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 Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)

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Erica Martins

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptySun Aug 07, 2016 9:32 am

Candy: okay gonna post for a LOSt April

[Bookmark] Rogue: you playing Ape over there now?)

[Bookmark] Candy: no MS asked me to tempt her through posts she's needed in - but I guess its a start [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: indeed

[Bookmark] Candy: yep so I'm post for her in LOSt so she's caught up [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yayz. I'm almost caught up with reading over there. Gonna get some posts done after we wrap up the chat rp scene)

[Bookmark] Espionata: You really need to make a spot for Mel soon because I am sick and tired of waiting yes I'm part of free forum games but being part of the main game is what I'm here for and I can't keep waiting

[Bookmark] Candy: YAY!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe MMLeo's lilShen is a soft crier - where as Blaze screams the house down [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw. Erica M chat Erica had her lil one?

[Bookmark] Candy: yeeeeep - hehhee got half an inch torn doing so and had unconvential midwives - MRaph, and Clones but yes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze so far is still the biggest amongst them all as far as birth weight went [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw. MDonnie will be sad he missed it . He needs to get his tail home and stop moping over April and pretending it's all to make sure Grim's okay [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee just over nine pounds he was

[Bookmark] Candy: yes he does - MLeo sad he missed it too - lol they had no idea what they were all doing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] MDon may be needed girl has not had her... tear treated yet [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: and will has a MRaph complaining to him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: though MRaph will claim he did not faint ! (he did)

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: and the clones helped

[Bookmark] Rogue: His first encounter with a vagina, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Gold accidently and unintentionally acted the part of the suction thingy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: he'd not meant to - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: one thats torn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: that maybe enough to have him swing for the other team [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ooooh man I am soooo glad Blaze did not tear me up

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: watch out Casey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O I'm NOT gay! >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: *smirks*

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: Not funny, Raph. You're the one 'close' to Casey.. [tongue] *oh yeah, he better prepare to run!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: *smirks more - takes out sai to twirl them* maybe but you and he do take every opportunity to uh wrestle... one has to wonder if it is all for Red [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: just smack with the bo staff

[Bookmark] Candy: .....

[Bookmark] Candy: I am naughty

[Bookmark] Espionata: >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: *Okay, Raph's trying to intimidate him with his weapons... it's working! >​.<* Oh, har-de-har. Real funny, Raph. *Stealthy-sidesteps back.. slooowly edging away.* You know how I feel about April.

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 257 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: talking about your EDiary? Oooh April foooorever? [tongue] *follows his brothers movement*

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: -.- *Keeps on back-stepping until he collides with the wall >​.<* Sticks and stones, Raph. And it's okay that you're in love with Casey, we fully support you! And hey, gives me more of a chance with April, so really I should be thanking you. [tongue] *ducks past and ruuuuns*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dang. Don's got ballz! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MMLeo: *should really step in but is quite amused by the whole thing* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe.. he knows he's gonna get hurt [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: *throws Sai handle first to trip his scrawny tall geek bro!*

[Bookmark] Candy: tyty

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: *...and of course it works because, well.. let's face it. Klutz even on the best of days. Tumbles and face-plants. >​.<* Ow.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: mMRaph: *saunters over and sits on his shell* hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 257 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: MH: *annndn comes along and sits on Raph* ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: *squished!*

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: ack! *flails*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: mmmm got balls? Why balls? Testicles are soft and squishy and sensitive to temperature... well human ones....

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: MH: *barfs up undies and other things on Raph's head*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ad just the odd thought processes that go through her head...

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: well.... at least green is a color that suits me... Where does he get these undies from?... *sniffs* mmmm clean ones

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: I.. have no idea. Now, could you get off me?! *flails*

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: ... Nope [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: -.- *siiiiiiiiiiiighs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: workin' on MM poost

[Bookmark] Rogue: donnie's a lil overwhelmed in FtL, lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I can't imagine why. [tongue] ))

[Bookmark] Rogue: Leo's sadly mistaken if he thinks he's leaving that bathroom [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!!

[Bookmark] Candy: MMRaph: your bot is kinda using me as its bench... Kinda stuck

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MMLeo: O.o Then what do you expect me to do with this kid??

[Bookmark] Candy: Oh he is, Ee will wanna stay close to Elena

[Bookmark] Candy: lol well don't look for a few seconds and the lil red boy will try climbing in the tub, he and his bros where worried about Don

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: Just.. hold him, Leo. Do NOT leave me alone with this woman!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MMLeo: *siiiiiighs* Alright, Donnie.

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *adults not looking - trying to climb into tub*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol kids

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: **huuuuge sigh of relief.*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, and Mikko is determined to sneak in bed with him later. He's gonna be all cuddly thinking he's having the best dream ever and that it's April [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, man. lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol! ... Mornin wooood!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snickers* And we're not just talking his staff. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That poor boy.

[Bookmark] Candy: *falls over laughing*

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: >​.< .. [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: she'd have tease him with 'did you bring your ... Bo to bed - or are you glad to see me?'

[Bookmark] Candy: or 'ah I did hear ninjas liked early morning trainin'

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha

[Bookmark] Rogue: one MM post down, more to gooo

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe n the private site once ago Don lost a bet

[Bookmark] Candy: and as a result had to do a pole dance routine with his staff... That was pretty funneh

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, poor guy

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] hehhee

[Bookmark] Candy: and he don't care what that obnoxious Mikey says. He crushed the routine [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 257 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, I gotta head off. Donnie promises he'll post in LOST later today. [wink] See you guys tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 257 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Log-eth is sent-eth! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 257 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Barack! Lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Bwahahahaha!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe these logs

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So he's gonna get a kiss, huh? [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: he will - eth

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *will probably retreat inside his shell!* [blushing] ​ !

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] maybe aiming for his cheek and get corner of mouth lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *kisses all over that bald head*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: or try to, lol know the 2k12 mob fit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *shnk! -- head inside shell*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: dawwwwww ... bad kisser? *knows she aint*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *muffled* No.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: that's good to know - [wink] you grew a lot...

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: and don't know what you guys been up to but Senei has more grey furr

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *chuckles* I have been staying out of trouble. *mostly*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *giggles stroking his head* yeah?.. So it's Mikey huh? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: You could say that.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ugh...sleepy. *hugs* Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 257 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 257 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: How are you? :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: alright

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: loggies - yous?

[Bookmark] Espionata: nothing

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Alyss I believe Alyss, Ee and Raph may have to run for it in iZombie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yup!

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: you all gonna get ate!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: nothing much, just eating my weight in Ramen

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: made post in MM

[Bookmark] Mikko: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: >​>​

[Bookmark] Alysson: *randomly hugs everyone*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs and squeezes*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how is everyone

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: three more days and black friday will be a part of the past

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: in retail

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: oh i'll be so happy once its done

[Bookmark] Mikko: THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i had a old guy get pissy with me on sunday at work because i asked him my normal questiones did you find anything? do you have mperks, coupons, and bottle slips, then he complained that we didn't have his favorite lane open. Lane 11 which is a 12 item or less lane for a cashier to run not a self scaner. I told him I don't have authority for that one. But we have 15 other lines open along with the others sir. then he complained to another co worker when I was done

[Bookmark] Espionata: I struggle to say this because I usually keep quiet about stuff but I'm losing my patience in waiting to join the main game

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: then hop in it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: a bunny

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: There's no place for Mel to hop in to

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: So yah so far only had the one old dude complain

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: at work

[Bookmark] Mikko: just have her wondering around.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: getting on skype but waiting for an update

[Bookmark] Espionata: Like where? While the rping was happening last night I asked if Mel could join in but was told there was no place for her yet

[Bookmark] Mikko: I see.....................​ I mean. Hun isn't doing anything right now

[Bookmark] Espionata: He's not?

[Bookmark] Mikko: nope not that I remember

[Bookmark] Espionata: Who plays him?

[Bookmark] Mikko: me

[Bookmark] Espionata: oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

Mikko: hell yeah. ooooooooooooooooooor Bax could be walking about if you want. or she can run into Spike *grins*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Fun lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I ate too much ramen

[Bookmark] Alysson: I wanna hop into the main game too. :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: then why don't you and Mel run into each other on the street or something

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello? wb? where you here before?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Finally! Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi and ty ty and yes was here [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaay

[Bookmark] Mikko: *goes around slapping asses*

[Bookmark] Espionata: We could

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yeah! [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: you should!

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rogue! *smacks Rogue's ass*

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah babeh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I think my skype is working now. it came back on after the update

[Bookmark] Mikko: I started physical therapy at home, work outs I got from docs to do for my back. but it huuuuuuuuuuuurts. I was told to work through the pain and in two to three weeks I should be almost pain free

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's good, well the pain is it. but to be pain free is a good option

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ouch

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm also on a low carb low fat, looooow salt diet

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I hope it works for you

[Bookmark] Mikko: me too!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: the pain isn't good i mean.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Who wants to start the thread?

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sits on Rogue's lap* and how are you feeling?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm on the eat whatever the hell I want diet I'm a stick >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe I am on a see food diet - I see food - I'ma eat it [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Skype is working yay.. since i hate restarting computer after an update

[Bookmark] Mikko: lucky!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was like, why the hell you put me on a diet on the week of thanksgiving!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Alysson: You could start the thread, Espi! I'm no good at starting things...

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko is ll get out I'm trying to flirt!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: ^-^

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: Can't you all see I'm trying to get the turtle D

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's the date of the game now?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think it's early morning. so around 5:30 Am that's what time it is in the cabin in the woods

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yeaaaaaah good luck wid dat MMMikko [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: You can eat turkey it's low in fat except if you cover it in butter >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: I forgot I have to dye my hair red

[Bookmark] Espionata: Wonder how my brother is gonna season it [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that must be why in the movie Don didn't seem interested in her, she didn't have red hair

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Yeah, and Mikey did. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe in the new movie Mike will get the girl


[Bookmark] Espionata: Ugh titles hate coming up with titles DX

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: about time - show the Mikster some loooooooooooove *waggles eyeridges* [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *dances around naked* yeah!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww put some clothes on!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: never! *wiggles*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: O_o

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *pelvic thrust at the girls*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Pervert! *Throws a rock at Bebop*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: *hides behind Mel*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I won't be online Wednesday or Thursday due to early shifts.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *saw nothing tooo wrapped up in Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I am immune to rocks! *spins his dick in circles* woooooo look'it!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they have me going in at 6:00a.m. on Thursday and Friday at 5:45a.m.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: April: .......... *blink blink*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Quit it! *Throws more rocks* Mikey!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but im on Skype, as I watch Arrow. Also doing laundry will need to check in a second.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *gives Rogue a lap dance*

[Bookmark] Candy: oooh man watched the new TBBT - nearly died laughing cause of Leonard in the orange lingerie

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Don When you stay "and not be a stalker" it makes you sound like a stalker

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Don watches April when she sleeps

[Bookmark] Espionata: Considering 2012 Donnie was pretty stalkerish >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: ........

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *watches Don sleep....and cuts his toenails to save*

[Bookmark] Candy: and still a better love story than Twilight

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I never watched or read Twilight lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mikko, that's creepy. O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: there's nothing creepy about it! I'm going to use them to clone my own Donnie

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] I read the first one... was NOT impressed [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okayyyy, that's not much better. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rogue! you being too quiet! you ok over there? Did you finally find that Daryl Dixon sex doll?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ha!

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: was actually catching up on the latest TWD comic

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh and I was soooo serious about doing a game with all the kiddies running the grown ups up the walls

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Running them up the walls and onto the ceiling lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: though....would you want me to make a profile for Bell if we did that?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Yeeeeah. She'd need a profile [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I shall make it happen!

[Bookmark] Mikko: but not tonight...probably tomorrow.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh I have to find a face for her!

[Bookmark] Mikko: exciting a face to the character

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sorry been catching up on Arrow

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe sounds like a fun game -

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: some of the Villians will be in the SSS movie in August 2016 which I'm excited about

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I still want them to make a JLA

[Bookmark] Mikko: actually............the "kiddie" game would be a very VERY good chance to try out a character that's been in my head for too long of a time

[Bookmark] Mikko: so I'll be making two profiles

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] sorry none of my kiddos will be there I don't think [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ugh hate titles >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww why not!? your kiddos was the reason for this game lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I have no character right now for Origin since I'm not sure what character I'd make

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hm...I'm thinking...titles are hard. :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: make a.....mutant....unicorn!​

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe cause unless portal hoppin none my kiddies in the O

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww...well either way I'll have two child profiles to make

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I CAN FLY!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: I think the fat gray unicorn ate the wrong berries in the forest

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: Mr FatGreyUnicorn [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooo ooooooooooh wichey woooman! seeee how high she fllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyy~YYYYYYYYYYYYY​YYYYYYYs

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: found Eze's kid!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted and yay stupid title lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol why do I have the feeling if Elena and Bella did find each other they'd cause all sorts of mischeif?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes they would!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] and get away with it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yay!! [big grin] (And, the title's good. :3)

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawwww, she's sooo cute

[Bookmark] Rogue: Jake will hit on her for sure [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: And if we get to bug Stockman bonus unless he see experiments with street kids [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: my mystery child

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: Gabe! control your spawn.

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawwww. Heath Ledger was such a gentleman ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: he was an awesome Joker and a great actor

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: [tongue] Naw. He gets it honest.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that woman is crazy

[Bookmark] Rogue: Hehe. Well her loudness got her a kiss

[Bookmark] Mikko: I guess it all worked out then

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: next time I see someone I want to kiss I'll remember to scream loudly

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Espionata: So cute

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: a teacher hypnotized his students to help them do better in their studies. but six of the students went home and hung themselves. none of the students had a history of depression and two them were star foot ball players. don't let people hypnotize you

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: mwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: not about the hypno tism - about the iced coffee I haz [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol oh!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I thought you were going around hy[notizing people

[Bookmark] Candy: hah! yeah not sure I could do that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: damnnit google! I ask you to look up rusty garden bears and you give me pics of dogs -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: ;p;

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least it's not porn lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: true

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: I google rusty teddy bears and I get this

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted Aly

[Bookmark] Mikko: daryl is found in the most unlikileyest of places

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'll post tomorrow, my Kindle Fire is about to die. Good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. rusty bears?

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is a story behind the rusty bear

[Bookmark] Mikko: when I was stil in highschool, my mom had a rusty teddy bear in her garden. over the years it's desolved into nothing. it was her favorite yard decoration, so I'm trying to find a replacment

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: awwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: well hey! Norman Reedus would look even better in her garden [tongue] But I'm afraid I would have to come along and steal him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: she thinks he's ugly so she wouldn't mind you taking him

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o Whaaaaat

[Bookmark] Rogue: but more for me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol indeed!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *slides up to Don and screams! hoping for a kiss*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're a creepy stalker >​>​

Mikko: MM Mikko: not yet. but give it time

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O *jumps and runs!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: awwwwwww....*sighs and pinches Leo's tail*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And you don't get a hint >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MMLeo: *gasps!* O.O *jumps*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: ^^ it's fine. I don't need no man! I can take care of my children on my own!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: How old are you?

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *snaps fingers in Z formation*

[Bookmark] Candy: Clones: *copy Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think she's...16? on MM can't remember

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Miko: good boys *pats their heads*

[Bookmark] Candy: Clones: *though not very good at pinching so it's more like rough grabbing*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol cute

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah that will end well >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: ok kids! now we will learn the art of flipping someone off!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikko you don't wanna teach them that stuff >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Clones: .... *nods nods - ready to learn*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *shows them* now you try!

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: *middle finger salute!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *holds up all fingers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh boy >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *nearly pokes himself in the eye with his*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: ok everyone! flip off mel!

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *Mr. Bean Style waving his around*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: HA!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikko you're being a horrible parent

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *See Leo and waves it at him!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MMLeo: *blinks then waves back*

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *beams, proud of his new trick! - scurries about to show everyone this wonderful new wave!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: ok! now say, Bitch! where my money at!?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MMLeo: *sighs* -_- *will need to have a talk with that woman*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: She can't be a mom

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: Bitcth! where's my monkey cat?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No Violet you can't say that

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O *slaps duct tape over Mikko's mouth*

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: ...... why?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Heeeeey! That's mine. -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: The tape... not Mkko

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *shows this giant Raph his new salute!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Because bitch is a grown up word

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *thinks this is kinky and likes where it's going*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: I got you a new roll BigRed [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And Crimson you don't flip someone off that's bad and hurts their feelings

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet: .... ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok all I'm heading off to see the wizard! night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: lol night

[Bookmark] Candy: brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have to go. work tomorrow and it's gonna be hell >​.< night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *HUGS!* Night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I might head off here too. Night./

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe thank, but looks like an early one from here [big grin] - *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 256 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Getting overly stressed out over midterms... [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted! ^-^

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: poste

[Bookmark] Espionata: *posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hELLO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oops. Dang caps lock

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not much. You?

