. No worries, not high, just took some pain pills, been having the worse headaches

Leo: Love: *purrrs and nuzzles Hank*

Espionata: Mel: That sucks Leo and I still have an iv

Mikey: Hank: *snorrrrrring*

Mikey: LH: not for long, you will have to eat and drink alone to rebuild yourself *stretches waking to take care of the iv situation-8

Leo: Love: *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iicks his nose*

Espionata: Mel: Thanls LH

Leo the IV should at lest get flushed

Mikey: Erica: *snuggling Blaze - sees Love* what are you doing to my dad?

Leo: Love: um....seducing him?

Mikey: Erica: >​< not sure that's a good idea

Mikey: Hank: *snorrrrrrrreee... Mumbles... Nose twitching*

Leo: Love: why not?

Espionata: Mel: It should?

Mikey: Angel: well I know a reason why *yeah still wary of Love - stretchs watching her*

Leo yeah, because sometimes blood can can get in it and clot it up. I learned that from an ER show.

Mikey: LH: it is okay Leo, I am taking it out now. Smile *slips the iv out carefully*

Leo that's good, I'm sure she'll feel better with it out. I'll go make you something to eat, Mel.

Espionata: Mel; Okay Leo and thanks LH

Leo *heads to the kitchen to make hotdogs!*

Mikey: Hank: *wakes forgetting where he is, rolls and pins Love on her belly*

Mikey: Erica: *follows Leo, but not for food, fills kettle, doing things one handed Blaze asleep on her shoulder*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey?

Leo: Love: I like where this is going!

Mikey what?

Leo *warms up hot dogs, grates cheese and makes chili*

Espionata: Mel: Did you set up a know for Leo?

Mikey: Hank: where are we going? *gets to his feet

Mikey a what for Leo?

Espionata: Mel: A prank?

Espionata: Mel: Hi Daddy

Leo: Love: *also gets up and wraps her arms around Hank* we're going to find a bedroom and have some naughty fun.

Mikey: Hank: *gently extracts himself from Love * I am not exactly healed enough to screw around right now

Leo: Love: oh? I can take care of you. *grins*

Mikey: Hank: that's alright, I'll recover

Mikey: Hank: hey Mel

Espionata: Mel: Yeah it will just take awhile

Mikey: Erica: *finally! A coffee! sits at table*

Leo: Love: well when yer better remember that my body is waiting!

Leo ok food is ready!

Mikey: Angel: oh good I am starving! ... thanks Bluey

Espionata: Mel: *Enters the kitchen* Food?

Leo anytime! yes I made chili dogs

Espionata: Mel: Okay *Tries one* Spicy OO

Mikey: Erica: *smiles sipping coffee*

Leo uh..It shouldn't be

Leo there is nothing spicy in it

Mikey: Angel: *dont care! The dogs hit the carving spot -* mmmmmm! *nudges Erica* mmmm!

Mikey: Lol

Mikey: Hank: uh sure... *still used to being a widowed man, nods to Love and crutches into the

Leo: Love: *grabs a dog and eats it without a bun*

Leo Love you can't just grab a guy and be with him. you have to...uh...find one that actually likes you.

Espionata: Mel: It has chilli

Leo yeah chili. mild chili. I wouldn't make anything spicy, not with some of the ladies here with child

Mikey: Angel: thanks for that Leo Wink

Espionata: Mel: My sense of taste is off then Oo

Leo it could be from the meds in the IV

Leo no problem, Angel

Espionata: Mel: Maybe

Mikey: Erica: *eats just the meat from hers Blaze still asleep on her shoulder*

Leo: Neo: *also sleeping in the play pen in the living room*

Leo: Love: OM nom nom

Leo: Mikko: *who may or may not live in the lair now, comes in and grabs a dog*

Espionata: Mel: *Doesn't eat much of her food learned her lesson* Hey Mikko

Mikey *watching over his nephew*

Leo: Mikko: yo. So anything interesting going on. *sees Hank* why is the cop here?

Mikey: Angel: ... Man craving ice cream on top... 8goes looking for ice cream

Espionata: Mel: He's not a cop Mikko

Leo: Mikko: he looks like a cop

Mikey: Hank: Very Happy *kisses Blaze's head* he has grown

Espionata: Mel; Well he's not

Leo: Mikko: ok. is he single?

Espionata: Mel: He's a widower

Espionata: Mel: And he's my dad so don't try anything

Mikey: Hank: *kisses Erica's head* eat darling, make strong milk for my grandson Wink ... Uh hello... *only met Lwo a couple of times..* uhhh Leonardo right?

Leo: Mikko: ooookay. *sits down* we need some action. why don't I go rob a bank

Leo that's right. I am also known as the law.

Espionata: Mel: No Mikko

Espionata: Mel: Some law >​>​

Leo: Mikko: guys I was thinking, sense I pretty much live here now, I think I need a bedroom

Mikey: Hank: ... uh ... So your the eldest turtle brother right?

Leo that's right.

Espionata: Mel: You need a bedroom?

Leo: Mikko: yeah, I'm tired of sleeping on the couch

Mikey: Hank: the leader? know what that position is like

Espionata: Mel; You will need to ask Leo

Leo it's hard sometimes, but over all, I like being in charge

Leo: Mikko: he said yes

Espionata: Mel: No he didn't

Leo: Mikko: how do you know?

