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 Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )

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Erica Martins

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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2016 11:35 am

pt 52.

Angel: there is that Razz ))

Espionata: Mel: Still cutting is bad isn't it?

Angel: that question answers it self Very Happy - yep!!! ))

Espionata: Mel: So where's Angel and Erica?

Angel: in bed Very Happy

Angel: ... different beds!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: And no Mikey either

Angel: in bed!!

Angel: .... his bed!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: So how are you guys gonna help me?

Leo we'll figure something out

Espionata: Mel: Hope so don't like living like this

Espionata: Mel: *Picks at her cuts* Feels like I wanna do worse

Leo but you're not. *pulls her hand away*

Espionata: Mel: I'm not?

Leo no. I'm going to keep a close eye on you.

Espionata: Mel: You are?

Espionata: Mel: *Looks for Mikey*

Angel: Don't look for him he'll fart Razz

Angel: Mikey: *farrrrrrrrrrts

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Angel *exits bedroom* wasss up sugar plum?

Espionata: Mel: Something kinda serious

Angel always seems to be - what is it?

Espionata: Mel: I'm cutting Angel

Angel *sighs* and why did you start doing that?

Espionata: Mel: I'm damaged and have been for a long time on top of the recent stuff hasn't helped me any Angel so are a lot of people, some do cut or drink... others don't

Espionata: Mel: And I ended up cutting before it was fights but I tried to change that

Angel sad - how do we help with that?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Angel me either - I tried to join a gang in my trouble youth Razz

Espionata: Mel: Not sure which is worse

Angel search me Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Leo and big brother are worried and don't need to worry Erica or my dad

Angel: Erica: too late *out to go loo*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Erica >​>​

Angel: Erica: *pokes head out loo after entering* hi hi - *pulls head back in to go!

Espionata: Mel: Think she heard?

Angel *nods* she would have - girl usually hears things Razz

Espionata: Mel: Figures she shouldn't worry about that stuff though

Angel she and her father adopted you they'll worry about everything Razz

Espionata: Mel: They will?

Espionata: Mel: But Daddy isn't here

Angel: Erica: he works does not mean he wony worry

Espionata: Mel: True so you heard?

Angel: Erica: I did - it's troubling

Espionata: Mel: I know Erica

Angel: Erica: I don't know much about treatment methods - I may have to borrow Don's laptop and read over them

Espionata: Mel: Sorry Erica

Angel: Erica: *waddled over to hug* sorry for yourself you should be

Angel: lol5

Espionata: Mel: I should? *Hugs her back*

Espionata: lol

Angel: Erica: yep - it's yourself your scarring up and bleeding out Wink *hugs hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Looks at the ground*

Angel: Erica: mmm hhmmmm Wink

Espionata: Mel: But you shouldn't have to worry about me

Angel: Erica: I shouldn't no - but I do Razz

Angel: it's in big sis fine print - just ask April Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Because you're my sister?

Angel: Erica: precisely Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: While I haven't been much of one

Angel: Erica: yes you have, always right there in the fight when we're in trouble Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: I have?

Angel: Erica: yep Wink *goes to kitchen to find food!!*

Espionata: Mel: Even though I don't do much

Angel: Erica: welll you aint trained or all that strong - but your fast so whatever you have done and do is fine - and it's the thought that counts Very Happy and the courage too

Espionata: Mel: True so when is Daddy gonna be back?

Angel: Erica: I dont know *eating pickles

Espionata: Mel: He's really busy

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Angel: Erica: always Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: I'm so tired

Angel whilst the rest of us are enjoying the peace for a bit Razz

Angel: Erica: indeed - Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yeah peace tell that to my dreams *Curls up the couch*

Angel: Erica: all our dreams - *shivers and puts a throw over her chuckling*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah lucky us *Falls into an exhausted sleep*

Shaya: How is everyone?

Donatello: Meh.

Donatello: Okay, I guess.

Donatello: Quiiiiiiiiiet...

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs toying with a knife*


Donatello: *ding*

Shaya: *bong*

Shaya Mel? What have you been up to lately?

Rogue joined the chat 19 seconds ago

Shaya: Hey rogue

Espionata: Mel: Nothing much really >​>​

Shaya That seems like an oddity in here.

Shaya: I'm guessing the turtles and the gals are out and about.

Espionata: Mel: It does?

Rogue: hiyas)

Shaya I'm guess the Turtles are out anf the gals are preparing to woo.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah


Espionata: Mel: *Trying to hide some new cuts*

Leo *dancing to the oldies while cleaning*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Leo

Leo hello to you. how are you feeling today?

Espionata: Mel: Alright why?

Leo Just wondering, I can't make sure my sister is ok?

Espionata: Mel: You can Leo

Leo have any plans for the day?

Espionata: Mel: Not really

Leo me neither, I'm just cleaning, and getting the lair ready.

Espionata: Mel: Ready for what?

Leo decorating for Halloween!

Espionata: Mel: I never really celebrated Halloween

Leo well get ready to! we'll have spider webs and paper ghost. it'll be fun!

Espionata: Mel: It will be?

Leo you question things a lot. of course it will be

Espionata: Mel: Sorry Leo didn't have much of a childhood. Hey does that mean during Halloween you guys were able to go the surface?

Leo yes. we still have to be careful, but yeah we can go up top and walk around freely

Espionata: Mel: That's so cool

Leo Yes it is. and Vic is already ready for Halloween, being a vampire and all.

Espionata: Mel: This is true

Espionata: Mel: *Tugs her shirt sleeves*

Leo *eyes her* have you been cutting again?

Espionata: Mel: Yes

Leo *sighs* come on. lets clean up the cuts and put some bandages on you.

Espionata: Mel: Okay Leo *Goes to him*

Leo *takes her to the bathroom and sits her down, then starts to carefully clean her wounds*

Espionata: Mel: *Doesn't wince all to used to the pain* Sorry Leo

Leo it's ok. *bandages her up* maybe we need to find you some other way to get out your feelings. like painting. or....writing. you ever think of keeping a diary?

Espionata: Mel: No I haven't

Leo it could be good way to get all your feelings out.

Espionata: Mel: It could?

Leo yes. and it'll be your personal diary, so you can write what ever you want with out worrying about other people finding out.

Espionata: Mel: I can?

Leo yes. there are even some diaries with locks on them.

Shaya: Shy: *wants to comment but her character doesn't do diaries... often*

Espionata: Mel: Really?

Leo yes. *finishes patching her up* there you go all better

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo

Leo no problem. *leads them out the bathroom* And you know you can come to any of us to talk.

Espionata: Mel: I know Leo *Follows*

Leo so is there anything you would like to talk about now?

Espionata: Mel: Right now it's just nightmares

Leo *nods and gives her a hug* Splinter might have some tea that you could drink before you go to sleep that could help with that

Espionata: Mel: Hope so *Hugs him back*

Leo *pats* you're going to be alright.

Shaya: Shaya: *not looking at the cute moment between teens, nope not at all.* aw * Hides behind her books and papers*

Espionata: Mel: Maybe

Leo any thoughts on a halloween costume?

Espionata: Mel: Not really

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raphie

Leo I wonder what I can dress the baby as.

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Donatello: Hi Smile

Leo maybe a little pumpkin.

Espionata: Mel: Maybe he doesn't move much

Leo well he is a new born. I have one major worry though. what do we do if he needs medical care? we can't just bring him to the doctor.

Espionata: Mel: There's always Kim

Shaya What did Master Splinter do for you boys?

Leo mostly just help us as much as he could then pray we got better. Though as we got older, Don was able to help with illness.

Shaya Now you have Kim, Don, LeatherHead, and myself if you need help with your lil' ball of moonryas.
Shaya moonrays.*

Leo thank goodness. I hear babies get sick a lot

Espionata: Mel: It depends on the baby I think

Shaya They can. They don't their mom's immune system protecting them anymore. Theirs has to work overtime.

Shaya but a healthy mummy and daddy shared immune system given to them should be able to fight most ickies... *Realized she is started to baby talk*. Yeah. That. Yes. *Hides in finished paperwork*

Leo then again he is a vampire turtle baby. so maybe he wont get so sick...wont get..."ickies" *grins*

Espionata: Mel: Who knows? And is Raphie sleeping?

Leo maybe

Raphael zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz...

Espionata: Mel: Yeah he's asleep I hear him snoring >​>​

Leo *shrugs and knocks on Raph's door* RAPH! where did you put the ghost!?

Espionata: Mel: I wouldn't do that >​>​

Raphael >​.< *presses pillow over his head* I ain't got it! *yeah, dunno what the hell he's talking about.*

Leo ok. are you coming out of there today?

Espionata: Mel: Raphie please come out

Shaya Oh let him sleep.

Raphael -.- Why. Is the world on fire?

Espionata: Mel: No but Leo is decorating for Halloween

Leo: lol raph sounds like me in the morning)

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Razz

Raphael *O.o Leo's.. .decorating? Okay, this he's gotta see. Finally forces himself out of bed and heads into the main area* -.- It ain't october yet, Leo.

Leo so? It's close enough. *has pumpkins everywhere*

Espionata: Mel: I know but I have no idea why he's doing it. Just be glad he's not insane anymore

Espionata: Mel: Besides we might need the happiness around because I sure ain't showing it lately

Leo yes because Halloween is the happiest of holidays

Espionata: Mel: You know what I mean Leo

Raphael *shrugs and helps by splattering fake blood on the walls and windows and.. anyone standing too close*

Espionata: Mel: Okay then *Picks at her bandages on her arm*

Leo Mel, stop picking. *sets up spider webs*

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Leo it's not good. you'll get an infection

Espionata: Mel: Fine *Stops*

Donatello: lol A bloody shower! Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Looks at her knife*

Espionata: lol

Leo put it down.

Donatello: Someone should take it away from her.

Espionata: Mel: I'm just looking at Leo

Espionata: Yeah

Leo mmmhmm...I'm watching you

Espionata: Mel: I know Leo

Raphael Why are you watchin' her.. *oblivious, keeps splattering blood, glorious blood!* And where's Erica?

Leo Erica is probably sleeping, and Mel has been self harming. so we have to watch her.

Shaya ACK! *got splattered in the back as she packed up her work*

Shaya Raph! watch it

Espionata: Mel: She might be looking up on what to do about this issue. Cutting is weird it feels like I'm releasing
the pain unlike those teens that do it because they think it's cool

Espionata: Mel: I messed up big time Raphie

Raphael O.o Okay, had no idea. how's he supposed to respond to that?! I uh.. wouldn't call it messin' up.. just life. We all deal differently..but.. yeah, you shouldn't cut yerself. It's better to hit somethin'.. like a punchin' bag..

Espionata: Mel: Before it was stealing and fights for me was trying to break from that for you guys

Espionata: Mel: So you got any ideas when it comes to this?

Raphael Uh... no. I've only been at that point once.. back on Tatooine. When I though everyone was dyin'. >​.< You just gotta realize things ain't that bad.You got people around you. You gotta chance.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah back when I was trying to get through to you we had different lives but feel similar. I don't know if this makes sense or not but I'm still struggling against all the stuff I learned so I would survive ontop of the recent stuff I think is what causing this. Being tough and strong isn't working anymore and I'm just broken inside and even with all of you with me it still hurts

Raphael *reaches over with his none bloody hand and gives her shoulder a pat* I.. know what you mean. I know how it is to feel alone even when yer not really. But.. as mushy as this sounds, and never thought I'd say this, it becomes less when you find 'the one'. I've been better with Erica. Though, ain't gonna lie.. you may never be 100%.. I know I'm not, but.. I'm better. And sometimes, that has to be good enough. You have to make it good enough and know you can get through it.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah and I think Raidon is that one I feel so happy with him. And after the shit I went through I'm surprised that I'm this stable and not a felon like James they say whatever mental stuff your parents have you might inheirant it. When Leo was all crazy it felt like I was a kid again because of the stuff he did. And I told him if he dared to hurt me again I would hurt him

Donatello: ((ding))

Raphael: dooong))

Espionata: lol

Raphael *nods* Well, yer managin' better than most. Just hang in there. Focus on what makes you happy.

Donatello: Razz

Donatello: I had to come up with some sort of response to post so I didn't get timed out in here. Razz

Espionata: Mel: Got no choice none of you are gonna let go down that dark path *Hugs Raph*

Espionata: *me

Raphael: Razz well that was a good one.

Donatello: *bows* Wink

Raphael *usually not a random hugger.. but understands where she's coming from. Hugs* No, we won't.

Espionata: Mel: This is why I look up to you Raphie and why I didn't give up during that Sith thing we understand each other

Raphael: daw

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Erica Martins

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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2016 11:42 am

pt 53

Espionata: Mel: *Is frustrated and taking it out on a punching bag*

Donatello: Hello

MasterSplinter: Help hello how be you both?

Rogue: hiyas!

Espionata: Good

MasterSplinter: not good - but good you's are good

Espionata: Mel: *Stops panting*

Angel: snake bite - you guys?

Espionata: Ouch Oo

Espionata: What kind of snake?

Espionata: Do you have Rattle Snakes out there? I know my area does very rare though

Angel: brown - all good - dry bite Wink

Espionata: As long as you got no venom

Angel: yes I am fine - but thats why I was away yesterday and most of today Smile sorry guys

Angel: we just had to go in and stay over night encase the bite was venomated

Espionata: That's okay

Espionata: Ocasionally in my state you might come across a snake that's venomous but it's really rare

Donatello: Awwww *hugs*

Angel: its rare to get away from a brown unvenomated - their aggressive when roused

Angel: they even chase -

Donatello: O.o

Espionata: Yikes Oo

Espionata: I think I saw a video of one on a beach in Austraila and people stayed clear of it

Angel: and ranked in the top ten of the twenty most deadliest snakes - so all in all lucy lucky lucky Very Happy

Espionata: Very lucky

Espionata: While in here in America if you come across an Eastern Diamond Back Rattle Snake good luck that one is the most dangerous

Rogue: omg.. candy! *huggles!* galad it was a dry bite

Rogue: glad*

Espionata: Yeah

Angel: galad! glad with extra A!

Angel: hugs hugs*

Espionata: Mel: I wonder where Erica is

Angel: Erica: *shuffling off to loo -*

Angel: Razz

Espionata: Mel: Hey Eric

Espionata: *erica

Angel: Erica: *mumbles a greeting - cause you know trying to wake up, sleeping a lot... needs to get up and move about and eat*

Rogue Raph: *Hasn't seen her in a while... having Erica withdrawals.. follows!*

Angel: lol!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Hey Raphie

Angel: Erica: *slips out of bathroom flicking hands dry - smiiiiiiiles* Red - *snugs ... still sort of zombie like*

Rogue *waves at Mel and SNUGS Erica* ^^

Angel: Erica: *forgets all she actually got out of bed to do, this neeeed just to be close takes over... snugs as best she can with a very distinct round R2 bump*

Angel: Razz

Rogue: hehe

Angel: and only going to get rounder - boy putting on the growth big time

Angel: Wink

Espionata: Of course

Angel * watching - chuckles to mask her squeeee*

Espionata: Mel: Looks you have twins in there Erica

Angel: Erica: *chuckles* he's definitely gonna be a big boy

Espionata: Mel: Yeah he is

Espionata: Mel: And now Raphie knows about what's happening and he understands it

Angel: bwhahaha attack of the peach can in Beginnings - now for some pond side beasties

Espionata: lol

Rogue joined the chat 10 seconds ago

Angel: wb

Espionata: wb

Rogue: ty.. stupid computer

Espionata: aww

Rogue *rubs the baby bump* How's R2 been treatin' ya?

Donatello: wb

Espionata: Mel: Probably growing like a weed in there

Angel: Erica: *purrrrs fingers play over his* been the perfect little gentleman - letting me sleep, not bouncing on my bladder or trying out ninja moves on my stomach so actually managing to eat... *grins and smoooches that snout*

Angel: lol!

Angel urgh lucky - still got some morning sickness over here

Espionata: Mel: That sucks Angel *Rubs her arm covered in bandages*

Rogue *churrrrs and snoooogs like whoa*

Angel joined the chat 17 seconds ago

Angel hehehe - hows the arms?

Angel: Erica: *nips his lip lovingly - snoggling tonsil hockey!*

Angel: Razz

Espionata: Mel: Fine mostly

Rogue: hehe

Rogue: Ally: *lookin' for her Mike'licious!*

Rogue *snuuuugs, churring happily* Are you hungry?

Angel: Mikey: *bounces out of no where and catches up in snogglies!*

Angel: lol

Espionata: Mel: Hey Mikey

Angel well thats good - you have not done more? *smiles gently - though rolls eyes and couples*

Espionata: Mel: Yes I have

Rogue: Ally: *snugglynuzzlysmoochies!​* I missed you! ^^

Angel: Erica: *hugging - mmmm feels sooo good! - stomache be damned!... well she'd like to think so but belly rumbles* mmmm I am *blushes smooch smooch*

Angel: Mikey: I have been a moping - sooooooo missed you AngelCake SnuggleBum! *snogs*

Donatello: lol

Espionata: Mel: While my dad doesn't know

Rogue *scoops her up and carries her into the kitchen, carefully setting her at the table* Cereal comin' right up! *pours her a massive bowl full!*

Rogue: Ally: *returns it all and then some! ^^* Daw, well I'm here now! Annnd, I think we need to make a trip to GU world soon and get piccies of my tummy to see what I'm growin' in there. Kinda jealous that Vic popped out a kid before me.

Angel: Erica: Very Happy thank you - having some too? *wonders if she will indeed be able to eat all the bowl full... but might as well getit down whilst R2 letting her* missed you

Angel: Mikey: Wink nawww bub both Vic and Ee will pop before us - but ours will be cuuuuuuuuuuuter Wink *nuzzly snug snog* but yes we must do a trip! - wonder if Donnie has a hopper? or Mel?

Rogue *pours milk over the massive pile of Lucky Charms, chasing it to spill onto the table* Nah, all for you. Gotta eat.. *and finally sets beside her* Missed you, too

Rogue: Ally: ^^ We must find your brother! If he doesn't have a hopper, he can make one?

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to the kitchen looking for something small to eat*

Angel: Erica: *shifts bowl and butt, bowl over table, butt into his lap - for more snugs whilst she tries to munch down the cereal goodness - waving at Mel* mmm surprised I slept at all -

Espionata: Mel: You are Erica?

Angel: Mikey: To the DonCave! *scoops her up and heads to Don's lab* uh huh ... maybe - but he should have one we can borrow

Donatello: Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Nibbling on some chocolate*

Angel: Erica: *nods - between nightmares at first and lack of her big turtles snores it was hard to find restful sleep at all! - but says none of this and simply snugs more*

Angel: The DonCave!!