[Bookmark] Espionata: same

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi, Kitteh!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty -- was just checking something.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Still here. I was just closing the other window.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I decided to come on tonight but I know for sure I won't be tomorrow night. need to be up very early Friday for work. 5:45a.m. comes super early

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Happy Thanksgiving to all early as well

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my sisters and her family won't be able to make it. My niece, has the flue, and an eye infection, and diarrhea. So her family is staying home.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi and kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: this is the nine month old so my sister feels awful she cant do much for her

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello and same to you. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not sure if either one of them have Crohn's disease but my brother in law does. so far neither of them half it. not sure when they could get it

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: so we are wondering if that's what makes them sick all the time. though we still aren't sure

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Definitely weak immune systems. [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *nods* and being only nine months and the other one two they bring a lot home from day care

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's how i got pink eye and walking pneumonia

[Bookmark] Espionata: ick

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yuck! *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted Aly [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: what's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: anyone doing black friday shopping

[Bookmark] Espionata: Staying away from the stores lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: My mom made a pumpkin pie from scratch! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: mmm pie

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *needs some*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i made fruit salad

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, I'm staying away from the stores, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom is gonna make an apple pie

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: now your all making me hungry for pie

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i wish i could stay away from it all but i have to work in it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Well, there is a difference.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted!

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted~

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted :3

[Bookmark] Alysson: Chatzy's pretty quiet today.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dang, you gals are on fire! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. Not sure if Rogue will be in or not. Mikko probably won't be unless it's late.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I"m heading off for the night guys. you have a good holiday

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: drink coffee to stay sain [smile]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sane AND awake. lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: not much

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed...good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Donatello joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Donatello changed name to Rogue

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: Just popping in to say hi. I have to work tomorrow and trying to get a cake done before I go t o bed >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. funfun

[Bookmark] Rogue: but nummy cake [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Do you get holiday pay?

[Bookmark] Rogue: reese peanut butter cake

[Bookmark] Rogue: I do

[Bookmark] Rogue: and time and a half for the hours worked

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh, sounds good.

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's good

[Bookmark] Rogue: Yeah. I don't mind having to work too much tomorrow. Yeah, we have over 100 animals there, but we should only be in for about 4 or 5 hours. We just have to take them out, feed, make sure everyone is clean and okay, then we can leave

[Bookmark] Rogue: friday is gonna suck balls

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, Rogue, I got the 8-figure Leonardo set from Toys R' US. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: most of those 100 pets will be leaving, and will require baths

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh, awesome ^^ wish we had a Toys rUs here

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: are they around $100? just wanna know what the going price is cuz I may have to get them on ebay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww none at all? You can order it online, though.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: $89.99

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, can do that. may do a cyber monday order

[Bookmark] Rogue: thought it was around that price range

[Bookmark] Rogue: that should qualify f or free shipping

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Probably.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ouch Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Paint jobs look pretty decent on all of the packages I have seen. Which is two. lol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ouch, nah.. not really. Not a bad price for an 8 fig set

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They forgot one fig in the set, though.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It kinda surprised me they didn't include it.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh

[Bookmark] Rogue: which figure?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 2007 Leonardo. Which, is actually my favorite incarnation of Leo they have had out. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww. Yeah, they should have included him

[Bookmark] Rogue: brb. gotta ice the dang cake

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Frog-looking or not, he was awesome. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I hit the jackpot for TMNT figs at TRU yesterday. Got Mondo Gecko. Unfortunately, I could only get one then. Was gonna get Dark Beaver today, but he wasn't there anymore.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But I did get Savage Mikey today. [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They sold quite a few figs since yesterday.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, and TRU (and probably other places really soon) has the Half-Shell Heroes with their dino pals. They're soooo cute!

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg.. they have dark beaver??

[Bookmark] Rogue: and back [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: for now
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:23 am

pt 12

Rogue: for like 20 minutes

[Bookmark] Rogue: then I must depart

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yes, they have both Dire and Dark Beaver out in figs. But I haven't seen either of them until yesterday.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I wish they had Dave. lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, Dave is awesome!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Attila cracks me up with that tongue. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I saw him at TRU Tuesday, too. He was gone by Wednesday. *pouts*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Why do they keep excluding Don from the toylines??

[Bookmark] Espionata: No idea

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have noticed three or four different lines where all the turtles are available except poor Donnie.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don seems to get the short end of the stick. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: poor excluded Donnie

[Bookmark] Rogue: meh.. this guy I've been talking to keeps asking"have you had sexy thoughts about me?" :/ wtf dude

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: no. the answer is no

[Bookmark] Rogue: ad it was no a week ago..

[Bookmark] Rogue: -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue: this is why I'm better single

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dang, my boyfriend doesn't even ask me that.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Forward, much?

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs* yeah. I thought he was cool with being patient because I explained to him, I don't rush into things, I don't develop feelings over night.. and he was like, you're worth waiting for. but here we are again

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I'm just not answering him

[Bookmark] Rogue: sounds like you got a good one, kitteh [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's okay. If he keeps asking stuff like that, then he doesn't deserve an answer.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know. ^^ I'm so lucky. [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, I have to head off. Hope you gals have a Happy Thanksgiving. [smile] I'll be on briefly tomorrow night.. have a double Friday >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *Hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night and you, too! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off here, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Happy Thanksgiving! [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 255 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! ^-^

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Went to my grandparents house for thanksgiving, it was fun. Then when we got back home I took the US history midterm test so I've got one less thing to worry about. :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: US History is easy at least I found it easy World History nope lol

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: there are terrorist in my world of warcraft game!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: I saw Jurrasic World [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was playing WoW as I always do and this group of people are trying preaching about isis

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are trying to get people to join and shit

[Bookmark] Mikko: and we can't band them because techincaly they have done nothing wrong

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yikes hopefully people reported them because that's fbi shit

[Bookmark] Alysson: On World of Warcraft? O_o

[Bookmark] Mikko: yea!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh Blizzard (the creator) has been contacted. but they said the people haven't broken any rules

[Bookmark] Mikko: FBI and all are calling them pranks

[Bookmark] Espionata: I would think trying to get people to join terrorists would be breaking the rules not to mention a threat to the world

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's being looked at as people just being internet trolls

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well they're not funny because of how real it is

[Bookmark] Espionata: Troll about something else then like saying Twilight is awesome and people that don't like it are posers or something

[Bookmark] Mikko: the best we can do is kill them in game

[Bookmark] Mikko: pew pew

[Bookmark] Mikko: now, if they start harassing players then they can get banned

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: world is crazy enough, now they are trying to seep into my fake world

[Bookmark] Espionata: While I saw Jurrasic World on Blueray [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I love that movie!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *yawns and lays down* I also ate too much

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Alysson: Did you guys watch the Macy's thanksgiving day parade? TMNT and Panic! At the Disco on the same float. [lovestruck]

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Mikko: no..and now I am sad that I didn't

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well Mel and Aly are friends sorta Mel doesn't know what to think of it but we need conflict [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: but! I did see...ants trying to drink turkey grease

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: what we need is to jump to another day, this night has been going on foooorevvvver

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ants are done for the year here but they've been done for months lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: It is day [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: not at the cabin!

[Bookmark] Mikko: in fact everyone is in a different time!

[Bookmark] Mikko: so confused

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's five a.m at the cabin Beginnings is three hours later and Street Life is at 10 in the morning [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dund unduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu​uuun

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: But we need a villian in Street Life [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yeah, now that the two separated we need something to happen to them.

[Bookmark] Mikko: well...there are aliens everywhere

[Bookmark] Espionata: And we don't control that account probably a good thing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I still say we need a time jump. Leo is still in the foot tower and he should have been long gone, Raph was suppose to be kidnapped, Eze has his thing he needs to do. everything just feels like it's at a stand still

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: how is u

[Bookmark] Candy: not bad

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: we can probably get threads finishes in the next rp chat for the main game, just end scenes so time hops can be done

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooooooooooooooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: soooooooooooooooo much fooooooooood *shares food*

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: have ate more today then I have in the past two weeks

[Bookmark] Candy: on nom nom

[Bookmark] Mikko: and because of this. I now have stomach and chest pains

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well Thanksgiving will do that

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: And it makes you sleep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: happy thanksgiving! it wasn't too happy for the natives!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ah sleeep. yesterday I slept for 22 hours

[Bookmark] Espionata: Wow you must've needed that Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: i did!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Now you know how a cat feels [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: cats feel awesome!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lost ten pounds! probably put it all back on today XD

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hellooooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: *curls up with Rogue and sleeps*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: *strokes*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Probably

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rogue has comfty tatas

[Bookmark] Mikko: how was your day!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I WIN!

[Bookmark] Rogue: insanely tired, but good. how are ya'll?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: in pain. belly and chest hurts. and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo​ sleepy

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm pretty friggin excited about the Civil War movie ^^ cannot wait for that

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pulls Kitteh into the cuddle*

[Bookmark] Rogue: need to change my banner to Stark only [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Rogue: FB, that is

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know if I'll watch it. iron man and cap fighting!? so sad

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeeeeah. :/ I got a lil sad when Cap'n was like "he's my friend!" and stark, a lil emotionally eyed "So was I"

[Bookmark] Mikko: of course i'm team Iron man

[Bookmark] Rogue: I will watch it, because RDJ is my spirit animal [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'd marry that guy and do body shots and shit [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I feel that way about Travis Barker

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe.. so y ou can relate [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Rogue: my bestie is all into Cap'n because of Chris Evens and I'm like.. mah

[Bookmark] Mikko: boooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: I mean don't get me wrong, he's cute.. but RDJ, that guy is endless entertainment

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: hekko

[Bookmark] Mikko: ejjo

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Happy Thanksgiving! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: Happy Thanksgiving to you, and all the chatzy peeps ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: hope you all had a good one

[Bookmark] Mikko: did you guys read up there where I was talking about world of warcraft and how today isis people came on and started trouble. well...supposed isis people

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: We don't do the thanks giving here [big grin] but Happy Thanks giving

[Bookmark] Rogue: well then

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: well happy Aussie day!

[Bookmark] Mikko: they picked today because in WoW it's also thanksgiving and all the players are in the major cities

[Bookmark] Rogue: but in that news.. I hear Bindi won Dancing with the Stars! I'm so proud of her!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: she did? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yesh! ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: he deserved it

[Bookmark] Candy: yes good girl Bindi

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: that little lady danced her heart out

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: and she really grew into her looks. because I don't remember her being a very cute baby lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww. I always thought she was a cutie. she looks so much like her dad ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: that she does

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: we have lots of left overs so everyone can come over and eat!

[Bookmark] Rogue
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[Bookmark] Espionata: No thanks had enough food [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: nooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooo it's too many emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!

[Bookmark] Candy: Yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's bad, cap! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yer suppose to be the good guy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *flails*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *crashes into wall and falls asleep*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o *gives you pillow?*

Mikko: took a shower. spider decided to join me. I freaked. shower curtain came down, water was everywhere.

[Bookmark] Mikko: *takes*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yikes

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *can't help but laugh at that picture*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks the bottoms*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: the spider got squished

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: then Arthas tried to eat it O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: arthas tried to eat everything today! the turkey out of the fryer, the ants that were eating the grease, ham, yams, a butterfly

[Bookmark] Mikko: then he peed on my treadmill

[Bookmark] Kitteh: No surprise there.

[Bookmark] Mikko: and crapped in the roommates shoe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, man,

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What kind of dog is he?

[Bookmark] Mikko: he was going crazy! must have been nervous about all the new activity going on

[Bookmark] Mikko: dachshund

[Bookmark] Rogue: a weenie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: then he and my brother had a howling contest

[Bookmark] Espionata: Probably dress him up like a hot dog [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have a pic somewhere of Arthas with a wig on

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *picks up Gabe and spins him around*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: O.o .. what you been eatin'? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Need to meet someone else [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Cheereos!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well Mel, if you could get into a bar, or were part of a gang, or something then you can meet pople

[Bookmark] Mikko: for now the aliens will have to possesses you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel is a Krangg!

[Bookmark] Mikko: shot it in the head!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's not going to slow it down. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shoots Mel and crazy tentacles spew from the neck*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm in the bad part of the city >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: how do you know yer in the bad part of the city? tentacles!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Plus Stockman pickpocketing him would give me alot [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It's rundown

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I have no pockets!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: and why would I be in the bad part of town? I live in a nice house!

[Bookmark] Mikko: you have a better shot at finding Hun

[Bookmark] Candy: Shady dealin?

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooh wait no he has a lackey for that now

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes lol

[Bookmark] Candy: he he Ee the lackey

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: True plus homeless people if taken won't be missed >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: Erica! go get me a homeless man.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But might need Hun to post [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: but whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhy? I thought you were rping with Aly

[Bookmark] Espionata: I am but we need conflict [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *Away tone*

[Bookmark] Mikko: then have Mel punch Aly

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: O_o

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No

[Bookmark] Mikko: then I can not help you

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Besides Hun isn't doing anything but being a fatass

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he is not fat! he's fluffy

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Hun: I wouldn't be in the bad part of town! That's what I have Dragon Face for.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Hun: anyway. tonight is raid night in WoW!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: mean since eze ain't there to do his dirty work? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Laz' lazy but needs to post

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah pretty much

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I'm about to go post for Lazy Karai

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes Laz will do that.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But you're not doing anything can you even do anything with a lacky?

[Bookmark] Candy: Heheh I got an April and Mikey to do [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: *without

[Bookmark] Candy: and all dem in Izombie

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, Rogue? Did you forget to post the log from the other night in JLOT?

[Bookmark] Rogue: no. I just haven't had a chance to clean it up and do coloring [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* Did you want me to do it?

[Bookmark] Rogue: will try to do that sunday.. will be my first chance unfortunately

[Bookmark] Rogue: if you don't mind ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I can. [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: thank you

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMG! you two did two pages! I have to read two pages!?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: No problem. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's not that long lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: An admin I knew was lazy and wanted a summery of a thread when it was on Proboards posts weren't huge and only I think two pages took her three weeks >​<

[Bookmark] Rogue: and just ah eads up.. I probably won't be on saturday night. Going to see Mockingjay pt.2 and chinese restaurant after work. my treat to myself for surviving tthis horribly busy week

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ky

[Bookmark] Espionata: *kay

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol yes! You go treat yourself!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I've only seen the Hunger Games and I have Catching Fire unopened lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's awesome, Rogue. ^^ Hope you have an awesome time! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: I have logs to do... Meant to be posting...

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: there! Hun posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm going to work on the log from the other night.

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I! am be....maybe getting sushi saturday!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: everything got quiet

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think they all left the house

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I might play video games

[Bookmark] Mikko: my sister in law has downed three bottles of wine

[Bookmark] Mikko: I hear a wine glass...she must be working on her fourth

[Bookmark] Espionata: uhoh lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: grrr ?/< stabbed myself under my fingernail. Love when that happens ..said no one, ever

[Bookmark] Espionata: ouch

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like how your grrrr is a question. like, maybe I'm angry?

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm angry in my stupid choice to try and pull apart a paper clip to act as a nail pencil to make polish designs when I'm too dang tired to be trusted with dangerous objects [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: this is why I cannot have nice things... or fingers

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh man *smacks you with pillow* sleep my child!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: i.... Am eating kiwi fruit... Skins and all

[Bookmark] Mikko: I love kiwi! how they have little wings and can't fly, so cute. wound't eat one though

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: My brother's girlfriend has a cute Munchkin kitten but he's standard size which means he's a normal sized cat he tried to bite my nose >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like those little munchkin cats. but what I really want is a scottish fold

[Bookmark] Espionata: He has soft fur but he's long haired and he wanted to play lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hey I got a Siamese mix always wanted a Siamese loved the markings [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh pics?

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh I just found out for my birthday my mom is making me a beetlejuice cake! yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's the male white kitten I have he's really a Siamese mix and I can say that instead of calling him an American Shorthair [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: nice

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: Considering his sister is a Tortie ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: apparently Hun is buying a tank

[Bookmark] Espionata: A tank Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yep

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what happens when you make Hun post

[Bookmark] Mikko: he buys tanks

[Bookmark] Kitteh: brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok all I must get off here. head is pounding

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why would you want a tank Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: see you all tomorrow! night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: back and *belated hugs to Mikko*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ay at!

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb and posted Aly lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: My player is crazy >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, did you guys see Don's newest journal? [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Rogue: I did! ^^ Loved it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I thought it was time for another one. [wink] I just wasn't sure about the date.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: If I need to change it, let me know. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes me too!

