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 Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)

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Erica Martins

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptySun Aug 07, 2016 12:07 pm

pt 11.

Rogue: So in the TWD based game t hat I'm thinking about starting.. the zombie outbreak ias been going on for a few years now...

[Bookmark] Rogue: the group is separated....

[Bookmark] Rogue: and the turtles and DC peeps and Marvel can all figure out what they've been doing in that time

[Bookmark] Mikko: sounds goooooooood

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sups is being hunted by the authorities, or what's left of them, because they think his blood his the answer to immunity and.. this makes him unhappy

[Bookmark] Rogue: carl is stuck with daryl... or daryl is stuck with carl I should say

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP has been a zombie many times over at this point [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL poor guy

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey .. is mostly sticking with DP, because you know. the guy cannot die. and if you need to trip a friend to escape, no harm with DP [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol rude!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: what...I mean, he comes right back!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I can shove Gambit with DP and spidy sense there are no other X-mens or peeps that he would know

[Bookmark] Rogue: sounds good ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know Mikko will be stalking Daryl and the kid. Negan I'm actually not sure what to do with him yet

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *nudges Gambit* When food runs low.. we eat the kid.. *nods to Webs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel would be seperated from her group and if she's 14 in the game then we have it set around three years after the outbreak she would be a survivor lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: Negan could be after Daryl for fucking up his shit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes yes, Negan needs to shove his bat up some asses

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl probably killed some of his men like in the show, and stole some food and weapons

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: the bastard!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb puddin!

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: I dunno where I went

[Bookmark] Mikko: my fake septum ring came in. I'm going out with the mom tomorrow. lets see how much I can freak her out

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Mmmmmm... round two? *smexes her up again*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Whoooooooo, tomorrow is votin' day. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ...and I have noooooooo friggin' clue who I'm voting for. -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: MEEEEE

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The choices all suck to some degree for president. -_

[Bookmark] Espionata: From what I can see Trump is gonna get the nomination along with Clinton DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know which is worse

[Bookmark] Rogue: Harley: *bounces in and rubs boobies on all the guy character's heads... and maybe a few of the ladies* [wink] So we've been sent as earth's defense against Superman and stuff.. because they thing someday he's going to go all batshit crazy and kill everyone. Though, right now he's rotting in the now we're just here to party and drin all of your booze. ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Trump was about 40 minutes away from here with one of his rallies. >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: sorr.. I'm not taking on Harley.. she just slipped out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Harley likes to do that

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I still think it's funny as shit that The Suicide Squad was put together just in case Sups acts up. like really? what they gonna do? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I saw an interesting thing on tumbler today and I really didn't realize it til I read it

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bat is stressing about how dangerous Sup is and he must be taken down, so is the city.. meanwhile, Clark is busy smexin' up his girl

[Bookmark] Rogue: yup

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, so dangerous and shit. how dare he be romantic [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sup don't give no fucks....well one fuck...on a tub I hear.

[Bookmark] Mikko: in*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I felt cheated. awesome scene, but then thet faaaade to another scene.. low blow DC, dick move

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wanted a damn porno scene [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: DC don't got the balls Marvel does!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I know right

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP got his smex on.. like lots

[Bookmark] Rogue: and then DC is like. nope. We'll show you a shirtless Sup and Batz, but no smex scene!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm just glad Lex kept his shirt on [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok all, I have to head to bed, the female parental figure wants to go shopping early. see you all tonight! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ruce coulda kept his shirt on, too. I mean, not bad.. but Sup out sexied him

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww.. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bruce**

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: "sup out sexed him" *pictures the two men getting it on and Sups winning. will go to bed with that image*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Shy: hey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello!

[Bookmark] Shy: I'm alive i swear.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How's it going?

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Shy: Better. back to work, about a 1 in pain out of 10.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's good, though.

[Bookmark] Shy: I am able to go online again

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awesome! [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg.. Martha Kent and I ALMOST have the same birth date.. ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I know you guys really care about that

[Bookmark] Rogue: and that's good shy ^^

[Bookmark] Shy: Also cousins wedding is this weekend. ...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Do you approve of the other person or don't know them?

[Bookmark] Shy: I only met him once.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ahhhh

[Bookmark] Shy: That side of the family, I'm the third youngest. I dont have a strong family tie to them. They were in high school when I was in late elementary school

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Shy: So they are getting married, having kids, and talking about careers...

[Bookmark] Shy: I'm just learning how to work a job without pushing my gut into a Crohn's flare.

[Bookmark] Shy: Mehh. I'm cutie with a diploma. Its something

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: Last time we all met up was in August for my nana's funeral

[Bookmark] Shy: not even 48 hours into Canada ( I had a 10 day trip in germany/ hunary) I had to go to her funeral.

[Bookmark] Shy: "How was your trip to Germany?"

[Bookmark] Shy: Has been a question that reminds me of the funeral thanks to 15+ times it was asked.... I counted.

[Bookmark] Shy: I've done nothing, minus the sprained neck since then.

[Bookmark] Shy: What do I say?

[Bookmark] Shy: "You know me, I've been injured form november to March. I'm better now. How are you?"

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Shy: Sorry. I'm complaining.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: Please tell me how you both are.

[Bookmark] Shy: I miss you both. Heck this group!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm good. Today is my last day of school for the semester. [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww missed you, too! *hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm good

[Bookmark] Shy: Yeah! How will you celebrate that?

[Bookmark] Shy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I don't know yet. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: ooh! Good news, I am making my first lolita dress and it is going good!

[Bookmark] Shy: also I am not depressed, I got out of it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Shy: umm..

[Bookmark] Shy: Semester is over soon for Kitteh.

[Bookmark] Shy: How about you ESPi?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm good

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think we lost Rogue.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Bummer.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I might head off of here. Browser is being a bit of a pain. *hugs* NIght.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Great to see you again, Shy! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Master Splinter joined the chat 96 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 95 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 95 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: watching save the last dance and working on the scapbook now that the candles are done

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 95 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm good. I'm done with my semester. [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: pokes yah on facebook kitteh [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: The female cat found a toy mouse and is going nuts lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that would drive me nuts if it squeegee

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: squeaks

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nah it's just a regular toy mouse

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's only a year old

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gotcha

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my cat hated ones that made sound

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah and whenever she has a toy she growls at her brother in play lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lol [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: She was the runt of the litter so I think it comes from that lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she sound cute

[Bookmark] Espionata: She does but she's also one of those cats if they sleep with you they're as close to you as possible lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sounds like Monty or he'll bug yah while your sleeping for attention

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 95 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's a climber too if there's a ledge or something in the house nine times out of ten she will figure out how to get up there lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: gotta feed opossums.. brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I wonder where Mikko is.

[Bookmark] Rogue: me too [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: she hasn't been on all day

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hope shes ok hopefully she's getting sleep

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know she was supposed to go shopping this morning.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, she hasn't even posting on FB today at all. O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: posted*

[Bookmark] Espionata: weird

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: nope lets hope she will tomorrow if she doesn't tonight

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I hope she pops in here for a few minutes.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooops...uh, I think we lost Rogue.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I might head off here, soon.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 95 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll be heading off night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Master Splinter joined the chat 95 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

Alysson: Not much~ Made my Confirmation at church on Sunday, that was fun~

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: PIZZA HUT!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *makes it rain pizza*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi toodles

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: what up in da hoods?

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: nothing

[Bookmark] Mikko: Then what down in da hoods?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Delayed Hiiiii~ (was watching Sailor Moon)


[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't care if pluto isn't a planet! I'll always be a sailor pluto gurl!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I HAVE A STORY!

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok gather round children

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Mikko: last night I had a dream. it was a paranormal dream as most usually are. the strange part isn't the dream though it's what happen after so bare with me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *sits down*

[Bookmark] Alysson: *listens intently*

[Bookmark] Mikko: So I had this dream last night that I was in a bedroom in bed. There was something in the room with me, but I couldn't see what it was. But I was talking to it. Soon, mom came into the room to ask who I was talking to, and I told her that something was in the room and I think it was a demon

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mom looks around and says no one is there and leaves the room. she turns to tell me something else before walking off but the door slams on her by itself

[Bookmark] Mikko: so dream me is like, fucking told you so!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mom then starts screaming and beating on the door. but then she starts saying "Don't take his hand! Don't take his hand!"

[Bookmark] Mikko: Then out of the darkness this red hand appears and reaches down to me. mom is freaking outside the room. so I reach up to take this hand

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: now here's the crazy part

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: before I touch the hand, Arthas wakes me up by barking. So I wake up. I'm awake. defiently awake. But I'm sitting up in bed with my arm reached out and hand open

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: this has never happen before. it took me a few seconds to figure out where I was and what I was doing

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that is weird creepy even

[Bookmark] Mikko: I looked around my room and was like. "hello? anyone there?"

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: no answer so I went back to sleep

[Bookmark] Mikko: the end

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: spooky stuff

[Bookmark] Mikko: I see that hand again I'm totally taking it and going on adventures!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well we dont want crazy things taking you away. we'd miss you

[Bookmark] Mikko: I would come back. maybe not quite the same.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still working on profile rogue. been trying to get these gifts done before the weekend and tomorrow i won't be online so another reason why i need to get it done

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: poked you on facebook kitteh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: by the time I make it to the tank room, the turtles will have found their own way out!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: about to post for him [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: as soon as I can locate whatever is making that 'thump..thump..thump..."​ noise

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnnnnd I'm hoping tomorrow night I can do a starter game on RoH.. yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: the ghost of christmas past

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night puddin*hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I will brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ah night Alysson

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: this is what I'm working on:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its the other part of the wedding gift. the candles are done

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm trying to multi-task a lot tonight. my car will be dropped off at my friends house tomorrow and since I'll have no car on Friday I'll be calling in.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I need a new ball joint on the driver side, and possibly a break pad on the back driver side. it all sounds bad when I back up. its like a hollowing sound

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mikko! since you're admin, iiiiif you ever get free time and walla help out with the character directory... feel free ^^ you can use the one on Origins as re.. but you know.. with TMNT/DC/MARVEL/TWD chars

[Bookmark] Mikko: YES!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and thinking about removing Transformers. I'm probably the only one with a real interest in that.. and can't play l-solo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: wait. is that when I write who is needed and who is taken?

[Bookmark] Rogue: and it's fine. as much as I'd LOVE to play Iron Hide, I have too many chars

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep. with pics with the play bys to make it look all snazzy

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol bumblbee would be fun. all music lyrics

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh ok!

[Bookmark] Rogue: pic, brief not about the char... age.. availability.. etc

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol@

[Bookmark] Espionata: I love Transformers myself but the players I know are into drama DX

[Bookmark] Rogue: yes! I had thought about that with Bee...just sing or put in youtube vids [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: brief not about the character?

[Bookmark] Mikko: then what's the brief about?

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw. that's a lot of fandoms sadly. I've seen soooo much of it in TMNT rpg :/

[Bookmark] Espionata: I had the displeasure of coming across Bonita Prime DX

[Bookmark] Rogue: a description about the character. you know, personality

[Bookmark] Espionata: Transformers can be much worse

[Bookmark] Rogue: like Tony Stark: "A Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol but you said it's not about the character

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: that part of avengers always cracks me up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: ah.. I'm tired. read between the lines [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I gottcha.

[Bookmark] Mikko: will do

[Bookmark] Rogue: *purrs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least with TMNT we don't have people declaring they're married to the characters >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta feed opossums. I always gotta feed opossums. brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: DON AND I ARE GETTING MARRIED!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawww ok

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Uhhhh...actually, yeah there are.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: There is Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know of any >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: I do. omg! crazy people

[Bookmark] Kitteh: NightwatchersOnlyGirl -_- Hers is a REALLY creepy obsession with that character.

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Espionata: Bonita Prime is the same way with Optimus and she's an art thief to boot

[Bookmark] Kitteh: NWOG later said that she and Raph broke up. It might have only been a boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I dunno...and don't really care. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: still away.. but just have to say. I love transformers as much as the next person but what I really don't get, is their human OCs fucking the bots? O.o I mean... that shit is NOT GONNA WORK!

[Bookmark] Rogue: RPers human OCs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think I seen a Hentai like that. didn't end well for the girl

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeeeeeeah...

[Bookmark] Rogue: some chars were meant to be loved and not fucked [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Sup said not one word about his dick, Mikko [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol And Rogue's keyboard emphasized that point just perfectly. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: my keyboard is an autobot [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko can't help it. she's in a new forum with all these guys! she wants to see everyone's dick!

[Bookmark] Espionata: When it comes to Transformers rps if my character is human the releationship is that of family nothing

[Bookmark] Espionata: more*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *she won't be seeing his - nope!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hell Scrapper a Decepticon was made more three dimensional by taking in a human teen and raising her as part of the cause

[Bookmark] Espionata: Considering how nowadays the Cons were originally going against a broken system that's not to farfetched to think about lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I started a thing that directory

[Bookmark] Mikko: only got two peeps up. not very pretty. so bad at this

[Bookmark] Mikko: but I was doing each fandom in a different thread

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww.. *goes to see* ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: so marvel in a thread. on

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I think it looks good!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wish I could take Rogue. ;(

[Bookmark] Rogue: but.. NO MORE!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Rogue is awesome

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *flashes everyone*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: whoa

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *stalks Don..or tries to...has a parade of turtle tots following her.*

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.o ...*drops and covers his neck... it works with bears...*

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *he's down! leaps on top of Don and kisses him all over*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: *Eeeee! Well that didn't work! Still NOT moving!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: ^_^ You think we should have a fall wedding? Or spring?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: *glares at Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *whispers* Leo is creeping me out.

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O You cannot marry a dead turtle! *Phew, thank goodness Leo is here!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: dead turtles can't talk....though...most live turtles can't talk.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She's got a point. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: Well I was on the verge of dying thankyouverymuch!

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: oh I'm sorry that I'm keeping you from dying. that you would rather die then kiss me! that's fine...*sniffs* I'm not hurt. *sniff sniff* not at all....*runs off sobbing*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Donnie hurt all her feelings

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: [frown] I'M SORRY!!! >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: has to go soon. [frown] don't wanna work tomorrow

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww *clings*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuu

[Bookmark] Rogue: buuuut.. Civil War tomorrow night.. heck yes! I dunno if I'll sleep at all tonight. so excited ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tucks you in*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need to head to bed now. night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs* night pookie

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aw night mikko *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Grrrr

[Bookmark] Rogue: meow?

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies.. gotta head off and do the mortal thing they call sleep.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Watching a video of a squirrel provoking a cat unfortunately for that rodent the cat won lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: hope to see you all tonight.. though I will be in late ^^ and hyped up on CW so be warned [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: nighters *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: leave

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Browser's being a pain. I'm gonna head off, too. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all heading off *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

Rogue was timed out 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Master Splinter joined the chat 94 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 93 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 93 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: YO!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: CINCO DE MAYO

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: emborracharse y bailar con mi hombre cerdo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: vodka con refresco no es la mejor

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I said i'm getting drunk with my pig man and that vodka don't go good with soda

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: *rolls around*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 93 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I wasn't going to be online tonight due to car repairs but my friend brought me home instead of staying over at his place for the night. was going to make it a call in but my parents kept on bothering me about how I was going to get home

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but my car needs new back breaks, routers, and the front needs a new ball joint

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i know i hate how often it breaks down

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: more so with the breaks and ball joints

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i've never had to do this with any other car. but i think its cause its more like a truck

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: car repairs suck

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll be using some tax money on it to get repaired

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need food

[Bookmark] Mikko: FOOOOOOOOD

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hands you pizza*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I want to get my twitch working. I'm hoping to this weekend

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Deligracy received three hundred dollars wednesday night on a donation.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: this is her live stream today:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i haven't watched it yet

[Bookmark] Mikko: OM NOM NO

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO​OOOOOOOOOOOOO *spreays everyone with vodka*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 93 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi


[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: all caught up in MM

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe is cussing around all the kids

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: doing laundry

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: crafts are done. car needs repairs so i'm currently carless

[Bookmark] Mikko: sooooooo after summer is over I may or may not be getting a job at the local mental asylum as house keeping.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Have fun Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: You will hear random screaming I think >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^ I hope so!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: I was only joking DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's actually not that crazy. we have two places. one is for the really insane peeps. but the one I'm looking to work at is for like, kids with drug addiction and stff

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: I use to be IN that hospital. and it's pretty nice

[Bookmark] Espionata: You're parents must've been going nuts when you had to be there Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: they put me there!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sent you a message kitteh [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was 15 and suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. I was in for a week.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well they had no choice then

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was either that or you not being here OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs* yeah I know. it sucked though. and we shared a yard with the male juvinal detention center. so us girls got to watch hot bad boys play basket ball.

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least you weren't one of those out of control teens where good luck trying to keep them on the good path >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeeeeeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well this one girl was 22 but recently on tv I saw her take no responsibility for 3 DUIs only was mad that she got caught. Plus putting herself on a sugarbaby website when she's an identical twin so she's putting her twin in danger. And if she starts to drink she blames her parents for driving her to do it when she's 22 Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want a sugar daddy!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Most of those guys are just looking for sex lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I'm just looking for money and fancy shoes

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and expensive booze!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: anyone know of this type of tv:

[Bookmark] Espionata: No I don't

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know nothing of TVs

[Bookmark] Espionata: I just know that the flatscreens are getting cheap now lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep one reason why i want one

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shakes dat ass*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: checking laundry

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: watching this:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, what is it?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its a live streaming gaming

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: of the sims 4

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she got a three hundred dollar donation the other day

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i so want to try it just to see if I'd get donations [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: cooool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but I can't get mine all hooked up yt

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuu

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks everyone*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: love it! LOVE IT!

[Bookmark] Mikko: an actual English work book for Japanese children

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *lays on top of Espi*

[Bookmark] Espionata: >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: you like it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok my dear coconuts! I am heading off! see you all tomorrow! night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 93 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I'm gonna go too. Got some stuff to do before bed.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 93 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 93 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey hey

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: everything and nothing

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be online but slow replies doing things to get ready for tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm going gambling tommorrow [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool never done that

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sister gets her pin tomorrow morning for nursing and then after that I've got a wedding to attend

[Bookmark] Espionata: Neither have I

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she graduated tonight but I couldn't attend it do to work

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but i'm happy for her

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] so i'll be back online once I'm not so distracted

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: something smells funny

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know what it is!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Weird

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeeeeeeeeeeey

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~ [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: how you be?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good, you?

[Bookmark] Mikko: tired and full

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *lays down and wiggles*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: wiggle with me!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *wiggle wiggle*

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeeeeeeeey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna be wrapping the wedding gift but I'll be here... [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pulls Kitteh down for some wiggles*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *twerks* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooooooo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man, all the twerking is going to get Leo started!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Unleash the beast! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *dramatically crashes through the wall* OH YEEEEEEEEEEEAH! *twerks*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] how is everyone

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Ugh

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Good [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Go doggie! Go!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: poked yah on facebook kitteh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had time to go get my nails done before tomorrow. now they are all a pretty blue tipped color that sparkle

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: So today Arthas tried to kill the dog next door

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: took him out in the front to check the mail. and the dog next door decided to come into the yard. And Arthas did not want her in the yard. the dog's name is Sugar. So Sugar wanted to play, and Arthas was out for blood. I got between them and scooped Arthas up and brought Sugar to her owners. No one was hurt

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Alysson: (Sorry for disappearing! Youtube... [tongue] ) I'm off to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 92 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *blated hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night Alysson

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *goes back to backing dat ass up*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *shakes dat ass in Kitteh's face*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: what? it's not your face.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Whatever >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: fiiiiiine. *shakes ass in Mel's face*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Smacks Leo* >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: yeah! that's it! Daddy like!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: you are the one that was spanking me.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: you love me

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No I don't

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: yes yoooooou dooooooooo *scoops her up and snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leo DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *smooches cheek*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Don't you have a girlfriend?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: no, but I'm trying to change that

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You are?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: yes! with pizza and soda.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Good luck [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *runs in and jumps in Don's arms* take me for a ride cowboy!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o What?
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:50 am

pt 12.