Mikey: Hank: my Ghosts... I have learned a leader is only as strong as his team... It is hard

Donatello: Smile

Leo this is true. and when you have a loose ring in the chain, things get messy

Mikey: Hank: yes... You have a loose ring?

Mikey: Angel: *ice cream chilli dogs!*

Espionata: Mel: Because he didn't say you could live here

Leo well....I wouldn't say that...I mean. Raph can sometimes be...impulsive

Mikey: Hank: I have half a squad that can be impulsive... Don't rein them in... Learn to utilize them in the best way...

Leo *nods* I'll remember that

Leo: Mikko: Leo can I live here?

Mikey: Erica: *gives Angel her left overs, finishes her coffee and head out of the kitchen
Leo no

Leo: Mikko: damn

Espionata: Mel: Told ya

Leo: Mikko: he just needs to be worn down

Espionata: Mel: Mikko don't

Leo: Mikko: but i really like it here. I guess I have to be dating one of them to get to live here.

Leo: Love: you can live with me!

Mikey: Erica: *pauses and looks at Leo* thanks for the dogs... *smiles and heads out with Blaze back to living room*

Espionata: Mel: I don't date any of them and I live here Oo

Leo welcome! *starts cleaning*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah thanks Leo

Leo: Mikko: yeah...maybe if I start bringing in money

Mikey: Erica: *hears Mikko and Mel* why do you want to live here?

Leo: Mikko: because I lost my job and have no money and I'm kinda just couch hopping right now

Espionata: Mel: How did you lose your job?

Mikey: Erica: ah... Well no trying to date Raph *makes watching you gesture*

Leo: Mikko: um...plotting against the boss

Leo: Mikko: raph scares me. no worries. I'm after Don

Espionata: Mel: Donnie has Angel

Leo: Mikko: for now.

Espionata: Mel: They're gonna get married

Mikey: Angel: oh don't you try anything, already had to defend my belly from Love... >​<

Leo: Mikko: for now

Espionata: Mel: For now?

Leo: Love: I just want someone to hold me at night and kiss me in the morning!

Donatello: Awwww

Espionata: Mel: Go with Love or Gabe?

Leo: Mikko: THE HELL YOU SAY! Gabe is MINE!*hisses*

Mikey: PAngel: and you thought killing me would do that? Mikko you better keep your mitts of Don if you value them

Espionata: Mel: Then you don't need Donnie

Leo: Love: maybe I'll go after LH

Leo: Mikko: he's never on this chat!

Mikey: Erica: *sighs and sneaks away to Spot*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* Leo Mikko is trying to be homewrecker

Leo: Eze: *follows Erica*

Leo yes she always is

Espionata: Mel: I miss Raidon

Leo well if Don would ever come out to the world of the living, maybe we can start trying to figure out how to get him here

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Mikey: Erica: *stops outside spot and stares at Eze* can I help you? *protectively holds Blaze*

Espionata: Mel: And what is Eze doing?

Leo: Eze: *hands tucked in his pockets, shrugs* I just wanted to say hi. and keep you company while you wait for Raph.

Leo how do people keep getting in here!?

Mikey: Angel: *also watches Eze - jealous defensiveness over her mate for the moment in the back
of her mind*

Leo I'm blaming Don for this

Donatello: Don: Why me? O.o

Espionata: Mel: Don't blame big brother

Leo because you are the one in charge of security

Mikey joined the chat

Leo: wb)

Espionata: wb

Mikey: Erica: *smiles at the man - does not know him* well hi... sure you can keep me company but not in our room Wink *leads him back to the living room*

Mikey: thank you

Espionata: Mel: Don't trust him Erica he's a Purple Dragon

Mikey: Angel: *smiles at Don - but knows he's been very busy so does not go over*

Leo: Eze: of course! *follows her to the living room and sits on the couch* Uh...I'm not trying anything to let you know. I'm no home wrecker. but, I thought maybe you could use someone outside the family to talk to

Leo: Mikko: the dragons ain't that bad

Leo Don. dragons are coming in here

Espionata: Mel: You say that Mikko

Leo: Mikko: i do say that.

Mikey: Erica: thanks... I.... you have a little girl right? *sits and shifts Blaze to her lap smiles as he gives a little snore*

Leo: Eze: yes, she's four and very smart.

Mikey: Erica: Smile nurture that - intelligence is good

Espionata: Mel: And you're not the most trustworthy person

Leo: Eze: yes, I wish I had the money to send her to a privet school that would keep her stimulated, rather then a public school that just tries to push the kids out as soon as possible

Leo: Mikko: moi? Well..this is true

Mikey: Blaze: *yawns - wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidely stretching himself over his mothers lap - eyes open... but no crying fo rthis boy when he wakes... just kickes and waves about his hands*

Leo: Eze: *smiles and waves at Blaze* Bella would love to see the little ones.

Espionata: Mel: All to true >​

Espionata: *>​>​

Mikey: Erica: they do yes, but it does not mean with the right encouragement and being taught to be persistent she can't take a public educationa nd turn it into more Wink she may do so - any time

Leo: Mikko: but I think I have proven that I can be useful

Mikey yeah I suppose so Very Happy may have to stick with the couch for now though we out of rooms to spare

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you rescued me when it came to the Krang

Leo: Eze: Mmm yes. This is true. I live a dangerous life though, It's not good or safe for her, I have been thinking about moving away from here

Donatello What?