Angel *been there on occassion to make sure she left food for Don - he's been so busy*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah haven't been sleeping well either

Rogue *snugs and sliiiides the bowl closer to her* So, how much longer we got before R2 makes his debut?

Angel: Erica: not sure - Kim said six to seven months - if thats the case about halway now... he may come early though *bwteen mouthfuls of yummy cereal... has to chase a dribble down her chin* it's exciting... *and a bit scary to think of*

Espionata: Mel: *Picks at her bandages* And you should be happy about it

Donatello *is indeed in his lab*

Angel: Razz

Angel: ' 'hard' time in the bathroom!' - keep laughing harder at that than I should Razz

Rogue: lol

Rogue B-Raph* >​.<

Donatello: lol

Angel: B-Erica: *smacks player*

Angel: ow!

Angel: Wink

Espionata: lol

Angel: hehehe and the can of peaches going all ninja Razz mwhahaha

Espionata: lol

Rogue: lol, poor toe

Rogue *nods* By the look of it, he's gonna come early for sure...

Donatello: dawwww

Rogue: Ally: *loooves being carried around* I'm sure he has one.. Donnie has eveything.. or can make anything!

Angel: Razz

Angel: Mikey: yeah he's awesome like that - not Mikey awesome.. thats rare... or Angel Cake awesome... even rarer... but still awesome *proud strut carry and knocks on door* Donnie!

Angel: Erica: Wink well he'll certainly run out of room if he keeps growing... surely there is only so much stretching I can do *and she squeaks a bit feeling R2's latest kick* oooh man *draws Raph's hand back to the bump to feel for himself*

Donatello *jumps at the knock* What is it? *hasn't gotten up from his seat yet*

Espionata: Mel: He's kicking again?

Angel *smiles watching from lab door*

Angel: Mikey: wanna borrow a hopper dude - need to go have a first scan Razz

Donatello Oh, um... *gets up to get it* Just be careful with it. *hands it to them*

Angel yes don't have my poor Stretch worrying about you two Wink

Angel: Mikey: dawwww you know me! ..... ummmmm I will be careful

Donatello *smiles a little* And good luck.

Angel *chuckling* they'll need it huh?

Donatello *smiles at Angel* Not in that way. But seeing your baby for the first time is sure to be very exciting.

Donatello: Is it time for the room to be used in a naughty way again. Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel ^_^ it is... I am looking forward to it being our turn sexy Stretch

Espionata: Mel: *Picks at her bandages*

Angel: yes... yes it is - it is over due Razz

Donatello: lol

Angel: Very Happy

Rogue *Places his hand over the bmp and feels his lil man kickin'* ^^ Go easy on yer mom, eh kiddo? Save all that for Leo. Razz

Rogue: Ally: we'll be super duper careful! O:-)

Espionata: Mel: *Gets closer* Yeah and try not to get so big

Angel: Erica: *chuckles through mouthful - soooo cute watching BigRed be all paternal with their lump... then raises eyebrow, R2 of course just becomes more energetic*

Angel: lol

Espionata: Mel: I think he hears you but doesn't listen

Angel it's R' speak for I got loads spare for Uncle Leo! *from lab door - amused*

Angel: Mikey: of course Very Happy *halo falls to the floor with a clatter... kicks it uner Don's lab desk * heh - *innecent smile, portal hops out!*

Rogue: okies guys, gotta head off. back to work today. Sad

Rogue: night *hugs*

Espionata: night

Rogue: Stay away from those browns, Candy!

Angel: night night *hugs*

Angel: Very Happy

Rogue: feel better!

Rogue: nightnight *hugs*

Rogue left the chat

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs and picks at her bandages* Daddy still busy?

Angel: Erica: always

Espionata: Mel: Figures and he won't be home for awhile

Donatello *sighs*

Angel whats up Handsome? - worried for Ally and Mikey - eager for our turn? Wink

Donatello *smiles a little* Maybe both.

Angel *sashays over to kiss his cheek*

Espionata: Mel: So find anything out about my issue?

Angel: Erica: not a lot yet - mostly cause R2 decided I should nap - I don't even recall falling asleep - oo

Espionata: Mel: That's okay R2 is more important

Donatello *smiles and nuzzles Angel*
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Erica Martins

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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2016 11:58 am

pt 54.

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches*

Angel *sleeps*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs and looks at her bandaged arms*

Angel: Hank: *filthy - stomps in peeling off suit helmet* what happened to you?

Espionata: Mel: You really don't wanna know

Angel: Hank: I'll find out any ways Erica will just tell me Razz might as well spit it out

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* I've been cutting

Angel: Hank: *also sighs* girl you seem to find ways to get yourself in trouble all the time - why are
you doing it?

Espionata: Mel: No trouble finds me. And it's because of all the shit lately

Angel: Hank: yeah heard some stuff went down whilst I was away

Espionata: Mel: What did you hear?

Angel: Hank: mixed stories - one invlovling time travel, and the blue turtle being semi normal Razz

Espionata: Mel: There's a zombie on the loose as well

Angel: Hank: dammmn

Espionata: Mel: The zombie is Mikko she tried to strangle me so I killed her in selfdefense and then
Leo let her attack me and bite me to teach me a lesson before he was normal

Angel: Hank: *shakes head* freaking crazy blue wearing bastard

Espionata: Mel: And people wonder why I'm fucked up

Angel: Hank: maybe - man I need a shower - covered in ... huh... crap *literally covered in it*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you do

Angel: Hank: *nods heading towards bathroom* looong mission

Espionata: Mel: I bet

Angel: Hank: *slips within*

Espionata: Mel: *Picks at her bandages*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Angel: Hank: *clean!!!!* haha! yes!

Espionata: Mel: Feel better?

Espionata: Mel: By the way Star Wars is real came across a Sith and Renet had to save us because
a bunch of us almost died

Angel: Hank: I do... sort of - *needs to sit - does so on couch with a deep sigh - oh yeah good*

Espionata: Mel: Sort of?

Angel: Hank: yeah bit sore *pulling a shirt over his chest - has some burns and stitches of deep wounds, bruising*

Espionata: Mel: More like injured

Angel: Hank: *shrugs - relaxeeeeeed big time now* they'll heal

Espionata: Mel: Yeah they wil *Picks at her bandages*


Donatello: Hello

Shaya: hey

Shaya: It's us three again

Shaya: Seriously we need to setup our own chatsy stories.

Espionata: yeah

Donatello: *nods*

Donatello: I think I'm gonna head off this chat for the night. *hugs*


Leo man I have to pee

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Oo

Leo what?

Espionata: Mel: Why announce it?

Leo it's like those Japanese cartoons that yell out the attack they are about to do before they do it. I MUST PEE! then I pee.

Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo *Picks at her bandages*

Leo stop that

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Leo cuz you'll make things worse

Espionata: Mel: Sorry Leo

Leo it's ok. I'm just trying to watch out for you. if it's itchy we can put some cream on you.

Espionata: Mel: It's not itchy but my dad knows

Leo that's good, the more people that can help you the better. it's good to have a large support team.

Espionata: Mel: I guess so

Leo ok so I was out? these past two days what has heppened?

Leo: happened

Espionata: Mel: Nothing much just that Raphie understands me a bit

Leo that is shocking! and hello Shaya

Espionata: Mel: How is it shocking?

Leo just didn't think Raph could understand anyone

Espionata: Mel: Leo he has feelings like the rest of us

Angel Wink he and Erica understand each other fine Razz hey BlueBerry - hey Mel... Hi Shaya

Espionata: Mel: Hi Angel

Leo *grins* I AM a blueberry!

Espionata: Mel: *Gets up*

Angel yeah you are Very Happy - how are you Mel?

Espionata: Mel: Alright sort of

Angel: Hank: that is all we can ever be -

Angel true dat -

Angel: Erica: *staggers past to find the loo -*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Daddy

Leo has she not had that baby yet? maybe if we take a vacuum we can suck it out of her

Angel: Hank: you will not do such a thing -

Angel: Hank: hi Mel

Angel she aint a vampire Leo, Kim said about six to seven months for R2 to be fully baked.. Razz

Espionata: Mel: Leo the baby will come he's still growing

Angel: Erica: *finishs with loo - waddles past towards kitchen mumbling his to everyone - not quiet awake*

Leo Erica! would you like us to suck the kid out of you?

Angel: Hank: *proud* looks like he is going to be a big boy

Espionata: Mel: Leo don't start

Leo Mel, don't tell me what to do.

Angel: Erica: *shakes head and rubs the roundness.* no he is too early in development to survive outside of me yet - this is half way - at least three more months to go... *smiles at Leo* your lil
Neo will have a big cousin to play with soon enough though

Leo I'm very excited.

Angel *comes over and rubs the roundness too* hehe you can feel him moving Leo Wink yes - wonder if mine and Ally's are goign to be the girls?

Espionata: Mel: *Shakes her head* Whatever Leo

Leo *grabs Mel and pulls her close* sorry. just have enough with splinter telling me what to do. You would think after having a child he would lay off.

Shaya: brb for a while

Espionata: kay

Espionata: Mel: Part of being a parent I think *Looks down*

Angel: Hank: it's in father code Leonardo - we'll always be trying to tell yous what to do Razz

Angel: Hank: ... and if you have a wife - doing what you are told

Angel: lol

Angel *sniggers at that*

Angel: Erica: *giggles*

Leo *sighs* yeah you're probably right

Espionata: Mel: Guess you need to get used to it

Leo or move out

Angel: Hank: I am right - the father of two girls and a granddad to be and a husband... may my wife rest in pease *sighs, misses her*

Angel: Erica: *found pickles - munching*

Espionata: Mel: Move to?

Donatello *hanging out in his lab*

Leo: Mikko: *loops an arm around Hank* so yer not seeing anyone?

Espionata: Mel: Mikko no longer a zombie?

Leo: lol no I forgot she was)

Espionata: lol

Angel: Hank: no I am not

Espionata: Mel: And I don't think he wants to

Espionata: Mel: *Gets loose from Leo* I need some air

Angel *chuckles* he might - dude has been out of the dating game too long Razz *sidles off to lab and leans on door to watch - he's been so very busy lately!*

Leo ok. be careful.

Leo: Mikko: *licks Hank's cheek*

Espionata: Mel: *Leaves and goes to city exploring it*

Angel: Erica: *found Mikey's cooking - found chicken and salad! mmmmm munching!!*

Espionata: Mel: *In an alley looking around*

Espionata: Mel: *Leans against the wall taking her bandages off*

Angel: >​>​ why?

Leo she better not be fooling with those bandages!

Espionata: Mel: *Brought a knife with her and starts cutting to many people in the lair*

Angel: oy vie

Donatello *smiles at Angel* Hi.

Leo: Leo is going to spank her

Donatello: She deserves it.

Angel: >​>​

Angel: better go do it Razz

Angel *griiins* hey sexy

Leo: I think her boyfriend should o=come and help her

Espionata: lol

Angel: geeeze he's trying to be good and get his world back on it's feet Razz

Espionata: I know lol

Donatello *smiles* How are you?

Espionata: Mel: Didn't get followed at least

Angel feeling great - you? *worried* been working an awful lot Stretch

Donatello *reassuring smile* I'm fine. *goes over to her, kisses her then rests his hand on her baby bump* How is our little one?

Espionata: Mel: I'm so fucked up *Looks at the new cuts*

Angel *smiles rubbing his fingers* doing great Very Happy no making mum sick at all

Donatello *grins* That's great. Such a great baby. *lightly pats her belly*

Angel Wink well their father is the example of fine behavior - no wonder why *smooches and chuckles* so curious, looking forward to our scan, see if its one or more, though not learnign the gender yet - it's all very exciting

Espionata: Mel: *Starts to head back to the lair*

Donatello *beams proudly and snogs her* So am I.

Angel *snoggies -* mmmm ready to leave your work and join me in a decaf?

Leo *sitting down drinking tea and reading the news paper with a smoking pipe in mouth*

Angel: Erica: *coughs* you should not be smoking that in here you know? *sipping tea*

Angel: lol

Angel: Erica: *mostly choking on some tea that went down the wrong way*

Angel: Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Peeks into the lair(

Espionata: **

Leo *blows on pipe and bubbles come out*

Angel: Erica: *sniggers* careful, don't swallow - you may end up burping those bubbles Razz

Donatello: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Enters the lair*

Leo Mel! how was your walk?

Donatello Sure. *nods*

Espionata: Mel: Alright

Leo that's good. you didn't do anything you weren't suppose to, did you?

Espionata: Mel: What do you think?

Angel: Erica: that means yes I did and whatcha going to do about it *frowns at Mel*

Angel *nods and smooooooooooooooooches - leading towards the kitchen -*

Leo *gets up and goes to Mel then takes her by the shoulder and leads her to the bathroom to take care of any wounds*

Angel: Mikey: *stole Neo - is currently watching baby cartoons with him*

Leo: lol dawwwww

Espionata: Mel: *Looks at the ground as she's taken to the bathroom*

Leo *pushes up her sleeves and says nothing as he washes her off, applies medication and bandages her up*

Espionata: Mel: I'm just fucked up

Leo no you're not. you're just going through some things. *pulls her sleeves back down*

Espionata: Mel: I'm not?

Donatello *goes with her*

Leo no of course not. and no one thinks that of you. but we need to find a way to get you to stop hurting yourself. This can become a serious addiction.

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* Yeah

Leo what do you think you need, to stop cutting? what can we help you with?

Angel: Erica: *now has the bubble blowing pipe - blow it at Donnie and Angel*

Angel Oo... really? *chuckles pops bubbles and goes to find Don and her own cup for decaf*

Espionata: Mel: I really don't know Leo

Donatello *chuckles, watching the girls*

Leo well we'll work together to figure it out

Angel: Erica: Wink it's Leo's - just looked like fun Very Happy *smiles* may I have a decaf too? - finished my tea

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Gets up to leave the bathroom*

Angel fine *smooches Don's cheek and nuzzles then takes Erica's cup, rinses* so hows R2?

Angel: Erica: fine - wanna feel him kicking? *offers belly to Don and Angel*

Angel *puts down sugar spoon to feel* incredible

Leo: lol

Donatello *also feels* Yeah. *smiles brightly*

Leo *follows her out the bathroom*

Espionata: Mel: *Looks* You guys having fun?

Angel: Erica: imagine we'll be able to see the belly jiggling and stuff as he moves and kicks soon *smiles*

Angel: Erica: yep - wanna feel him kicking? *offers belly to Leo and Mel*

Angel: lol

Donatello: lol

Angel: Mikey: *nuzzle nuzzles..*

Espionata: Mel: No thanks Erica

Angel Oo oh man forgot that happens... how does it feel to you?

Angel: Erica: ... mmmm a little strange

Donatello *chuckles*

Leo *lays hand on the belly and smiles* that's amazing.

Angel: Mikey: *Neo in one arm, comes over* Smile

Espionata: Mel: Hi Mikey

Angel: Erica: *nods and chuckles, R2 seemed to tke Raph's order to save it all for Leo to heart -
now kicking away enthusiastically*

Angel: Razz

Angel: Mikey: hi hi

Angel *giggles and finished making decafs giving Don his non decaf, Erica and her their decafs* mmmm I bet

Leo takes his hand away.* lets hope he's a little nicer then Raph was as a child

Espionata: Mel: Does he kick your bladder?

Angel: Erica: ... he will be a good boy *rubs the bump chucklin* yes and no, will be another month I think before his weight presses more onto my bladder, and we can see and feel his movements more

Espionata: Mel: Then you will live in the bathroom so did Daddy leave?

Angel: Erica: Maybe -

Espionata: Mel: Figures

Angel: Hank: no - *followed Mikey abot - looking at little Neo curiously... cute! so cute! - wonders if his grandson will look like this one?*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Daddy

Angel: Hank: hi hi... oh... baby - *looks worriedly at Erica* ah you okay? rather a big bump... swear its almost as round as your mother was when you where full term!

Donatello: Dawwww

Espionata: Mel: Wasn't she small?

Angel: Hank: yep - it was mostly fluid -

Angel *watching sipping her coffee still holding out Don's to him - chuckles* doubt it - Raph's kid in there, he'll take up all his space Razz

Espionata: Mel: R2 won't be small

Donatello: Oops. Thought he grabbed it.

Angel *looks at Don then back at Erica* think you may need Don and LH on stand by on d day encase you need a cesarian?

Angel: Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: *Rubs her sleeves*

Donatello *smiles and takes the coffee from her* Thank you. *takes a sip then blinks at Angel* A what?

Donatello *isn't really prepared for that*

Angel: Erica: a c section PrettyEyes - and if they both consent to be there on hand... maybe... but I want as few people around myself and Raph when the time comes... not too thrilled about being on show when so exposed and vunerable

Donatello Don: *lucky for Erica he has already seen all of her* Wink Oh, um, of course.

Angel *giggles, just had the same thought - lightly elbows Stretch and kisses his cheek* soooo how are you doing it - if the boy lets you of course Razz

Angel: lol!

Donatello what?

Espionata: Mel: Won't that hurt?

Angel you know Stretch, give birth? Wink *one armed hugs*

Espionata: wb

Angel: Erica: thank you Donnie, you and Leatherhead I know will do all yous can to make sure both I and R2 make it should things go bad during birth

Angel: ty

Espionata: Mel: Yeah which is what you guys should be focused on

Leo we can worry about all that and you at the same time

Espionata: Mel: We can?

Donatello *smiles at Erica, nodding*

Leo yes so don't worry about that

Angel: Erica: and yes it will hurt Mel, either way, a lot - *looks at Angel* well if all goes well then in the tub, squatting, BigRed will have to be on hand to catch his son... And as few people in the room whilst it's happening as possible, love you all but all going according to plan, wish us luck tag time is a special event for Raph and I - yes we can Mel *winks at Don* you and Angel talked about the.. Birth?

Espionata: Mel: Doesn't mean you should

Angel not yet, maybe after the first scann we'll have to seriously chatty chat about it Wink

Leo *pats mel's head*

Espionata: Mel: Leo?

Angel: Erica: uh yes it does.

Leo yes?

Angel: Erica: *blows bubbles at Leo with the bubble pipe*

Angel: Lol

Espionata: Mel: Erica I know I won't amount to anything so my problems aren't that important *No longer has the tough mask up and was broken down*

Angel well with that attitude no...

Leo *pops bubbles* your problems are important but we can't help you if you don't try to help yourself a little.

Angel: Erica: Cause you can Mel, it is always important to believe in one self... Man miss my fiancé...

Angel *looks at Don... Hmmm - plotty look on face*

Espionata: Mel: I was broken down a lot and as a kid you tend to believe it and I've always believed it

Leo shape up. you are not a kid anymore. think of the children.