[Bookmark] Candy: I feel bad I int done one for Mikey

[Bookmark] Candy: or April [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: but Mikey would most like draw super Heros in his journal

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Ooh, going to read Donnie's journal right now! [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He has two up so far if you haven't read the first one. [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yay gotta wait for Hun [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh, mikey and april need one!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I need to do one for my chars

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph says he ain't doin' it.. it's too girly... but sure I can twist his arm [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: The journals seem like a fun idea! ^-^

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's a good thing MM doesn't have a place for journals... lol.. MMDonnie tho [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I see Don and Leo being the most likely to keep up with writing. Except Mikey is supposed to be a good writer, too. [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: maybe april talked raph into doing it.. to help get it out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Journals are girly >​>​

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus Mel's handwriting is horrible [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss hasn't written in a looong time, I bet hers is worse than Mel's.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Plus horrendous spelling

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey would fill his with rambling thoughts and tangents and scribblings [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe sketches on boobies

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Seriously Mikey Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: yep

[Bookmark] Candy: probably odd bits of poetry

[Bookmark] Candy: yes April would help Raph [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: His journal will be interesting Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.- What is this, Mutant Daries? I ain't doin' it.

[Bookmark] Candy: Bah I have logs to do ! Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Diaries*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: April:.... *mum tone-* your doing it

[Bookmark] Rogue: I should be going but... too tired to sleep

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ....why?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Neither am I Raphie

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ;p;

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: April: ... Um I don't know how to answer that...

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: April: but your doing it!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: Doooo it, Mel!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No way my writing is chickenscratch

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Come on, Raph. It not really that bad. It might help you get things out in the open so they won't bottle up inside you. No one else has to read them.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: except Mikey... If he can find it

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: Why does that matter? Not that I could read it anyway...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol If he does write it, I'm sure he'll have it under lock and key at all times. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Because I hate writing

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ...yer tellin' me, scribblin' words on a piece of paper will make me feel better? -.- WTF, Donnie. What if Mikey finds it?

Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *rolls his eyes* Yes, it's been proven that if you write down your thoughts it lessens the burden you place on yourself by holding in everything until you explode.

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: [big grin] find what?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey if you read secret journals you will be strung up by your tail

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Who the hell proved that? *quirks an eyeridge at Mikey* Yer brain.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Ask any psychologist, Raph. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: meh dropped that ages ago, don't wanna find it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: April: then again he tells me everything so same thing right?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Then how are you alive

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: If you choose to confide in a person instead, then yes.

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *though finds that hard to believe that Raph would actually open up to someone like that*

[Bookmark] Candy: April: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: What's your secret, April?

[Bookmark] Candy: April: it's a big sis thing [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: How did you get him to open up to you?

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: I see...

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Siblings can do that somehow >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: April: I ... Don't know ... maybe I just... Have one of thos personalities

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: [smile] Well, at least some has managed to do it.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: cause she makes a person feel safe [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh And Mel, how does that prove anything in my situation, hm? I'm his brother.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: **

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sisters are different [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Hm...perhaps. *but usually brothers confide in each other more often...whatever, is still glad he found someone*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well and I alos don't judge Raphie

[Bookmark] Espionata: *also

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... [big grin] I tell my brothers everything... Sometimes Too much [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah they did not need to be told he got himself in the eye last time he jacked off

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *sniggers*

[Bookmark] Candy: April: ... Mikey!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww DX

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: they did so! - you know occupational health nd safety nd all that

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: ....*just facepalms!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Did I need to know?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lolol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: You need to work on yer aim.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [tongue] hehehe at least I got aim

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww gross

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: bet I can shoot mine further

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Pfffft. Yer a rookie.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *laughing so hard right now!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: ...this is not a conversation I ever thought I would hear. Seriously, you guys? *though he would probably win* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: am not, been playin wid myself for ages.., a pro at it :ap

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha. because he can calculate and test the wind and stuff [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ... I don't doubt you one bit on that.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: A conversation you would hear what about me DX

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: well there has been some tests conducted in that area...of course human guys being the basis for it...

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty Ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Bwahahahaha!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... [twisted] bet us turtle boys put them to shame

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: .... *just throws his hands up in the air and walks out of the room*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ... I'm sure she's well aware of that by now... [cool]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: and factors such as sexual frustration, most recent activity, health would contribute.. Oh yes yous do

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Dawww come on Donnie don't be shy now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can't you guys talk about something else?!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: No thank you, Mikey. I prefer not to get involved in this conversation. -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *because he would still win!* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: you sure bro? ... bet I would win [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: I have no interest in that kind of contest. -_

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You guys!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *decides to dip out of this convo, because he's got other things on his mind... tuuuugs Erica along* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol He's going to test that theory on his own. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oooooh a demonstration? *eagerly goes with*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe don't temp Mikey he would measure how far he can shot

[Bookmark] Candy: and brag about it in his journal

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I know.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Gross

[Bookmark] Candy: ... Which is out loud to his brothers

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe Erica's fave type of exploration... Hands on [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: or tongue on

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mikey's so naughty. lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yes

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey is a devious lil turtle

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: lil!! Oy! It's a python!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: April: *chokes on iced coffee*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *completely rocks her world. workin' on Blaze, the sequel*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: Raph's tryin build his own ninja clan....

[Bookmark] Candy: or took the 'saving the species' thing seriously

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yup

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *annnnnd no chance of being quiet here!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *wants some fun too*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well then >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze the sequel...

[Bookmark] Candy: might have to call it Ember [tongue] especially if it's a girl lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Blequel? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sounds like a cold medicine. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *drags Don off for some fun experiemnting*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Blequel!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *happily goes with her* ^__________^

[Bookmark] Candy: April: hehehe Teens

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey I don't act like that >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: creeeeeeeeeam

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *yes, maybe there will be 'cream'* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, I gotta go. [frown] Will hopefully see you guys tonight if I'm not completely dead

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [smile] no ewwww my lady loves it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey I don't need to know that

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Seriously that's a thing you don't tell siblings

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *agrees but is making his own 'cream'* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *behind closed doors of course*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: pppfffft that's what siblings are for... To gross out with things you don't tell other people

[Bookmark] Candy: April: .. I can assure you Raph does not tell me those things... Well not yet anyways... though *points at Mikey8 I know he would

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *quiet good and assisting in the making of DonCream*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: To your younger sister Mikey?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yep... And older sisters

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *gives her plenty of the 'DonCream'*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Would you like it if I talked to you about female issues?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: .. Like menstuation? what about it?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *not going to need dinner tonight*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well it's the same thing brothers don't like listening to their sisters complain about it

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... I don't have a problem with it - find it fascinating

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You do?

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: and it means I get to cook comfort food

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: of course... Most guys guy ewwww gross... But me? Not ewww!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It does?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's happy to oblige. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!!

[Bookmark] Candy: I bet [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: bit of fun... Exercise annnnnd keeps her happy and full

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yes! - get to try out those new fun chocolate recipes [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yum chocolate

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe as if our turtle boys needed bigger... Heads on the matter [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: pun hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe especially as they can 'fan' theirs they can make it bigger that way [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: very yum chocolate!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I want some chocolate Mikey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *gives her chocolate* there

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Thanks Mikey *Eats chocolate happily*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *and again!*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: .... Go Donnie!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o *Mike can hear him???* >​.< [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: [wink] hard to be quiet when it's this intense huh? *smooch smooch*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *nuzzles her, out of breath* Yeah. [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *admittedly did not try hard to be quiet* mmmm hmmm

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smooch smooch*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *smooochie kiss snog*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Keep it down!

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:27 am

pt 13.

Kitteh *holds her close, keeps smooching*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: why? means its good if their that noisey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We don't need to hear it

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *snuuuugs - smoooochie smooches - get more cream from him shortly *

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Ppppft they can be as noisey as they

[Bookmark] Candy: like*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But Mikey it's meant to be private >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *indeed she will!* [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: it is... You can't see nothing... Stop whinnin'

[Bookmark] D joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: [wink] *snoggles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi D

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can still hear it

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: so? Go put ear muffs on or listen to music in head phones, at least it's a sign of a healthy relationship and all that [wink] or maybe you should hang out else where is if really bothers you [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: So you're just gonna listen like a creeper?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: meh mostly I just don't tune in, I go cook or read or something [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Surprising coming from you >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: how so? We all know I love comics

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *snoggies*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I know that seeing as you have a huge collection that I can hide [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: mmmmmm *hands go looooow to tease him for more cream!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oh what for! - that's just being annoying for no reason

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm your sister that's why [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: reasons/me Mikey: not if ya gonna be annoying for the heck of it

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You do the same thing Mikey

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *moans, almost ready to give more*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: nope, I annoy my bro to give em exercise and distract them for some time. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That's the excuse you give [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: it's better than yours, yours is just cause you can. *leaves Mel cause she's annoying him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *grrrroans teasing mooooore*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Now you know how it feels Mikey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *churrrrrrrrrrs*

[Bookmark] Candy: April: ... He's gone he didn't hear you, but I did... >​<

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What?

[Bookmark] Candy: April: such an annoying argumentative girl you are

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: mmmm cream? *licks that pulse hands a workin that turtlehood*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *moans -- yes, cream...LOTS OF CREAM!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL! I hear dogs barking "Jingle Bells" in the background.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yet Mikey isn't annoying?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *may have to draw smiley faces in all that jizz!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: My mom is listening to random Christmas music. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *pants and looks up at her*

[Bookmark] Candy: April: nah, usually just weird, your annoying, and argumentative

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *griiins, draws smiley face in splotch on her belly* [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh *grins at Angel*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not that much different from Raph you know

[Bookmark] Candy: April: .. Your a hell of a lot different

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: mmmmm *grins back down at him, covered in it!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *blushes brightly but smiling* Not too much?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *liiiicks her finger* noooo, in fact should entice more from you [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol poor guy... Hope he had lots of coffee

[Bookmark] Candy: might need the buzz lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *blinks* Really?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: yess ... All the delicious Don dessert *smooooochies*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smooches and gropes her*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe faaaaaaade to black, boy is going to be jizz drained

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, I'm outta here too. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 254 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Not much. You? :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: same

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey all

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: happy black friday

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: be with you shortly. need to get laundry started

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: If anyone has Nicktoons Network, TMNT movie 1 from the 90's is on. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww don't have the channel

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: MY LIFE IS IN SHAMBLES!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I've got all three on DVD. :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't had them on vhs

[Bookmark] Mikko: so much news today....not even today! just in the last 10 minuets! brother is getting a raise at work yay! sister-in-law's father has cancer and they might have to move in with her parents to help her mom. MEANING! if that happens I have to move back in with MY parents. PROBLEM! My dad forbids Arthas from moving in with me. So I may or may not be homesless in a few monts

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Why does he forbid your dog?

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm pretty sure I know why.

[Bookmark] Mikko: They have tow dogs already and he don't want another one

[Bookmark] Mikko: two even

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And Arthas isn't the best behaved dog, either.

[Bookmark] Mikko: and my dad likes to make things difficult

[Bookmark] Mikko: no he's not. but Axel (my/mom's) dog that lives with the parents is 10 times worse XD

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You never complained about him. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Arthas has been over there once. and arthas REALLY likes their little female dog Bridgette

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooh-la-la. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah my dad is actually pretty cool, he just sometimes makes no sense! and makes things hard for everyone

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol it was funny. Arthas was chasing Bridgette and Axel was chasing Arthas around the house

[Bookmark] Mikko: I should have filmed it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ANYWAY! that's what's going on now, but we wont know about the living sitiuation for another few months

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hopefully he's fixed lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: like, I'm the only one that knows. my parents don't even know any of this yet

[Bookmark] Mikko: so if I do have to move back it'll be a surorise

[Bookmark] Mikko: suprise

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: we might not make A0Kon next year either

[Bookmark] Mikko: A-kon

[Bookmark] Mikko: I can't type tonight

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well depends on how bad that cancer gets cancer can get nasty and it's evil

[Bookmark] Mikko: and tomorrow they are going to Ren fest, sadly I was not invited

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's going to the cancer hospital in texas. and even they don't know what he has yet, but it's not looking good

[Bookmark] Mikko: there's even mention that this might be his last christmas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: the whole parish is keeping an eye on his progress

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What kind of cancer is it?

[Bookmark] Mikko: he was a saints player and now is a radio host

[Bookmark] Mikko: lung I think

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm not sure

[Bookmark] Mikko: It's hard for Megan because everyone knows her dad and he was on the news about his cancer so people keep going up to her and is all. I'm so sorry. it's making her uncomfortable and not helping her nerves

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Does he smoke?

[Bookmark] Mikko: nope

[Bookmark] Espionata: Cancer sucks ass especially if it's one that doesn't get discovered until it's to late like stage four Pancreatic cancer that's how late it can be caught and very rarely caught early on and when caught you only get three to six months to live

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's good.

[Bookmark] Mikko: well right now he's in good spirits

[Bookmark] Mikko: joking and stuff, and he's still going hunting and fishing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Liver cancer is a fast-mover, too. I lost both a great aunt and a great uncle with that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have always said cancer is going to take us all

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They were gone in less than a month after being diagnosed.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Better than how my dad acted once he got the diagonosis he we went down hill so fast

[Bookmark] Mikko: breast cancer runs in my family on both sides.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You best get your mammograms pretty soon.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. my aunt had something in her breast but they were able to remove it with surgery

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have! I got one a few months ago before my reduction

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, that's good.

[Bookmark] Mikko: sooooo painful

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The test?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: they just squish ya poor tatas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, I can imagine. *hugs* At least it's only once every few months.

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: actually they said I wound't need another until 35

[Bookmark] Mikko: so not for two years yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: On a tv show one woman had a reduction done then her breasts were red and all irritable turned out she had irritable breast cancer which is rare the reduction revealed it Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm still too young. [tongue] But I will when I'm old enough.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O oh man

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah shocked her

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish you luck! don't let the nurse get distracted. mine did and i was like. uhh..can we talk after you un-squish me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, you just need to get this infection taken care of.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Nice...

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm only 25 to young for a mammogram [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm a few years away. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus my breasts are so small which more of an ouch >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm seeing my surgen in two weeks because the holes that were suppose to heal on their own have only gotten bigger

[Bookmark] Mikko: you youngens

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll be 34 next month

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. Hope he doesn't cancel this time. -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't wear bras instead I wear the tanks with built in bras [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm 32. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hun is up on Street Life [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: now that i'm smaller I wear sports bras

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I will be 26 next year [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I seen. I have to figure out what to post for him.

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooh 26! over the hill

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mikko, did you see Don's latest journal?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm graduating high school next year... O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: kinda. I was reading it last night but my vision kept getting blured for some reason. but it seems he has given up on Love?


[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. Not exactly his idea.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're a crazy cat

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm very eager for Don and Love to meet again. she's going to be soooooo happy to see him

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don doesn't like getting lectures like that from Splinter any more than Leo does. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo needs write a journal...or has he?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I can't remember

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He did.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaay ok need to update it then

[Bookmark] Mikko: and make some journals for he baddies

[Bookmark] Mikko: the

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And right now, Don's not worrying about Love so much anymore. He has other things to worry about. Like talking to Raph.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo wanted to talk to Raph too. but i'm not sure what's happening now. this night/morning has dragged on

[Bookmark] Mikko: I thought Raph would have been kidnapped by now

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and Hello to all new comers


[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Been up since 4:30a.m.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dang. *hugs* How are you still upright?

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: after work I had my nails and my hair done with my extra money I got from my 50 hour work week last week

[Bookmark] Mikko: she's on that monster energy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Not sure. Guess after doing it for two weeks none stop with two days off tops I'm pretty stable

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sadly no monster here. i don't like those

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Coffee

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lots of coffee

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: need to finish laundry before I can go to bed. so I just started my one load now

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
my latest video did it tonight: Part of Your World KaraokeYouTube · 3:31 · 126 · NaN%Karaoke song of the week. Finally had time to do one. I hope you enjoy this Disney song. It's one of my favorites. Smile Happy Thanksgiving. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: after being sick and not being able to sing.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I hope you don't have to work tomorrow at all.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sadly I work till Tuesday

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: over 50 hours this week as well

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: nooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Feels like I can sleep till noon [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I could totally if I didn't have a set alarm

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wow...

[Bookmark] Mikko: new york mafia told Isis they dare them to attack their city

[Bookmark] Mikko: didn't know there was still a mafia

[Bookmark] Espionata: There is

[Bookmark] Mikko: they about to kick some ass.

[Bookmark] Mikko: then they will go house to house and demand protection money [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: The mafia will always exist but not to the point where they were like in the 1900's

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna be a mafia wife!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No you don't lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: his name will be Big Tony. and he will buy me shit so I stay out his way.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im on skype

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: also comment and like and subscribe to my youtube channel. trying to decide what else i'd like to do on the channel other than karaoke night and sims 4

[Bookmark] Espionata: I had a great grandfather who was part of the Mafia but he never brought it home so have no connection now

[Bookmark] Mikko: so demanding

[Bookmark] Espionata: He made a cop disappear because the cop stole the family dog

[Bookmark] Mikko: *strips and runs around*

[Bookmark] Mikko: all cops should disappear

[Bookmark] Espionata: no they shouldn't

[Bookmark] Mikko: ALL!