Leo: Mikko: well the couch isn't so bad. and yes I did

Leo There is a foot member and a purple dragon in our lair. how did they find this place?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Mikey: Erica: you'll do your best for her - thats all she can ask for Smile *tickles Blaze's snout*

Leo: Mikko: I followed Mel here

Mikey: Blaze: *watching Eze - ooooooooing and ooooming - wriggling away*

Espionata: Mel: You followed me? You were here before Oo

Leo: eze: I hope so. After her mother passed away I was a mess. I hope that I can give her the best.

Leo: Mikko: yeah. followed

Espionata: Mel: How?

Leo: Mikko: I'm a ninja! it was easy

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Mikey: Hank: *joins them - sitting on Erica's other side* I know that feeling

Mikey: Erica: you will Smile

Leo: Eze: you must be Erica's father. Nice to meet you. Yer not a cop are you?

Espionata: Mel: *Plays with her portal hopper misses Raidon*

Mikey: Hank: yeah - Hank - and this mans grand daddy *tickles Blaze* and no not a cop - Very Happy

Leo anyway, never mind that, Don you think you can fix the portal thing to get Raidon back here?

Leo: Eze: *nods* I never found the turtles too...uh....atractive...​but these little ones are too adorable

Mikey: Hank: until here I was dead set against mutants as beings...

Leo: Eze: really? after everything they have done for the city?

Mikey: Erica: *smiles... missing her turtle* I always found them beautiful -

Mikey: Hank: yeah - I have had to change my attitude

Leo: Eze: beautiful huh? Well I guess that makes Raph a very lucky man. But I have to wonder. Is the sewers the best environment for the children?

Mikey: Erica: .... maybe - though I consider myself lucky he choose me - and now we have Blaze... and no it is not th best place

Mikey: Hank: *smiles*

Donatello ...How should I know? -_-

Donatello I suppose I could.

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* It's not fair I don't get to see Raidon *Tears go down her cheeks*

Mikey: Angel: I agree with all that Erica - hey Eze... *recalls him from her short stint as a PD*

Leo yes we have to try to get him here. *pulls Mel into a hug*

Donatello I'll do it, Mel. Or at least give it my best shot.

Leo: Eze: hey I know you! Angel, right?

Espionata: Mel: THanks big brother

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Leo back*

Mikey: Angel: thats me yeah

Leo yeah we'll get him here. then we'll never let him leave

Leo: Eze: you quit the PD?

Donatello What? You can't do that, Leo.

Mikey: Angel: yeah - got no tat to I walked

Espionata: Mel: Leo we can't do that to Raidon

Leo well...I know that. but...I'm trying to cheer Mel up

Mikey: so*

Leo: Eze: smart woman. I'm in way too deep to just quit

Mikey: lol well techinically you could put him on lock down lol

Mikey: Angel: Wink lucky for both of us, I don't take orders well

Leo: Eze: well No worries, I wont tell Hun where you been. looks like yer expecting too. Are all the
ladies here expecting a child? The turtles sure have been busy

Espionata: Mel; Oh okay

Mikey: Angel: twins - expecting twins Wink, and thanks for that

Leo maybe we can put some pass code on the portal so that only he and us can use it

Leo: Eze: wow well congrats!

Leo: Mikko: Eze tell Gabe to come here next time you come!

Mikey: Angel: thank you - Donnie is goign to be a great daddy to them Wink *rubs Blaze's head*

Espionata: Mel: Maybe

Mikey: Blaze: *kick kick kick -* ooooooooooooooooooooom!

Leo: Eze: I can believe that. I mean yeah. the guys have kicked my ass a few times and I did shot the blue one once. but I know they're just trying to protect people

Leo YOU are the one that shot me!? *glares*

Donatello *nods* I'll...get working on that now. *a turtle's work is never done* -_-

Espionata: Mel: Thanks big brother

Mikey: Erica: *shifts her feet onto the coffee table and shits her knees up a little so Blaze can and wriggle about*

Leo thanks, Don. if you need help with anything just call

Leo: shits her knees up?)

Leo: LOL)

Espionata: lol

Mikey: shifts*

Mikey: lol

Leo: Neo: *wakes and gets all fussy*

Mikey: though I appreciate the typo for ... shits and giggles Razz

Mikey: heehehehe

Leo sounds like I'm needed *goes to Neo and scoops him up*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Leo: Neo: *calms down and grabs Leo's mask tails and chews on them*

Mikey: Angel: *wishes she can help Don with that kind of thing but not so tech savvy*

Mikey: Blaze: *happy happy - is giggling and wriggling and kicking and waving his fists about*

Leo: Eze: can I hold him?

Donatello: lol Splinter's phone censors those words and yours seems to promote them. Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Think I can help with the portal hopper big brother?

Mikey: I know! naughty naughty little device I gots Razz

Espionata: lol

Mikey: Erica: *nods and shifts Blaze carefully to Eze* sure Very Happy he's a heavy little fellow Wink

Donatello Hmm? No, I don't think so, Mel.

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay

Leo: Eze: *takes Blaze and smiles at him* hey little fella.

Mikey: Blaze: *ooooooooooooms and wriggles - gummy smile*

Leo: Eze: has a firm but gentle hold on him* well you are an active fellow. *holds him close to his body*

Mikey: Erica: *watches them....*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey you bored?