Espionata: Mel: Leo that doesn't help

Angel: Hank: so do lots of kids indoctrinated into faiths and cults and told to believe in Santa... You'll learn to grow away from these things *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs him back* I will?

Espionata: Mel: Do you really think that Leo?

Donatello *sees the look, giving her a quizzical look* What?

Leo I just don't know how to help you. and it bothers me. I don't like not having answers.

Espionata: Mel: No you don't have the answers no one does

Leo yeah. well I'm going to look for the answers

Espionata: Mel: How?

Leo I don't know

Espionata: Mel: Look it up or something like Erica is doing?

Leo yeah I guess I can do that

Espionata: Mel: Maybe we can do that now?

Leo sure. *heads to a computer*

Espionata: Mel: *Follows* What should we look up?

Leo depression maybe

Espionata: Mel: Maybe

Angel mmmm *smiles widely* mmm nothing... Just thinking *smooches*

Espionata: Mel: *Watches* Hopefully we can find something

Leo well there are some medications. but you'll have to see a doctor.

Espionata: Mel: I don't know any

Leo *finds some*

Angel: Hank: that's fine we have a family go

Espionata: Mel: We do Daddy?

Donatello About what?

Espionata: Mel: And what about the cutting?

Angel *nods to Erica - whose gone to sleep in her chair* her asking Raph to marry her *smiiiiles*

Leo well the cutting might be because you are depressed

Espionata: Mel: Might be?

Leo yeah. we don't know for sure. you could have other underline issues.

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Leo *looks it up* could have anxiety.

Espionata: Mel: Why that?

Leo some times people with extreme anxiety pick up habits, like smoking, drugs, drinking or cutting.

Espionata: Mel: Didn't know that

Leo sometimes self harm is a product of not liking yourself. being anaroexic or something.

Espionata: Mel: Well I do suck as a human and as a person lately

Leo you need to see someone about this. talk to your dad about it.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I do went through a lot, I got a lot of issues Leo

Leo that's why I think it's best you see someone who knows what they are talking about

Espionata: Mel: Like my dad?

Leo like a doctor

Espionata: Mel: Don't have a choice do I?

Leo you always have a choice. but of you want to get better, then you have to see someone

Espionata: Mel: Yeah wasn't helped before though and it's gonna take a long time

Angel: Hank: yeah choose to try and do something about it, or not..

Espionata: Mel: I know Daddy, *Hugs Leo* Thanks Leo

Leo *hugs* welcome

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Donnie*

Angel would you say yes Stretch?

Donatello *blinks down at Mel and pats her* Yes. I would. *smiles at Angel*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close*

Angel mmm then, you beautiful man... Would you marry me? *smooochs, pats Mel's shoulder*

Angel: Hank: *making an appointment with his shrink*

Espionata: Mel: What are you doing Daddy?

Angel: Hank: your seeing my Shrink... *needs a good one... All the crap he gets up to*

Donatello *smiles brightly* Yes. I will! *smooooches her back and then again* I will!

Espionata: Mel: Will the Shrink help?

Angel *squuuues glomping, snogs!!!*

Angel: Hank: mine does, or I'd be an insane lunatic by now

Espionata: Mel: Really?

Angel: Hank: yes, the stuff I've had to do in my line of work and all

Espionata: Mel: So you got PTSD or something?

Angel: Hank:... *looks away* I have... Many demons that without therapy would put you and your sister, your grandmother, you nephew at risk...

Angel come on Stretch - be excited! We're engaged! *has been girlie squueeee bouncing about between snogs!*

Donatello *chuckles and smooches her* I am. Smile

Angel ahhh! So excited! *rubs their bump* just like when we discovered we were having you... Or yous Wink *chuckles... Smoochies*

Donatello *chuckles again, smooching* Yeah. Parents and lifetime partners. *smiles, nuzzling her and rubs her bump too*

Angel: Mikey: and I was the only turtle that thought it would happen beyond our dreams Razz but look we all going to be dad and now D and R engaged Razz

Angel yes... YES ! Married, mates.. Damn knew coming home was the best decision ever.. *nuzzly smoochies*

Donatello *churrs, nuzzling and kisses her again* Mmm, I'm so glad you did.

Angel *nuzzlies - leading slowly back to his room* I am... Too *kiss kiss* please I did... *snogs*
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2016 12:09 pm

pt 54.

Espionata: Mel: >​>​

Angel ... what?

Espionata: Mel: Nothing

Angel uh huh... whats on your mind -

Espionata: Mel: Nothing much

Angel well usually there is when you look like that girl -

Espionata: Mel: True >​>​

Angel so what is it?

Espionata: Mel: Just a bit scared

Angel of?

Espionata: Mel: About what the Shrink will say

Angel probably nothing you have not heard - most those head quacks try to make you find in your own time why your doing it and find ways to turn the behavior around - been to one a long time ago... though that was just a school based one

Espionata: Mel: You went through some bad stuff too?

Angel no mostly being young and angry at the world that my grand mother had to raise me - acted out... learned to be better

Espionata: Mel: Who isn't mad at the world?

Angel not me no more Smile it's a waste of time

Espionata: Mel: You changed

Angel and so can you - saying things like 'I can't' or 'it's my past' or 'my childhood' may be true, may be awful but their also excuses to not make the change...

Espionata: Mel: It just still feels so fresh

Angel it's supposed to Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Don't like it though

Angel - yeah? ... well not really supposed to Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: I know Angel

Espionata: Yep got my knee good and I wore jeans stupid pavement >​>​

Espionata: Mel: So Erica asleep?

Angel probably - best get as much as she can now - when the bub is born he may be a all night kind of kid Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles* And our dad is somewhere

Espionata: The fair had giraffes and I mean the animal which was so cool lol

Angel last I checked yes

Espionata: Mel: Doing who knows what

Espionata: Unfortunately the picture I got was very good >​<

Espionata: *wasn't

Angel: dawwwww

Angel: hi hi Don

Espionata: The flash struck Razz

Donatello: Smile

Espionata: Mel: And Mikey is sleeping >​>​

Angel: Mikey is out boarding the sewers Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Or doing that >​>​

Donatello: Razz

Shaya: It's been a long day

Espionata: aww

Donatello: *hugs*

Shaya: *hugs*

Shaya *knocks on Lab room* Donnie? Are you in there?

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Angel: hey hey Shy Shay! Very Happy how be you?


Espionata: Mel: Hey Leo

Leo That's my fam, I'll hold 'em down forever Us against the world, we can battle whoever Together ain't no way gonna fail You know I got your back, just like a turtle shell Nobody do it better All my brothers tryna get some cheddar We all want our cut like the shredder Me and my bros come together for the dough Bought the orange Lamborghini, call it Michelangelo With the nun chucks doors and I'm pullin' up slow When we fall up in the party, they know anything goes Check my rolex they say I'm the man of the hour All this green in my pockets, you can call it turtle power

Espionata: Mel: Oo

Leo Uh ain't nothing that could come in between me and my brothers We all around if it's going down It's just us, all for one, yeah you hear 'em right Our business done, we disappear into the night Came up together, so we all down for the fight Ain't nothing wrong with that Family, ain't nothing strong as that And I'll be posted up where the strong is at Brothers by my side, city on my back, real heroes That's what the people want They ain't born, gotta create 'em Sayin' we gone as soon as we save 'em That's part of the plan By my side I'mma keep my brothers Live or die man we need each other, uh

Espionata: Mel: Leo?

Leo yes?

Espionata: Mel; What are you doing?

Leo singing

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay

Leo knock knock you about to get shell shocked

Espionata: Mel: Oo

Leo ^^

Espionata: Mel: You know weird songs?

Leo that wasn't weird it was our theme song!

Espionata: Mel: It was?

Leo yes. haven't you seen the movie?

Espionata: Mel: No

Leo you haven't seen our movie! we're famous!

Espionata: Mel: Isn't that a bad thing? I thought you guys wanted to remain hidden

Leo people thought it was fake so we're good.

Espionata: Mel: You got lucky

Leo there he goes, my baby walks so slow...sexual!

Espionata: Mel: Oo

Leo *blows a kiss to Mel then shakes his tail*

Espionata: Mel: Leo >​<

Leo what?

Espionata: Mel: I'm your sister

Leo yes you are. my favorite sister.

Leo don't tell April

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles* I won't

Leo and you haven't been doing anything with sharp objects have you?

Espionata: Mel: No *Shows her arms bandages were messed with but weren't taken off*

Leo good. *pat pat*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Leo lets go dancing

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Leo well. I need practice

Espionata: Mel: For what?

Leo for when Vic wants to dance

Espionata: Mel: What about your baby?

Leo Don is going to watch him

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay

Leo *offers her his arm*

Espionata: Mel: I don't wanna dance

Leo *drops his arm* oh. ok. well...I'll leave you be then. *walks away*

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to the kitchen to get some food*

Leo heads in his bedroom*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs eating a sandwitch*

Donatello ...I am?

Espionata: Mel: That's what Leo says

Leo: lol not anymore.)

Espionata: Mel: But Leo is pouting in his room

Espionata: Mel: *Peeks into Leo's room* Leo?

Leo yes?

Espionata: Mel: You okay?

Leo yeah

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Leo you ok?

Espionata: Mel: Yeah why?

Leo just making sure

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay thanks

Leo *nods*

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs him*

Leo *hugs her back and gives her a little squeeze*

Espionata: Mel: Your a good big brother

Espionata: *you're

Leo *smiles* thanks.

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles* While I'm not the best sister

Leo sure you are. my favorite, remember?

Espionata: Mel: I am a good sister?

Leo of course.

Espionata: Mel: How?

Leo that is a question. because you care about us. plus you can be fun to be around.

Espionata: Mel: Thanks didn't think I was that good

Leo well you are.

Leo *pulls Rogue down to him*

Rogue: O.o urm, hi Leo

Espionata: Mel: How did a player end up here OO

Leo don't know! but Rogue's a hottie so it's ok

Espionata: Mel: Raphie must be asleep >​>​

Rogue: Razz

Donatello: lol

Rogue: Vic: *glares at Leo and clears her throat*

Espionata: Mel: And there's your mate Razz

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Busted.

Leo no one is as hot as you Vic. *kisses her like whoa*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Rogue: Vic: *gives player the 'I'm watching you!' gesture, then makes out with Leo*

Espionata: Mel: Okay then >​>​

Leo ^^ don't worry dear, no one will take me from you.

Rogue: Karai: *runs through and throws Leo over her shoulder, and keeps going!* >Smile

Leo nooooooooooo

Espionata: Mel: Unless it's Karai >​>​

Espionata: Mel: Raphie Karai took Leo!

Leo you and your tight ass let me go!

Donatello: lol

Rogue: Karai: -.- *drops him* Where is your sense of adventure, Turtle? You used to be fun.

Espionata: Mel: Leo changed

Leo yes well now I have a child and girlfriend.

Rogue: Karai: *and this information deeply depresses her* Sad ...*presses a farewell kiss against his cheek* Goodbye, Leonardo. *ninja vanishes*

Espionata: Mel: Aww she didn't look to happy

Leo ....not sure what that was about. *goes back to Vic*

Espionata: Mel: She loved you Leo

Leo well all the ladies do. but my heart belongs to my vampire queen!

Espionata: Mel: That it does

Rogue: Vic: *Makes out with* ^^ *though, wondering who has their kid* O.o

Espionata: Mel: Vic?

Rogue: Vic: Hm?

Leo *smooches*

Leo: Don has the kid he just don't know it)

Espionata: Mel: Don't know where your baby is?

Rogue: lol

Rogue: Vic: No. Sad

Leo he's safe with Don.

Espionata: Mel: That baby is probably hungry though >​>​

Leo yeah you might be right.

Rogue: Vic: Don is a gentleman. He'll surely offer a vein if that happens. ^^

Espionata: Mel: Raphie has to be asleep Razz

Espionata: Mel: Vic the food comes from you OO

Leo: lol

Rogue: Vic: Yeah, well pure blood will do in a pinch, but... *goes to look for Don, and her little blood sucker*

Espionata: Mel: *Follows* He's probably in the lab

Shaya Pure blood?

Espionata: Mel: Vampire stuff

Angel: Leatherhead: *been sleeping!!!*

Donatello O.o

Espionata: Mel: Yeah somehow you got stuck with the baby big brother

Shaya Has LeatherHead blood been effecting Neo's growth? I'm sorry I just got here.

Angel: Mikey: *hovering, ready to steal Neo*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Mikey

Angel: Leatherhead: *smiles at Shaya, streeeeeetching*

Rogue: Vic: Perhaps. He has grown some, but not at a rate that would indicate that either mutant blood or his vampirism will be a factor

Rogue: Ally: *pounces Mikey* ^^

Angel: Leatherhead: might take more before either makes itself known.

Espionata: Mel: Where's Erica?

Angel: Mikey: *forgets about stealing Neo, snug/snog Ally* hey my SugarBum, *rubs her little belly* hello all of you Wink

Angel: Erica: *had gone loo early and somehow got side tracked on way back to Spot, is leaning on a wall still asleep*

Angel *giggles*

Rogue: lol

Espionata: Mel: Erica? *Shakes her*

Rogue Raph: *Sees her* O.o *scoops her up and carries her back to bed*

Angel: Mikey: *might have been the reason for the sidetrack, obvious by the fact the girl is wearing a rainbow wig - bright orange mumu and clown make up*

Angel: Lol

Rogue: O.O lol

Espionata: Mel: Raphie you might want to get that stuff off her

Angel: Erica: *snugs happily, belly rumbles ... another reason she had left the Spot... But never
made it to kitchen*

Angel: Lol!

Angel: Mikey: uh oh... *scoops Ally up and dashes for his room before big bro comes for his tail!*

Angel: Razz he naughty

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Mikey did it

Donatello: lol

Angel: Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to the kitchen and finds pickles8 >​>​

Rogue Raph: -.- Will pummel Mikey later*

Espionata: Mel: *Takes the pickles to the Spot* Raphie Erica will probably want these when she
wakes up

Angel: Erica: *streeeeeetches... peaking an eye open* mmmm Red... *mumbled happy greeting*

Shaya True. I'm actually off for a bit.

Espionata: Mel: Erica whatever you do don't look in a mirro

Espionata: *mirror

Angel: Leatherhead: really? Mmm would you like to see the growth chart of Neo I have kept?
*gentle hugs*

Shaya Why not? I got lots of time.

Angel: Leatherhead: *nods* ^_______^ seems to following so far a normal infant growth rate... *takes her to his notes*

Angel: Erica: *bit puzzled as to why her kiss to Raph's cheek leaves a bright red lip imprint, usually not one to do the make up thing...* why not?

Espionata: Mel: You don't want to know

Rogue -.- *trying to get the makeup off her*

Espionata: Mel: *Helps Raph sneaking off the wig*

Angel: Erica: *gives her turtle a pack of wipes, yeah GranGran been stocking them up, bless her... Blinks seeing wig...* your right I don't want to know... Oo

Espionata: Mel: Nope but Mikey did it

Angel joined the chat

Espionata: wb

Angel: Ty Wink

Espionata: yw

Angel: Oh man phone call

Donatello: Dawwww

Espionata: Mel: So are you happy Raphie?

Rogue *takes wipes and ruuuuuubs as gently as he can* Yeah, Mikey made you look like a whored out clown. -.-

Angel: Erica: *closes eyes and relaxes smiling.* as long as I don't see it it is all good BigRed *playing nip to finger*

Rogue *phew... finally has it all off! snogs!*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you can smack Mikey Very Happy

Angel: Ty Ty Wink hehehe it was important a call about work placement in Childcare for my certificate Razz

Espionata: yay

Angel: Erica: *happily returns snogging! Arms about his shoulders*

Angel: Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Looks for Angel*

Angel *hanging ith the D and Neo*

Angel: Pthe D Wink

Espionata: Mel: Hey Angel

Angel hey hey, wassup girl?

Espionata: Mel: Nothin

Angel really?

Espionata: Mel: Yes really

Angel so what's happening out there? Been hiding in here with Stretchband Neo Wink

Espionata: Mel: Mikey turned Erica into a clown

Angel lol! Man bet he got photos Razz

Angel: he did... His brother is so gonnapound him Razz

Espionata: Mel: Yeah Raphie isn't gonna be happy

Angel doubt he'd do anything straight away... Usually when they get together he is happier to just get on to some serious snugging time Razz

Espionata: Mel: Yeah he is he's gonna be an awesome dad

Angel yes ... Of course... They all will be... Maybe even Leo too Wink

Rogue Raph: *snugs and nuzzles and happy churrs*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah hopefully

Angel: Lol she's d-cloned Razz

Angel: clowned*

Espionata: lol

Angel: R2: *kicks away excitedly*

Angel: Lol

Rogue: lol

Rogue: dawww

Rogue Raph: *rubs her lump* Lil guy says there ain't enough room in there. Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Stifles yawn*

Angel: Erica: he is running out of space :p *kiss kiss, watchs the way the lump wobbles thanks to R2 moving about* mmmm soon lil Blaze.. Sooon *pats his hand and bump*

Angel: R2: *just gets move vigorous*

Angel: He's gonna be one of those little ones that is go go go all the time.. Then suddenly crashes out :ap

Espionata: lol

Rogue: lol, daw

Angel: Wink yep like my lil Havanah cousin Very Happy ... He so funneh when he wants to sleep... Follows his dad around with a great big huge pout until Tim picks him up and hugs him, then he buries his face in dads chest and goes to sleep Razz

Espionata: aww

Angel: And when he wakes he at first does not look at you, all grumpy like, big pout and all grumpy Razz

Angel: ooops

Angel: grouchy*

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Angel yeah bit like that.. Think D and I will keep Neo tonight Razz

Angel *hugging the snot out of him*

Espionata: Mel: Hopefully you won't have twins Razz
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2016 12:19 pm

pt 55.

Espionata: Mel: Hey Leo

Leo *head bangs*

Espionata: Mel: You okay?

Leo found a new band. been listening to it all day

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay

Leo want to dance?

Espionata: Mel: No thanks Leo

Leo *pouts*

Espionata: Mel: Just not in the mood

Leo you are never in the mood

Espionata: Mel: No I'm not *Picks at her bandages*

Leo no picking

Espionata: Mel: *Stops* Sorry Leo

Leo it's ok. *pats her shoulder*

Espionata: Mel: No it's not

Leo you have to think positive

Espionata: Mel: I know

Leo want to crawl into the oven and help me clean it?

Espionata: Mel: Doesn't it clean itself Oo

Espionata: Mine does Razz

Leo no, we are poor we can't get fancy things like that

Espionata: Mel: Fine >​<

Leo thank you! and I'll try not to cook you

Espionata: Mel: You don't turn the oven on Leo

Leo *grins*

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to help Leo clean the oven*

Leo *oven is clean just wants to give her busy work*

Espionata: Mel: *Notices* Leo >​<

Leo whaaaaaat?

Espionata: Mel: It's clean

Leo oh is it? I had no idea.

Espionata: Mel: You probably did

Donatello: Hee-hee-hee...sneaky Leo. Razz

Espionata: lol

Leo well sense we're in the kitchen, we might as well bake a cake! then the oven will not be clean.

Espionata: Mel: Why bake a cake?

Leo why ask why?

Espionata: Mel: Because I want to know

Leo it's mutation day!

Espionata: Mel: Mutation day?

Donatello: Don: *please tell me it's not algae and worms... >​.< *

Leo the day my brothers and I were bathed in mutation. *it's not, he is not Mike*

Espionata: Mel: Oh

Leo Mike would make worm and algae cake, but I think we can make a chocolate one.without the

Donatello: Unless they're gummy worms. Wink

Donatello: Ever hear of "Dirt Pudding"? Razz

Espionata: Mel: Eww

Leo: lol)

Leo yes ew. you ever think you hear Don, but he's not really around...weird.

Espionata: Mel: He's around Leo

Leo like a ghost

Donatello: Razz

Espionata: Mel: If you say so >​>​

Leo oooh looks like we have no cake mix....worms and algae it is!

Espionata: Mel: Eww

Leo you'll like it. the worms taste like....worms..

Espionata: Mel: Not a turtle DX

Leo you want to be?

Espionata: Mel: Maybe why?

Leo maybe we can make that happen

Espionata: Mel: We can?

Leo sure!

Espionata: Mel: Think Donnie will let it happen?

Leo Donnie is going to make it happen! because he's been too quiet and needs to do something

Espionata: Mel: He has?

Leo yes.

Espionata: Mel: He's been in his lab

Leo well lets go get him

Espionata: Mel: Okay *Goes and peeks into the lab* Big brother?

Leo *goes with*

Donatello: *player is kinda busy right now*

Espionata: aww

Donatello: *on the phone*

Leo: awwwww)

Angel joined the chat

Espionata: Hi

Angel: hi hi

Espionata: Mel: Where's Erica?

Angel: Erica: *shuffling past - thankfully not clown up do this time... waves to her and Leo* Happy
Mutation Day

Espionata: Mel: Hey sleepy?

Angel: Erica: *nods a little - rubs R2* but not to sleepy - what are you two up to?

Leo ^^ thanks!

Espionata: Mel: Nothing really

Angel: Erica: ^^ your welcome - oh?

Espionata: Mel: Yes really

Angel: Erica: mmmmmm *smiles*

Angel *bringing in shopping*

Angel: lol now yous can make a cake Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Hey Angel

Leo cake!

Angel: Erica: *goes for the pickles*

Angel hey you - hey Leo - oh Happy Mutation Day Razz

Leo woooooo!

Espionata: Mel: Erica loves pickles >​>​

Angel: Erica: dipped in yoghurt! *dipping!*

Angel *chuckles* gonna make a cake Chief?

Angel: lol love that nickname for LEo - Chief Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Eww

Leo yes! just like we use to have it when we were young.

Espionata: Mel: No algea and worms DX

Leo that is the secret ingredents

Espionata: Mel: eww

Angel *giggles and hands Leo the packets of candy 'slime' and gummy worms* have at it Razz

Leo cooool *gets to cooking*

Espionata: Mel: *Eats some chocolate*

Angel: Erica: *finds hummus.... dips pickle in hummus*

Angel: Hommus*

Leo: hummus )

Angel: Very Happy

Angel: Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm us!

Leo: all over us)

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: I prefer chocolate >​>​

Angel: Razz Erica is currently dipping her pickles in it Razz )

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Pregnancies make you eat weird combinations

Angel that it does... and that looks good.... *watching Leo cook*

Angel: lol

Espionata: Mel: If you say so

Leo *cooking with all the fierceness of a mighty warrior*

Angel: lol!!!!

Angel: the batter stands no chance!

Espionata: Mel: Can Leo even cook?

Angel: and that cake tin wil... be...


Leo: lol

Angel: Wink

Angel: .... with spray oil or butter and flour!!!!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: When I bake I use shortening to grease along with flour

Angel: spray on oild - canola Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Well Mikey is going nuts >​>​

Espionata: isn't*

Angel: Very Happy

Raphael joined the chat

Angel: Mikey: what'd you say about my nuts? *has bowl full*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raphie

Espionata: Mel: Leo is cooking

Angel: Erica: *just took a bite of hommus and yoghurt covered pickle - smiles and waves*

Raphael ...then I'm avoidin' the kitchen.

Raphael *okay, changes his tune seeing Erica. Joins her* trust that?

Angel: Erica: *giggles and swallow - stands up on tip toe to kiss snout* I trust Angel to keep an eye on him Wink *nods to the tall girl watching Leo like a hawk*

Angel *is watching - and making sure Leo adds the lollie gummy worms and slime - not real algae and worms!*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah he wanted to make a cake with algae and worms gross DX

Leo *tosses the cake batter in pans then tosses pans in oven* ok! no one let me forget them!

Espionata: Mel: Or you could put the timer on >​>​

Leo we have one of those?

Angel *chuckles and turns it on for him* yes ... yes you do Wink - hey RedT

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Leo ok don't let me forget that timer is on!

Espionata: Mel: It will beep

Angel: lol

Leo right. *takes his 20th shot of sake*

Angel Oo .... how much of that have you had?

Espionata: Mel: Who knows haven't noticed him drink

Leo oooooh I don't know a bottle and a half.

Espionata: Mel: That's a lot Leo Oo

Angel: Erica: OO *might just stay over here with Raph in that case*

Angel Oo yep

Angel: Mikey: *steals rest and runs away with it!*

Angel: Mikey: *and all other alcohol!*

Leo nah, I'm a huge turtle I can take it.

Espionata: Mel: *Gets close to Raph for safety*

Leo hey! *chases*

Angel: Mikey: *runs faster*

Donatello: I'm going to rain-check RP in here tonight. I'll just log what you guys do. Wink By the way,
how's the editing going, Erica? Ready for some more?

Leo when I catch you. I will kill you!

Angel: not yet - I will FB you when ready Very Happy

Espionata: Kay

Angel: dawwwwww

Espionata: Mel: Leo don't!

Angel: Mikey: Ahhhhhhhhhhh! *jumps on skate board and skates boards away!*

Leo damn. too drunk to run more. *goes back to the kitchen*

Angel: Mikey: *from distance* HA HA HA!

Espionata: Mel: Good

Leo *pulls out secret liquor stash*

Angel: lol!

Angel: Clones: *races in - steal and run away!*

Angel: lol

Angel: Mikey sent the totts in P

Leo: lool

Leo damn. wait. YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO DRINK!!!!!

Espionata: lol

Leo am I too young to drink? how old am I?

Espionata: Mel: So am I Razz

Angel: totGold: *stops in door as his brothers run off with the bottles - and cup and stuff - makes tongue face and shakes his little tail teasingly* Na nananaana NA!

Leo: lol

Leo: Mikko: MY BABIES!

Angel: Razz

Angel: ClonesMinusGold: *throwing the bottles into the sewer water*


Angel: lol

Espionata: lol

Shaya joined the chat 9 seconds ago

Espionata: Mel: What about your son?

Espionata: Hi

Angel *raises eyebrow* what about your actual baby - Neo... you can't be a good dad drunk off your tail

Angel: Hello Shaya

Leo oh yes, I didn't forget about him! he's with Mike just left. where's my kid!!!!!!????

Leo: *oven starts to smoke*

Leo MY CAKE! no one reminded me!!!

Espionata: Mel: You weren't paying attention OO

Angel probably asleep with Don - we stole him yesterday and last night Wink

Angel *already has cake out - but forgot to turn off oven so it's burning something that was spilt on the element* ummmm

Angel oooops? *turns off Oven* cakes fine

Donatello: Dawwww

Donatello: Yay for Angel! Very Happy

Angel: Razz girl pays attention Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Good

Leo oh thank god! the cake is fine! no one panic!

Espionata: Mel: You were the one panicing

Leo no I'm the poster child of calm and collected

Shaya Still smells lovely *Walks in*

Espionata: Mel: Then what do you call yelling?

Raphael *sliiiiides arms around Erica and snogs, not really worried about whatever Leo is losin' his shit about*

Leo I call it...loudly communicating

Raphael: MH: *Eats Leo's cake* ^^

Espionata: Mel: And MH ate it Oo

Leo AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *beats the robot with a rolling pin*

Donatello: There's someone on MM that would Love to see April. Wink

Shaya EEP! *Dives out of the way of the waving rolling pin*

Leo: yeah casey. she can have casey.

Leo: lol

Raphael: MH: O.X *runs!*

Raphael: lol Razz

Espionata: Mel: Leo is drunk >​>​

Raphael: does MM even have a casey anymore? O.o

Donatello: Awwww poor MH.

Donatello: not know.

Leo the cake is gone. the liquor is gone. we're eating worms tonight!

Angel: lol!

Angel: MH eats Leo's cake Razz

Angel: thats funneh

Angel I brought other stuff Leo - get Mikey to cook Wink

Raphael: MH: *regurges cake and undies....and questionable material. Dinner is is saved!*

Leo: lol

Angel: well Casey was D - MS is pming him to see if still interested Very Happy

Leo ew.

Angel: lol!

Angel: Erica: *does not notice her undies have resurfaced - snogging -*

Espionata: Mel: I don't want worms

Espionata: Mel: Erica quick get your undies MH coughed them up

Donatello: lol

Angel: lol those two -

Angel: the world could implode right now and Ee would not notice Razz

Espionata: lol

Raphael: I PMed him on here, too

Raphael: t at any rate, ShredHead is up for adoption if anyone knows of anyone interested. D never said yay or nay on taking him bac

Angel: yeah well D has Bis and Cas in MM and MS is poking to see if he gonna post otherwise he has to take them back on temp to get stories moving again Razz

Angel: Erica: *hears Mel - makes no sense of the words... BigRed always has that effect of turning evrything into whitenoise when snogging - even her own thoughts*

Angel: Erica: *makes a vague thumbs up gesture in Mel's direction*

Espionata: Mel: She's gone >​>​

Raphael: Gah. If I had more time I'd take bishop on MM to help out *pouts*

Angel *giggling*

Angel: I'd too - but can't right now Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: *Picks at her bandages*

Angel: got rp logs to finish and homework and work placement and animals and work and family to help care for Very Happy

Raphael: would take casey, but having any sort of rivalry between him ad Donnie over April just wouldn't be the same Razz

Espionata: lol

Donatello: lol

Leo: lol dawwww

Angel: Very Happy well I am still planning to take FishFace when things cool off a little Very Happy

Espionata: You planting stuff?

Raphael: ooh, sushi on legs Razz

Angel: hehehehe yes

Shaya: Smile

Espionata: How long does that take?

Angel: yes we are in fact Epsi - two new blocks of black fantasy grapes Very Happy planting and rolling up the young vines Very Happy

Angel: oh if we can keep at this pace - a few days Very Happy

Espionata: Then more free time?

Angel: ... not really but a little extra yeah Very Happy

Leo: fantasy grapes? is that what unicorns and elves eat?

Angel: black fantasy Very Happy

Angel: it's like a seedless grape variety

Angel: thats sweet and ... blackish in color Wink

Leo: ooooooh

Espionata: cool

Espionata: Mel: So Angel pregnancy being nice lately?

Shaya Uhh. Anything else in this kitchen to eat?

Espionata: Mel: Angel just bought food

Angel great - nbo sickness right now Wink

Angel yeah lots - though I think Erica' just polished off the pickles...

Angel: Erica: *did - giggles finally breaking snogs to feel R2 whom of course tkes his dad's proximity
as an excuse to make the bump wriggle and jiggle as he moves and kicks and wriggles about*

Espionata: Mel: That's good

Espionata: Mel: Erica get your undies MH coughed them up

Angel: Erica: *has little use for the undies - and sides table too far away from Red to go get* thats alright - at least if he eats them again I know where they are Wink

Espionata: Mel: Okay Erica

Raphael *rubs her dancing bump* Soon, lil man.

Espionata: Mel: Makes you think he's gonna be really active when born

Angel: Erica: Wink *joins in the rubbing* always so excited around Daddy

Leo has anyone seen my son? please don't tell Vic i lost him.

Angel: lol!

Espionata: Mel: He's with Donnie

Angel *rolls eyes and goes to fetch Neo from hers and Don's space -* he's here Leo

Leo oh good. *takes Neo*

Angel he was a good little fellow Wink

Espionata: Mel: Sheesh you need to be more careful Leo you're a dad now

Angel: lol R2 will be happy to wriggle and kick and grumble out loud once he has more room to do so Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: he's gonna be early Wink

Espionata: Not surprised

Leo: I'm heading off here for the night. night *hugs*)

Espionata: night

Leo left the chat

Angel: Night night *hugs*

Donatello: Night *hugs*

Donatello: Oh, Erica -- I have that missing log you might want. I can probably get it to you tomorrow. Smile Just so things are kept in order. Wink

Espionata: When will the logs be posted?

Angel: Thank you

Angel: when I am done editing out the non rp chatter - Wink

Espionata: How much do you have left?

Angel: plenty to do - slow going with everything else a happening but hopefully can get them
finished soon

Espionata: Yay

Angel: yes one rp session at a time in between everything else

Espionata: Good luck what month are you on?

Angel: the first Very Happy slower than I had hoped - but when things cool off should get more done

Espionata: yay

Espionata: Mel: *Eats some chocolate*

Angel: Erica: *feeling their son bounce about*

Espionata: Mel: Think he will come early?

Angel: Erica: yes - no doubt space in there is... dwindling*

Espionata: Mel: How big do you think he is?

Angel: Erica: ... not sure... big enough to make his movements felt and seen - but nothing poking out yet... mmmmmm Red... we should... have another scan

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you will really see him then ^^

Espionata: My nephew did a thumbs up lol

Raphael *nod* Yeah, we should.

Angel: lol!

Raphael: Ally: Mike and I will go with you!!!! ^^ We need one, too

Angel: Erica: Wink I'll show yous how to work it - the first scan... something special - it should just be you both *smiles up at Raph*

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: scan! all down for that!!!!!

Espionata: Mel: That will be fun

Angel: Erica: you going to go see Raidon? Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel: Erica: ... mmmm hearing you littles one... ones.. heart beat for the first time Very Happy

Angel: Mikey: *scoops Ally up ready to follow*

Donatello: Smile

Raphael: night *hugs*

Raphael left the chat

Donatello: Night *hugs*

Donatello: I think we lost Erica.

Espionata: yeah

Donatello: I'm gonna head off, too. Night.

Espionata: night
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2016 12:22 pm

pt 56.

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches*

Angel *also stretching*

Angel: Erica: *can no longer reach her toes!!!!*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Angel

Donatello: Dawwww

Donatello *watching*

Angel *looks at Don, nods to Erica... Gigglings behind her hands*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Erica

Angel: Erica: mmmmm!m*trying!!!*

Angel: Erica: *puffs* hi!

Espionata: Mel: Erica you're gonna tip over

Angel: Erica: *tryiiing... * will... *puffs* not...

Espionata: Mel: If you say so

Angel *still giggling* you may have to concede defeat Razz

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel: Erica: never! *sits and stretches this way! *

Espionata: Mel: Stubborn >​>​

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Stubborn and very pregnant. That's a bad combination. Wink

Espionata: lol

Angel: Hehehe yep Razz

Angel *gave up, is now one arm snugging into Don and giggling at the sight*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs and takes her bandages off*

Angel: Erica: I will touch these piggies Blaze! Just try to stop me! *fingers miss toes by millimeters!* how's the arms Mel?

Espionata: Mel: Better a bit scarred

Angel *tphone recordingthis to show RedT*

Angel: Erica: yeah ... The scars will fade though... Grrrr! * so close!!*

Espionata joined the chat 18 seconds ago

Espionata: Mel: Yeah they will

Angel: Erica: *finally has brushed her toes with fingertips!* hah! I win R2,

Espionata: Mel: Barely Razz

Angel: Erica: Victory!

Angel: Erica: an inch or a mile winning is winning!

Espionata: Mel: Soon you won't be able to do it

Angel *sniggering*

Angel: Erica: until he is born )

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: He's gonna be huge Razz

Donatello: lol

Angel: Erica: and sooo cute

Espionata: Mel: This is true

Angel *still very amused*

Espionata: Mel: Where's Mikey?

Angel: Mikey: *Neo balanced on his thighs... Can reach his feet easily! Is doing so!*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Mikey

Angel: Mikey: hey Mel Very Happy look whom I stole? *Neo is baby noise making away and wriggling*

Espionata: Mel: Neo

Angel: Mikey: yep Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Surprised you haven't changed a diaper yet Razz

Angel: Razz

Angel: Mikey: I have!

Angel: Mikey: I fart stingier than this boy no nappy scares me!

Angel: stinkier!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: But doesn't it get everywhere?

Donatello: lol

Angel: Mikey: ... Poo? ... We live in a sewer, poo don't scar me Wink

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: No it doesn't

Angel: Scare*

Angel: Mikey: seriously it's riskier going to loo after me or one of my bros Razz

Donatello: lol!

Angel: Mikey: smell wise

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Eww

Angel: his brothers would smack him for that

Donatello: A liiiiiiittle too much information there, dude. Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Didn't need to know that

Angel: Mikey: what? Turtles poop too

Angel: lol!

Espionata: lol

Angel: he has no shame

Espionata: Mel: I know Mikey but still DX

Angel: Angel: *as if watching Erica go to sleep in the weird pretzel pose she had been stretching in wasn't amusing enough!*

Espionata: Mel: And Erica can literally sleep anywhere in any position

Donatello: Razz

Donatello: I'm gonna head off this chat for the night. Night.

Angel: Lol

Espionata: night

Angel: night night Wink *hugs*

Angel: Me too! *hugs hugs* catch yous soon

Espionata: night
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyThu Aug 18, 2016 9:55 am

pt 57.

Angel: Erica: *still in pretzel pose...* zzzzzzzzzz

Espionata: Mel: Erica?

Angel: Erica: *snoooozes on*

Angel should we wake her?

Espionata: Mel: Yes

Angel Stretch why do you think?

Angel: what*

Espionata: Mel: *Pokes Erica*

Donatello I would.

Angel *nods and smiles* alright - *joins in Poking*

Espionata: Mel: Erica!

Angel: Erica: *snore*

Espionata: Mel: *Shakes her* Hey R2 start moving

Angel: R2: *of course defies this request - also sleeping*

Espionata: Mel: *Pokes Erica's belly*

Donatello: Oooooh, bad idea!

Espionata: And Mel has no idea lol

Angel: Erica: *comes awake with a pretty good imitation of her mate - swinging* rrrrr!

Angel Oo whoa! *catchs* hey hey

Espionata: Mel: Oops OO

Angel: Erica: *bliiiiiiiiiiiinks*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Erica

Angel: Erica: Hi.... *looks confused*

Donatello: lol

Espionata: Mel: You were asleep like a pretzel

Angel Stretch should give you a quick look over *drawing girl up with her*

Angel: Erica: I did?... oh... hey PrettyEyes *finally noted more than Angel and Mel*

Donatello Smile *waves to Erica* How are you feeling?

Angel: Erica: ... confused - dont even recall falling asleep *but smiles*

Espionata: Mel: Yep *Rubs her arm*

Angel *winks at Don bringing her over* your arms itchy Mel?

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Donatello *smiles at Erica* It's a good thing you're so flexible.

Angel: Erica: *nods* yes - be helpful for birth - I hope... *hugs him - cause it's been a while since they just hung out - busy with mate and the general crazy and all*

Angel meh maybe Don has something to help. *rubs Erica's bump -*

Espionata: Mel: Probably

Donatello What happened?

Espionata: Mel: My arms are just itchy from the cuts

Angel shes been cutting - that I know

Donatello Still? *frowns*

Espionata: Mel: Yes still

Donatello Still, the itching is really a good thing. It means they're healing.

Donatello *goes to get some anti-itch cream*

Espionata: Mel: And they're not infected

Donatello *comes back* That's good. *unwraps her wrists and applies the cream before re-bandaging them with clean dressings*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks big brother they will scar

Donatello *nods* They will. You have to promise me you won't do it again. Got it?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know if I can right now. Leo has been trying to keep me distracted from doing it and I've been trying to ignore the urge but it gets harder everyday

Donatello *eyes narrow at her*

Espionata: Mel: Hey I'm trying

Donatello Why did you even start?

Espionata: Mel: To take my pain out on something like when I got into fights

Donatello *sighs heavily* There are other ways to relieve frustration, Mel. -_-

Espionata: Mel: *Looks at the ground* I know

Donatello Then try one of them.

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Donatello You tell me.

Espionata: Mel: I don't know that's a problem and that I fucked up

Donatello What do you mean?

Espionata: Mel: I did nothing but fucked up by self harming because it felt like the emotional stuff was being released because physical pain I can handle that goes away but not the emotional crap

Donatello *sighs* You need another outlet. Have you considered a hobby?

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Donatello Crafts or games of some sort?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Donatello You don't know...?

Espionata: Mel: No I don't

Donatello Well, try something like that. No more cutting, got it?

Espionata: Mel: Yes big brother sorry for being so messed up

Donatello Just put it in the past now. Try to find something good to look forward to.

Espionata: Mel: I know but it's not that easy to do saying and doing are two completely different things

Donatello Just TRY, Mel. Give it an honest shot.


Espionata: Mel: Hey Leo


Espionata: Mel: Eww DX

Leo sometimes you just have to let it all hang out

Espionata: Mel: Not in front of me DX

Leo ^^ sorry. so how is the Mel today?

Espionata: Mel: Okay I guess

Leo you guess? want to do something today? maybe we can take Neo and Vic out.

Espionata: Mel: And go where?

Leo we can go to the play ground at the park.

Espionata: Mel: Is that a good idea?

Leo why wouldn't it be?

Espionata: Mel: People might see you

Leo oh. well, I figured in this chat, in this world, people don't care. use some imagination

Espionata: Mel: I guess

Leo great! we can pack a lunch.

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Leo anything you want

Espionata: Mel: Kay

Leo also bring a swimsuit, we'll take a dip in the water

Espionata: Mel: Really?

Leo yes.

Espionata: Mel: Okay then

Leo we just have to wait till Vic is up. in the mean time, we can do something else

Espionata: Mel: Okay Leo

Leo want to dance?

Espionata: Mel: No

Leo *sighs*

Espionata: Mel: Not much of a dancer

Leo one day I'll get you to dance with me. one day.

Espionata: Mel: Sure you will >​>​

Leo *ruffles her hair then shakes his tail on the way to the kitchen*

Espionata: Mel: *Follows* You're definately not serious all the time

Leo you can't be serious all the time, Mike taught me that.

Espionata: Mel: So you were at some point?

Leo oh, my brothers will tell you. I hardly ever smiled. it was all about work, and training, and trying to be perfect for my father.

Espionata: Mel: Why were you like that?

Leo when I was given the title of leader of our clan, I took it very seriously. I still do. but back then. I was too serious. I wanted to be the best, I wanted to be perfect.

Espionata: Mel: And that would drive anyone crazy

Leo yeah. I loosened up a little. went a little crazy. but now I think i'm a good mix of serious and playful

Espionata: Mel: A little crazy try full blown insanity Oo

Leo well...the important thing is I'm better

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you're better

Leo but I have learned that if you don't let yourself have some fun you will become very depressed

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Leo and that's what we need to teach you.

Espionata: Mel: Really?

Leo yes. it's why I try to get you to dance, and get you to loosen up

Espionata: Mel: I think it's more than that Leo

Leo I just want you to be happy. and to be honest, I think we're all at a lost as to how to make you happy. But we're going to keep on trying

Espionata: Mel; I don't even know Leo which makes it frustrating. I should know but I don't

Leo it's ok to not know. you'll figure it out

Espionata: Mel: I hope so

Leo but you have to be willing to try some things

Espionata: Mel: Yes Leo

Leo and if you ever want to try something, or go out somewhere, or anything you can come to any of us for help

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo

Leo anytime. and look. If me and or anyone is bothering you in anyway, I know I can sometimes be a little over helpfull, just let us know.

Espionata: Mel: I will

Leo ok. good talk! I have no idea what to do while we wait for Vic

Espionata: Mel: Make food I guess Oo

Leo food it is, what would you like?

Espionata: Mel: sandwitches are good

Leo ok. *pulls out lots of sandwich things*

Espionata: Mel: *Helps him*

Leo *turns on the radio*

Leo Don you actually going to join us today?

Donatello *maybe*

Espionata: Mel: Not sure if he will

Leo we're going to the park, Don. want to come?

Donatello *oh, alright*

Leo You know it's amazing, Mel! Don's actually figured out a way to communicate with us using his mind only. I guess it frees up his mouth for other things.

Espionata: Mel: If he figures out how to flip you off with his mind that will be something >​>​

Leo Oh I'm sure he'll figure out a way

Espionata: Mel: Yeah he's smart

Leo too smart. he's going to take over the world someday

Espionata: Mel: And do what with it?

Leo well it's best to stay on his good side, so when he does take over the world, we don't become a work slave

Espionata: Mel: Okay Oo

Leo I mean if he can talk with just his mind, he's one step closer to mind control!

Espionata: Mel: We'll know if he does that

Leo how?

Espionata: Mel: If he makes you do stuff

Leo yeah but if you're being mind controlled you wouldn't know

Espionata: Mel: Not if someone sees it

Leo well lets make a deal that if one of us sees the other doing all of Don's chores we'll speak up about it

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Leo *makes sandwiches*

Espionata: Mel: *Helps*

Leo hey, Mel. you think Don's is mind controling Angel?

Espionata: Mel: No

Leo yeah me neither

Angel *smacks Leo upside the head* Razz

Leo Angel! I didn't see you there. you want to come to the park with us?

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel sure why not - hey smexy man *kisses Dons cheek*

Leo *sighs* I wish she would kiss me like that. *grins*

Espionata: Mel: You have a mate

Leo I know, I was joking. Vic gives me all the kisses and i can handle

Angel: Erica: *waddles past*

Leo Erica! up for a trip to the park?

Angel *chuckles and grabs Leo's bandana tail planting a big noisy*MWAH!! *on his cheek* there -better Chief? Wink

Leo *smiles* yes.

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Espionata: Mel: I bet Mikey will want to go too

Donatello Smile Hi.

Leo oh yeah. we can play on the play ground and go swimming I'm excited

Angel: Erica: *bliiiiiiinks... Really been to nervous to leave the lair since... That awful shared star wars themed nightmare.* no... But thanks for the offer

Espionata: Mel: Come on Erica nothing will happen there besides there will be lots of food

Leo you have to get out and get some fresh air, erica

Angel hey hey Wink got you a take out star bucks *hands Don a take out coffee*

Angel: Erica: *smilles,* it's okay, I ... Am just tired... *been sleeping way to much* I need some bit
b twelve with my iron supplements I think... But you all have fun... *nope not leaving the lair
without Red*

Leo you know Raph is invited too. but, if you feel better stay in that's fine. while we're out is there anything we can get for you?

Donatello *takes it* Thanks, Angel *smooches her cheek*

Angel: Erica: I know but I should wait for him Wink - pickles? *big puppy eyes* please? I ate them all *sheepish*

Angel welcome, mmm haven't been working too hard have you?

Leo we shall get you pickles

Espionata: Mel: yeah

Angel: Erica: thanks... Chief Smile Mel.. *waddles to a kitchen chair with a banana to munch and a tea... also the vitamins* hey Angel, Donnie Smile

Angel: Mikey: I'm coming!! *bounces out of no where*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Mikey

Leo *hands Mike some rock candy*

Angel: Mikey: mmmm thanks!

Leo ok we just have to wait for Vic then, and I need to get the baby ready

Angel: Mikey: Done! *has Neo in his arm* that's what uncles do Wink

Angel: Erica: ooooh can I hold him whilst we wait? *ate her banana*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Leo *smiles* Neo has you wrapped around his finger already

Angel: Lol

Angel: Mikey: of course! *admitts it openly* happily whipped Wink - here Neo Aunty Ee wants a hug...
*hands him over*

Espionata: Mel: That's cute

Leo *is proud daddy*

Angel: Erica: *hugs, nestles Neo.. R2 kicks*

Donatello Me? Nah, I'm okay. *slips an arm around Angel* And how are you two?

Angel feel great Wink *hugs him back*

Espionata: Mel: So ready to go?

Leo uh....we don't have Vic yet

Leo: (and Idon't know if the player is coming on)

Espionata: Mel: Oh yeah

Donatello *nuzzles Angel* That's great news. *smooch*

Espionata: Mel: *Sits at the table*

Angel: Mikey: *sits beside Erica, feeling the bump.* R2 jealous huh?

Angel *snugs* yes, I feel fantastic, been think we should have our first scan soon

Donatello *smiles* Whenever you're ready.

Angel: Erica: yeah... *giggles snuggling Neo and one hand rubbing the jiggling bump where R2 is currently protesting his cousins weight resting on him*

Angel well... if this park visit don't go through, we should sneak over to the GUworld and go do it... It's exciting Wink

Leo no. no more other worlds. we stay in our own world.

Leo in fact all portals should be destroyed

Espionata: Mel: What? Why?

Leo having these portals open and going in and out can bring in something bad. it's dangerous

Espionata: Mel: But Leo

Leo I know, your mate is over there. He might have to chose one world or the other then

Espionata: Mel: So make him choose between his family and me? That's a fucked up choice

Donatello *chuckles* I'm game.

Leo I have to think about our growing family.

Donatello Leo, would you relax?

Leo I am relaxed. I know what's best.

Espionata: Mel: No Leo that choice is to fucked up. If he chooses me then he would never see his
home and family again and I can't make him do that

Donatello: So why doesn't she live in that world? There is nothing keeping her tied to this one, really. Wink

Espionata: True but her family is in this one too

Angel: Erica: no... for now things must remain open Leo, LH and Don are doing what they can but in the off chance I, Angel or Ally need emergency medical care.. Ore our infants Kim is more equipped and practiced at handling it...

Leo *sighs* it's going to cause trouble

Espionata: Mel: What kind of trouble?

Angel: Erica: *gives Neo to Mikey and stands up lightly poking Leo's plastron* and so did you drinking and doing drugs, so did I disappearing to the Mm world unwillingly to help them... But this... Is worth it if we need backup medical help, Kim is the one and her staff and students will be there!

Leo I just...I've been, having these weird dreams that these...aliens come through one of the portals and all hell breaks loose

Espionata: Mel: What kind of aliens?

Leo brains!

Leo floating brains

Espionata: Mel: That's just a dream Leo

Angel: Erica: it will need to be risked... Unless your willing to put us pregnant ones at the risk of not having emergency medical back up if we need it

Angel *grins at Don... And amused, Erica been spending to much time with RedT, even arguing with Leo as he would*

Leo no I wouldn't do that. ok. fine. keep the portals open, but no going through them

Espionata: Mel: And because you said that depending people will go through them

Angel: Erica: ... Leo we dealt with the dark turtles... We will handle whatever else comes through... And we will need to go in and out -

Leo *throws hands up* no one listens to me anymore!

Espionata: Mel: We do but this is unreasonable

Leo ok ok. I over reacted. ok. *takes calming breaths*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you did *Hugs him*

Leo *hugs* I just worry

Angel: Erica: *smiles and pats his shoulder* it takes courage to admit that... Thank you... for worrying... *winks at him and Mel , waves at Angel and Don... Will just go back to bed and wait for BigRed*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel *watches her go* she's refused to go anywhere since that... *sighs and grins* you'll end up
with an ulcer all that worrying Chief *tickles Don's spot with her fingers* I am sooo game too Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Yeah that was scary

Angel: Mikey: yeah... Still can't be healthy locking herself inthe Spot all the time *snugs Neo*

Espionata: Mel: It's not but what do I know about being healthy?

Donatello *churrs*

Leo .......*twerks*

Espionata: Mel: Leo DX

Leo what? don't like the booty shaking?

Angel *bursts out laughing and has to hug Don and bury face in his neck to muffle it*

Espionata: Mel: No I don't

Leo well...*pelvic thrust*

Angel: Mikey: *covered Neo's eyes* many our son should not be exposed to 'the dying wildebeast' at this age!

Angel: your*

Angel: Not our!

Angel: lol

Leo Mike! we make beautiful babies!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Eww!

Donatello *holds her close*

Angel *glad cause she is def laughing so hard she may fall over!*

Angel: Mikey: .... *backs up a little* we do... With our mates yes...

Leo *gives Mike bedroom eyes, playing around* come on Mike. give me a kiss big boy!

Espionata: Mel: Leo DX

Angel: Mikey: ... *sidles over waggling eyebrows, passing Neo to Angel carefully... Cause he may be chased and pummelled for this! ... And slips over to burp in his brothers face! Runs!*

Angel *snugs Neo* hehehe

Leo O.O *chases*

Donatello: LOL

Espionata: Mel: Oh boy Oo

Angel: Mikey: ... *running* you likesth the pizza breath bro!?

Leo about as much as you're going to like the beating I'm going to give you! *runs after*

Angel: Mikey: ahhhhhhhhh mas mercy! *all over the lair they are going!*

Espionata: Mel: And they're going nuts

Leo *leaps over couch and tackles*

Angel: Mikey: noooo! *is tackled.. Sniggering... Wrestles!!*

Leo *evil laugh then smothers Mike in sloppy wet kisses*

Espionata: Mel: Well then >​>​

Angel nice to see things sort of normal...

Angel: Mikey: ick! Bro! No bro love! No I has Leo cooooties! *trying to pin his brother*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Leo *hops up* victory!

Espionata: Mel: Some victory >​>​

Angel: Mikey: *melodramatic 'death' * I been infected? Agh! Urrrgh! *fake death scene here!*

Leo *grins and walks over to the girls* and that's how you take care of that

Espionata: Mel: Brothers >​>​

Angel: Mikey: *fakkkke zombie reawakening.. Shuffles over* must infect you all now!

Angel: Lol

Espionata: Mel: How about no

Angel: Mikey: tooo late! *glomps and licks her cheek* now yous has the Leo bug too!

Espionata: Mel: Seriously Mikey >​<

Leo my bug is sexy

Espionata: Mel: No it's not

Leo gee thanks

Espionata: Mel: Well I'm your sister

Angel: Mikey: *sneaks over to Don and Amgel and licks them too* hehehe... And you Neo - sorry dude you his son so your born with it Wink

Angel hehehe thanks for sharing...

Leo yes he was, he's going to be getting all the ladies when he grows up

Angel really Chief? *chuckling*

Leo oh yeah. *takes his son and rocks him*

Angel: Mikey: oh hell no that will be my boy - if Ally and I has a boy Razz

Espionata: Mel: Nope you will have a girl Razz

Leo I hope you have a girl. I must have someone I can play dress up with

Angel *chuckles rubbing her little bump*

Espionata: Mel: Who know

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Leo you want to hold Neo, Mel?

Espionata: Mel: No I'm good

Leo ok. *bounces Neo*

Angel: Mikey: Wink I'll go check on Ee then come stea

Angel: nephew for hugs! *bounces off to do so*

Leo uh ok

Espionata: Mel: Mikey loves him

Leo *smiles* yeah. do you?

Angel Mikey loves everyone Razz

Angel: Mikey: *goes back past Erica over his shoulder - to the loo* hehehehe!

Espionata: Mel: I do

Angel *chuckles*

Leo *smiles* good.

Angel: Mikey: *returns to them* Ee is puking her guts up Razz ... Now give me my nephew *snags and snugs gently*

Espionata: Mel: R2 probably didn't like what he was given

Leo O.O maybe she should be in a hospital

Donatello: Poor Erica.

Angel *glances at Don, slips away to bathroom*

Espionata: Mel: She will be fine

Espionata: Mel: *Lays her head on arms on the table*

Angel: Mikey: *nods* yeah, just some morning sickness no doubt

Donatello: Night *belated hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Probably

Angel Most likely, but I think she needs to be under Don and LH watch ...

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel: LH: bad?

Angel yeah, may need iv fluids and medicine to stop her puking

Espionata: Mel: That's bad

Donatello Very bad. *nods*

Angel *nods to the bathroom* come on Stretch, LH... She can't really move right now

Espionata: Mel: And I'm not much help

Angel you could go fetch you boyfriend - LH and Don might be enough but he should be here encase you both need to get Kim Wink

Angel: LH: *moves towards bathroom*

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Espionata: Mel: *Opens the portal and goes through*

Donatello *also heads that way*

Angel *smiles and follows -*

Angel: Erica: *waves ... Head on seat...*

Espionata: Mel: Raidon?

Angel: LH: Oesophageal tearing, there is blood here... *checked bowl... Lifts his friend up carefully*

Angel: GuRaidon: yeah? ... Mel?! Oh hey! *first real smile in days*

Espionata: Mel: We might need your mom for Erica

Angel: guRaidon: oooh? *kisses cheek, hugs* maybe?

Espionata: Mel: Well morning sickness struck again but she can't move now

Angel: guRaidon: probably weak from puking, mmmm come we'll talk to mum come on Wink

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Angel: guRaidon: *leads her away to the infirmary*

Espionata: Mel: *Follows*

Donatello *frowns at the news* Bring her to my lab, Leatherhead...please?

Angel: LH: *nods, heads that way*

Angel need me to get anything Stretch? Wink *rubs his shoulder*

Angel: guRaidon: *takes Mel to Kim's office*

Espionata: Mel: *Follows him*

Angel: guRaidon: mum, Mel's come to see us

Angel: guKim: hello Mel Wink

Angel: Erica: .. It's just... I just ... Need rest it's okay

Espionata: Mel: Hey Kim Erica might need you morning sickness left her really weak

Angel: guKim: oh? ... she should be in her last months of pregnancy - mmm do yous need me now or just letting me know?

Espionata: Mel: The others were talking about an iv and told me to get you just in case

Donatello *looks at LH* What would you recommend, Leatherhead?

Angel: guKim: *nods* okay ... go back I'll send some iv and medicine with you and Raidon, if they need me you and Raidon come back... I will alert my staff to a possible short time away

Angel: LH: your lab, and fluids, she possibly threw up the vitamins we will need to replace those... Wink *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Angel: guRaidon: k Ma Wink *nods to Mel* lead the way cutie

Espionata: Mel: *Opens the portal and goes to Don's lab*

Angel: guRaidon: *follows loaded up with baggies*

Espionata: Mel: Came back with the stuff Kim said she will help if we need her

Donatello *nods* I'll get the IV ready.

Angel: LH: *follows*

Angel oh... That's great - hey Raidon Wink *makes up the lab bed*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Rubs her arm*

Angel: LH: *lays his buddy on it*

Donatello *does so*

Angel: Erica: ... Feel bad worrying yous... *but is tired.. Yawns... And coughs gagging a little*

Espionata: Mel: It's okay Erica should be worrying about you

Angel you right Don? Wink *hops out of the way*

Angel: guRaidon: *brings the extra baggies and medicine to Don* mum sent these through Smile

Donatello *smiles* Thanks, Raidon. *takes them*

Angel: Erica: thank LilSis... Pretty Esss... An... *mumbles going to sleep*

Espionata: Mel: She sleeps alot

Angel ... Yeah is that normal?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Angel: LH: not entirely, but that's probably down to the iron and b twelve deficiencies
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyThu Aug 18, 2016 10:19 am

pt 58.

Leo I think I'm pink

Leo better

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you are Oo

Espionata: Mel: Much better

Leo ok mel! here is the deal. you and I right now.

Espionata: Mel: What?

Leo we dance

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Leo well. why not?

Espionata: Mel: I don't like dancing

Leo I don't like taking showers but I still do it

Espionata: Mel: That's different

Leo nah

Espionata: Mel: It's not?

Leo *turns on some slow music and offers her his hand*

Espionata: Mel: I don't know Leo

Leo gimmie your hand

Espionata: Mel: *Gives him her hand*

Leo *smiles and pulls her close then starts slow dancing with her*

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to follow the dance*

Angel: Mikey: *has tphone out - paparazzi!*

Espionata: Mel: *Sees the phone* Mikey I'm gonna kill you!

Angel: Mikey: ppphhhht Raph says that all the time... Leo says that too... And they have sharp stabby weapons... And look... Still breathing Razz

Espionata: Mel: And I got new shiny daggers!

Angel: Mikey: to be honest be far more scared if Don said it... Never know what he may do... Being a genius and all... Probably upgrade MetalHead to eat me and poop out Mikey mulch to grow mushrooms or something....

Espionata: Mel: And you don't know what I can do!

Angel: Mikey: *rolls eyes* nothing to us you ain't a trained ninja, weight less than April and shorter than dad Razz

Espionata: Mel: I'm not short!

Angel: guRaidon: yeah.... Hate to burst your bubble love but he's right, no matter how much I know you have gotten better with the daggers

Leo we are trying to dance!

Espionata: Mel: More like you made me Leo

Angel: guRaidon: oh? then dance, multitask dude Wink

Leo you took my hand

Angel: Mikey: I know... I am getting it on film *recording still*

Espionata: Mel: You wouldn't stop bugging me about it

Leo nope. but now that we are dancing I will leave you alone about for at least a week

Espionata: Mel: You will?

Leo I will

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Leo *music ends and Leo lets her go and bows*

Angel: guRaidon: dance is good, improves timing, balance, speed, and great all muscle group exercise

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo now to get that phone! *Goes after Mikey* Not when you're being filmed!

Leo O.O

Angel: Mikey: *runs*

Espionata: Mel: *Gives chase*

Espionata: Mel: Get back here Mikey!

Angel: Mikey: nope!!!

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps chasing* Delete the video!

Espionata: Mel: *Stops unable to keep up and pants*

Angel: Mikey: mwhahaha!

Angel: guRaidon: yah!!! *tackles Mikey*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Raidon

Angel: Mikey: boy! You better be prepared for battle ! *readys his nunchucks*

Angel: guRaidon: bring it *grins assuming battle stance with his axes*

Espionata: Mel: Oh boy Oo

Espionata: Mel: Leo?

Angel: Mikey: *grins and attacks!*

Angel: guRaidon: *lunges, axes whirling*

Espionata: Mel: Oh boy Oo

Angel their not hurting each other Mel relax

Espionata: Mel: I know

Espionata: Mel: So how's Erica?

Leo Leo! that's me!

Espionata: Mel: Very funny >​>​

Leo I try to be

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you do

Donatello: Smile

Angel don't know, should be fine though Stretch knows what he is doing and LH is about Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel: Hi hi Don Wink

Donatello: *waves* Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Think she will have the baby early?

Angel: Wink

Angel: oh definitely, R2 running out of room

Espionata: Mel: But how early?

Angel: LH: *shrugs* when he is ready I guess...

Espionata: Mel: True *Rubs her arm*

Angel still bothering you huh? *watching Mikey and Raidon mock battle*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel: LH: Shay? ^_______________________​___^

Shaya: hey'

Shaya hi big guy

Shaya Can I get a snuggle?

Angel: LH: how are you lovely lady? *snugs*

Shaya Truly? I'm having cramps. My meds make me tired, And I wanted to see you all.

Angel: LH: oooh... anyway I can help? A snug in my nest here? massage?

Shaya Can I be weak and be pamped?

Espionata: Mel: *Tugs on her bandages*

Angel: LH: ^_^ of course *scoops her up*

Shaya thank you Handsome

Angel: LH: *smiles and carries her to his nest down here*

Shaya Can you massage my back?

Angel: LH: *makes em comfy and nods* of course Very Happy

Angel: LH: *begins back massaging* how's work been?

Shaya: I'm caught under my 22 pound cat. im the cat pillow))

Shaya I have been rather stressed. I wish we had more time together.

Espionata: Mel: *Pulls off her bandages*

Leo MEL! what are you doing?

Shaya I can see you swim around my co-workers equations easily.

Espionata: Mel: Pulling off the bandages why?

Leo stop that. why are you doing that?

Espionata: Mel: They're bugging me

Leo *sighs* ok but no cutting

Donatello She can let the cuts air out.

Espionata: Mel: I know Leo

Leo *nods* ok

Espionata: Mel: Besides not like you will let me out of your sight

Angel: guRaidon: *puffing... He and Mikey totally worn out*

Leo damn right

Espionata: Mel: And Raidon and Mikey wore each other out

Shaya: ???

Espionata: They were battling each other lol

Shaya: ahhh

Shaya: hey

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raphie ^^

Raphael: hiyas)

Angel: Mikey: kids fights like a Raph spawn Razz

Espionata: Mel: Well his dad is a Raph

Angel: guRaidon: damn straight Wink

Angel hey RedT

Angel: Erica: may not be feeling too good but crawls out of lab bed to go see Raph - waddles over*

Espionata: Mel: You okay Erica?

Raphael Raph: *snuuuuuugs Erica*

Angel: Erica: *nods... Really is not but hey she has the drip baggie on her head - brought it with her... And Raph snugs always make it better* yeeeeah fine... *snugs*

Raphael: me O.o You don't look fine. Sad

Espionata: Mel: No she doesn't Raphie

Angel: Erica: I will be fine, Don and LH are handling it and guRaidon is here encase we need to send for Kim.. I was just exhausted and drained from being sick is all - will be okay

Angel: guRaidon: *thumbs up*

Espionata: Mel: You couldn't move Erica

Raphael *scoops her up and carries her to bed!*

Angel: Erica: eeek! Hehe Red! *squeaks, chuckles and smoooches* I promise we are both fine... Just couldn't keep down the vitamins and got dehydrated - *if carried off* but glad to see you Wink

Donatello: Can you say "busted"? Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Rubs her arm* Yeah

Angel: Lol! Busted big time Razz

Angel: guRaidon: hehehe *grabs Mel and tugs her down... Rubs her arms himself*

Angel *chuckles and proud of her Dr. don, hugs him* did good work, she does look bright Razz

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Raidon

Donatello *hugs Angel back* Smile

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Donatello Thanks.

Raphael Raph: I'm glad to see you, too. *snugs and rubs her lump* Sure yer okay? Sad

Angel no thank you SmexyStretch for being such a good Doc Wink *smoooches*

Angel: guRaidon: *smiles and hugs* wassup?

Donatello *smooches back then nuzzles*

Angel: Erica: *nods Baggie still on her head - iv tubs and all, snugs him tighter* oh course Smile bump wobbles as R2 wriggles poking an elbow out... Or a knee*

Shaya: Smile

Espionata: Mel: Oh nothing

Angel mmmmm do we sneak away to get out scan done? *though they'd have to kick out MM visitors*

Angel: LH: *still massaging.. * maybe, if you want me to look over the equations sure Very Happy

Angel: guRaidon: you sure?

Espionata: Mel: No not really

Shaya See. We would have to take work sensitivity training. I would be admiring your work, and your handsome eyes to not be able ot focus on my own work. *Muscles are relaxing but the lower back*

Angel: LH: I see ^_^ *hands mo

Angel: ve lower*

Donatello *smiles* I'm ready if you are.

Shaya But since you don't work in a a drafty dry lab, I can give you the results of our first sewer expeditions together.

Angel Wink *nods and takes his hand* got the hopper? Very Happy

Angel: guRAidon: what is it?

Espionata: Mel: You see these cuts?

Donatello Mm-hmm. *pulls her to his lab to get it*

Angel: guRaidon: I see em, how's it going with them? *rubs arms again*

Angel: LH: thanks Smile *hands move over points of Venus and hips*

Angel: Mikey: grins at Angel and Don* me and Angel Cakes soon Razz -

Espionata: Mel: They're healing but I'm the cause of them

Angel: guRaidon: yeah... Well live and learn right?

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Looks down*

Angel *follows - chuckling*

Donatello *grabs the hopper and turns to her* Which do you think it is?

Shaya *small moan of ease* There. *smirks up at him* I can tell you what parts of the sewers is not going to be dug up or further disturbed for the next 25 years. Can you guess where?

Angel: Erica: *really does feel a little better - shifts to straddle Raph slipping off shirt exposing the R2 bump as it jiggles with his movements* he's always much more active when ever you touch his bump lover Wink

Angel *closes eyes for a moment* girls. Wink

Angel *smooooches*

Raphael *griiiins at that and her current position. Hands oh so empted to stray upwards, but first.. gotta calm the lil beastie that's been making her so sick* He does, huh? That a good thing? Don't need him bustin' out

Angel: guRaidon: hey... Your not doing to bad, it usually takes cutters much much longer to accept they have a problem and try to fix it *hugs*

Angel: LH: *mmm yeah there! Rubs rubs* yes please, I hope my space remains for he mo ent forgotten about Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Well my brothers won't let me out of their sight. But at times it feels like only Raphie really understands it and why I don't have the answers

Angel: Erica: *smiles, wearing no bra, a little collostrum dribbling from Leftie Lucy.. Bump wriggling more, odd bump as R2 sticks out a knee... Maybe?* yes always when you do that.. He likes it... Wink and very good, means he's healthy Very Happy

Angel: Erica: and no.. No Alien style or Twilight style birth scene ... as long as the medicine keeps me from puking should keep down my vitamins... And fluids should be fine again soon

Donatello *blinks* As in two?

Angel: guRaidon: well... No one should expect answers... You will be okay with family support Wink *hugs hugs*

Leo *sits in the bedroom rocking the baby*

Angel *winks* I think so - girls Wink *rubs little bump*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah but I don't like them for getting mad at me if I feel the urge to cut

Angel: Mikey: hehehe Neo so cute bro *drags his Angel Cake over to him*

Angel: guRaidon: oooh that's unavoidable

Espionata: Mel: It is?

Leo the best baby ever! he's going to rule the world

Angel: Mikey: oO lil early to be planting the idea of world domination in his head

Leo never too early

Angel: Mikey: ... Riiiight... And then what? Are we going to try making our species a little less endangered?

Shaya Let's just say we protected it from prying eyes for most of my career.

Leo yes. and we will use humans as cattle

Angel: LH: thank you Wink very much lovely *hands gently cup buttocks briefly as his hands move lower over back and hips*

Angel: Mikey:.... Nah our mates are humans

Leo ok they are allowed to be free

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy thanks for that

Leo no problem!

Espionata: Mel: It still hurts Raidon

Angel: guRaidon: of course - probably will for a while yet

Angel: Mikey: *nuzzles Neo* good boy

Espionata: Mel: And it hurts when they get mad at me

Leo just wait till he starts trying to eat you

Angel: Mikey: bah Uncle Mikey let you have some blood lil dude - Wink

Leo *grins*

Shaya *Turns her head back to hide a blush* That is tense too. Come back to that spot later.

Angel: Mikey: ... Hehehe but Neo when my Lil ones will run circles around you, and R2 is trying to be a big boy, watch out for that, especially if he has his dads temper Wink

Angel: LH: *bluuushing too from being so bold but nods and makes mental note focusing just above for the moment*

Leo nah he'll kick all their butts

Angel: Mikey: will not dude Razz will not

Leo so will

Angel: Mikey: not *taps on wall* hey Raph Leo says Neo will kick R2's tail ! Hehe

Donatello *chuckles and activates the hopper* Okay. *smiles, taking Angel and himself to the GU world*

Espionata: Mel: Besides I don't want to do anything fun anymore

Leo I know a certain brother better not be hopping worlds

Angel: guRaidon: ? what do you mean?

Angel: Mikey: nah he's in the Spot snugging his girl

Angel Just gong with the gut feeling Handsome Wink *snogs as the exit the other end*

Espionata: Mel: Just lately stuff that I found fun before isn't fun anymore

Donatello *smiles, snogging her back, moving his hand down to caress her belly*

Angel Wink mmmm you have a gut feeling? *grins hand joining his*

Angel: guRaidon: oh.. Then just gotta find new stuff right?

Espionata: Mel: It's not that easy

Angel: guRaidon: well no, but having that sort of atittude just makes it harder

Espionata: Mel: I know Raidon and all I am is just a mess

Donatello *smiles, nuzzling her* I'm also thinking a girl.

Angel: guRaidon: mmm hmm maybe but a mess can be cleaned up, don't forget that cutie

Espionata: Mel: I hope so

Angel *giggles and nuzzles back* yeah ... your lil princesses? Wink *opens door* oh? Hello? *should have knocked?*

Angel: Lol

Raphael *and hands fnally glide up to massage her breasts, happy churrs.. but massive eye rolls at Mikey's yelling* NO CHANCE IN HELL!

Donatello *blushes* This is awkward...

Angel: Lol!

Espionata: lol

Angel: MMErica: *blinks...* hello? *blushes pulling on her shirt and undies at least... Oh right mini MH's stole them*

Angel: Mikey: there you have it Leo, Neo so not gone be able to take his Cous Razz

Angel: guRaidon: I know so... Currently still cleaning a mess at home

Angel *giggles amused*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah the mess your dictators caused and my issues aren't helping with that

Angel: Erica: *moooans yep, boobs feel very round and tight, massaging is good!* R2 ... Gonna be a lil Asskicker... Like his dad... *happy mumbling*

Leo pffffft

Angel: Careful Red might make both leak colostrum ! Lol

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: hehehe *nuzzling*

Donatello: MMLeo: *ushers them both away to let the other two have the room*

Donatello Well, I'm guessing that's what we might be doing later? *blushing*

Angel: MMErica: *follows grinning* good luck guys... *winks and follows mm Leo home*

Leo: MMleo needs to notice Mikko is a gansta ))

Angel ... Seems to be a common activity in here yes

Angel *peels off shirt... Getting onto the bed*

Angel: See what Ee and Raph started lol the sonograph room 1 has become the gu world base
nookie room Razz

Donatello *grabs the stuff they need for the scan*

Raphael: lol, yeah... MMDonnie be befriending thugs and shit.. tsk Razz )

Espionata: lol

Angel: Phehehe bringing home strays too - four of them!

Leo: lol)

Angel oooh man this is exciting Stretch! *waits patiently... Not patiently*

Angel: Erica: *bluuuushes - sheepish ... Both boobies now leaky ... But scratchies his plastron*

Donatello Mm-hmm. *brings them over to her*

Angel *reaches, tickles snout as he gets closer*

Donatello *grins then leans down and kisses her*

Espionata: Mel: And I get nightmares

Angel: guRaidon: I am sure there's a bit of that getting about *huggles*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Hugs him back* A lot of that

Angel *cups back of head to smooooch deeper, purrrs* got everything? Wink

Angel: guRaidon: yep.. oh? Here too? *nuzzles churring*

Espionata: Mel: I did stop fighting at least

Donatello Mm-hmm... *snog, snog*

Angel: guRaidon: there is that Very Happy so nightmares... just you?

Angel: guRaidon: I keep having them myself of being smoothed by a boulder

Espionata: Mel: Probably from the Sith thing

Angel mmmm! *playing nibble to lower lip*

Espionata: Mel: But I think it's more that the wall I surrounded myself with is gone

Angel: guRaidon: because you have support now that's why

Donatello *churrs*

Angel *tickles his spot and side*

Donatello *churrs even more, kisses*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah and let my vunerable side out where I was told I was worthless and nothing but trouble

Angel: April: *plonks down beside Raidon and Mel* yeah nightmares alright... Mel been cutting and
Angel exercises more to distract herself, Erica's been too afraid to leave the lair ... Barely leaves the spot... Last night being the exception.. And I been throwing myself into work ... But we'll all recover...

Shaya joined the chat

Angel: guRaidon: maybe trouble, but not worthless Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yeah we went through a lot

Angel *moans to those churr slightly pulling off some of his tech gear*

Donatello *lets her then works on more of her clothing*

Angel: guRaidon: sorry to hear that guys

Espionata: Mel: Have no choice but to get better

Angel *helps, wriggling hips to allow him to draw bottoms off, more tech gear joining her cloths at the floor*

Donatello Heh, maybe we should do this scan first.

Angel I agree... Though so getting this gear off first .... save us some time for after *finishes slipping off the gear she had been working on* Wink

Donatello *snooooogs then finally undresses her*

Donatello: finishes undressing her*

Angel *shivers, cool room, nipples harden* well exciting now in more ways than one Wink *snogs slowly laying back to bare all her belly bump for lubing*

Espionata: Mel: At least I'm eating sort of >​>​

Angel: April: sort of?

Angel: guRaidon: *nods*

Espionata: Mel: Mainly just some chocolate

Angel: April: why? Mikey has made heaps of yummy meals - know I been sneaking some for work lunches*

Espionata: Mel: It's just what I've been wanting to eat

Donatello Mmmmmm... *churrs, nuzzles, snogs!* Definitely.

Angel: guRaidon: well eat it as a dessert after some of Mikey's dishes

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Angel *chuckles, nips his Adams apple,*

Donatello *gasps and churrs louder*

Angel: Erica: *loo visit! Shuffles that way... just to pee this time!*

Angel mmmmm love it when you do that! *love bites again!*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Erica

Angel: guRaidon: yep Wink

Donatello *groans, eyes closing*

Espionata: Mel: Just don't tell big brother

Angel: Erica: hello ... *hurries in and out* ... annnnd back to Spot to sleep ... After changing over my iv *shuffle waddle off to lab to do so... Def owes Don and Angel good coffees for their help*

Angel *chuckles nibbling up his pulse to his ear hole* mmmmmm hmmmm *soft grooooan*

Donatello You're making me hard when you do that. *chuuuuuuuuuuurrs*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Angel .. I'd say I'm trying not to.. And behave... But that'd be a lie.. *tongue traces his earhole, slips off his bandana*

Angel: Lol

Donatello Mmmm, then I'd say we better hurry with the scan...or wait until after we're both feeling satisfied. *churrs, nuzzles*

Angel: Erica: yeah... *fresh baggie... And back to Spot*

Angel *puuurrrrrs and chuckles hands slid over his sides* depends... How hard is the Dr? Wink *teases*

Angel: Bwhahaha

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: And my dad is busy as always

Angel: guRaidon: Wink know that feeling, we can't always leave responsibilities behind Mel
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyThu Aug 18, 2016 10:41 am

pt 59.

Leo I come in and no one greets me?

Espionata: Mel: *Slipping back into the lair*

Leo and where the hell were you?

Espionata: Mel: Out why?

Leo where out?

Espionata: Mel: In the city

Leo where in the city?

Espionata: Mel: I walked around

Leo why?

Espionata: Mel: Just to get out

Leo *stares at her then nods and walks off*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* I didn't do anything

Leo I know. I just worry about you being up there by yourself

Leo: hello)

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Leo i said so

Espionata: Mel: Okay Leo

Leo good

Espionata: Mel: You're just being a big brother

Leo i try.

Espionata: Mel: And you try hard

Leo thank you for noticing ^^

Espionata: Mel: You're welcome

Angel welcome for what?

Espionata: Mel: For noticing that he tries at being a big brother

Angel indeed - Wink good to know

Angel *brought pickles! - shakes container* Pickles!

Espionata: Mel: cool

Angel: Erica: *up til that point Sleeping -* OO *zombie waddle off to claim those pickles!*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Erica

Donatello: They're not still in their spot?

Angel: they were - OO weird portal hopping

Angel Wink *uncaps the pickles - and takes a jar herself - returns to scan room in guWorld* hah try finding pickles here is like trying to find a golden needle in a haystack Very Happy

Angel: there and back again Very Happy

Donatello: lol

Donatello *sleeeeeeeps*

Angel: Erica: *mumbles something that might have been a hi - smiles though and with pickle jar - triumphant waddle back to Spot*

Angel *smiles and chuckles sliding back onto the bed - munching pickles*

Leo: Love: *comes out of no where and leaps on Don*

Angel - OO oh no you don't *shoves her off - waves Pickle at her threateningly* bad kitty!

Leo: Love: *tears up and pouts*

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches*

Donatello *sighs contentedly in sleep*

Angel nope *looks at Don and rubs his head* how'd you get in here?

Leo: Love: the door. now move away from my future husband!

Angel Don is my mate Love >​<

Espionata: Mel: Where's Mikey?

Leo: Love: NEVER! *pounces*

Donatello: I will once I can get a breather! >​.<

Angel *side steps the pounce* >​< don't make me skin you

Leo: Love: don't make me eat you alive! *pounces again*

Angel * round house kicks her aside -* >​< back off cat!

Leo: Love: *dodges kick and swipes claws at Angel's face*

Angel * blocks with forearm - drives another kick at Love's midsection - *

Leo: Love: *flies back but quickly gets back up and aims punch at Angel's stomach*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Angel *not taking a blow there! - dodges back! -* X-( oh dats it! *grabs stool - gonna break it over Love for aiming there!!*

Leo: Love: *rages and goes after her stomach again!*

Donatello *blocks Love's strike* >​ : (

Angel *staff also in way of her intend to bring chair down over Love - pants... beyond furious!*

Angel: mamaAngel pissed...

Leo: Love: *looks at Don and smiles* baby!

Angel: hehehe and dadaDon don't look any happier Razz

Donatello: DadaDon is too.

Angel *grrrrrrroooooooooooowls*

Donatello What are you doing here?

Leo: Love: i came from a far away place, walked thousands of miles to be with you.

Donatello O.o

Angel you came through a portal >​>​

Angel *still gonna crack the chair over the cat if not taken from her sight! - literally fuming!*

Leo: Love: I love you! we are meant to be together!

Donatello You tried to hurt my mate...and my child. >​ : (

Angel *glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares -*

Leo: Love: well...we can't be together if you have a mate and a child. sooooo I was taking care of that

Donatello Leave. Now.

Leo: Love: butbutbut!

Donatello I said go!

Angel *snarl - good thing Don between them at the moment - she's still got the chair - ready to make a pair of fluffy boots!!!*

Angel *or a pelt rug!*

Leo: Love: fine. A POX ON YOU ALL! *dissapears in a puff of smoke*

Angel: she mad

Donatello *doesn't care*

Donatello *takes Angel in his arms* Are you okay?

Angel *puts chair down carefully - is hugged! takes deep breaths to still the furious pants she had been doing* We're all okay - *snugs tighter...*

Donatello *nuzzles her*

Donatello: Oooh, so what was the results on the test?

Angel *this is not the time to hang onto her temper! - shivers at nuzzles, letting it go with every deep breath*

Angel: twins Razz

Donatello: Both girls?

Donatello Good. *smooches and rubs her belly*

Angel: .. *checks with guKim* ... one of each Wink

Angel: pigeon pair !!

Donatello: Cool. Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Angel *finally does not feel so enraged! - kisses his cheek* thank you

Espionata: Mel: Mikey?

Donatello For what?

Angel *smoooches* being an awesome Dad already *adrenaline finally leaving*

Angel: Mikey: *stole Neo* what? Smile

Leo my son is gone! GONE!

Espionata: Mel: Relax Leo Mikey has him

Espionata: Mel: Got Neo again >​>​

Leo oh ok. I should know that by now

Raphael: ooh, so Don's having twins too?)

Leo: too?)

Espionata: Mel: Yes you should Leo

Raphael: Mike and Ally still need to get theirs done, lol)

Raphael: Yeah. Ally's carrying twins. Wink )

Angel: yep twins for the Geek Razz

Leo well once he has his own kids he wont have time to kidnap Neo

Raphael: lol, for real

Angel: Mikey: yes you should man - you kidding... Ally and I will kidnap them all! mwhahaha! *but

Leo is prob right be very busy with his and Ally*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Raphael: lol

Angel: hehehe at this point Ee is glad she only has the one, boy is big Razz

Raphael: twins run in Ally's family.. though, she doesn;t know that. Spike and Blaze Wink

Angel: Erica: *scurries off to toilet - it's almost a form of exercise at this point*

Raphael: she'll find out the hard way Razz

Leo and Vic is always in bed. I'm getting worried....

Angel: lol!!!!!!

Leo: Mmmmmmmm Spike and Blaze I want to be inbetween that sandwich)

Angel: ick! )

Raphael: Vic will be awake once I'm caught up with forum posts.. IF i ever get caught up >​.< so many characters and treads *headspins*

Leo: it's ok. i'm not going to be on for too much longer, have massive headache

Angel: yep -

Angel: awwww *massages head*

Leo: purrrrr

Espionata: Mel: Hey Erica

Angel: Erica: *puffing a little as she exits loo shaking wet hands dry* hi

Angel: R2 be all like - YAY! trampoline! *bounces on bladder*

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: R2 attacking the bladdler?

Leo is R2 going to be his name?

Shaya joined the chat 9 seconds ago

Espionata: Mel: No it's Blaze Leo >​>​

Angel: Erica: yep - *belly jiggles as he wriggles, something poking out oddly to the left side* ... yeah Blaze

Angel: lol

Leo where have I heard that name before...

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Leo he's going to grow up to be a drummer!

Shaya In your mind?

Angel: Erica: *giggles* hi Shay Smile *rubs the wiggling bump*

Espionata: Mel: Or he could be a fire bender >​>​

Angel: Erica: OO

Leo fire bender drummer

Angel: Erica: I doubt that Smile

Shaya How are you doing hon?

Espionata: Mel: *Sneezes*

Angel: Erica: *nods* okay - you?

Angel: Erica: bless you

Espionata: Mel: Thanks

Shaya Better. Yesterday was a muscle cramp nightmare].

Angel: Erica: oooh? thats no good - oooooo! *rubs belly -* did LH help? Smile

Shaya He did. :">​ did he say anything while I was at work?

Angel: Erica: no - but he's my best bud - I know he's crushing harder than his jaws can slam shut Wink
*takes a few deep breaths*

Espionata: Mel: Erica?

Angel: Erica: hm?

Espionata: Mel: You okay?

Angel: Erica: yeah yeah fine Smile

Leo *scoops up Erica*

Espionata: Mel: Okay ^^

Espionata: Mel: Uh Leo?

Angel: Erica: OO Leo! *wriggles free and chuckles* thanks - but it's okay - I promise... just some Braxton Hicks contractions...

Angel: she soooo aint going to have the boys fight again Razz

Shaya *smiles at erica, a bit concerned for Leo* Normal pregnacy things.

Leo oh. you know what would help that? dancing!

Espionata: Mel: I don't think so

Angel: Erica: hehehe - Angel had me doing a few light stretches and cause I refuse to leave the lair walking about the lair - bit too short of breath for dancing

Angel: Erica: *nods to Shay* yep the usual things....

Espionata: Mel: Yeah because you're scared

Shaya If the offer is open. Leo, Can I dance with you?

Leo *smiles* yes! *takes Shaya's hands and leads her into a dance*

Shaya *tries to glide into it bue seems to be off by a step for the first few silent notes*

Leo *dances like a dream!* XD

Angel: Erica: who me?

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you Erica

Shaya *pretty sure his dreamy dancing will be useful when a certain Vampire visits again* Have you always been good at this?

Leo i practiced a lot

Shaya You are a lovely dancer

Leo thank you, so are you.

Angel: Erica: *hangs head* yes... Yes I am

Shaya I've not danced so much in years. I still feel rusty.

Shaya: how to murder english))

Shaya I've not danced in years. *

Espionata: Mel: We can go out Erica

Leo *spins Shaya around and dips her*

Angel: Lol! I always make English cry Smile )

Angel: Erica: *recoils a little shaking her head, has had no desire to leave the lair... and too afraid* no no, that's okay

Donatello I am? Smile *smooches Angel*

Espionata: Mel: *Uses puppy eyes* Erica please

Shaya Eep. * A bit startled from the dip but giggles all the same* Smooth Leo, very smooth.

Angel yes, yes you are *snogs back*

Leo thank you. *picks her back up*

Angel: Erica: no Mel...

Espionata: Mel: You tell me all the time that I shouldn't let the past control me yet you're letting the past control you. So which is it?

Leo leave her alone, Mel.

Angel: Erica: ... I am not afraid for me!

Espionata: Mel: You're not then what are you afraid of?

Shaya We wish her to not to dwell on the past but *spins out * some time is needed for the mind to heal *Spins back in, hand on his plastron to control the stop*

Angel: Erica: For them... *rubs her bump, them meaning her mate and her unborn son*

Donatello Mmmm... Instincts must be kicking in. Wink *snogs*

Espionata: Mel: Nothing will happen Erica

Angel I'd say they are *snogglies!*

Donatello *pulls her closer, continues kissing!*

Angel: Erica:... Yes... Because I won't risk it! *may be only a nightmare now, but it is still fresh in her mind, plagues her thoughts when alone, wakes her from sleep in a cold sweat of fear*

Espionata: Mel: Even though you have to go to the GU world to give birth?

Angel: Erica: ... Only if I need to, if I don't and things are going fine I will be here.. And if that comes I trust Red will be there...

Espionata: Mel: I don't know Erica it will be safer in the GU world because things might go wrong in a second

Shaya MEL.

Shaya *mother hen huff* You don't say somethign like that!

Angel: Erica: Don and LH can handle it, and Raphael will be here... *the stress now of being reminde dof that.. The things she did... Awent through trying to find her mate... Feels another cramp*

Espionata: Mel: Sorry but whatever it's your life. Sorry for being concerned! *Takes off from the lair*

Angel: Erica: *cant follow*

Angel: Hank: *out of no where - catchs Mel and drags her back in* wassup?

Shaya *stiffles a giggle*

Espionata: Mel: Daddy!

Angel: Hank: Smile *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: What are you doing?

Angel: Erica: *smiles, sidles over and hugs Mel* thank you for the concern Mel.. I just... Am not ready to... Not be afraid yet - hey Dad... *hugs him and kisses the scruffy cheek*

Angel: Hank: *frowns, concerned himself, but it will work out* not much - you girls?

Espionata: Mel: Like I'm not ready to let go of the pain and my past but I'm being forced to anyway

Angel: Erica: because your way of dealing with it is destructive... *pats their shoulders and heads back to Spot*

Angel mmmmmhmmm! *much better and fear and anger forgotten... Snogging*

Donatello *rubs her bump again, churring*

Espionata: Mel: And so is yours you're being a hypocrite and I don't like it

Angel: Erica: *stops and glares at Mel* actually it's not Mel - after all I have not declared I will
never leave the lair - just any outing I take will be taken with my mate.

Angel *hand joins his* mmmm so... wanna switch the machining again? Wink

Espionata: Mel: Which means never leaving the lair anyway so don't give me that

Donatello Hmmmm...?

Angel: Erica: really? You think Raphael will never take us out... evvver? You know him better than that Mel, so yeah I gave you that.

Angel turnit on and have a look sie?

Donatello Oh. *smiles and nods* Okay. *goes to do that then comes back with the lube*

Espionata: Mel: Do you think he will right now? Erica you know what being scared all the time like you are will affect R2 and it affects everyone else too! I can't do anything with you being scared
leaving the lair without Raphie!

Angel Wink *watches the master at work*

Donatello: Man, she's really pushing Erica's buttons. O.o

Raphael *Finally comes out from bedroom, had been sleeping, and overhears Mel tearing into Erica Glaaaaares!* Back of, Mel! X-(

Raphael: I dunno how I was timed out. Ij ust clicked the 'I'm still here!' button like minutes ago)

Donatello *smiles up at Angel and resumes working* I just can't believe it.

Espionata: Mel: Whatever be scared! See if I care! *Has tears in her eyes and goes to leave the lair*

Angel: Erica: Mel... I it may be hypocritical but for the moment it needs to be so, you know it takes time... just be patient... *Red! And anger forgotten.. Not good at remaining angry anyways* Hey
BigRed *waddles over to him*

Angel: Hank: oh it does *hugs Mel but lets her go, though is gonna hog couch!*

Espionata: Mel: Then give me time too! None of you are doing that! But because it's you everyone automatically does that! Fuck that noise! I deserve the same as you not less because that fucking hurts!

Angel which bit beautiful? *admires him handling the machine*

Angel all of it! *chuckles*

Donatello Our children. Children as in plural! You were right. *snogs her, applying the lube to her belly*

Angel: Erica: *sighs, sisters...* did we... Wake you Red? *smiles*

Angel I know! Twins!... Can't believe I was right

Angel *giggles and watches him with the lube*

Raphael Raph: *snugs* Nah...*okay, maybe they did. But she doesn't eneed to know that*

Angel: Erica: *chuckles... kisses* Sorry Red, just a disagreement between sibs.. Make you a hot cocoa to make up for it Wink

Raphael *snuggle-nuzzles* Think I should be the one making you one... how you feelin'?

Angel: Erica: *purrrrrs! Mmmm yeah! vague grin* mmmm sounds perfect... And good.. Had a Braxton hicks contraction a couple of times today

Angel: some* not a

Donatello *moves on and runs the wand over her belly, watching the screen*

Angel *watching, excited licking Don flavor off lips still excited from kiss... Points as* there! Stretch! *two frantic beats fill the room*

Donatello *stops and beams proudly* Yeah. *looks at Angel, grinning* Our babies.

Angel Yes! Ours! Haha! *happy sniffs. Leans up to snog*

Donatello *snogs back, couldn't be happier*

Angel *also over the moon, kissing morrrrre*

Donatello: Anyone still here?
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) EmptyThu Aug 18, 2016 11:03 am

pt 60.

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Leo

Leo hey shorty

Espionata: Mel: Don't call me shorty!

Leo ok lil bit

Espionata: Mel: Leo I don't need to be reminded how short I am

Leo short is cute. nothing wrong with it

Espionata: Mel: Not when you're the size of a kid

Leo *lights a cig* I guess

Espionata: Mel: Why are you smoking?

Leo calms my nerves

Espionata: Mel: It does?

Leo yeah, want one?

Espionata: Mel: No Leo I already cut don't need to add smoking to the destructive stuff

Leo smoking is better then cutting

Espionata: Mel: You think so?

Leo yeah

Espionata: Mel: How is it better?

Leo well. it doesn't make you bleed to death

Espionata: Mel: But it gives you cancer

Leo yes it could

Espionata: Mel: And all sorts of bad stuff

Leo possibly

Espionata: Mel: And give you that smoker voice Oo

Leo like Raph's voice!

Espionata: Mel: He doesn't smoke though Oo

Leo that we know of

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Leo *pat pat*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo

Espionata: Mel: *Rubs her arm*

Leo *smooches*

Espionata: Mel: Leo Oo

Leo ^^ *skips away*

Espionata: Mel: Why did you kiss me?

Leo it was just a smooch on the cheek

Espionata: Mel: Yeah but why?

Leo why not?

Espionata: Mel: I want to know

Leo to bad

Espionata: Mel: Whatever

Espionata: Mel: *Knows she should apologize to Erica but is stubborn*

Espionata: The case you know you're wrong but at the same time you don't want to apologize lol

Mikey: Erica: *tired - did not sleep much, between a few rather painful braxton hicks cramps and R2 using her bladder as tramopline she had to go to the loo like every hour!... and trying to get comfy with such a round belly that wriggles was proving to be quite tricky*

Mikey: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Sees Erica and looks away*

Raphael *snuuuuugs Erica*

Mikey: Erica: *snugging - smooch smooch to snout*

Donatello: Poor Erica

Mikey: lol bah she's near the end - boy is doing his part, moving about so he's facing the right way and all - Razz

Mikey: hehehehe doubt Red got much sleep either - so the sleep deprivation begins Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Picks at her bandages*

MasterSplinter: Hello Wink - How is everyone?

Leo: hello)

Espionata: hi

MasterSplinter: oooh MS excited - R2 coming soon?

Donatello: Hi Smile

MasterSplinter *stole Neo - watching his 'stories'*

Mikey: hi hi - and yes... yes he is -

Mikey: Erica: *loves snugging - belly wriggling*

Donatello: And there apparently will be a D1 and a D2 Wink

Raphael *snugs.. a lil worried about how much R2 has been moving.. is he gonna burst out like everyone thought Neo would?* O.O rushes off to the bathroom*

Donatello: I can so hear Mikey calling his Thing 1 and Thing 2. lol

Espionata: Mel: Raphie?

Mikey: lol!!!!

Donatello: his and Ally's*

MasterSplinter *story finished goes to see Don and Angel... passing Mikey -* you and Ally need to go have a scan my son... 0o *surprised watching Raph speed past*

Mikey: Angel: *watching amuuuused*

Leo *is standing around watching...plotting...*

Mikey: lol plotting oh dear

Donatello: O.o Leo plotting...oh, boy.

Espionata: lol

Shaya: dun dun dun!

Leo mwahahahahaha

Mikey: Erica: Oo Red? *sort of struggles to get off the bed - waddles after him - pats his carapace maybe a little out of breath when she finally catches up* you okay?

Espionata: Mel: Leo?

Leo yes tiny one?

Espionata: Me: Don't call me tiny and what are you laughing about?

Raphael *and all stomach contents meet the toilet.. blah. >​.<* Yeah, I'm fine... musta been the cereal...You should be in bed!

Raphael: Ally: Yes. Yes we do! ^^ *tummy is a growwwwing*

Raphael: Vic: *tackles Leo* ^^

Leo ^^ *hugs and spins Vic around*

Mikey: Erica: maybe - *puffs* but had to... check on you... *grunts rubbing belly* cramp

Mikey: Mikey: yeah!!! *scoops her up and smooooooooooooochies*

Mikey: Angel: I hope whatever made you have the planning face is a good thing Chief *to Leo - goes rejoin her turtle - surprised that Splinter is coming too

Leo I am plotting on how to decorate the baby's room.

Leo I'm thinking ducks

Espionata: Mel: Didn't need an evil laugh

Leo evil ducks!

Espionata: Mel: Whatever

Leo don't be haten on the ducks!

Leo *shrugs and makes out with Vic*

Espionata: Mel: Oh brother *Pulls off her bandages*

Mikey: lol nah its little 2k12TurkeyheadRaphs Razz

Espionata: lol

Raphael: Ally: *snogs like whoa* So, we goin' to GU world to do the scan thing??

Raphael *carefully scoops her up and carries her off to bed*

Raphael: Vic: *makes out with- it's been too long!!*

Espionata: Mel: *Doesn't look at her sister*

Leo family keeps kidnapping our son. I don't even know where Splinter headed off to.

Mikey: Erica: *snogs - yeah don't care about ick mouth either -*

Mikey: Razz

Mikey: Mikey: Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm - !! *nibbles down her neck* yesth! - where is Don they had the hopper last! *follows the scent of his dad... saw Splinter going that way*

Mikey: Erica: *but bed is so uncomfy right now!... lying down is uncomfy! ... sitting is no better! restless... ends up pacing around their bed*

Espionata: Mel: To bad nothing is happening

MasterSplinter nothing is good! - Angel! Have you and Don scanned yet? *snuggling Neo*

Mikey: Angel: hey Sensei Smile and yes we did... *knocks on Don's lab door* can we come in Stretch?

Raphael: Ally: DOOOOOON~! We need to HOP! *yeah, she be loud!*

Mikey: Mikey: and Portal! *snugging - loves her loud... perfect harmony with his loud!*

Espionata: Mel: To loud!

Raphael Raph: Sad Maybe we should..I dunno.. try to talk R2 into coming out? *eh, is that possible?*

Leo: I'm off to bed. night *hugs*)

Raphael: daw, night *hugs*

Mikey: lol!

Leo left the chat

Espionata: night

Mikey: Erica: mmmmmm *pacing - nods, smiling* worth a shooooooooooow! *gasps - has to find the bed post and hang on - the cramp hurt...! *

Raphael >​.< *can't stand to see her like this! Scoops her up to get her off her feet*

Donatello O.o What?

Espionata: Mel: *Looks towards the spot*

Espionata: *Spot

Mikey: Erica: *grooooooooans* Red - I think we need to return to the bathroom

Mikey: Angel: hehee I think Ally and Mikey want to borrow the hopper love and Sensei is here Wink can we come in handsome?

Donatello Oh, sure. *gets up and opens the door*

MasterSplinter hello Donatello *still has Neo* Angel tells me you's had your scan, all good news I hope Smile

Donatello *smiles* Yes. Very good news.

Mikey: Angel: yep *finds hopper and gives it to Ally* have fun guys Wink *kisses Don* wanna tell him love? Wink

Raphael O.o *quickly carries her back to the loo and helps her to her feet* Sad

Raphael: Ally: Yay, hopper! Now, away with us! We shall reveal the secrets that lie within.. and stuff.. Razz

Donatello: Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Watches but doesn't go near not wanting her head bit off*

Donatello *can't help the broad grin on his face* Angel and I... *slips his arm around her* ...we're having twins.

Mikey: Erica: *hangs onto him for a few moments -* mmmmm ! *and door open of not is getting her cloths off! - so uncomfy even they feel rough to her skin!* thanks... a bath... might ... help...

MasterSplinter ahhhhh! *lunges and hugs them, with Neo* this is awesom news my son!! Twins!!

Donatello *smiles and holds onto his father* Thanks. We're really excited, too.

Mikey: Angel: *chuckling, kisses Don's cheek, hugs Splinter and Neo* we are... it was fantastic - Ally and Mikey are going to enjoy... the Scan

Mikey: lol

Mikey: and the room

Mikey: Mikey: Wooooot lets go love!

Donatello: lol

MasterSplinter: Bwhah hah!!

Mikey: Erica: *wishes she had not also kept herself awake last night by fussing over The Spot....*

Espionata: Oh she's in labor Razz

MasterSplinter: Lol the early stage yeah, remember my wife spring cleaned the laundry

MasterSplinter: Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Mikey: Mikey: *he and Ally trying to figure out the hopper*

Mikey: Mikey: *stopping to snog probably aint helping!*

Mikey: lol yes the early stage - very early

Raphael I hope so. Sad *runs bath water for her, making sure it is warm because surely lil R2 won't be happy with anything cold*

Raphael: Ally: *snogging so not helping, but finally they get it right and... poofz!*

Espionata: Mel: *Looks can see what's happening and looks away*

Espionata: Mel: *Looks again* Raphie?

Mikey: Mikey: yay!! *and they are on their way!! - snogging*

Mikey: Erica: *groans a little - finally realised herself what's going on* thanks love... The bath should help ... *a bit excited even if nervous too* think labor has started

Raphael O.O *totally freezes* WHAT?! Are you sure?! What do I do... do I need to boil water or somethin'??

Espionata: Mel: *Peeks into the bathroom the door is open anyway* What's going on?

Mikey: Erica: *nods* I am sure... And... No.. Just.. Let's relax in the tub for now... *smiles*yes R2 is coming

MasterSplinter: Oooooh!

Raphael *is glad the tub is finally full. Steps in and helps her into the tub*

Espionata: Mel: So R2 is gonna make an appearence

Mikey: Erica: oooooooo www! *groans and grips his hand mid step into the tub* yep he is ....

Espionata: Mel: He's early

Raphael *scoops her up and settles back into the tub with her, allowing her to get comfortable.. or.. as comfortable as she can*

Mikey: Erica: *deeeeep sigh not entirely comfortable - but smiles at Raph rubs his plastron and the water realxes her* yes

Mikey: Mikey: *skips to scan room and slips within* alright - lets see if we can work this dang machin like we figured out the Hopper Very Happy

Mikey: with much snogging Razz and probably nookie

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: How long do you think it will take?

Raphael: lol

Raphael: Ally: 8*gets up n the table bed thing and strips out of her shirt, then off comes the skirt... don't want any obstructions after alll* ^^ I think you're supposed to lube me up. Wink

Mikey: Erica: *shrugs - relaxed and tired and knows this could take hours* ... hours?... Mel... could you - tell... Don - *yawns... nestling against Raph - rests head on his plastron and lets herself nap a bit* ammm Jaws....

Mikey: bwhahaha yep hoooooooooours - boy not going to make it easy Razz

Espionata: Mel: Sure *Goes to the lab* Big brother?

Espionata: Wanna bet c-section lol

MasterSplinter *prouder Grandpa rat - still has Neo - looks at Mel* hello

Espionata: Mel: Hey Splinter Erica is in labor

Mikey: lol!!!!

Espionata: Seriously when women focus on one type of birth so much 9 times out of 10 it won't happen that way lol

Raphael Raph: *worried sick, rubs her tummy.. trying to make her feel better but knows that's probably impossible. Can't imagine how having something growing inside of you feels* >​.<

Espionata: Mel: *Looks for LH* LH?

Mikey: Angel: *had described to Splinter most of what the scan adventure... most... leaving out the shenanigans that went on before the scan and the Love visit* I'lllet Don know - he's busy

Mikey: LH: snooozing himself - blinks an eye opne*

Espionata: Mel: Erica is in labor

Mikey: bah she'll be fine - they have houuuuuuuuuuurs yet before it advances any further - and for the moment things don't need medical intervention

Mikey: bwhahaha Raph gonna be stuck in that tub for some time with her for the moment Razz

Raphael: dawws, he'll be there for sure. Though he'll be hoping the water doesn't cool off too quickly Razz

Mikey: Erica: *peels a eye open to smile at him - lets it close again a hand joining his - and squeezing his finger gently* mmmm this is nice *to let him know whilst she was not entirely comfy - right now he had made her comfy enough*

Mikey: hehehe he may have to just add a little hot water from time to time Razz

Espionata: Just in case because when things go wrong they can go South so quickly lol

Mikey: LH: really?! *excited... goes to bathroom and sticks big head in* hello Raphael... *lowers deeeeep voice seeing she's napping*

MasterSplinter *oooh* well this is exciting!

Espionata: Mel: *Peeks into the bathroom*

Raphael *relieved that he can at least give her some comfort. Nuzzles and strokes, soft churrs against her shoulder. Sees LH peep in.. THANK GOD! Someone with brains to tell him what to do- to help out* Man, am I glad to see you... keeps voice low, not awanting to wake her*

Mikey: lol nawww poor Raph

Mikey: LH: *slides in.. half in is so large his tail is out the door* everything alright?

Mikey: Hank: *hovers behind mel*

Mikey: Erica: *hums a little, churrs so nice to feel and hear - taking this opportunity to rest up*

Espionata: yeah

Espionata: Mel: *Turns to leave*

Mikey: Hank: whats wrong Mel? *wants to be int here - but probably best to leav them to LH at the moment*

Espionata: Mel: Nothing

Mikey: Hank: you sure?

Espionata: Mel: I'm sure just shouldn't be here

Mikey: Hank: yeah just thinking the same thing. Remember this part of the labor - even if it was a while ago Wink

Espionata: Mel: Plus don't want to go near them still mad at Erica

Mikey: Hank: though you should not be, two very diferent issues and all - and she will have to get over the fear... and will, with Blaze in hand to care for. Come on we should find some ice chips

Espionata: Mel: No thanks

Mikey: Hanks: not for us, for her Wink

Espionata: Mel: I know and I don't wanna help right now

Mikey: Hank: oh? and why not? you already di alerting Angel to tell Don and LH Wink *heads to kitchen*

Espionata: Mel: Only because they should know and whenever I do help it blows up in my face

Mikey: Hank: um no it doesn't - you had an argument - that happens *getting ice*

Espionata: Mel: Before that with all the portal stuff and people just go back to their lives like nothing happened. I'm done with all of that

Mikey: Hank: ... like nothing happened? well what are we supposed to do? we have lil ones on the way - of course we're getting back to that

Espionata: Mel: Forget it you're not listening

Raphael *Glad she is still resting. Hates that she's in so much pain* Yeah.. and no. I think R2 is comin'... and.. I dunno what to do!

Raphael: Ally: *griiins at Mikey, nudgenudge* You gonna probe me? Razz

Mikey: Mikey: *had been behind the machin turning it on - now had lub e- squirts some on his snout at her nudge and words* .... Oo.... >Smile oh definitely!!! *leans down to nuzzle belly*

Donatello: lol How clever, Mikey. Wink

Mikey: LH: *smiles and lowers head to snout nuzzle his friends shoulder*

Raphael: Ally: *giggles madly and tickles his spot* Urm, not sure that's how it works, babe.. Razz

Mikey: Erica: *froooowns a bit and lifts a hand to rub the snout*

Mikey: LH: *to Raph* if this is the early stages of labor there is not much we can do - just... wait

Raphael O.O Just wait?! He's just gonna pop on outta there on his own??

Mikey: LH: *shakes head* right now the first stage of labor... is when her body is preapring, the contractions are opening her cervix - it is not time for her to push...

Raphael >​.< That sounds painful.

Mikey: Erica: *nods from his plastron* it is Red... *leans up a little to smooch his snout - giving LH a jaw scratch* but it's okay

Mikey: LH: *nods nods - happy gator rumble at scratch*

Mikey: Hank: *brings ice chips in*

Mikey: Mikey: mmmmmm! *gah flops off the bed cause of spot tickling and grins from floor tail wagging* sure it is! *scrambles back up still weak kneed to try again - aiming lube at her belly not at his face! - the tube makes rude noise and shots the load all over her stomache*

Espionata: Mel: Because it gets rid of the pain inside my heart

Raphael: Ally: *giggles at fart noise and happy he got it right, though his other method was all sorts of adorable!* I think you have to use a wand or something.. like a wizard... but against my tummy

Raphael Sad *snugs and nuzzles, churrs low, trying to soothe... and now Hank pops in with ice cubes. Grateful for the help, but wondering if the guy is loathing him right now for putting his daughter in this situation*

Mikey: Mikey: ? this thing? *picks up the wand - ooooo all that lube.... >Smile ... but they can do this! even if his tail is hard to wag!* Lumos Maximus! *annnnnnnd wands descends onto her lubey belly* like this?

Mikey: yep Hank both is excited and the old urge to shot him with is there somewhere

Mikey: Erica: *sleeepy - glances at her mate, lifts her hand to tickle his spot now* I'm okay Red... your helping... I am nice and relaxed *and is right now - a combination of the soothing bath, his churrs and nuzzling- smiles at her dad*

Mikey: LH: *smiles and backs out - cause too hard to turn around and flops down to lounge by the door encase they need him*

Mikey: Hank: hey *to Raph - but grins a little, been here himself once.*

Mikey: awwwwwwkward

Raphael: lol, yes!

Raphael *Hopes she's being truthful and he's actually able to help at least. And awkward sort of nod at Hank, knowing the guy probably wants to kill him. Hell, he would to..* Hey. ..

Donatello: I need to go soon. Sad

Raphael: Ally: Smile Yes! Do you see anything? What's in there? Is it a mini Mikey??

Mikey: dawww Wink it's okay *hugs*

Raphael: yeah, me too. hoping the babies will be revealed first ^^

Mikey: Erica: *smiles - can here the awkwardness - but is relaxed herself for the moment*

Mikey: Hank: you both okay? *leans down to smooch Erica's forehead* the first part huh? the looong waiting for the time to push

Mikey: Mikey: *has no idea what he is looking at on the screen -* Oo um I don't know?... *but this is coooool! and then teo fast loud heart beats fill the room and he blinks* is - that - ?

Mikey: Erica: *nods - letting herself go back to nap ville - helps her for the moment ingore the occasional painful contraction*

Espionata: Mel: *Just sits at the kitchen table*

Raphael *nods* Yeah, just.. I guess this is normal... Sad *obviously nervous and scared and wishing he could take her pain

Raphael: Ally: *giggles as he tries and finally gets it right. Indeed, the screen is a lil hard to make out but then not one but two heartbeats, and she squints to make out the two small figures on the screen* O.O OMG.. how do I have TWO in there?!

Mikey: Hank: it is yep - of course Trixie was not so round in the belly cause Erica was not so big... *rubs belly gently and then backs up a little* as long as she sleeps as much as possible now - because the next part is when all the work happens*

Mikey: Mikey: *staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaari​ng........ blinks and raises a finger.... counts two heads!* yes!!! OO*

Raphael: Ally: ^^ Oooh, Ithink I see one long tail, and a short one...girlie and boy! Very Happy

Mikey: Hank: *looks at Raph* I felt bad too when Trixie was in pain... Wished I could take it for her

Mikey: awwwwkward still

Raphael: lol, yess!

Mikey: Mikey: *girlie happy squeal.... Sogs happy tears!

Mikey: Snog*

Donatello: Dawww

Raphael *nods* Yeah...I'dtake it for her if I could. Guess girls are stronger for a reason...

Raphael: Ally: *happy snogs, a lil teary eyed* So we gotta come up with TWO names...^^ Your dad is gonnah ave soooo amny little ones to spoil
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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )   Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour ) Empty

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Portal Hopping Pt 52 - 60 (post rp chat room creation - Don/Angel Scan - R2 Labour )
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