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wonder if the government is tracking my computer O.O

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
this guy is super funny: THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!!! | The Sims 4 - Part 3YouTube · 13:30 · 3M · 99%The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.... wait that's MY roof in The Sims 4!!!! ►Subscribe for more great content : Share with your friends and add to your favourites it helps the channel grow more than anything Smile ►Follow me on Twitter : ►Add me on Facebook : ►Instagram: ►Twitch: Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr: Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: They might be >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: who's playing shredder?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No idea

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh mystery man

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I thought it was MS.

[Bookmark] Mikko: smexy

[Bookmark] Espionata: oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK​ I know I was missed

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^ ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: Tommorrow the season finale of My Little Pony airs Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: noooooooooooooooooooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: how will Apple Jack ever get back the farm!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: There's a sixth season

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have no idea what's going on in the show. lol I haven't watched this season

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm waiting for it to come on netflix

[Bookmark] Espionata: This season was fun

[Bookmark] Espionata: The Cutie Mark Crusaders got their Cutie Marks

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what my roomies said, they watched it, I was never up early enough

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! I heard about that

[Bookmark] Mikko: and it was about damn time

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although they look to alike for my liking

[Bookmark] Alysson: THEY DID?!?

[Bookmark] Mikko: they did!

[Bookmark] Espionata: And Diamond Tiara got redeemed

[Bookmark] Alysson: I haven't watched mlp in a while.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I liked her before her redemption

[Bookmark] Mikko: Diamond Tiara can become dog food!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No her mom on the other hand can she was the cause of Diamond Tiara's attitude

[Bookmark] Mikko: DJ Pon3 is best pony

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes she is and episode 100 breaks head canons [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: There is a Doctor Who though

[Bookmark] Mikko: his name is time turner

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: haven't watched it yet. i'm behind

[Bookmark] Espionata: My favorite is Rainbow Dash along with Rarity

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like DJ and fluttershy

[Bookmark] Alysson: The Cutie Mark Crusaders are my favorites! ^-^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Fluttershy has changed a lot this season and this season has the best Pinkie

[Bookmark] Espionata: But I still love the G1 My Little Pony

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooooooh baby I love your way!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: shouldn't have ate that cheese cake

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man.

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I liked Jurrassic World but I love the orignal more and they're making a sequel

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: and now the dog is upset I didn't share

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi


[Bookmark] Candy: *shake butt* Candy is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shares root beer*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shakes everyone*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe MS is playing Shredder - I signed in to get some of the profile he was working on and emailed posted up for him - annnnnnnd thought I'd post a log whilst at it lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *falls face down and sleeps*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, the log thing confused me. lol

[Bookmark] Candy: sorry about that - my fault - thought I'd kill two birds with one stone [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: left over thanksgiving dinner is bad to have when you are me and can't stop eating! >​.< NO MAS!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ugh! brb dog is being demanding

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's fine. [smile] I just was wondering.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs Mikko*

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello Candy

[Bookmark] Mikko: *HUGS*!

[Bookmark] Candy: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was at wal mart today! we dared to go to wal mart

[Bookmark] Mikko: I should have got some healthier foods while I was there

[Bookmark] Mikko: we went after the black friday sales ended. but there was still sales going on,. I was looking at some slippers, and some lady body checked me out the way to grab what I was looking at!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: Never go shopping Black Friday

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: well it was pretty much over. the big sales and the crowd was gone

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I did, but not until about 6:30 tonight.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I will NEVER go during the crazy hours. lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: noooo I did once and had to punch an old lady for a christmas tree

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Alysson: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: bitch had it coming

[Bookmark] Mikko: trying to take mah tree!

[Bookmark] Mikko: wasn't even for me. I had to get it for someone else

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I"m heading off for the night guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs*'

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I edited Alyss' profile so now it says 12 instead of 16. :3

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww so young. so supple, so tender, so juicy

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: Juicy?

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: yes! kids make the best meals!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No we don't

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: like little chicken nuggets

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: *slowly backs away*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We're not food

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you can be!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No way!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: O_O *hides behind Mel*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not much to hide behind we're the same size >​>​

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: *doesn't care*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *licks lips and pounces*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No bad kitty! *Throws catnip ball at her*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: O.O *chases ball*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Phew

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Puts harness on Love* >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *watches Love fall over* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *falls to her side unmoving*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That will keep her down for awhile until she learns that humans aren't food

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: meows*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why are you meowing?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *sad meow*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: where as Blaze is happy happy happy with likewise Happy noises [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko stole the baby from Leo.

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: MINE! no touch!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; Fine *Takes off harness* But no eating humans

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I AM FREEEEEEEEEEE *licks Mel*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahha he Crimson was enjoying splashing water on himself and Leo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww I think once Don is out the tub, Mikko will give them all a bath

[Bookmark] Mikko: unless Leo trys to kick Mikko out the lair

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: she will not go quietly!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah you are

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, meant to ask about that. Mikko took Crimson from Leo?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes she did

[Bookmark] Candy: yep she did [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

Mikko: like a the thief she is

[Bookmark] Candy: okay MS can fiddle with the profile - or send me more [tongue] hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Then Leo will move over to to Don and Elena. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: after she admitted she was trying to get in Don's shell lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Yeah, Leo's not thrilled about that. And with him in charge... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hhehehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Bad Mikko >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: MmEe just wants to check Elena and Don are both okay

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: nah. I'm good.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squuuuuuuuuueals - laughing - happy happy happy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *steals Blaze and gathers all the babehs in a pile*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *watches Mikko with her Blaze*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I wouldn't do that Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: lol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *gives the kids all the toys! and plushies*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *sniffs Blaze - gets kicked in the snout by the laughing baby*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oops XD

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] he's a kicker

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *rubs snout*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *kisses snout*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *steals back her Blaze - snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *bliiiinks - then beams* [big grin] again!

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *kissy face*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *kisses his face*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed...good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Blaze is cute

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *nods -* he is

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *cackles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: not as cute as my babehs!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Alysson*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yep he's cuter ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok peeps! I'm off to bed! night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 253 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: he is [big grin] *snug snug snug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And getting huge

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehehe yes such a big healthy boy

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah he is

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hehhe Raph spawn of course he a big boy [tongue] *steals Blaze from his mum and hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] theif!

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmm found noodles - eating noodles for lunch*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well you're not small either Mikey

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: bet my spawn will be big - ... wonder if Don's will be [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Neo was not [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Probably depends on when the twins will be born

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: probably - yo Don!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *having a ball over here! kickin and wavin about fists - laughing at Mikey*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's gonna be active [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [tongue] told ya he takes after me -

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: While you have twins to chase [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: will have [big grin] yes

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: and Donnie too - lol some how I think they all gonna be big trouble makers [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Have fun with that while I watch with popcorn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Oh I will - wont I Blaze? [big grin] *nuzzles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *laughs - little hands bapping his uncles face*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Yes, Mikey?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oh there you are nerd - thought MH might have swallow you like he does so many weird things lately - wanna hold? [big grin] *holds out Blaze to him*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Oh, uh...sure. *takes Blaze in his arms* Hi. *smiles down at his nephew*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *gummy grin back - wirggle wriggle, kick kick kick*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hehehe dawww such a happy chappy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *internal squeeeeing*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *chuckles* Yeah.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehehe he is - and almost sleeps right through the nights now

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That's good

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [tongue] like his dad - likes his sleep huh?

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *cackles at Don - fingers touching the tech gear closest*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not sure if all that tech is safe with a baby >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: bah Blaze is safe with Uncle Don - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Yeah, he can't touch anything that would harm him.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: can't reach anything*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Okay

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *found the tail end of purple bandana - pulls it close to suck on it*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *sighs heavily* Of course he had to find that. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: see Uncle Don got dis [tongue] *chuckles watching them*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehhee sorry Don - he sucks on anything he can pull to his mouth

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Just gotta make sure they're clean [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *but happy - oooommming and coooing and gurgling at Don around the bandana*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles down at the baby*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *peers around his arm at Blaze* dawwww some one likes his Uncle Don

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *giggles - still a wriggle worm*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: of course he does - Uncle Don is awesome [wink] *kisses Don's cheek amused*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's so cute

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *has no trouble holding onto the wiggle-worm*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles at Angel*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hehehe his father could not be any prouder [tongue] he might actually turn into a peacock

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Glomps Mikey* XD

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: [wink] hows uncle Don doing? enjoying cuddle time? *grins at Don tickles the lil turtle*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles* Mm-hmm.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *smiiiiles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: dawwww look at the big smiles for you he has [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *big grin*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *griiiiiiiiiiiiiins waves drool soaked bandana tail about with happy squeals*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gonna had off here for the night. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:36 am

pt 14.

Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: but how did the Kangaroo get on the roof?

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is a question for our kangaroo expert! Candy!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She's not here.

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn! now we'll never know

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh! But I think Santa uses kangaroos instead of reindeer. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: down here santa uses gators!

[Bookmark] Espionata: This month will be full of the old Christmas specials lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep.

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: though the concept of gators that can fly is scary. can you imagine leatherhead flying!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I grew up watching the stop motion ones

[Bookmark] Mikko: super life like action figures!

[Bookmark] Espionata: The Year Without Santa Claus was my favorite

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Lol kangaroos - think there is a Christmas carol about it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: the only christmas specials I watch or the Grinch (both movie and cartoon) and that movie where the kid gets his tongue stuck on the pole and something about shooting his eye out

[Bookmark] Mikko: Splinter! I didn't see you come in. *hands him cookies*

[Bookmark] Espionata: A Christmas Story?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's the one

[Bookmark] Espionata: There was a Santa origin movie that aired on Cartoon Network that was really good that I watched every year

[Bookmark] Kitteh: There is, Splinter. [wink] Candy shared it the other night. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: A Christmas Story is a freaking classic! lol'

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I also like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: my comic book store sells the leg lamp

[Bookmark] Espionata: And then there's the one that had a selfish kid help Santa give presents to all the kids until he got to big lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: omg I forgot about that one! love when the rat jumps out the tree. was it a rat?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Never watched it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Squirrel. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Alysson: I like the Muppet Christmas Carol. :3

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's a good one. [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i may or may not be up as late as i'd like

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: may fall asleep before midnight

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn. poor Japan. I just read that wooden boats filled with dead bodies are washing up on Japan's shores. it's a mystery where they came from. and you know those people are really superstitious. I know I would be freaking out

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Alysson: O_o

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what i say

[Bookmark] Mikko: everyone is getting one! lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: My hair keeps getting caught in my earrings I'm wearing cresent moons >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: lol probably only good for keeping a nose from getting sunburned here - hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is our kangaroo expert! why are their kangaroos on the roof!?

[Bookmark] Candy: ??! is there water up there? or shade - the only reasons a roo would jump onto the roof [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol a drunk 19 year old, stole a beer truck, only to crash it into a building with more beer in it

[Bookmark] Mikko: bad kangaroo! get down from the roof

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o They can jump that high?

[Bookmark] Candy: .... hehehe well thats one way to get plastered

[Bookmark] Candy: a male roo or Buck can leap nine metres in a single bound if needed [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wow.

[Bookmark] Mikko: a I'm picturing roos with antlers

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: their legs are literally nothing but spring boards, each bound is designed to actually gather energy for the next so the roo spends no actually energy on each hop

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I get jumping lengthwise, but straight up?

[Bookmark] Espionata: wow

[Bookmark] Mikko
♫ The Best Poop of Your Life, Best Poop of Your Life ♫ - #SquattyPottyYouTube · 2:28 · 467K · 94%Order Online: Download Song: Original Unicorn Video: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe female roos are called does and a whole lot of them are called a Mob

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Like female unspayed cats are called queens

[Bookmark] Candy: yep straight up too -

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dang...

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I AM A QUEEN!

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I thought cats could jump lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica:... I could spay you [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *snickers*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah but you're not royality [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she probably could too

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you are all so mean!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe oh man I don't see main game Ee and Love getting along for long [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: At least she's not in heat

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: there is that yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: * ruuuuubs all over Don*

[Bookmark] Candy: and remind LH he needs to give Love some antibiotics in the main game - can never be too careful in the sewers and with the kinds of bites Raph left on her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: ooooh you did not just do that - *squirts Love with a spray bottle of water*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: oh this sucks... *throws it aside and find a Supersoaker* now we talkin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Inject her where they inject cats right in the ass [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: *giggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *hides behind LH* the women are so mean! they must be jealous of my awesomness

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No we're not

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although she is acting like a normal cat females mate with multiple males lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *too lazy once more - just rolls in the patch of sun he is in and opens jaws with a noncommital* uh huh

[Bookmark] Kitteh : O.o... Did I miss something?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: **

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz and Mikko posted some christmas cheer in the naughty section

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yep ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: other than shecat rubbing her dander all over you? - you may need a shower

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *leaps on Don's back and smooches his cheek*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: hey! no! my Stretch in here! *sqirts with supersoaker*

[Bookmark] Candy: squirts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: She wants to have kittens >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: nuuuuuuuuuu I want turtle kittens!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: https://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress... DONNIE! you can not sell robot roaches! (it's a real thing. you can buy one for reals!)

[Bookmark] Espionata: eww

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: I don't care, not with my Don! >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: handy

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: he can be yours in the other chat. *sticks her tongue out*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o *isn't sure whether he should be flattered or worried about girls fighting over him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe both

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: ... *fuming*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *snugs and licks Don* mine!

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: whoa - *quickly directs Angel away before she swaps the water gun for something a bit more violent*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sheesh makes me glad I'm to young for love Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: the PD babysitting

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *probaby lucky Erica stepped in - was deciding on whether a tranq would be better - casts Don a glare - he aint stopping Love - and goes whereever Erica directs her*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *gives Angel Blaze to distract her and leaves her to cool off* phew - nothing exploded

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bad pd [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Surprising while Hun is dumb muscle [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *moves away from Love and Don - into a bigger patch on sunlight to roll onto his back and thoroughly soak up some sun*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee lazy gator

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Lexi joined the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Lexi changed name to Rogue

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: would not go near Angel right now - she may bite

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloo

[Bookmark] Candy: only safe for Ee and Blaze [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hey hey Lexi almost snuck in [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: She did. She's lonely

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Hello hello

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiya

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *been there - looks at Don - disapprovingly at Love* your in trooooouble

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: She's always in trouble

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: mmmm hmmmm - though its not a common thing for Donnie boy - thats amusing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Tara

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *wonders if he's in trouble*

[Bookmark] Tara: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: oh he most certainly is

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Yep - [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Poor Donnie

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: How be you Rogue

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: ?

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: And hello Tara how's you?

[Bookmark] Tara: just peachy!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm good. soaked, but good. Just got home and it's flooding outside!

[Bookmark] Tara: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: srry to hear that

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was naughty. :/ boutght a bunch of twd mini figures at walgreens..they were buy one get one half... so... now Iz broke [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: i can't type one handed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwws

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww and hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *finds a cucumber - munches it*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *why am I in trouble?* >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww I can manage - but certainly prefer two hands [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: .... and naughty Mikey in me is saying 'thats what she said' [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: *drinks some more*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Tickle attacks Mikey*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *catchs Don's look - and offers the cucumber* wanna bite?

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Oh, uh...sure.

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *spits out said drink*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *still on Don's a fuzzy back pack*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Love...

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *nods and uses a little vegie knife to cute a bit off the bottom for him* here

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *is spat on* hey!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: yesssssssssss?

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Candy: lol wrong place wrong time Mikey moo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Tickles Mikey*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I found out how they get on the roof!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *squirms away* hehhee wonder if that vmap still mad at Leo too? hehehe

Candy: lol - well thats new...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Don't know

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: me either - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *takes it* Thanks. *munches then looks at Love* Do you mind...?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: no one is mad at me! I'm a delight!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: here just in a zone and tired

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I don't. *smiles and nuzzles his cheek*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *sits and watches the show*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ooooh your lucky I distracted Angel, Love, you were a comment away from being a pair of fuzzie boots

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: and lucky she aint here now to see this *more pointedly at Donnie than Love this time still munching the cucumber*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: No, I mean why are you there?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I would make very comfty boots!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I am here because I love you

[Bookmark] Candy: lol drama so fun [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; Haven't seen Neo

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: But you're with Raph.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *sits beside Tara* hi you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: no I'm not. He left me. which is for the best. it wouldn't have worked out.