Mikey *no is miserable* no why?

Espionata: Mel: You okay?

Mikey yeah fine Smile

Leo: Eze: *presses a kiss against Blaze's cheek* you are an intersting shad of green

Mikey: Erica: *exchanges a look with Mikey - knows what he is feeling*

Espionata: Mel: Okay *Looks at the ground*

Leo: Eze: notices all looks* is something going on?

Mikey: Erica: yeah.... a mix of me and Raph - *trying to change subject* no nothing really.... it's just quiet

Espionata: Mel: I miss Raidon

Leo: Eze: *doesn't believe her but lets it go* you two thinking of having another?

Leo yeah and I miss Vic. and it's got to be hard on Neo to hardly see his mother

Mikey: Erica: ... I'd like to have a girl *nods at Leo - knows how he and Mikey feel*

Leo: Eze: girls are hard to raise. and heard it only get harder the older they get. but it's so worth it

Espionata: Mel: I was one of those girls that was tough

Mikey: Hank: amen to that - and I adopted a second one - *points at Mel*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah but Erica was the easy one >​>​

Mikey: Erica: worth it.... yeah -

Donatello *works his magic and gets the portal working again*

Donatello We're good!

Mikey: Hank: honey - *smiles at Mel* yes she was... but in her own ways a handful too

Espionata: Mel: Thanks big brother *Hugs him*

Espionata: Mel: I think I was worse >​>​

Mikey *slinks away rather depressed* awesome Don Smile *gives bro thumbs up on the way past*

Mikey: Angel: knew you would Stretch!

Espionata: Mel: Mikey?

Donatello *grins and hugs first Mel back then smooches Angel* It wasn't even that difficult.

Mikey: Erica: leave him Mel.... he... I need a moment *sighs herself and squeezes her dads hand heading to Spot - does not want to upset her happy Blaze by being miserable around him*

Mikey *waves back at Mel and heads to his room*

Mikey: Angel: *snugs - he has been far too busy lately* of course not for you

Espionata: Mel; Okay

Leo: Eze: *looks at Hank* I take it some of the lovers have...not been around?

Leo *sits on the couch with Neo*

Mikey: Hank: I have been away myself so I don't know

Mikey: LH: yes....

Leo: Eze: *looks over to the very large gator* wow yer big

Mikey: LH: and.... there is worry they may not be back

Mikey: LH: Very Happy seventeen feet from snout to tail tip yes

Espionata: Mel: *Opens a portal and goes through to the GU world*

Leo: Eze: oh. oh man. I'm sure they be back. and that is pretty big.

Leo: Love: LH is my future lover.

Mikey: LH: maybe - yeah I am quiet big for a gator Very Happy

Mikey: LH: *eyes Love*

Leo: Love: what? *smiles*

Donatello *smiles at Angel* And how have you been. I'm sorry I haven't been around much.

Mikey: guDon: *frantic - a portal opened! a portal opened!!!!*

Leo: lol)

Espionata: Mel: *Comes through* Hey

Mikey: Angel: you have been busy - I get it *may not have always been happy about it - but gets it* I am fine

Mikey: guDon: -_- *makes a 'oh thank fuck' type of gesture and then motions for Mel to follow him*

Donatello: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Follows him* Sorry for scaring you can't exactly call you know

Donatello: Poor guDon.

Leo: Eze: well...I'm sure everything will work out. oh as for how I found this place. Mikko told me.

Leo of course she did -_-

Mikey: lol

Leo: Mikko: I knew he could be trusted

Mikey: guDon: *takes her to where guRaidon is - now he is in charge of training the new recruits*

Mikey *hides under his blankies*

Espionata: Mel: Raidon

Mikey: guRaidon: Mel?! *laughs and throws away the weapons he has - causing his cadets to all duck or run or have to defend themselves from flying weapons - as he runs over and glomps her*

Mikey: Erica: *finally compsed - returns to the couch*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Raidon missed you * Hasn't regained her weight yet that will take awhile*

Leo: Eze: *smiles at Erica* you ok?

Mikey: Erica: *eyes lashes are wet - but manages a wek smile* sure - I'll be fine

Leo: Eze: *holds Blaze with one arm and holds out his free arm to Erica*

Donatello *pulls Angel close*

Mikey: Erica: *sniffles, but not goign to start crying again* thanks - *hugs*

Mikey: Angel: *snugs -* missed you Stretch

Leo: Eze: *gives her one arm hug then lets him go, doesn't want to seem inappropriate*

Donatello I missed you, too. What have you been doing lately?

Mikey: Angel: nothing, just staying with Ee - trying to keep her distracted and happy, and fit Smile
what have you been working on? *smooch smooch*

Mikey: Blaze: *baby laugh - watching Eze*

Mikey: Erica: *almost cried again - god she's as mopey as Mikey!!!! - forces herself to smile*

Leo: Eze: *smiles at Blaze then tickles the baby*

Leo *hugs Erica while holding Neo*

Mikey: Erica: *hugs Leo - but briefly and rubs Neo's shell as she draws back-* I'm sorry I know you are missing your mate as much I should be stronger

Mikey: Blaze: *cackle hands a waving*

Leo no, not at all. It's perfectly ok to be upset.

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Raidon*

Leo: Eze: *pulls out some keys and rattles them in front of Blaze*

Mikey: Erica: .... yeah *nods - but she really is trying, anything not to upset her son*

Mikey: Blaze: *watchign the keys, blinks... hands reach for them*

Leo if you need some fresh air, you know we'll take care of Blaze

Leo: Eze: *shakes them a little more then puts them away, doesn't want him grabbing them and puting the keys in his mouth, keys are probably coverd with drugs.*

Mikey: Blaze: *oooommmmms and kicks more vigorously*

Mikey: Erica: ... yeah I should get some air... thank you *pats his shoulder and Neo's shell again - turns away and head out*

Leo: Eze: *has a hold of him so he doesn't fall, then bounces him on his knee*

Donatello I think the better question is what haven't I been working on. :/

Leo take all the tine you need

Mikey: Angel: Sad yeah you are still so busy - *rubs his shoulders - sees her friend go*

Espionata: Mel: I missed you Raidon

Leo: Eze: wow Mikko told me it was usually lively down here

Mikey: guRaidon: maaaaaaaaan you need to fatten up girl - but its so good to see you Very Happy *smooch smooch*

Mikey: LH: usually it is - all sorts of adventures and madness

Mikey: LH: though the quiet is good too sometimes

Leo: Eze: yes it is.

Leo: Love: *hugs LH*

Leo yes, but I hate seeing my family so sad like this

Espionata: Mel: Well that's what happens when aliens hold you captive >​>​

Mikey: guRaidon: .... like the pink blob things that we found here?

Mikey: LH: yes - it is distrubing to see them depressed

Leo *nods and rocks Neo* I too am upset about Vic not being around. So i know how they feel.

Espionata: Mel: Well the Krang tried to starve me but yes them and their enemies the Triceratrons had me captive too they fed me but I couldn't really stomach their food

Donatello *relaxes under her touch*

Mikey: guRaidon:.... mmmmm Sam's had us on trackign and destroying the brain blobs, aint seen a triceraton yet

Mikey: Angel: *massages - definitely missed then, glad to have this moment -*

Espionata: Mel: You might not see them but I just got off an iv because of the captures

Donatello Mmmm... *eyes close*

Mikey: Erica: *finally somehwere alone she can just cry*

Mikey: Angel: mmmm hmmmm Smile *focuses on the back of his shoulders, knows he carries a lot of tension*

Mikey: guRaidon: huh... well you hungry?

Espionata: Mel: No ate not that long ago

Mikey: guRaidon: oh, well come on I need a bite and you can tell me more about these aliens Very Happy *one arm hug, leads her away*

Leo: Eze: yeah, missing someone is no fun. When my wife passed away I wasn't the same for months. My brother had to watch my little girl.

Espionata: Mel: *Follows* Well the Krang have invaded my world and we need to get rid of them

Mikey: Hank:... *nods* when Trixie passed on... I threw myself into work, was six months before I saw Erica again - she and my mother in law had to grieve without me...

Leo: Eze: I'm sorry for your loss. My wife was shot down by a rival gang, sense then I swore I wouldn't get involved with anyone else and put them in that danger.

Mikey: Hank: like wise dude, sorry for your loss... *comisserates totally*

Leo you ever thought of maybe leaving the gang?

Leo: Eze: yes. but I'm second in charge. which means I try to even think of leaving and I'm not only putting me in danger, but everyone I know in danger including my kid

Mikey: Hank: if its like the ghosts.... you can't leave... can only get out by death

Leo: Eze: yep it's just like that

Mikey: Erica: *finally back*

Espionata: Mel: I know where their base

Mikey: Hank: *nods* I am in for life -

Mikey: guRaidon: *thinking over it all* ahhh sounds like a mess Very Happy well we got rid of most here - we can see Sam after maybe be on alert encase you guys need our support there*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I can't fight right now

Mikey: Blaze: *catches his fist in his mouth and sucks!!!*

Leo: Eze: I am too. unless I leave the state.

Leo: Eze: *looks at Blaze and chuckles then removes his fist from his mouth*

Leo I think there is always a way out. *looks at Erica* feeling any better?

Mikey: Erica: *shakes head* not really - still scared and worried -

Leo yeah I know. So am i actually

Mikey: Erica: I... I know... you feel it too - what if this is it?

Leo it's not. everyone will come back, we just have to be patent

Mikey: Erica: *nods* maybe... but if he does not - I think Blaze and I would be better off out at the farm

Leo i think all of us would actually. it would be better for the children to have fresh air

Mikey: Erica: - *looks away* yes... *thoroughly depressed*

Leo *wishes he could help more*

Mikey: Erica: *looks at Leo and likewise wishes she could offer more than empty comforts -*
suppose we'll just have to hope huh? *heads over towards Blaze and Eze

Espionata: Mel: Plus back home everyone is depressed with their mates not being there all the time

Leo yeah i think so

Leo: Eze: Hands Blaze back to Erica*

Mikey: guRaidon: lord I know that feeling went crazy here, had to assign myself to becoming a recruit trainer to keep my mind off it

Espionata: Mel; Yeah it's hard

Mikey: Erica: thanks - Smile *hugs her son - even if seeing those eyes causes an ache every time ...* I should... feed him for the night and put him to bed

Leo *nods* ok.

Mikey: Blaze: *happy squeals - a bit muffled around a breast but happy*

Leo: Mikko: I wish I could have kids...

Donatello *churrs softly*

Mikey: Angel: *tickles his spot - but focuses on relieving tensions - missed those churrs*

Espionata: Mel: But with babies you have to keep going if you don't then they won't thrive

Mikey: guRaidon: oh I know - we had an influx of the dark lords newest offsprings to adopt out and
rehome - Smile

Espionata: Mel: Oh I'm sure that's fun Oo

Mikey: guRaidon: yes, most of those females had been impregnanted by rape so some wanted nothign to do with the new borns, some did - so we've had to try finding them help and homes

Espionata: Mel: Good luck

Donatello *chuuuuuuuuuurrs*

Mikey: guRaidon: thanks Very Happy I think we are getting there - most have been adopted ... I was thinking of taking on one of the little ones myself - maybe

Mikey: Angel: *rests forehead against his* mmmmm making much progress love? with your projects?

Espionata: Mel: You are?

Mikey: guRaidon: maybe - I am of age, and I got my own place now so - yeah Very Happy - what do you

Espionata: Mel: You can do that Raidon

Mikey: guRaidon: Wink well if we are to be mates one day - the decision is also up to you Wink

Espionata: Mel: And it sounds great I know what it's like not to have a home babies don't and shouldn't have to know

Mikey: guRaidon: well we'll see *leads to Mess Hall to eat*

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raidon *Follows*

Espionata: Mel: I've thought of being a mom I just don't really remember mine

Mikey: guRaidon: so what else is happening on your end - it's been a busy time here, establishing new laws and government of some time

Donatello Yeah. *nuzzles*

Mikey: Angel: Smile glad to hear it - sorry I can't help more *purrrrrs lowly - definiftely missed this*

Espionata: Mel: Other than the invasion not a whole lot

Mikey: guRaidon: ah I see

Espionata: Mel: Yeah and the others are helping me recover

Donatello *smiles* I appreciate the distraction.

Mikey: Angel: *smooch smooch all over that bald head as her fingers work him* yeah - I should distract you more often Razz

Donatello *chuckles* I would probably welcome it...most of the time. Wink

Mikey: Angel: *sighs* admittedly I have been avoiding you because I know your very busy Sad sorry about that

Espionata: Mel: Although I wouldn't mind seeing the babies >​>​

Donatello *wraps his arms around her and gives her a big ol' smooch!*

Mikey: guRaidon: ohhh the babies here? you wanna see them Very Happy sure *finishes his soup*

Mikey: Angel: *squeaks - deepens smooochies*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah see my nephews and they've gotten big

Mikey: guRaidon: newphews... oh ... o! your Raph's son has been born?

Espionata: Mel: Yep along with Leo's and Blaze was born a bit early but he's huge

Mikey: guRaph: Very Happy we Raph babies usually are Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Yep but he's huge OO

Mikey: guRaidon: hey dad Very Happy and hehehe how big ?

Mikey: hehehe

Espionata: Mel: *Shows him a picture8

Mikey: guRaidon: dawwwww - big good boy - how is mummy? Wink

Espionata: Mel: Alright somehow she feeds him Razz

Mikey: guRaph: breastfeeding?

Espionata: Mel: Yep

Mikey: guRaidon: dawww

Espionata: Mel: Yeah she eats a lot

Mikey: guRaidon: suppose feeding takes a bit out of her Wink makes her hungry

Espionata: Mel: Most likey

Donatello *smiles* So what would you like to do on my break?

Mikey: guRaidon: Very Happy well good for them - they happy?

Mikey: Angel: hug the crap out of you - snog you some more and hopefully get to massage the rest of you Razz

Espionata: Mel: For the most part

Espionata: Mel: Now I wanna see those babies ^^

Mikey: guRaidon: alright - come on then Very Happy we had to build an entire new section of the infirmary to house the new birthings and adoptees

Mikey: guRAidon: *offers her an arm to lead her out*

Espionata: Mel: *Takes it and follows*

Espionata: Mel: I'm sure they're cute

Mikey: guRaidon: and so colorful... we have had every shade from pale blue to pink and yellows - Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Wow

Mikey: guRaidon: yep *waves to his mother and lead Mel to the room where the babies are all sleep - all the brightly colored little half turtles*

Espionata: Mel: They're so cute

Mikey: guRaidon: yeah - and there are many those big dark lords mated plenty of females

Espionata: Mel: I'm sure they have but it's not the babies fault *Gets closer*

Mikey: guRaidon: Very Happy indeed - but it was not the ladies either - *grins and picks up a little shell less girl* Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: I know and she's so cute ^^

Mikey: guRaidon: she's one of Violets daughters. *brings her closer so Mel can see the faint purplish color of her skin*

Espionata: Mel: She is and she's cute

Donatello *smiles even more* That sounds great. Only if I get to return the favor.

Mikey: Angel: Very Happy you will... beeeeeeeen misssssing you touch you sexy man Wink

Donatello *snogs*

Espionata: Mel: I wanna hold her

Mikey: guRaidon: *grins and shifts her into Mel's arms*

Mikey: Angel: *snoooooooggles hungrily* mmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm!

Espionata: Mel: *Holds the half turtle baby* She's so cute

Mikey: guRaidon: yes - her mother was barely fourteen - she never made it...

Donatello *pulls her onto his lap, continuing the snog-fest*

Espionata: Mel: Wow that's so sad *Holds the baby close*

Mikey: Angel: *soooo not sure if he or she is doing the dragging - bits of cloths like shoes get left bhind and his bandana is hung on the door knobe*

Mikey: lol

Mikey: guRaidon: yes - she had been adopted though - so a whole new life awaits her Very Happy

Donatello: lol

Donatello *starts removing her clothing*

Mikey: like a treasure trail

Espionata: Mel: That's good and we should adopt one I don't want any of them to live a life where they're not wanted

Mikey: Angel: *removing his tech gear - groping, massaging lightly when skin is bared to her*

Mikey: guRaidon: yeah exactly what I was thinking Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Being adopted was one of the best things that has happened to me so let's do it

Mikey: guRaidon:... Very Happy okay - but first... if we... do this... we should... make our relationship more... more permanent... *blushing up a storm*

Espionata: Mel: We should

Mikey: guRaidon: Very Happy great... um.... *feels about in his belt and pulls out a thin chain* cool so - um would you marry me? *so red in the cheeks by now*

Espionata: Mel: Of course I will Raidon

Mikey: guRaidon: *would shout but surrounded by babies - so refrains and sqqueeeeeeeeeees
instead* yes! alright Very Happy thats great! - okay Very Happy *victory dance*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles* And my dad gets another grandbaby

Donatello *does the same to her, churring* It's been too long.

Mikey: Angel: tooooo loooong lets never do it again *lats of his gear drops off, strokes down his sides over his thighs towards his tail*

Mikey: guRaidon: ;0 thats the best thing huh? Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: It is

Donatello *lets his hands wander over her, too* Agreed.

Mikey: Angel: misssssed you *strokes his tail* love you *snoooogggs*

Espionata: Mel: So which one should we adopt Raidon?

Donatello *snogs and moans against her lips*

Mikey: guRaidon: Very Happy well we should tell people first - and decide whether we live here - or in your world... then ummm choose Very Happy that will be hard but I think when it comes about we will be choosen

Mikey: Angel: *gaps.... loves his mooooans and groooans - churrrrs tries to encourage more with more stroking*

Donatello *churrs even more, groping her*

Espionata: Mel: Okay in my world Leo says we're gonna move to the farm gives everyone a place and for the babies to be outside

Mikey: guRaidon: okay we could try that Smile

Mikey: Angel: oooooo! *shivers, teases cloaca with thumbs*

Espionata: Mel: We can always visit here

Mikey: guRaidon: yes

Espionata: Mel: Besides babies that will be playmates for ours ^^

Mikey: guRaidon: Smile I like that - I really like htat Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Think I will be a good mom?

Mikey: guRaidon: ... well one way to find out - can only do our best Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: True

Espionata: Mel: I want to be a good mom

Mikey: guRaidon: we'll both be good as we can Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yeah besides we can ask your parents and my dad if we need help they've done it before

Donatello Ahhh... *churrs and drops down for her, kissing her deeply, gently palms a breast*

Mikey: guRaidon: Very Happy we can - *snugs her and the little purple one*

Mikey: Angel: *puuuurrrrrrrs hands slide over the Doctor teasing the head - nipple hardens ... moooans* ne eeeee eed you

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close with the baby*

Donatello Mmmm... so do I. *snogs and teases a nipple*

Mikey: Angel: *grins tugs his length firmly - teasing his tail with other hand*

Donatello Oooh... *churrs, snogging some more*
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Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.)   Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 1:05 pm

pt 04.

Espionata: Mel: *Even though she shouldn't be doing a whole lot is getting her room ready for Raidon*

Mikey: um their going out to the farm lol Razz so she may as well wait Very Happy

Espionata: Oh lol

Mikey: Razz

Donatello: Smile

Mikey: Erica: *already packed for the farm and cleaned Spot* righto folks I shall see ... some of you out there... *places Blaze in his car seat - old volkswagen bug is full*

Espionata: Mel: Erica?

Mikey: Erica: yes Mel?

Espionata: Mel: What's going on? *Is wearing her new chain*

Mikey: Erica: I.... I should head out to the farm - GranGran is going with me - Sad Dad says he'll be there for the extended leave whilst healing -

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Mikey: Erica: *looks sad* I'll see you out there - would like to wait for Red but... I have not heard from him - left texts and calls and a letter in the Spot - hope to see you out there soon... oh and congrats to you and Raidon Smile *waves, climbs into the volkswagen and leaves*

Mikey: sides some one has to clean the farm house and kill the spider infestation Razz

Espionata: Mel: Erica

Espionata: Mel: Mikey?

Mikey *looks up from comics* yeah?

Espionata: Mel: Is everyone going to the farm?

Mikey yeah - a exodus to the farm Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: How come?

Mikey need the space for the family - get them established out their and us the lair as a base of headquarters in the city Very Happy you going too

Espionata: Mel: Okay need to set up mine and Raidon's room there then we're engaged ^^

Mikey congrats Very Happy.... Sad wanted to ask Ally myself - may have to wait Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Ontop of that he and I are adopting one of the babies that the evil clones sired

Mikey cool - thats great Smile

Espionata: Mel: Yeah think I will be a good mom?

Mikey sure Very Happy - well I'm about to take the patrol buggies up to the farm house with my packed stuffs - ya coming?

