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 Raph & Donnie Stuffz

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Raph & Donnie Stuffz Empty
PostSubject: Raph & Donnie Stuffz   Raph & Donnie Stuffz EmptySun Sep 14, 2014 12:40 am

Gotta love interactions between the Hot-Head and the Geek. ^^ Found these and thought I'd share. <3

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio1_500

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio2_r1_500

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio3_r1_500

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio4_r1_500

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio5_r1_500

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio6_r1_500

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio7_r1_500

Raph & Donnie Stuffz Tumblr_navn2bNtPG1qbknvio8_r1_500
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Raph & Donnie Stuffz
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