[Bookmark] Tara: *looks to Mikey while taking another drink* hey

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love you used Raphie

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [big grin] whatcha drinking? *wonders if his hot lil blond will be about today - chillaxing*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: no I didn't! he slept with me then tossed me away like trash!*hugs Don and pouts*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *GROWWWWWLS at Love* Get away from my brother!!! [angry]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: no. just because YOU didn't want me, doesn't mean I can't look else where for love.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: not quiet how it went - main game me heard the story - hey HotRed *bright smile - happy to see him*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Winecooler

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Yer a LIAR! Don't make me rip yer hide from your flesh...yeah, I've seen Silent Hill one too many times..

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yep she's a user Raphie

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Is that movie good?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: woah

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I didn't think it was that scary

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that scene was the best

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oooh - never had some of that - happy with orange crush - yeah Raph seen that way too often

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *is torn on what to do*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I'm not a liar! you fucked me, then told me to go away! I wanted to stay with you. you didn't want me. now I'm with Don. get over it! you screwed up!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I usually don't have them, but I needed one after this whole week

[Bookmark] Candy: April: your not with Donnie - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Raph and Love need to see couples therapy

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah you are a liar Love >​>​

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off to bed guys night all. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night Scoop *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs8

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: but don't see it happening [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: April: not here in the oChatz's in any case - and when I get through with you Love in the main game not there either [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: cause she mean and all - red head is red cranky

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: sounds naughty

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee rock up at LH's, smelling like the raph cause she didn't bother showering and all

[Bookmark] Candy: man the furr will fly [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: *sits in corner to work on character*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *sighs and finding a second cucumber - what the bloody heck - where do these things come from?! wonders off back to Angel and Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol cucumbers everywhere!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *throws em about*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Eats ice cream*

[Bookmark] Tara: woah

[Bookmark] Tara:

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *falls asleep on Don*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Erica may want some but anything dairy makes her queeeeeezy right now*

[Bookmark] Mikko: cooool

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooh nice shirt [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: that is my character face claim too XD

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooh nice - mine is self drawn [tongue] cause I too lazy to look for a avatar

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: i can't

[Bookmark] Espionata: I can't draw either

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe.. she pretty [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yep, we prefer real face avvies [wink] so good job

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *sees piccy* yeah she is - not as H O T spells SMoooooooooooooookin' as my AllyBite but pretty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yer pretty *smooches Tara*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and erica's drawn one is fine too because it's tasteful and colored

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah I feel kinda bad mine is not a real one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: oh well I feel not so bad now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: *putting walkers together*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O Rogue is making her undead army!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Tara: <.<

[Bookmark] Tara: *runs away*

[Bookmark] Candy: I just realised Glenn - he was briefly on The Big Bang Theory too

[Bookmark] Rogue: fft. this carl fig is suicidal. His knives are pointing towards his stomach O.o No CORAL! don't do it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Walking Dead so Negan showed up

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And he's not dead in the comics

[Bookmark] Candy: in the episode where we find out why the elevator is broken lol thats pretty freaking awesome - giggle myself silly thinking he got zonbies after having been Sheldons roommate before Leonard [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: zombies

[Bookmark] Candy: poor guy

[Bookmark] Rogue: I love Steven Yeun. He's a funny guy

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although I find it stupid that Judith isn't crying she's a baby and most likely can feel the fear off of everyone and should be losing her mind

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I remember that episode

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww not all babes react like that

[Bookmark] Rogue: well no. because they already have that brat sam yelling "mmmommommymommooooom!" -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: Havanah for example the kind baby that was not phased by anything

[Bookmark] Rogue: judith is braver than that lil shit

[Bookmark] Candy: seriously he barely worked up enough cry for food and dirty nappies - quiet happy to sleep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: but lil Sienna? cries over everything [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well he's a kid and has probably been told to pretend nothing is happening and Judith is baby she's not brave lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: sam needs to look at the flowers.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze is a lot like Havanah - bugger all bothers him unless its wind

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh he does! and Ron too

[Bookmark] Espionata: Carol needs to look at the flowers

[Bookmark] Tara: uh...

[Bookmark] Rogue: nah. carol is productive. Sam and Ron.. not so much

[Bookmark] Rogue: just think, without Carol.. everyone would have had their throats slit at Terminus.. so think about that next time you want her to look at the flowers

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: she's a badass.. deal with it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: she is

[Bookmark] Tara: yeah!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *right now - not phased his hug buddy is very upset and cranky - just kicking away and giggling to himself quiet happily*

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah she is - only a bit through season two and I already think so [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches Blaze~

[Bookmark] Tara: I can't really say much about TWD, due to not watching it...

[Bookmark] Mikko: alright my little pancakes! I'm heading to bed. don't think I'll be on tomorrow. but i'll make a post before heading to the bowling alley

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hug*

[Bookmark] Rogue: she's grown sooo much as a character. looove her

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *sloooooooooowly cooling off - hard to be cranky when there is a happy lil turtle in arms cherrily wriggling*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: ah I have only started Tara - [big grin] slowly getting there [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *beams at Tara* my son Blaze did you want a hold?

[Bookmark] Rogue: daws, you'll get there ^^

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: sure?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [big grin] sure - warn you though for a lil one he is a armful and heavy [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *hols arms out to Tara -*

[Bookmark] Candy: holds*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Ok...~holds out her arms taking Blaze~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *most babes might cry at the sight of an unfamiliar face - he just gummy grins and kicks some more - waving fists about... sometimes sucking on them as they pass his mouth*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's cute

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~holds him smiling, rocking him and humming a tune~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *smiles - and winks - heads off to find coffee*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~keeps singing~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: - *keeping an eye on things - but Blaze is happy and seems safe there*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm getting sleepy...good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Am I doing this right?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *watching Tara with golden eyes - still wriggling about hapily*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: yes *nods*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He doesn't really complain

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Ok ~hums another tune~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~walks slowly around with him~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *but does oooooom and cooooo loudly - and wriggle energetically*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Pretty energetic can I sit down with him?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He will move though

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *doesn't want to be in trouble -- slides Love off his shell then walks away*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Oh ~watches Donnie~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: yeah it should be fine

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he is in trouble -

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *to Don* Angel went to the kitchen

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~whispers to Erica~ can I ask why or am I not allowed too?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~sits down with Blaze~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ooooo - you may wanna ask him, Love or Angel about it - but basically a bit of jealousy going down [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes he is

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Donnie is trouble

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~doesn't want too, for it isn't her place~ ~keeps humming~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals loudly - happy squeal .... which is cut off when his waving fist lands in his mouth and he sucks on it*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey Blaze

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *ooooms around the fist in his mouth gold eyes moving from Tara to Mel and back again*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: May I have some coffee?

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *goes to find Angel*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oh sure - um.... *muches the rest of her cucumber and stands* how do you have it?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol cucumbers

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: In a cup?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *in kitchen - not so mad now - sips decaf coffee*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [big grin] hah hah funneh - no I mean sugar? milk? none of hte above?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Ok, I would like three spoon's of sugar, five sweet&low's or splenda if you have them and just a small amount of milk

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *enters the kitchen* Hey. *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Blaze is so cute ^^

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~holds Blaze up to her chest~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *stops sucking fist - briefly makes a suckle motion towards Tara - but she don't smell like his milkshake! - so cackles and kicks on!*

Candy: Erica: yes - so like his father [big grin] *smiles watching them*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: (so he kicked me?)

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: you still have cat dander on you *sips some more -*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I don't think so.

[Bookmark] Candy: luckily for Tara and big as he is his kicks don't hurt - yet [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He's just excited. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: but probably missed - little feet pushing against her and all [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~holds him to stare at her and blows a bubble from her gum~

[Bookmark] Tara: (now i wanna see that 0.0)

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's hungry

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *all movement stops - has not seen gum before... nose ridge twitching as he takes in the new scent* OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica:.... he has some milkshake an hour ago!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pops it~

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Would you like to join me, Angel?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: OoO *total shock face*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blows another bubble~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's growing Erica [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: ... *not sure how to answer that - lowers her gaze from his* I do... but cross at you

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *blinks.... little hands reaching trying to catch those bubbles!*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pops bubble~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: yes.... going to be a big turtle like his dad [smile] *couldn't be prouder*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: Oo *cackles and waves hands about - legs a kicking*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *nods* I know.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He likes that XD

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blows a even bigger bubble that touches his nose then pops it!

[Bookmark] Tara: ~*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *gaps.... and gurgles out his next squeal! mouth at once going into suckle formation when that bubble touches him!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *avoids meeting eyes still* you didn't stop her - should I be worried?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *giggles*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~laughs then swallows gum~ uhoh

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Giggles8

[Bookmark] Kitteh No.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: **

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: Oo you alright?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *SNORTS* You shoulda eaten her, Donnie. -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy boy - waves hands towards her mouth*

[Bookmark] Rogue: can't wait for Raph to confess in game

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~rushes real quick to get new gum into her mouth~ Hang on Blaze ~while chewing holds him with one arm and pulls something out of her bag~ ~holds up snowglobe~

[Bookmark] Rogue: though I reallyREALLY feel bad for him

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~shakes snowglobe while chewing gum~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: .... really? *finds his gaze this time*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: I'm not going to eat her, Raph.

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Is my coffee ready?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol oh man yeah that is going to be fun -

[Bookmark] Candy: though may go over a bit smoother now Don's had an idea of how mindless the beast mode made Mikey

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ohhh wait wait - *scurries off to make it and bring it back - smiles at Raph - greeted him earlier*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *stares at snow globe - not entirely sure what to make of it - gurgles to it*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~turns over snowglobe and turns the music on with different lights reflecting in it~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Thank you for the coffee

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *was too angry to greet back earlier... STILL ANGRY! Love just does that to him. But manages a smile this time, and a greeting nuzzle* Hey, you. And prolly wise, Donnie. She's prollygot parasites

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: NOT let me have to 'calm' you too, Raph. >​.< I barely could hold Mikey off.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love will do anything to have kittens Raphie

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: o.o ~continues to play with Blaze~ This is fun....I forgot what it was like...

[Bookmark] Candy: lol oh LH will take care of that - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~Takes a sip of coffee~ Very good...thank you Erica

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *smiles, rubs the nuzzling snout - then under the chin to tickle spot* yes shouldn't eat icky things right? *smiles at Tara* you have lil ones? or lil siblings? *nods at her thanks about the coffee*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oh man yeah I was sooo not me int hat moment Don - sorry [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~shakes head~ I am not blessed with that

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I was the youngest and never bonded with my foster siblings no point

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blows another bubble~ Though if you ever need a babysitter I'm here for ya...and what I mean't earlier was I forgot what it was like to have people to hang out with and well chill I guess

[Bookmark] Tara: little*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I do have a brother though....

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oooh I am sorry - *smiles up at Raph -... and back to Tara* oooh thanks for that - good to have extra hands about - oh - it is good huh?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ah... younger? older?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ^^ *FLOPS!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *was not sure what to make of the noise and lights - but now is touchign the globe and tryign to pull it to him to drool on it*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [big grin] hehhe *straddles Red whilst down annnnnnd rubs that plastorn*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie you're like a cat

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: ...I think I'll go take that shower now. *heads off that direction*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~let's Blaze hold it and drool on it~ He's three month's older, and trust me he doesn't let me forget it.....and well like me has 'gifts'

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *sighs - follows - catching his hand* I'm sorry - just... jealous

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; I'm a normal human >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *stops and gives her hand a squeeze* It's just you, you know. *smooches her cheek*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *Happy churrs.. totally forgetting how pissed he is about Love being here*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oh? - what kinda 'gifts' *rubby rubb rub rub!* me too.... dawwww love those churrs [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches and sighs~ Um...should I leave?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol The Raph Pacifier [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: no no if it goes that way normally I am tossed over a shoulder and taken to The Spot - though you may have Blaze to yourself for a while [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yep

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You guys working on number two?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *sighs... and squeezes back - turning so she can catch that smooch in a kiss*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: he is a mutant like me, but is all black...and well, doesn't have the same compassion I have for others...and I think I lost my snowglobe to this little guy

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *droooling all over it!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *not reall good at holding just yet, but it's resting on his lil plastron and his arms wrapped about it, trying to grasp it with fingers - slobbering away*

[Bookmark] Kitteh *nuzzles her* Shall we go?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: **

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ah - thats no good - whats he like towards humans? *chuckling - smiling down at her big tough guy, fingers letting up the scratching but lightly brushing over the plastron*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: and yes you most certainly have lost it - hehehe all black... thats an interesting color

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *light nip to his chin* yes... you need that shower - can't have cat dander gettin up your nose [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh *grins and pulls her to the bathroom, kissing her deeply when the door shuts*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: He doesn't really like humans.....or other mut...ants....~stares down at Blaze and a tear form's wipes it away~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *looks at Mel blushing* number two?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *droooooooools*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yes number two with the way you're going at it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think Raph's in a coma now. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: mmemm. Happy coma

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie you okay?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehhee

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~yawns~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *more blushing* ummm *not sure what to say*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blows another bubble~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey feeding Blaze the way you do doesn't stop pregnancy had that happen to a foster mom [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: blaze: *hiccups and blinks at bubble*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *nuzzly nips- knows they can't do too much here.. wrong room and all [tongue] So just snugs for now*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Feels lonely*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *smiles at Tara and Blaze, raises eye brow at Mel* I am well aware of that thanks... *snugs back* are we trying for another Red? *kiss kiss*

[Bookmark] Candy: though nothing will occur until all logs are up to date [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: O.o another what?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pops bubble~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *tugging off tech gear and cloths once door is closed, snogging*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *bliiiiiiinks watching the bubble pop*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't have anyone

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: neither do i...but I seem to have his cutie right here *hugs Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *chuckles, nuzzles that spot* another Blaze

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Um, don't you think that's a lil soon?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: Man up! I'm having 2!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *returns the favor then starts the water* Bath or shower? [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Twins are different

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ...and two lil Mikeys at once is a scary thought...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey can we cuddle?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *giggles* a little yes... *points at Mel* she was curious and I realised we have not really talked about it... *smooches snout*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Alllllly! *glomps her* yes two! Double the awesomeness!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: [big grin] *liiicks*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: shower first, gotta wash her off of my man *waggles brows*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Ally! *chuuuuuurs at licks, snogs* missed you my lil chilli pepper!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh *smiles, checking the temperature of the water*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *being hugged! Happy lil turtle! Squeals and oooommms loudly*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~gives Mel a book~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't read

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: what do you like to do?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hums a song~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: For the most part normal stuff but I just wanna be with one of my brothers right now

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Oh

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I have an ipod wanna listen to music?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No thanks

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: Awww, I missed you two Mikealicious! ^^ *snuggies*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *waggles brows - resumes tracing scutes of the big plastron beneath her finger tips* I have been using the pill since Blazes birth... just encase

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ok....~pulls out coloring books for Blaze to color in~ ~Holds crayon in his hand and pushes down on page to create the color red~

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he might just suck on the crayon, way to young for that

[Bookmark] Candy: droooooool hands

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: ~shrugs~

[Bookmark] Tara: I don't know what else to do

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *tickles his spot with finger tips and steps in once right* mmmmm

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *snugglies! Hand run the twin belly!!!* you and lil ones okay? *nuzzles belly now tail in air wagging*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *churrs and joins her*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *chases the crayon to suck on the end*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I miss my brothers

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: what you talkin about? We here *from belly*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ange

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Uhoh, ~puts crayon away and blows another bubble~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel* : *smooches shifting the shower head up so Don does not have to duck so much - feeling about for soap*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Just wanna cuddle with you sometimes even with you here I do get lonely

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *happy churrs* Ah, you ain't gotta.. I mean, if you want another one.. if it happens, it's meant to be, right?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: mmmm I'll agree to that... Maybe when Blaze is a little older [wink] *leans down to smoooch fingers still tickling that plastron*

[Bookmark] Kitteh *smooches* Did you want some help?

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha yeah pill is great and all, but antibiotics interferes with it... Mutagen might too lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Either I forget the name or the color. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:39 am

pt 15.