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I'm coming

Mikey then pack whatever your taking and lets go the others will meet us out there.... well some of them

Espionata: Mel: Okay *Goes to pack some stuff and comes out with a couple of bags* Everything
will be fine Mikey it's not like they died

Mikey yeah - come on Smile *takes her stuff and pack it on the patrol buggies* lets go

Espionata: Mel: *Gets in the buggie* The farm will be better than the city

Mikey yep - Very Happy *sets off!*

Mikey: lol and there go two more

Mikey changed name to Angel

Espionata: Mel: Maybe the farm will help everyone

Angel: maybe - but they off Very Happy now Angel - whenever she can be bothered waking

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Smile

Angel *might wake, knows they have some packing to do - but lazy*

Donatello *snugs with Angel*

Angel *is snugged... snuggles - nips* mmmmmmm

Donatello *churrs* Hi.

Angel Very Happy hi sexy *peaks eye open*

Donatello Hello. Smile How are you?

Angel feel great - you? Very Happy *definitely much more relaxed than she has been for a bit*

Espionata: aww

Donatello Me, too. Oh, I needed last night. You were wonderful!

Angel Very Happy you were no slouch yourself oh sexy geek Very Happy - feel so good *rubs his plastron* so... you

heading out to the farm with the others?

Donatello Yeah. Were you coming with us?

Angel of course Smile *smoochies*

Donatello *smooches* Good. Great, even. We should probably get packed up.

Angel Very Happy yes we should *smooches*

Donatello *gets up and offers his hand to her*

Angel *grins and takes offered hand up - smooches his cheek*

Donatello *smiles, smooching her back* What would you like me to help you with?

Espionata: Angel and Donnie sitting in a tree ^^

Angel: kissing!

Angel: I mean

Angel: K I S S I N G!

Angel I have all i need in cloths - and I can rent my place out to generate some income whilst we
on the farm Wink so I am ready - what about you sexy? *grins*

Donatello: Razz

Donatello Just a few things from my lab.

Angel we taking one of the other vehicles?

Donatello It night not be a bad idea.

Donatello: might not*

Angel Very Happy awesome which one - I'll help you pack ; can probably just toss my cloths in with the lab stuff Very Happy

Donatello Alright. And I think we'll take the van.

Angel sounds great Very Happy - alright what do you need to pack in here? *gestures about the lab - stretches at the same time*

Espionata: lol

Donatello Oh, not much. Um... *looks around then gathers a few things*

Angel Very Happy so we all packing light - except Ee - I think she's going out there for good with Blaze Razz - *gathers her cloths and his tech pack stuffs*

Donatello Oh, really?

Angel yeah I think so *opens the lab door*

Donatello What about Raph?

Angel Very Happy thats what I said - she may want to stay out there for the good of Blaze but in all honesty she'd probably come - she'd follow him whereever he goes and wait where evere he leaves her Razz ... I get that *grins kisses Don's cheek* I really get that

Espionata: aww

Donatello Smile

Angel: Razz

Angel I'd wait for you Wink

Donatello Awwwww... *touched, smooches*

Angel *snogs* mmmm hmmmmmmmm

Donatello *churrs, nuzzling her*

Donatello I love you.

Angel and I love you Wink come stretch that trip wont make itself Razz

Donatello *finishes packing* I'm coming. Smile

Angel Very Happy *smoooches and grabs what she can carry* hehehe you got first drive or me? Very Happy

Donatello Oh, I will. *helps her because of her condition* You really shouldn't lift heavy things when you're this far along.

Angel yeah - I know, i tried to grab the lightest box Very Happy and okay but then I get shot gun - guess
Leo will drag the rest of the family out with us in the shell raiser huh?

Donatello *chuckles* Yeah. And yes, you can have shotgun. *smiles, grabbing a load of his own after helping her*

Angel thanks Very Happy *follows - excited to be going out ot the farm leads out to their ride and opens doors so he can put things in*

Donatello *loads up the van with his and Erica's things*

Donatello: Angel! lol

Donatello: Oops. Razz

Donatello: Let that small bit of concentration slip and look what happens. lol

Angel: lol!!!!

Angel: hey could stil be some of her things Razz

Angel: Very Happy hehehe

Donatello: Ooooh, Raph would kill him. Razz

Angel: yep Very Happy

Angel: lol

Angel: Angel would protect him - Razz

Angel: Raph wont risk hurting her to get to Don Razz

Donatello: Dawwww

Angel: Wink

Angel: hehhee

Donatello: Shall we close out of this one for the night? They're basically ready to head out. Wink

Angel: yep - she'll put on his music and claim she'll stay awake and probably fall asleep Razz

Angel: Razz

Angel: hehhee

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Sounds like me. Razz

Angel: lol

Angel: Very Happy

Angel: poor guy might have to do most the driving P

Donatello: He's fine with that. Smile

Angel: hehhee dawww good gentle man Very Happy

Angel: well that almost all out to the farm Very Happy

Angel: *player assigns Leo to drvie the rest out* Very Happy

Angel: there Very Happy and now off of this one Very Happy

Angel: *hugs* be back in for main game scene night

Angel left the chat 18 seconds ago

Donatello: ^^
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Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.)   Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.) Empty

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Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 04 (Tara visits - rp night creation at pt 04.)
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