Rogue: eh. still can't get into it. I did halfway watch last night, but ended up changing the channel

[Bookmark] Espionata: We're not supposed to like this group but that's counterproductive

[Bookmark] Espionata: The mom is treating the teens like little kids which is fucking annoying


[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 89 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: thanks

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb!

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm not sure why I find Mark Ruffalo so attractive, but I do. Black Widow has good taste. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: then again, nerd guys are hawt

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I didn't think he was too cute. his personality is adorable though!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I think that's what makes him attractive to me

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: like, i wouldn't date him. but I would want to cuddle on the couch with him and watch bad B movies

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awww. that's probably all bruce banner would be up for anyway. he doesn't seem to want to date. I mean look aT bw. i'd hit that, and he's all like... "I can't do this life!"

[Bookmark] Mikko: I would not hook up with Widow. she scares me lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. she is pretty badass

[Bookmark] Mikko: I would hook up with.....panther maybe. an older spidey, and maaaaaybe scarlet witch she's cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: but like. evil scarlet witch

[Bookmark] Mikko: brotherhood scarlet

[Bookmark] Rogue: dun dun duuuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: Vision is crushin' on CW Scarlet hardcore. tis sweet

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *is just fandom hopping*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: She might stop is she sees someone hot. like Daryl or DP oooooor Raph and Don. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *not me?*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *isn't sure if he should be relieved or insulted*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no not you

[Bookmark] Mikko: both1

[Bookmark] Mikko: !

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *steals the batmobile*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: there's no batman to stop her!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup said just don't try to run him over with that shit. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: it won't end well for her

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko says he better get undead then!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *ninja vanish*

[Bookmark] Candy: just encase the batmobile Mikko goes rogue [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *sneaking up on the rohLeo*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: she is an excellent driver! except when she doesn't know what all the buttons do

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. he said he's working on it. digging your way out of a grave while you have a huge ass hole through your heart and body full of kryptonite toxins is a little difficult [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww he needs his little doggie to help!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, he needs something for sure

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Roh Leo: *is aware RoHEe is there*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'LL SAVE YOU!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *pauses - she's a bit short and he has a shell so the covering eyes and 'guess who' wont work - ah well reachs up to take a bandana tail to tug on* [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Joker: *runs in and shoots at Ee and Leo*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well there's insanity right there >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: roach in the face! hands and tits flying everwhere!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *slow reaction time - but realizes being shot at - jumps behind couch and stays below down!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: bang bang!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I got to head off. see you all tomorrow! night *hugs8

[Bookmark] Mikko: *

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 89 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs* might go too - *hugs hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night


Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *pounces his piggy self on Kitteh*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *gasp!* Can't...breathe...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *squeezes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gah! *wheeze* What do you...wa-want?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: PIGGY CUDDLES!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I feel like you're squeezing the life out of me! O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: that is the love you feel!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *zaps pigboy in the rear-end with his heat lasers*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *bounces out of the RoH box* WHOOOO LET THE DOOOOGS OUT!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: O.O >​.>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: ...there's no stopping them..

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol


[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: *glares at DP and Sup* .... it smells like death in here.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well yeah that's Deadpool for ya >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *leaps on Raph*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Well...duh! And Sup is supposed to be pushin' up fuckin' daisies, so you know... shrugs. And I think you're setting on t he kid...

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: X.x *is squished*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: bugs should all be squished!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: O.O I'M ITTIN' ON A FUCKIN' BUG??! *nevermind that Mikko pounced on him, vacated that crate reeeeeal fast*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: and there he goes again....But the chase is half the fun! *runs after*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Spiderman isn't a bug!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spider boy, spider boy, hasn't hit, puberty yet!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The boys have been set free. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol


[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *just watching*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *twitches*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *approaches Spidey - kneels* still alive?

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pops a horned helmet on Spidey's head* you too Viking!GO! PLUNDER AND RAPE!

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: oh boy... that is weird

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *gives Erica a sad fort of thumbs up* I'm good! *faceplants ground again... viking helmet and all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Want a healing factor Spidey?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spidey! Mel is around your age! go have some sexy bug sex!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *takes off the helmet* you sure - being snug by beg of a Raph I do know their heavy turtle men [wink] - *puts helmet down.*

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *crawling about after mum today - she can't even go loo without him! - ooohs and sticks head in helmet - tail in air wagging.*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: He's being over dramatic because he's trying to get his first kiss. Seriouly, I've seen him hold up tanker trucks and a turtle's ass put him out of comission?? *to Spidey* KISS HER!! LIKE I SHOWED YOU!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o ..Shut up, Wade..

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What I'm 14 OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: duuuuuude hero bro code! no outting other bros! hero names only!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *making smoochysmoochy faces!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: by 14 you should have three kids! do you want to be an olg 16 year old that no man wants?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they are building the Wayne Mannor Christian Bale version home:

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 86 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: o.O

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No way don't want kids I'm kid!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *gives an unseen smile to this world's E..* Heh, thanks. Wa.. I mean, Deadpool has brain damage. He can't be held responsible for what comes out of his mouth....

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: OR WHAT GOES IN IT!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *stands offers hand down to Spidey* it is okay -

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yes he can he knows how to go after evil people and leaves the good people alone [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: back in Salem if you weren't married by 12 you were hung as a witch!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sits back helmet on, lopsided to heavier horn - claps*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *takes the offered hand and mentally face-palms at his friend* ...I'm just going to leave him in this world when I go. I hear you have good doctors here.. maybe they can fix hi brain...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Back when people were stupid

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: oh I don't know - we tried with Our Leo... He's half normal sometimes [wink] *helps him up -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: back when people were PURE! PURE IN HEART AND SOUL!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Our Leo is even more insane then Deadpool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: They were stupid

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *slides in twerking*

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *actual face palm* see

[Bookmark] Mikko
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[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *'singing in the helmet - echoes! Clapping*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Hell yeh son! *twerks with Leo*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *turns up the music* wooooo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Groans*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: Yeah, I'm lost. I thought this was Smallville... apparently it's Crazyville


[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh Mel's groaning, Spidey must be doing something good!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: RohEe: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o .. *clicks heels together* There's no place like home...

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sorry you're in Oz and no ruby slippers

[Bookmark] Espionata: *not

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nooooo its's wonderland!!!!!!! *strips and runs around*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *not leavin' this fuckin' box... will wait it out, like the horde of walkers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko" <.< *crawls in box*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *sighs - pats Spideys shoulder - backs away from madness*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ooooooh man meat! *nibbles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *maybe in a helmet but can see her feet!!! Crawls after one horn of helmet dragging with him*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: The crazy people need to wear those self hugging jackets >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol this is cute

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, daww

[Bookmark] Rogue: and thing 1 and thing 2 ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: O.o FUCK! *thinks she's infected, shoves her away*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz: that's what we can do with our twins!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: usually the profanities start after the fucking, not before.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *also backs away from the crazies with E* So, uh.. come here often? ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *facepalms, that kid is never gonna get laid*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: no no. that line works every time!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: She lives here

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^ *pounces and smooches*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey; Oh, really? Sweet! We have one over there, too... ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: -.- *just eats his pudding.*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *nods smiling* yeah I live here - one me?

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *following the mini Viking turtle*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica we've been to alternate universes can't forget the evil clones

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: their dead

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *STRIPS!!* ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: NOT THE CLONES!!!!! I LOOOOOOVED THEM!!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: O.o ..*yup, new form of kryptonite has just been discovered. Flies away*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We got lucky

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: What's wrong, sup? Not ready for this JELLY?

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *not her turtle - not interested*

[Bookmark] Rogue: O'Raph: *swoops his E off her feet and snogs like whoa*
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:52 am

pt. 13

Candy: RoHEe: *blushes - glances at Spidey - giggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I wanna be swept off my feet *pouts*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *sweeps her off her feet in all his nekkie glory*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_____^ *smooches*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: [blushing] ​ [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *whoa snogging!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *is staying far away from the craziness, shaking his head*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *mouth molests!* And tomorrow, we shall forget each other's names!You shall call me the unicorn king! You know, like the goblin... but soooo much cooler

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh brother >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ok! Unicorn King! Lets go ride that horn!

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *picks up mini viking * always an adventure coming here - Leo! *waves at him - RoH him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: HAHAHAHAHAHA

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *uses dew rag tails to pull her turtles head up and love bite that 'spot'!*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: Hi, Erica. *waves* [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be on till 1a.m. then off to bed... [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawws, turtlegirl just tried to wipe her nose with her leg. that's a good sign. she' been pretty still

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: [smile] hi - first time I have met a viking *shows off the helmeted Blaze*

[Bookmark] Mikko: they found a new species of fish and asked people to name it then vote on names, it looks like this small fish might be called Fishy McFishface. (this is New Zealand)

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have to go in 10 [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have to go and hour ago!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws

[Bookmark] Mikko: still working on Bebe.

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I broke a nail

[Bookmark] Candy: Naww

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL cats are so odd!

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *is put away in crate*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze can play with RoHEe for a while [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Not the crate!

[Bookmark] Mikko: My peeps are in a large closet. I leave them there with A/C, food and some absinthe.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Yep crates

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's so pretty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: He's cute. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: yes - *tilts helmet so Blaze can see Leo*

[Bookmark] Mikko: so sweet

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *grins - waving at him clumsily*

[Bookmark] Mikko: bad thief doggie!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *chuckles and waves back* Hi.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *annnnd awkardly became the third wheel.. again- spidey poofiez*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl and Carl: *nail themselves into the crate.. not sharing with DP*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: wanna hold? - *holds him out* [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What about Red?

[Bookmark] Candy was timed out 86 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Daryl! He's just a kid! He's not ready yet!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Well that's not nice. SUPs! I need a riiiiiiiide ..*brow wiggle*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *smiles and takes him* Hello, little guy.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *long gone*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *is standing there, naked. * ooooookay....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *still dancing*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna head off guys

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *gives Mikko a ride instead*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^ weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I won't be on till after a movie my friends and I rented from red box tomorrow

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Gabe said that BETTER be RoH Mikko [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happily held - goes on to tell this Leo a story in baby vowels*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well see how late it gets as well

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll keep you posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I gotta go. stupid fucking doubles. [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: how do dolphins sleep without drowning!?

[Bookmark] Candy: Well have not locked OEe's crate if ORed wants to join her or steal her

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Otherwise she'll just stay they

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 86 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: There*

[Bookmark] Candy: Okay never mind she's staying there

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Rogue*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *smiles at the cute little boy*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: heavy little guy yeah? [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: baaaaack

[Bookmark] Candy: Wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *giggles- hiding under helmet - waiting for peekaboo*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: ^_^ *lifts the helmet* peekaboo!

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *watches cat woman closely steps closer to RoHLeo*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals - laughs and claps - then reaches for helmet to hide again*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *lets him hide and waits a few seconds then lifts the helmet again* Peekaboo! *giggles*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: Uh, heh...

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *laughs so hard helmet wobbles, hangs onto this Leo - hides again*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *winks at RoHLeo*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *taps her nails on his little toes* I'ma get you! *tickles toes lightly*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *still hiding - hugs Leo's arm tighter - snugs 'hiding' more*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: me? the kid is on me? how...when did that happen?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *hnds child over to Love*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: you try to eat him sometimes - why? *definitely on guard

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *snuggle snuggle!*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: no he was with RoHLeo - *takes and gives him back to her Leo*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol oooooh I was confused

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *pouts* awwwwww but I am soft and fluffy!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko changed name to Love

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: I am sure [wink]

[Bookmark] Love: Love: I just wanna snuggle the babeh

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy as a larry - chews on bandana tails*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: he is snuggly [wink]

[Bookmark] Love: Love: *runs off then comes back with a plush elephant and hands it to Blaze* Elephant goes PPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFHTTTTTT​TTTTTTTTTTT!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *chuckles, has the little one again*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *blows raspberry - snugs ze elephant - snugs against Leo's plastron*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Love: Love: ^_^ *gives Blaze's cheek a small smooch then sinks away*

[Bookmark] Love: *slinks*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Wait.

[Bookmark] Love: Love: *spiiiiins back around* yeeeeeesssss?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Who are you?

[Bookmark] Love: Love: I am love! The hottest kitty cat in the world!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: I see. Uh, thank you for helping with the kid.

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: and not trying to eat him this time?

[Bookmark] Love: Love: any time! little kids are awesome! unless they are pooping everywhere. hey! I would never eat him. maybe a playful nibble on the toes

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: I sure [smile]

[Bookmark] Love I'll have kittens one day! ^_^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo [kiss] smiles*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: oh?

[Bookmark] Love yes! I hooked up with a tiger! soooooo unless the mutation prevents it. I should have some little ones hopefully.

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: uh nice - [smile] - I... *nope won't say that out loud -* good luck?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Oh. Congratulations.

[Bookmark] Love thank you! but you know, if you need a babysitter! I'm always around.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *gone to sleep - drooling on rohLeo*

[Bookmark] Love: lol ewwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: oEe would not let you babysit Blaze [tongue]

[Bookmark] Love *points to Angel* you I shall feed to my children.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *sighs and makes a small face at the drool*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: try it cat >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *wipes up the drool* [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *gives RoHEe a grateful smile*

[Bookmark] Love I will!

[Bookmark] Love: I'm heading off. niiiiiight guuuuuys! *hg hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Love left the chat 86 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *kisses RoHLeo's cheek*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *blush* [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: [big grin] *keeps wiping away drool*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *smiles* Thanks.

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: might be teething [smile] drooling a lot - your welcome

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *smiles* So, what do we do with him?

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *pouts* give the little Viking back to his mother - though I don't want to - would sooooo keep him [wink] *points at crate*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: *smiles and holds him out to RoHEe* Maybe a little longer.

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: - *grins and snugs both Blaze and Leo's arm* yes! A bit longer

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *waddling* dawww *huffs puffs* wwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: How are you still pregnant?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: cause the to hat only happens now and then and everything goes on hold in the mean time - grrrr and too slow to strangle my player?!

[Bookmark] Candy: Chat*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You know you can do whatever you want

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: not on pause forever in a crate enjoying the walk around whilst can

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: I suppose I should tell you congratulations? [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *gone to mush -*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: thanks - refreshing to see a not insane Leo... The lil one Mm from mm pretty sane too [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: By the time you give birth the baby will be nine months old [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] still has an Leo arm captive and a Blaze she mush

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: Really? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: yes - ours is crazy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: I'm sorry to hear that.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: so are we

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: Um, if you don't mind my asking, who's your-um...who is the father?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: our Donnie

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: ... Blaze... Is not a one off?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *smiles* Donnie...

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *grins at the blonde Ee* no - and means lots of smexins - *bods at RoHLeo* yes our Don...

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *chuckles - blushes goes back to mushy face*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Nods*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: Night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *blushes a little*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: its true [tongue] I didn't get all the jibber jabber oor Ee said but something about mutagen and loads of cumming

[Bookmark] Candy: RohEe: *giggling now* oookay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: Oh? *still blushing*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: mm chat Ee had that Leo's daughter - cute lil one - yes loads and loads [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: RohEe: *so red cheeked*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *feels really awkward*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: Hm.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *grins* oh come on its just sex talk - [wink] no need blush so bad the only underaged one between us is asleep - I should return him to his mum and go back to my crate [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: dawww but - wanna keep him *poooouting but holding Blaze out*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *oh Heavy!!!* go make your own [tongue] - oh boy he's heavy seriously need a Don right now *waddling so not happening*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol She seriously just told them to go make their own? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol yep totally teasing

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Coming, coming! *helps Angel with his nephew*

[Bookmark] Candy: Been in a crate forever - fun to tease for blushes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: thank you! *rubs belly* he's just too heavy with these two to contend with already*

Kitteh: RoH Leo: *is making sure he heard her right* What?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *lil snore*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *smiles and smooches his mate's cheek* No problem.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: [wink] just telling the girl here if she really wants to keep a lil turtle - find a big happy to do so big turtle and make lots of whoopee! Go make her own lil turtle [wink] *grins, been a while - snogs Don*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL!

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *why does she never melt on command?! Red enough! *

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *is also blushing madly*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *snogs Angel back*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *tugs - still smooching - to the crates, have to put the boy away too*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *giggles glancing at Leo*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *still feeling awkward*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *goes with Angel to her crate*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *chuckling still cheeks still red - but takes the Leo's hand and squeezes*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *returns the squeeze, smiling and still blushing*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: [big grin] *pauses to put the Blaze in with his mother* there all away aside me [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *smiles* So, what would you like to do now?

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: well ... Um that was informative *awkward, embarrassing but informative - thumb strokes those knuckles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: go snuggle in a real bed for a change? [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: Yeah. *looks down at their hands, honestly isn't sure how she feels since there are other guys trying to get her attention too*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: You think loudly - what is on your mind?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *snogs* After you. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *looks up at her* It's nothing, I just...wondered what you really think of me.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *triumphant fist pump - tug to lab - can lock that door* lets do this! We have serious missed snug time to make up for

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *smiles* your a good man - and I look foreword to spending my time with you ... what do you think of me?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *takes her for some snuggle time...and possibly more* [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: I think you're great. And very beautiful. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: I know that look - I'd agree but I'd probably pop trying *giggles smooching undressing for bed*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: If you do, I know what to do. [wink] *snogs*

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *geins - tiptoes - chaste kiss* you are beautiful

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *snogging - undresses him too* this is true -

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: O.O *wasn't expecting the kiss, blushes!* Thank you. [smile] *returns it gently*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *grins, groping her a little* It's been too long.

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *happy sigh , cups his cheeks - first kiss!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: yes - a long looong time *tickles spot - moans - boobs are big and round*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And leaky? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe for sure - wetness all over!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don [kiss] churrs and pulls Angel onto the bed, snogging her*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *can't believe this is happening!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *goes with - straddling him so she can caress all those shoulders and sides - deeper snoggies*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *does all sorts of naughty things to Angel*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sadly, I can't RP much longer, tonight. [frown]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *chuckles drawing back just a little - nibbling her lip*

[Bookmark] Candy: That fine [wink] we can catch up RP another time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *grins* That was nice.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *messy - very good naughties!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol And no babehs yet. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *nods nods* yes - I - *has not let his cheeks go* want to do it again [big grin] *blushes*

[Bookmark] Candy: Nope stubborn lil buns bake just a moment longer

[Bookmark] Candy: A bit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoH Leo: *leads this time, smooching her gently*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Cum all over again? [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: RoHEe: *slips arms slowly about shoulders - returning the smooch*

[Bookmark] Candy: Annnd agains [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Cheeky Ee's says [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Actually I meant did get all over her? [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Did I lose you?

[Bookmark] Candy: It will [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, I'm gonna head off here for the night. I'll be on FB for a few more minutes, though. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 86 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not much. You?

[Bookmark] Espionata: same

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heere!

[Bookmark] Mikko: kinda

[Bookmark] Mikko: little bane ded

[Bookmark] Mikko: bran ded

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: h

[Bookmark] Mikko: i

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey

[Bookmark] Mikko: soooo where are these horny turtles!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know and the new game is coming out this month OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They might be hiding from you. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: what game? there's a game about horny turtles? that's strange.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I'

[Bookmark] Espionata: All I know is that I'm getting it [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: There's alternate costumes and Donnie has a punk look lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tackles Don*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have very little idea of what game you are talking about

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *is tackled*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches Don*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know which one she's talking about. Something about Manhatten Madness.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Or something like that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ahhhhh ok

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's for all kinds of platforms.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yep

[Bookmark] Espionata: PC, Xbox 360, XboxOne, PS3 and PS4 lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I only have PC.

[Bookmark] Espionata: There is co-op but online only

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have a PS3

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have a PS2 [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: The story is written by the writer in IDW so it will be good lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: The game is on PC only question is does your PC meet the requirements lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have PC! woo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. my PC is awesome it can run anything

[Bookmark] Mikko: my internet on the hand....

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hy babi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How's yous?

[Bookmark] Candy: Not too bad - you all?

[Bookmark] Mikko: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihg

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Mikko: i wnt to seep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *offers pillow*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *crshes and snoooooz*

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *offers plushies*

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooooooooooooh *takes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pulls kitten doen to*

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Stopping in to say hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I have to work early tomorrow be in by 8:30 both saturday and sunday so my nights will be cut short till sunday night

[Bookmark] Mikko: giiiiiii

[Bookmark] Mikko: hiiiii

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: So I'll be playing my sims game for a bit then off to bed... [frown] I can role play sunday

[Bookmark] Mikko: suuuuuuuuuumday!

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep earlier shifts tells me to go to bed sooner than 12:30a.m.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: so my replies maybe slow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: while gaming

[Bookmark] Mikko: there gos the left eye

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: it cam back

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooooooookkkkkkkkk​kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you dont sound good Mikko... you should go to bed early to *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: it the pane meds

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *huggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *huugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rah Mouthbig Enoug To ear her

[Bookmark] Mikko: eat

[Bookmark] Espionata: There was a manhunt in my state some guy decided to shoot a few cops >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: a hero im sure


[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: No he's not he's stupid and part of the reason cops are so trigger happy

[Bookmark] Mikko: A cup kill a family pet ever 13 min

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL cups kill

[Bookmark] Mikko: cop

[Bookmark] Mikko: cop pep scar me

[Bookmark] Mikko: pew pew

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have...issueeees

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: you! ligt up my life!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah you do

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: u luv me

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: [kiss]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Where is the Roguester tonight?

[Bookmark] Mikko: here! in me beds

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: she off@ savin g the little animals of the wild!

[Bookmark] Mikko: her cap flapping in th wind!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ^^ I know she is.

[Bookmark] Mikko: we will sing her praise!

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeey I made a real sentance

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: drug wearing down. pain...coming back

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Nuuuuuu *snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^-^ *snug snug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nibbles Espi's arm*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: om nom nom

[Bookmark] Mikko: juicy

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: I got a pixie cut ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: pics?

[Bookmark] Espionata: hang on

[Bookmark] Mikko: k

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm heading off to bed guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Mikko: cute ^_^ but dark...spooooky

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And you can see one of my crescent moon earrings lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *had to look again* ooooh pretty

[Bookmark] Espionata: Love my earrings

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: my ears are stretched so I can wear little earings

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: can't not can

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: biddy biddy bum ba!

[Bookmark] Mikko: heading off. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs* I think I'm off, too. I can barely stay awake. Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 85 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 84 days ago

Espionata joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: my life

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Reboot is getting a sequel series yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaya!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I loved that show

[Bookmark] Mikko: never seen it

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's on youtube

[Bookmark] Espionata: The main villian was voiced by Tony Jay

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's an old CGI series one of the first

[Bookmark] Mikko: cooool

[Bookmark] Espionata
Shadow Raiders (US War Planets) S1, S2 Openings + CreditsYouTube · 3:1 · 22K · 99%Shadow Raiders was an animated television series produced by Mainframe Entertainment that aired from 1998 to 1999. The show was loosely based on the Trendmasters toy line, War Planets. The original character designs were created by ReBoot designer, Brendan McCarthy. Although the show ended after its second season, tying up most of the loose ends, a proposed third season that would have answered major questions, like the origin of the Beast Planet, was never made. The series focuses on the four warring planets of a solar system called the Cluster as they are forced to set aside their differences and form an alliance against the threat of the Beast Planet. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Espionata: There's also that show which is really good

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *lays on Rogue* sing to me?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: *pets* okay....

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^


[Bookmark] Rogue: you feeling any better? *snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^-^ yes *snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: yays! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I woke up today to Deadpool sitting on the kitchen counter

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh! awesome!!! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I haven't watched it yet though

[Bookmark] Mikko: but I'm gonna!

[Bookmark] Rogue: the movie?

[Bookmark] Rogue: yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: you'll love it

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo woo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: how are you?

[Bookmark] Rogue: that's why I wasn't in chat last night, lol.

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I probably won't be in chat tomorrow night, either. gotta work, so gonna make the most of it after and go see Civil War again

[Bookmark] Rogue: trying to do my nails. Gots some Sup/Batz decals to geek them up with [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh sexy!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have a batz and a sup mood bracelet that I wear daily, sooo gonna do one hand sup and the other batz [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: a mood bracelet. I've heard of rings, but not bracelets.

[Bookmark] Mikko: so what mood does it say you're in?

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Rogue: right now they're both green because I took them off, lol. Means guarded or stressed/uneasy. usually they're purple or blue. Yesterday they could not agree on my mood [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I got them at the DC store. ^^ got batman last year, Sup this year

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: so whatever you put them on his feeling stressed? Have you talked to your dresser about this?

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol! computer desk. and yeah, I may need to get my PC desk on anxiety meds [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: k

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I iz home!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello home! I iz Mikko

[Bookmark] Candy: Yay!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Scary shit down the street and a block over from us. O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: like, clown scary?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww the world's oldest cat died DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: People were pounding on doors and one tried to break down a front door on a house.

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O zombies!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I vote we not visit Kitteh!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I wasn't home at the time and was getting information from a group FB page about our neighborhood.

[Bookmark] Mikko: wow

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Yeah, I wouldn't either...not at this house.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yikes

[Bookmark] Mikko: sounds like a group of people didn't like the drugs that guy was selling

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It sounds like they were four kids and one had a white mask on.

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O the purge!

[Bookmark] Mikko: is this on your street?

[Bookmark] Mikko: are you safe?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: We've had a lot of trouble with juvenile delinquents in this neighborhood lately. >​.< They're destroying property, talking loudly/cussing, and trying to pick fights with other kids.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think so.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And no, it's a block over and several blocks down.

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh. ok

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: still. damn kids!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello stopping into say hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: they need a shot gun to the head

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: have to work early again tomorrow so won't be online long tonight

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And the disruptive kids are in the same area. We're east of most of the action, thankfully.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah... it sucks this week coming up my days off are good the following week i've got tuesday/wednesday glad i don't have an appointment that day. i don't have dentist on June 5th so I need to place that day off so they don't place me to work it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I do have an appointment on june 5th. is what i meant to say. *hugs back*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they keep an eye on my back teeth after having them pulled I've got 19th real teeth left

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm doing my nails ssoooo.. typing may not happen for a bit

[Bookmark] Rogue: but...

[Bookmark] Rogue: I LOVE YOU GUYS! *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool. one reason why i've got fake tips on mine. other wise my OSD kicks in and I bite them or pick my lips. so it helps cure my bad habbits

[Bookmark] Mikko: I LOVE YOU TOO! *snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I made a post in MM yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Love you, too! *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I took five of these pills my mom gave me. lets see if they help

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i hope it does

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *crosses fingers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: Posted in o - up to date I think for now

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: Edited my MW posts into one Ee

[Bookmark] Mikko: I put up another TMNT baddie in the directory

[Bookmark] Mikko: I still need to resize my pics so they are uniformed

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Cool. I built another house on the sims 4. fnished it today. I'll upload it this week on youtube

[Bookmark] Mikko: man I wish building real houses was that easy. what you do today? oooh I build anthoer house

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: woot! Will check out the directory soooons ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.o

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I did a small Michigan home.

[Bookmark] Mikko: arthas needs to go on a diet, I'm starting to worry about him

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it should pull up an image

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think he has sleep apnea

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: that is an adorable house!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want one!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] not sure how the inside is. Other than where the kitchen is. So I made it a three bedroom two bathroom home [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: made it slightly larger than the photo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've been looking at houses. there are some gov. homes that you can rent for cheep. but they're in the down town projects. which doesn't bother me, just easer to get drugs, buuuuuut the family is against it

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not sure we have gov. homes here that you could rent. I wish there was here. but there are homes to rent but most cost about the same as a condo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've been to the area. had a friend live there. the other residents are so nice! and they look out for each other. when I got out my car someone walking their dog asked me a million questions. then was like, a;'right. you cool you cool. just making sure.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or two bedroom apartment townhome

[Bookmark] Mikko: wow

[Bookmark] Espionata: yikes

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: why must our bodies feel pain! why can we not be like the fishy and not feel the horrors of pain!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: need to check laundry. i'm gonna head off guys. night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: ty, night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: thanks

[Bookmark] Mikko: *flashes everyone* tatas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

[Bookmark] Mikko: speaking of! did i ever mention to you guys about my nightly demon dreams?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Nightly?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah! every night I would dream about this one being. he clamed to be demonic. this has been going on for about a year. well I was sleeping today and this "demon" finally showed himself!

[Bookmark] Mikko: before then it was just a voice and a shadow

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's got blue eyes and blond messy hair. annnnd he's tall and a little built. but not too musculer. and really nice smile and fangs!

[Bookmark] Mikko: so hawt!

[Bookmark] Mikko: no name

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: he never gives me a name

[Bookmark] Mikko: in demon lore that makes sense, having the name of a demon gives you power over it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Like Rumplestiltskin. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Spelling...eff it. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's why in movies with possession the priest is always yelling for the demon to tell them it's name

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Annnnnnd how often does that work?

[Bookmark] Mikko: in the movies? all the time! in real life? uuuuuh....*shrug*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh, yeah, I meant in the movies.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I ask for a name in every dream. my paln is to get the name, and when I'm awake. use the spirit board to see if this thing is real

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: and hope that no one in the house becomes possessed in the process lol

[Bookmark] Candy: I'm gonna head off *hugs* g'Arvo

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I thought these were cats at first

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: Japanese doughnuts too cute to eat!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Definitely not cats. O.o How the heck are they walking ON the fence?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know! they got skillz

[Bookmark] Espionata: Young black bears OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I didn't think bears were that graceful.

[Bookmark] Mikko: they lose the gracefullness when they grow up

[Bookmark] Mikko: an albino raccoon so pretty

[Bookmark] Espionata: cute

[Bookmark] Rogue: cuuute

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: batzy decals being assholes. just like the character. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: bats play nice!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: well I am putting him on the same hand as Sups.. he ain't happeh [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *goes over to Rogue's house and does nails and hairs! girl time! then pillow fights! then deadpool porn!

[Bookmark] Mikko: if no one knew who or what Deadpool was. saying deadpool porn would sound horrific

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 2:57 am

pt 14.

Rogue: lol, yeeees!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: you'll have to let me know when you watch DP ^^ wanna know what you think

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll probably watch it tomorrow sometime. mom and dad want to see it after me.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol though mom still is sad that Ryan's face gets messed up

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Surprised your mom wants to watch it lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah mom likes super hero movies ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: although!

[Bookmark] Mikko: she doesn't like a lot of bad language in movies LOOOOL so I told her to watch it on mute

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, good call [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: the opening credits.. READ THE OPENING CREDITS!!! <3

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I hear that there are two extra scenes after the end credits

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: and the bloopers! annnnnnd the deleted scenes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall watch everything

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooooches everyone*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I do miss rp nights. damn us being busy, or sick, or both!

[Bookmark] Mikko: as much as Mikko is enjoying her bath with Gabe, she needs to get to the turtles so we can start the rescue process

[Bookmark] Rogue: saw

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: nu

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *snuggles with her man!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *not aware that her player and her man's player plotting infidelity!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: ^^ *snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's not aware, either [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *smooches* we gonna get married and have some kids!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: ^^ Okay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: I have reason to believe this couple should not be married!!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *already practicing to be a flower girl and tossing flowers all over the place*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Daisy is my maid of honor!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daisy: I DO!! ;D

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: that's wonderful! now can please try and save my brothers from the sexual activity!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Save us from the sexual activity? O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: WTF ....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: yeah....I thought there was a breeding thing going on. I MUST SAVE YOUR INNOCENCE!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: .... too late... :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: well...ok. but....we are WAY too young to be breeding! Kids? really? I don' tthink that's a good idea. so I have know...get you away from the girls? *thinks on that* Or you you with condoms!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *gives Mikko very large condoms to give to his brothers*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *wonders if 100 year old vampires can get knocked up by a mutant turtle*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: What if we wouldn't mind having kids if we have found the right person?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: well...I mean, I would advice against it, but, be supportive of you, your mate and future child. but no making babies in a cage! lets get you out first

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: That's if I have a choice, Leo. -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: There's always a choice

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: there is no choice! we have ways to make things happen!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And they can break your neck

[Bookmark] Kitteh: "Don't be like Sammy"

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: no need to get close to the cages. we have special gases that we can fill the tanks with that will make the males...more eager. we just have to be careful they don't kill the females in their eagerness

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: mmmhmm. and I will be releasing the gas when I get back to the lab.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: And what if I don't want to play your little game, Stockman? >​ : (

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: i think you fail to understand, that the gas will effect your brain. you will go into a state of hypnoses and your body will react. your only thoughts will be of procreating, your free will will be gone.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Oh, really? *isn't buying it*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Stockman should just be a brain in a jar >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *eye twitches. is a bit sensitive to the idea of being a brain in a jar*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *sees that struck a nerve* I agree!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I WILL NEVER AGAIN BE A BRAIN IN A JAR!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: So you were a brain in a jar

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: we don't speak of that

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Just admit it, Stockman. You don't have anything that will really make me...perform against my will.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes I do! you can think I don't. but I do.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Then what is it?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You can't control me either

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I have no interest in you, Mel. you can go home.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can't in a cage and Aly wants to kill me

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: well you shouldn't have pissed her off

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But I didn't

[Bookmark] Mikko: BAX: DO NOT QUESTION ME, TURTLE!!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have to go. ninight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *think that will stop him?* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Yes. I will considering it's ME you're trying to control.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I'm doing this for my own good. and the good of my company. You should be honored to be part of that!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o For your own good? What do you have to lose?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: His body [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: money. Lots of money. *glares at Mel* this is why you are still in a cage.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Could be worse you could be a fly >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: UGH! next you're going to tell me about that time as a cyborg!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: which wasn't as bad as being a fly or fleshy undead thing.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I don't care about YOUR money. This is MY body that's on the line here. *more like his virginity*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Face it Stockman you're nothing but a crazy man

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: the worse that happens is you have sex. Actually. The worse that can happen is you violently rip apart the female in your lustful rage.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: no! I am a genius, crazy man.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: That won't happen. I will NOT risk hurting her.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You just admitted that you're crazy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes I am crazy. Crazy about progress!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Which you can forget about. I'm not doing this for your twisted agenda.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *shakes his head* I was told you were the intelligent one. It seems they were wrong.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: What does this have to do with my intelligence?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: you seem to think that you have choices here. That is pretty foolish thinking.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: You can't force me to do THAT with someone. No matter what it is you think you have that can control me like that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I'm bored of this conversation. you clearly have no idea of the poisons that I posses in this lab. When you wake from your drugged induced state, then you will finally come to terms that I can, in fact, force you to do what I want.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: My first time with her will NOT be drug-induced.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: and here's the best part! The gas, it wont effect the females. You and your brother will just, lose your minds and attack them. It'll be quite entertaining!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: No!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes! *runs off laughing*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We need to get out

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *will NOT do it!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I will save you! from yourselves it seems!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *cha chas into the tank room course she's totally covered so they would have no idea who she is*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *sees this mystery figure coming towards him, watches her carefully*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night.

[Bookmark] Mikko: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *waves at Don then moooooves close to the tank and starts examening it*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: What are you doing? *whispers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I have come to make sure your tanks are in order!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *whispers again* Who are you?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I! *totally enjoys messing with him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: look at the outfit, man.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *rolls his eyes* I can see that. But what is your name? Who are you working for? And why are you really here?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I am Mikko. I work for the one, Leonardo. I am here to do the devils work.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *blinks* Leo? *then clears his throat* What do you know about this...Leonardo?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I know that he wishes to get you out of here. and that he is in the foot tower with his girlfriend instead of helping me.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Girlfriend?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah, some girl. don't know details. anyway, that's why he called me to come here and see about getting you all out of here.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Okay... *still isn't sure how one woman can get them out*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: anywho! I am to report back to him and then a plan will be made to get you all out

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: and then! I will require a payment.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: What kind of payment?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: dunno yet. anyway, what's this about, what do you know about Leo? like, you forgot who I was? You did! You forgot all about me!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Mikko... *deep in thought*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah. you saved my boyfriend...kinda...I mean he's alive so yeah. You know, from Shredder?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: had a thing with Raph...kinda...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *nods*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yay! so i'm friend, not foe. and you are 50 shades of hawt. Raph's like...55 shades of hawt.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *blushes* Thanks...I think.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: welcome. *climbs on top of the tank* this thing was made really well.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Yeah, no kidding.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, gonna head off here now. *hugs* I'll be on FB a little longer.

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 84 days ago

Bookmark] Candy: April: hah! never all need an April... or Andy - I saw some dudes in there

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *notices Don has not responded. drags cow to Don* purrrrrrrrrr

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's still April. she just wants to use the men's bathroom

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: A cow too OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: the animals will keep coming until sempai notices me

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *runs back to the farm then brings back a dozen dead chickens and drops them by Don*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: ^_^ I bring you gifts!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love that farmer will shoot you >​

[Bookmark] Espionata: *>​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Thanks... :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: SHE WAS SAVED! Poachers took a white rhino's horn. her name is Hope. and she was rushed to the hospital and she will live.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: welcome! I didn't want you to starve.

[Bookmark] Mikko: carved from a single block of wood

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love you know we have to clean those animals and freeze them we can't all of that at once Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: no need! they are farm raised. you can eat them as is!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No we can't OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: yes you can! *grabs chickenand eats head off of it* see? om nom nom

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: alright sugar tits

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Sups in HH

[Bookmark] Mikko: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *runs over to read*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww poor sups


[Bookmark] Shy: ...?

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: hate spiders. but this dude is pretty.

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh, he is pretty ! ^^ and I want it

[Bookmark] Mikko: here's a pic of that shark attached to the woman's arm espi was talking about. Not as impressive as it was in my head

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's one of the rarest animals on earth. so i don't think you're allowed to own it

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah it wouldn't let go

[Bookmark] Mikko: once they got it off me, I would take it home and eat it! I AM KING OF THE FOOD CHAIN!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it took my eyes a bit to see it. but this is a woman

[Bookmark] Rogue: that is awesome ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish I could paint like that

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *bust out the pants and paints Mike to look like a dragon* there!

[Bookmark] Rogue: so I have this warped scene in my head where bishop tosses zombies into the cell with Sup and lets them feed on him. And Pete witnesses it all

[Bookmark] Rogue: of course he'll live.. but damn

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: that would be sick and awesome

[Bookmark] Rogue: will try to do a RoH Raph post soonish

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yes it would. Bishop wants to test and see if perhaps if t he cure isn't in the blood, but flesh instead..

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that is a resonable thought

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *zombie, eats Sups, cured! continues eating sups*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and this is why they really, REALLY want DP [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ruuuuuuuuuuuun DP!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Being eaten? I ain't got time fo that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh. and a plot bunneh just bit me. I know how RoH HH Raph will lose his eye. dun dun duuun

[Bookmark] Mikko: TMNT/RoH Mikko: Where I'm from, the undead fight along side us for the good of the world!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *gasps*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have no bunnies for the story yet, need to focus on profiles

[Bookmark] Espionata: same lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I only have bunnies for Origins

[Bookmark] Espionata: Poor Raph

[Bookmark] Mikko: it was Daryl. he saw a turtle and his mind went to food.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: nu

[Bookmark] Rogue: but yeah. I starving daryl may try to take out a turtle [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: all my bunnies escaped

[Bookmark] Mikko: CATCH THEM!

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *hides in the trees and LEAPS on Raph's back*

[Bookmark] Candy: nope

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH Raph: O.O ..-.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: onward mighty steed!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I can see Raph dumping her in COLD water. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: tee hee hee

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: he does make me wet!

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH Raph: *deathrolls*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: O.O *drowning*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: it's ok. I just used the wrong approach. *dries off*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: headache is kicking my ass.. so gonn stop staring at the PC screne. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hug and smooches*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 82 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *writing writing*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *wiggles over to Espi* heeeeeeeeeeeeey

[Bookmark] Espionata: >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: <.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Shy: oh my

[Bookmark] Mikko: *makes out with Espi*

[Bookmark] Candy: >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: candy feels left out! *makes out with Candy*

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: who else wants kisses!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches Kitteh*

[Bookmark] Shy: ...

[Bookmark] Shy: some lovin? I'm up for more pets.

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pets the Shy*

[Bookmark] Shy: *purrs* merci~

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^ welcome

[Bookmark] Mikko: heading out sugar plums! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 82 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: NIght *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I guess it's just the two of us, eh?

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I'm gonna head off and try to finish this profile. Goodnight.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 82 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 82 days ago
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 8:36 am

pt 15.

Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 78 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: her name is Milley annnnnnnd she's part black lab, and part somethingelse. like a smaller lab all black and her feet have white socks. so cute! she hates arthas already and isn't sure about me.

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: here's a fun game I just spotted on FB. name your vagina with the last movie you watched.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL! No.

[Bookmark] Espionata: No Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: mine would beeeeeeeeee....hell raiser! LOOOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: Doggie

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I JUST got done watching Prince of Egypt. [tongue] Loooooove the music in that movie! ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Part lab she will be a hoover I should know [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that is a great movie

[Bookmark] Mikko: She'll be a vaccume?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What? Prince of Egypt?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: the music is awesome

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I did one in Choir when I was in high school. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and then when I figured out that huge whale shown when they are walking through the parted sea. IS A SHARK!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I wondered if it was a shark.

[Bookmark] Mikko: a huge ass shark just waiting to eat them all!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: God wouldn't let that happen. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes because Labs are notorious when it comes to food if it's on the floor it's gone

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know. he did drown the whole world

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, but why would he kill the people he was trying to save?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol if food falls on the floor she has to get to it before Arthas or Lance

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: the devil made him do it

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's ligit man, at least twice in he bible god goes to the devil for advice, and takes his advice!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Having a Lab came in handy when there was leftovers not enough for anyone to eat the next day but a nice snack for the dog she was beyond spoiled lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: well this lab is on a strict no human food diet

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not even meat Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know. it's Megan's sister's dog I just came out my room and seen her

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: When we give our kitty human food, she doesn't know what to do with it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: My cat does especially when it comes to tuna lol

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Woot posted in the game [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool Mel is very forward

[Bookmark] Mikko: and how does she not know where Mikko's voice is coming from, Mikko said hey I'm up here bitches

[Bookmark] Mikko: Arthas is all "why does the new bitch not like me! moooooom!"

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well all she heard was a voice not the words her heart beat is drumming in her ears lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol doggie romance

[Bookmark] Mikko: look what I caught Rockstedy watching!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It was like dominoes. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: TWD Mikko just realozed that she can't try to get into the pants or shells of any guy because she has not shaved anything on her body in forever and she would hate to gross anyone out with her hair ass

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Guys probably wouldn't care if they had a chance to get laid. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol true

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: < Mikko's hair issue

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: All I wanted was some ammo and I get surrounded by walkers DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: well Mel. you want ammo you need to move on to another city. nothing here but dead things

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need to go lie down. see you all tomorrow! *hugs and smooches and gropes Rogue whereever she is*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 78 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: well not sure how good it will be - but the Bishop post be long [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: wootwoot! Bishop ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I'm sure it'll be epic

[Bookmark] Candy: well - there will be the amusing factor it's posted under my acid lollipop account [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: well you could always register him if you wanted and we'd just put the account up for adoption or post the password for whomever may need to use him

[Bookmark] Rogue: or post under your account, whichever you prefer

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm could probably do an account for him -

[Bookmark] Candy: hang on -

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You know I don't think torturing mutants and superheros for a cure is a good idea bad enough we have walkers and other humans don't need something else that might try to kill us all

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: okay he is created [big grin] just activating

[Bookmark] Rogue: yayz ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: ... if the email would hurry up *pouts* I'd like to get this post done

[Bookmark] Candy: been struggling with it

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: aws, I can't wait to read it ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] wont be that good - but posted so theres that [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: ah email still aint there - *pokes gmail*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I can activate it for ya

[Bookmark] Espionata: Check the spam filter

[Bookmark] Candy: yes please [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: done ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, she had to do that for me too, Candy.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Sure stick me with someone who could be crazy >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph:... and who says I ain't?

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: trust me - he's nuts

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You took down a herd of walkers while she hasn't done anything I would be safer with you

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: well it's a long one for me

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: *baps Mikey* -.- ...and who's to say I didn't save you so I could eat you.....

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: o,- *dang it was distrated by something shiny and forgot to move out of reach*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You would've killed me instead of giving me water

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: skinny human meat is far tooo stringy when not properly hydrated

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I do have some muscle sort of >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: whew! long bishy post!! *goes to read* ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: and it needs hydrating - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: What I need is some more bullets funny thing about us humans they always seem to have a gun when they're evil >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: what you need is paprika

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I do know how to fight you know I've had to kill before things are alot different out of the cities

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *looks at mini human - bursts out laughing* girl men much bigger than you can't take one of us alone in pairs [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: awesome post ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off. [frown] another lovely double tomorrow but hoping I can catch up everywhere later tonight. If not, certainly Sunday. Think the mojo is back ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Have you ever heard of the head shot?

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 78 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: pffft your about as scary as a weiner dog *distracted by shinies again

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And you're about as scary as a gold fish

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *grin* gold fish are pretty

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: How the hell did you survive?

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: like I told you - bigger men than you, with guns and better aim couldnt take one of us alone - slow dead people aint really a challenge... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And I've survived on my own for a few months some evil men seperated me from my group. A man can't take me down that easily

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *eyes her - rolls eyes* so? you got lucky... *follows the shiny something -*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he would

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: If it was luck I wouldn't have lost my family

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *cant the girl shut up?* didn't say it was good luck - *ninja vanish*

[Bookmark] Candy: gonna go [big grin] night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off now. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 78 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!


[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm not alone anymore. ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mikko made Mel mad lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah how did Mikko do that?

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: By saying Mikko could eat Mel when that's not a good joke lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: seemed fine to me, I think she over reacted a bit. I mean you want Raph to help you and the first thing she does is act crazy, not good

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I so didn't over react a different person would've killed you for that

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: just you. psycho.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Have you been outside the city?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: why would I leave the city? this is the kinda things cray people do

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Outside the city there's more food because you can hunt it and there are people out there but there's also the crazies. I went into the city to get more ammo for my weapon

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *freaks out and assumes that the girl is infected and stabs Mel in the head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: gonna wait for raph to post before going

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Dodges* Hey!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Haven't you learned by now that it doesn't if someone gets bit or not?

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: .......*nods slowly then HEAD STABS AGAIN!*

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Dodges* Dude this isn't a game! I'm not bit!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: doesn't matter! I have to kill everyone to make sure no more zombies are created

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Now who's the crazy one? You do realize that includes yourself

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I shall die as wwell...but you first because you freak me out

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: How do I freak you out?


[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Saying you could eat me isn't something you should say

[Bookmark] Espionata: *shouldn't

[Bookmark] Mikko: saying I could eat you isn't the same as assulting someone!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You haven't come across cannibals they're scary as fuck


[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Not the walkers the ones that are alive are the scary ones

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *grins* mmmmhmmmm *takes a bite out of Mel's arm*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Stabs Mikko* Don't fucking do that it will get your ass killed!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *is some kinda crazy new evolved zombie and the stabbing does nothing! keeps eating Mel*

Espionata: TWD Mel: *Headshots Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *is down for now, but her deadpool like healing will get her up and going again*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Climbs into tree*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *is in tree already, pounces on Mel*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: KITTEN!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Kitten?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: yes! my kitten! I have been looking for someone like you for a while!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: the dead are everywhere! You know why right? Right?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No I don't know why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: it's the prophecy. When hell is full, the dead will walk the earth. So I need a virgin, sacrafice her to the dark lord so I can walk freely among the dead without being in danger. he needs to feed. AND HERE YOU ARE! lets go to the alter!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol rohEe be glad to be preoccupied elsewhere - she virgin

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: It doesn't work that way!

[Bookmark] Candy: All other Ees are not [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: yes it does, lets go, you're going to be a hero!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Only one problem I want to live

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: it is a problem. but not MY problem!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: It won't work!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: not if I don't try *drags the girl off*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Struggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *dragggggs to the alter* ok!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Escapes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: well damn!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hellooooooooooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks that ass*

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna catch up reading now ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel got pissed lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes yes. Mel is going to be a problem. we should kill her now.

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: To bad I don't have Deathtrap from Borderlands >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: also to bad you are not a Mechromancer

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: True

[Bookmark] Mikko: who wanna play a little B-ball?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: *plops Kranng aliens on everyone's head* to keep you nice and warm.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *takes off all cloths and runs to the pool*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *jumps in pool*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *splish splash*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *hops in pool - put Blaze on edge holds arms out to him*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Can that turtle swim?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *fearless! Crawls to edge does best frog leap towards mummy!!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: course he can *does not need to fret or hurriedly fetch Blaze to surface he clumsy kicks his way up catching her in hands

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: *splashes all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *crazed mutant raccoon walks up to pool and starts to wash his food* don't mind me! I'm not even here!

[Bookmark] Rogue: rohRaph is NOT a happy camper

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh did he post?

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: he's never happy

[Bookmark] Rogue: and there's probably about to be a feral Sup on the loose

[Bookmark] Rogue: yup

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] *

[Bookmark] Mikko: YEEEEEEEEEEEES!

[Bookmark] Rogue RoHRaph: -.- can it, numbnuts

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals splashing and blowing bubbles like mum showed him!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: see *gestures - moves away and cannon balls into pool!*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *smiles and holds Blaze away, let's him go to swim to her*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *kickie kick kicks! Catchs mum again!*

[Bookmark] Candy: One thing the little guy knows instinctively, it's swimming... And stay close to mum lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: she's sad she can't tag along with Raph but it's better then being with crazy mel

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol Mel can follow Mikko is she can keep up

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I'm going to get Negan's profile up soon so Daryl and the kid have someone to play with

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol was gonna have a ny bound Ee ran across them

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel isn't leaving Raph that easily [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: of course she isn't! that would be crazy

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *giggles, smooches little snout and shakes him off, swims off a little*

[Bookmark] Mikko: but does she really want to bother the huge angry turtle? I mean....he could have gotten a taste for human flesh

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *giggles, swim chases!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: HH Mikko: Least I know the man's name

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I wasn't originally from New York

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeeeeah. Daryl and Carl are boreduh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit will have his sample post done tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and then I'll toss him in

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I would write it now, but I'm druged up

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko is the only character coming to me

[Bookmark] Mikko: sexy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had to cancel my shrink appointment this morning cuz i was in too much pain to get out of bed.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: it wsn't until 2 that I was well enough to mov

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah don't tell me bye or anything. no, good luck, god speed.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Hey You don't wanna see me again so I don't say bye if I do say bye odds are we will see each other again >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nah. you'll be zombie food within the hour

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: More like you will

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: *facepalms*

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey, raph got rid of one of the girls. soooo progress

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, the less annoying one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol well she would love to be chased down. tis why she mentioned his name, so that he might follow to figure out HOW she knew

[Bookmark] Candy: Haha

[Bookmark] Mikko: unlike Mel, Mikko just wants a few hours of conversation and physical touch. from someone other then someone trying to eat her

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha... I think DP is about to literally drop in on them

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *floating in water - bubbles!* finally some one more annoying than I

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit says hold up! they suppose to be travling together

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: damnit! he ran off again!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, oooh?

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Well get the led out of your ass, Gumbo.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *siiiigh, lays back and floats*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: the player don't wanna do my sample post till tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *spots Gambit*.................​.......................I​ call shot gun!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *floating mummy makes great lilo! splashes*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'ma pull rank and say I can put Gamnit in the game tonight as long as I finish the sample tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *looks at Rogue*

[Bookmark] Mikko: his name is now Gamnit

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol it;s like the little dog is all I'ma do this, *looks over to the alpha* r...right?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: speaking of alpha dog. the left Maggie out tonight. I didn't know. Arthas didn't know. Maggie went after arthas again -_- I hate this dog

[Bookmark] Espionata: bad dog

[Bookmark] Mikko: pic of Maggie

[Bookmark] Candy: Daww naughty dog

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah, she even goes after Lance. she's soooo lucky Lance is so laid back.

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's older can tell by the muzzle

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah.. that's fine. Just make sure you get the sample up tomorrow [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I will! promise!

[Bookmark] Mikko: where is DP right now?

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: And we're finding my widdle Webs! And if he let that DC guy go....he better be useful. -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue: Um.....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: yes fine. we'll find yer boyfriend

[Bookmark] Mikko: Maggie is 3 years old

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin] Don't be jelly.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: damnit man! My dick hasn't seen action in a month!

[Bookmark] Rogue: mayb they're taking a road trip to atlanta. and are in new york and bump into raph and the girls and are lik HEY! wanna go to atlanta??

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How much longer will she be there?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Okay XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: she leaves tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and yes that works

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well hurry before I'm too far away for anyone to save me! I suck a mean dick! so i'll be useful!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's useful

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don't think any of the Turtles want her do that to them. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *Swims her self and Blaze to shallows so he can play and swim and climb all over her*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: O'Raph: *joins and watery snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: LEO! W're takin' a field trip.....

[Bookmark] Mikko: I sent you all something on FB that made me lol for realz

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: what!? oh the other Leo. fine I see how it is. take THAT leo out for fun. me? no no. it's ok. it's fine. I have pizza and a vampire

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *chokes on water at that!*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *surprised... Pleasantly, kisses her turtles cheek*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: wait wait. so it's going to be a bunch of men...a kid and me? I'm so getting laid!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RoHLeo: What kind of fieldtrip, Raph?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Fieldtrip?

[Bookmark] Mikko: according to Mikko the sexy kind

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals in delight - Dad to climb on to now! - had been climbing all over his mother*

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: -.- I dunno. To save some kid named Web-snookums?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit will posty after the DP (is actually going to work on that sample now)

[Bookmark] Rogue: ORaph: *snoooogs like whoa*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol web snookums!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohApril is stuck in the Atlanta compound -

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: >​.< *facepalms* Thanks, Wade.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Who the fuck is wade? You poor child..

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: SUPER BRO CODE!!!!!!! *smacks Spidey* no outing super bros

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *being snogged breathless*

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe..DP will be the 'Eugene and convience everyone that they have to get to atlanta

[Bookmark] Mikko: my gawd my tits itch

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O BRB

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wonder if it's Maggie again.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: Maggie was growling...but she was only growling at her own tail

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *watches, makes kissy faces - holds out hands randomly in the 'blow' motion of the kiss like OMikey has been teaching him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawww -

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb Everything okay? And WHY does she have to be out where she can get to the other dogs? >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Lovely.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Dora and Lance are in the bedroom wth the happy couple. Arthas is out because i'm out.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: they didn't want Maggie in their room and fight Lance while they are sleeping

[Bookmark] Candy: Oooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Why doesn't she get the bedroom with them and the others can be out? Unless that's a bad idea, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

Mikko: noooooo Branden and Megan wouldn't put the babies out.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k I didn't know the sleeping arrangements there.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Dora, Lance, Trace get the bedroom. Arthas is with me. the rats stay in the computer room and guest pets stay in the kitchen

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ahhh, gotcha.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Trace?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Trace=14 year old kitty

[Bookmark] Rogue: so before I post for DP.. how long have he and Gambit been together? *DP wiggles brows* ...not like that....

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe the past year

[Bookmark] Mikko: at least a year. long term relationship

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies. may have them holed up in a building someplace and DP is getting antsy as shit

[Bookmark] Rogue: getting really sleepy, but gonna try to pump out a post before I go

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Because we gotta save the kid! And bump into big ass Turtle mutants and mouthy you know.... just because

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: and sexy, loose woman!!!!! me me!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: *splashes Mikko, standing Blaze over a shoulder* you sound like Donkey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: donkeys are cute!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *dangling upside down, doesn't care, just laughs and waves hands*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: mmm yeah *rubs her reds head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: almost donw sample post

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for DP

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay


[Bookmark] Mikko: what?

[Bookmark] Mikko: finished

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambie is done

[Bookmark] Rogue: yays

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^ *goes to read*

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Think we can do rp night with this new game?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *wonders why DP gets eaten and bit a lot. isn't he like....super assassin and all...fighty*

[Bookmark] Mikko: we doing rp night now

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's noght

[Bookmark] Mikko: and we are rping

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: You know what I mean [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I have to say no....because when you have more then a few peeps in one game, rping in chat is hard

[Bookmark] Mikko: least for me

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ...because, my dear friend. I get fuvcking bored. If I have to get eaten for entertainment... so be it

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *making gambit post now*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. so DP approved Gambit's profile [tongue] buuut I can't move anything with his account but will do so when I sign back on with admin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: DP approved it! that IS an honor

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha

[Bookmark] Kitteh: kik

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: homme mort = dead man in french

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: when doing Gambit's accent and dialect I go back to listning to stories told by my very very cajun grandparents

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies.. one more DP post then I gotta hit the hay. gotta be up early again. but for fun stuff. going to the zoo^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh oh fun fact about my family's history (I just learned this and it was cool to me) so, they moved to south LA from france. and were they were was where ex slaves were living. and my family and the ex slaves lived together and they taught the women of my family old voodoo from Africa. and that magic was passed down all the way to my mom's mom.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: will hopefully get to other forum posts when I get home

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, YAY!

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna go to the zoo! take me with you

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: okay! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: we'll sneak into the rhino enclosure!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hop on their back and have a rhino race

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 77 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit says the creepest thing about DP is his thing for spiderman.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Do not fear. I will wait until he's legal.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o.... I'm just gonna be over here....

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *looks at DP*.....don't canada speak french?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Deadpool can do whatever he wants lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: the fuck am I supposed to know? I'm in New York, geeze!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: ten internet points to who knows what Gambit was quoting!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No idea

[Bookmark] Mikko: anyone else?

[Bookmark] Mikko: hint, it's from a classic novel

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nope

[Bookmark] Mikko: a classic novel about a vampire

[Bookmark] Rogue: Dracula

[Bookmark] Mikko: YES!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: though Gambit is more of an ann rice fan

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: ....I don't owe you five bucks....

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, daw

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: translate Gambit= Ya got me there,Beau. Je t'aime Secrètement. = ya got me there handsome. I secretly love you.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: No, he wants to get in your pants. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and no I don't know french. but you know who does? google translate

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I do know my family use to call me something when I was young (no idea how to spell it) but when I wa older i finally asked what it meant. turns out they had been calling me a little shit for years

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh? Dang, I thought you did know some.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww! That's not nice. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's a term of enderment I'm sure

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know a few words. very few words. not enough to make a full sentence

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish I knew my family's language, cajun french is a quickly dying language

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have this one long hair sticking out of my neck

[Bookmark] Mikko: sooo bugging me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: so pretty

[Bookmark] Mikko: tip for the guys looking to get laid. get this sandwich. it works every time

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spiderman. don't take any sandwich that DP gives you

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey:, okay. O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: dammit. -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *smooches DP's cheek*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *brow wiggle* Wanna go back to my place? I have lube and unicorns...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah! love unicorns!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko hopes that there is handcuffs and whips involved as well!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *leaves to give them some alone time* Just don't make too much noise.

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, gotta head off. will do more posts when I get home today. see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 8:40 am

pt 16.

[Bookmark] Candy: Knowing Casey he would say his handsome face belongs everywhere

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he just wants to hook up with Quinn

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: killer croc says he needs love too

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Batmans says....fuck you, he's Batman [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: did you know homosexual activities in bats is the highest among all animals?

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: Turtle Titan! *poses*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *smirks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Batz: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: Batz: ...I'm Batman...

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *stuffed into a Spidey onesy complete with hood - crawling about after Elena in her Supergirl costume*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ...we know. -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey was left alone wi the kids [tongue] there may be a pillow forte somewhere

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aws

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *tap dancing on the roof* Hey Raph. leave the girl and come up here, we'll make some noise and take bets on how long she lives!

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: *spies Superman and runs over to pose best hero pose like her hero Mr. turtle* me Supergirl!

[Bookmark] Candy: heheh

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww​wwwwwwwwwwwwwww *melts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Jerk

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well that's a better name then you could have called me

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *little Spidey butt speed crawl chase her*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ^^ *scoops her up and snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: O.o.... I jus' wanna go home. -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I wont be on tomorrow night. my "brothers" are coming over to play the new game that will finally be out at 6pm tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: I will be on messager

[Bookmark] Mikko: though

[Bookmark] Mikko: FB

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: [smile] hello! *snuggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *spots DP and slides up to him* soooooooo why the mask? aren't you hot in that? Why red?

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^ actual questions she will be asking DP in game

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *sneaks out of blanket forte - best batman voice* mm Batsman!! *in batman costume*

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: *mini Deadpool, tries to copy Mikey's Turtle Titan pose*

[Bookmark] Candy: kk [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *og course is mini turtle titan and currently half under the couch cause found an old pizza crust to chew*

[Bookmark] Candy: of*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Because it's Christmas, and I'm looking for those on my nauuuughty look like you could be naughty....

[Bookmark] Rogue: HQ: *trying to collect all the kiddos~!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that depends on what you look like under the suit

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had no soup! but I found a sleeve of ritz

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze (Spidey): *thoroughly stumped - was sure the girl was there... crawling crawling*

[Bookmark] Mikko: stale crackers mmmmm

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *super man mini - not sure whom HQ is... Waves at her though*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Joker says HQ has enough kids! isn't one enough? yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *has Ryan Reynolds cutout stapled to his face so.... removes his mask* Sexy, huh?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nah. I'll pass.

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze(Spidey) : *joins Gold turtle titan half under couch*

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold(Tt): *shares his half chew pizza crust*

[Bookmark] Candy: Kids

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ouch... burn

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well I don't care for paper faces. sorry!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *rips it off like a bandaid, and RUNS!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that seemed painful. *grins at DP and smoooooooooches*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: You lil shit! *caught off guard by the kiss* ....oh yeah, someone's gettin' lucky tonight!

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet(miniDP): *trips Spidey - accidently*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *face-plants*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^ *drags DP off somewhere naughty*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan(Superboy)&Crimson(B​atkid): *cushion war!!*

Mikko: no one is getting lucky is someone don't post [tongue]


[Bookmark] Candy: Violet(miniDP): *blinks* sorry *pats pats Spideys head*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. about to post here in a sec. trying to find something on ebay [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm waiting lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: eby is baaaad for you

[Bookmark] Mikko: ebAy however might not be

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I have this mini fight between DP and Sup playing out in my head...well not mini, considering those two could tear into each other fo months [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze(Spidey): *oh yeah! Some one is doooown! Crawls over crust and all and gleefully climbs on poor prone someone*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko says watching sups tear into her future boyfriend sounds horrfying and she want's no part in it

[Bookmark] Candy: ... I think I am waiting everywhere except the dragons thread in o - [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awww

[Bookmark] Rogue: well if it makes you feel better, DP starts it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: -_- *spanks DP* no! bad boy!

[Bookmark] Mikko
Worst Choir ever?YouTube · 5:12 · 8M · 92%Dont take MY word for it, listen for yourself. Watch ALL of it, trust me, it get's worse. [Click to hide video thumbnail] here is some old people trying to sing Emenem

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: he always starts it [tongue] *grabs up his little mini me grinning*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Great

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: it's ok that he starts the fight is he was trying to save me. then I'll allow it

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: This won't end well

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: of course not. but maybe with the fighting sups will take out some zombies

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: lil Heros to the forte! *hides in pillow forte*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, bless those old people. they tried! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are actually taking off their cloths!

[Bookmark] Mikko: AHHHHH

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And half of the city

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan(Superboy)Crimson(Ba​tkid): *throw their cushions - both hit rohRaph and run for the forte, dive in!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: mel the city is gone! let the distructive super humans have some fun

[Bookmark] Candy: ahhhhhh lol! Things wish to unhear and see!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet(miniDP): *scrambles for cover too*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze(Spidey): deserted the order of the pillow forte, staying with the face planted Spidey trying to share his have chewed soggy with drool pizza crust*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No depending there's more weapons still

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies.. stopping my endless search for ebay stuff and gonna work on some posts before I can no longer hold eyes open [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena(Supergirl): *likewise a deserter - chatter boxing Supermans ears off*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *safty pins your eyes open*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *enjoying every minute of it- wants one!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko is going to take spiderman from DP.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *gives a lil thumbs up and finally pushes up and takes the yummies* Oooh, pre-chewed, my fave!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: MINE! *grips spidey*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o... ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: This means WAR!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: chill I'll still take care of ya in the back. but Spidey is a sweet sugar plum that must be protected!

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena(Supergirl): and then big fab unicorn followed us, I like unicorns, you like unicorns?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And Spiderman is a teen >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah pretty sure I said I was protecting him not fucking him

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze(Spidey): *claps hands, misses a couple of times not so coordinated - looking up at Spidey and Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: BABEH! *scoops up Blaze and snugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *Unicorn? Pretty sure she's talking about something else? B ut just nods in understanding* They are my favorite.^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze(Spidey): *being snugged! Squeals and nuzzles where milkshake usually is! Though don't smell like mum!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies.. gonna work on posts for realz.. keep getting distracted here, lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko
The Cold Finger Family Song | Nursery Rhymes - NigGadeKidsYouTube · 1:6 · 507 · 92%Hey everyone! Meet our friend Cold Finger and his family of fingers! Check out our new "Cold Finger Family" nursery rhyme and share this children's song with your friends and children too! Vocals provided by MC Lulu and DJ Niggergade [Click to hide video thumbnail] well I'm never sleeping again

[Bookmark] Candy: PillowForteGarrison: *shooting marshmallows at Mel and Mikko and an OEe from within their 'walls' of cushionyness*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol cool song

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *eats the mellows* moar!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: hehehe *steals her mini Spidey from Mikko* thanks, he likes snuggles [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *marshmellows in hair,and between her boobs - is all good*

[Bookmark] Candy: PillowForteGarrison: fear the soft sweetness! *Mikey in fake commander voice - more marshmellows*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *charges in the garrison and tackles Mike!* Fear the kisses! *kisses his cheeks*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: no! Save me! *play wrestling, pretends to be loosing - onsies super hero dressed kids come to his 'aid' - try to tickle Mikko*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *laughs and rolls over, tries to tickle back* oooh nooooo. the justice avenger league has got me!

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for daryl and Carl. Carl thinks E is Beth

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooh poor boy

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yay! milkshake!! - makes mum wince cause he strong little fellow and latches hard - being a mini Spidey is thirty work*

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: *pouts* really liked Beth in TWD so sad she died, and so pointlessly *pouty pout pouting*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I just saw the latest episode of GoT - ho-ly shit...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *look at Spidey* I don't care how thirsty your work is. no tits for you.

[Bookmark] Candy: ...mmmmm can't wait to get to it!!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze(Spidey): *with mum gets his milk on demand!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Beth's death didn't need to happen

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes it did! for science!

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes and I was like Nooooooooooooooooo

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Blaze a bit rough on his milkshakes lately, always leaving bruises [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Meh was less eager to continue TWD viewing after Beth died, but I loath not finishing so stuck with it up to so far

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. Beth's death was so damn pointless

[Bookmark] Candy: ;over eagerness, he don't mean to hurt mummy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes, yes it was and if I was not the sort of 'don't like leaving unfinished' I might have quit it then

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's worth it to keep going

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *presses Spidey to her chest* Don't kill my snowball!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o *BOOBS IN FACE!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeeeeah. they're planning on taking waaay more blood than he can safely lose...and if he survives, throwing him to a group of zombies to see if he's immune to bites

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.O ...that doesn't sound fun at all.. *buries face deeper in boobies*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *HUGS*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *baaaacks away - dislodges a Blaze cause he bit her with gums and the stub of his first tooth-* mmm boobs are more fun then that [tongue] usually

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *giggles*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *milk drunk - half asleep*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *gives him to her bonde self and goes looking for cold cabbage*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: eeeeeeeeeeee mini Spidey! *snuggles*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 76 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 76 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Huh twice

[Bookmark] Mikko: Artist painted prehistoric octopus with its own 95 million year old fossilized ink

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Great loudmouth attracted more attention

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *grabs bullhorn* YEEEEEEEES! DINNER BELL...DINGDINGDINGDING!​

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: OO - *waaaaaaaiiiiiiils*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: Oo... >​< *throws both shoes at DP*

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted for Gambit and Mikko. Gambit is like, whatever. and Mikko is

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: *throws cold cabbage*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And you woke up that baby

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: can we eat the baby?

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *grabs cold cabbage leaf from her top and swats Mikko with it* no!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: can't hurt to ask

[Bookmark] Espionata: Just need a Raph post then I will post lol


[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: no, he's tooo cute to eat... *snuggles wailing little turtle*

[Bookmark] Mikko: rogue! I found our home! the animals will love it and we can convince the village we're vampires!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh! I'd live there ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's big enough we can all live there!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and play hide in seek!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and

[Bookmark] Candy: And Nerf gun battles!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh but picking up all the bullets would be a pain!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: No worries, will steal Havanah and he will fetch he loves chasing them

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: my ickle boy who is sooooo Blazes human counter part, and a bit older

[Bookmark] Candy: thoooooough OEe says he is not breast feeding until two and a half years olds!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah he already bites lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: maaaaan. twin boys kill their parents when they are kids. there was no evidence to pin them for the murder though. so they got away with allllll the way into adult hood, until one of the brothers confessed to his thearpyst that he and his brother did it. she went to the cops and now they are serving life. if I was that guy's twin I would be sooooooooooo pissed.

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll wait for Mel and DP to post before Mikko answers Raph and humps DP. or Gambit. she can't decided.

[Bookmark] Mikko: she might go for Raph! really make him feel weird

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko lives for making others uncomfortable

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: she can tell DP will be a challange

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] bah OEe just gotta get her turtle to encourage Blaze to eat more solid foods - full on food he'll wean off the milk - lol yes Mikko does

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I KNOW! *takes DP's mask off and starts to apply dragqueen like make up on him*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: I feel fabulous!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: you look fabulous!

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted a marvel pic in RoH

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol Mel went to damisle in distress to hard mode resident evil

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, love that and t he spidey/dp one you posted above it ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko is barking oders at the guys

[Bookmark] Mikko: she wants to escape while Mel stays behind and distrcts the zombies

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 76 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes I love the dancing one! Mikko says she would love to dance with DP even Killer Frost would like a dance he seems so light on his feet

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Thanks

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Oh, I am *brow wiggle*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Geeze thanks >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: so am I! I have to know I was taught dance in the school of hard knocks. *prances around*

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what you get for going crazy and attacking Mikko for no reason

[Bookmark] Candy: Meh meh meh

[Bookmark] Mikko: anyway, it looks like Mel has this covered

[Bookmark] Candy: Okay gonna go now - night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: *all characters go back to crates*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 8:46 am

pt 17.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: * and gives him a big boy sticker and a smooch to the cheek* such a good patent

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: uuuuuuh...I have a scratch. *holds out arm* see? I think I need a smooch too.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *still all giggles - pretends to not be there*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I did get surrounded because I was overwhelmed

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *spots Ee and slides up to her hands her a rose and starts going on in french*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *sees the boy and bows out* did not know she was spoken for. Apologies. *runs off*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit ain't no homewreaker

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: um... Thank you? *no idea why he ran off - sniffs the rose* mmm

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: *doesn't have flowers. Doesn't know how to impress a girl so... gives her a bullet* ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: yer in the forest, there has to be a flower somewhere

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl:... Daryl ate them all.

[Bookmark] Mikko: wellI'm sure he pooped somewhere

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: oooh - thanks... *sheepish* know I have never fired a gun?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl:... *wrinkles nose* I try not to think about that. *small smile at E* I can teach you. ^^ But.. that's a good luck bullet. Or, you can break it a part and use the gunpowder to season meat

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: eating gunpowder. that seems dangerous

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *astounded* really?! *did not know that!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: Yep. ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *totally taught him that*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I wanna be taught things!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ooooh that's cool *smiles at Carl*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *wraps herself in zombie organs* there! now they will think I'm one of them!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Until it rains

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you are a real downer. no wonder your group left you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: how about you say something positive

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I got seperated from then when another group attacked

[Bookmark] Espionata: *them

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well if you wanna be my lover. you have to get with my friends.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I'm 14

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I didn't ask your age.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: we have a 14 year oldhere! 14! she's 14 everyone! see no one cares

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You want me to be your lover so you need to know how old I am

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: what? I was just singing a song.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: if anyone is going to be my lover it's going to be DP, Gambit or Daryl

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: or all of them!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: at once!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: No Donnie? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Okay then Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: she don't know Don in the gameyet

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I would say Raph, but vomit is a turn off

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL not organs spilling out of a body. just vomit

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *gives Raph a hello kitty sticker*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard..and organs, too

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *gives DP a hello kitty sticker*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ^^ *bounces*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: see you need to be more like deadshot there.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *okay baaaaa king further away*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Looking for a blue wearing turtle [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *as if on cue - comes out of the shadows*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *also comes out* hi?

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: IMPASTA!!!!!!!!! *slaps RoHLeo across the face*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *confused for a moment - then recalls OEe spoke of the crazy OLeo - waves at the Leo that said hi - sidles over to the so far silent Leo - * hey! Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Impasta! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o I leave for five minutes and this happens? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *gives the other Leo a strange look* Hi. *to RohEe*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 75 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: I told Don the cloning machine was a bad idea

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: I'M the clone? I've never seen you before.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *tip toes and kisses slapped cheek* hi [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Oleo: clearly! lets see your tiwrking skils.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *leaves crate - hears that and - goes straight back in*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: O.o Twerking...?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She doesn't want to see Leo twerk?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *twerks*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: ...... *doesn't really want to see it either* I don't do that.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *TWERKS!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *spanks DP*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I gotta head off. feel sickly. will do O and MM posts later today. and more RoH

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *loves it!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww feel better soon!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: See ya

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *looks up at tohLeo - safer that way*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 75 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: And no OEe don't - she don't

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs hugs* Feel better!


ookmark] Kitteh: Blah-blah-blah-blah... [tongue]


[Bookmark] Kitteh: Apparently DP likes to sing. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: well DP and Mikko will be entertaining the group then

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *hands everyone ear plugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 73 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hii

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *boing! boing! boing!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: You're packed and you're stacked 'specially in the back Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that! Can I get some fries with that shake-shake booty If looks could kill you would be an Uzi Or a shotgun - bang! What's up with that thang? I wanna know, How does it hang? Straight up, wait up, hold up, Mr. Lover Like Prince said you're a sexy motha-Uh!

[Bookmark] Rogue: woot! ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: ...Please don't come rescue me...

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 73 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: RESCUE ME! AND TAKE ME IN YOUR ARMS!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *joins in a singin'*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Raph regrets everything

[Bookmark] Mikko: how are you feeling today, love?

[Bookmark] Mikko: not drunk or hung over I hope

[Bookmark] Rogue: no, not drunk. gotta prepare for the day from hell tomorrow. it's gonna be crazy busy until after Tuesday [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: how are ya'll?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuu!

[Bookmark] Candy: kk

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm okish

[Bookmark] Espionata: Wondering if I should post now or not lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you just came out of nowhere!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: depends. does Mel have something important to say?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Other than saying that she didn't help cause this mess because she was 12 and has experience no [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: water is for drinking. not for getting some dirt off you. *pops Mel in the head with his staff*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Yes it is sheesh when I was in a group water was used to rinse off at least

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gabit: and now they all dead! Just like yer hopes and dreams.

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL Gabit!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And maybe they might be alive even that's beyond hopeful while my family is gone

[Bookmark] Rogue: will try to do a post or two here in a sec. maybe I'm crazy, but making a separate account for Pete. feels weird posting for him as Spidey when he's not adorning the costume in the lab [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh. Mikko says if she can see what spidey looks like under the mask, she also wants o see DP

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *dances around* er'body in the city getting killed! Er'body in the city gettin killed!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:...No. I was bitten by a ratioactive Shar Pei. It isn't pretty.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I loooooove shar peis!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:....Radioactive? Rodeo....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you can't keep that mask on forever. you gotta eat or something at some point. how you going to kiss me with it on!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You would be surprised

[Bookmark] Candy: editing posties - inished Road Trip - man so many bloody typos

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: girl helped him keep his insides in his body and he's worried how she'll react to his face.

[Bookmark] Candy: and one there >​< meh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *roller blades around* people still do that right? roller blade? is there some hover skate now?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted anyway [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *points to Dp* he's immune to it.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: He's a mutant who got a random power

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: .....huh?

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 73 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hugs DP* HE IS A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: still immune.

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooooooo little sister!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: how you be?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Then why isn't he helping find a cure?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted for Leo.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: because he's Deadpool.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: just because you might be able to help, don't mean it's safe to do so. Who know what they're doing in that lab! They could be the reason this all started!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Then what are we supposed to do?

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm having a slight issue on the new site - I was going to go and try to work on Lydibug's profile (since I need to finish her up) won't let me log in! It keeps saying the username and password are incorrect or invalid, but I'm almost 100% positive that they're right! D:

[Bookmark] Rogue: I can reset the password for you and then you can change it once you get signed on

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think that has happen to me as well. I'm not sure how to fix it, I think Rogue can cange the password for you and it'll work like that, and then later you can change it again

[Bookmark] Mikko: or Rogue can explane it in less then 1000000 words unlike me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: fruity fucking tuity, shake shake dat booty!

[Bookmark] Mikko: BEbe and Rock looking very classy

[Bookmark] Rogue: password: reset1 (you can go in and change it once you log in)

[Bookmark] Alysson: Thanks!

[Bookmark] Rogue: no problem ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: *straps a cape on Rogue* Go my child! destiny awaits

[Bookmark] Alysson: Darn it!!! Apparently I made too many login attempts. :/

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I hate when that happens. [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^ *loves de cape*

Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww, that stinks

[Bookmark] Rogue: give it about an hour and try again *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: or if you can use a different browser

[Bookmark] Alysson: Meh, I'll wait until tomorrow. I'm on my Kindle so I don't have access to any other browser, and I really don't want to stay up til midnight waiting. :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: or you can hop in my time machine! need to test it out. it probably wont turn you into some kind of fly.

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted a romantic pic of spidey and DP on RoH

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *sees Spidey's face and looks at DP* ok yer face can't be worse then that!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, oh lord *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: man can't help it! Spider faces creep me out!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: That face is fine

[Bookmark] Rogue:

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: too many eyes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.O that is not my face

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's one of the Spiderman faces somewhere [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: can you believe it!? A wall just walked into me! RUDE!

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for underoo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaay

[Bookmark] Rogue: stupid wall

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: We're coming little spider dude!

[Bookmark] Mikko: spider dude is so what Mikko will be calling him

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: told you DP was a butterfly!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sups is gonna try to spring him when the lab techs come.. but i's not gonna go so well

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh, pretty!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: they need nightcrawler to bamf them out of there!

[Bookmark] Rogue: see, DC and Marvel CAN work tork together [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yesh

[Bookmark] Rogue: work tork.. wtf. I swear I'm not drunk

[Bookmark] Mikko: secret looooovers !

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o ..who me?

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *smooooches Spidey's cheek*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko
Deadpool Pranks Spider-ManYouTube · 1:59 · 353K · 96%With great power comes great prankability SNAPCHAT: Nukazooka FACEBOOK: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, bad DP

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yesh

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: *ooooh some ones suits is sooooo getting bleached pinks with Raph's dew rag!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: he would love it

[Bookmark] Candy: yep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit seems a little obssesed with DP/spiderman today

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed. Night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 73 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: yas! found a DP/gambit pic! and it's posted on forum

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awesome ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I see Gambit ships DP/Spidey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: it would seem so!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.O what?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: no no. I just have a very lazy player who won't switch accounts.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ....WHY MUST YOU BE SO YOUNG!! *sobs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.o I uh... oh look! Time for homework! *scurries away*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Giggles*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *pats spot next to her for Spidey -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Only homework I have is target practice

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: I wouldn't recomend using that as your tag line.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And I wouldn't recomend jokes about eating people

[Bookmark] Mikko: NEW DRINKING GAME

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *quickly takes spot next to Ee* ..heh, thanks for the save.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: Jokes? No one jokes about that. I say I'ma eat you. I'm not joking. Why you think we'll keep you around? gotta have food.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Do I look like food there's plenty of rabbits and deer that you can hunt

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: no problem [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: noooooo not the cute bunnies and deer! We can't eat them!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: How the hell did you survive then? Berries and stuff like that is seasonal and canned stuff only lasts so long so we hunt

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe&OEe: *sit with the rohEe - now Spidey surrounded by them*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: we fish!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: biiiiiitch! they ain't no deer in the city!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: One problem with that you would need a lot of fish and outside the city there's deer

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: BURN THE WITCH! SHE KILLED BAMBIE!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: [big grin] *no crazies can reach him now!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Look if you wanna survive outside the city it's either by hunting or you hope to god you find someplace that hasn't been picked clean or you starve your choice

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *offers snacks - being her its apples*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *slightly amused by Spiderman and the girls*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: hey these three men are PACKED full of protein! just gotta do a little work to get it out of them.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *wiggles his wat through the sea of Ees and flops down and headlocks and noogies Webs before he can take apples* So this is how you do homework, huh? You're becoming a man! *NOOGIES*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: Oo - ^^ *waves Leo over pats other side of her*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: *flails!*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *pokes DP's sides* hey nu huh you sit over there - *points*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: That won't keep you alive

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no, but I'll die having a great time!

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe: Elena - we have a DP in need of cuddles - *her sister loves cuddles!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: ..why do I get the naughty corner?? *headlocks and noogies OE* You wanna come with me? [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: O'Raph: GROWWWWWLS

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: ... *zooms over and ignoring big growling turtle - bapping his snout - climbs up Dp and snugs* yay! I like snugs!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *snuuugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Well good luck getting that in the woods when there have to be people on watch

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *joins in the snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Pffffft I can suck a dick anywhere. No matter to me!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: ack *decides not to flail - her boobs too sore for that kind of activity -* no thanks - though my man does wear red you aint him [tongue] *freedom! - waves her turtle over*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: oh? *hugs two!* yay! snugs are fun!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: *grins at Spidey: better now? [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *pouts - gives rohLeo big blue puppy eyes!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Seriously how did you survive?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sorry, was posting! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I took up stand up comedy.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *comes over and sits with them*

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: lol [wink] it's fine *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You're gonna have to take this seriously and what are you gonna do to help the group?

[Bookmark] Rogue: POSTED FOR dp

[Bookmark] Rogue: stupid keyboard

[Bookmark] Rogue: O'Raph: *snuuuuugs his girl*

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Guy has no off button

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *yay! eyes worked! - beams and offers rohLeo and apple*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *snuggles worth the owies - snugs hard! - all over face smoochies*

[Bookmark] Rogue: O'Raph: *snogs like whoa*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ....*soooo glad Wade is distracted, whew*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *snogging - tickle attacks ze 'spot'!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko wants to see the face! posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *smiles and takes it* Thanks. *takes a bite then waves to the boy*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: I like Unicorns! should see myyyyyyy unicorn - he so big and grey and fab *bragging*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Bebe: he's not a unicorn, nor is he fab!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: ooooh *gasps, covers mouth with one hand - still hanging onto DP with other and legs* bad Mr. PurplePumba - Mr. FabGreyUnicorn is fab and grey!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Bebe: He is fat and gray I'll give you that. He's also a prick and an asshole.

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: asss hoooooooooooooole?

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: *over dramatic kiddie shock here!* oooh you said bad word!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Bebe: what's bad about it?

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: *puzzles about that* I dunno - but sissy says it bad word *points to her sister...*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mm Bebe: it's not. she lied to you. They all lied to you. Trust no one.

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe: waits until the little gold turtle goes to repeat the word again and stuffs an apple in his mouth* No bad word!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: So Mikko what are you gonna do to help the group?

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: Ass - *distracted, chews happily*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: - she would never *indignant*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: me? I did mention the dick sucking right?

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Bebe: yes she would! Because she's trying to brain wash you

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *grins and leans against rohLeo eating her apple*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: That will only make the guys feel good. I meant with gathering supplies, keeping watch, and keeping an eye out for trouble

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: .... whats that?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: oh that. I uh...I can keep Wade quiet!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Can you shoot a gun?

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Bebe: that's when she goes into your head when you are sleeping and takes your brain out and washes it! but it's never the same when she puts it back in.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I can! but I don't have one

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I can sing!

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: OO *so alarmed right now - wriggles free of DP* OO *scurries to bathroom to go checkfor any signs brain has been removed and put back in*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You're going to need a gun just in case we come across crazy humans

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol cute!

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe: Oh I so want to roast me a piggy >​< *pats Spidey's knee and follows her little sister*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Reality check! We ARE the crazy humans

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Bebe: I would be the best dad!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol his piglets would soooo have nightmares

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: oh yeah and whoooom would have your piglets Mr. Purple Pumba?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Raph this is not a time to be all proud!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: uh....well my player has my face plastered all over her wall sooooo her maybe?

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: [big grin] possibly [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: so mikko... I mentioned that Nega is hunting down Daryl for killing his men. hope that's okay

[Bookmark] Rogue: negan*

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! he will be joining the game soon

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: yat

[Bookmark] Espionata: *yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: IT'S ALWAYS THE TIME FOR KISSY FACES!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: agreed

[Bookmark] Mikko: gambit posted

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: though have to go now - so kissy face next time [wink] *ninja vanish*

[Bookmark] Mikko: secret, agent man!

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe: *gathers sister and little gold apple eating turtle - winks and skips off too*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohee: *waves them away*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: remember the brain washing!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *smiles at RohEe*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: LETS GO TEAM MUTANT!

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted Mel is gonna try at least lol
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 8:48 am

pt 18.

Mikko: Gambit: yeah, don't ask, cuz no one caries anyone in this world.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You know helping won't kill you >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *grins back*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: don't wanna chance it

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I would help you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: I wouldn't ask.

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, posted for Clark and now I must go. wish me luck tomorrow

[Bookmark] Rogue: see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You don't have to ask

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww good luck my love!

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 73 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: luck *hugs* night night

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no, really, Mel. just admit you can't do it. we'll find some other way. like....tying lots of balloons to you!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I still have to try

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yer gonna fall and die. it takes years of practice or a mutation to jump roof tops.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: What do you expect me to do then?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you seem to be an expert in survival, you tell us.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: you can do it! just run really fast and leap!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I survived outside the city not in one I only know about the woods

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'll distract the zombies with song!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And get eaten

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: not if I'm on the roof!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I'm gonna teach you how to use a gun and clean it properly

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: So what's going on? *to Ee*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no. you'll probably just shoot me or yourself in the foot. Wade can teach me!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No I won't my mom taught me how to use a gun

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: not much - was just hanging with my Ee's - got Blaze to myself as his mother needs a break - trying to start his weaning [big grin] and we had Spidey with us [wink] - *shows Leo baby turtle taking up all the space in her lap sleeping*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: my mom taught me how to cook, and clean, and sing, and draw, and a little bit of dancing, she also taught me first aid because she was a nurse and all. and my dad taught me to ride a bike, and a motor bike, and how to swiim, and introduced me to free running! and my brother taught me how to check my emails and put a picture on my word documents!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *smiles down at the sleeping child* Mm-hmm.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: My dad taught how to fight hand to hand

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: [smile] yeah mmm hmmm - we had a disagreement about the split pea mush *gestures tot he stuff in her hair*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I think any kid would lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] rohEe ended up wearing it and in a glare down with a mini raph [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: your parents were very violent. I think child services should have came and got you

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No my mom was a cop and my dad a mixed martial artist

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: my dad taught high school english

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Besides what they taught me keeps me alive

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that why you needed Raph to save you?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *chuckles softly* I can see that.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Got overwhelmed by all the walkers it happens

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: he somehow got the spoon and - it went everywhere... I did not clean the kitchen - got some in my mouth and totally agree I would not eat that either - needless to say he won *finally admitted she left the war zone kitchen as it was!

[Bookmark] Candy: OMikey *goes into his beloved kitchen - girly scream!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: never happen to me. Never had to be saved. so really, I should be asking you, what can YOU do for the group? how have YOU lived this long?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I can hunt and keep an eye out for trouble

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ok. but don't kill any animals!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Why can't I kill any animals?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: uh because they are cute and innocent! duh!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: We're going to need food when we can't get to a store or something so we will have to kill animals

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nooooooo no killing the animals!

[Bookmark] Mikko: 'Stoned' sheep go on 'psychotic rampage' after eating cannabis plants

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Mikko we can't just survive on canned food there isn't enough. Gambit tell her DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: the lady says we don't kill the animals, then we don't kill the animals. we'll find other food.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *whistles innocently - totally shot a dog*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Tell that to winter then because we can't find berries and the like then

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: we are prepared for when we need food.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: How?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit and Mikko: we eat you!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: That's so not funny. Look I'm hunting wether you like it or not you don't have to eat any

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: lets eat her now.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *nods*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: did it even cross your mind a little that I might actually eat people?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You want to eat someone who has no fat and I'm an animal too. You try to eat me and I will kill you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no you wont! I have mutant protection!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No sane person will protect you if you try to eat someone

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Wade isn't sane! so I'm good!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Look you want to survive then actually work with the group and not cause problems with your bad jokes

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: but I'm not joking.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Then you will end up getting killed

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: or laid. or both! hopefully laid first.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: and I'm not getting killed by a skinny little 14 year old who I could push over by blowing on her too hard.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: What makes you think I haven't killed?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I know you have! You killed poor little bunnies because yer a monster!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Hunting gives me food. But I have killed humans before when they tried to kill me

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ooooooooooh you murdered a person? You are SO going to prison for that.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Killing in self defense isn't murder and there isn't prison anymore

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah there is. Or was. I think it was blown up. anyway. I do not travel with people who have murdered other people!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: You might have to kill people you know during while traveling. There's a lot of crazy people out there that will kill you for what you have

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: someone has watched too many horror movies.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No it's the truth it's why my family was killed

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you killed your own family? that's fucked up.

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: *singing Time warp whilst making his precious place of making delicious foods sparkle again!*

[Bookmark] Candy O'Mikey: *in pink flower covered apron and all!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: not as fucked up as that

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No other people did

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ah well that's nice. my peeps were eaten. soooooo....yeah. still I didn't kill anyone like some kinda lunatic

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *stands up and offers his hand to RohEe, smiling*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: What if someone tries to kill you then? What are you gonna do then?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: depends on who it is

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *hefts the Blaze to her shoulder - and takes his hand and stands* [smile] lead the way! *wooo away from crazies!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Like who?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *takes her and Blaze away from the commotion*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well I mean, maybe they have a good reason to kill me. Not that it matters. unlike you. I made friends with a man that can't die! he'll take a bullet for me ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *goes with very happily*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: He can't always be there Mikko

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: where else is he going to go?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: There will be times where will have to split up in order to get food and keep the camp safe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: so you are saying he'll have to go....and i wouldn't be able to go with why?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: It all depends if you're good at doing supply runs

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: nope! not good at it. in fact I've spent the past two years just sleeping in a stasis like state. never moving, never eating. not really sleeping. Just being. No idea how to do anything really. I have only been kept alive by photosynthesis.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No need to be sarcastic

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no need to be snarky

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heading off. niiiight all *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 73 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off now, too. Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 73 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 72 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 72 days ago


[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is a bug that is VERY attracted to my face!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's tiny and I can't catch it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *climbs on top of your head and sits there*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 72 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: what's up

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall stay here! i am king of this head!

[Bookmark] Mikko: me at the moment

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Yahoo [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: JAZZERCISE!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she is live:

[Bookmark] Mikko: whooo is she?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she plays the sims 4 full time

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: full time gamer

[Bookmark] Mikko: I seeeeeee

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you should do that mikko [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I would love to! I have a Twitch account. just nothing on it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you'll need to find the right game and right audience i'm still getting mine to link up but it keeps logging me off live streams

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: now i'm comfortable in pjs chilling watching live stream and chilling with you guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: kk

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna check fourm

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna post before bed. have to possibly bring my car in for a small repair at least I hope its only about a hundred bucks since i'll get holideay paycheck i two weeks

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: your car has a lot of issues

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what you get for being bad

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it does but i'm fixing as much as i can then i'm selling it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: side door needs to be fixed

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need some ass implants, a smaller nose, higher cheeks, longer hair. I too need to fix up before selling! [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm not sure if anyone else is coming in tonight.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i was thinking kitteh would

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: by now unless she had something else going on tonight i can't remember

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Rogue came in late last night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 72 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rogue had a rough day she's in bed

[Bookmark] Mikko: YAY someone else came in!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: our roommate is moving out in a month I'm so happy! i get to take his larger room!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yahoo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: larger room is always good

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes and the room has two large walk in closets

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i got a new tv shelfing unite my other one is over ten years old and falling asleep

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello


[Bookmark] Candy: lol Dooooownunder

[Bookmark] Mikko: I come from a land down under...something something someting big spider

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: they found a new spider there that can walk on water. like the second coming is in the form of a spider!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Jesus spider!

Mikko: praise his eight legs!

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 72 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: *throws spider Jesus at Kitteh* BE BLESSED!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: if one was to randomly walk into my house. these are the common phrases you would hear, and I quote. "I"M DEAD!" I'M DYING!" FUCK ME FUCK ME FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ME!!!" "FUCK YOU!" BITCH TIT SLAP FACE!" THE MONKEY IS BEHIND ME!" JUSTICE NEEDS TO STOP RAINING!" and more

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and sometimes you just hear dinosaur screams

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] sounds exciting [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is! the pizza guy thought so.

[Bookmark] Mikko: *opens door* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHHH *takes pizza with a thanks, tips extra so cops aren't called*

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't rape your sin cave!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^sfw

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: so DP isn't around to make some kind of joke about that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: So sad*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: pfffft wouldn't ring it unless she had at least spelunked -whom doesnt love spelunking?!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko
DCMS 6th Grade Choir Watch MeYouTube · 3:34 · 73K · 57%6th Grade Choir's cover of Watch Me (The Whip). Desert Canyon Middle School (AZ) Written by Timothy Mingo, Ricky Hawk and Silento [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: don't people get lost and die spelunking?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: poked yah on facebook Kitteh

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ..... Oo they did?!...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I use to do that

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: choir

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah, they go in a cave and can't get it out, then the cave spiders eat them!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Watch Descent they do

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that is a good movie

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Meh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *shakes Mel* gooooooood movie!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *will watch movie*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: watch it with a cuddle buddy!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: mmmm *will tag Don in* noted [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It's a B horror film

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: a girl cuddle buddy, so when she gets all creeped out she'll curl up to you and sit on your lap. [wink] unless you're just really into your brother.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: mooost the girls I know deal better with horror movies then I do!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: then you can sit on their lap!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... gues I could curl up in their laps - mmmm

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And they would get crushed

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: might squish em a bit yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Mel the downer once again ruining a good time. then lay down and they will lay on top of you and can protect you that way!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey giant mutant turtles are heavy

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I know! Their dick is probably 20 pounds alone!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that would be a lot of jizz

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Gross

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *would correct this - but currently catching Z's -*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don ishiding to avoid this conversation. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Smart turtle

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: speaking off. I wonder if you swallowed enough of it if you would mutate.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: OO... O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Gross

[Bookmark] Mikko: mikko: If I was with DP enough times...I wonder if I could heal myself...I MUST KNOW! for science

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ....

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikko you need the X gene to mutate

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: oh...that can be injected into you though. I seen the movies

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *comes sliding in* what up bitches!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Nope you need to be born with it or die a horrible death

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Donnie might know [big grin] *drapping the sleep Erica over couch back like a blankie*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hi Leo

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *waves*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: I don't think I have the X gene. DON! Do we have an X gene? isn't that like...if yer a girl?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo needs to lay off the energy drinks and acid

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No it's a gene human mutants are born with

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *stops waving - thats the crazy Leo - *

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: no no...X is when you're a girl. *pulls out science bok* says right here. girl's XX. so they're like...super mutants!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No Leo that's completely different

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *squinty eyes at Mel* oh?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yes the XX is a chromosone

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: so I was right! super mutants. *pokes Mel* what powers do you have?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: wwe can bleed for a week and not die! SUPER MUTANT!

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: holy shit!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leo chromosones and genes aren't the same thing >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *knows this, but is enjoying bugging Mel* yes! genes. with deep pockets are best

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leo you're worse than Mikey

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: that's not true. I bath. and I'm not scared of the chucky doll.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *dressed the sleeping OEe in Clown costume and doing her make up*... what now?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol She's gonna kill you when she wakes up, Mikey. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: Mike...that is going to end badly. put a mirror in front of her.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You know what I meant

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: pffft she wont catch me and as long as Raph doesn't know it was me it's all good - *will so blame either DP, other Mikey orrrrrr his own crazy Leo for this anyway* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *puts large mirror in front of OEe so she will see herself right away*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *hides the ezi gun he had used to sedate the OEe -* [big grin] thanks, and now we wait oh wheres my tphone?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: This will end bady

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: K gonna wake her. *drops a few dozen furry rats on her and run for cover*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *not a part of this*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe; *wriggles a little- giggles* furry mousy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im heading off for the night guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night Scoop *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *shifts the whiny Blaze to her hip* clowns - *shudders*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sees mum and SQUEALS making grabby motions - clown get up or not he knows!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: WAKE THE FUCK UP BITCH!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *combination of tickling rat feet and furr, Blaze's squeal and Mikko's demand -* OO I'm aw aa - *sees the clown!!!!!!* O.O AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHHH!!! *topples off couch in effor tto throw couch cushion at the mirror*

[Bookmark] Mikko: hope she threw the cushion and not the kid

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: hey I have the baby and would never throw him! *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey did it

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol good!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *laughs and laughs*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *not even a little toss in the air cause he a heavy little fellow and she'll be scared to drop him!*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *laughing*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *pulled off ridculously giant clown shoe to hurl at mirro - other own to throw at Mikey - throws rainbow wig at Mikko* ew ew ew ew!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeeeeah that wasn't a good look. I hope you didn't kill any of the rats in your frantic state

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: what rats? - *still in baggie cloths and giant red nose -* is thats what's between mah boobs? *well one of the rats is, face down backside wriggling - she can't see it past great round nose...*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I hope so! are you have another issue to deal with.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah you have rats

[Bookmark] Mikko: or*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: >​< stupid nose! *tries to pull it off - rat wriggling between bosoms makes her eeep and let go the springy string making the nose smack her forehead* ack!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ^________________^ *popcorn - this better than tv!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oops

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm off to bed. night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs* [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 72 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: frick! grrrrr! *topples back on couch - the dart gun left there by Mikey pokes her in the knee -* clown ew - sooo much ewwww - *flops over* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz​zzzzzzz

[Bookmark] Candy: and down again [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And she's out

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *hides the dart gun, puts the wig and shoe back in place - a little wonky, leaves red nose stuck to her forehead and her in her odd 'crashed' position on the couch* [big grin] that was fun - and look all on tphone!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: She's gonna hurt you

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hehehe I'll just claim rohMikey did it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ooooh so wrong - *puts the Blaze on the couch with his mtoher cause wriggling so hard she cant hold him*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: She will just hurt both Mikeys

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *huffy tantrum cries stop - crawls and face plants onto mummy nuzzling under left boob - rat finally gets free and lays on his head - Blaze don't care, been away from mum all night and most the day goes sleep right there!*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: pfffft you and she can't really hurt us - ... my red clad brother on the other hand - if he knew - he could do some damage - soooo we'll say DP did this yeah? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Tired baby

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Until he breaks the fourth wall

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: dawwww - yeah sleepy [smile] *so what he kept her up all night wailing?! still adorable!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: mmmaybe - hehehe we'll just leave them there [big grin] hehehe - Donnie gonna come watch movies with me!? need a lap to curl up in if I get scared bro! - I got popcorn!

[Bookmark] Candy: well that would be an interesting image to try drawing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] might have a go at it later - need to reopen a head space on Origins for this [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: I shall draw it! but O'Mikey says he is NOt claiming responsibility - and reminds all toooo Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: and now must go - if piccy goes well will shares in chat and on site tomorrow [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 72 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs* I'll be heading off soon, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night. Sleepies...

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 72 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey all

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be online as soon as i can. taking a bath soon

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: *grabs Espi and pulls her into my breast*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: the night bunnies are out!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: they look like normal bunnies. but they have FANGS! and can jump 100 feet in the air! and are blood thirsty!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: beware the night bunnies!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yikes

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

Espionata: It's gonna be hot and humid tommorrow DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: just how I like my women

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's gonna be in the 90

[Bookmark] Espionata: 90's

[Bookmark] Mikko: just how I like my women

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hate the heat and humidity

[Bookmark] Espionata: The beaches are open but the water is like 54 degrees lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dive in!

[Bookmark] Mikko: swim with the fishies

[Bookmark] Espionata: no lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww but they nibble on your toes

[Bookmark] Espionata: The water is to cold lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: toss a bucket of lava in the water.

[Bookmark] Mikko: it'll heat up

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: you would think with all the fish peeing in the water it wouldn't be so cold

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooooooches*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i try not to think of other animals doing that in the lake then yet again even i'm guilty of doing that in the lake

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: tired should go to bed but not yet want to relax

[Bookmark] Mikko: piss everywhere!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i try not to think of that while swimming

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *licks everyone*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: YAY HUGS!

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey maraca rana

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks Rogue*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have to see my life therapist tomorrow. and I really don't want to. all we do is talk about our dogs for an hour

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: My female cat is such a vicious hunter of moths lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: she has two adorable winnier dogs too

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wont be online late i'm afraid another early day

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: need sleep

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll make posts throughout the weekend though

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww


[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom says the female cat was the dog but came back as a cat lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nibbles on Kitteh*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lol oh man Espionata

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello Kitteh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello rogue

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well the cat and dog were a lot alike both were chickens and very loving only difference is species lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: so they killed Superman... AGAIN. WTF, man

[Bookmark] Rogue: first Cap is a fucking Nazi.. and now this shit -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: so the cat was a chicken, then a dog, and now a cat?

[Bookmark] Mikko: how does one kill superman?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No both were skittish

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need to know,!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. Supe said I can't say [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Captain America as a Nazi yeah no

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've read a few comic and geek/nerd type news sites, and they all say the samething about cap. that there has to be some twist.

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. what I said. but apparently it's canon and because this guy works for Marvel, he rules over us

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. hoping

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: havent seen the movie yet

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but hope to

[Bookmark] Rogue: but he said 100% there is NOT a twist

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think it's crazy that Marvel, as a company, was like, yeah this sounds good! print it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What but it goes against the character

[Bookmark] Rogue: all the things I've been saying. But. yeah. the big wills call the shots unfortunately. But this is NOT how Stan lee intended for the character to be

[Bookmark] Mikko: what I think, is that this was done sopeople would stop paying attention to Trump's bullshit

[Bookmark] Rogue: this is what happens when you let someone else handle your chars :/

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that is true

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah look at eze, I got a hold of him and now he's a winy bitch

[Bookmark] Rogue: and then DC is like.. hey! Let's kill Sup! AGAIN! Because we gotta compete with Marvel -.-

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not looking forward to this year's election >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: this week sucks for nerds

[Bookmark] Rogue: well, for us Sup fans.

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Cap

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Rogue: not really a cap fan, just had mad respect for what he USED to represent

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: For the Cap I can see a little bit of racism because of the time he came from but a Nazi nope

[Bookmark] Mikko: superman is dead! For good! everyone who worked for DC has lost their job, because DC just went bankrupt

[Bookmark] Rogue: apparently he's been a Hydra spy all along

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: well apparently Sup is back for Rebirth? At least he's on the cover photo.. so WTF

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah as far as I know he is

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: this is why I stick to a hero that can't die! and has questionable morals from the start!

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Rogue: ...and then there is going to be a spin off for hero kids. I am NOT making this up

[Bookmark] Rogue: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: I will say this right now no characte that dies in a comic ever stays dead

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you must read the Life and Death of Superman Rogue

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ... :/ *wasn't supposed to die... again.*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: the novel and the comic

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: They killed off Wolverine >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: will put that on my 'to read' list. It's getting long

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sorry, having some technical difficulties with this netbook. I'm trying something.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i've got many myself i've got to read as well *pats*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *comes back in and gives the boys a little strip tease*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: *joins in the stripping*

[Bookmark] Mikko
Extreme up-close video of tornado near Wray, CO!YouTube · 5:24 · 6M · 95%SEE ALSO: 360 Video! E xtreme up-close footage of tornado just north of Wray, CO earlier today! Uploading 360 video from inside the outer circulation next. More to come! [Click to hide video thumbnail] little something for the kitteh

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: O.O *runs!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup:....*walks out*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh brother

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph and DP: *wolfwhistled and throws money!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: well. Raph wouldn't be throwing money.. he doesn't have any

[Bookmark] Rogue: and DP is throwing someone elses

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol the mikkos get butt naked and shake dat thang!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: probably Gambits

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: it's fine. everything is fine. *takes off DP's mask for Mikko and runs!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: -.- You asshole.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: When I cut your dick off, it's NOT going to grow back. Just FYI.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *attacks Wade's lips with her own* smoooooch

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: O.o ..^^ *pulls the curtains*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb hot pants!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ya'll seen the new trailer for TMNT with Bebe eating some noodles.

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: also this exist in the world

[Bookmark] Rogue: I did see that ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mike and Bebe. so when you mutate, you no longer know how to eat food properly

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: pfffft whatcha talkin about Willis? I eat like a proper mutant [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Mikey: oh yeah.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pets everyone*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Fucking wifi! >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoH Mikko: *stands on top of a large building and starts singing bootylisiuos loudly*

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's not a good look Coral

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: ............. -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOOL WTH?

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww guess DP wont be touching Mikko [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: The mikkos: they are right about the mentally unsound part

[Bookmark] Candy: mmApril: absolutely right

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: speak for yourself - totally mentally sound here

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh so I guess MM April read Mikko's post?

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: annnd responded [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh! *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Candy: told her politely to wipe the verbal diarrhoea

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: off her chin [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna head off for the night guys

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *sniggers at that - high fives with mmApril*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you all this weekend happy memorial day

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: early

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had a scene in my head that Mm Don makes it clear that he's not into Mikko like that (cuz April is Bae) so mikko bows out but attemps to take the kids with her.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww

[Bookmark] Rogue: *belated hugs to scoop*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *puts the kids in a suitcase and leaves*

[Bookmark] Candy: might find that hard - boys like Mikko but their attached to Donnie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: and if they start to get all sad about leaving she'll be torn

[Bookmark] Candy: if they were awake they'd take him down in a tackle of happy to see him snugs [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: but, got to see what Don does

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww ^_^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwws

[Bookmark] Mikko: ad if they got off Mikko to do that Mikko could attack April

[Bookmark] Candy: like the FV are attached to Leo - anywhere he goes the duck line follows [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol so cute!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need to post in that

[Bookmark] Rogue: fuck. gotta take sleepy meds. [frown] where did time go [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: in Lost if they were not busy being April snugged - poor Raph would find himself surrounded [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: not the sleepy meds! I'll just sex you up, and tire you out [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: need to post for the pig in that one. if Rock ends up staying so will bebe. lol that could be amusing

[Bookmark] Mikko: I also had the thought that after some time, maybe even Bee get s soft spot for the little girl.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: as long as she gives me a cool nick name!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: ... whats wrong with Mr. PurplePumba? - Mr. PurplePumba?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Piggynose!

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 8:55 am

pt 19.

Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He does have a pretty big shnoz. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: *has no idea what a Pumba is* Uh...then I'll call you. Little miss. Hoodrat!

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena:... is that a rat that wears a little hoodie?

[Bookmark] Candy: a piggy shnoz!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebe: ......yeeeeeeeah. that's what it is *pats her head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: eeee how cute! - Mr. Turtle! *scurries off to inform him of this!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: LilClones: *shrug and follow*

[Bookmark] Mikko: mabe when he starts to like her he'll give her a better name [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: and I'll call the little turtles, meal one through four.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *HEY! - indignant face as he crawls super fast after the ling of lilclones!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe: no! bad piggy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: *pouts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: hmmmm ... *can't find* maybe under couch? *crawls half under to look*

[Bookmark] Candy: LilClones: *join her - half under*

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebe: *picks up Elena and bounces her around*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *flops onto belly - wriggles forward -*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: ack! - hey!

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebe: this will get your turtle to come faster, trust me. *tosses her up in the air and catches*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: ahhhhhhhhhh! - *shocked for a moment - then laughs* again!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebe: *does it again and catches her with ease*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: ahhhhhhhhhh! - *shocked for a moment - then laughs* again!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: LilClones&Blaze: *under couch eating fruitloops*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Cheater. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: *tosse her higher and catches*

[Bookmark] Mikko: wonder if her turtle will come before he decides not to catch her

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: *freaked out watching anxiously - ready to catch!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: woooooooooooooooo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: She would have fun >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: *places Elena on his shoulders, gets on all fours and RUUUUUUNS around!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: now I think he's just having fun

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *has fruit loop box - leaving a trail for the boys - leading from couch to bathroom*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: *grips hair* wooooooo hahahaa! giddy up! yeah!

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: Oo *chases*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebe: *gallops around*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *watches the madness - reminded of the time a pony ride at a fair went crazy with her in the saddle and galloped all over the place - though she had not enjoyed that!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: LilClones: *Cyan leading - but sharing the fruitloops with his little crew - even Blaze*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Normal life forgot what that was

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw! I'm a cooooooooow girl!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: *runs after Mel with little girl still holding on*

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: *trying to catch Elena - but dang warthog too fast!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *hah! caught the boys - puts them in bath - enough room for five* [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: OO *Runs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebe: *too fat, getting tired. stops and flattens out on the ground out of breath*

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: *hair like wild golden afro - slides off Bebe likes she often goes for cowgirl rides on run away mutant warthogs and rubs his ears, pecks snout* good Mr. PurplePumba... *skips off to join bath time!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe: *clutching stitch in her side - is fit but frack hog is fast!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: fast but can't last too long, why he can't get a date.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Bad pig >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *pats her fellow Ee's back*

[Bookmark] Mikko: pig isn't even in the TWD universe!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Zombie!Bebe: *RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] all Ee's are here though [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: the Mikkos are trying to get laid. OMikko is with Gabe, MM Mikko is....with whom ever wants her. and RoHMikko is humping DP's leg

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *bubble bath !!! with six kids!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she tried to just supervise and got pulled in [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that is one hell of a big bath tub!

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmm a big spa bath [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: the magic og Chatzy! you always have what you need when you need it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *pulls DP, Gambit, Raph, Don, nightcrawler and Bebe in the hot tub with her* Mutant lovings!

[Bookmark] Rogue: motor mouth posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: waiting for the Hamato bros to catch up with group before posting for Raph. Not sure how else to stall him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's a good nickname for him. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Can you give me the link to the forum? I don't have it on the netbook. Though I'm not sure I'll be able to post tonight.

[Bookmark] Rogue:

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol oh god. took me five tries to spell breaker

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Thanks!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hmmm, Don's post didn't give me a lot to work with.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko did the post

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I can hear Mel now. "THIS IS NOT THE TIME GUYS! DO YOU WANT TO DIE!?"

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb!

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: ...I know Turtles are slow, but damn... you guys.... -.-What if I was gettin' eaten? I'd be turned already.

[Bookmark] Rogue: *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: It really isn't the time people that do that in horror movies are the ones that die

[Bookmark] Candy: meh

[Bookmark] Espionata: The female cat caught a bug and ate it lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: noooo they die if they have sex. so we're still safe

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Someone is gettin' lucky tonight *brow wiggle*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoHRaph: -.- I thought we were saving some kid?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well looks like we might die in this horror movie! WOO!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Yeah and not getting all sexed up

[Bookmark] Espionata: Waiting for a Gambit post [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Pokes Candy on FB

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: yes we are. How'bout we get off the ground first, uh? then we wait for the turtle's brothers. then head out to get Pet.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit post coming up

[Bookmark] Mikko: also working on Negan AND nightcrawler profile. my money is on nightcrawler getting finished first

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: Uh...backwoods education. can't spell names. sorry.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Okay then Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete:... you just needed an extra 'e'?

[Bookmark] Candy: ... think I am mostly waiting for posts

[Bookmark] Candy: .... uh unless I missed something [tongue] *goes to check*

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, gotta head off now. [frown] have a busybusy day tomorrow but can hopefully get more posting done tomorrow night *crosses fingers*

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 71 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww missed her

[Bookmark] Mikko: night

[Bookmark] Candy: nope all only waiting in O

[Bookmark] Candy: and mm nd roh [big grin] all good

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: gambit podyrf

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted too

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was thinking nightcrawler could be at the lab. but with his powers, I don't know how they would hold him there

[Bookmark] Candy: ... mmmm

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know

[Bookmark] Mikko: not only that. but what's to keep him from poofing sups or Pete out of there

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. maaaaaybe I'll just have him join up with Daryl and the others

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm Daryl might need a hand with two teens sure [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Candy: though Ee is a good girl [tongue]

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 2:14 pm

pt 20.

Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooh DP might have compition if I get joker up and going

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue: yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and posted for gabe on O

[Bookmark] Mikko: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA​Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: also...I thought sup's woman was walking for some reason. I need to pay more attention

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't worry DP. by the time joker shows up. Mikko will be so in love with you. she wont look twice at the clown [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel posted she wants to drive lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: well that'll be hard to do with no working cars anywhere

[Bookmark] Espionata: Cars do work [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Just need a working battery and a way to siphon gas

[Bookmark] Mikko: gas from where?

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's been two years. everything is dried up

[Bookmark] Mikko: or too old to work

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Doesn't stop Rick and his group lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: dried up or drained. otherwise DP and Gambit would have taken a car instead of walking and bumping into the rest

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lois is from a small town where it would have been more likely to find something

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: they probably only have enough fule to get where they want to go, then sups has to fly them all back! yaaaaaay

[Bookmark] Mikko: wonder if he gives out flyer miles

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Either way I'm driving

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *massive eye roll*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *hands her a bicycle*

[Bookmark] Rogue: shit will have hit the fan at CDC by the time they get there unfortunately. they'll probably have to lay low in Atlanta until a certain situation improves

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Not what I meant

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I'll go in and distract everyone with a strip tease! you know those science nerds never seen a naked girl!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I don't think they'll care

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: fine. *rips Mel's cloths off* you try

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Smacks Mikko hard* I'm sure they have standards!

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: No age laws to drive. No age laws for anything!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And other adults still kill when it comes to a 14 year getting sexually assaulted

[Bookmark] Candy: quick group vote, continue Origins, IZombie game or not? Just a yes or no be fine

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: nah

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nah

[Bookmark] Candy: No

[Bookmark] Rogue: then we archive it

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes, archiving

[Bookmark] Candy: done

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've ammused myself with the fact that Mikko is openly trying to get in DP's pants, yet she's embarassed about liking Joker. see DP. she likes you more. ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Joker... really? -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: he's...I don't know...I like crazy guys that look good in make up!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I thought he couldn't take it off >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: depends on which joker you're talking about

[Bookmark] Rogue: postied for the Lex

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and nows for Raph and Mei

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: There's more than one?

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: dunno.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww what is Lexi going to name her little boy? Laz says to name him peanut.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. well for Mei. I thought Donnie had posted for some reason

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi: wanna name our son Peanut? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: That's scary

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: I'm coming to save you all! Just me. No one else!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Donnie will post real soon.

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: *presses self against Raph and Don's tank* helloooooo boys! would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. *spoken in creepy deep voice*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: posted for Don.

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooo!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Crystal: *gives Mei all the chocolate she wants*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mei: *shyly takes, and omnomnoms*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *also gets in the tub with OMikko and Gabe*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: O.o ..^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and they look different so he wont get confused!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Duuuurl posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want someone to get a tattoo with meeeeeeeee! like a matching tattoo!!!!!! like a small matching tattoo!!!! that would be so cool!

[Bookmark] Mikko: watch out Daryl!!! Ee might be working for Hydra!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: I must take Cap out.... and NOT like that

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I recomend the blue roses.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:... on his coffin?

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Why kill him?

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Coffin? you think he's worthy enough for a proper burial?

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Mel is a Hydra sympathyser! KILL THE TRAITOR!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: What's Hydra?

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sympathiser

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Sorry Mel. You can't sit with us anymore.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I don't know what Hydra is?

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: this is a hard blow. AAnd not the good kind. You know, I used to look up to Caop. TEAMIRONMAN!

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: yeah..*nods* it's good though. that I know you like getting blown hard...but yeah sucks about cap.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: And as usual no one will tell me anything >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: because everyone know Hydra caused the zombie invasion!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I didn't hear that

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: LIES!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I have to head out. night all *hugs and smooches*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 69 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I need to go soon, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 69 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night. Gonna head off now.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 69 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 69 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yoooooooou

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *straps Mel to the front of the car, mad max style*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Espionata: He's lucky she's not the Mel that's a mutant lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Which I am working on [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: yeeeeah so lucky *rolls eyes* ok ready to go!?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had to uninstall a game and reinstalling hoping it wil work on the reinstalling it

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna buy a new harddrive with more room. one with 800mbs isn't enough for gaming

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: No get me off!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No that hard drive is tiny Oo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: for small games its enough like the one i'm installing Unravled but not the sims 4

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they gave me the day off of work today still get paid for it so i'm glad i got it off

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have a 400 gb hard drive

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: 500*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ive got three harddrive may take out the smallest one after my brother installs it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: once i buy it

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: You can get hard drives that has terabytes now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: also need a backup on one on the side as well learned some pointers for gaming use one for games, use one for saving them an use one for other files not one for all

ScoopGirl: cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: use a separate one for recording them to thats a lot of harddrive i'll need

[Bookmark] Espionata: Then I would get one that has terabytes depending on the program you use to record files can be huge

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i use Mrillis i'm also gonna learn OBS which I havent tried yet i see it more complicated than Mrillis Action

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not sure Mrillis can use music but I know OBS can have music set into it while playing and such

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: me either need to figure it out

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm waiting for all of Sailor Moon Crystal season three to be released before I marathon the season

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm so behind on that but would like an English version instead of reading while watching

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's being dubbed along with the original anime got a redub

[Bookmark] Espionata: The redub hasn't gotten to S yet

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gotcah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gotcha...very cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: not a lot

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: not cool!

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: and how did you get off the hood of the car?

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: Lunch - sweet chilli rice crackers annnnd ... *raids fridge* dads fave cheese, Cracker Barrel - extra sharp [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had a bad pressure headache today thankfully its gone now. darn hot weather. love and hate it all at the sametime

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: my mom and dad's birthday is next month. stupid birthdays!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah they get in the way of things are they on the sameday

[Bookmark] Mikko: no they are a week apart, and then it's their anaversery

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Candy: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: so tired!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *crashes8

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *throws a pillow under your head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: pillow ninja!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: hungry

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmm cheese!

[Bookmark] Mikko: blackpanther just fell in my tea

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] tigers not the only cats that like a dip every now and then! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: speaking of tigers...Where is mine!?

[Bookmark] Candy: salsa dip - Mike says his salsa dip is very yummy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko says proveit

[Bookmark] Candy: probably organising profiles for Casey and Spinter in roh he will post I'm sure soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: dwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: but yay casey!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] hehehe Mikey ate all the salsa

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn him!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wonder how my parents would feel if I got them a combined gift...maybe a puppy

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Those turtles need to hurry up we need to go on a rescue mission

[Bookmark] Espionata: Do they want a puppy?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: I fail to see what you could possibly do to help, little one.

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh god no! they would kill me if I got them a puppy

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I can so totally help you guys

[Bookmark] Espionata: So don't get them a puppy lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Do I need to do an rp sample for mutant Mel?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaaaaaas

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww but I did one already [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: new profile, no sample

[Bookmark] Mikko: new

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well this Mel is a bit different lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: taking off my nails some replies may be slow

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O nails are important and should stay on fingers!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Just don't turn me in to that Mutant Control place it sounds evil

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: these are fack tips im taking off

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Accidently sets a piece of paper on fire* OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: see! this is why we can't have nice things!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I can't help it DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: uh. you should help it. your powers. control yourself are we're locking you up!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I can't control them yet DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: then you have to be put away

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No way! Do you have any idea what people do to mutants that get locked up?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. and?

[Bookmark] Mikko: all forum mutants should had a good hold on their powers

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: We're treated like we're freaks!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I just discovered mine

[Bookmark] Mikko: Nightcrawler got his powers at age 16 and he did fine.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: He only has to teleport Rogue can't control hers

[Bookmark] Mikko: but seriously with out of control fire powers. Professor X would have her on lock down

[Bookmark] Mikko: no Rogue can't. and she wears gloves so she doesn't kill people

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: It doesn't happen all the time

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although recently Rogue can control her powers

[Bookmark] Mikko: shit happens when you marry Magneto

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: She married Magneto?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Comics are crazy lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah, not because she loved him, but because he was able to use his powers to allow her to touch him without her hurting him. so sense he was the only man she could touch she hooked up with him

[Bookmark] Espionata: But Magneto had a rough life he's Jewish so he went through the Holocaust and he's a mutant so he went through more discrimination any wonder why he went evil [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: well...his "evil" is more based on believing mutants are above humans. I actually agree with him

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: like if that worl was real and I was a mutant. I would SO be on his side. unless....Nightcrawler wanted to date me ^_^ then I would switch teams

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: about to post for the lovely, the sexy, the LAZ!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you Rogue

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shakes the booty*

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: tired. you?

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: Scoop, let me know if Clark's posts are still hard for you to read. Will find a different shade if so

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: will do [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I JUST CALLED, TO SAY, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its better [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I just called to say how much I care...

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay! I just called! to say ! I looooooooooooooooooooove​ you! and I mean it from, the bottom of my heart!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: yer like a cat. are you in or out?

[Bookmark] Mikko: and wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *jumps up and starts doing the boot scooting boogy*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *joins in!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: ....*scurries away*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *oh sooo knows this one - joins in!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *grabs Webs and makes him dance!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Woooo got a fruit salad! look at me being healthy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I also just had a roach hump my big toe

[Bookmark] Rogue: woot! ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: well then

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I named it DP

[Bookmark] Mikko: I figured if we were getting all close and personal he should have a name

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: so we decided that the turtles can squeeze in the back of the car, I'll take shot gun. DP can sit on the floor, Mikko can climb on top of him. and we're strapping Mel to the hood.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Fuck no you're not strapping me to the hood!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: LOIS! I hope you have a big trunk! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: *glaaaaares*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I've been a few trunks! I can climb in there! but I want company! naked company!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP:... and how the fuck did you know what I was referring to? I thought you were a boy scout.....

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i hope i do to [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *waves hand wildly*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: multi-tasking right now

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *drags DP in the trunk* how far is this place? we have time to...bow chicka bow wow? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I'm small I can sit in the back or I can drive [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: you are NEVER driving!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: We must repopulate the earth! We're the last of our kind... it is our responsibility....

[Bookmark] Rogue: Spidey: Sure. I'm not dying or anything.

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Why can't I drive?

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: uh......ok! yes! lets do that! omg! Spidey we;re on our way. us fucking wont make things slower. chill take deep breaths. remember what you learned in child birthing class.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: because we would like to live

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I wouldn't crash

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: ...O.o I've never been to child birthing classes... O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: plus it's Lois' car! SHE drives!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that's a shame it's amazingly relaxing

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: *Pouts* Fine*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: We shall treat Webs to his first child birthing class!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete:....pass.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: we should treat Pete to his first STRIP CLUB!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Strip clubs don't exist

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ....*smacks Mel* stop being a downer! they exist in other games fool! we just have to make those games!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: and we need to teach our lil grasshopper how to kiss a girl.. *brow wiggle* Pete! You're the girl!

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: I won't be in those games except for my mutant self and don't smack me >​<

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: ...*hides*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *smoooooooches Pete*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: taking off my tips on my nails takes longer than i'd like but cheaper

[Bookmark] Mikko: also not good for your nail

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: no but i like to have them done from time to time

[Bookmark] Mikko: me too! I like getting them long and pointy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] i like short and square

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I think my kiss killed Pete

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: since Pete's whole family is now dead.. *covers his ears in case he wasn't aware that May bit it, too*... we shall adopt him!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: .....O.o *annnnd DP forgets that he has excellent hearing*

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: My family is dead

[Bookmark] Mikko: HH Mikko: Well MY whole family is dead. and Pete remindes me of my brother. soooooo Pete is now my new little brother and NONE SHALL EVER HARM HIM AGAIN!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ...well then you better get the led out... -.-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: HH Mikko: dude we have to wait for turtles. Do you know how slow turtles are?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: That's unfortunate.

[Bookmark] Mikko: HHMikko: yeah it is!

Kitteh: RohLeo: I'm waiting for my brothers to respond. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy rohMikey: I responded! - and thats a hurtful sterotype!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mike posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: I kinda would like to see how DP reacts to Mikko's mention of digging Joker.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. I was gonna post, but didn't want to get too far ahead. but may do so anywho. then do another post for my poor boys trapped in the dreadful CDC

[Bookmark] Espionata: Post [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Raph needs to post on Origins. [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: he tried to last night but wasn't up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: will get to it soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don killed Raph's boner!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But...I gots it up a few minutes after you said that. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: O'Raph: *grumbles*


[Bookmark] Mikko: HE ATE IT!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I really didn't have a lot of chances to post while I was gone. Netbook was giving me issues. I HOPE I got at least a few of them taken care of last night. And a post happened, too. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I stabbed a grape and it shot out the bowl onto the floor and Arthas ate it -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: lol reading that so naughtiy

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: nooooo no lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: grapes are baaaad for the doggies

[Bookmark] Candy: O'Ee: *trying not to giggle here*

[Bookmark] Candy: yes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, very bad.

[Bookmark] Mikko: thankfully the dog has a stomach like Mikey's it's made from iron!

[Bookmark] Espionata: One won't harm him I think but what do I know had a grape vine and had a dog that snacked off of it >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh my

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll be posting tomorrow night. trying to finishes my nails before bed.

[Bookmark] Mikko: what has my world come to!? I'm watching a two hour documeantry on sugar

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o lol.. sweet? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and okies. Will do one more post for DP and then he will try to get Lois to stop, lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: the message is that since 1980's to 2012 sugar has made the world die more

[Bookmark] Rogue: quick question, scoop. how big is Lois' vehicle? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: meh got to refresh Road Trip hang on

[Bookmark] Rogue: bah. I loves sugar

[Bookmark] Mikko: me tooooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 68 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Shy: hey ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How's you?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: two more nails then my nails can breath

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *gives the nails CPR*

[Bookmark] Shy: tee hee hee

[Bookmark] Shy: I'm so good.

[Bookmark] Rogue: we needs a bruce wayne

[Bookmark] Candy: awesome

[Bookmark] Rogue: would love to see how he's dealing with the outbreak

[Bookmark] Shy: I am able tyo crash for the night but i wanted to say hello and send my love

[Bookmark] Mikko: does anyone relly NEED a Bruce Wayne?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sends love back*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: Nope. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww *snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Shy: *Gives love out to each person in a parcel, a virtual hug wrapped up*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: thanks! [big grin] *gives you farm grown watermelon!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile] *sends one back to you*

[Bookmark] Candy: annnd there Road Trip refreshed - mmm

[Bookmark] Shy: yummy!!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! funny ODon responses in his thread Kitteh - Mikey says he got more of those texts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *grabs Pete and tangos*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im heading off to bed guys night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: O.o *web-shooters accidentally go off, entangling them both in web*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: oh...that is an issue. We'll work on that.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I can set the web on fire

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: >​.< Sorry!

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: set nothing on fire! and you don't have to be sorry. *smooches Pete's cheek* DP! we're tied up can you help?

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Awww, he's a premature-ejaculator! *cuts them loose* Gotta work on that, Underoos

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Why not?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: >​.< You just HAD to make this weird.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *put Mel the mutant in a glass box and locks it*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: *annnnd blushes once again at the kiss*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: I'm sure DP had the same issue once.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: NEVER! [tongue] *totally lying*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Let me out!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: you don't even have a proper mutant name! yer not coming out!

[Bookmark] Rogue: well.. I have no idea what Lois is driving, so guess I will keep that vague for now. but really hoping she's in an SUV, lol. or a mini van

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: we'll just say she is

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: All the good ones are taken!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: then pick a bad one.

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: 4 turtles, 3 humans, 2 mutants... plus picking up 2.. (hopefully not just one.. hang on webs!) gonna need it.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: If my widdle Webs dies.. Sup dies, too!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Toad can just cling to the outside of a window

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: ....I'm scared. *massive eyeroll* and if he dies, it's because you were too busy flirting

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No way!

[Bookmark] Rogue: free all the mutants

[Bookmark] Mikko: I feel like it's one of those animal activist things where they go in and just open all the cages and all the animals charge out frantically

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww. that's probably how it'll go down. And then you have the very untrusting and angry and feral Alien that's been treated like shit by humans, and had to watch as they practically slaughtered a kid

[Bookmark] Espionata: Except in 28 Days Later it ends badly

[Bookmark] Rogue: so yeah, good luck dealing with HIM!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yikes

[Bookmark] Rogue: though having Lois with them will definitely work in their favor

[Bookmark] Espionata: Older cat ate to fast and puked

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *tries to quietly pull Spidey out of the building without bringing attenton to herself*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Younger male cat tried to help by burying it

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what friends are for

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Luna likes to poop in the tub. Don't ask why.. I dunno. But the other day poor Kylo was trying to bury it for her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least it was on the floor and not a rug lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: He was like 'omg, not again sis! here, I got your back!'

[Bookmark] Espionata: The younger male will give the older one kisses

[Bookmark] Candy: *head desk*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I knew my older cat would be fine with them he isn't aggressive except for showing who was top cat when they first met by growling and hissing but did nothing

[Bookmark] Espionata: He even plays gently with them even though they don't lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna, lick lick lick lick you from your head to your toes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: YES!

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: .....^_^ *tackles and liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks DP*

[Bookmark] Rogue: bah. trying to do a Wade post but th e posting thing isn't coming as easily as it did last night [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: stop being difficult, Wade!

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's not just Wade.. it's everyone

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn you all!

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: Hey, not to sound like a whore but I'm easy. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Whores get paid. yer a slut.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I just watched a video of a poor sweet dog, try to get a large doll to play fetch with him.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP posted


[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: DO thinks Harley is Hotter then hot? *jealousy oozes from her pores*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: [big grin] but you're hot, too

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Sup: -.- ..and Bruce did not kill me. Get your facts straight

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: ^_^ yeah and unlike her! I'll totally fuck you!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: nows gambit and Mikko should post [tongue] because DP is holding out on the doughnuts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: *totally doesn't have doughnuts, but can clearly see that it's a woman driving.. and women love that shit*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes Mikko posted and she did mention the doughnuts

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Mikko has had enough of Mel

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. Mikko think he's gonna get ran over, huh [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes she does

[Bookmark] Espionata: TWD Mel: Well what the hell do you want from me?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: your chimichangas.

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man I ate my last one two nights ago. I need more!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I get em for a buck! they are steak and cheese! sooo good! and less calories then what I use to eat, which was those frozen grilled sandwiches

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok the sugar movie is over. I learned that. drinking one can of soda a day, can up your risk of dibeties 28%. and I learned thaaaaaaat. the little heart healthy icons on some foods. Those companies pay 25000 to the the heart assotiation to have that icon on their product no mater if the food is heart healthy or not

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not surprised

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. I say eat! EAT! just don't go crazy

[Bookmark] Rogue: o.O That stinks. [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit is all. these two hoes already being jealous and they don't even know eachothers last names.

[Bookmark] Mikko: gambit also thinks Raph and Mel are close friends

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And Mel saluted him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not the middle finger salute [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes if things start getting bad THEN he'll want you to come help. noooooo then you get under the dash and hide!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: is she not wondering what Gambit called her?

[Bookmark] Espionata: She doesn't really care all she cares about finally people that she gets to be with

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mel needs to beef up her posts some. remember, 3 paragraphs. shorts ones are okay occasionally but not every single time

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have a feeling it's an insult though lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is

[Bookmark] Espionata: Okay

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! like, what is she feeeeeeeling?

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe she can wonder what Gambit says when he speaks french

[Bookmark] Rogue: get inside the character's head. have her reflect on things, to the characters around her. This upcoming mission.. what are her thoughts. Stuff like t hat

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: How did she feel about being called Raph's friend, or being told to Gambit didn't even want her coming. so much things!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and why is this dip burning my mouth

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I think I'm gonna hold off posting for Raph for now simply because he knows the group is in a hurry and it would take time for him to get in touch with his brothers. though he would normally just be like fuck it and jump in the van, he knows that would put his family in danger because they would surely look for him

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit about to leave with or without Raph. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: WE'RE SAVING OUR BUDDY!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. Raph really wouldn't blame them

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: he wants to be helpful but not delay them

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm surprised Don hasn't posted yet.

[Bookmark] Rogue: and as good as Donnie is, I'm afraid t heir phones are not that reliable if we're keeping true to this particuclar time period where towers no longer work and they're having to deend on solar panels and such. Raph's probably gotten out of the habit of using his phone
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post ROH creation)
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