Candy: lol hehehe dawww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yep and doctors tell women this and they're still surprised when they get pregnant lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol hehehe dawww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *grins* maybe.... With washing me, I'ma wash you though *has soap and lathers up

[Bookmark] Candy: meh Erica knows... She's not sure if mutagen will interfere with it though - one way to find out

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] but so far... Nooooope [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: I can do that. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *giggles trying to catch bubble again*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *grins - smoooches giving him the soap as her bubbly hands begins washing him - along those sides*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *grins gummily and just wriggles more energetically*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~sips more coffee~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sees the cup... Mouth forms sucky face *

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I think your son might be thirsty

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oooh? [smile] *sits up a little tickles Raphs spot and holds up arms for Blaze* let me see

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hands him over while taking snowglobe to wipe it off~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: thanks, [smile] *not shy, shifts shirt a little, offers Blaze a nipple- though winces a little at the enthusiastic way he latches*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol all that play makes him hungry [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's hungry

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I can see that...~watches snowglobe~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *and soapy hands make sure to wash off that tail!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *soooo enthusiastic he makes lil gulping noises*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *can't hold back a churr* ^______^

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~finishes off coffee~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *puuuurrrs strokeing that tail*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *churrs even more*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *shifts so she and Blaze and nestled against Raph, smiling* thanks for playing with him Tara [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: You are most welcome...~places cup down~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *in milk haze, but knows daddy smell! Lil churr*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He loves Raph

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~Closes her eyes~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: cause he does, I love him too *smiles shifting Blaze plastron down on Raphs plastron rubbing his little shell- smiles at Tara* tired?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *smiles,kissing him thumbs cleanly clean between cloacal lips*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~opens eyes~ Oh...yeah...I guess I better head out....~yawns~

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *grooooans softly

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oooor take the couch [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I love Raph too

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: That sound's swimmingly

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~flops down on couch~

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *grins, does it again, sloooooooowly* feels good?

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: have no idea. *chuuuuuuuurrs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *chuckles, looks back down at Raph and Blaze... Resume a running plastron around the lil turtle*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: ooooo *grins* glad to hear it [wink] *thumbs tease the soft flesh inside the cloaca lightly with thumb nails*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *goes to sleep, happy happy lil churr churr*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Cute

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *snuuuuugs the two, slooowly drifting off*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *is snugged... Grins and drifts off with them*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: dawwwwww *scoops up his mate to head to his room for snugs.., and more* that's cute *snaps a piicture*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol naughty Mikey

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe well Ee and Blaze are happiest being snugged [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: and it's going on Mikey's wall of piccies ... So many

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [wink] *closes door behind himself and Ally *not letting you out again! *joking but def snugging and snogging and shaggin her!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: BEe being slighty flirty

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Man why was Green Lantern cancelled it was a good show

[Bookmark] Candy: I didn't even know there was such a show lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: There is and it's good

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was made a few years ago and Cartoon Network cancelled it because they were stupid

[Bookmark] Espionata: They did the same to Thundercats

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawwww naughty CN

[Bookmark] Espionata: They do it to all their good shows

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I liked Storm Hawks. ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They wouldn't even show season 3 in the US. [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I like Bionicle >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] damn them

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *is having a hard time containing himself -- literally!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *no intention of making it easy for him! Still teasing,*

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *she asked for it! Presents himself to her*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yes she did

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *triumphant grin, now to see if she can get it to fan - strokes The Doctor*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Fan, eh? [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Yep hehhee rather impressive

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *is definitely close to fanning*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *love bites that Adams apple - hands squuuuuueeeeeezing stroke*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *is definitely jello in her hands...moooooooooans*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol yeah seems a trait amongst three of the brothers, turn to jello [tongue] at least in here [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey for Ally,

[Bookmark] Candy: Raph and his pacifier Ee

[Bookmark] Candy: Don with Angel,.. Poor guys.. Lol no hope

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *soft groan taps fingers along his as she strrrooooookes*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mwhahaha vibration

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *gasps and faaaaaaans!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: whoa! *gasps.... Teases the wider head and thicker length*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *moans, leaning against the wall to stay upright*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *smoooch... Then kneels slooowly* mmmm roar nice and loud [wink] *nibbles along length hands massaging back along it*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *pants, almost...there...*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off. night guys *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhaha

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: gonna have to shoot off w.... After Don does [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *knows... Suck in that larger head and huuuums hands squeeezing him - stroking, fingers tapping still*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *can't hold it in anymore and ROOOOOOOOOOARS!!!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: Oo *may not need no breakfast either! GULPS... Stroking until he's all milked*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: be full for hours!

[Bookmark] Espionata: niht

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *pants, giving her her fill and then some!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night ya all monkeys! Enjoy more shower sex Don!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol See ya. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: night night

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Time for bed. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 249 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Not much. You?

[Bookmark] Espionata: same

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: not a whole lot - [big grin] you two

[Bookmark] Espionata: same

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Watching DHMIS reaction videos X3

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol


[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I decided to stay home today and get rested up from all those seven days of working

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and didn't go out anywhere at all

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you all

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: finally got some cleaning done to my room

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still have a little more to do

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but i'll do that tomorrow

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: 23 more days

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: are you ready

[Bookmark] Candy: no

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nope

[Bookmark] Espionata: There's gonna be a new TMNT game coming out and rumor is it's gonna be rated M

[Bookmark] Alysson: I heard about that on Anime News Network! I'm curious to see more info on it.

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: will it be for all gaming systems such as for PC as well

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cause all I have is a gamecube and a Wii

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and PC

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be playing my sims game but I'll be on skype here in a few

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: It will probably be on the new systems only and won't get a PC release

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: The game is being developed by the people that made Bayonnetta which is cool

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: A rated M TMNT game there's so much they can do with that if they turn to the comics

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im on skype

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll also be playing my sims 4 game so replies will be slow tonight

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Glomps Mikey*

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: The Batman/TMNT comic comes out this week I think Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Next week, Espi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: oh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And it's under DC not IDW.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I knew about the DC part but I hope it's good

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I can't wait to read it [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Batman and TMNT don't know how that crossover came to be but it should be worth it

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus Killing Joke getting an animated adaption with Mark Hamil voicing the Joker you will know that will be good

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I heard it was highly anticipated. [wink] So maybe people have suggested it over time.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: *head desk* pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt stupid laptop [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So, what's the Rogue up to?

Candy: Might has to do a 2k12Raph impersonation and shake it a bit

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I do that to mine and dust falls out lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee oh... one way to get the dust off [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: Except for the fan >​<

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Rogue: watchin' Avengers [tongue] dreading the double tomorroe

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Tara

[Bookmark] Tara: hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Tara: hey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs Rogue*

[Bookmark] Candy: meh we lost a few of how workers here so I have no time for beasties tomorrow - will be out before sunrise to unload boxes, pick and pack on site - and do plenty of picking up of the fruit to take back to the cool room - will get on my ipad when it's chat time but going to be out on the block alllllll day until dark... the quick bbq and make more boxes until bed time -

[Bookmark] Candy: will be like that until some time next week when new back packers can get out here to replace those that moved on [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: aws *hugs* busybusy girl

[Bookmark] Candy: will just has to keep working on these logs on my ipad

[Bookmark] Tara: dang

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs* [wink] gonna be in the low forties all week and into early next week too [tongue] so dang hot

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o How can you do it on your iPad?

[Bookmark] Candy: well post the log from my laptop int he morn and then go back and edit the log from my pad all day lol

[Bookmark] Tara: i will think of you candy when i am working...

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: takes longer and slower but one way to keep plugging along at them [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I'm guessing it would take you all day on that.

[Bookmark] Candy: thank you Tara [wink] hehhee

[Bookmark] Tara: so............

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus Google Drive as long as you have a gmail account you can access them anywhere [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: oh thats good to know Mel - did not know that...

[Bookmark] Candy: so....... wanna come work here Tara? [tongue] all day in the long sun - unless its gets over forty five degree heat

[Bookmark] Tara: nope

[Bookmark] Tara: i work as a deli clerk

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus they save automaticly so you don't have to use the save button love it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's Celcius, not Fahrenheit. [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: we have heat and the same time

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's way to hot

[Bookmark] Candy: ... technically we should stop work at the forty degree mark and rest - but we has three trucks coming over the next several days expecting at twenty pellet loads of table grapes so we have to work through it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's equivalent to around mid nineties, I think, in Fahrenheit. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee yes

[Bookmark] Tara: candy....where do you work?

[Bookmark] Candy: ... mmmm thats my job right now - sitting here logging and mixing the drinks into the eski's that will be used to ensure no one out here dies of heat exhaustion or dehydration whilst working

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] it's a little farming spot about a 180 kilometers north of Alice Springs, known as Red Center Farms

[Bookmark] Candy: ... though technically my folks and extended family manage only one part of the farming plots out here [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmmm love this drink the islander workers taught us [big grin] cocnut milk (or milk in its place) shredder seasonsal fruit watermelon or mango or strawberry with big bricks of ice and water and a little sugar -

[Bookmark] Candy: made like four eskies fulls already and stashed em in the freezer rooms for use over the coming days - it will keep workers and us all fed and hydrated during the hot hot hot work

[Bookmark] Candy: almost dropped my laptop in the last one ... hehhee

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee

[Bookmark] Candy: *bounces* hehehhe

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Tara: ~sits in corner~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Glomps Mikey* XD

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] *bounces about some more*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *had been napping behind the comic he was 'reading'* Oo ack! Danger Danger! *flails!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hi Mikey XD

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *still sleep fogged - stares at Mel for some moments before realising where he is and what he is doin* oooooh... hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Being lazy again?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *no thats him the giant gator*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey:.... yes... yes I was...

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Bored

[Bookmark] Espionata: *?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *rolls eyes* your always bored - at your age you should know how to entertain yourself by now

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he grumpy - she woke him

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No I was asking if you were bored

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: nope - chillaxing like a pro [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh okay wanna help me spar?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: nope - chillaxing here! [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh okay by reading comics all day?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *opens big gator jaws - really lovin these days of sun basking*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yep

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Who's the other guy?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Haven't you read them all at least a thousand times?

[Bookmark] Candy: whom LH?

[Bookmark] Candy: thats Leatherhead [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: really enjoying playing these reptilian males [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Ah...Leatherhead....

[Bookmark] Alysson: Sorry for being so inactive in chatzy today! Got sucked into youtube...again. XD But, I'm going to bed now, good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *peeks an eye open and looks at Tara*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: daww thats alright Alyss

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off for the night. but i'll be online tomorrow night for sure after seeing the peanut movie

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: z

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~nods to Leatherhead~

[Bookmark] Kitteh: M\

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I can't see the keyboard. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww poor Kitteh *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *tail tip flip flops - but otherwise remains still*

[Bookmark] Candy: he is sun basking [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: that looks good *flops off his chair onto his plastron in the sun too - siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs* ooooh yeah

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: my brothers should be getting in on this too - soooooooo goood ...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Lays ontop of Mikey's shell* [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *barely notices - goes into 'bask mode' *

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~shrugs and removes hoodie to lay down as well!

[Bookmark] Tara: ~*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *ipod, ear phones - dancy dancy dancy*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee

[Bookmark] Candy: *evil hehehehe*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sun feels nice

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *rumbles n agreement*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs his*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Yes it does

[Bookmark] Candy: want to make Mikey still for a while - throw him in a good hot patch of sun [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Metalhead: *rushes through and attacks Erica's undies!*

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~keeps protective of bottom area~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: .... ahhhhhhh! no no! *strips them off before he takes the little red dress with em!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol MH is awake. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she's learned by now - just surrender the damned things [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *gives them to the bot -*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *gives him the ipod too*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhhahahaha now he can blast all sorts of tracks out loud [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~sighs~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica:... you okay? *to Tara*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey is happy

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara:'s blaze?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: he's great - with his dad [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Awesome

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oh it is - nothing is so cute than seeing them sleeping on the bed together [tongue] *pulls out tphone to show here piccie -* see?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Yeah, that's so adorable

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: mmmm hmmm

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: How are you?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~keeps sunbathing while humming a little~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: feel great [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles on Mikey's shell it's nice and warm*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I'm happy for you

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: thanks [big grin] - so hows you?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I guess I am ok

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: only okay? something on your mind? [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: nothing to important...beside's you got other stuff to worry about....

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oh pish on my other worries - including the fact the bot ate my underpants.... tell me wasssup

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she's in a weird bouncy mood [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Can I whisper it to you?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: of course you can *leans closer*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I wish...I had someone like you do with Raph

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *blushes... whispers* sometimes I still pinch myself even when holding Blaze - encase I dreamed it all...

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *whispers* Someday if I ever find someone pinch me as well

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey Mikey?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehhee deal - [big grin] *smiles at Tara - blinks at Mel* you may not get much of a response, he's basking -

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sloooooooooooow breaths - no response*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol and a way to make him quiet too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Guess not

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Is LH still alive?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *is alive - breathing just as sloooow and deeeeep*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: good

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: yeha he is... if you lean against him you'll feel the heat off his back here... and rise and fall on his breaths a little *shifts back against his side*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: naw....don't wish to disturb him ~yearns too but doesn't~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ppppbbbbbbt you wont - and he don't mind *light scratchies to the side scales... a particular spot*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm laying ontop of Mikey so LH won't mind

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *back leg kicks like a doggies - lazily at scratchies... happy happy rumble*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *normally would protest that is Ally's spot - but is in Bask mode*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles and slowly leans against him feeling the warmth...send's her own warmth back to him~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *looooooouder happy rumble - tail tip flip flopping*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~scratches the same spot softly on LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: see? he looks scary and dangerous but he's a big softie*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *oh lord must have died and went to heaven! all these scratchies!!!! leg kicks some more!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

[Bookmark] Tara: (I literally just laughed in rl from that response)

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *slowly - roooooollllllls so not to lose conact with the girls, and close his jaws - now belly up hopes girls will continue the scratchies!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *sniggers* he want's belly scratchies [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blushes and scrathes some more~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *chuckles and gestures-* no like this! *climbs onto the smooth gator belly and scratchies with both hands all over the yellow white scales*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Oh

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches~

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: just don't scratch lower than his waist which is about here [tongue] cause thats a area reserved for mates [tongue] *slips off the other side so Tara can try it* go on he wont bite and the feel of his rumbles is pretty cool

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *you could be in another room and probably hear the loud happy rumble

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~get's on and scrathes~

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa big soft gator [tongue]

Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *totally never leaving this spot!!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMBLES*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; He's loud

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *giggles leans back against his side* yeah - he's happy - love doing that to Raph

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: do not try it on Mikey - not only is he laying on his plastron - that is an Ally only privilege [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Should I be sending my warmth here as well? ~blushes relaizing how perverted that sounded~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But because he's basking I get to lay ontop of him [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Of course not

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *rumbles*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: that a yes or no?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: no need - the heat of the sun is plenty - and your own natural unenhanced body heat is also plenty [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: In mutant gator rumbles that means this is so freaking good I may never moove

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~raises eyebrow~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [big grin] what?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Oh nothing

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: you really should not be all over him without asking - ... and if Ally comes along you may have to give up the space for her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehhee okay - [big grin] but I mean it you should be warm enough on him as it is [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I am a mutant that can produce hot flames all over her body, who's hotter?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~keeps sctraching~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I know but how else do I get to be with one of my brothers

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: .... a pyro? mmm interesting - well technically the sun is hotter - but as its rays come from miles away and are filtered through our atmosphere - you? [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *was referring to LH and her*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *annnnnnnnnnnnd RUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM​BLES*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: What?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: if you mean between you and him... still you - [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles and stops scratching...teasing him~

[Bookmark] Candy: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Tara: tyt

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: back!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Tara: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty ty ty [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *still happy - loooounging*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~chuckles and get's off of him~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *smiles* great fun doing that [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Yeah ~sighs and lays down~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~next to him~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: LH is a laidback gator

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: mmmmm partly why I do enjoy doing it to Raph [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *nods* he is - for most of the time - he only gets really roused if being territorial or protective.. or the beast mode.... but that has not happened for a good while

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No it hasn't

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: be thankful it has not - there are only a few ways to calm him from that frame of mind

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: May I ask what can?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *not sure she should say this - looks about for nefarious people like Baxter or Bonesteel first* well... *shifts and crawls ont he big gator belly again to his chest reach to the left side of his jaw* the big bulge here... its the mucles for the jaw -

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara:

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: The ones responsible for the rapid closing of his jaws - and with the forces that most crocodilians have... and here on the left side just where the bulge curves down is what we call a 'Spot' - a really really good caress, light scratch or touch here will make him keel over in a happy happy limp sort of way

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: Raph and Mikey and Donnie and Leo also have such spots... but I will not be telling you where they are [tongue] especially not my BigReds

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I see ~look's at it then look's to LH~ *whispers to Erica* remind me not to peeve him off

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have to go, guys. maybe I can be more focused tomorrow night. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [big grin] hehehe okay -

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles closer to Mikey*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *ponder's what to do now*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [wink] you wont... not a lot upsets my best bud [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *does not mind her weight and warmth.... and happy gator all round*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~nods~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [big grin] don't be shy to ask me stuff about him, he's already said he dont mind me sharing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Don't know what to ask him?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [big grin] thats fine - sooo tell me about your mutation... LH and I are ... sort of mutant medics... and we both have a vested interest in mutation as a whole... me even more so lately with being Raphael's mate here in chatzy and because of our son

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Uh...well, what particuarly do you wish to know? ~look's to LH then back to Erica~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hopefully the whole baby thing won't happen in the main game Bishop and Stockman are there >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica:... *blushes* I don't know about the main game, I doubt it though oooor in the mini one going at the moment... as far as I know

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: anything! as a pyro what temperatures are you able to generate? and how without cooking yourself is an interesting thing

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Like me getting a boyfriend but I'm 14 in those games so [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: yes well you are only fourteen there - I know Mikey wont be interested

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Well let's see, I don't know about surviving on the sun but I have gone through lava...once, and also done other fire experiment's...though about me not killing myself...I haven't a clue

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~goes to sctrach LH's stomach cause she loved doing it before~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: annnnnd certainly not this big guy [wink] - being... we estimated by his species annual growth rate about twenty years of age

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not looking for that type of relationship anyway. But Mikey could be the cool big brother [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: well thats something to look into - maybe your body produces an protective substance or something? ... mmmm

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *resumes his loud rumbling*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles again~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [smile] hehhee it does feel good - he loves being belly scratches [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica:... and maybe Mel - though that may not come about in every game

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Yeah...he does doesn't he?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: yep - my son and mate love it too [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~smiles alittle~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I know

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: only to happy to rub Raph's plastron, totally addicted to the man [big grin] *giggles nd slips sideways off of LH*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *back leg kicks in happy*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *giggles*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Addicted is putting it mildly more like obssessed [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: obsessed, addicted mmmmm hmmmm perfect adjectives [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~look's at watch~ welp I gotta go ~blows LH a kiss and wave's bye to everyone~ Say hello to your son and Raph for me ok?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: will do [big grin] night [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: oooor see you laters [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: See ya! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: After work you will

[Bookmark] Tara: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe there is no after work here

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; Yeah they are

[Bookmark] Candy: its a continuous thing [wink] but yes will see you *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: and both describe perfectly the level of the neeeeed to be close to him [big grin] - which I am beginning to feel now - been away to loong [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And you say I'm clingy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: you are - and no matehood to be so *feet still on LH belly - wriggles toes*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You try having horrible social skills and being alone like I was you would go nuts too

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *loooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooud wailing*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: not necessarily - I may have handled it better... or worse - no way to tell really. ooooh I am being summoned [tongue] night you sun bums [tongue] *gets to her feet and shuffles off*

[Bookmark] Candy: sun bums [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We should switch places sometime!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *though most the sun is gone - rumbles a see you later and slowly rolls back over - tail slapping Mikey as he does... grin at them and slides into some water for a good swim - maybe a hunt too*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *from spot door* no thanks! *closes it and goes to settle Blaze once more*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: There goes LH

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *smacked out of his basking haze - sits up making Mel tumble off* whoa!.... mmmm so good!... oh hey Mel. Catch you *grins and dashes off for a need he had no idea was urgent until now -*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol to the loo

[Bookmark] Candy: night night you two *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs* I'm getting off, too. Need to get some stuff done.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 248 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: how are you

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: nothing much, feeling sick and have to be up early tomrrow. so i wont be on too long

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: yep yep. and I'm so very tired

[Bookmark] Espionata: That sucks

[Bookmark] Mikko: but my brother has guest over! I think. I might just be hearing voices

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sits on you*

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Sleepy kitty is sleepy >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: wake up kitty!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *curls up with all the kitties*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Don't need a playful adult cat [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I do!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't he gets really playful lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tosses cat up in the air* weeeeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tosses Mel up in the air* weeeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: why ask why?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't know [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: alright then! lets dance!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: how about just a butt wiggle?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: hooooow about a tity shake?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't have any [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *grabs Mel's ass and shakes it*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey! *Hides behind Leo* OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hellooooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *flops*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *grabs Kitteh's ass and shakes it*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm back from the Peanut movie

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it was super cute

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you all

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn, a pig ate a two year old. THE PIGS ARE FIGTING BACK!

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want a pet pig

[Bookmark] Mikko: but a little one

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Teacup pig! [big grin]


[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: skype is updating but will be on skype here

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hellloooooooo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I love teacup pigs.. they are so freaking cute

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they had one on How I met your Mother I wanted it... toooo
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:43 am

pt 16.

Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Rogue: hey

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko
24 Days of ElvesYouTube · 5:22 · 1M · 94%It's the greatest gift of all! All the 12 Days of Elves movies, packed into five minutes of nonstop elf mischief and mayhem! Check out this video for all 12 Days of Elves 2014. Three full minutes of back to back elfy insanity! For all the Holiday goofiness, follow Weenis and all the elves: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I however did not get my game of thrones season two today in the mail so I better get it tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sits on Rogue*

[Bookmark] Mikko: had a rough day?

[Bookmark] Mikko: meeee toooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. Tired

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tucks you in bed*

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone tried to steal my debit card. bastards

[Bookmark] Mikko: who wants to go to the doctor for me tomorrow?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yikes

[Bookmark] Espionata: no

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im on skype now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll trad yah for going to the doctor to going to work tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: deal!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: My mom texted me today saying to have Dec 18th off. Like I don't know what that surprise will be by what she said. It was a dead give away. Since I know what Dec 17 is

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm already trying to have that day off anyways since I have my biopsy that day

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: SURPRISE BIOPSY!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: nope that's not it. It's Star Wars

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I don't want a surprise Biopsy that hurts enough to have it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: done

[Bookmark] Espionata: Star Wars

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm not a big star wars fan

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Oh me big fan. You'll see my video here in a second of what I bought today from Hot Topic

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish there was a hot topic close to me

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
Star Wars ShoppingYouTube · 2:28 · 6 · NaN%Went Star Wars shopping for up and coming movie. Needed new stuff and Hot Topic had a sale. The bag was awesome so were the items. Smile [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Rogue: methinks eze and laz and tiph all passed out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I'm totally going to see it, the saturday after opening night

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know! I wanted to post in there yesterday! but I was kidnapped!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: *squeezes between Mikko and Gabe and goes to sleep*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hun needs to post [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't rush Hun. he is big and chunky and not fast

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb Arthas must use the potty!

[Bookmark] Rogue: still anxiously awaiting that lex/hun 'talk' [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And has a slow mind [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well I sadly don't have a full outfit to wear as a character

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yet

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but I'm gonna try and get one

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi: Yeah, he is pretty fat. And smelly.

[Bookmark] Rogue: they're not allowing people to wear masks in the theater forthe movie. Not here, anyway. can't say I blame them

[Bookmark] Rogue: someone would probably go all sith

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hun doesn't scare me

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Yah I could understand why on that part

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well if I can't wear a costume I'll have a shirt

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and pants

[Bookmark] Mikko: like that little girl who bowed to vader

[Bookmark] Mikko: I will make postseseses tomorrow after the doctor. tonight, all the letters seems to be bluring together and think I might pass out

[Bookmark] Mikko: for relz

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: more like @@

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Mikko: on skype what? on skype we ride!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o *hugs Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs back8

[Bookmark] Mikko: that 8 really likes hugs

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooo got some drugs in my systerm

[Bookmark] Mikko: I smell food

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want food

[Bookmark] Mikko: fooooood

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: did Don like the ADORABLE women I put in his ask?

[Bookmark] Mikko: she wins for best pout ever!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: so I read that Chris Pratt will invite all his famous friends over for a BBQ. but when they get there, there is no food and he just wants to chill. lol so it seems the only way to get famous people at your house is to promise them food

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not surprised [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know that's how you can get me to go somewhere!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone broke the dog!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Aw, I'd go just for Chris Pratt . He's more nummy than bbq

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol indeed he is. but I'm sure he would go great with some cool whip

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: not a lot [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: work work of course buuut not much else [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: my roommate came home and tells us. "my friends and i came up with a new name for ourselves. the hood rats!" I told him. "you know a hood rat is a hooker who sleeps with gang members." he thought on this a bit then nodded. "yeah that's us." now I know how my roommate makes his money

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel is a hood rat

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No I'm not Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Besides not all street girls become hookers

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had to spray down my bathroom. brother has the flu and I don't need it

[Bookmark] Mikko: I never said they do! just the hood rats. which my roommate is. but that's none of my business

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww - yeah I spray things off with Eucalypt spray when the flu is about - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: did you all see the new deadpool poster?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: By the way Hun isn't scary [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes showed his ass [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: sexy ass

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Hun is scary

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not yet but excited for the movie

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He hasn't done anything

[Bookmark] Mikko: he soon as i post...tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: for the really bad kids?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: So excited if this happens

[Bookmark] Mikko: it should be noted here. this child is fast asleep

[Bookmark] Candy: Clones: * OO never going loo like big boys again!!! - run away!!!... scatter!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't watch tv so I have no idea who or what that is

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor clones

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not cleaning the floors >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: yer not the boss of my, Erica! if that is your real name!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *me

[Bookmark] Candy: Clones: *hide... badly - little tails sticking out*

[Bookmark] Candy: MMErica: .... [big grin] it could be Eric [tongue] and yes I am - don't make me drag you out

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No one is the boss of me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Clones: *little tails wag*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *catches all the clones and tickle attack!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Clones: *all cackling - wriggling trying to get away!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I need to get to bed. I will post and see you all tomorrow! night my pudding cakes! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: I..... dont know if I am due to post anywhere... *goes to check

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm not gonna be online late tonight. have to work at 9:00a.m. so I'm heading off. I'll be online tomorrow early. Normal time. See you all then. Night all. *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: belated night to Alysson as well

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and Mikko

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: annnnd not really [smile] unless April dont post in MM [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee will finish up my MM mob tomorrow

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ... urgh if I get time to [tongue] barely managing to chat right now - picking, cleaning and packing these grapes as I go [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okay...I'm going to bed now. Good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Good luck

[Bookmark] Espionata: Depending where we get grapes we might find a Black Widow in them ugh DX

[Bookmark] Candy: bah plenty of grape spiders on these [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Black Widow, eh? Does she come with Hulk? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Raphaels... none of them would be out here to day - there are grasshopers the sizes of sparrows and flies by the swarms

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: grape spiders everywhere

[Bookmark] Espionata: Wrong Black Widow [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: the occasional hunstman [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh. All Raphs will stay clear, lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and clone Crimson too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Grasshoppers can get that big Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah here they do

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What are they eating OO

[Bookmark] Candy: and centipedes as long as rulers and nearly as fat [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: everything

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe my Ee's wont mind the bugs

[Bookmark] Candy: but show her a clown? - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Tara

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Those bugs are gross

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not scared of anything

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Tara: hey Kitteh

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: how is everyone?

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm

[Bookmark] Candy: I am great [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: good

[Bookmark] Candy: tired, sore and hot, working hard but great

[Bookmark] Candy: packed about seventy boxes of fruit myself today between tractor trips to and from shed - and its two dollars fifty per five kilo box [big grin] pretty good

[Bookmark] Candy: you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I got sleeping kitties [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Ah, can't complain due to what you had to go through

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] bah I am used to this work [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I had grape vines they kinda took care of themselves [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: not here [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well we didn't sell them lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And ontop of my mountain got blueberry fields but the trail that we used became a longass driveway so they get to hoard the blueberries [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah well these locally and interstate and some chinese markets too

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmmm blueberries

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh well we never did much with them lol

[Bookmark] Candy: okay reading your profile Tara - and mm pm....

[Bookmark] Espionata: But the dog loved it up there she got to run and eat blueberries lol

[Bookmark] Tara: take your time Candy

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] I am Mod! hehehe time I don't have [big grin] - it looks fine - will pm you shortly [big grin] can't really think of much to add to it....

[Bookmark] Candy: OO oh frack and just been promoted to MM admin - *faints*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh, congrats! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: WOOHOO

[Bookmark] Tara: [hug]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nice

[Bookmark] Candy: ++

[Bookmark] Candy: we dooomed... doooooooooooooooooomed!

Espionata: I will get the popcorn [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara: ?

[Bookmark] Tara: finally

[Bookmark] Candy: lol popcorn yes!

[Bookmark] Tara: sorry, i froze in here

[Bookmark] Candy: lol it happens

[Bookmark] Candy: Chatzy chews on people regularly [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehhee yeah my player gets chewed on a fair bit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: gotta head off. keep falling aslep >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: More like she gets eaten [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: yep that too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *giggles*

[Bookmark] Candy: righto approved [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: woohoo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: While you lose your undies [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~lays down to sunbathed in a two-piece~

[Bookmark] Candy: bugger pming [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: aint got the time for that right now - but as I was going to pm you can join in the iZombie game now she is approved

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Trying to use Mikey's nunchucks*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: why do you keep taking those?

[Bookmark] Tara: ok, but how do i change my picture

[Bookmark] Candy: which picture - your Avatar?

[Bookmark] Candy: or signature [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Wanna learn how to use them

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: well why not try the practice ones in the dojo - why do you take his? he may need them

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's reading comics

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Isn't it not nice to not take thing's that don't belong to you?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *rolls eyes* and that means he wont need them - or you can't use the practice ones?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I put them back besides he's a ninja I can't lift them off of him

[Bookmark] Candy: if you are talking about your avatar Tara go to your profile tab in the Origins forum and then to the Avatar link

[Bookmark] Candy: should be an options to upload an image from your pc there or use a url

[Bookmark] Tara: -.-

[Bookmark] Tara: I didn't look there

[Bookmark] Candy: if you meant your signature you will need to select the signature link when you go to your profile - and a text bos like those for posting will be here - and you can either use the Host an image tab that will let you upload one from your pc - if I recall you may have to sign up to use the imagining service.... um or the Insert an image tab beside it which allows you to input a url [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: box* damn it not bos

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: .... that does not answer why you can't use the practice ones instead - their smaller and may be easier for you to handle

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: WB

[Bookmark] Tara: TY

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why not try to use the big ones? Gotta learn how to use weapons of all sizes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: One should work from the bottom to the top

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *frowns* because its common sense to start with the smaller ones? and there are bigger practice ones, so still dont need to use his

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: So Erica how is Blaze?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: very well - hang on *goes to claim the boy from The Spot* hehhe enough sleeping with your daddy -

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~chuckles~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well Mikey shouldn't leave his laying around >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy lil turtle -*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Hey there's Blaze!

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: noooo you should not touch >​>​ *giggles hugging her wriggling giggling lil R2* yes here he is... mmmmm he smells like his dad mingled with baby smell *nuzzling* mmmm

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... hehhee Raph has someone whom can stand his BO - lucky guy [tongue] *quickly swaps his chucks for smaller, lighter practice ones* [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're telling a thief not to touch doesn't that sound weird to you [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hi Mikey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~chuckles~ Can I hold him?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: .... not really - unless your an actual klepto you have no need to be a thief here... sure *holds the giggling lilbig baby boy out to her*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~smiles and takes Blaze starting to blow bubbles for him~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You know you should try to walk in my shoes sometime

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *tries to catch those bubbles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: what on earth for?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pops the bubble~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: So you get to see the world from another point of view

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: nah I have a pretty broad view of the world thanks, and it has nothing to do with you taking his chucks instead of using smaller ones to learn with

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pulls out a small bottle of bubbles and while holding them away from Blaze start's blowing the bubbles into the air~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Then you would know not everything is black and white

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: ... your trying to say that to someone whom is the mate of a mutant and mother to a mutant hybrid? *another eye roll - yeah that was a pretty pointles to uh point out to her* - girl your just dodging around the plain fact you should be using the smaller chucks if you want to learn.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: Oo *watches these bubbles... tries to grab them with a squeal - then cackles*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *giggles* *does it again*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And you're not my mom

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *sudden flare of anger* and I don't want or wish to be - for one I would have raised you better

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: for another you dont seem to be able to comprehend I am pointing this out so you don't hurt yourself -

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~listen's before going back to playing with blaze~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: your so annoying >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *hands and feet waving about trying to catch those bubbles

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *makes oh snap gesture and quickly ducks away - back to his room*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *gurgling, cackling, enthusiastic hand and feet waving*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I won't get hurt and I wasn't really raised by anyone you know this

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: Yeah you will - Mikey is naturally agile and athletic and at ninjitsu and he still has hurt himself a number of times with his chucks, thats why he practiced - with smaller ones.

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Practice make's perfect

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: indeed - and practicing smart means less injury and having to put off more practice to heal... your upbringing is no excuse.

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: She's right, Mel. Why would you want to risk hurting yourself by rushing into something before you're ready. And there really is no reason to rush it.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *probably a good thing Donnie is speaking up - if she has to keep arguing the point with Mel she might actually be a rude bitch about it* hey PrettyEyes [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles* Hi, Erica. How is it going?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: not too bad, you and Angel? [big grin] saw the bump - it is growing

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *chuckles* Yeah. She's about due. I can't wait. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *giggles* you'll be so busy! twins [big grin] ... I can give you some of Blaze's reusable cloths diapers - the ones too small for him ... hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Oh. Well, thank you. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* I'm sure you guys all rushed into something at some point

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: your welcome - I know it sounds gross but their not as bad as the old cloth diapers, GranGran makes them good [smile] and they have stretchy sides and little clip buttons

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: and patterns on em [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: That's not the point, Mel. I ask you again. Why would you risk it? You won't get better any faster than if you take your time in learning the weapon.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehhe annnnd we all got the same speech too - and either listening... or ended up hurt - Angel looks fantastic, still very active even in this late stage [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *offers Don Blaze to hold - and is thinking of a coffee*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And when I do ask for help with this stuff I don't get it so I'm learning on my own. I've taught myself how to use my knife without getting stabbed by it the nunchucks will be no different

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles at Erica* Yeah. She's doing great. *takes his nephew in his arms and bounces him gently*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: You don't know that, Mel. They're completely different weapons. You'll likely get a concussion on the first day if you don't take an easy. -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: take it easy*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: >​>​ not the same thing Mel - not the same at all. Side you can't fight with knives correctly either ... *tired of Mel -* want a coffee Pretty Eyes?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *grins at Don* she is, healthy - I think her keeping me active in the last month helped with his birth - a lot...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah by spinning them at break neck speeds I'm not that crazy to do that or to whip them around

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *little sneeze - but cackles on waving fist towards Don's face*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles* That's great. *chuckles at the little guy and smooches his cheek* Gehzunheit.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Noooo idea how to spell that. lol

[Bookmark] Candy: close enough [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *giggles and heads to kitchen to make coffees* mmmm yes it was great - without her I think the birth would not have been so ... smooth, considering his birth weight - she still in bed?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *is indeed in bed*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy oooommming - wriggling*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Yeah.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: alright bouncing off this one - those two can share a coffee or two and chatter before bed [big grin] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 247 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Espionata: Alright

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's good [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm eating peaches

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and finishing up Game of Thrones season one.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I fell asleep with it on repeat last night

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: also doing some laundry did some cleaning in the bathroom since my brother had the 24 hour flue bug the last day and a half

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: last thing I need before the end of the year is the flu

[Bookmark] Espionata: ick

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hate that bug

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: me to

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had it last year

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: happened right at work right at my lane. i felt awful

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ouch it's been years for me

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm sure they'll give me the flu shot when i go in for my biopsy

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: plus my days off are wacky this week to

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: because we are short handed two days out of the week

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: so my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: any plans for the holiday

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hanging with family

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: doing anything fun or speical

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not really

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm not sure what we are doing. I know I may not be able to join in the big family party. They denied me that day off already

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and I'm really hoping I'm not working till closing on Christmas Eve that way I can go to church with my family that night

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hope you do

[Bookmark] Alysson: Espi, did you see that Hun posted?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *waves*

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: *waves back*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: hrllo

[Bookmark] Tara: hello*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: now I'm starting Game of Thrones season two. baby dragons had been born at the end of season one which was pretty cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

ScoopGirl: brb checking laundry

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How is everyone?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Alright

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Tara: ok

[Bookmark] Tara: tired but ok

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I think the washer ruined my bra but I'll find out once I dry it

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: That sucks

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it got its self wrapped around the spiny thing inside it. and around all the clothes

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: happens to me sometimes too

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *nods*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: good thing I've got more than one. but i liked this one

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sooooooo, what's up in my part of the world? I'll tell you.

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *in rant-mode*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I was up until 5:30 this morning trying to get my speech outline finished. That's 9-in-a-half-freaking-HOU​RS just yesterday. On top of 6 hours in school and only an hour and a half of sleep the night before. I'm BEYOND exhausted! >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have been so spacey today it's not even funny. I feel a little better since I had some coffee, but I almost fell asleep DRIVING on the way home from my 'job' today.

[Bookmark] Candy: whoa! - dawwwwwwww *hugs the Kitteh* Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The only energy I have had lately has been from coffee.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm wide awake at 4 or 5 am in the morning and that's when I have been getting to bed the past two nights.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well it's weekend

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. A weekend for me lately has consisted of at least four hours of homework every day.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Last week I was on vacation but I still spend 4-6 hours on homework every single day. >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs back* Two more weeks then I am DONE with this hell.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But getting there will be a nightmare. -_-

[Bookmark] Tara: CANDY!!!!!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay done by the holiday

[Bookmark] Candy: TARA!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: How are you

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Thank GOD. I don't really have time to get any preparations for Christmas done.

[Bookmark] Candy: We are not doing much for christmas here - hanging some solar lights around the bottom of the mango tree and having an all day all farm invite thing and thats about it

[Bookmark] Candy: be an actual day off - because unless it rains heavily any time soon the picking here is swinging into full action next week until early feb next yer - days off will be only shopping days [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: ~flops down~

[Bookmark] Candy: *shrugs* it's the way it is here - this time of year the fruit (figs, watermelon, grapes) are ready to be harvested so work goes crazy [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: even the cousins will be working once school ends next week for them [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm sooo sleepy! Gonna be busy tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: noight night Alyss *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww Kitteh - it's almost over *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* It is, but not soon enough.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *has Blaze with today - big tot in his mouth - which is open as he lounges about in the sun - upper jaw shading the baby turtle*

[Bookmark] Candy: yes indeed not soon enough [tongue] *squeeeezy hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Hey Erica you got any coffee?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: there is always coffee here [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Can I have some? *waves to Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy - little hands touching the teeth above him*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehehe reach into LH's mouth to get him - if you dare [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *eye pops open to check the people about him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehhee sure sure - having one Donnie? [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Oh. Sure. [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~get's up to get coffee and pulls out a book to read~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *makes teh coffee for him - and one for Angel cause she about somewhere - hands them to Donnie - makes herself one*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *takes them* Thanks, Erica.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Eating some chocolate*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: So how are you Erica?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [smile] I am okay - your welcome PrettyEyes - joining us? *goes to sit next to LH's head - rubbing his open snout*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: I would, but I better get this to Angel first.

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~goes back to reading waving to LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happily wriggling away*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *rumbles lower - waves fingers back, shifts head so Blaze is closer to his mother*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: get what to me? *grins and smooches a cheek* hey sexy [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Sighs wondering why she's here*

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara: -.-

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Greetings Mel

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Tara: ty

[Bookmark] Candy: Chatzy eat you? [tongue] wb

[Bookmark] Tara: -.- honestly even i DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *smiles* Hi. *hands her the second mug* Erica made it. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~laughs at a part in her book~

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: awesome [wink] she makes almost as good a brew as you *smiles and takes sipping*

[Bookmark] Candy: chatzy just likes a munching [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *blushes a little* Thanks. *sits down at the table and pats the spot next to him*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I think I'll go sunbathe for a while and leave the coffee here is that ok?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That's fine

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *grins at them and Tara nodding* its fine [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *quickly tkes spot next to him*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~places book away and finds a area to change into her bikini then going to lay out and sunbathe~

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *peeks an eye up to perv - but mostly still - especially with the little turtle in his mouth kicking and baping his teeth with little fists*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~lay's on her stomach~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Looks at the table feeling alone and unwanted*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe girl should sun bake a bit - everyone being lazy bums [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: hey she doesn't mind if anyone want's to sun bathe with her

[Bookmark] Tara: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] hehehe well all characters are being lazy bums [tongue] look even Don out of his lab enjoying a coffee with Angel [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: ~shrugs~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~gets up being done and goes back inside~ Ah much better ~goes to change and comes to sit next to Erica and LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *low rumble*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~ Greetings LH, may I scrtach you again?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *can't answer - Blaze in his mouth*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *chuckles and scoops his out* there [tongue] *snugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~Pulls out bubble bottle and hand's it to Erica~ ~goes to scratch LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: yessss *rolls onto his back for scratchies!!!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Rogue's awfully quiet.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles and goes and scratches~

[Bookmark] Candy: yesth - am worried *hugs de Rogue!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *smiles and takes the bubble bottle but first gives Blaze a drink - been palying in LH mouth for hours - should be thirsty*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *IS!! quiet enthused noisie suckles going on!*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: You can keep that if you wish....anytime you need a new one just let me know ok? ~scratches more of LH's area~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *deeeeeeep rumbling*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Maybe she fell asleep.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Shakes her head wondering when someone would try to look at things from her point of view*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blushes at his deep rumbling~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *giggling - shifts to lay on her side propping her head on a hand so she can still drink her coffee in sips, cause lil dude is heavy and wrigglign and making noises even as he drinks*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: dis is nice [big grin] *totally happy gator*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *will wait til his grand son is finished having milkshake - then steal him!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *relaxed nestled against Don sipping the decaf coffee slowly*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: might have - but ya all need sleep [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Really?

[Bookmark] Tara: ~speaking to LH's comment~*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: mmmm hmmmmm - always good [big grin] thank you

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Well your very welcome sir, anytime you want to be scratched I'm here

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I wanna hang out with you guys for a while. [big grin] I've missed you. *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Tara: *hugs Kitteh*

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs back* dawwww [wink] at least all this laziness amongst our characters and all means I have been able to get through loggs - even if not posting them all up yet cause I like to double check those I have done before postingt them [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: *glomps kitteh*

[Bookmark] Candy: will try to be done with those I have over the next week even with work as crazy as it is so you can send more Kitteh [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: try being the operative word here [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: brb checking laudnry

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: laundry

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *glomps back* ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] Tara: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] *tackle glomps group and hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: mushmallows! *throws them about - cause sharin is carin and all [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ^^

[Bookmark] Tara: ~takes one marshmallow and toasts it~

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: mushmallows - pink love heart shaped marshmallows [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: -.--

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *helpless giggle fit - cause Blaze*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~takes two mushmallows and gives one to LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *finished his drink and keeps laughing at his mum - making her laugh too*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *carefully catches in his jaws - tries to swallo but its stuck on his tooth*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Need help?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: no no - *picking at this mushmallow with his claws* [big grin] but thanks

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off here guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches and giggles using her power's to toast it then eat's it~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squealing cackle*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *snickering*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: What's so funny?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *shrugs - has no idea*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: prob nothing - just looks like they got the giggle gurt bug [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, and as for the logs, it might have to wait until after my semester ends.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Unless I just give them to you as is.

[Bookmark] Candy: as is is fine - but not until semester ends [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: not sure if I will get all I have posted up in the next week or so - but will be damn trying as hard s possible [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How far did I give you?

[Bookmark] Candy: 7-9-10-15 is the last entry sent over [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] yep half way through 6 [big grin] so there is that [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: wow

[Bookmark] Candy: yep wow [big grin] will have em done [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Screw changing pickpockected some poor random drunk man*

[Bookmark] Candy: >​<
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:44 am

pt 17

ara: Tara: ~sits and scratches lh's back~

[Bookmark] Candy: Tara I am sending a pm in origins [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: ok

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee in

[Bookmark] Candy: 3.

[Bookmark] Tara: 2.

[Bookmark] Tara: 7.

[Bookmark] Tara: 5.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 1!

[Bookmark] Tara: 4.

[Bookmark] Tara: 6

[Bookmark] Tara: 7

[Bookmark] Tara: 7777

[Bookmark] Tara: 777

[Bookmark] Tara: 77

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What are we doing? lol

[Bookmark] Tara: idk

[Bookmark] Tara: 2

[Bookmark] Tara: d

[Bookmark] Tara: w

[Bookmark] Tara: e

[Bookmark] Tara: a

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You have hit three of the letters in my last name. [tongue] In the right order! [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: 2.

[Bookmark] Candy: 1!!!!! hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: really?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep. [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: Candy

[Bookmark] Tara: I didn't get it....

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: hang on

[Bookmark] Tara: jk

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: was about to say checked - in my outbox - now go read!!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] reply in pm [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: i will

[Bookmark] Tara: pm sent

[Bookmark] Candy: yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: okay responded [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: hmm

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: tempting

[Bookmark] Candy: we lost a few players recently in Masked Mayhem so we could always use more

[Bookmark] Candy: need a new karai - or casey

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: i might be able to do casey....

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe a new Mikey if the player keeps flaking and having the Raph player post for them

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] well by all means - do so and enjoy [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: cause between you and me (i kinda don't like karai)

[Bookmark] Espionata: Karai from the 2012 show?

[Bookmark] Tara: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I actually don't have a problem with her.

[Bookmark] Tara: pmed back

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] you don't have to go entirely along with 2k12 version of her - you can take inspirations for her from other incarnations, as long as it is kept in mind it is 2k12 theme based [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: i just don't think i could play her justice

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe, maybe not

[Bookmark] Candy: and April may be back on the market - I am going to be tempting her but her player Shaya has really been distant and MS is trying to contact her to find our if she is able to continue or not

[Bookmark] Candy: and if no one snags Ze April I shall - but offering her first [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Haven't seen her lately

[Bookmark] Tara: can i ask one question on here?

[Bookmark] Candy: no no pm me [big grin] hold on

[Bookmark] Candy: okay pm me [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: sent

[Bookmark] Candy: cheers!

[Bookmark] Tara: [hug]

[Bookmark] Candy: okay answered [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: sent back

[Bookmark] Candy: I may has a question for you [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: i didn't do it!

[Bookmark] Tara: ~points to random person~ they did it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *poofs out of the blame range* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *the point is in his direction....* [angel]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I didn't do anything

[Bookmark] Tara: welp i gotta go

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night Tara [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~get's up after scratching so much on LH's stomach and gives him a small kiss on the cheek~ Thank's for putting up with my scratching

[Bookmark] Candy: answer my pm! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: i replied Candy

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *in gator heaven - happy happy gator*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooooooo!

[Bookmark] Tara: o.0

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: *giggles* ~runs off~

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *too happy - all the gator goods hanging out*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs hugs* gotta leave this room [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm heading off to get some sleep. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 246 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara: ~dance around~

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm tired... *yawns.*

[Bookmark] Candy: not a whole lote - what about you all?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you guys

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Scoop [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i don't want to go to bed too early since I don't go in till eleven a.m.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: tomorrow

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooh I was up until 3 and then out of bed at 5 am [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: bit wired

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I got woken up by some guy my sister knows knocking on the door then the kittens decided to act crazy in my room because they didn't have breakfast lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Tara: Hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: hello

[Bookmark] Tara: how is everyone?

[Bookmark] Espionata: alright

[Bookmark] Tara: good

[Bookmark] Tara: ~goes to read up on I zombie thread~

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] good girl - go join in! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: and alright alright, tired but fine [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Also I read what you wrote last for LH I laughed

[Bookmark] Tara: *all his gator junk laying out*

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahah - yep naughty gator [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: kick loggy ass last night [tongue] two up and a naughty bit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: working on more as real life working today [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Well he was being a bit pervy with Tara yesterday lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee LH is usually a totally gentlegator - but sometimes he is also a twenty year old male [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Well he doesn't have to be gentle with Tara [wink] [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha - [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: so...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Got an orange. it looks good

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: we wanted halos but non looked good enough to eat so we got normal oranges

[Bookmark] Tara: i can't have oranges a lot

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: but i can have tanagerines

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os ... tanagerines are good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i love those

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~reads her book~

[Bookmark] Candy: we have a small group of tangerine trees [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] Tara: <.<

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] Tara: ~plans to steal said trees~

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe what are you plotting ?

[Bookmark] Candy: oooh!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaa

[Bookmark] Tara: nooooothhiiing

[Bookmark] Tara: ~hides plans~

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *snickers*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hides plans better...down her shirt~

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: .... daw you no need to put things down your bra girl! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Why not It's not like anyone is going to do down there....and besides it holds my money

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: I'd take you up on that challenge if it were a pizza slice - and I was not a loyal Ally only turtle boy here [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I know, and I am proud how loyal you are to her as is she is to you ~smiles

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [wink] me too - love my lil SpicyBite

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~smiles~ So how have you been?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: fine - looking forward to being a dad - did you know my Al having twins ? cool huh?! *excited*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I heard and congrads

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [big grin] thanks - Don's gal having twins too - butwe all know mine be cuter [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I'm sure you will

[Bookmark] Tara: have cute little ones*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: of course [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Let me know when they're born I'll buy them something

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: dawww you dont gotta - and with any luck you'll be here when it goes doooooooown [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol or at least int he other chat room when I have caught the logs up so we can resume the crazy crazy mini chatzy story going on in there [tongue] and all

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: No no, I want too...I....I...don't remember having a happy childhood, so I wish for them to have one....or at least some part of happiness

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: With Blaze it was the bubbles

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: dawwww thanks cutie - ah yes my lil big nephew - such a happy chappy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey Mikey

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~ ~looks around for a few minutes

[Bookmark] Tara: ~searching~

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hey Mel - whatcha lookin for? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: i just relaized something

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I am....just looking....*whispers* for someone

[Bookmark] Tara: one of lh's favorite human food is cheetos and that is what i am eating in rl right now

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Haven't seen Mikko Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] with LH

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] Alysson: Sawwie for vanishing! *hugs everyone* :3

[Bookmark] Tara: *glomps aly*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: no more vanishing

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​ i mean it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okie~ ^-^

[Bookmark] