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 Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)

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Erica Martins

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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptySun Aug 07, 2016 11:39 am

pt 1.

Espionata: Mel: Raph web is sticky >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue Rapn: *doing heeby jeeby dance trying to get it off his fingers* ... but it was WET!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well yeah with spiders it comes out of their butts Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Some where a Mikey just fell over laughing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So did I.

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Hehe.. Raph is sooo not laughing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: O.O It came out of his.. WHAT??! *flails*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.O ... [blushing] ​ *should he tell him?? Naaaah*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well with Spiderman it comes of something he invented that he puts his wrist

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *sniggering so hard, pure Mikarrazzi gold!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Unlike 2k12Mikey this Mikey knows (unfortunately for his bros) how to use his tphone camera...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and sets out to capture the most candid shots and vids he can

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Don't make me melt that phone >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: >​< *hides phone*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah this power will either be cool or a curse [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: You better hope you gain control of those powers before you seriously hurt someone. *folds arms*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I will try but look at Rogue she can't control hers she can't touch anyone with her skin because she absorbs powers and people's lifeforce by accident

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe man if only Ee were about she'd find all this so fascinating [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: prob a good thing, endless geek out

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: O.O What?!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It's true and if she isn't careful her power can kill people mine can too

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: ...great. -_-

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Spidey's sperm killed MJ in the Reign series... [tongue] with great power cums.. well, you know [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey not my fault I have an X gene and can't choose the power I get

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ....I'm so glad this is NOT that series....

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That must have been a short-lived series. O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh, it was. 4 issues. it was pulled for being too dark and showing Spidey junk, lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Well, no wonder. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: *farts breaks out of storage and Skips about*

[Bookmark] Candy: two Mikey's... That's a scary thought

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Rogue: so yeah, ladies. Stay away from radioactive jizz [tongue] And Mikey gas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Raph's worst nightmare...besides maybe one with tons of bugs in it. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh great two Mikey's >​< *Hands light on fire in annoyance* Oh shit OO *Shakes hands to put fire out*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph said it would be hardto pick between the two.. so he's rather not [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy RoHMikey: hey - we're identical!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: he'd*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy TheMikeys: *break out the ukuleles and jam!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey >​< *Accidently sets a plant on fire in her anger*

[Bookmark] Candy TheMikey: ♫tired of the Foot our our six, wid their evil dirty tricks and so we based out that tower of disgrace!! Now their falling about, gagging, passing out and we gonna permanent maker all over dem faaaaaaaaaaaaace! *grin at each other* it will be great!!!!♪

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: Mikey... >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey stop singing!

[Bookmark] Candy TheMikeys: What?! That was... Awesom... Sold our souls to the gods of rock... Pronounc us worthy!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Growls hands on fire again*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: Why don't you go do that somewhere we don't have to hear it?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: Like your room - with the door shut.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: man your more of a kill joy than my Leo....

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Go before you lose those stupid instruments >​<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: Just go!

[Bookmark] Candy: RoH'Mikey: *sighs no one appreciates good music these days!* fiiiine - pssssh my Leo has yours beat *both head back to room*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Good lord two of them are annoying *Starts to calm down fire on hands going out*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: *doesn't really care, is trying to maintain peace around here*

[Bookmark] Candy TheMikeys: *play their awesome little instruments LOUDLY*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol the mental image of a Mikey with a ukulele gives me giggles

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: .... *sighs, looking at the closed door*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: his brothers are going to 'lose' him on purpose in a labyrinth one day

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leo can I set those stupid things on fire?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: both sets [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: No.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Aww why not?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: Because it won't solve anything. *will find another way*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol those ukuleles gonna ninja vanish

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Fine

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: >​ : )

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe of splintered

[Bookmark] Candy: or

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *still rolling around on the floor*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: Raph, get up. It's gone now.

[Bookmark] Candy: lol steal Leo's bandana to wipe the rest off

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *sloooowly cracks one eye open- reaches up and snatches Leo's bandana.. wipes away spider-crud* ...Thanks. *hands it back, all webby an' shit*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: [big grin] *happy sigh* I love it when I can bring family together. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: *makes a face* problem. *takes it over to be washed*

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: a true gift

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah sure >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy RoH'Mikey: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: *wonders why Raph didn't use his own!* -_-

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *where's the fun in that* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo: *....shut up!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Is this how brothers act?

[Bookmark] Candy TheMikeys: yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: eep... I should been gone an hour ago >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta jet. see you guys for a little while tonight *Hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ninight

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 137 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Going to g'arvo

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 137 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 137 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not much. Just got home from my trip not too long ago. [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wow. Really quiet in here.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Back

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi


[Bookmark] Mikko: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Kitteh said it was quiet so I fixed it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [kiss]

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I took LOTS of piccies today. [tongue] I'll have to sift through all of them and post the best ones.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: was it fun?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I had a lot of fun. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: [eyelashes]

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooooo

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They had soooooo many activities for the kids.

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh did you beat one up, Raphael style?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: No. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I gots Leo on a "which turtle are you?" game. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They had several games based on teamwork.

[Bookmark] Mikko: that must have been tricky for the kids

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Probably for some.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I took over 300 pics today - and not all with TMNT stuff. But most of them probably were. [tongue] I won't post ALL of them, though. Just maybe 10-15 maybe.

[Bookmark] Mikko: alllll of them!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Nuuuuuuuu!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You wouldn't want ALL of them.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh! They had some books made out of cloth that were pretty cool. Even a few pages of the original #1 issue of the comic. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O *steals it*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It was only about 8 pages, Mikko. lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But I took pics of all the books and all of the pages, so I'll post them. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: There was a family photo album that was pretty cool.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna goooooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: i wanna go, where the turtles are. I wanna see, wanna see them fighting!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ...okay. Maybe I'll post more than 15. Because there are some really neat things. But I can imagine some of it won't appeal to you. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mikko ever heard of Eiken?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eiken. the goddess of Ken!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No it's an ova full of fanservice and back breaking boobs lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ova? ova where?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Just check YouTube lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: k ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh I need to start the new day!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll probaly make two new thread, have Bax back at the lab with Aly, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn​nnnnnnnnnnnnnnd one with Leo and them

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: HIyas

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks Rogue*

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiii

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I was telling Mikko that I took over 300 pics today. lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: yay more Stockman >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Stockman: never can have enough of me!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue] I can. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I can

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Stockman: well Alysson loves me. right? *eyes the girl*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: she's drunk with power

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: and I'm just drunk!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: and my player is hopped up on Benadryl

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: and licking everyone! *licks everyone*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh snap apples! Leo has to get back to the tower with pizza!

[Bookmark] Mikko: fuck Raph, Leo has a DATE!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Vic: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: A date can wait >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: says you. I made a promise. I keep my promises

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ...what about the promise th at you'd always have our backs, eh? -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I got yer back. yer back just has to wait a few more hours. No worries I'm sending Mikko and Laz to check in on you and get a feel for the place

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leo a date isn't important right now

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: did I NOT just say I'm sending people to start the rescue process. chill tiny woman.

[Bookmark] Rogue: baha. RoH Mikey is gonna get Spidey pummeled [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: still can stay instead if going out

[Bookmark] Alysson: Sorry for the quietness~ Been watching youtube. :3 I'm really sleepy now, though, so I'm going to bed. Night night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: choose your friends more carefully, Pete

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: baaaad spidy

[Bookmark] Espionata: Night

[Bookmark] Espionata: I will register on Rise soon [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and you will worship the old gods!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: you must! all who join must pledge their soul to the old gods. a sacrifice must be made!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: Bad me? There's no such thing. Unless you're J. Jonah Jameson.. *cringes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *grabs Spidy* Daisy! I got you a new pet!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ..O.o My Spidey senses are tingling.. *POOFS!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: ...Awww.. there goes squishy #5000

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: the thread that Daisy and Mikko were on is gone....sooooooo do we continue at the cabin, or just assume all went well? and tiph is still by the pond. I hate starting new days with some and not with others. and sense Mikko and maybe Laz (he might opt not to go to stay with Lexi) will be heading to the lab they all need to be on the same day

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. what I w as thinking was, after arriving back at the cabin, mikko got Daisy settled in and they called it a night. Mikko can talk to her the next day and she can work things out with Laz so everyone is on the same timeline

[Bookmark] Mikko: sounds goooooood

[Bookmark] Rogue: maybe Tiph didn't see anything, but she's being followed.. but the kraang backed off. BUT, knows there are warm bodies in there they could take over when the time is right [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and tiph?

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: OH MY GAWD! please don't let me have to deal with a possessed Eze and Gabe.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. well sadly they wouldn't keep Gabe long after realizing he's broken [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: but that'd be unny. those to screaming KRAAANG at each other

[Bookmark] Espionata: Why is spaying a female cat so expensive? Because my female is in heat thank God the male's are neutered lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: while drooling profusely

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: HAHAHAHA

[Bookmark] Rogue: because it's an invasive surgery. but I agree, it's too costly

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *wakes up to something crawling out of Gabe's nose* Gabe? I think you might need a doctor.

[Bookmark] Rogue: my clinic charger $250.. that's just too much

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I'm a doctor!

[Bookmark] Mikko: for a cat? here it's 50 bucks.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I want to spay her because if she accidentally gets loose hello kittens

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: Naw.. it's just snot... gotta cold.. *sneezes the fucker out*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Try 300 here

[Bookmark] Mikko: wow

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Rogue: with males it's cheap because it's simple and not as risky. It seriously takes like 5 minutes to neuter

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Snip, snip... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Still around 250 to get a male done but he had stitches

[Bookmark] Espionata: Why no idea

[Bookmark] Mikko: I went to get a stray female fixed because I was adopting her...not by choice. long story. anyway, turns out she was already fixed!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Abandoned cat theb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So did you still have to pay anything?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I hope it was abandoned if not, I stole someones cat O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: My kittens came from a mom that was abandoned

[Bookmark] Mikko: I just had to pay 25 for the visit and shave

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: The people that found her kept her

[Bookmark] Mikko: she was a great hunter. never liked to be inside. stood outside and caught things, once she left a headless rabbit at my front door, that was nice to wake up to

[Bookmark] Espionata: Was comfortable around strangers even with her kittens

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Had a hunter she came from a shelter as a kitten

[Bookmark] Mikko: did you see the shelter dog who escaped her cage to go comfort some crying puppies. so sweet

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww, I did not. ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: the shelter workers put her back in her cage along with the puppies

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: When we got her had to get shot records for my first cat didn't have a carrier so she was loose in the car DX

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Cat only calmed down when I sat with her and petted her

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, such a sweet story! ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed!

[Bookmark] Mikko: they found a new species of moth! ^^ love moths!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ...*runs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I like them, too ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol poor Raph, no worries Raph. unless yer in the rain forest

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: better avoid Killermoth then >​

[Bookmark] Mikko: I will post when I'm not hopped up on sleeping drugs ^^ I have ideas! maybe....Vic will be in her room at the tower right?

[Bookmark] Mikko: MOTHRA!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel is getting mad lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: mel is always mad, she's like a tiny hulk

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic! will you be in your bedroom at the tower?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Vic will be in her room, yup ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaay then I know what Leo's post will be

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: is she going to be? should I come dressed in armor?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. she'll probably be hungry, yep. [tongue] Unless someone at the tower gave her some of phin's blood which I doubt.. he needs all his blood at the moment

[Bookmark] Mikko: well this will be fun lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Vic: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Mikko: good thing Leo is into the painful kinky shit

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I mean. A few teeth marks never killed anyone....maybe.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo has a vampire fetish lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah sure [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: he does!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Vic: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Hun has a thing for high elves, Bax likes cyborg girls, Bebe likes anoreix girls,

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Spike likes em dead

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: the Mikey's like to input here and say they like girls - and like some cheesy card they both believe the best curve a gal has is their smile [tongue] if anyone wanted to know

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww how romantic

[Bookmark] Candy: Indeed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok. what is cheese tv?

[Bookmark] Candy: uhhh tv with extra mozzarella

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's like the Cheese Phone. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Cheez TV was an Australian children's cartoon show,

[Bookmark] Candy: Ooooh that the cartoon show [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Which I saw today. ^^ Splinter was on the other end. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I asked because I'm watching a youtuber and he was bitching his mom dindn't let him watch cheez tv in the morning

[Bookmark] Candy: spoiled brat

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: splinter was eating a TV?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol the cheese phone ! Truly an emergency!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol No.

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: the phone was made from cheese? what a time to be alive!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gah! How do I decide what piccies to post?

[Bookmark] Mikko: by posting all of them

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL 400 of them? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Though not all of those are TMNT. Cool stuffs, though?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: though*

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty - how's bebop cummin along Mikko? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: finally got through almost all Rocky

[Bookmark] Mikko: slowly ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I seen!

[Bookmark] Mikko: i need to get to work

[Bookmark] Candy: was not sure about history -

[Bookmark] Mikko: I too am not sur

[Bookmark] Mikko: sure

[Bookmark] Espionata: I need sleep nighy

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] be easier if new movie was out [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: night night

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what I was thinking

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hug*

[Bookmark] Mikko: the history I was going with was that the two grew up together in a poor area, joined some gang that has since disbanded...and the rest is filled in with personal shit.

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes it may have to do until we can fill em out with whatever comes with the movie :ap

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta do the double thing tomorrow.. so gotta head off. have 30 minutes worth of bed cleaning off before I can sleep because it's littered with comics and kittens [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww okay night night then

[Bookmark] Rogue: will see you all tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Rogue*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and then there was three!

[Bookmark] Mikko: THREE!


[Bookmark] Mikko: *crashes*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko says she will protect the little ones of scary noise!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: didn't let me get the pillow first!

[Bookmark] Mikko: pillow not needed. I used Candy's tits

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Good, thos dones currently waiting for a scientist to come storming over to attack em again [tongue] warm Mamma Mikko to cuddle to they might forget it

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] those itty bitty titties not very good for resting on [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: AHHHHHHH!! Three more days! THREE MORE DAYS!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: was that a threat? should I contact the CIA?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Damn...more like 3 1/2 more days. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Nuuuuuuuuu, one of the most highly anticipated episodes will be airing! ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol contact em and tell em to bring the popcorn

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol ok!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I've seen two clips and that music video I showed you. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: cooooooooooool

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh! before I toss Mikko in BAx's lab. I wanted to talk about that scene, where Mikko, dressed in her foot uniform, comes to check things out. she will be probably interacting mostly with the japs. didn't know if Candy had any plans or anything

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

Candy: Um the Japanese for now are just waiting, checking on the turtles from time to time and being good boys for Bax, so he'll come back to Mel dealt with and things running smoothly

[Bookmark] Candy: So depending on where Mikko goes first she may find her way to them by being pointed that way by B and J or Crystal even [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh, I had an idea the other night.

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You know how Donnie writes these journals? Well, what about during some down-time, he uses the tablet to write his journal? Because he's not all that sleepy right now.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He will drift off eventually, but it would kill some time in between threads. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that would be cool ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol yep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Then I'll post it on the forum. ^^ But I'm probably not going to do it for a couple days. I have other things I need to do. Like work on RoH'Leo's profile. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee just gonna be quiet, don't know if she'll sleep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *inspects cages, gets close to cages, hopes Raph stays asleep*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol warn ya Ee will NOT let her in the food slot

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I don't think Mikko would even consider going in there. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol she's not going inside. just checking out the outside

[Bookmark] Candy: Good girl

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] Ee will be curious, maybe enough to stray from the den

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: she can squeeze past him, just carefully [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: if Ee comes out, Mikko would tell her who she is and what's going on

[Bookmark] Candy: probably a good thing

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nod nod*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And Don would be curious, too.

[Bookmark] Candy: lol interesting three way chat?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *yells at the japs in their language to leave the room*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: bitch needs to chat!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe they ain't there, they left with Mel

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don says don't get any ideas! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Two girls and one guy. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: bow chicka bow wow

[Bookmark] Candy: Pfffft lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: not knowing the turtles condition, I think at first Mikko will think about just opening the tanks and letting the turtles kick ass. but once she finds out how Raph is and all, she'll stick with Leo's plan that doesn't really exist yet.

[Bookmark] Candy: Pwell Ee wasn't thinking that but her player certainly rolled about the gutter giggling right then

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: -_- It's not like that.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yes Ee will definitly discourage that line of thinking,

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I shall carry everyone on my back! hop on!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol She'll be absolutely flattened!

[Bookmark] Candy: pas much as she knows Raph hates the imprisonment he needs at least a couple of days to be strong enough

[Bookmark] Kitteh: With Raph alone. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Mikey had that very mental image concerning Ally P

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Surprised Ee did not get squished in Cellular when she first got the spikes out of Raphs shell [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: but she knew what she was doing [wink] so all good

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I have to head off. see you all tonight. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night lol we may as well shoot off too [wink] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh was timed out 136 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 135 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 135 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: what if we're all dead...and when we 'die' we are living?

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: contemplating lifes puzzles

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and trying to come up with a Baxter post

[Bookmark] Espionata: A bride is trying to stop an episode of Say Yes to the Dress because the episode will air before her wedding day so the big reveal of her dress will be ruined even though she signed a contract

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: She says they had a verbal aggreement on it when that means nothing when you have a written contract anything verbal afterwards means nothing so it has to be changed in writing. So she's just a bridezilla

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wouldn't be happy either if it showed before my wedding

[Bookmark] Espionata: But you wouldn't go onto that show and try to force them go against their contract she dropped 20 grand on her dress and is seeking damages Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooow

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 135 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: whats up

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nothing

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws you excited about the episode this weekend though

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Haven't seen the show since they introduced Spike

[Bookmark] Espionata: Looking forward to My Little Pony though nostalgia [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah i'm excited for that to [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and season six of game of thrones even though i'm only on season three

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Face Off did a warcraft special. and they fucked em all up!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo has arrived at Vic's lets watch as the wild beast hunts her pray

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need a title for Bax's tread. Mikko will be joining the thread soon as well

[Bookmark] Mikko: she has to take care of Gabe first.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Lab Disater [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol that might actually work

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: My brain is mush tonight lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: kk

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm just tired

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I too have mush for brains

[Bookmark] Espionata: And it's freezing

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws its raining here

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
THE YOGA CHALLENGE: Part 2 with Cybernova!YouTube · 8:40 · 60K · 97%Part Two of the YOGA CHALLENGE ♥ If you haven't seen Part One yet, head over to Hannah's channel: Follow me on Twitter @kaleidow_ and Instagram @kaleidow! » Subscribe for more videos! » Become a Patron! Music: Follow Me! ----------------------------------------­------------- Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Twitch: Tumblr: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they are doing very hard yoga

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok the bax posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: freezing? *hands you some of our heat*

[Bookmark] Mikko: we got the fans and AC going here

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yahoo its about in the 40s right now here

[Bookmark] Mikko: roomies went to go see the superman/batman movie

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 135 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: huhu

[Bookmark] Mikko: hjhj

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: I started the Leo and bax thread!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yay ^^ I saw the Leo one

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was wondering, before I post for Mikko, should i make another thread for the cabin people. or use Bax's thread sense Mikko will be going there and there is where she'll find out all the things for Gabe's recovery

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: probably a separate thread would be best so the cabin/lab stuff don't all run together

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: k ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Mikko: and how are you feeling tonight, Rogue?

[Bookmark] Rogue: really tired. Just finished reading Civil War. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: how are ya'll?

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: tired as well *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and taking care of a sick grandfather. he's got the stuff I had a couple of days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm super tired too. been running around, did get a nap in though

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh no! I hope he gets well soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: I send him lots of hugs

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 135 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: have you gotten that bracelet for grandma yet, Rogue?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So, that means you're not sick anymore, Rogue?

[Bookmark] Mikko: how is the kitteh?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have not

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm good. Went through hundreds of piccies to see which ones I want to post. I've knocked it down to about half of them now. [tongue] I'll downsize even more yet.

[Bookmark] Rogue: and still unwell, but not nearly as bad as I was

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww, well it's coming from Canada so it could take a few more days

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: now I need a title for the cabin peeps

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've already used a twilight refrence and a RE ref.

[Bookmark] Mikko: for titles

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I found Mozar action figure today! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: HA! HAHAHAHA! cop tries to shoot and kill a dog, misses and shoots his boss instead. (the boss is fine. the dog is fine. the shooter is fired)

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
Sia - Cheap Thrills (Performance Edit)YouTube · 3:38 · 135M · 97%Get "Cheap Thrills" on Sia's album THIS IS ACTING on iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play: Target Edition includes 2 bonus tracks: Director: Sia & Daniel Askill Creative Director: Sia, Daniel Askill, & Ryan Heffington Production & Lighting Designer: Michael Keeling, Seibo, LLC. SUBSCRIBEto Sia: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Spotify: (C) 2016 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records. [Click to hide video thumbnail] even though this is different i like it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on facebook

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I looooooove Sia

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
i also like her new one very different but i like it: Meghan Trainor - NOYouTube · 3:43 · 311M · 89%Purchase "Thank You" at iTunes: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon: Google Play: © 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You deserve all the pain I give you Stockman

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwww no meghan

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *pats Mel's head* there there. you'll be fine little monkey *hands her a banana*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: this one I wouldn't play for any of my younger niece

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not a monkey!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they like all about the bass but even my parents wouldn't like this one

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: not yet.

[Bookmark] Rogue: going to see Batman Vs. That Other Guy tomorrow night.. so if I come on, it'll be late

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh brother and roomies are seeing that right now

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am broke. so I couldn't go

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw [frown]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: awesome... [smile] i'm seeing next week for birthday

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. but that's ok! tomorrow I'm heading to the redbox and getting some horror movies that just came out!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I still have mixed feelings about it but I'll wait til I see it I guess. I just think DC was too quick to pull off what Marvel has spent years (and backbone) building up to

[Bookmark] Rogue: yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: attempt to pull of I should say

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. and from what I hear, wonderwoman and sea man. are only in it for a second

[Bookmark] Mikko: aqua man

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol sea man

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: bah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh, have fun. [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: there's no Tony Stark or Spidey or Deadpool.. so you know [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: they should have kept out wonderwoman and aqua man. had those two have their own movies first

[Bookmark] Rogue: but there's the Bat. But not THE BAT that I love *snugs Christian Bale Batzy*

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are trying to throw the justuce league together too fast

[Bookmark] Rogue: exactly. It's too rushed

[Bookmark] Rogue: but, trying to stay somewhat open minded about it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: mmhmmm. but it's expected to do great!

[Bookmark] Rogue: bah [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: spiders of the sea

[Bookmark] Rogue: still no Starky [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spider man is a spider of the sea. crunchy legs and all

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, ewww

[Bookmark] Espionata: I like the Dark Knight triology but the voice of the Batman could've been better [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: brb gonna check laundry on facebook

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I won't be a monkey!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol that voice! I was like dude, let it out. cough it up

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: .... what's wrong with the Batman voice? .... not that I care... -.- *totally does*

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 1:06 am

pt 2.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Jake: *puts a frog down Bella's panties*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: O.O Frogs don't go there! *takes it out*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Jake: ...then were it go?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: can be friends with the gerbil! *puts it in the cage with Mr squishy*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 115 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mr Squishy: *eats the frog*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Jake: O.O

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb


[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: so the aliens are here for our frogs! *starts throwing frogs at the brains*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol LilClones probably try eating the Squishy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LilClones: *nope sniffing Jake - never seen a human boy their size... Almost their size*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I just want to put bunny ears on them

Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Jake: O.o ^^ FROGS!! *tries to hug alll the clones*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *sighs* those are turtles.

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: Ooooo man!! *snugs - lil gold tail wagging*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *cute puppy growl at the boy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *lil snarl at Crimson to behave -*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: *nods to Bella* yesth uuurtles... Likesth im *points at Raph*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Jake: ^^ *squeeeeeeezes gold and just laughs at Crimson, because he has nooo idea what that growl means*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: ^_^ *hugs Violet*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *grrrr - snaps at Cyan and Jake*

[Bookmark] Candy: Grmpy lil fellow [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: rrr! *tackles the Crimson and bites!*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *bros fighting, ignores - nuzzles Jake*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: *also ignores ... Hugs Bella* you... Hhoooooo man?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *nods* I'm Isabella! You are the cutest turtle I ever seen!

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: Oo Meee!? *points to self* tooooot? Was tooooot?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blushing and goofy like his original would [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: yes! You wanna be friends?

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: yeah! ... Was friennnnns?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: it mean that we hang out and play and we got each oters back! like dad and uncle Gabe!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off guys. have the double thing in the AM [frown] see you all tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 115 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: *glances over his shoulder* me tot shell

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night Rogue and Espionata

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *pats his shell and smiles* Like like it.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwws night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: otay... *pats her back too*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: you wanna see a hairless gerbil?

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *lets Crimson up from their tangle joins Bella and Violet.*

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *pouting cause boy vanished..l joins his brothers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: bella: *brings them to the cage*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *sulky - bigger than Gold pout - follows*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: ... Dat a Gibil?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: I think so.

[Bookmark] Candy: LilClones: ooooooooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *belly growls - thing looks chewy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol no eating strange creatures

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *edge of cage makes good chew post, chews

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: O.o you not chew the cage!

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *growls like little lion cub and circles the cage to get better look at the Gibil!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: don't growl at me! bad!

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: mmmm Gibil ... Pink? *thats the color name he's sure...*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: this one is. usually they are brown

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *growls at her, she may be older, but he almost her size* what Gibil do?

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *left deep bite marks in cage*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *has no fear of the tots and gives Cyan a look then smiles* it...uuh...nothing. they are just pets. you pet them. but i think this one is sick. no touch.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww naughty Crimson.

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol no big turtles to tell em no [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: bella gonna start smacking them on the nose.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Oooh don't lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *reaching hand in for the Gibil*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: pet.... No huns pet?

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *warning snarl to girl,*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *smacks Gld's hand* no no, can't touch! yes pet no hunt pet. just look at pet.

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol though their growls more like puppies noises

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: eeee! *draws back hand and nips at her with his sharp teeth*

[Bookmark] Mikko: bella: no bite! You don't bit a lady! It's rude!

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *growls at both of them, he boss! No fighting in ranks!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm gonna head out for the night. not sure about tomorrow depends on when the movie gets done

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you all

[Bookmark] Mikko: bella: umph! You boys need to be nice like Violet!

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: me nice? mmm cause me be good, Cyan, den Crimson, den me, den Gold.. Den you...*trying to explain order to human girl*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *is smart girl, and understands* Oh. Cyan leader of the pack? Well then he needs to do a better job.

[Bookmark] Candy: LilClones: *not sure what she means all blink at her*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *stands* I am oldest. That means I should lead!

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *growls*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh, them's fighting words! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: no more growling! Speak with words.

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: No! *thats a word

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *folds her arms* I will teach you manners. To be good boys. ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *tries to copy... But has not learned to cross arms yet...* me good!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: good boys don't growl at girls.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol cute

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: but me growl! You lisen to growl! Or me bite! *points at Crimsons shoulder where he left a bloody bite*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *found Dons staff, chews on this*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *glares and walks up to Cyan* you bite and I'll kick your butt!

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *joins him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *glares, and shoves girl down, much stronger then she or humans his size -* grrrr!

[Bookmark] Candy: He don't want to bite her lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *falls then gets up and jumps him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: an adult miight have to jump in soon

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *shoves her off and nips her warningly*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky finds it all amusing and is watching

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *pulls out her toy nerf gun and starts shooting him with foam bullets* I'll pop a cap in ya butt!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *growls and this time shoves her and the damned capper of butts -*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *bites it.. breaking the plastic*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol not her fingers that's a plus

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *goes crazy and screams as she starts hitting him* you are bad! bad bad bad!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I like her. she's going place, jail probably, but places.

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *pins her and bites her hands -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *bites back*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *bites harder!! Snarls catching her collar bone and shakes her*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHHHH! *digs her fingers in his eyes*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson&Violet&Gold: *watching getting restless... *

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: do we stop them?

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol no help they are

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: nah. I wanna see this ends.

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *nictating eyelids protect his eyes, shakes her more firmly. When she stops fighting he will stop...*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *will not stop fighting till she's dead! Dad always said, never give up until your last breath*

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: *Grabs the little Gold turtle*

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: hehehe snack size?

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *shakes her some more*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *looks over* he needs ketchup

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *passes out*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *takes that as he won and submission, nuzzles the bite letting go... Sees the Rhino with his brother and charges spitting in fury*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *joins Cyan - snarling*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: *joins his bros!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *grabs the boys and picks them up* look what you did! you killed her! you going to be in so much trouble!

[Bookmark] Candy: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Bella, Violet didn't have her back. he betrayed her!

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: she live... *sniffs piggy snout with his* me boss

[Bookmark] Candy: lol no he'd have Cyan's shell

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *laughs* boss uh? We

[Bookmark] Candy: though he knows it's a dominance thing - he gets it from Cyan and Crimson all the time

[Bookmark] Mikko: we're the boss now!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold gets it from all them lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *comes back and pouts at the turtles then runs off crying*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *has to think about that, Bebop bigger*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *snorts and just drops Cyan on the ground*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *yelps*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson&Violet&Gold: *bite at the bigger hands holding them, sharp lil teeth sinking into skin..*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *throws the others*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: *has a gold tot attached to his elbow like a pitbul* he's actually drawing blood

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *bleeding, rushes back in* NO THROWING MY FRIEND!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson&Violet&Cyan: *join her, no crying for them protect her, get back their brother! Charge the Rhino!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: *amused until they bit at his ankles, drops the gold one too* feisty little buggers...*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: awwww they so cute. like little ugly grimlines *kicks at them*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *knocks Bebop aside and scoops up all kids -* piggy go weeeeee weeeee weeeee [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: *has bloodied shins and ankles but... Fuck had worse before - this is all amusing* maybe should not feed or get them wet after midnight?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *nods*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'm off to bed. poor kids. lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 115 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Meh Mikey take care of em

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: well we probably should sign off too?

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww okay. *hugs both* Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 115 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 114 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 114 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi pudden pop

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: I get to go to the casinos next month [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Should be fun [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Never been before

[Bookmark] Mikko: do you drink?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Mikko: then it's not fun lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: You can have fun without drinking [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I personally don't like them. losing money is not a good pasa time

[Bookmark] Espionata: Even though I'm probably annoying the Irish in me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: you should never annoy the irish

[Bookmark] Espionata: Penny and nickel slots [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I neeeeeeed my pennies!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I know I am part Irish but I lean heavely on my Italian and Sicilian side lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: they drink too

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm french, Irish and German sooooo I'm all about the drink

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm full of spaghetti [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol ewwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not eww [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: not a big pasta fan

[Bookmark] Espionata: I am the sauce is homemade lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus it's simple

[Bookmark] Mikko: it needs shrimp!

[Bookmark] Espionata: All that it's in it is crushed tomatos, Italian tomato paste, and regular tomato paste cooked for two days. For meat it's beef that's fried along with sweet Italian sausage and meatballs

[Bookmark] Espionata: Simple Italians prefer simple food to the complicated stuff lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: two days? i can't wait two days to eat!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well my family makes a lot at one time so it can be freezed you can get around 18 meals out of it lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's a lot of meals

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well yeah it is lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Doesn't last as long as one would think though [tongue]


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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 1:17 am

pt 3.

Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *had thought he was in trouble - relieves.* sure thing sensei *skips off to kitchen... with ukulele*

[Bookmark] Mikko: the only other strange things I have ate where a sheep eye. and an egg, but not an egg, it was an unhatched chicken

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Again with the ukelele?

[Bookmark] Mikko: or duck...I can't remember

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have had BBQ duck before.

[Bookmark] Mikko: but this was still in it's shell. under developed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But...a fertilized egg? Nope!

[Bookmark] Candy: yep so he can sing from the kitchen whilst the cake bakes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I could not bring myself to do that.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Serenading Splinter? [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: would love to watch Mike cook, it's probably very entertaining

[Bookmark] Candy: nah the cake

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Serenading the cake?

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Will that help it bake faster? [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: it helps it grow big and strong

[Bookmark] Candy: and Blaze - he's trying to turn the little fellow into a mischief maker like himself

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: lol well big

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Raph can't be happy about that. lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and fluffy and soft

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: me Raph: -.- *makes 'I have my eyes on you' gesture to his lil bro*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: me Raph... me caveman

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *grabs Raph and dances with*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm surprised Raph's letting Blaze anywhere near Mikey.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *gives the nephew little pots and a wooden spoon -*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o ...oh, no. >​.< *covers earholes*

[Bookmark] Candy: he doesn't Blaze escapes - or is stolen

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He's bracing for a LOT of noise. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *continues dancing with Raph to the jams*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *drops spoon and grabs a little pot to bang against the other little pot!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *was right...unfortunately* >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: lol good thing Ee is not out of her box she'll tackle you Mikko

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Something tells me Raph's less than thrilled with the situation himself. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: O.o ....*pulls away* -.- Did you forget that I have a girlfriend, and you have a boyfriend?

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *ear muffs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: sowwy.. was catching up reading on MM ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: almost done!@ then I can post, woot

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have no idea where the random @came from

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yeah lilRed - and now *puts the cookies and cream cake mix in the oven* for some ukulele *plays!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I do. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm not hitting on him! I'm just dancing, as friends.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *drool -* BANG BANG BANG!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: awwww he's going to be the best little drummer!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ... jus' like you fucked me... as friends, right? While makin' me believe it was somethin' more.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: one day, Raph. one day. you and I are going to sit down and talk, and I will explain you some things

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.- Sure.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hugs raph* I didn't mean to hurt you. I still love ya.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: She's gonna tell you about the birds and the bees. Oh wait, she gave you a crash course....

[Bookmark] Candy: yep still not opening Ee's crate [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ....*awkward hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *flips Gabe off*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *lets go and playfully punches his arm*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nah, Gabe. he already had a good idea from the start [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: they really need to have that talk... like really. for serious

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: *thumbs up* Who's got the pot brownies?

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's so unfazed [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe after the rescue she'll go check up on everyone (asuming they are at april's or somethig) and she and Raph can speak

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I do! *hands out brownies*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ooooooooooooh cake! the sweet gooey softness I looooooooooove to baaaaaaaaaaaaaake! *ukulele!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: now remember. ear one, wait an hour to see how you feel. if you shove ten in your face, you're going to see satan and he will trying to rip out your heart through your knee caps

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *stares up at Mikey - now has the spoon in one hand and little pot in the other -* BANGITBANGBNGYBANG CLANG! - *sings too - but can form words* Aaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I wont be on tomorrow night. reminder

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *cant hear*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: okay [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: .....*grabs her wash board and plays along to the music*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: well that kitchen is horrendously noise now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep. So loud it can wake the dead. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *trying to block it all out!* >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love hopes so!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: *shoves three in his face, because that soundslike an awesome trip*

[Bookmark] Candy: AllGhosts: *evacuate the area*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *is shut up in his lab with the door locked*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *so enthusiastic - but lets go of pot - nails his uncle Mikey in the snout*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: OO - *topples off the counter where he had been*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Ouch

[Bookmark] Candy: and most of the noise is gone [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: why was he ON the counter?

[Bookmark] Candy: to play his ukulele - regrets it now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: A new noise now with Mikey's whining?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *drops spoon, makes grab for cockroach going by - misses... bangs it with pot - and is confused when it vanishes* mmmm ooo eee *smushed roach stuck to pot*

[Bookmark] Candy: nope [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: if it were a brother he'd whine - but it's his nephew

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: awwww what a cute little killer!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha.. the MM group only wishes they lost Rocky the magical nicorn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *from floor* tell me about it *rubs snout*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! damn it

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Rockicorn!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool, yesh!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *still don't know where roach went - crawls away banging the pot down as he moves along*

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: leaving a trail of mushed roach along the way

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol ew

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwww lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hey at least know where he has gone [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: MH: *follows, making as much noise as possible with his feet, because that's what the little one is doing*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol True~

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! well the bot helps [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o Oh, not again. >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: best babysitter ever [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sees MetalHead and sits up, yay! bangs pot some more!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mikey should slip whoopie cushions on MH's feet. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol one that reinflates by itself!

[Bookmark] Rogue: MH: *blops down on backside and beeeeeeeats hands against feet to match the noise* ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: >​.
[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *winces* Yes, Raph?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *walks into the lair then turns on his heels and walks out*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *tempted but if he puts a hand under the bot it mighrt stand on it!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Leo wants no part of it.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *trys the same - lucky for him aim is off and just bangs pot between feet*

[Bookmark] Mikko: nope

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: OOOOOOOOOOOOOO - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe *yay noise to copy!*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Can't you....flip Metalhead's switch or somethin'?

[Bookmark] Rogue: workin on posties, so replies here will be sloooow

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Believe me, Raph - I wish I could. -_-

[Bookmark] Master Splinter bad Leonardo!!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter theres cake!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: cake will make me fat!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: will not - *is getting cake from over, it is big and fluffy and roooooooooound*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Metalhead is too advanced now. The only way to turn him off is to...destroy him. :/

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *looks up at Uncle Donnie and waves the dented, roach covered pot up at him*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Really, Leo? You train harder than all of us. Do you really think one piece will make you fat?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'LL DO IT! *takes bat and aims for the robot*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: it might. who knows what Mike put in it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: NO! >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *takes his staff and trips Mikko*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *cant here, but sniffs way to kitchen*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you can't trip me! I'm ninja! unlike some ninjas i don't get caught.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hey where'd the drums go? and it's a cookie and cream cake bro - ... [big grin] *cuts a slice of fluffy hot cake for the Sensei... maybe two whilst Don not looking and adds cream (normal cream!!) swirls*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Is that so?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yesssss

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sets off again at a crawl pot clanking away once more*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Do NOT touch Metalhead, got that?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ........................​..............*reaches out and touches robot with one finger*

[Bookmark] Candy: a babe on a mission - not sure where he going..

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Maybe to see Grandpa?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol could be

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol grandpa hassing caje!!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: ...cake*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^____^

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sees Love's tail... tries to pot bang it*

Mikko: Love: *loud cat scream and jumps in the air*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *eating delicious cake!! uses his tail to scoop Blaze to him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I was safer locked in the tower! locked in a tower. like a disney princess!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *dropped his pot - still giggling though*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sees cake - and eagerly grabs for the plate*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *leaps on Don's shoulders*alright mighty steed! let us go into battle! *points Leo's stolen sword* ON WARD!!!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o Excuse me?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: CHARGE!!!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: -_-

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: come on guys come have some cake! *gives Splinter a cooled slice to give Blaze*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: this mount is broke. he have to shoot him.

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *moves over to the couch and dumps her on it*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *grabs Cake, and also has no idea how she teleported to the lair.*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *falls on couch* oooh already tossing me on the couch? kinky!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: ...would you rather I dropped you on the floor? -_-

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *dips Blazes peice in cream and lets the babe have it, snugs!! *

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: babeh, you can drop me anywhere. I would rather your bed though *winks*

[Bookmark] Candy mikey: trick question Don don't answer...

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: seeee!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *om nom nom nom nom!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o What?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: what?

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Look, lady. I'm not interested in you that way.

[Bookmark] Rogue: whew! finished donnie post for LOST.. just gotta post. He's trying to get April to stop doing so much [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nor am I interested in you. I just like seeing you all flustered

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph and Mei: *both growwwwwwwwwwwwl at Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey says good luck with that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: .... *won't tell her it's working*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: what!?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *cake face... looks at Mikko and... groooowls too - or his own version of one*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol dawwww!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *that is more of a raspberry*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man, I didn't know so much happen in that game I have to read up

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: thinks that was adorable and smooches Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *oh no is she trying to clean his face?! - does the baby wriggle dance of 'no clean my face!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ok. *takes tiny piece of cake and mushes it on his nose*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *unfazed, pro at holding wriggle bundle,*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: Oo *snorts and... then sneeze, sneeze, sneezes - splattering cake and drool and snot on Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *wrinkles her face and wipes it off* ewwwwww *tickle attack*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: thats nothing should see some of the diapers he gives Raph - *sniggers* made big bro greener than he normally is

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: now for rocky uni! just gotta track down pigboy's last post [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals and giggles, and wriggles and worms*

[Bookmark] Mikko: see if you can find the snake

[Bookmark] Rogue: right now I'm trying to find a pig. [tongue] but okay!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter strong lil guy, *finished his cake*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's up that man's pantsleg, and his daughter pissed on his leg

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnnd... I'm not entirely sure that's an actual snake.... it looks rather odd... still, that little girl pissed on her daddy. ^^ but all anyone else is concerned about it the snake

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: by the womans hand

[Bookmark] Mikko: the story was this pic was taken seconds before she was bit on the hand

[Bookmark] Mikko: that dog and man did nothing to help

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I see what they're talking about

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Rogue: because he has piss on his leg

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Rogue: and the dog just don't give a fuck [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: human problems he says

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: woman! I don't care you're poisoned. YOUR kid pissed on me!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Oh I would kill a bitch! i'm not showing that pic, that was just sad.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: coward

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: indeed lol coward [wink] and in that case thanks for not sharing

[Bookmark] Mikko: I read a story about these two pits in a fighting ring. can't remember details but a third dog came running in, and broke the fight up

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *puts the Blaze.*

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: look! it isnt only america that has stupid people!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish I knew the story behind this one. a woman, walking down the street at night in a wedding dress. kinda freaky

[Bookmark] Candy: hopefully it's an interesting story

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *spies lab door - and goes a crawlin!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: found the story!

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooooooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: she's not a bride. she's a young teen that escaped from a mental hosiptal to go look for her husband that doesn't exist. cops came and brought her back to the hospital

[Bookmark] Candy: aaaaaaaaawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: well... interesting sotry

[Bookmark] Candy: story [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: urm... I thought Bebe posted last??

[Bookmark] Rogue: am I losing my brain?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I no see it *looks again*

[Bookmark] Mikko: um....he posted that he was going after Rock

[Bookmark] Rogue: ah! so he has not found him yet?

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's under Mikko

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko posted for be

[Bookmark] Mikko: no not yet

[Bookmark] Rogue: okay, that's why I couldn't find it. I knew I could have swore I read a BB post

[Bookmark] Rogue: kay. Rock is tracking his widdle girl [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: *working on post*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: nawww

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol i have to go gals - » goodnight all *hugs* » Splinter loved his cake and says go cause trouble Blaze

[Bookmark] Master Splinter left the chat 109 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: belated hugs

[Bookmark] Candy: lol night night

[Bookmark] Rogue: and posted for the unicorn. he stopped short of the camp so bebe has time to catch up. but don't try to stop him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooooj

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooooh*

[Bookmark] Candy: he is on his way to where he knows Uncle Donnie comes and goes from - the lab [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooooooo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Splinter*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: *kicks Rock* stop being such a creeper!

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMRock: -.- *horns him like horn dawg!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnnd he posted in the wrong thread. see his eyesight not so good. [tongue] but fixed

[Bookmark] Candy: needs uber

[Bookmark] Candy: needs uber

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: me too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze dont - he on a mission to find Uncle D

[Bookmark] Rogue: gosh dangit.. my attempts to stay away from sweets is failing......

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmmmmmm sweets wont be denied

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^ I'm reminding myself that if I don't has it... I'm gonna get cranky...

[Bookmark] Rogue: I got chocolate chp cakes and they're staring at me

[Bookmark] Candy: ... know that feeling

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wouldn't want to eat anything staring at me, expecially a cookie

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I live dangerously

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: so brave

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Is Rocky really close that someone could sense him?

[Bookmark] Candy: those cute little choc chip eyes...

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep. He's just standing there overhead, mane flapping in the wind. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: someone needs to tell him he has no mane

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: fabulous!

[Bookmark] Candy: good luck getting the little ones to move

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have to head out now. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: too tired [tongue] - Elena will be excited enough to find some energy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: now t o read up in FtL. gonna post for the D there then I'll need to be shoving off for the night. have the work thing today

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw, night *hugs* have fun with balls

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall!

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko says Don needs to join her in the tent with the kids

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 109 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnis says he's trying to have a moment with his future wife [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Donnie*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey better put himself and Blaze back in the crates [tongue] no running about loose -

[Bookmark] Rogue: well damn. was just gonna eat one section of that cake.. I ate both -.- but it was soooooo gooooood

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, daw

[Bookmark] Candy: thats normal

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. they really should't package them together like that. maybe I won't be too hyped up to sleep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: though I'm already pretty hyped up

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *scoops up the crawling ball of destruction and waves* night Mikey's brothers - night night *making him wave*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and trying to get him to say Mikey first

[Bookmark] Candy: thats not uncle - thats Mikey's brothers

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: thats not dad, Mikey's brother

[Bookmark] Candy: not mum Mikey's friend

[Bookmark] Candy: not Grandpa, Mikey's Dad ...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: just smack him

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know where you got that from. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: oh hell yeah [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *puts the Blaze in with 'Mikey's friend' and climbs into his own crate*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ........ -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: and there packed away my naughty characters, I'm a good girl [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Raph probably wants 'Mikey's friend' to head into his bedroom. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ..and really get naughty.

[Bookmark] Rogue: fingers crossed if things don't go batshit crazy again, I'll be able to chat RP sundy night if you guys are game.. because I have no desire to spend my free night watching Fear the Walking Dead [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yes. Yes. And YES!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: sunday* boy, I'm butchering words left and right.. but determined to get caught up reading before I go

[Bookmark] Candy: lol might be a nice change for her she's been stuck in the crate for a long time cause I been busy and away

[Bookmark] Candy: I'm always game to play just poke me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Donnie misses his girl. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: damn was gonna do more of that head space... bah later

[Bookmark] Candy: which girl? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted for Leo in LOST.

[Bookmark] Candy: yay!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: In chat game - Angel, of course. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: okay I should go, gotta get to work and ipod will be a prat with chatzy as always, sorry boys but the crates are locked up for now - maybe next time [tongue] *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: No girls for yous

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww see ya *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, night *hugs*
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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 1:57 am

pt 4.

Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: and 'maggie' for maggot [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: but that's just gross

[Bookmark] Espionata: Eww

[Bookmark] Rogue: and then I would never be able to look at TWD maggie without thinking of maggots so.... nah

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Will she be releasable?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I got the wound cleand and I seriously could feel them crawling on me >​.< just my nerves but omg

[Bookmark] Rogue: sadly, no. [frown] she has nerve damage

[Bookmark] Rogue: someone's cat got her pretty good

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww poor thing

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor thing. I'll adopt her!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, okay! ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Must be young because Opossums can be vicious OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: and name her apple jacks!

[Bookmark] Mikko: she's itty bitty

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, she's tiny

[Bookmark] Rogue: she fits in the palm of my hand

[Bookmark] Mikko: The Smell of a Boy’s Anus” Scented Oil on Sale Now in Japan

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah she's a baby

[Bookmark] Espionata: Eww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Name her Angel

[Bookmark] Mikko: https://sociorocketnewsen.files.wordpres...

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o wtf. I don't want that scent, lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: name her Kat

[Bookmark] Rogue: urm.. do boy and girl assholes smell different?? O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol no idea

[Bookmark] Rogue: was thinking about naming her Michonne... because she's a lil badass

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww that's cute

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: she looks really sad right now. we had to shave the wounds

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: After she spent all that time growing that fur

[Bookmark] Mikko: I thought this was bad photoshop. but it's the poor fox's face!

[Bookmark] Rogue: the friggin doc wanted to euthanize the moment she came it. -.- I told him hell no. He told me she wouldn't be releaseable and no one would want her as a 'pet'... and I was like.. you don't know me very well

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, poor fox

[Bookmark] Mikko: who wouldn't want a possum as a pet! they are adorable!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I know someone on livejournal who keeps Possums that aren't releasable but any wild animal that can be rehabbed and released she releases

[Bookmark] Espionata: But this is what she's trained in

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm trained in caring. and tht's att the traingin I ndddn

[Bookmark] Espionata: Just recently she had to find a home for a domestic duck lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: wow my sentence made no sense

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. if something is releasable, it should be. But I have no problem taking care of 'the lifers'. their lives are no less important to me

[Bookmark] Mikko: so romantic!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 106 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 106 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 106 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi! and ty ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: not a lot

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *runs around the chat humming the mission impossible theme*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: nothing

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: the frogs sounf relly angry tonight

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: unless its not frogs, and some horrbile pool monster

[Bookmark] Rogue: ribbit

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol more like RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I dunno if I'll be on tomorrow night. going to the fair with a friend

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh fun!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and for some reason I can't chat with you guys on the fb messenger on my phone o.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: it will let me if I'm sending a picture, but otherwise I can't only read

[Bookmark] Mikko: evil!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I guess that means we all have to go to the fair with you

[Bookmark] Rogue: I could before I got re added

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Bummer. [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Fairs are fun like the fun houses lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Want me to try something?

[Bookmark] Rogue: sure

[Bookmark] Espionata: Except when the thing that spins around makes me fall on my ass because fuck you balance lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Can you leave and I'll try again?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like the ting that spins

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Rogue: gotta take sleepy meds. [frown] brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: sleepy sleepy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe stink bomb in FtL [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold style [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: is it still that same night in that game?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko says sleeping is boring

[Bookmark] Candy: well the lil forte just got gased

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh my

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Fire in the hole! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hey is a Mikey clone

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha yeeeeeeeeeeep

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey is impressed such a little turtle can make such a loud noise

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mike would love this south Korea language book

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Gross >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lmao - be blown into the neighbours house - yeah thats Mikey style

[Bookmark] Candy: Incoming!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *grabs killer Frost and DANCES* mmmmm guuurl, you so fine... why you DC? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: -.- He's lost again.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Killer frost says there needs to be more women on the forum so DP will go away

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: At least he's not the Joker Red

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, DP agrees

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I doubt he'd go away [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: he likes dem boys, too

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *will pretend once more to be a part of the wall paper - yep camo*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin] ...but my lil Webs isn't around so much anymore.....

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey:....*has reasons* [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: For once I'm glad to be a kid >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: if he was the Joker, Mikko would have already made herself at home over there

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: ooooo dancing that needs ukulele! *goes looking for his little guitar*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh brother >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *throws himself into O'Donnie's arms* I just love a guy in glasses... *since fucking Pete ditched him after that ONE NIGHT!!*

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: Agreed! *goes looking for his!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o Excuse me?

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Remember the tree, Remember the trunk, Remember the night we all got drunk!! *smoooooooches Donnie through his mask*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: -_- *drops him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *escaped the crate and on the loose - crawling - leaving drool trail*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Guy is off his rocker >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rude ODon - rude [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hi Blaze

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *no notice almost got squished by a dropped DP - makes noise at Mel - keeps crawling*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And he's on the move >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *takes off her hot uniform bt now is naked and cold. * someone warm me up!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: -.- Did you just fucking dump me? sss

[Bookmark] Candy: lol of course - hasn't stopped since learning the crawl

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww Don you hurt his feelings!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *quickly rebounds seeing a nudey~! TACKLES!* I am stuck on band-aid brand cuz band aids stuck on yoooooooou...

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: O.o *shoots asshole that's mackin' on his girl*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^ *shots fired* O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nooooo Gabe! he'll live! you wont! don't shoot!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ....mmmm... gunshots make me horny..

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Then don't kiss me again. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *crawls faster!!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I mean, you wont the moment. wait till I pay Bax, then you and DP can shoot it out all day

[Bookmark] Candy: lol scary noise - go faster

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica Blaze is on the loose >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohErica: Oo... whats that?...

[Bookmark] Mikko
Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian off the stageYouTube · · 4M · 97% [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohErica: OO is there a fire *looks about*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: A kid that you had well a version of you had with Raph

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ooooh... whose that? *okay not a fire - looks around for a kid*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: A mutant turtle and him *Points to baby turtle crawling*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *sees baby and kicks! like a football*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Attacks Spike viciously setting him on fire* Rah!

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL rah?

[Bookmark] Mikko: rah?

[Bookmark] Mikko: is that your battle cry?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Roar whatever [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: fire does not effect the demon*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Stabs him as well*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *stabbystabstabs Spike in the facehole!* No kicking babies!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *thankfully has a shell, still kick scooted him a little - sits on tail and grumbles about it*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *stabs back*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: A mellow version of Raph. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol pouty face and all

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *kicks DP in the balls*

[Bookmark] Candy: well he don't know as many words to grumble properly

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Keeps stabbing set off due to her own history*

[Bookmark] Candy: lucky oEe still in crate or she'd have gone on rampage - hehhee

[Bookmark] Candy: of Mel could do it for her - all good

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *oh! little turtle... picks him up*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah Mel gets triggered by that stuff lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: O.O cheap shot! *doubles over, but not without grabbing Spike's junk on the way down and RIPS!* FREE SPAY AND NEUTER DAY!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko
One of a kind recording breaksYouTube · · 197K · 98%one of a kind recording breaks [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *high pitch girl scream and falls. luckily the demon junk will grow back....with time*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yay MUU - was just about to bury face in boobs in the hopes of milk shake - now stareeeeeeees - thats not mum!! WAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILS​ so confused!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwwws

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I will kill you! *Stabs*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol poor spike

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: comes to the rescue* I'll help you. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel you can stab all day, he'll just come back over and over

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don's sleeping around on his girl. oooooooooooooooooooh!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: Ahhhh! *totally freaking out - happily hands him over alarmed* I'm sorry! uh if your Raph - sorry didnt mean to make him... uh

Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *pops a finger into the air* but wait, there's more....for a limited tme only... I introduce to you... NUTS-BE-GUNE! *sprays Spike's vacant area with the stuff* Them demon bitches will ever grow back now...

[Bookmark] Rogue: never*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *takes his nephew* It's okay. We just-um...have some different versions of all of us wandering around. *shushes his nephew*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol DP cracks me up. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *was having a mini tantrum - cools off now Uncle Don has him - sort of - still pouts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Stops exhausted* Never do that again!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *comes in for no reason other then she feels left out*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ooooh *much calmer herself* thank you [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *nuzzles Blaze* It's okay, Blaze. This is another version of your mother. [smile] Say "hi" to her.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: baby! *grabs for baby*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *grins at RoHEe*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o No! *holds Love back*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: but I'm hungry!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Find something in the fridge. You're not touching my nephew.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *sees Spike.....eats him*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *blinks at Love* Well aren't you a big pussy!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: .... *is okay with that alternative*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Groans and falls to floor* Things like that sets me off >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: mmmmhmmm *sharp toothy grin*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: yeah - ... eeeewwww...

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *leans out towards this other 'mum' now uncle don there should be safe to - stick head down her top*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *shooooves Black Panther at her*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: BP: O.o ....RAWR?

[Bookmark] Mikko: DP always has the hook up

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yes he does

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *offers BP an eye ball*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: BP: ...................What religion is this?

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o ... I'm so sorry about that. [blushing] ​ *pulls Blaze away from her* I think he's hungry.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: he's cuuuu - oooh! *okay grossed out by the Love... annnd now the squealing baby turtle is down her shirt - blushing* thats... thats okay.. *rubs the little head* sorry dude my taps are empty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: um....well...back home I practiced traditional voodoo!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *little growl hands trying to grab and resume his searching!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: His mom needs to leave the crate >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: BP: I.... see. *blinks* No pun. But unless that's Bucky Barnes detached eye, I must....pass...

[Bookmark] Candy: Yeah I should let her out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ...what's so fucking special about Bucky!! Everyone wants fucky!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ...I mean Bucky!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: he seasoned better or something?

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 106 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee lil fellow be so confused when sees rohRaph [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ... lol wb?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: yt

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Oh, for fucks sake! *pulles off his mask and pops the damn eyeball into his mouth, rolling his eyes at BP* What that so damn difficult?? *gags a lil* Tastes like salt.... and Cap'n

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: ^___^ I like you! *pounces on Dp and makes out!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: BP: O.o... are you sure you're not DC? That was.....messed up..

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *just gives a thumbs up and faaaaaaades to...RED!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: BP: *just mumbles because somehow the DC U slipped in one of their nutjobs*

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *grins and sidles over to ODon* can I hold ? *slings ukulele on shell and holds out hands for the baby*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heading to bed. get to see the shrink tomorrow. unless she also canncles on me, because my doctors are tired of seeing me XD

[Bookmark] Rogue: and OMG...I'm soooo friggin excited about Black Panther being in Civil War!! ^^ that costume is the loooove.

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww, night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes it is!

[Bookmark] Mikko: bow chika bow wow

[Bookmark] Rogue: the actor is pretty cute, too

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 106 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph and O'Raph: *just kind of stare at each other....*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: There's Red and Raph

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: so much temper in one spot - kinda dangerous no?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yes! and I can see them switching 'worlds' to mess with everyone [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: or RoHRaph kidnapping ORaph and stashing him someplace so he can have a girlfriend, lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: I would never. [cool]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You so would >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals excitedly as he always does seeing -* OO *yep very confused now*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Both Raphs: *reach for him at the same time*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Mikko*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha poor kid can't even count and already seeing double

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *watches this... amused*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I gotta head off. [frown] another early shift... at least it's only 10 hours this time

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: will hopefully see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 106 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *blinks and big turtles are gone* oookay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You will get used to it

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *annnnnnnnnnnnd wails now def wants mumma too much confusion for a little guy in one day*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We need his mom >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy OMikey: shes in her crate just put him back in through the doggy door [wink] not allowed out yet

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why isn't she allowed out?

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: just cause [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Don can put the boy away - he likes Uncle Don hugs [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *puts the boy away* [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe yes cause he got lots of gadets to play with [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: .... so cute *okay thinks more than cute - might have been tempted to keep him*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and he's taller - so up on Don's shoulders is an awesome feeling for a little turtle [tongue] get to be bigger than everyone

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] and I must head off too [big grin] *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: nght

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 106 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: chillin killin

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: all the dogs have decided that laying by me is the best spot in the WHOLE HOUSE!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *leaps on your shoulders*

[Bookmark] Espionata: DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: weeeeeeeeeeeeee naked shoulder ride!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: BUTTER! *rubs butter allllll over Kitteh*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: now you are ready for cooking

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What am I making? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: cookies!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: oatmeal cookies

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yum!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *baking*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel needs to crawl into the clean it...>​.>​ yeeeeeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeey

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aly needs to post [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aly will post tomorrow, if she remembers! [tongue] getting a bit sleepy right now~

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww me too

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs and sleeps*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I know I just came in...but I think I'm going to go to bed. Night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Goodnight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: me as an old lady

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o wtf?

[Bookmark] Mikko: what?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What is she doing?

[Bookmark] Mikko: pot, shot, whippet!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Shot of what and what is a whippet?

[Bookmark] Mikko: shot of....fireball maybe. it looked dark. a whippet is like a more advance huffing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Huh.

[Bookmark] Mikko: like, peope who huff can air

[Bookmark] Espionata: And a whippet is a dog breed lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes it is!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, I know that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: the dog however, offers no high

[Bookmark] Espionata: They look like Greyhounds Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How's it going?

[Bookmark] Candy: Pretty good

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] Mikko: rawr rawr oh la la

[Bookmark] Candy: And cha cha cha *shakes dat ass*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *wiggle wiggle*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: naked run!

[Bookmark] Candy: Streak!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooo!!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: look at those tits fly!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Back

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o What did I just walk back in on?

[Bookmark] Candy: Nudity [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ass cheeks flapping in the wind!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue] ty

[Bookmark] Candy: Wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Where is the Roguester?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: Probably at that fair still

[Bookmark] Mikko: the fair!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I forgot about that.

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: how could you forget!? for shame!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks everyone*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue] Because this week has been pretty chaotic.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww well you get extra licks

Kitteh: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^____^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *purrr*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pet pet*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *purr purr purr*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'm heading off here. see you all tomorrow! night *hugs8

[Bookmark] Mikko: 8 hugs!

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think it's gonna be a really quiet night. Got stuff I should do so I'm gonna head off. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 105 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Rogue: cleaning my room >​.< how's you?

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Alright watched Fear of the Walking Dead looked like they were gonna bring in a new character who's a doctor but nope strand her in the ocean >​<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Why are they on a boat, anyway?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Traveling to find a safe place

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: I kinda watched it.

[Bookmark] Rogue: still not feeling it.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wanna find all the episodes of GoT so I can catch up and have something to watch while I'm waiting for TWD to come back

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You're on board, too? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm not watching the premeire tonight. [tongue] I wanted to hang out with you guys. ^^ I'll watch it tomorrow.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I haven't watched any of it. just a episode here and there..but a friend is twisting my arm, lol. I'm interested in it but gotta catch up

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: it does look like something I'll enjoy though

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. This is one of those series where you can't miss a single episode or you miss a whole bunch of storylines.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: SO much happens in a single episode.

[Bookmark] Espionata: And it's on HBO

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have HBO ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. They're pretty tight on how you can view the series.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I applaude shows that are gutsy enough to do sex scenes, lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Yeah, there's plenty of that. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep. I know t he few episodes I've seen.. there was lots of it and I was like hawt daaaaaaymn!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: do you know if the seasons are available to buy? If so, that may be what I do when I get my tax return

[Bookmark] Espionata: If you have HBO download the HBO app then you have all the episodes to watch [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh, thanks!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Amazon has the series, too.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I haven't done it that way. Right now, I can watch any episode I want because of my cable provider. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: awesome ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: I think it's the HBO Go app and if you have Chromecast you can use your phone so you can see it on tv

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: am I in?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have Xfinity On Demand. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am very high right now.

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm making progress with my room!! ^^ you guys have no idea... it's bad. working doubles leaves me little time to maintain it.. but gonna try to do better. It looks like an episode of hoarders in here. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I can relate to that. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs Mikko* At least you're feeling a bit better?

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs* my room looks ike that too! lol. I have just been too sick to clean it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I went away

[Bookmark] Mikko: who's foing sex scenes?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want a sex scnene

[Bookmark] Mikko: GABE!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm watching needle felting tutorila s

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh, gonna start yours soon? [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, Gabe wishes he could do a sex scene...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I need to do that to learn how to crochet.

[Bookmark] Mikko: he will! soon. he's going to be able to go all night long!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. He'll be glad [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! I'm a very visual learner so watching other people do something helps

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP is wondering where all his friends are on RoH

[Bookmark] Mikko: but Bax needs to be back at the lab so Mikko can talk to him

[Bookmark] Rogue: I tried to work on profiles earlier.. but had to deal with someone quitting at work >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Me, too. Give me an instruction booklet with just words've lost me. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: but, glad the bitch is gone [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: DP isn't going to have to wonder for long, I was thinking about that today while I wa in withering in pain in bed

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wanna start a just for fun game over there soon for everyone.. but first, I gotta go by the rules and finish my profiles

[Bookmark] Rogue: the only one finished is Raph

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Did you catch the TMNT episode today, Rogue?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was like why can't I be part of some project X thing and be all super powerful!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I have most of Carl's

[Bookmark] Rogue: I did not [frown] really sad I missed it

[Bookmark] Mikko: I didn't either

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It should be online by now. And Nick should have it by tomorrow morning at the lastest.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: latest*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I woke up in time and was really excited, but dozed back off waiting for it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dang...

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'll look for it tomorrow ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: if not, watch32 may have it

[Bookmark] Mikko: Jazz fest is going on right now. anyone want to go with me?

[Bookmark] Rogue: love that site ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, I don't trust a lot of sites that have it up now.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh.

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wish I could!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's called Jazz fest but there's lots of different music

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ours is in another couple months.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: and our fair isn't until october

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ours is Jazz Festival, and it all is jazz. Shame I'm not really into that kind of music, much.

[Bookmark] Rogue: they had blue grass at the fair last night. My grandfather was able to come out and listen to it ^^ I w as happy. He loves that music so much and it eased my heart knowing he was able to do something he enjoyed for once

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's awesome ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: at our zoo, there's a cajun area, with gators and other louisiana things. and there is a band that plays old southern music. with a wash board and everything, and there's a dance floor you can shake your ass on. it's my fav part of the zoo I love the music

[Bookmark] Rogue: today was a good day for me. ^^ we went to chinese and on the way out, they have t hese machines with voodoo superhero dolls in them. they also had random junk. I wanted superman soooo bad! my friend went before me and got a random ring, then Robin. I got Superman on the first try ^^ then my sister won me a donnie plushie at the fair. ^^ They had a huge one, but too hard to get [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wanna go!

[Bookmark] Mikko: sadly their mail attraction a large gator was murdered by some fucked up tens

[Bookmark] Mikko: teens

[Bookmark] Mikko: main

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: did they get punished?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! arrested. it's a fedreal thing, so they got a few years

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Good!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesterday was good, I mean*

[Bookmark] Rogue: good!

[Bookmark] Rogue: assholes

[Bookmark] Mikko: the gators enclouser was all open, so you seen the gator from above. these teens started feeding it chicken with poison.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and of course now security is a bit more strict

[Bookmark] Mikko: but other then at horror. the whole attraction is amazing I could seriosuly just stay there for hours

[Bookmark] Rogue: that's sad. that's how our local zoo is. there's a bridge over the enclosure. there's some pretty big guys in there. so glad nothing like this has happened. though, someone did sneak in a few years ago and shot the white tailed deer. [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: next time you come to vist we'll have to go

[Bookmark] Rogue: broke my heart because the deer were so friendly and would come up and let you pet and feed them

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: why? I mean. just. people are so evil.

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. they did it for the hell of it

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: the foxes like to come up to people. and once one of the large cats started to play with my brother. Branden would run to one end of the cage and the lynx ran after him,. they just went back and forth likt ehtat

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: I love foxes

[Bookmark] Mikko: we should have a mini game where our boys go t the zoo lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: look raph! the turtles are mating!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, that would be interesting

[Bookmark] Mikko: so romatntic

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ... O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: The zoo [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don would be taking notes, Raph complaning that no animal should be in a cage

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think Leo would be most interested in the panda bears

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why go to a zoo?

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Mike.....dunno

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mike would want to pet everything. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: let me tell you why you little shit. the zoo is amazing. they save lives and shit. did you know that since 2012 over 1500 tigers have been put back in the wild because of zoos?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think Love would have to be watched closely, she might try to eat the birds

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And you're talking to someone that has never been to a zoo or if I have I was to young to remember anything

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o Leo, what would Master Splinter think about your...colorful language?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I could see Mikey somehow getting into the enclosures, lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Me, too. lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I played him in an RP years ago and he and his girlfriend ended up on Monkey island, lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Ii wanna go! I wanna steal a kimono dragon!

[Bookmark] Mikko: that is clothing

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm gonna do some posts here in a bit. trying to get at least on section of my room cleaned out, lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: the dresses of dragons

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't think that's what it's called >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *puts Mel in the enclosure with the rhinos*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Seriously why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rhinos are so sweet. when they eat from your hand, they take it slowly and nibble nibble

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh! I love rhinos!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's the babies! the babies will be like PLAY! *rams into you knocking you over*

[Bookmark] Rogue: hurts my heart that people have nearly wiped them off the face of the earth [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I don't think there's much of anything cuter than baby rhinos and baby elephants ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know! but you seen what they are doing now? painting the tusk and horns of animals pink so they have no value

[Bookmark] Rogue: tood. poachers should be killed.

[Bookmark] Rogue: good*

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are if they're caught by the wrong(right?) cop

[Bookmark] Espionata: Poachers are evil

[Bookmark] Espionata: For the past two hours my female cat has been in a cuddly mood lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: the only time I ever felt kinda bad for a hunter, was when that guy killed that lion. and only because it was the guides fault that it happen, the hunter's guide took him to the lion and said he was allowed to shoot it. the hunter had all the proper paper work and had no idea the lion was so special.
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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:02 am

pt 5.

Rogue: yeah. but a lot if time they're fined and do prison time. There was a case where some poachers went into arhino refuge and slaughtered all of the rhinos. [frown] one had a young calf and even though the rescue people tried to bottle feed her, she grieved to death. [frown] she watched her mom get murdered

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: For Rogue

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello!

[Bookmark] Rogue: they're soooo smart and can grieve

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: awesome, thanks kitteh! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww yeah I think I read about that

[Bookmark] Mikko: and hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: np ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't thinkk the pills are mking my head feel better, but i do feel a bit floaty

[Bookmark] Mikko: but that could be the taco bell

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw

[Bookmark] Candy: Damn

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh we now have to eat taco bell once a day until the 18 of next month

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o ..why?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I mean, not that I would mind....I love me some taco bell

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are doing a promotion for a game that is coming up. and you can win these head sets. my brother really wants the head set. but you can only enter once a day, per phone. soooooo we all go to taco bell, gt a meal, that gives us the cup that gives us the code and all three of us try to win him the headset

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko says if she has to peal off her foot uniform then someone better eat the booty like groceries

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: you know gabe's all about that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: my guys are all down for going 'down" bow chick wow wow

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: my little spider friend above me got himself another bug to much on.

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I miss house spiders. friggin cooks pest control comes out once a month and sprays, so we hardly see insects. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: glad there are no roaches, but I love spiders

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww, you can have mine. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and of course they have to have t he bugs to live

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm actually w anting to get another tarantula

[Bookmark] Rogue: I want a Mexican red knee

[Bookmark] Espionata: You can keep your spiders [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: they have two of them at our pet stpre

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: The twerk train is back in! *twerks*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Quit it Leo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: leo is going through a faze where he wants to be a back up dancer

[Bookmark] Rogue: good luck with that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he practices using yutube videos

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's why Don's lap top is always vanishing

[Bookmark] Candy: Disturbing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: -_- And all this time I thought it was Mikey!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: yes....Mikey.....

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *points at self* whom me?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: yes you

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: and me?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: maybe you

[Bookmark] Candy bothMikeys: nu huh didnt do it! *whatever it is*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: prove it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy bothMikeys: ummm ain't that your job? [tongue] *though might have hung fake spider webs outside Raphs door

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No it was Leo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *comes running in and licks all the mikes*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Poor Raph!

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: no bad kitty! No lucky Mikey... This Mikey!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, I'd say Mike is VERY lucky. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *his Raphs got fake webs too - * oooh kitty! *pets Love*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: ^^ purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr​rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr​rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr​r

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: maybe a little buuuut no licky !!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I'll lick peanut butter off of any body part....annnnny body part.

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: ummmm no thanks

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I mean, I don't even need the peanut butter really.

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: ditto, with or without peanut butter no thanks

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you probably don't taste good anyway, you smell funny.

[Bookmark] Candy BothMikeys: hey I showered!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: did you use soap?

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: uuuuh maybe

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: yeeeeah maybe

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *hands the Mikeys cherry blossum soap*

[Bookmark] Candy BothMikeys: mmmm flowery *evil grins - should swap these out next time Fearless has a shower -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol he might like it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe an alpha turtle that smells of cherry [tongue] maybe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I will stick to my old spice thank you!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Sprays the Mikey

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wonder what Raph likes to smell like

[Bookmark] Espionata: 8*Mikey's with airfresshener**

[Bookmark] Mikko: motor oil!

[Bookmark] Candy BothMikeys: of course [smile] *mr innocent faces* ack!!! Hey! Already said I bathed!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: you could use Mike for those freebreez comurcials

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But you didn't use soap

[Bookmark] Mikko: lets be honest though, splinter is probably the worset smelling one

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol With wet fur, especially. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rogue is being quiet

[Bookmark] Mikko: a little too quiet

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: trying to do the cleaning thing

[Bookmark] Mikko: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[Bookmark] Mikko: so sad. I shall clean your room for one kitten

[Bookmark] Rogue: and house s earching in between. My friend wants to get a place together so I'm trying to figure out if it's gonna be possible

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh awesome

[Bookmark] Rogue: *gives you a kitty*

[Bookmark] Mikko: is it the same friend you went to the fair with?

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep

[Bookmark] Espionata: I love kittens [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: she's soooo pretty! you two would make beautiful babies

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: she's went through some stuff. Went through rehab and is currently living with other people that are in rehab, but they don't treat her well

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yes. she's really pretty and very entertaining, [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh not cool. well I hope you two can find a place. and once ya'll are settled down, I'll have to come visit!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I nicknamed her 'Joker' because she she laughs like him, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: es you will! ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes*

[Bookmark] Rogue: you could live with us [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: or you know. ya'll can come back to new orleans for VOODOO FEST!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! i shall move in!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and it'll be like lving in a sitcom

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha.. I'm sure it would be. but we'd all get along. she's a nerd in the making, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I let her borrow season 1 of TWD

[Bookmark] Rogue: and she went to see DP with me, and BvS

[Bookmark] Rogue: and she's braving the crowd on the 5th to see Civil War, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: such a trooper

[Bookmark] Mikko: they only issue I have with moving away, is I have no car, and getting to and from doc appointments would be hard. I would be uber-ing everywhere lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, nah. we'd work it out somehow [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww ^^ well you two find a place and she don't mind my crazy ass, I'll totally do eet!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I should say mine and my dog's crazy ass

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, that would be awesome! She loves animals so it shouldn't be a problem ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I asked my boytoy about joining RoH as green lantern, he's thinking about it.

[Bookmark] Rogue: I told her to prepare for 4 cats, lol. because I'm taking all of my kittes with me

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Arthas loves other animals. he so much tries to play with everyone

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't know why he likes GL so much. I think the green lantern is mary sueish

[Bookmark] Mikko: but I also feel that way about superman

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awww

[Bookmark] Rogue: nah, Sup's not a sue. [tongue] Kryponite can fuck him up, lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ALSO! guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys...​.in the forum I started a little "game" for all, to learn more about each other's characters do eet

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm not really a Lantern fan. I just liked that horrible movie because of Reynalds [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh, fun!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Superman should be a black man!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: maybe. But I can't picture anyone buy Henry Civall playing him now. <3 he's the perfect Sup

[Bookmark] Mikko: he gets his powers from he sun. the darker his skin the more sun he asorbs

[Bookmark] Rogue: and God rests Reeve's soul, but he's a better superman than him, too

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I always seen Superman as a glow in the dark type thing. he soaks up the sun, so at night he can still function

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh and there is talk of a lady deadpool in the second DP movie

[Bookmark] Rogue: Reeve was awesome, but Civall really breathed love into that character

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg.. yes!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: finally, headache is going away. was about to take more pills, but I only have four left and no refiles

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: wbz

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: cha cha cha

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *strips and shakes her ass*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's a very tattooed ass

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko says that she can tat Gabe's back when he's healed

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: then Gabe can go up against shredder again, but this time, shredder can't hurt him! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, I'm sure he will. After he makes a whole bunch of mistakes, lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh snap

[Bookmark] Rogue: well, that one that he's epected to do [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz: *makes I'm watching you motion to gabe*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: [angel]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol sure

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: *takes Gabe out to party!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: *gets trashed and nekkie*

[Bookmark] Candy: ;$

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol oh the stories about being drunk and naked I could tell

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: I am not responsable for anything Gabe does while we are out! If he doesn't come home in a few days then we'll go looking for him

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: gabe posted and more will come soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooooooooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: woooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

Rogue: cleaning, chatting, and working on posts in between the madness, lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: The Japanese will either ignore Aly and Mel or watch the show of two girls going at it lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I just wanna be able to walk around in my room without tripping over something >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: watch the girls go at it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: if they knew soon the two tank girls be on their own without males turtles to cover their asses they'd be down in the tank rooms - got plans for those girls

[Bookmark] Candy: though crossing pissing off Erica is not a safe thing to do either

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nope

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel doesn't want to fight Aly but Aly wants to kill her lol

[Bookmark] Candy: well OEe - mmEe - depends... rohEe - is a push over [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: mikkkkko posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *pushes RoH E over and catches her*

[Bookmark] Mikko: somewhere on my floor is carpet, but you can't see it at the moment

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *had stole the Blaze - eeeeeks as he and she go a tumbling! - blinks and ooks at DP* uuuuummmm... thanks *totally missed he pushed her

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww. that's how my room appears. literally comics everywhere. [frown] I need to box some things up and I guess rent a friggin storage building until I move out

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeee *yep that was fun!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin] That's what I'm here for... to make life interesting.

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *hugs the happily squealing baby turtle encase DP wants to hurt it like that other dude* well.. umm.. uh youdo a good job *blushing*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze don't care - that was a fun ride

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: t th thanks... *now baaaack away - somewhere she can sit and snug the crap outta this little fellow*

[Bookmark] Candy: he screams at her and she loves him - go figure

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I smell baby!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No Love

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: yes love!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: Oo *hears that cat - that wanted to eat him before! hurriedly looks round for any turtle to go hide behind*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *don't care - waves happily from arms to everyone he sees*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol be like all hands and feet waving about

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *pounces next to E and baby* BABY!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wbwbwbwbwbwbwb

[Bookmark] Espionata
Containment | First Look Trailer | The CWYouTube · 3:26 · 1M · 96%When a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta, a vast urban quarantine is quickly enforced, forcing those stuck on the inside to fight for their lives. Julie Plec, the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals brings you Containment, premiering Tuesday, April 19 at 9/8c on The CW. SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Containment Online: Visit Containment WEBSITE: Like Containment on FACEBOOK: Follow Containment on TWITTER: Follow Containment on INSTAGRAM: About The CW: Official YouTube Channel for the CW Television Network featuring Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals, The Flash, Jane the Virgin, and iZombie. Connect with The CW Online: Visit The CW WEBSITE: Like The CW on FACEBOOK: Follow The CW on TWITTER: Follow The CW on INSTAGRAM: Follow The CW on TUMBLR: Add The CW on GOOGLE+: Follow The CW on PINTEREST: Containment | First Look Trailer | The CW [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's what Fear of the Walking Dead should've been

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *jumps and turns so her body between Blaze and the cat woman*

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: And it's on Hulu I do get the channel it's on but didn't know about it lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O'Don: What is going on in here? O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *yay! a turtle - goes to stand near him -* um nothing [smile]


[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: Oo *stares.... then joins in with a lot of vowels and drool!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: well vooowel sounds [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: not exactly vowels

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Is everything okay?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hands the microphone to Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: it is now - *snuggles* look he aint screaming at me today [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: yep she's hooked O Ee might have to watch that rohEe don't try stealing him

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *takes it and mumbles waving it about - oh that game he likes to play with his dad - drops the microphone*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've been chatting with Scoop through FB about ideas for RoH (wanna get her involved!) SShe wanted me to tell you guys hello!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol hi to her too

[Bookmark] Mikko: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I WANNA BE, WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww Hi!

[Bookmark] Rogue: man, I want sushi. >​.< damn midnight cravings

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: i demand a 24 hour sushi delivery suervece

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: so Mikko, you're bf still thinking about joining ^^ Lantern needs some loooove [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know. I shall ask!

[Bookmark] Mikko: all my characters need love. need to work on thosde profiles

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm caught up in learning how to make a needle felt horse. I want to make on for my mom's birthday sense she looooooooves horses

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *being lavished with attention by a pretty blond - totally playing it up for as much attention as much*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol dawww thats sweet

[Bookmark] Mikko: or I'll win the lotto and get her a real horse

[Bookmark] Candy: I'd say yes !!

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: everyone needs horse - but warn ya it's like chocolates... or chips - you never stop at one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: like tattoos

[Bookmark] Candy: I said no more like five horses ago - I have eleven

[Bookmark] Rogue: speaking of horses, they had a pony last night at the fair. ^^ They had him dressed up as a unicorn, lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww you didn't get a pic of that?

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nothing like the fair I went to they had a giraffe [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: could you ride it?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Rogue: my phone dies so I didn't get to get pictures [frown] but he was soooo sweet! And I thought of DP, lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: well that sucks

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: and nah. He was just there to get pets ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: our fair doesn't have animals other then rabbits and lizards that are in tiny cages that you can win

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown] I'm so against animals being prizes. they had bunnies and gold fish as prizes... it broke my heart.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I tried to win a bunny to give it a better life.. but the games are rigged

[Bookmark] Espionata: With the fairs here you can buy animals but they're farm animals

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww think thats illegal here

[Bookmark] Espionata: And with games you get the stuffed animals

[Bookmark] Mikko: the last time I was there I couldn't win a lizard. and they were out in the sun. it's still pretty hot here in Octorber. so I offered to just flat out buy one off them, and they were like nah gotta win it

[Bookmark] Candy: animals cn be sold at the shows but not used as prizes

[Bookmark] Rogue: it should be illegal everywhere. because people aren't doing research before playing a game and winning these 'prizes'. last year we say a bunch of baby bunnies that were won at the fair come into the clinic because people didn't know how to care for them. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: saw*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know if it's actually allowed here. our fair isn't very uh....up and up. I was on a ride that was falling apart while I was on it

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - I think-notentirely certain but thinkthats why it is illegal here'

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's a fun fair! but. it's an adventure for sure

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: and yes. I did go back on the ride

[Bookmark] Candy: OO

[Bookmark] Candy: crazy

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Lance is trying to sleep, and arthas keeps sticking his nose in Lances ear

[Bookmark] Candy: At the Adelaide show 2014 a girl came off the sky flyer and died - think the harness was not secure and she was too small

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O scary

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - I think the entire show system went through a rehaul of regulations and rules thanks to it

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's good

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yikes

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm hmmm - that child though - my heart goes in my throat watching my cousins climb on rides - frack if I don't like the look of it ya aint getting on - if I have to tackle and pin ya down

[Bookmark] Candy: I will!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Havanah is fearless - he tries to follow the bigger cousins onto the big rides -

[Bookmark] Candy: have to throw the little booger over my shoulder to keep him from going

[Bookmark] Mikko: my favorite rides are the ones that spin really fast and stick you to the wall

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, I liked those, too. Except I started getting headaches on them. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gravitron! We rode that like 3 times last night, lo.l. the guy that was running was cool. H ewanted to know what I wanted to hear and I told him, he played it for me ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww I ... am scared of most rides [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm not suppose to be on them because it's too much presure on my chest. but I don't give a fuuuuck!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Do the wall panels slide up, Mikko?

[Bookmark] Mikko: by the end of the ride we're upside down

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh. We didn't go upside down, though.

[Bookmark] Candy: urgh no thanks... give me a bucking horse anytime

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Starship 2000 was the name of ours. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: the gravitron! our fair is probably the same on that Rogue went to. it's a travling fair

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: or Raff whom spent last time absolutely refusing to move

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: lol the weirdest glaring contest between camel and camel rider -

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: he simply was NOT getting up

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: I yelled and swored and tried everything - he just grumbled and huffed and stayed

[Bookmark] Candy: mind everyone else thought it was hilarious [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: swear even Rocky a paddock over was laughing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: jerk

[Bookmark] Candy: named the damned beast after the right turtle [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: definitely a Raph in camel's skin

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Raph's a camel!!!! he needs more humps!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lovely lady lumps

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *knows by now these lady lumps give no milk but whom cares? comfy! - laatched on through blouse and all!*

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah try removing him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: like a leech

[Bookmark] Candy: yep - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *blushing - blushing... what the heck does she do now?!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *has a spray bottle of water and spray spray blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yo hybrid turtle - ignores and goes to napville* zzzzzzzzzzzz

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *now her blouse is wet - from drool and water... ummmm goes looking for a red wearing turtle to give him to*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well Blaze will need to learn not to do that Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: or not - she may just sneak off with him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *Is she handing him her shirt, or his son? [blushing] ​ Either way... takes*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Red not your Erica [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *takes a little negotiating so the shirt does not go with the baby -* the blond gives that away *hovers cause he soooo cute*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *snoes*

[Bookmark] Candy: snores*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *face still stuck in suck pose - sucks on nothing in his sleep*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe still grounded [tongue] baaad oc no out of grate for her yet [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello?

[Bookmark] Candy: HI!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: internet keeps cutting out

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks it*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *chains Mikko down to the floor of the chat*

[Bookmark] Mikko: kinky

[Bookmark] Mikko: almost as kinky as this. nsfw

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o wtf?

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man, both me and rogue are gone

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I'm back!

[Bookmark] Mikko
Don't InsultYouTube · 2:25 · 298K · 59%It's very important for us to choose our words carefully, because language shapes what we think. If you use the name of an animal as an insult for a human, you denigrate animals. We don't want people thinking that animals are lesser beings. We want people to respect all animals. We want people to be vegan. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

Mikko: *kisses everyone*

[Bookmark] Candy: yep

[Bookmark] Mikko: did Don ever get into Raph's tank?

[Bookmark] Candy: I have not posted yet

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: so no

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh ok

[Bookmark] Mikko: will the two turtles be in the same tank when Mikko comes? if so might be safer for her to go to the girls and explain things

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - probably though Ee won't let her in if Venus won't be comfortable

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko isn't going to go in the tanks. she'll stay outside of them. she just needs to inspect them to see how to get in and out as quick as possible

[Bookmark] Candy: she's well aware the girlturtle is not exactly comfy with her presence - let alone any one else... oooooh that Ee be happy with

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^ I just know that even outside the tank, Raph likes to be grabby

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hey there is one sign so far - Don't Be Sammy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's like a cat hiding under the couch and waiting for toes to come too close

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: bad Raph! this ninja was sent by lord Leonardo! he told me to call him that. -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: oh please don't start him off making us call him Lord Leonardo - his head might explode

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yay rescue >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: would you rather, MASTER! Leonardo?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Which head? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel gets no rescue because I don't know where she is.

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: pffffft not thanks Lameonardo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: both heads [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: anyway I think Aly is going to help Mel

[Bookmark] Espionata: No Aly wants to kill Mel [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: The Japs wont they scheming

[Bookmark] Candy: They may come nd see their girls in the tank - and learn Ee has a mule like kick

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel should have thought about this had Bax put some weapons in her

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko starts screaming at everyone in japanese.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol


[Bookmark] Espionata: Will Mikko curse them out for being assholes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: only if they are assholes to her personally

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko's biggest worry is how Daisy is going to be with everyone while shes gone

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: Take me with you!! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: uh.....not sure that's a good idea.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: super secret ninja stuff

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: It's always a goo idea ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: but you would have to be all super quiet.

[Bookmark] Candy: see thats why Mikey is caught all the time - super quiet then - pphhhhhhhhhhttt!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: I can be super quiet!! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: annnnnnd you might have to fight for your life!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol still makes me giggle that pipe scene in the movie - Mikey deliberately farted once he realized he was the only one facing the other way [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: took dutch over to a whole new meaning [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hope one or two of them tried to put stinky feet in his face in retaliation *giggling*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Daisy would be a good distraction while Mikko roams around

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: Yes I would be!! Take me!! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *takes her. to the bedroom then takes her again*

[Bookmark] Candy: ... suddenly reminded of Donkey in the first Shrek movie -

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooh oooh take me! pick me! [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: and Shrek all like - 'any one else!? any one at all... *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* alright fine!'

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD I would pick Donkey! entertaiment

[Bookmark] Mikko: today was the last of my antibiotics! tomorrow I can drink!!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it brings a tear to my eye

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: its like Raph whenever Leo pairs me up with him for missions [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: did I post for Lazz?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes I did!

[Bookmark] Candy: still waiting to post for Ee

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *sits Daisy on Gabe's lap* take care of him while I'm gone

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool.. she wouldn't really so that to him, would she? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: *tellls him alllll the things she had like, EVER wanted for Christmas*

[Bookmark] Mikko: she would do that to Eze though

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: meh.. can't keep my eyes open >​>​<

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I can't...stop believing!!!!! holding on to that feeeeeling!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: tomorrow night my vodka and I will get reaquainted

[Bookmark] Candy: I'm gonna go - G'arvo

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: g'arvo?

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm gonna head off too. the struggle is real tonight >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think it means "night".

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww night, Rogue. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: see ya'll al hopefully tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Maybe even RP? [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: better see you

[Bookmark] Mikko: RP? were you here when I mentioned I can drink tomorrow night? lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yes. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm sure I can still rp

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Monday nights are gonna get hard for me to RP (at least early) pretty soon.

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuuuuuuuu

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. Danged night classes that I fought so hard NOT to get into. Because of the direction my degree is going, I have to take these classes when they're offered. Unfortunately, night is the only time they're in sesson. :/

[Bookmark] Kitteh: session*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: what classes?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: In the summer, it's a computer graphics class.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It runs from 6 to 10, my time.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Soooo, depending on how much time I need in actual class, I may get out early. That usually happens.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But if not, I might not get home until about 11 pm, my time.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: noooooooo that's like midnight!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm off to bed! night everyone! don't let the monster under your bed get your toes! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o It's not midnight.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I should get going, too. Got class in the morning. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 104 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello you beautiful basstard!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ever heard of the anime Now and Then, Here and There?

[Bookmark] Mikko: no

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's considered to be one of the saddest animes out there and known for a horrible rape scene. Plus the girl that got raped ended up pregnant and a few characters try to stop her from aborting the baby or committing suicide which rubs me the wrong way

[Bookmark] Mikko: cooooool

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's creepy DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: creepy cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: The premise of show interests me but that part of it doesn't draw me in at all DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shares vodka*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Vodka and fis sticks!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *pelvic thrust*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *joins in*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Gross

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I'm sexy and you know it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No you're not

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: poptart!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I already said hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: well hi again!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: the spider abobe my head is up

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wont be on much today getting my body back on days but i'll be online for sure tomorrow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or back on normal time. slept part of the day today and we have storms right now

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how is everyone though

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi and good.


[Bookmark] Espionata: ood

[Bookmark] Espionata: *good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im glad. [smile] and im working on my cousins wedding gift its in two weeks

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my dress comes thursday

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i got my tax money finally today

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaay

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: working on right now also making a better blumbob from the sims game. if you don't know what that is its the dimond above their head that changes color

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: stab stab stab stab stab

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: candy cain!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: heloo pretty lady

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I couldn't get my live stream to connect properly so i'm take more time with it and figure it out before I do a live stream

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I would have sound and picture but no webcam

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or i'd have sound with no picture and it would lag

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: sound off! ONEEEEEEE

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its just confusing or i'm making it more confusing that what it is

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: will need my brother here to help me

[Bookmark] Mikko: pic taken by life guards as they were waiting for the last person (the little girl in pic) to get out the pool.

[Bookmark] Mikko: bbb

[Bookmark] Mikko: my underwear is too small

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i hate it when that happens *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: see soun one under stan

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, I understand.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: also another update: My one year old nephew was in the hospital over the weekend due to not gaining weight or eating. They kept him for three nights running tests. They found he's anemic like me, and want him to be on a more protein diet. They were gonna issue a feeding tub but they are waiting to see what happens so set him home Sunday

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: he kept on lossing the weight he gained which was more of the issue

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 103 days ago

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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:07 am

pt 6.

Mikko: heeeeeeooooooooooooo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: how are you sexy lady! *pets roguen

[Bookmark] Rogue: *purrrs* flustered. just got home and have a gazillion things I have to get done. we had someone quit without notice at work so tonight is possible it for me for a very,very long time. not sure when I'll get another off day. wasn't gonna come in.. but just in case I can't for awhile, wanted to drop in

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: nooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooo *clings*

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah [frown] *clings*

[Bookmark] Candy: [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *HUGS!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: what arte we to0 do!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You canNOT keep going with doubles and NO days off. >​ : (

[Bookmark] Candy: nope

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm caling my lawer

[Bookmark] Espionata: No you can't

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I'm already exhausted. they wanted me to work today but I told them I can't.. because this will probably tbe the last for me for two weeks. We have to do interviews and get someone in, and training is two weeks.... >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll work! no triingin neededede. I got this. pet dog feed dog poop dog bath dog

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: anyone on snapchat?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and that sucks Rogue

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Nope.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: nope

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: your kind of on the same boat I'm on when people are on vacation for third shift and such

[Bookmark] Mikko: I AM!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or quiet

[Bookmark] Mikko: but I don't under stand i so I don't us it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah I've added you

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you take photos of yourself on it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and send them to people

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah but then the pif go poof

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish I ah a pop tart

[Bookmark] Mikko: sooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooooooo qiuiet

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *pulls out a bullhorn* HELLO!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hfl

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: hieelo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *rocks out with his coh out*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh god DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: that's wht the ladies say when they see me rockin!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I need to go bleach my brain >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Naughty, naughty pig.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: brain bleach kinky

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Ugh!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: time for bacon?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: Love bacon! wait...was that a stab?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: yes - what you going to do about it - PorkBelly

[Bookmark] Candy: .... she's hungry

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Bacon!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *yawns* noning probably. but if ya wanna taste of pork I can help ya out!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She should have called him "Pork Rind". [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: your ... Rind aint up to par Ham

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: you put your hand up on my hip, wheni dip you dip we dip

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Only one man dips me - *goes to raid the fridge*

[Bookmark] Mikko: the fridge dips you

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, fiesty Ee. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] it happens when she stuck in a crate for ever

[Bookmark] Mikko: roommat i watching dino world. no...Jurassssic world behind me

[Bookmark] Espionata: A convicted killer will be released soon OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol - damn it leave the waste of oxygen in there

[Bookmark] Espionata: The killer was a 12 year old girl who with her 23 year old boyfriend murdered her entire family OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: This happened in Canada they say she's rehabilitated but I doubt it

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmm wow

[Bookmark] Mikko: she was only 12. what 12 yar old don't do somthing crazy

[Bookmark] Espionata: 12 year olds don't kill normally nor do they date 23 year old men

[Bookmark] Mikko: mybe not kill, but lot of 12s date older manens

[Bookmark] Espionata: I didn't Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: nor did I. but that don' mean it done't hapen

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's messed up when it does

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I am alpha dinosaur!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *throws banana skin at him* rrrwwaaar

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: Raph is bata

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup is not impressed my the texting thread [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: that is Beta -

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: I'm Alpha

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: no I'm alpha. bitch!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: and I am hungry

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're both are Alpha trying to dominate >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: the imagig on the RoH header isn't showing. says it's a bad link

[Bookmark] Mikko: all the pics are saying that

[Bookmark] Candy: meh photbucket is down for maintenance - it will come back up

[Bookmark] Candy: ... maybe

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: I am alpha [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes sups it is

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol sawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: we nnnneded a bats

[Bookmark] Mikko: been

[Bookmark] Mikko: need

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes we do! bad!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I thought the BF was gonna sign up for him, but he's more interested in playing nightwing

[Bookmark] Rogue: though Batz is his obsession.. not sure why he doesn't wanna snag that up

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well Nightwing is cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: boooooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Probably doesn't think he can play him

[Bookmark] Espionata: Batman is a character you have to get right

[Bookmark] Mikko: no one caaaaaaan

[Bookmark] Mikko: not even batmn can play batman

[Bookmark] Rogue: well if I wasn't playing his frinemy..I'd take him. I mean, just be an asshole and your Batzy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: I aint even gonna try - playing far too many as it is

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: He's more than that lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: of course he is but instead of being mostly water, he's mostly asshole. [tongue] at least the BvS version is anyway. but I think Ben did a damn good job with him

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: made one probably bad post last night - not sure I am really up anywhere else

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna play everyone! but I nneed profiles first

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well the Japanese could react to Aly entering Erica's old room lol

[Bookmark] Candy: it's not Erica's old room - she had a converted janitors closet as a office

[Bookmark] Candy: but yes suppose I should pot for them

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well either way lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: an office? a closet? there's thousand of rooms y could take and you pick a closet

[Bookmark] Candy: post not pot -

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: hey I didn't know - I was told to make use of it by some white coat >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: though japs on pot might mellow them out

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: whose cares happy enough in the tank for now -

[Bookmark] Mikko: BAx: lots of drug based plants in the drug lab

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: and tht is my fist stop!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im heading off guys cause of the storms

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you for sure tomorrow [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw, night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night 8hugs8

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: brrb

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: apparently superman cannot have an avvie -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: my Stronghold Ee just totally conquered that map

[Bookmark] Candy: five other lords, three snakes, a pig and wolf and she crushed em all [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: take that

[Bookmark] Candy: that was fun [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Killer Frost: That's because superman is ugly

[Bookmark] Candy: EE says the Pig reminded her a lot of Bebop, all bravado til the end - then squealed nicely

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I don't squeal

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: Ouch. -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *not gonna say anything - looks at Sup* awww your pretty *blush! quick look at toes!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: Well you're not Lois, and you're not wONder Woman, so... *snaps fingers in Z formation and walks off like a boss*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Killer Frost: awwwww did I hurt your feelings?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: You'll squeal for me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: If that's what yer into, baby!

[Bookmark] Rogue: we need a batz so Raph can go all fanboy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: When I take that strip of belly for roasting

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.- ...I only saw Batman once...*+1,000 times*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe more for Mikey to Fanboy over [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: well I'm not playing a batman villain. sooooo maaaaaybe

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna play batz so I can say "the justisus league is being attacked" and then someone will say "by who" and batz will be all "by me!"

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I hear that grandmaws roommate is into super heros

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *how many times has she had to watch Batman ? - probably knows all the words... won't admit - flicks cucumber slice at the Red*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: baaaaah. I dunno if it's photobucket or what. but I give up -.-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yes, omg!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, PB is being problematic right now.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I noticed a lot of siggies disappeared earlier.

[Bookmark] Candy: yes it is

[Bookmark] Mikko: who's her fav?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: On MM.

[Bookmark] Candy: mm site banner down with it and prob a few sigs

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was wearing my superman shirt and she came in was like "ooooh, I love your shirt!" And she told me how much she loved Chris Reeve superman and that she used to read DC and Marvel but it had been awhile. she has been in the nursing home for 11 years. I w as telling her about Henry Cavill and th at he was the new Sup, and I showed her a pic. She was like "oh, my" and fanned herself, lol. love that woman

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She rules! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes she does! she's awesome. I'm taking her 'Man of Steel' tomorrow night, lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww ^^ I'm sooooo glad that everyone is in a good place over there now.

[Bookmark] Candy: yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, me too. she really watches out for my grandmother

[Bookmark] Candy: good

[Bookmark] Rogue: and man, taking a lot to keep DP from tearing into Superman in that text thread, lol. he so bad

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: you know we need a lady DP

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yesh

[Bookmark] Mikko: just like DP but better hair

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ...and we need Fatman.... I mean Batman. I dunno about you guys but I want a rematch!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: No one has better hair than I.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *found a red wig that cashes with bandana* pfffft check out these locks *oh yeah flicks the haiiiir*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: all superhearos need a red hair lady

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: *found braided blonde wig* nope this is the flow all the gals want *mmmm hmmm*

[Bookmark] Rogue: finally! Sup has a face

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not all girls Mikey

[Bookmark] Rogue: speaking of red haired ladies... if I EVER get profiles finished and can keep up with everything... been considering BW since I have no girls on RoH....

[Bookmark] Rogue: I really want Harley, but I know she's someone that a noob may be interested in. don't wanna take all the good ones

Candy: OEe: *well is a boring brunette so not doign the hair flick*

[Bookmark] Rogue: it may be months before I get to a point where I can take her though

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah I wanted Harley too, or joker! but didnt want to take the characters that could make someone want to join.

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnnd I can't contain DP any longer.. sorry Sup....

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And I have short black hair

[Bookmark] Kitteh: BW?

[Bookmark] Mikko: black widow

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: mmm hmmm - *takes her from fridge collection, a Blaze and ninja vanishes*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe snack time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: why was blaze in the fridge!?

[Bookmark] Candy: hmmm almost forgot about a Black Widow - but don't know much about her

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee he was where he normally is - on her hip [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I know she's Russian and was trained to kill at the age of 2!

[Bookmark] Candy: - or whenever Mumma is walking about crawling about after her

[Bookmark] Rogue: attack of the DP

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay the pics are back

[Bookmark] Mikko: one of my smooth criminals. LOOL

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that line made my whole night

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, glad ya liked it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ..*points at DP* Why is t hat guy on team red.... -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin] Because I was team red before you were ever born, froggy.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Killer Frost: the real question is why are YOU on team red.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's insane

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's a self aware comic character that would make me crazy too

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *maybe pouting a little -* I like the color red... *vaguely prob not what their talking about*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *blasts 'Insane in the Membrane'*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and then Hulk comes and smashes everything

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and now the song is stuck in my head

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Mikko: wicky wicky woo

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man, emergancy! no more booze and I'm sbering up

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I didn't have orange juice. but I had a shot glass in the form of a naked woman!

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL BODY SHOTS!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I crack myself up

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! roof spider is defientely bigger

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: daww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: as long as he stays up there we're cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I had a 'friend' drop down in front of me last night. >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ugh DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: and the wasp outside, I don't know if you all are following the pics I post of the wasp, but he's working his sharp ass off on his nest

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes if roof spider drops near me, I will scream, he will scream, the cops will come,

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kill the wasp DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: A friend started driving for Uber. he says it's insane. that only drunk people call for a pick up

[Bookmark] Candy: mm

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww, god bless that lil wasp ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: such a lil trooper

[Bookmark] Mikko: all I think about is. someone will kidnap and kill me

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and why kill him? he doesn't seem to be bothering anyone

[Bookmark] Mikko: Megan wanted to knock him down and I was like noooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: nooooo!

[Bookmark] Rogue: don't kill Martha!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm scared of wasps

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I mean, the wasp [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: name the wasp martha

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and no one will wanna kill it

[Bookmark] Espionata: I've been chased by them

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall inform the wasp of it' new name

[Bookmark] Rogue: because you got too close to the booty [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Mikey woulds say he knows just where to put it > [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [twisted]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I was 11 and didn't notice the nest DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: arthas tried to sniff a frog that was in the pool and almost fell in

[Bookmark] Espionata: And they were Yellow Jackets

[Bookmark] Espionata: And yes I got stung and thankfully no allergies to them

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mmmmmm yellow jackets. those pills were the bomb diggidy

[Bookmark] Mikko: the first time I ever got stung by a bee was at Ren fest, three years ago. we had to sit down and make sure I didn't have a rection. good news! i'm not alergic

[Bookmark] Mikko: it was my own fualt. I didn't see the bee on the conter and i layed my arm on top of him

[Bookmark] Candy: daww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: I was at a friend's house and were playing in the woods lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: THE SNEEZE WONT COME OUT!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: well see. the woods are no place for people

[Bookmark] Mikko: the woods are THEIR home.

[Bookmark] Candy: yep -

[Bookmark] Espionata: I live in the mountains so when I was a kid the woods were a great place to play lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although the mountain she lived on her mom swears she saw a mountain lion

[Bookmark] Mikko: could have!

[Bookmark] Mikko: crazy animals everywhere

[Bookmark] Espionata: People like to think they're not in my area anymore but they are

[Bookmark] Espionata: Along with wolves and coyotes [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want a pet wolf!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wolverine says you will have to settle for him

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Wolvie!!! *leaps into his arms*

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg.. Pet Sematery in HBO!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Wolverine is too hary for my taste lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: pet sematery....the movie or is it something new?

[Bookmark] Candy: meh

[Bookmark] Rogue: movie! ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh, we gots a storm now.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: meh.. what's a meh.. you speak lots about this meh

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm pertty excited for the remake

[Bookmark] Candy: yes meh mehmehmehmeh

[Bookmark] Mikko: meh? is that a new perfume?

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: me too. though the oldie is a classic ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Meh by kelvin Klin

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: to be honest, if Arthas had died and i had a chance to bring him back I so would!

[Bookmark] Mikko: even though i would have to rename him Cujo

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Superman says that he hopes we have sane members on RoH soon. [tongue] He says that he feels he was dropped into the nuthouse. though, that Leo guy seems like he has all his marbles

[Bookmark] Mikko: speaking of Cujo they want to remake that. I thought the movie was so boring! oooh dog has rabies, so scary.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin] all because of lil ol meeeee

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: hey! -*would like to think she somewhat sane*

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw. yeah. I wanna see a remake of that. I liked the original

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was implied it was supernatural

[Bookmark] Espionata: And King doesn't remember writing it lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *thinks E is very sane, yes. That is why she must come around more*

[Bookmark] Mikko: a sane​pe can't think of one

[Bookmark] Espionata: He was on drugs while writing that story

[Bookmark] Candy: not OEe - she is doing the Meh from ninja vanish spot

[Bookmark] Mikko: well yeah King had a bottle of jack before he would write

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: I'm sane, Else [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Yes, Leo has all his marbles. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: -.- Stop calling me that, waste boy.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm sane

[Bookmark] Mikko: well that depend on the Leo

[Bookmark] Rogue: ELSA*

[Bookmark] Mikko: KF: -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo does. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee rohEe agrees the Leo she knows is pretty sane - MmEe would concur hers is sane

[Bookmark] Mikko: Killer Frost: *dresses as Elsa* there you like this!? DOES THIS ENTERTAINE YOU!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe would state their Leo is a side dish of insane - sometimes just a bit batty

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *puts glasses on Sup, and pulls them off* O.O I know who you are!! Seriously... why is it so hard for the world to figure out!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leo here is completely nuts

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *dances with KF* You know, we'd make awesome babies... unlike you and the other manly Elsa.... he has pink eye, stay away from him. He'll make your vjayjay fall off....

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ..... that joke is getting old.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *was leaving ninja vanish spot - sees the dancing and blinks - backs away*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: Bury it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOOOOOOL

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica to late you're part of the crazy

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Dude! She's still very much alive... and you want me to bury her? O.o okies then. I hope the bat is around to creme your fine ass... *buries KF* sorry my love! So young.. so alive... and that ALIEN made me do it with his fucking pink eye.... *blinks* this is all sorts of craycray

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: yeah I suppose

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: -.- Not what I meant.. and I'm from Kansas.... oh, I give up!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: FUCK IT ALLL.. FUCK IT ALLLLL... DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE... *nudges Sup* It's your jam, Elsa! I mean, homie...

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *backs towards her brave brunette Oself cause you know - the crazy seems to be spreading and all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Negan: *hits DP upside the head with the bat of doom!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o... *will never understand these Marvel guys...*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: O.o *gives a thumbs up before brains splatter and goes down.. for nearly an hour*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: *loooooks at his brothers* Did we sign up for this? These guys are nukin' futs

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: hey Leo signed all the paperwork blame him

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: No doubt. O.o And I didn't.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sadly you got dragged in

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: I think it might have been our Leo - sorry

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *almost got excited - but thats not her Red -*

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawws

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: Oo oh if it was your Leo - we doomed

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: I could be [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: Not so fast, bub. *smacks other self*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *comes walking in* She wore a raspberry berett the kind you find at a second hand store! raaaaaaspberry berett and if it were warm she wouldn't wear much more!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *can't tell the difference and squeals excitedly anyways bouncing on his mums hip - oooh doubly excited!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: *and snugs his girl*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: ...O.x

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: TWO RAPHS!!!!!!! *leaps on RoH Raph*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh brother >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: O.o .. [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: charming [wink] but I'm a one Red only girl *finally is snugged! - uses free hand to tug the dew rag tails down for snogs*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *smooooooooooooooooooooo​oches*

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: O.O ..^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: lo dwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: *snogs like whoa*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *makes kissy face like Uncle Mikey taught him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: so much romance

[Bookmark] Candy: lol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *kidnaps Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *kidnaps him back* bad kitty!

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha..Sup is the only sane character I've ever had [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *runs and hides behind... she hopes its rohLeo*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol I have none - just a couple that think they are [tongue]


[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *protects RoHEe*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *grins at him and shows off the baby she stole from bad kitty woman* cute huh?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ...I'm sane? O.o ...okay ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: have a feeling after watching Suicide squad I'm going to want to take Diablo

Rogue: oooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's hawt, not pun [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: very!

[Bookmark] Rogue: if we don' have a quinn soon, may take her instead of BW

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: *would have paniced but her other self has Blaze covered - snogs that big red of hers til he's breathless*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Very. [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've been taking shots t onight.. hoping it would help me clean and do profiles and posts and everyhitng else

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's just making me crazy and making my inner DP come out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: my daryl shot glass is getting a workut tonight

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: I know! [smile] *yep totally wrapped about his ickle finger*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I needs superman shotglass... mmm. or, just do shots off his belly [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I need to snuggle someone ight now

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: I WANNA SNUGGLE YOU!

[Bookmark] Rogue: interesting fact. Henry Cavill almost didn't get the part of Suey.. because he was playing WoW when he got the casting call... lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I might fall asleep though

[Bookmark] Rogue: *SNUGS!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supey***

[Bookmark] Mikko: really? do you know what chater in WoW?

[Bookmark] Rogue: you're noy a suey, SUPS! I love you man

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have no idea.. bu I will investigate

[Bookmark] Rogue: because I am in love with that man and want to have his babies, so I will stalk feee of charfe ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: charge*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I ill g follow his ass ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: will*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ;P

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: one shot too many

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's Allince

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, really? I wanna play, so I can play with him [twisted]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: can you molest WoW chars?

[Bookmark] Mikko: noooooo you gotta play horde, then you can kick his ass

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes you can, kinda

[Bookmark] Rogue: naw. I just wanna molest him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: last night a troll and I got it on in the warchifes throan

[Bookmark] Rogue: him so purdy

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: dunno what that means, but it sounds kool

[Bookmark] Mikko: then I stripped down and danced on a mailbox for gold

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: fun times

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: roommate fell asleep at his desk, I hear him snoring behind me

[Bookmark] Rogue: wbs

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: I want a roomie

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wants a house first tho

[Bookmark] Rogue: Henry Cavill needs a roomie *brow wiggle* he and his gf broke up....because she's a stupid cunt

[Bookmark] Rogue: only stupid cunts break up with Henry Cavill..... just sayin'

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool his head is laid back and mouth open, I soooo want to toss something in his mouth

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have a peanut

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is what happens when you live with me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: OH GOD what if roof spider fell in his mouth! O.O

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sounds like Roof Spider needs a name, too. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that is his name, rood spider

[Bookmark] Mikko: foof

[Bookmark] Mikko: roof

[Bookmark] Mikko: Foof!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Foof? I like it. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: underroofs!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes! but he's not under. he's over

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta pee. but finding the bathroom will be an epic adventtuew witrh sdragons and stuff

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: I love you guys

[Bookmark] Rogue: sorry for my poor choices [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I dtill love tall

[Bookmark] Rogue: yall

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor choices ar the best

[Bookmark] Rogue: I love yall

[Bookmark] Mikko: you are my moon and stars!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta work today t oo... >​.< stupidstupid me

[Bookmark] Rogue: bah

[Bookmark] Rogue: but its their fault

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is!

[Bookmark] Rogue: they shouldn'.. they should know I'm human nd not kryptonian so.. yeah

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I think my whiskey had ruined my daryl shot glass (

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: if you were kyrptoniain then...they should fear for their lives!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I shoulda used michonne

[Bookmark] Mikko: noooooooooooooo you need a new one!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I do!

[Bookmark] Mikko: SHOT SHOT SHOT!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I needs a upey one.. nothing can wreck that s hit

[Bookmark] Rogue: sxhit*

[Bookmark] Rogue: shit

[Bookmark] Rogue: dingdingdine

[Bookmark] Rogue: supey*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: beb

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have whishey in my keyhord

[Bookmark] Rogue: hored

[Bookmark] Rogue: hored

[Bookmark] Rogue: motherfuckr

[Bookmark] Rogue: kryborad

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Rogue: bah

[Bookmark] Mikko: batman shooter

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg.. need that in my wifwe

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: where's sup?

[Bookmark] Mikko: they got sooooo many!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh here

[Bookmark] Rogue: there's gotta be a sup on

[Bookmark] Rogue: one

[Bookmark] Rogue: I eeed a sperman one

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Rogue: swans* MINE!

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is the one I have. naked lady!

[Bookmark] Rogue: swans? bahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: that's smexy

[Bookmark] Rogue: my sis has a neekki lady beer mug from LA

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Daryl

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg, need that datyl one!! ** I have one that says "sorry brother" love it

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll get this and just shoot liquor into your mouth

[Bookmark] Rogue: when I go back to SF... gonna get me some Sup shot glasses.. so I can pop his alcohol cherry [twisted] such a perfect lil boy.. I gottado naughty thingd

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: gotta pee.. brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Mikko: k

[Bookmark] Mikko: they have three Daryl cups with straws that liik like cross bows

[Bookmark] Mikko: TMNT ice cube tray!

[Bookmark] Rogue: this is all the fault of Aimal Mecidal cwnter of qintard ave... in te event that O do not wake, sue t o piss out of them

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I Bck

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall!

[Bookmark] Candy: Wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: I want daryl vu

[Bookmark] Rogue: cup

[Bookmark] Rogue: U wat his cu

[Bookmark] Rogue: I*

[Bookmark] Rogue: cup*I

[Bookmark] Rogue: >​.< motherfucks

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm sur you want more then his cup

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I mov you all

[Bookmark] Rogue: love*

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: god yex, please! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: seeeee yous started drinking when I was getting sober!

[Bookmark] Mikko: thats not how it works

[Bookmark] Rogue: FUCK it. I shall buit my job and be one wit ht rathr

[Bookmark] Rogue: eatrtjh

[Bookmark] Candy: damn - gonna go *hugs* see yous [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: eatrh

[Bookmark] Rogue: bubye

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hgs8

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww did rogue leave too

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don't know. :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: I suppose I too will leave here. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, me too. Computer keeps acting up. Night. *hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 103 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be online tonight but still working on my software I just bought a new webcam today hoping it will work better with twitch

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still having issues blah

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: will be playing my game till more people come online i have to work tomorrow then babysit so not sure whats going on tomorrow

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: EVERYTHING

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Mikko: helllloojh

[Bookmark] Mikko: swollen

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os what did you

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: do

[Bookmark] Mikko: nothing I'm just filled with fluid

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: brb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: checking laundry and getting more food

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: we had shooting in our area this morning three areas so they locked down four schools

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man

[Bookmark] Espionata: yikes

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah we had a cop at the end of our street pretty much all day till school was out
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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:13 am

pt 7.

Kitteh joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Sent you a message on facebook kitteh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i did finally watch the episode last night

[Bookmark] Mikko: pffffffffffft

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my mrillis isn't allowing me to show up live streaming which sucks so i'm going to try obs Open Broadcaster Software

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: going to check laundry

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwws

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is a spider in my tub, now I can never shower agin

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Rogue: I am here! but multitasking hardcore so replies may be slow

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I told you you can't do that many guys at once.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha... but it's a SUPER- orgy [tongue] seriously. There's Stark and DP and Spidey and Sup.......

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: wow. your vajaja is going to be soooo sore!

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DARYL! there's daryl too...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll get that other profile up and going hoping to have it done by the weekend Rogue

[Bookmark] Mikko: Daryl dosn't strike me as a guy who shares

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wow...a fivesome. [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my family may have me babysit tomorrow evening after work

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. he doesn't.... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: one at a time guys! you'll all get a chance!

[Bookmark] Mikko: you need a fluffer

[Bookmark] Rogue: s'okay scoop. I'm behind on my profiles too. my chars are stil goofing around over there. Raph is just sitting back and watching the madness and wondering where his bros ae

[Bookmark] Rogue: are

[Bookmark] Rogue: hoping to get a post or two done for RP whenver I get caught up. >​.< this week is gonna suck hardcore

[Bookmark] Rogue: not only is it race weekend but working by myself tomorrow

[Bookmark] Candy: in the forum games

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu​uuu *snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. not getting off til 9 tomorrow, then have to be up at 4:30 AM the day after to do a double

[Bookmark] Mikko: Limited Edition Porsche 911 GT3 RS rolled into the water at Porsche Center Amsterdam

[Bookmark] Rogue: 9PM

[Bookmark] Mikko: *kidnaps you*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aw poor raph

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: who wants to go sky diving!?

[Bookmark] Rogue: okay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No thanks

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooooooooooooooo!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Nope!

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: I say yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have a feeling that when Lois joins, DP will have a new target.. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: woot! the three of us shall do it!

[Bookmark] Rogue: jump, I mean

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: then do it, because we lived

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'll take pics.

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *brings deadpool dog to the RoH*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: DP everyone!

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's naughty

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: ...why does that asshat get all the girls, and the dog.. and the boys, too......

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't DP anyone

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko (who dons't exist yet) awwwwww you can have me ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Because he's insane

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ... hey I am not a DP

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ....I could tell you a story, but I would rather not.... [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: See, I give lessons on how to be smooth with the ladies. sometimes it works on the boys, too *winks at Webs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *slips an arm around RoHEe* Would you like to go somewhere not so...crazy?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey:, the vodka worked on me... -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: .......*slides up to Ee with a rose and starts speaking sexy french, because THAT'S how you get the ladies*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *arm and a rose! okay three shades of red in two seconds... takes rose* th th th thank you? *nods to her feet in answer to rohLeo - yes please before she blushes so damned red she melts*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Wolverine vs The Blob

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: I can't help it that you're a horny drunk... *sees the boys mackin' on his next ex... pulls out a sword* Shall I fight for her honor and undies??

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: O.o Excuse me...?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy Mikeys: hey al undies are ours - we dibs!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Superman: *saves Erica away from ALL OF THEM*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: blonde me seems popular [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: -.- BOO! *chops off his hand and tosses it at him* DUCK KRYPTONITE!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *drags Raph off to play*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *covers eyes - maybe should have melted into a puddle of rohEe*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: that better be rohRaph *to the roh Mikko*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: RohMikko: of course!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *okay, DP needs to learn that a bloody severed hand looks nothing like kryptonite.... pffft. -.- Takes RoHE far away from the horny group of boys and stands her on her feet*,*gives her a can of mace* Aim for the eyes. [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: *thinks that was HIS e that superfreak flew off with.... chases!!!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *catches his Ee* [wink] Hello.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Red wrong Erica!

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is how bad comedies happen

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *nods to Superman - squeaks - oh its rohLeo - smiles* hi [smile] *mumbling to knees and now in possession of a rose and can of mace*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: oh my poor Red -

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's all girl needs, a rose and mace

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: RAAAAAAAAAAH!! *tackles Superman, but just kind of bounces off* X.x do you eat....steel?

[Bookmark] Mikko: jet fuel will melt superman!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *out of no where - ninja yo! - got that on tphone!* hehehehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ...this is news to me.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *tosses bucket of water on superman because it worked on the aliens in signs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Red he's Superman he doesn't get hurt easily

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEE might actually melt if she blushes any harder

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *and thinks the Red one sounds a lot like Batz... interesting. Annnnd now soakes* -.- Thanks?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: For your information, guys, I am NOT horny. -_-

[Bookmark] Rogue: soaked*

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *joins the chaos - goes to check on her Red - spot scratchies!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you didn't I'll try acid

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: YES YOU ARE! You come in here like a mad hatter saying YOUR E... what the fuck is an E anyway? it sounds like a taco! Mmmm....tacoE

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Oh... there you are?? *puurrrrrs and snugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Because she's from my universe - that's all. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *no comment - don't look down! - wait already looking down!!! no not there!! -*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: you know, Chimichangas and tacos goes great together!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: bow chicka bow wow

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: and you're from my world.. that means you're MY Leo! *brow wiggle*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: yes here I - mmmmmmmm! *chuckles and tries her best bearEe snug hugs back*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ...I am not afraid of your acid, kitty.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Two problems with that. One: I don't belong to anyone, and TWO: I DO NOT LOOK AT GUYS LIKE THAT!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o ...this turned all sorts of weird real fast....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: Acid kitty! That's what I'll name the band!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: You belong to me! ^^ *catches and snugs and smoochysmoochys Leo*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *whole world could be really weird right now - dont care her Red snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o.. okay, then.

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: OO *blinks blinks

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: *snugs and churrs and cuddles and scent marks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: awwww RoH Raph! I'll be your pet!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *struggles to get away then pulls DP's blade out of the sheathe* Stay back!

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: ....okay...

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Sure, you can be the back... but in my world we call it the bottom....*squeeeeeeezes​*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: ^_^ *leaps in Raph's arms* take us away!

[Bookmark] Mikko: has anyone osted on a forum tonight?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I did game stuff on RoH...

[Bookmark] Espionata: no

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna try to do RP posts before I go

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *pokes DP lightly with the blade*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: That always makes me horny...

[Bookmark] Mikko: *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *does some marking of her own - love bites that neck*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *will hang out and be quiet*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *facepalms and catches DP with his web, then plasters him to the wall* Sorry, dude. He really likes red... and blue. You may wanna wear a different color....

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He hits on anything that moves

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol He wears red already. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe


[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, he was warning Leo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL I read that as Spidey "meat". [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: >​.< Oh boy.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: ...noted.


[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *definitely noted - maybe if she stays still... *

[Bookmark] Candy: like a statue [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: no I don't.... :/

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: THAT'S RIGHT! It was KISSING ASS! I mean... class...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *drags Daisy in* Daisy, Deadpool. Deadpool, Daisy. have fun. *runs off*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ..... [blushing] ​ *puts enough webbing on his head to shut him up*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: ^^ Wow.. someone cummed him to the wall!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: *starts to tear him free*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: ass kissing - bleh tails much more fun *tugs lightly on her Red tail*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha thats one way to put it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No don't DX

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.O, no Harley... I mean, Daisy!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *is out of here! grabs Erica from his world*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im gonna head off for the night guys. see you all tomorrow

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: night scoop *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *is grabbed -* heee - oooh Leo - where we going?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: Take me with you!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: I don't know exactly. But away from the craziness.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *too distracted with cute lil blonde thang to notice his Webby is trying to leave*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I'm sure she can be your harley

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: okay - *waves at all - and her brunette counterpart*

[Bookmark] Mikko: rev her up!

Mikko: vroom vroom

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: * stands up and waves back to the blondeEe *

[Bookmark] Candy: lol OEe is not goign to say out loud she's already revved [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: *takes E off to private place*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *tries to pull Sup in for a lil three's company action, but gets suckerpunched into Mar's core*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: ...awwww man. He w as a keeper~!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe says it's been a while - she gonna make him roar [tongue] - least he gets a warning [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *pats Daisy's head* we'll find yu another

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: * pouts, but then pounces non-existing Batzy!* MINE!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: good to know it dosen't take much to make her happy

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: what abut me? *tries his damndest to look cute, fails.*

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: ...alright, you can come...uh...Spiderman?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: *still trying to snug batzy shadow on the wall that Spidey is doing with his fingers.. but then it goes poofz when RoHchar agree to take him with* [frown] No fair!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: Sweet! [big grin] Bye, everyone! *waves*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Thanks for the save, by the way.

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebop: *grabs Daisy from behind and squeezes*^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: dawwwww *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *crashed through the toddler gate that supposed to cage him in - Jurassic world style... cackles and crawls over the gate - freeeee dom!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: No prob. But uh, word of advice... the more you resist, the more he wants you... :/ And yep. ^^ And I know you're Leo... you're all he talks about...

[Bookmark] Mikko: so this cult started killing people, because they believed that anyone born after 1981 was evil. I was born december 81 so I guess I'm safe?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Yeah, I've figured that out. :/

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.O I'm not!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *from Mars* NOT ALL I TALK ABOUT!! CHIMICHANGAS!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh noooooooo

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ...

[Bookmark] Candy: I am evil ! pure evil!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: And I found kryptonite... bwahahahaha! Kiss your perfect ass goodbye, CLARK KENT!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Actually, you might be the oldest a couple years. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm...second-oldest, I think?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *on a mission - craaaaaaaaaaawling fast!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: sooooooooooooooo ok. sooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooooo I know I need to do profiles. right soooooooooooooooooooo but...sooooooooooo I was thinking I kinda wanna take on apocalypse. but after I do rofiles

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe... I shall steal your chocolate when not looking - no matter ehere you hide it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooooooooooh double penatration knows!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, go for it [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo! although I am Gambit and he is a horse man....could be intersting. playing apocalypse AND death!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... I am taking no more! must tell myself all the time

[Bookmark] Candy: no more!

[Bookmark] Mikko: the world will burn and from it a new one shall rise!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: fuck yah!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Where's my Deathy boo-boo?!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *blows raspberry at DP - keeps going -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn! roommate is going to see Rob Zombie!

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooooooooooo that sound slike fun

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *blows it back, through a kryptonite ring* BRUCE WAYNE! I will sell this to you... real cheap! Gimme a dollar.. I need chimichanga...

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg, love RZ ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Blaze

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *cackles nappy came off some time ago - tail wags - another raspberry - makes squeal at Mel... keeps going - determined*

[Bookmark] Candy: stubborn lil shit

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Where the fuck is Brucey?? Okay then....kryptonite auction! Kill the faulse god for only .99 =tax!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I bid 5 dollars!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup:....*looks like painted rocks to him* -.- It's not an auction if you have a set price....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ten!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Follows Blaze*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: O.O okay then! winner winne rchimichanga dinner! It's yours for ten! And shut your mouth, Supey. This lil girl is gonna murder you for five dolla [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: ooooo *looks bck between his knees and sees following feet - crawls faster!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm not little! *flashes* see!?

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe he escaped!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Blaze get back here* chases*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals something that clearly means not on your life - and crawls even faster, right between Mikey and Mikey - a glance ... not the one he looking for - goes faster!*

[Bookmark] Candy: speed demon [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: he'll get carpet burns

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Goes faster*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Okay, then. He will be slaughtered by the big girl!

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: he's on a mission Mel [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yes! *looks at rock* isn't this suppose to glow?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *found one of those rocks - sits on his tail to think about where to go next - sucks on the rock*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That he is but I don't thnk he's supposed to suck on rocks

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *spies the turtle he looking for - or the double - throws rock away and crawls that way*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *slips on slippery Rock and goes a tumbling*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Some ninja you are >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *touches Sup with the rock* zzap zap?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: *is tripped up by rohSelf and both roll on*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ....*blinks at Mikko and rolls his eyes. It obvious what's going on here* ....Have we met? Did I accidentally crush through your apartment? It's clear that you want to kill me with your overly priced green rock....

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: NO REFUNDS!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no, no, I just heard you were like a god. and killing a god would be soooooo orgasmic!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *found one of the Raphs - sits at feet and holds arms up -*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaha - not that would be an odd fetish

[Bookmark] Candy: god slaying

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ....* Has NO idea what to say to that?* I'm... sorry you feel that way....

[Bookmark] Candy: now*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: *got left behind.* [frown] *blinks at lil turtle and scoops him up* You're kinda cute... I think I'll name you Chompy....

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yeah whith the Mikey's how cruela nd unusual a punishment [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: *total Batman Fan* STAB HIM IN THE HEART! That's how Doomsday did it... *goes back to snugging cute lil turtle thing*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^ I'm not! sooooo I can't kill you....I can't sleep with you, because I'm a faithful bitch! sooooooo....I guess you are safe...For now.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yay! - being snugged! nuzzle nuzzle - churr churr*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I NEED TO BE MADE!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *just nods* Truce?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *igmoring Turrle-Man. Sticks and Stones*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ignoring*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That's Blaze the other yous son Raph [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ok! ^_^ *throws rock at DP's head*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *and t impales his brain. Stops mid bit of Mexican goodness, brain gunk oozing from dramatically oversized wound... faceplants*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: TEN POINTS!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o *would try to close the wound with his eyes but... there's no fixing that*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: cyclops says he can do that too? lets try it!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *clumsy claps - cackling*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: Son? No... I found him.. he's mine... *runs off* Leo better let me keep you!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *arms up!*wwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *knows this game!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: sees Red kidnap a kid* maybe I don't want to be mizxed up with a kidnapper

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: Okay. On the count of 3....

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Chaes RoH Raph* Raph that's not your son!

[Bookmark] Espionata: *chases*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *overhears... screams like a girl and pops up.. brain goo pouring from his head* Jus' five more minutes! I don't wanna ride the short bus, mom....

[Bookmark] Candy: well my Mikey's are still untangling themselves so ignore them [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *sighs* well...sense I'll be a roaming OC....I suppose the options for love are open!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *attacks DP and knaws on him*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: AHHHHH! Bad kitty! *sprays with water bottle*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww, RoHRaph wants a little one? [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: *snugs protectively* Mine. -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *hisses*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *squuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeess - saw the baby turtle - drags rohleo over to them*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *is dragged over*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *dew rag tail his! munches soaking it in drool - waves at mum not the mum and uncle Leo-*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: His name is Blaze Raph and he's not yours

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: ^^ Daw, cute lil shit.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Negan: *plays wack a mole with anyone who he's close to*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: ...he looks a lot like you, Raph. O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That's because he belongs to the Raph here

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: yes he is cute - sooo cute *she so taken - no mind her pulls her hair with*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:....*and he just so happens to be closest to Negan* need to file that shit down, your 'BAT' has 'SPLINTERS'... see what I did there... [wink] *realizes it's wrapped in barb wire* shit man, you don't play....

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: I know right.... ^^ His name is Compy 2 and I'm takin' 'im back with us....

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Uh, Raph? I don't think that's a good idea.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're not taking my nephew anywhere Raph he belongs here

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: And jus' why not? -.- *bouncy bouncys lil one in his arms*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *annnnnd finds the edge of plastron and noms noms noms - grinding the first tooth stub as hard as he can*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Negan: and you don't die very easily *smack smack smack*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: X.x *goes down giving a thumbs up*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe whom needs teething rings

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Because he must have family here. There are others like us that live in this world.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *drags Daisy away*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: [frown] ...but I wanna keep 'im.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: [big grin] ..maybe we should help BLOODPOOL?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You can't Raph he has a mom and dad here

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: nah he's fine

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *squuueees* yeah I wanna keep him too -

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *noms noms noms -*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: Well were are they, huh? He's an orphan so... yah.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *looks sheepish* I was supposed to be watching him and he escaped

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: They're in what they call the spot

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: So am I! cuddle meeee!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: You don't know that.

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: you know what they say about assume, Leo... it means I'm always right.... *RUNS!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raph!* Chases*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: O.o ...Raph!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *drool flecks everywhere - yay weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eees some more*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Blaze is having the time of his life. [tongue] He doesn't care.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: *tries to find that damn portal*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *rather amused by the sight -* oh come on guys rohRed wont hurt him [tongue] and bring him back when hungry -

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *froze it solid. There's no escape* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yep totally having a blast - [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph; *glares at Sup* Okay, Elsa.... -.- Undo that shit!

Candy: rohEe: why? aint he old enough to eat solids

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Blaze nurses >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you can freeze things too? What can't you do? fly, lazer eyes, freeze beam, strenth, X-ray vision, super fast, soooo you basically stole all the X-me's powers?

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: of course - but he prefers mum milk still [wink] *must have left her turtle in a puddle -*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol hey he'll eat - whatever Raph's eating - anyone else try to feed him - nope

[Bookmark] Candy: put him in a high chair and give him food it'll end up on the floor or being worn

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: X.. who?I did not steal anything...

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: what kinda fan fiction did you crawl out of?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ....and I have no idea who 'Elsa' is....

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: .....come again?

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: HE SAID CUM!!! *passes out again*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: O.O do you glitter in the sunlight!?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:, no?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: I BLEEEEEED!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: not you! keep bleeding!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ...I think she was talking to me, Bloodpool. *has no idea what his real name is, but that's what the blonde called him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *not hungry - is chewing on plastron so happy*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup:... I'm fresh out of glitter, sorry.

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: ^^ *melts*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: so'k I have some emergincy pocket glitter. *tosses Glitter at Sup's face*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *smiles softly* You really like him, don't you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're still going to have to give him back [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: >​.< *sneezes, but takes it all with an awkward grin. This is... interesting* Thank you?

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: Yeah, I do. ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Then why don't we try to find his parents and ask if you can watch him? The little guy doesn't seem to mind at all.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *surprised by his own foot - mumbles around the plastron edge in his mouth toes wiggling*

[Bookmark] Candy: nope he's happy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: Because he ain't got no Martha. His parents were gunned down right in front of lil Brucey's face.. *yup, renamed him*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He's so stinkin' cute!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o ...did someone say Martha??

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: O.o How do you know that?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: 8waves said surprising foot towards the Uncle Leo - toes wriggling*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: His name is Blaze

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: are WAY too nice.

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: He told me in googoogaga

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *rolls his eyes* Yeah...sure.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *giggles* been tempted to kidnap him several times myself [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *pops off plastron - eyes wide and baby babbles something - returns to relieving the ache of his gum on the plastron*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *soaked and now covered in glitter... lookin' for his mom* ..*but spares a quick glance at Mikko* Because the world is full off assholes.. someone has to be nice...#my

[Bookmark] Rogue: hashtag my mom's name is martha?? [tongue] I have no idea what's going on there [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ah. ok then. well...good luck with that! *ninja vanish*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw.. and he thinks Mikko is his friend [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: well I'm sure he can be friends with RoH Mikko where ever she may be

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: We can't just take him without trying to find his parents first.

[Bookmark] Mikko: too cute

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *trying to unruffle her very messy hair - in giant red hoodie* I'm here

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *siiiiiiiighs. Stranded until the portal thaws* Hey, Clark! Use your eyes and do something about this.. oops... I mean Sup!

[Bookmark] Candy: giant red hoodie and nothing else [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *runs in and flying tackles into spiderman* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE​EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE​EEEE!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. maybe he can save RoHMikko or something. He's only just kinda good at saving the girl an shit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: left her poor turtle to try pulling himself together - not that she's doing much better - knees a bit shake

[Bookmark] Candy: shakey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I need foodz. brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: k

[Bookmark] Candy: lucky the hoodie covers down to her knees [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe kk

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *Nope.. not opening that portal because there still seems to be a kidnapping going on*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: *kickin' the shit out of the ice!!* THIS IS WHY BATMAN IS BETTER THAN YOU, ALIEN!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ....says the giant talking Turtle.. *massive eyeroll*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *spies mum that is mum and not the mum not mum - squeal is muffled by the plastron - but definitely excited*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He wants his mom Raph

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: [frown] .. this is all Spider-Man's fault!!! [angry] I mean.. Superman!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *throws hands up in the air* Not me, man. I can't breathe ice...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Elsa: *runs in and unfreezes the portal then runs off*

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: he's just greeting me - he's content - if he wasn't you'd know

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yep happy jelly bean*

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL this poor little guy spent the night in a warehouse filled with liquor

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *blinks... another kryptonian?!* O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, dawww! that was me last night [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *quickly takes the lil one and hands him back to the rightful mother* Here you go, Martha. ^^ I'm glad you're not dead.

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: [frown] *hey was glad to see mum mum and not the mum thats not mum - but was happy chewing! -- waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii​llllllllllllllllllllllll​llllls*

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: O.O HEY!!! .....*bottom lip quivers*... *sniffles*.... *CRIES!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *snugs RoH Raph*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwwwwww!

[Bookmark] Candy: can't hardly tell he belongs to a Raph [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o ...well that's not how I saw that going....

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: *clings and sobs on Mikko*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: Oh, sure. Once again let's make me the bad guy.... -.-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: O.o *goes over to O'Erica* Um, sorry to bother you.

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *chuckles, not phased* he's a daddy's boy *one arm hugs the other Raph and Mikko* you can snug him whenever you want rohRaph - *winks and smiles at rohLeo* no trouble, I know he is safe with yous -

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raph

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *bows his head to her* Thank you.

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *pats* thre there. how about you and I go make some kids of our own.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *okay, feels really bad about this... almost as bad as when he accidentally whiped out that lil town* :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *winks at Superman* thank you - he'll stop crying

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *wails more*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: *is...she hitting on him?* Not the time, woman!! *Reaches for the lil one*

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *holds him back out to the rohRaph -* [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *and once again managed to fudge up a ...'perfect'? situation. Goes to save kittens from trees*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: ^^ *takes and snuuuuugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: ooooookay....clearly I am not needed or wanted here. soooo I'm gonna...Go hang with the zombie people. *walks over to Daryl*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *resumes chewing - still complaining*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *all dirsty and greasy and smells like squirrel nuts. Oh look, woman! Time to be super awkward*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He has Red's temper

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: or mine... or both [tongue] *son is safe - returns to snugging her Red*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: *staaaaares at Mikko's backside.*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: That is a fasinating scent yoy have on. and I do like the leather jacket, very punk rock.

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *weird sort of awkward sideways grin* Yup. *crossbow in hand, waiting for squirrel to cross by...sees branches moving about, has no idea it's Sup rescuing kittens..* Squirrels are big around here...*aims*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *yay! they can steal the little guy for hugs whenever! - waits her turn*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol bolt in the buttock!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *thoroughly amused - pulls off hoody* I think we have more eager any time baby sitters BigRed [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: *nudges Daryl* You really need to start reading those comics Michonne brings back....that's not a squirrel...

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: O.o She brings you comics? She brings me something else.....

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: not sure that's a squirrel....why don't you just eat the kid? *nods to Carl*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: ......*blank sort of look*

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: start with the baby, work your way from youngest to oldest

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: ...because he's rotten... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: No. No one's eatin' lil asskicker.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty Ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: You can eat me. *spanks his ass* bow chicka bow wow

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol now that be confusing if OEe greeted Daryl with a hi Bonesteel

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: *totally gets it, even t hough Daryl doesn't*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I bet you can make me moan louder then any walker!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lucky busy telling ORed where Blaze is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: [blushing] ​ Stoooop

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: I promise I won't tell Carol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Carol? awwww you have a girlfriend? well I wont tell either [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was about to post for Raph because I thought E posted ...but now it be gone

[Bookmark] Rogue: so I shall post tomorrow night

[Bookmark] Rogue: if I get a chance

[Bookmark] Mikko: I seen that. I was sad it went away

[Bookmark] Mikko: you can post fr the Gabe!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: We ain't together....*doesn't know what to do!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: or Daisy. Bella is chatting away

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: DOITDOITDOIT! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl:... do what...

[Bookmark] Candy: Is was not happy with my post

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: -.- No one's that stupid.

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Great! Let's go behind that tree so I can ride your pony!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: .... you mean nervous Nelly? The walkers got 'er in season 2.....

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *sighs* duuuuuuuude I'm trying to fuck you.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: ....O.O ...oh...*okay, now this is awkward*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: -.- Seriously, Daryl? six seasons and you're not excited it's finally happening with someone? *shoves him to follow* Hit that, man...

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: ^___^ yeah! *strips! in front of the kid and all*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: I'm savin' myself for Carol.... *hawt damn real boobs!*

[Bookmark] Candy: It sucked

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: *total boner*

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, I thought it was good

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH: oh...*dresses* ok then good luck with that. *heads over to Marvel and hooks up with Gambit*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:17 am

pt 8.

Rogue: Carl: *waves* I'm single!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *fuck.. missed out, stil lwaiting on a woman that he's not even sure likes him that way... even though all the signs are there...*

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for gabe

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: and too young! but I'll still be around when yer 18!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta go soon. [frown] *pouts*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: I'm old enough!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol how old is he?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Merle: Yer a damn, pussy, lil brother.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: 15

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: See? ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: I'll be 16 soon.... at least I think I will... what year is it? O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: Me too soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: you got three years, if the walkers don't get ya.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: No I ain't! -.- I just know what I want...

[Bookmark] Rogue: Merle: What, a pecker? Don't tell me yer one of those girly boys...

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: Oh, I'll make it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Daryl

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *debates shooting the guy in the tree. Heard he was alien... you can eat those, right?* Shuddup, Merle...

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: then I look forward to it! *smooches Carl's cheek*

[Bookmark] Rogue: poor daryl indeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And I'm 14 [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: ^^ <3

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: Oh? *sliiiiiides over to Mel* S'up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not interested dude

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: sorry man, Mel is into chicks with dicks.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: -.- Can you really be picky?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not from your world

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: Ah, okay. *shrugs.. gonna marry Michonne someday, anyway*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I have to head to bed. so sleepy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can't a girl be single Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: ninight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *fade into background*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes should go too

[Bookmark] Rogue: *puts all her crazies back into the box. but keeps Daryl and Sup separated*

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnnd I'm off too. will hopefully be able to drop in for a few tonight [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs* wish me luck

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: luck

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww night *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And I go, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 102 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not much. You?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm reading up for posts.

[Bookmark] Espionata: The flu has hit my house DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: I haven't caught it and hope I never do *Crosses fingers*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im back

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had to get something to eat what i ate earlier wasnt enough

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thanks

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its so weird having three days off but I needed it this week [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my mom doesnt get my eating habbits are all weird right now because of third shift. i wasn't totally hungry till after work so that was my lunch this is my dinner that im having now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll get hungry again at three am

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Right now I'm on my cycle so I'm always hungry lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Could be worse [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: true

[Bookmark] Espionata: My female cat loves to sleep with me even though I can't move and that includes the older male cat because he's usually with me too lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my male cat Monty hates the sounds of other cats he went crazy when my mom played some on her phone

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: My cats all get along so they don't care lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thats good [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: he gets along great with frannymay [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah they play together even though the older cat will be 10 in June

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm happy that he's still playful

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah cause not all cats can be

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you should post photos of your cats

[Bookmark] Espionata: I should

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it would be cute and cool. cause cats are cute and cool [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: be with u guys soon

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: My older male cat is a pur black cat so need good lighting lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: *pure

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I want to get the younger male cat's Siamese markings in a good light he's gotten darker since he was a kitten lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs rogue*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sounds like our cat Monty he's pure black

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Siamese are pretty

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and frannymay is black with a white spot on her belly

[Bookmark] Espionata: They are but he's a Siamese mix so his markings are that of an orange tabby

[Bookmark] Espionata: His legs were pure white then he developed stripes

[Bookmark] Espionata: He already had the mask and marked tail lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sounds very pretty

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hope your doing well Rogue

[Bookmark] Rogue: 9 babeh opossums... me tired. they keep climbing out of their makeshift 'crib'

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os how big are they

[Bookmark] Rogue: really small

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwws

[Bookmark] Espionata: His mom was an abandoned cat that people took in while she was pregnant but she was happy with them and didn't mind people were around her kittens

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oppossums can climb

[Bookmark] Espionata: They play dead too lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: must need something bigger

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: they're all finally sleeping.. phew. but gotta wake them up soon to feed again before I go to bed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hopefully they'll sleep when you do.

[Bookmark] Espionata: My female cat is digging in the couch lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwws

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's just in a mood to play

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's only a year old so very kittenish still

[Bookmark] Rogue: sorry guys, been super busy and not able to chat much. sleeping pills are kicking in so I'm gonna go and try to sleep. Didn't get off til 8:30 and have a double shift waiting on me tomorrow and friday. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: will see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* Goodnight, Rogue!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off, too. *hugs* Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 101 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: ho

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi ho

[Bookmark] Espionata: Now the Dwarf song from Snow White is in my head lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's been at least ten years since I watched it lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I hate snow white

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I didn't watch it as often as I did with other Disney movies lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww *hands you Double stuffed Birthday cake oreo*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is no laughing matter! oreos are serious stuff!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oreos are good lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Oreos are god like! they come from the heavens made from the breast of angels!

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aly needs to post [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: She just did! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted before I came into chat~

[Bookmark] Mikko: HELL YEAH!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sticks Oreo in Aly's mouth*

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^___^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax:I do not remember giving you that permission, Alysson. I could be wrong though, it's been a long week.

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted and Aly can ignore the scientists they ignore everything else lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *also hands out Rum. for the little sis, she gets fruit punch!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: just got home from crafting almost done making the second candle for a wedding gift next week. then i've got to work on the photo book for them to. so that will be all next week challenge to be done on time

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shoves Oreo in Scoop's mouth and hands her rum*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: which kind of Oreos I love the double fudge [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: double stuffed birthday cake!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *takes the rum though [smile] *

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yummy haven't had that one

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I got my dress today and my nails done today for the wedding

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I also have to get my mothers day gift made. so I'll be busy

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i got on a ramble of crafts I've got to get done. cause then I've got to craft all I'm selling in July

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: since im in a show and have only half of what I need right now to make sales

[Bookmark] Alysson: Delayed hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Mikko: *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​icks*

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aly can post the scientists will watch a throwdown [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuu we need scientist to post

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: This is personal, I don't want an audience~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: They're not gonna leave

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Besides I can't get out of this cage

[Bookmark] Mikko: it would be rude to not let the proper japs not talk

[Bookmark] Mikko: always let the scientist talk

[Bookmark] Mikko: they know things, spooky things

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax knows spooky things

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax is going to try and bring back the turtle boy

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *bust in and ninjas the hell out of everyone*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll make post after this movie

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 100 days ago

Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'll probably be next off day before I can make RP posts. [frown] with 9 orphans, nursing home and doing doubles.. yeah. I'm stretched thin

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey sexy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *snugs and licks and spanks*

[Bookmark] Rogue: but doing lil posts on RoH because it takes 2 seconds and not forcus to write out posts..

[Bookmark] Rogue: *snugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: well, I'm not posting. DP is.. he should be admin [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sounds like too much

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^__^

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Fuck yes I should!

[Bookmark] Mikko: fuck? ok!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks DP*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: restarting computer due to sound issues

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: wooo!

[Bookmark] Rogue: WB

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thanks [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: that movie ghsihwas pretty good

[Bookmark] Espionata: The scientists are up [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I didn't think that young girls woud get them up

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are japanese though

[Bookmark] Mikko: no one here is japanese right? totally mean that in a great way!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Need to tell that one to Shredder and Karai!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
this is what im watching: THE SIMS 4 | BLACK WIDOW CHALLENGE | PART 1 — Welcome, To The Neighborhood!YouTube · 31:42 · 107K · 99%{Open Me} Don't Forget To Rate *Please* ARE YOU READY? IF SO LETS GET THIS TO 2K LIKES! ➦ Welcome, Dearest. Here we start our journey. I mean, we all got to start some where right? Follow me on my path to riches as I suck the life out of every man in my wake. Why such hostility you ask? You'll find out, eventually.... ➦ ANJELICA'S CAS: ➦ About Anjelica Abana - Anjelica Maria Abana Formally known as (Sasha Guadalupe Cortez) Has been on the run for the last 3 years. Fleeing from her home town of Mexico City, The young beauty has lives the last few years in fear. Getting involved with the mexican cartels, and her former fiance a druglord. Anjel, has been running scared. Trying to change her past by creating a new future. Missing the money that once flowed through her hands like water, Anjelica is determined to do it right this time, on her terms! Using the one thing she knows how, her charm and devilish cute looks to lure in unsuspecting men, with out suspicion. Watching her every move, because you'll never know when it could be her last. ➦ Sport Your Support (Merch): ➦ Places You Can Find Me: Second Channel: Snap: HeyUrban Facebook: Blogger: Twitter: The Sims 3: Jenn951 Origin: jENN2606 Instagram: XUrbanBellaX ➦ Bensound ➦ Computer & Recording Specs: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm watching Wrecker

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was watching the Veil

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm alsoatching Rough, but fon't tell her

[Bookmark] Mikko: GREAT NEW! I'm not swollen anymore!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^__^

[Bookmark] Rogue:

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw yay ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I read that dedpol was abble to pic up the thor hammer at one point

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: but then it turned out that it wa loki playing

[Bookmark] Mikko: iiiii

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: watching Game Of Thrones - [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, he did! and it was epic. Rogers was like "OMG!" lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: whos gonna watch Nightcralr and some other mutants with mw?

[Bookmark] Rogue: who's MW? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: uh......Mikko Wagner!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^___^

[Bookmark] Mikko: these cookies are fucking amazeballs!

[Bookmark] Mikko: where s kitty kat?

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh tigerclaw getten it on! bow chicka bow wow

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe Love can meow loud enough to turn all the man ninjas on!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i heard she was going to be online late tonight

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not sure why

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: school i guess

[Bookmark] Mikko: school?

[Bookmark] Mikko: schooooooooooooooooool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Skoooool

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello, we were just talking about you

[Bookmark] Espionata: ho


[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I JUST got home.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know! i have been folooling you

[Bookmark] Mikko: MWHAHABAS

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she was asking where you were at

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I was at a concert with my dad. ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MercyMe

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: very cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh! my grandmother loves MercyMe ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh I don't know who that is!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 22-year old Christian Band. ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: there a christian group

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: their good

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooh! like Jars of clay!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The concert (with two other acts) was over three hours! O.o On a weeknight. There were kids there, so the parents couldn't be too happy it ran that late.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *nods*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hoping it was inside and not outside it was cold today this evening

[Bookmark] Mikko: WOO! just ordered my bebop glasses! going to be the sexest bebop this holloween!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] think I'm going to make a blumbob and wear my normal clothes or make a shirt that's from the sims 4 and be a Sim person

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Inside the BEAUTIFUL theater where I see all my musicals. ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's only about five minutes away from home. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: now the rest of my money goes to rent, website subs, Arthas and X-MEN!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww, where's TMNT? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: More TMNT! [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
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[Bookmark] Mikko: TMNT?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, I got a Leo Vision Quest Minimates figure today. With Rocksteady. [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: awesome

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'll show you a pic.


[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: booty booty booty booty shaking everywhere!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
I like this one: DIY Sims Diamond/Plumbob - Easy Halloween Costume!YouTube · 6:6 · 90K · 98%Subscribe for more fun videos: Like my interrobang necklace? Get your own at: Watch more DIY videos: Watch all of my Halloween DIY videos: Check out last year's DIY Jake's Sword from Adventure Time: Learn how to make DIY Patterned Pumpkins: Download the pattern PDF: Send me things to my new PO Box! Karen Kavett PO Box 741405 Los Angeles, CA 90004 Check out my website: Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to my second channel: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Tumblr: Follow me on Pinterest: Follow me on Instagram: Follow my story on Snapchat: karenkavett Thanks for watching, and DFTBA! [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Leo

[Bookmark] Kitteh Rocksteady

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rock looks a little strange

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, I got it for Leo. [wink] They came as a two-pack

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: secret looooovers

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: well it's nt a secret anymore! thanks!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Leos cute

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LIke this

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: dats it no more rum for me -

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh This is the gang, minus Splinter.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: No judgment here, man. WEll...A little judgment

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don comes with two heads. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: don't all guys?

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: hey I like round plumb women not soft shelled soup ingredients!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And they all come with the primary weapons and their 'mystic' ones.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: nah. small and short and tiny! ^__^ blonde and a bit ditsy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: pppft break to easy- nothing to grab and hold onto little piggy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: pffffy pick up spin around, pounce, bounce, she break get a new one!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Are you scientists just gonna sit there and watch two girls go at it?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol That's not nice.

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are turned on, Mel. bow chika bo wowow

[Bookmark] Candy: Rocky: *sniggers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh! rememeber the taco bell trying to win those headphones? WE WON! sadly this means no more taco bell

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm having Taco Bell now. [tongue] Except what I usually get they don't make past 11 pm.

[Bookmark] Mikko: so tonight we have McDs!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Macca's!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Deadpool: *Gonna sweep Lois Lane off her feet* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: I challenge everyone to a duel over the ladies!

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I killed Lois Lane! and ate her liver!

[Bookmark] Rogue: beh.. my brain is turning into mush... so friggin tired. I don't wanna do another double

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:.... can I have the rest of her?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *might already have a girl?*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *gives the rest of her to DP*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Do not ask why! The reasons are my business!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: wow.. before a game has actually started? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: you cocky, Leo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Leo is a whore!

[Bookmark] Rogue: anyway, poll on RoH...all I could manage tonight. and DP making more jabs aT Sup. And Raph... doing Raph things

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: hope I get home befroe 10 pm tomorrow nigh. [frown] would like to get an actual game post done

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *doesn't have to answer that, likes the sane ones*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *pretend to be part of wall again - yep*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And nope, he doesn't officially have a girl in a game. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she's terrible at camoflage btw

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: The only way to hide is to use he shadows

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
kitteh i know you haven't watched much of game of thrones but you'll like this video. may spoil a bit of the show if you don't know: JON SNOW (Meghan Trainor "NO" Parody) - Game of ThronesYouTube · 2:59 · 44K · 97%SUBSCRIBE for more Katie Wilson videos! BUY THIS SONG! - SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: JON SNOW (Meghan Trainor "NO" Parody) Game of Thrones Jon Snow Parody of Meghan Trainor's new song "No" in honor of Game of Thrones Season 6. Is Jon Snow dead? Katie thinks not. JON SNOW: Brian Finifter WRITTEN BY: Mary Risk VOCALS BY: Katie Wilson VOCAL RECORDING & PRODUCTION: TJ Smith INSTRUMENTAL BY: DIRECTED BY: Michael Strat MAKEUP BY: Despina Scandalis WARDROBE: Erin Wenrick Thank you to my Patrons who helped me make this video! Kevin Helgerson, Aaron Walker, Brandi H, Ed Powell, BYB Films, Patrick Thornton, Jordan Goodridge, Robert Turner, Eddy Garcia, Jon Michael. JON SNOW (Meghan Trainor NO Parody) Lyrics Jon Snow is so gone That’s what they say to me But I don’t believe his death is true It simply cannot be. Yes he’s the character I just know we’ll see... J to the O to the N, Jon Snow I want Jon Snow I won’t take no My favorite Crow I will not let him go I will not let him go Will not let him go J to the O to the N, Jon Snow I could just read on, if the books were done Learnin’ bout the future ’fore it came And though I think I know, what happens to Snow You win or die when you play the game We fans all have thoughts, HBO says naught, Keepin’ secret if he’ll stay or go Blah, blah, blah, tell me ’bout J to the O to the N, Jon Snow Game of Thrones fans listen up You say that Snow ain’t gettin’ up Have no stress the Red Priestess Will bring him back to impress I want Jon Snow I won’t take no My favorite Crow I will not let him go I will not let him go Will not let him go J to the O to the N, Jon Snow I want Jon Snow (No!) I won’t take no (No!) My favorite Crow (No!) I’ll never let him go I'll never let let him go Never let him go J to the O to the N, Jon Snow I suppose it’s true, I like others too Jon is not the only one I see Tyrion is great, what is Sansa’s fate And I wonder where they took Dani? Winter’s gonna come, and he will save ’em from, Everythin’ that you don’ even know Yah, yah, yah, that is my J to the O to the N, Jon Snow Game of Thrones fans listen up You say that Snow ain’t gettin’ up I don’t care, he will be there ’Cause no one else can compare! I want Jon Snow I won’t take no My favorite Crow I cannot let him go I cannot let him go Cannot let him go J to the O to the N, Jon Snow I want Jon Snow (No!) I won’t take no (No!) My favorite Crow (No!) I cannot let him go I cannot let him go Cannot let him go J to the O to the N, Jon Snow The night is Unwatchable, unwatchable The night is Unwatchable, unwatchable The night is Unwatchable, unwatchable Without J to the O to the N, Jon Snow FOLLOW KATIE WILSON YouTube Channel: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Website: BUSINESS INQUIRIES: FAN MAIL: 1158 26th Street Suite 414 Santa Monica, CA 90403 Vlogs, Music Videos, Sketches, Gameplay and more by actress/host/singer Katie Wilson! [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *pokepokepokepokePOKEPOK​E Lois because it's FUNNEH!*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she does videos with black nerd comdy

[Bookmark] Mikko: resonded in the poll

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, Raph, that's just gross. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHMikey: is not - its called scent marking - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Still gross [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. and DP wants to raise his hand and ask when the probing starts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Haven't watched much GoT, Scoop? I've seen every episode so far! [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
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[Bookmark] Candy: I got to season two!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im on season three but i heard of what happens to some characters

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn wish RoH Mikko was made, need her to answer for the ^
[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm not interested in the show lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. well fuck, what are you waiting for? make her [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im heading off for the night. night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall! NO ONE POST IN THAT THREAD!

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: And Sup said someday, you will like him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol RoHEe was looking for a hanky

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bishop: ...*Hears there are aliens about on this RoH?*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: With alien snot? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: SHE'S MADE!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and she posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Well, shit. I voted in the poll thingy without reading the rules. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: will vote laters

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I gave my opinion. [tongue] Only I did the voting thing under Leo's account. lol

Mikko: Mikko also voted

[Bookmark] Rogue: I know who raph's gonna vote for [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: shouldn't be a secret

[Bookmark] Mikko: his booooyfriend!

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: WB

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm gonna do polls in all Us whenever I get time

[Bookmark] Rogue: anyone can do them, though

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaay

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mikko's response

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *...hasn't killed Lois ...yet?* O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, that was funneh. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol maybe she's an alien too

[Bookmark] Rogue: maybe O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: though they're already hinting at him being with WW in Justice League

[Bookmark] Rogue: i DUnno. I like him and Lois together... but WW makes sense. I mean, she could 'take him' [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: well that is what happens, though I don't think they stay together long

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. though they were supposed to deviate from the comics and other sources... but they all say that. Well see how much of that is true with CW too

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Rogue: the writers of CW said they want fans to be surprised... so who knows. Spidey may stay team Stark and Rogers may not be the one to die. Though Chris Evans contract is up.. and the guy that plays Bucky signed on for 9 movies

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooh snap!

[Bookmark] Rogue: they just better not kill War Machine. Rhodes is precious

[Bookmark] Rogue: I know he gets shot down

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he must be protected!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Civil War was pretty controversial as it is

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, it is. and I can't see Spider-man exposing who he really is like in the comic. I mean, he's much younger in the movie. In the comic he was already married and had story behind him

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Raph totally fan-BOYED [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: -.- Did not

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: poor Sup., He gets no love?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ...*used to it. They made a whole movie about it, after all....*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raph are you afraid of Spiderman?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Batman is better. -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol he's all emo

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: No...*okay, totally is... but not gonna admit it. Not so much spider-man himself but the fact that he has a fuckin' spider on his suit and shoots web from his wrists.. yeah.. somethin' ain't right with thatshit*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I seen a porno once with a girl who got bit by a radioactive spider and could shoot web out of her vajaja!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: true story o.O

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What that's so creepy *Shudders*

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: maaaan. So wish I had Harley so she could pipe up in that thread

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *mental note to never watch porn*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I would love to take on the Joker.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: though I don't know if I could bring myselg to slap Harley around I love her so

[Bookmark] Espionata: Read his tvtropes page it's hilarous lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: HQ: I have to even out the numbers.. [big grin] and....any reason to NOT vote for Batzy is reason enough for me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *slips an arm around RoHEe* Probably a good idea.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Rogue: there seriously needs to be more boobs on the forum. I mean, we have KF, Mikko, Erica... and that's it?

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *points at Leo and E* is that allowed!? no fucking on the first date!

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: Oo .... can you read my mind?! *but glad for the hug*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I know Scoop is taking Los.. but there's way more dicks a swingin' around there [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol LOTS of testosterone. No wonder the guys are going nuts. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes!

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: OO there was no f f f fucking1 *oh lord so red!*

[Bookmark] Candy RoHMikey: .... my turtle dong swings best yo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: You can't prove that. He's a turtle. it's mating season! things happen.....*glares*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I will be there soon >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: though if things ever calm down for me and I can keep up with the forums and get profiles... may take BW. Because I know HQ is a char that a noob may want. Don't wanna hog up all the goodies

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: O.o What the...?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL Mikey...

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko says if she's not getting laid, no one gets laid!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think Raph's would take the cake. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: there's cake?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL! I just got a WEIRD image in my head. >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: did it involve Raph's dick eating cake?

[Bookmark] Candy: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: cuz that's what was in my head

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Not exactly.

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: .- leave my dick outta this

[Bookmark] Mikko: I mean, he breaths through his ass, pisses out his mouth, why not eat with his dick!

[Bookmark] Mikko: turtles are strange

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: -.- If yer not Batman, don't talk to me.

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *will just look at ground cause anywhere higher than knees ....*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *would like to take Ee away from the craziness*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *even his player is warped* -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *dresses in tight leather skimmpy batman costume and runs up to Raph* I'M BATMAN! grrrrrrr!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wouldn't that be a squeak? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: squeak!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *not buying it, but damn... she looks sexy in that get-up* [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So manly. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *sexy dance time!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *supplies the boombox*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *likes a dance - but not gonna*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *strips reveiling her tiny batman panties and pasties!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: RohEe: *is a victorias secret girl - and nope not sharing!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You don't wanna see my body >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: *O.O Sooo tempted to take Mikko right then and there....she understands his obsession!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: do it! do it!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: you can be my batman. I'll be your catwoman. *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks his cheek*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: O.o ...*not sure what to do...buuut fuck, boner!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *tugs on Leo's bandana - maybe they can sneak away from the crazy?*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko:...............​...^_^ *goes down on him!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe.. and Sups responded to that thread [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and nu, he didn't vote for himself [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bats totally would have voted for himself [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko:nuuuuuuuu you must explain it to me! In great detail!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *heads off with Erica*

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha.. well if you keep poking, he may answer... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *whispers* I am voting for Lois

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaay

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *giggles*

[Bookmark] Rogue: you know.. to educate [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *thinks RoH E is smart* [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: sex ED is important!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I really don't know what I want to do with Mikko in RoH. I picked a green hair pic in case I toss her in with some mutants

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: it is very important - especially if your with a turtles whose hung like a percheron horse

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko thinks Ee is a little too fond of horses.

[Bookmark] Rogue: sadly, I must head off now *pouts* have to be up soon. shoulda left a long time ago... but I miss you guys!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: will see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Miss you, too!

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: night ngiht *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: RohEe: *loves horses.... but not that way! - leading Leo - somewhere don't really know the O chat world too well*

[Bookmark] Mikko: she left!

[Bookmark] Mikko: left like a leaf in the wind!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *snigger*

[Bookmark] Mikko: or a megestic plastic bag

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I have to go too! and I have to stop eating oreos!

[Bookmark] Mikko: night peeps! *hugs hug*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: night night - night as well turn it in [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs hugs * G'Arvo

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off, too. Want to get some posting done before bed. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 100 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: the booty

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *throws cows at you*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: take the cows! take it! lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *twerls*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: boo

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Black Canary died I'm sad about that. I liked her character

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i know there's more than one but still

[Bookmark] Mikko: CAW CAW

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Mikko: but what about the babeh!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not sure

[Bookmark] Mikko: THE BABEH!

[Bookmark] Mikko: The Joker ate it!

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 99 days ago


[Bookmark] Mikko: hi love1

[Bookmark] Mikko: !

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches*

[Bookmark] Rogue: well that sucks

[Bookmark] Mikko: for the baby yeah

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need to do some naughty post

[Bookmark] Rogue: Well DP tried really hard to rip Superman's heart out. Mikko better give him smooches [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh? *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. he hasn't gotten back yet. Still trying. really...reeeeeally hard [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh ok

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *brings her an elephant heart* I did it! I slayed the GOD!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: O.O ^_^ *snugs the heart and sexes up DP*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^^ dildo in the ass! *suprise DP butt sex*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: O.O I'm NOT a bottom!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Webs is, though...
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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:21 am

pt 9.

Mikko: Mikko: oh? then you gotta wrestle me for top!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: Shuddup!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *PINS HER!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ooooh noooooooooowhat ever shall I dooooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *Rocks her ALLL NIGHT LOOOONG*

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey sex machine

[Bookmark] Mikko
Mindless Self Indulgence - Fuck Machine - lyricsYouTube · 3:22 · 217K · 98% [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: There is no SEX MACHINE@!!! I killed him!

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwwwww then we need a new one!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im back sorry bathroom called

[Bookmark] Mikko: what it say?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sha Shipoopi

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I know its from a musical the word but I had to say it [smile] even if it doesn't mean that at all

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: brb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: k

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: the actual meaning: The dialogue surrounding the song does not explain the meaning of the term shipoopi, which Willson invented for the song. The chorus implies that it means a "girl who's hard to get", and the first stanza says a woman who waits until the third date to kiss is a shipoopi.

[Bookmark] Mikko: *runs around tossing confetti at people*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Party [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: cha cha cha chia!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I will sing you the song of my people!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: nkh .k

[Bookmark] Mikko: that was Arthas

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww... heeeey puppeh!

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *throws fart bombs about* I KILLED SIRIOUS BLACK!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol


[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: But you didn't. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: there was a spider on my bathroom's light switch!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it was nasty and light brown! and i think it was a recluse

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw. I rescued a lil spider at work today. everyone wanted to step on him and I was like.. .seriously? that's unprofessional, killing critter in a vets office just because you don't like it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Back-ish.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: welcome back

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im gonna be busy working on things. sent you a note kitteh on facebook


[Bookmark] Rogue: *dances with*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *siiiings* I wanna be your dominated loooooov slaaaaaave....


[Bookmark] Rogue: BP: *mutilates him t shut him up*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: THIS is why you can't be an X-Men.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP's severed head: Oh man, why? Did I come too early [tongue] I usually don't have that problem

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: cher, you are too weird even for a mutant.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP's head: *trying to push itself using its tongue* Naw, this is TOTALLY normal

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *nods and picks up the head and hands it to the body* Oh yes, perfectly normal.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Awww, so you DO care! *bloody severed head KISSES~!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: BP: O.o ... You sure he's not DC? They have all the freaks....

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: O.O Or! Or! I don't to be scaring the smalls ones. *nods to Mel*

[Bookmark] Mikko: want*)

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ...then pull up your pants... jeeze!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ...and just don't tell her about Superman's pincher dick...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: My pants are up! *hands DP to Sup* He be your problem now. Don't feed him after midnight and don't get him wet.

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o*holding awkwardly... has seen some strange things in his time, but Krytonians have nothing on this* ...I....*shoves him back at Gambit and flies off*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: WAIT! I didn't get your autograph!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: ......>​.>​ *pushes him to spiderman and runs off*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: pfffft, GODS. They're all the same. At least Thor let me handle his hammer... *brow wiggle*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: -.- Thanks.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Nothing scares me here anymore >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *just kinda drops his pieces into a web and waits for his bud to... come together...*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Pretty sure you held the hammer because Loki fucked with your mind

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Mmmmm, Loki. ~<3 I do wish I hat gotten his digits

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: toooooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *Soooo DP likes other guys, too? Feels kinda used now*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *snugs the man of spiders*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ^^ *snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Hey! That's my Web-Cum-shot!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I don't see no ring on that finger!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: I'm not the ringing type

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ...I mean....sometimes....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I see. Well it's just a snug! My man is that red masked turtle over there. he don't know it yet, but I'ma tap dat tail!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: .. let me know how that is! TEAMRED!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ...*once again, feeling used* :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: pfffft Spidey got two bitches if stop killing them!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o ...I didn't kill anyone!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: made a post in MM

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm hoping I can do game posts for everywhere Sunday. maybe can get rest and focus :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *skips around singing* I DON'T WANNA SET THE WORLD ON FIRE! I ONLY WANNA RIP IT APART! *steals DP's swords, because here she's quite skilled!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: that would be awesome

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I really wanna start a game on RoH. my Marvel and DC muse is really strong. just sucks being too tired to do anything about it

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: we nnnnneeeeds game

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was working onan aftermath short one shot for BvS after Kents funeral. got a lot of it done.... but then work struck

[Bookmark] Mikko: stipid work

[Bookmark] Rogue: and that Spidey/DP smut.. bow chika wow wow

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh

[Bookmark] Mikko: kinky!@

[Bookmark] Rogue: and my BF wants to read this

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooh bow chicka bow wow

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's like pro batman everything

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: I had a couple sips of whisky.. hope it helps me sleep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Rogue: but gotta feed a million opossums before I can do that

[Bookmark] Mikko: sipy sipy!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww ^_^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: STill have all 9 yet?

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: another double tomorrow. [frown] my third in a row, not to mention the long shift wed

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep. everyone is doing good ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: 4 are going to other fosters next week

[Bookmark] Rogue: so that'll give me somr relief

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's good because pinkies are hard to take care of

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: my life has consisted of, work, nursing home, feedind orphans...and 3 hours sleep when lucky

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuu

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs* speaking of... gotta feed opossums.. brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks Rogue*

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: making candles for my cousin

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh! we have an idea of why I keep getting all fluidy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had to make the wax on one i'll need more wax for the other one when its done

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: first one is almost done I still need glaze to glaze the outside of it and wait for the wax to set which its almost done but now i smell like pink roses

[Bookmark] Mikko: coooool pics?

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: will have them once its done hardening

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: smells good won't give me a headache

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn! I thought I had a good mutant power for Mikko in RoH, but it's been done in X-Men

[Bookmark] Espionata: What power is that?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was thinking of water minipulation and transformation. but Wipeout can do that

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know there is mutatns that have powers that are the same or close to the same, but I really want to do something diffrernt

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko will be the only OC I put on RoH and she will be given four, full, compleate profiles. TMNT/TWD/DC/Marvel

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You do you keep getting fluid-y, Mikko?

[Bookmark] Mikko: TMNT I'm thinking of doing something I never did with the character before and make her an being from a different dimension. TWD, just a boring surviver. DC, a Joker lacky, not a Quinn, pretty much a nobody that worships joker. and Marvel a brotherhood mutant

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh! so it's because my heart walls are so thick, and it can pump my blood downward, but it's getting too weak to bring the blood back up, so it and the fluid in the blood is basically getting backed up in my vanes. it's also surrounding my heart and my lower back.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yikes

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah, so far it's not around my lungs, but docs are watching it closely

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: in good news, I ordered the bebop glasses, and the harley quinn puddin choker!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yahoo [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hell yeah!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm ordering the other TMNT VQ minimate figures. ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Tomorrow I'm going to try and get to the comic shop and get the Warcraft pop figures

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Cool. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: and! there is a good chance that I may have Mikko's profiles up by tomorrow night on RoH. cuz, OCs are so much easer to profile for then canon

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: yays profiles!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm hoping to get mine done sunday. so much I wanna get done sunday. [tongue] gotta see what the muse is up to then

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's pointless to fight with her. wherever she is in that moment, go with the flow

[Bookmark] Rogue: otherwise my brain just shuts down

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: I just have such good ideas for Mikko in all her game forms! I just need to find a good, rare, mutant power

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I hope working on her gets the gears moving to finish Bebe and the others

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's why I took fire Mel has a firey personality anyway [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: fire is a cool power. I'm just looking for something that either hasn't been done. or is at least different and strange

[Bookmark] Espionata: I think it would be easier to think of what has been done to death lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnd Sup says NOT to use him as an example of what NOT to have [tongue] He says he's been around long enough for thse to be HIS things [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm leaning toward her being toad like. but, more like...gaboon viper. I'll work on it. so her power would be, venom glands, fangs, infered vision, heat vision, her look would be green hair, a few scales here and there like Miss blue booty annnnnnd maybe I'll give her some cool reptile eyes.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll work on t

[Bookmark] Mikko: that

[Bookmark] Mikko: but the other worlds I know just what she'll be and do!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I do know she isn't going to be an X-men, she'll be part of the brotherhood

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Pffft. You're joining Xavier's boy band? LAME. [tongue]

Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: don't worry I'll still do ya!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: candles almost done. few more touches to the first one. then onto finishing the secondone

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't know if I will be with the X-Men or not

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: The X-Men have tryouts. The brotherhood will take anyone! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I might (if I my motivation is as strong as it is now) draw the different versions of Mikko

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh, that's be interesting

[Bookmark] Rogue: that's pretty, scoop! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thanks [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *dances around because I had WAY too many energy drinks today, SLEEP WILL NOT COME!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: who needs sleep!? you know scientist don't even know WHY we need sleep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: -_-

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
Craig and some familiar faces are having a ball | Week 3 Auditions | Britain’s Got Talent 2016YouTube · 2:22 · 5M · 98%See more from Britain's Got Talent at It’s 24-year old Craig Ball’s turn to face the Judges, but will his unique version of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball leave our panel open-mouthed? SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Twitter: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't look at me in that tone of voice

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Because we get tired Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: There was a pic of this REALLY nice old cady. my dad points and says, see that, I had one of those had to sell it. I asked why, and he looked at me and said. SOMEONE thought kids were more important then a classic car.

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw

[Bookmark] Mikko: I noticed that my father has been getting more and more sassy the older he gets. I threaten to tyrn him into solent green

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im heading off for the night guys i work at 9:15 am

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all

[Bookmark] Mikko: night? *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: who's leaving?

[Bookmark] Espionata: not me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Scoop is. *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I need to head off too. another chaotic day ahead night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: TATA! I'm off. not to bed. but it's raid night! PEW PEW! gonna fuck up some humans!!!! night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: leave

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gonna head off, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 99 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Really quiet tonight.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mikko lost power for a bit. She'll be in soon.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Speak of the devil! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: HEEEEEEEY I almost walked out my bedroom without pants

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: what's going on in the hood?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not much. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: nothing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Been studying like crazy for my final on Monday.

[Bookmark] Mikko: what subject?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Networking.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Have the final over EVERY friggin' chapter we covered over the semester. There is a LOT we had to learn. O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yikes OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: you'll do great!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Thanks. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: stopping into say hello [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: have to get up earlier tomorrow work at 8:15a.m. though i'm working on my profile of Lois Lane right now

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying to think of other bad habits of hers that I know these are what I've got: Lois Lane has bad habits; smoking (stress smoker), getting into trouble, headstrong, bad speller,

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You do realize Superman is gonna wanna bang her every chance he gets, right? [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Yes I do realize that [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: she works as a newpaper edditor and is a bad speller?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Spellcheck [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I clearly need it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well this was before spellcheck

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: the red marker

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well even in the Christ Reeves movie she couldn't spell well

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: also in Smallville, and in Lois and Clark. not sure about Superboy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Christopher

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl

Name: Lois Joanne Lane

Nicknames: Trouble

Height: 5'7'

Eyes: Blue

Hair: brownish/red

Occupation: Reporter/Journalist

Parents: General Sam & Ella Lane

Sister: Lucy Lane


Lives in: Metropolis in a one bedroom apartment close to work.

Powers and Abilities:
Lois Lane is skilled in many ways. She's an artist in her own way as well. She has studied judo and karate during her younger years and as well as her older years. A long with Karate, and is a faster learner..

[Bookmark] Mikko: wpppppp

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooooo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still working on it. haven't done a profile in a while so going by what i know and what i've read or watched

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: apparently though in the origin story her parents where farmers but I like it better as her father as a general like in most back stories of Lois Lane

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and let me just say there are way too many different Earths when reading. And alternate earths. they need to narrow it down

[Bookmark] Espionata: Don't forget reboots and the new 52

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah read about that to

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooo the new 52!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not woo it ruined the Blue Beetle

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: even in The Flash and Supergirl crossover they weren't on the same world. The Flash was on Earth 1 and Supergirl and Superman were on Earth 2

[Bookmark] Mikko: the blue beetle was ruined long before that

[Bookmark] Espionata: No Blue Beetle was awesome

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Not the same Flash that meets up with them later. Different Flash that time travels.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: At first I read Blue Beetle as Booster Gold

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Young Justice was awesome

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: haven't watched all of that yet. been catching up on The batman since I only own seasons up through three on dvd

[Bookmark] Mikko: they were so young! THEY WEREN"T READY!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Watch it and rumor is that Netflx is making a third season

[Bookmark] Espionata: Please be true

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am so hot!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
"MEDIEVAL LAND FUN-TIME WORLD" EXTENDED TRAILER — A Bad Lip Reading of Game of ThronesYouTube · 5:51 · 21M · 99%Theme park manager Eddie Stark has one week to whip his lackluster group of employees into shape before the park's grand opening. EXTRA SCENES HERE: POSTER AVAILABLE HERE: SONG LINK: Like on Facebook! Follow on Twitter! [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its hilarious

[Bookmark] Mikko: *saves to watch later*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ugh! feel sick. going down. too late for me! *crumbles to the floor*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *holds you up*

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuuuu save yourself!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas!

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Feeling any better?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o She went poofies!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, maybe not.

[Bookmark] Mikko: that was hands down the worst experience I have had today

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Saying hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but must head off to bed. [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: 8:15a.m is gonna be too early

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeeeey gurl!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well is when ive got to be there

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwws night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had to take arthas outside, I stand and BAM dizzy as hell! I play it off though, running into shit as I make it to the back door. I make it outside and my vision is gone! I can't see anything other then bluryness. Then I lose all my cookies, thankfully I was outside. come back inside, sit on the kitchen floor, lay on floor, gt assulted by puppy tongue. crawl back to desk. and now...i'm downing some cold water in hopes that helps

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was totally fine about 15 minuets ago, so i don't know what the fuck is going on with my brin

[Bookmark] Mikko: brain

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It wouldn't hurt - that's for sure. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Mikko: how do you feel, Rogue? still on the drunk side?

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: and how are the babehs? do they have names?

[Bookmark] Mikko: name one possum mcpossumface

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm wondering how that profile-writing went. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: heiii

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: naw. had to soper up to deliver a dog to its new home. my friggin mom and sister wasn't taking care of it, I was having to buy all the food and they didn't clean up after it. so.. me and my grandfather found her a better home while my sister was away. she stole the dog anyway

[Bookmark] Rogue: sober*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: she stole a dog!?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol next thing you know she'll come home with a kid. "look what i found!"

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Scary thought.

[Bookmark] Mikko: did i tell you all about the cat I almost adopted?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm not sure.

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. she stole it from the neighbors, they stole it back, she stole it back.. so me and my grandfather ended the cycle tonight. I went into the kitchen and it had gotten into the trash and had it all over the house. I'm tired of cleaning up after it. tired of having to buy food for it. and she planned on breeding it to death. so the dog is better off now. she will be spayed and loved as a pet and not as a means to make money

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's good ^_^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Rogue saves the day! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rogue the savour of animals. when you pass on, they better make you the next saint of animals

[Bookmark] Kitteh: See that cape blowing in the wind? [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: NO CAPES!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwws

[Bookmark] Mikko: I never understood why sups wore a cape

[Bookmark] Mikko: I guess when he was made that was the thing in the 60s

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Me, either. I must kill the aerodynamics. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe's super girl pjs has a cape [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: there's no fucking reaso to breed a mixed breed mutt when there are millions being killed in shelters. I told her what a horrible person she was for even planning on doing that...and why the fuck would she? Dogs are FAR from endangered. None need to be bred for profit

[Bookmark] Mikko: and in the old movies the cape never moved! it defyed gravity

[Bookmark] Espionata: 40's

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, Sups loves her PJs

[Bookmark] Rogue: and why not.. capes are awesome [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I agree! I'll admit I do like pure breeds. but mutts are awesome too

Kitteh: They get caught in stuff. [tongue] Have you SEEN The Incredibles? [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I sooooo need an english bulldog!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have! that's why I said no capes

[Bookmark] Rogue: they are. I love mutts. I love dogs.. but no dog should be bred for the hell of it

[Bookmark] Mikko: nope

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze needs that Incredibles babies suit

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Agreed.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwws

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: too many dogs and cats.. not enough homes. no need to breed them. it's one of my peeves

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe can't even yoga without him getting under her feet - or hands... depending on hows shes bent over

[Bookmark] Candy: yes!

[Bookmark] Candy: many yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: in the 80's my parents bred german shepards

[Bookmark] Espionata: Had a mutt where we had no idea what he was mixed with looked like a collie but smaller Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: but! cat story!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Kitty story! *sits down in front of MIkko*

[Bookmark] Espionata: He came from the pound

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm hmmm - I have to take that big goofy cutie we found wondering the highway home soon

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Shetland Sheepdogs look a lot like Collies...but they're smaller.

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: He was a mix of something the vet didn't know what he was

[Bookmark] Candy: We found the chip in him and got in touch with the owners

[Bookmark] Mikko: so I went out with the fam yesterday, and there is this thrift shop that doubles as a cat shelter, and they adopt out older cats that would be put down at the pound. and all the cats like to sit on their caat trees and beds next to the window. so I walked passed and see this beautiful, fluffy, gray and white cat with eyes that I sware were made from the sky it's self. so I tapped on the window a little bit, and this goddess looked at me and started to do that headbutting thing, afainst the glass. and when she ralized she couldn't get to me she started to paw at the window. S

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Barked a lot because he was a guard dog wasn't trained for that his barking just scared people lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwwww!

[Bookmark] Mikko: So I went inside, and it's cool cuz you can just walk into the cat room and play with the cats all day long. so i go in, and the cat runs up to me, and rolls on her back!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You NEEDS that kitteh!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She has chosen you.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I rubbed her tummy and she purred. then mom was like, ok we're leaving lunch tme! so i stood up and the cat followed me. when I left the room she started to meow loudly

[Bookmark] Espionata: Cat picked you

[Bookmark] Mikko: so I asked how much adoption fees where. like 25 bucks

[Bookmark] Espionata: 25 bucks is cheap

[Bookmark] Mikko: but then fam stepped in and said i was NOT getting the cat

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: so I had to leave her behind.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I WAS SO SAD!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: >​ : (

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: awww

[Bookmark] Espionata: I would get her anyway

[Bookmark] Rogue: come live with me. you can have the cat then

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's when I mentioned in FB that I needed to live withsomeone who didn't mind me bringing home a pet lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I remember that. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't think my mom would've resisted her lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That cat has definitely chosen you.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol so I was talking with Rogue at lunch. Mom ask who I'm talking to. I said oh! my girlfriend! grandmaw looks at me in horror

[Bookmark] Mikko: it gets better

[Bookmark] Espionata: But I have three cats lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: So mom says oooh Rogue? with her? so I'm like noooo we both have boytoys.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Grandmaw looks relieved.

[Bookmark] Mikko: so!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Did you get the Bible thrown at you. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I pull up a pic of Kinte a very dark skin man. show him to grandmaw and say, this is my boyfriend


[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oops lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and all I could think was. if this kills her, will i be tired for murder?

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted Tom Hiddleston goodness on RoH [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Mikko: he couldn't be superman. so he became a different sort of god!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool, yesh

[Bookmark] Mikko: A BETTER GOD!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: there was that one time though, where Loki became good and was able to hold the hammer, and Thor was the bad one.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: dun dun duuuun

[Bookmark] Mikko: yep!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wanna see the DC and Marvel Gods battle it out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: *writing notes and random ideas for the Mikkos* need an intersting weapon for Mikko to have in TWD world.

[Bookmark] Mikko: was gonna do bat, but that's negan's thing

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh! speaking of negan, I actually started his profile.

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's saved on the computer right now

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] I went with archery - it's not a close range weapon but that Ee has no intention of being up close with most of anything in TWD [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Crossbows are useful lol

[Bookmark] Candy: no long bow -

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was thinking of using some weapon ideas from the assassins creed game

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: you want close range TWD killer Ee - O'Ee is the girl, she aint afraid to set them on fire, run em down with a steam roller...

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dressing like a death dealer in that game suppose it's appropriate [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWDMikko might try to steal supplies from Daryl. thinking of ways to incorprate her into the universe

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: Don't. -.- It ain't gonna end well for you.

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ooooooh. it might end well for you though! I never said what i wanted from you. I might steal your pants and undies!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Now that is truly a horror. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl:... O.o You got any idea how long it's been since I washed my underwear?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: screw the walkers! there's a pants stealing maniac on the loose!

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: and that was how Mikko met her end

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, maybe THAT'S even more horrifying. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: at this point i would think he wouldn't have underwear. I mean. he's gotta be making holes in his whity tighties

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *shrugs* we don't exactly have washers and dryers around here...

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Merle: He ain't never wore underwear.. don't let 'im fool you.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: yep rohEe says she'll just hide out and avoid you all [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I don't wear them either! we're like soul mates!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Good luck with avoiding everyone >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: although I most likely see someone having to save mikko's ass because she thinks she's some expert zombie killer because of her video game skillz

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *won't say he doesn't wear any either - awfully hard with a shell*

[Bookmark] Candy: RohMikey: *speak for yourself bro - loves his collected tightie whities*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Deadpool: Spidey wears underoos. Quick, everyone steal his undies!

[Bookmark] Mikko: you know Leo. if you stay hard for too long, got to see a doctor about it

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: ... unless their panties or tightie whities.... no thanks [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *everyone can read his mind?* O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is the chat, Leo. thoughts are not safe in here!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Great... -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *no longer has any underwear - bot ate them all*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: where do the pieces go after he eats them? O.O is he just filled with undies?

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooooh... we need a doomsday!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Doomsday [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: you know how horrible the zombie times would be with a zombie doomsday??

[Bookmark] Candy: to the Mikey's [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: we need a lot

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: Rumor is that Young Justice might get a third season on Netflix

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWDMikko: I'M OUT!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh

[Bookmark] Candy: MH throws em ll up all over the Mikey's rooms like weird party streamers [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Throw in the Black Lanterns

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: a big zombie monster t hat nothing can kill... all attempts only make him stronger and no friggin way to get kryptonite.... dun dun duuuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: ..... and we thought Negan was bad...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know it's good to be inventive, but...that might be just pushing it a bit. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *don't care, means whilst mummy does yoga he can crawl inside the shirt and has some milkshake!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWDMikko: WOOOOOOOO BOSS BATTLE!

[Bookmark] Candy: was sketching those - O'Ee trying to yoga and Blaze in the way [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: and any time the boobs are close - milkshake!!! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: He's gonna be so mad when they dry up lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bah he's fine - she'll keep making

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: boo. I wanna drink, but gots headache so know it's not a good idea [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *massages head meat*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *purrrrrrz*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe sketch sketch

[Bookmark] Candy: do not know how Neo and lilShen ended up in the sketch but how well going with it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Neo will save us all. he will open our eyes to the real world! pull us from our matrix and set us free!

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee says pfffft your chatzy son aint the matrix hero Leo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Leo * [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: mah boobs itch!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol scratch em?

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe says if only that was her only issue with boobs right now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: JOKE TIME! what do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Edward Cullen!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: NO! well kinda...but no!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: FROSTBITE!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hahahahah man I need better jokes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hahaha!

[Bookmark] Candy: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: speaking of vampires, leo about to take his little lady out.

[Bookmark] Mikko: or maybe they should stay in sense it's november in the game

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O did...did Mike eat a roach in Raph's thread?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: whaaat? it was crunchy

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: like a potatoe chip

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don needs to get in his thread more.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm gonna be sick DX

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Not to mention they're a good source of protein...I guess. *still won't eat them though*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown] headache is turning into full fledge migraine. feel sick

[Bookmark] Mikko: so April got her finger stuck in your belt? why was she grabbing your belt? Does Casey know about this/

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh noes!

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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 2:11 pm

pt 10.

Mikko: go lay down you

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: ... long story

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna head off here. may be on FM messenger for a bit

[Bookmark] Rogue: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hgs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww night

[Bookmark] Candy: O'April: yep long story

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: night night

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Turns green*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: WOO made a post

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Candy: wooooooooo -

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: I hear in some countrys they eat bugs so

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey stop DX

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Don's gotten scared to look inside his question thread lately. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: well it's true *gave up on the yoga - pinned to mat by babies*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Well Mikey did find some interesting texts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He did. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] thats what happens when tphones are left unattended - Mikey raids them

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm off to the bed! night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Almost typed "bugs". [tongue] Would've been kinda apropos. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Angel: *is not gonna help O'Ee - thats funny*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Babies are hungry [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *sighs and just lays there -* well wont have to fret my milk will be going away anytime soon

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Angel: always [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey you chose that was how you were gonna feed Blaze [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: yes and he's such a hungry lil fellow [smile] *can't be too frustrated with a Blaze and a LilShen to snug*

[Bookmark] Candy: thank you cuddle hormone

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze, Neo and LilShen*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That he is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: may need more boobs *boys still squbbling over lefty*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We're not cats >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: well they can fight more in bed *scoops all three up an stands* yes - and at times like this I wish we had more nipples... *takes herself and the little boogers to bed*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Even though we have breast tissue in our armpits lol

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmm hmmm

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Angel: *still amused - follows*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Angel should be able to help pretty soon. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yep - never got to her popping in o chat - so her follow is more of a waddle

[Bookmark] Candy: like seriously a waddle

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel misses Raiden lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *thinks her waddle is just so adorable* [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: He's rebuilding his world all good

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Angel: *and has to pause to puff a little*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *moves to her side, slipping an arm around her* Are you alright?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: yeah - just... short of breath *glad for the help, rubs belly*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *nuzzles then kisses her* Would you like me to carry you? [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's spoiling her. lol

[Bookmark] Candy: been a while for those two

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It seems like Angel has been pregnant for over a year >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *yes!! -* No no, I should make it... *cause stubborn*

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah so has Ally - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *takes her hand* Then let me at least assist you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *holds hand* alright - after Ee *points vaguely - knows she went that way somew where*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I miss Raiden

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: don't blame you - been a long time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Way to long

[Bookmark] Candy: yesssss waaaaaaaaaaaaaay [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *leads her in the direction she wants to go, still holding her hand*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *waddles - waddles - pouts* my feet hurt

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *takes that as his cue to pick her up and carry her bridal-style. You only had to say something. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *pouts more* was trying to make it on my own *really not enjoying this part of being so roooound*

[Bookmark] Candy: stubborn

[Bookmark] Espionata: Really stubborn

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles and kisses her* Is that better?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: mmm hmmm *nods blushing*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yes

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *grins* Good. *carries her the rest of the way there*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *knows she's been crnky and stand off ish and hormonal and down right crazy - glad the Don still helps* thanks *points to the bed and the O'Ee and babies all snuggled*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe crazy

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] weird cravings

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *doesn't mind it, brings her over* Did any of you need help with anything? *question posted to all the women*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *pats spot on bed -* hugs?*

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: no no thank you pretty eyes [smile] *three sleeping bubs snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Shrugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: yes need more o chat madness [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: next time [big grin] *hugs hugs* night night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I...fell asleep. lol I better get going now. Goodnight.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 98 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: me to. doing laundry and working on crafts for the wedding in a week. also a mothers day gift. my mom liked the smell of the candle so I'm making her one with a gift inside of it of a necklace

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and still working on my Lois Lane profile.

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: bees

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: working a profile and was working on crafts. also working on laundry

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am so tired

[Bookmark] Mikko: have not slept

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you should at least rest

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im tired as well but i keep moving to stay awake before i head off at my normal time

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well on Fear of the Walking Dead Strand is gay OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: we're all gay

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I will be in and out for a bit tonight. Won't be too chatty for a while.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aw *clings*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
I making this for my mom: Mothers Day Gift Part 2 - Polymer ClayYouTube · 7:46 · 13K · 99%Hi all, welcome to Part 2 of this two part series for two different necklaces you can make your mom for Mother's Day coming up this Sunday! All jewelry making materials were all purchased at Michaels if you are interested in them. Thanks for watching! Check out Part 1 Here: For detailed video on how to make a rose check out Heather Well's video, it's a great tutorial: Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Facebook Music is "Easy Lemon" by Kevin MacLeod [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: then I placing it into a candle as a gift she'll find when she burns the candle down

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: inside a glass bottle

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: bbiab

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: i'm just going to lay here and sleep

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi still reading

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: COOORL

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeeeeah. the profile is a bit looooong [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well Maddie got punched in the face in Fear of the Walking Dead for antagnoizing a pregnant girl and I was happy about that [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sent you a message on FB Kitteh.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although I wish Strand died when the going gets rough he runs the coward

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Rogue did you want me to send you the profile when I'm done

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have no idea who Maddie is. is that the dope head?

[Bookmark] Rogue: you can just post it on the forum under the finished section ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nope dopehead's mom

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol and now I'm all caught up with TWD!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: If the baby was dead in the womb the baby would've turned by then so yeah she deserved a punch in the face for saying that sort of thing to a pregnant girl

[Bookmark] Mikko: done and moved

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWDMikko: STAY INSIDE THE HOUSE!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: -.- You can't tell me what to do

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: *goes outside*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWD Mikko: >​.>​ *throws pillow at his head*

[Bookmark] Rogue: workin' on the alien nows

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: .....oooh, you're so bad. *eyeroll*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: *throws a can of pudding at her head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor TWD Mikko, her only talent is running away

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I will be forced to be around adults and trust them in that world great >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *shrugs and scoops up the unwanted pudding*

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWD Mikko: not true! I can also make my ass clap! *does so*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can you kill Walkers with that >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes Mikko says she can hypnotize the zombies while others get away

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh so she's bait [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl:.... Walkers.

[Bookmark] Mikko: well yeah! can run fast. jump, climb, get away, she would be the perfect bait/distraction for the others

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Zombies. have you not watched movies? video games? RACCOON CITY!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: While other people stab them in the head even though you can outrun them >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: nono. see the point is that they would chasse Mikko while the others ran the other way, then she would loose them and meet up with the others later

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least they're not the 28 Days Later infected >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: or left 4 dead

[Bookmark] Mikko: I JUST looked up and seen Mikko got pudding thrown at her head lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: she hopes that it's banana flavored

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's chocolate. and it doesn't matter because Daryl already ate it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: he does NOT waste food

[Bookmark] Mikko: he is not one to let food go to waist

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: also Mikko knows nothing about hunting or what plants to not eat, so she's probably high a lot

[Bookmark] Rogue: daryl could teach her

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel won't be happy she has to depend on others lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that would be wise

[Bookmark] Mikko: before I work on the whole, body of the profile. should I have Mikko have already met the group? or should that be something we do in game? I'm thinking in game

Mikko: also where is the group right now? in a city? country? just want to get a local

[Bookmark] Rogue: probably best to do in story

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nod nod*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and.. probably staked out in the woods. probably since Daryl and Carl are the only TWD chars we have, they're looking for the others. got separated somehow

[Bookmark] Rogue: unless.. you know... Michonne joins [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm sure Carl is giving Daryl a hard time

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: -.- someone help?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Don't forget this is a panfandom board so crossovers all over the place lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how do i change my photo again on the forum?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Michonne may, after profiles are done. and woods would be good, can have Mikko start stalking them in the trees or something.

[Bookmark] Rogue: how could I forget

[Bookmark] Mikko: panfandom. sounds kinky

[Bookmark] Rogue: go to avatars and upload a pic from your computer or photobucket

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's in the profile setting

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: does it have to small or resized

[Bookmark] Mikko: think it does that for you

[Bookmark] Mikko: just gotta upload it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: k its been a while since i've done this

[Bookmark] Rogue: It may resize it, not sure. I always resize mine to 170 pix

[Bookmark] Espionata: I had to download gimp to change the size of mine anything else would warp it Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've never resized mine.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm a special snowflake!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: also arthas just stuck his whole nose in my mouth when I yawned

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Miss Lane needs a tad more history me thinks

[Bookmark] Espionata: The younger cats love my older cat whenever they see they go right to him rubbing ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: just posted it

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnnd sample post! we loves sample posts round here, lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: didn't do that yet

[Bookmark] Mikko: more history and samples!

[Bookmark] Rogue: alrighty. since you're still working on it I'm gonna move it to the unfinished section ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: and pics!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and the blood of your first born!

[Bookmark] Rogue: pics are always good, too. adds spice. I gif the hell out of mine, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Clark said no. no blood of the firstborn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: This time I found one [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: found what? a first born?

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's tough to find one that looks like a street kid OO

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: k [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: A pic lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: you just gotta pic an actor or something

[Bookmark] Espionata: I did lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: then problem solved!

[Bookmark] Espionata: But you gotta find one that looks closest to the age of the character not easy to do lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Are we using a Jimmy or a Jenny in this version? even though I know Jimmy was killed at the beginning of the movie so wasn't sure if we were keeping him

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: got a picture posted already

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: moooore pics!

[Bookmark] Mikko: all up in that bitch@

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not gonna use this one but its from an episode she did on Smallville:

[Bookmark] Rogue: just go with movie history. ^^ keeps things simple. and can alwys add pics throughout your profile. it helps flesh it out a great deal

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: I only use one because I'm lazy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: you cannot be lazy on profiles [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well yes but i had to share that one [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lazy profiles will be set on fire and handed back!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daws, it's an interesting pic, scoop ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: this isn't new but an old one I made:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Recently I did a profile that had a word count of 1000 words in personality why a word count no idea and it was redundent DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: personality!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: cuuute ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was required by the way >​<

[Bookmark] Rogue: word counts are retarded and I tend to stay away from those because I don't have a counter on my PC and I am not going to go through and count every friggin word

[Bookmark] Mikko: I requiere a three page essay! back and front, single spaced.

[Bookmark] Rogue: people with those requirements are anal assholes usually

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I say this because I know you're talking about a certain forum...

[Bookmark] Espionata: I used google drive and it counted the words for me lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: adnd a certain asshole

[Bookmark] Rogue: but, no.. I'm not bitter [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah and I got rejected I was curious lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: moving along

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol that's good

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was approved.. though I did not have a good time there

[Bookmark] Rogue: and didn't stay

[Bookmark] Espionata: I put a lot of work in that thing and got rejected for being to cliche everything is cliche >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm trying so hard to avoid that

[Bookmark] Mikko: bringing in an X-Men mutant OC is soooo hard to not be cliche

[Bookmark] Espionata: Thing is that's who my character has been for almost ten years at this point changing her isn't easy

[Bookmark] Mikko: gotta think outside the box

[Bookmark] Mikko: like a taco

[Bookmark] Espionata: I changed her for a Star Wars rp pretty easily different game entirely and my partner was on it she became a Mandolorian and a fighter pilot for the Empire

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im heading off for the night guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus she had a happy homelife which is normal with her people they're warriors by blood with a strong sense of family

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sent you a message on facebook Kitteh

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWD Mikko will be my first Mikko to not have some crappy past. I mean, it gets crappy, zombies and all, but before that, it's pretty good

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel has always been a survivor so I'm just giving her an advantage lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: *belated hugs to scoop*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *rubs face in Rogue's tits*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor MJ

[Bookmark] Rogue: awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: This is why Spidey can't have nice things

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey hey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yeah. poor sipdey. and everyone's loved ones come back to life but his

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: So there is an official realise date for the Gambit movie in 2018. however, I jut read an article that says Gambit isn't happening because of Deadpool getting a second movie. but then I read another movie article tht says Gambit is almost finished being filmed. so confused

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. wtf

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. so I guess in 2018 we'll find out

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: this is cuuute

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sups looks nervous, and Batz looks annoyed, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and WW s smiling because she has banged both [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol kinky!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have no idea why I'm on deviantart O.o I'm supposed to be doing profiles [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: tisk tisk lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have a bunch of tabs open when I should be editing a profile lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I read that as EATING a profile XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: omnomnom

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'm heading off. well work on stuff stuff tomorrow. night all *hugs and gropes*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: you cannot leave!

[Bookmark] Rogue: well then.. *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and gonna head off to. trying to focus on this Sups profile and trying to guesstimate how much a 'man of steel' would weigh O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: gonna head off. got stuff to do. night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 97 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ill be in as soon as i can

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: taking a bath

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: yw

[Bookmark] Mikko: put your right ball out! you put your right ball in your right ball out and you shake your balls all about!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mikko you're nuts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: A nut with nuts!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: almost every hand you have ever shaken, has had a dick in it

[Bookmark] Espionata: Eww

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm hungry DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: me too, I want pizza.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yum

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: I see a kitty sleeping on the floor lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: and there she is!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't mean her I mean one of my kittys lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: He tries to open doors and fairs wrong type of door knob lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how is everyone

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Pretty good. ONE MORE DAY! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dance off!

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: I am here! and yet, I am not.. I have to feed opossum things

[Bookmark] Kitteh: H!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and now all the gifs in Sups profile are working... wtf

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!


[Bookmark] Rogue: they were not when I left. I got so frustrated with trying to fix it. there's so much damn code in that profile that I think the site thought I was trying to do HTML and it kept converting it >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I seriously edited at LEAST 15 times

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: it was the dang Martha GIFS but I loved them too much to cut them out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Martha rocks so many socks

[Bookmark] Rogue: *gives whoever wants it her margarita*

Rogue: I nu want it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *takes and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiips*

[Bookmark] Rogue: my tummy hurts. and I put too much alcohol in it

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuu *rubs tummy*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *purrrrs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: about to start the DP

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you need something simpler

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Rogue: gotta knock these out while the muse is here

[Bookmark] Rogue: and kinda waiting on Civil war to do Spidey's

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: DP is good for belly pains!

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I think we have enough approved profiles though to start a 'just for the hell of it' game to get activity going

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think so!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't think I have any approved profiles yet lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: For profiles do you need to make it so that there are different versions or not?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am. Mikko will have four different profiles for each world

[Bookmark] Mikko: working on TWD now

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's alot of profiles Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah

[Bookmark] Mikko: I just have to sit down and focus

[Bookmark] Espionata: So I can just do one?

[Bookmark] Mikko: one for each world

[Bookmark] Mikko: a TWD Mel would be different then a TMNT Mel right?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not that different other than location and being in a group until she got seperated from them >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: I vote OCs have different profiles. but let's see what Rogue things

[Bookmark] Mikko: thnks

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's a lot of profiles Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: just four. and you don't have to do them all at one time

[Bookmark] Espionata: I would think it would be just one profile and noting the differences between each one in the profile

[Bookmark] Rogue: feeding opossums, and I will chime in!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hungry hungy possums

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: jurassic world looks so good

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: am I here?

[Bookmark] Mikko: we keep losing connection

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I came inside to the brother yelling, "fuck that guy! fuck. that. guy!" and our friend is like, why do you even want the armor. brother goes, "I dn't! I just don't want THAT guy to have it!"

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies.. here's my .02. At first I didn't think you would need that many profiles, but I do believe you need at least 2. I think OCs entering the TWD game should be as human as possible.. and why? Because the canon are human and we'll already have canons from other versus crossing over. to have OCs entering it too would kinda completely take away from TWD canon characters

[Bookmark] Rogue: I think an OC with powers would be fine for the DC/MARVEL/TMNT verse

[Bookmark] Rogue: but we need to keep too many supernaturals from the TWD game

[Bookmark] Espionata: Okay

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sups will be joining, but not to save everyone [tongue] I have a twisted sort of plot that will come from that. Otherwise I wouldn't even throw him in because lets face it, without an evil plan.. he could t ake out all the zombies and we would have no game

[Bookmark] Mikko: I agree. I think for TWD you will have to be human. as far as OCs go

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still working on my sample post

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: should have it done before wednesday

[Bookmark] Mikko: *thinks back to the Marvel universe where all the heroes became zombies*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I think for the TWD profile I just need to edit a few things and I'm good to go and do a sample post for it even though I like the one I have lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mine might be by this weekend (hopefully at the latest).

[Bookmark] Espionata: Don't forget DC has it's own version of zombies caused by the Black Lantern Rings they bring people back from the dead when worn

[Bookmark] Mikko: I made progress! I have Mikko's TWD apperince done

[Bookmark] Mikko: god damn lanterns!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes I like Green Lantern [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh, and scoop! feel free to use the other profiles as reference!! ^^ or if you need any help, hit me up on FB messenger

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus the Secret Six anything where Bane is awesome is good with me lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: you know what I like?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like to move it move it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: That comic followed the villians and was well done

[Bookmark] Rogue: the only thing I ever liked about GL was Reynolds [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: him purdy

[Bookmark] Espionata: The animated series was cool but it ended to soon DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had a full plan for DC version Mikko. but....might do something else instead

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnnd speaking of GL.. I gots a G voodoo doll out of the machine tonight, lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: DC and Marvel crossover a lot lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Flash and Robin

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was trying for Batz [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: or Joker

[Bookmark] Rogue: they don't have Harley *pouts*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuuuu!

[Bookmark] Mikko: evil

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I haven't forgotten about Bebe. I'll get him done too

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I also need to post in MM

[Bookmark] Mikko: SO MUCH TO DO!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I gotta catch up on posting too. I feel bad [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I think I will do TWD Mel profile first lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: my muse is a stubborn bitch and she makes me angry

[Bookmark] Mikko: baaaaad muse! baaaad

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I'm really proud of my Carl and Sups profiles ^^ at least the muse did something right

[Bookmark] Rogue: funny thing though.. no matter how extensive I make them.. I always feel I can do more... O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! those were awesome

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: no way. you basically summarized the who fandoms!

[Bookmark] Mikko: whole*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've become a fan of adding in movie quotes and tons of piccies

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: sorry if I spoiled the movie for you with that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have never known so much about sups

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol nah

[Bookmark] Rogue: I shoulda warned you

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's all good, I'll probably never watch it

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh gah, I did TONS of research on the char in general

[Bookmark] Rogue: about the animals and such.. already knew he was a mama's boy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooo! I'm still resesrching Negan and Killer Frost. because I picked KF out of my ass. I don't actually know anything about her

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: well DP said she's purdy.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: And she can freeze his smooth criminals anytime

[Bookmark] Mikko: KF: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg.. I just read up. So you never intend on watching BvS?? O.o whys?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I think she was in Young Justice

[Bookmark] Rogue: you're afraid you'll actually love Sups, aint ya [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: it happened to me!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I converted!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I won't watch I prefer the animated DC stuff lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, guys? Candy just pointed out that no one has approved MS's Donnie profile yet.

[Bookmark] Mikko: omg, so Trump made a comment that Hillary is using the woman card and that's all she has to work with. so now Hillary is actually selling a woman's card for her supporters

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh crap... I needed to comment and ask for a sample post >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: I didn't see it until today

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall never love Sups!

[Bookmark] Mikko: with his little bang curl

[Bookmark] Rogue: when I moved Sup to the finished. there's two Donnie profiles so I overlooked the second one

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw.. if you don't at least like him after BvS.. something is wrong with your vagina [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: he w as just precious and hawt and yumyummy

[Bookmark] Rogue: *goes to comment on finished Donz profile now* ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: I like Superman but in Young Justice he's bit of a dick to Superboy

[Bookmark] Rogue: and apologize to Necro... I seriously didn't see the second profile until today [frown] I thought it had just been posted until I looked at the date

[Bookmark] Rogue: well sometimes you just gotta be a dick [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: He was a dick when he first saw him lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: But that show had one of the worst Joker voices DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: can't judge a joker by his voice

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my third candle I made

[Bookmark] Espionata: No but the voice was ugh DX

[Bookmark] Rogue: gah, I feel terrible that I didn't know about that finished Donnie profile [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: wrote him an apology though

[Bookmark] Mikko: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko
My TRIGGLYPUFF Encounter at UMass’s “The Triggering” Summed up in 5 Seconds:YouTube · · 937K · 99%On April 25, 2016 I attended a panel called “The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?” at UMass Amherst’s Bowker Auditorium to see conservative comedian Steven Crowder, writer Christina Hoff Summers, and Breitbart journalist/ professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos address radical feminism and its cancerous hold on campuses across America. The public discussion attracted some of the most horrific byproducts of extreme leftism I have ever seen. The screaming meme you see before you today is a shining example of what happens when a generation of students is taught that it’s okay to trust their gender studies professor over actual stats and logic; To hold a need to be “safe” and comfortable over the natural curiosity to listen to other opinions, grow as an intellectual, and GOD FORBID, risk being proven wrong. I have plenty of protest footage from the event to compile and upload soon, and I think doing so will help to give viewers an accurate glimpse of the living hell all three speakers had to put up with that night. And I’m not exaggerating, there was hardly a minute that went by without one of them being interrupted or cussed out by a heckler. There were protesters leaning over balconies demanding to know why there were only white people on stage, femi-nazis with identical Rachel Maddow haircuts in the front row screaming questions but not accepting answers, and most famously, the chick you see here swinging those meaty drumsticks like she’s trying to tackle a Black Dahlia Murder song in expert mode on a RockBand drum set. I could go on forever, but I think I’ll save it for my next upload. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Rogue: pretty cande! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *slides in on her knees stopping in front of Gabe and starts singing purple rain*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gonna get a rough draft of DP's pro started t hen I'll do what I can about catching up posting [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've found t hat if I post 'unfinished' profiles.. I'm more prone to finish them in a more timely manner. Because it's right there.. in my face every time I sign onto the forum [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: You can't start me without finishing me off! It can clog the cannon....

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can I set him on fire?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: no! stop etting people on fire

[Bookmark] Mikko: Killer Frost is going to have to follow Mel around and continue to zap Mel's power from her

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Fire probation. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But he will live >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: KF: but the other things he sets on fire with his flailing will not

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: True >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko is hitting on Don in RoH

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha.. DP said you're not selling his boys [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: but really, is that any surprise?

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: just one!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll be heading off. see you tomorrow. [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *shrugs..* I mean, it'll grow back. But it'll hurt like a bitch...

[Bookmark] Rogue: night scoop *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'll make it really quick!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: like all your enconters with women!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:... well fuck. I was going to help you out, then you had to go and make it pseronal.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah, it's what I do.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: You're not getting EITHER of my nuts, then.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well then you don't get..THIS! *strips and tugs on her nipple rings*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:.... seriously? You're trying to tempt me after flirting with tall green and ugly? -.- ....It's totally working...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah! *leaps in DP's arms and smoochy smoochy*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *plows the fields!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and oh.. Sups wants to know that since you 'hearted' his profile, does this mean that you've come to accept that he DOES NOT have pincers on his junk? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko says no, she must see for herself. possably feel.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *nudges him* DO EEET! DO EEET! It's not like you have a girlfriend or anything.. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *faster than a speeding bullet... LEAVES!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Well fuck, now I'M curious..

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: awwwww. I think he's embarassed of the pincers.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol
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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation) Empty
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Random Chatty Pt. 1 - 10 (post ROH creation)
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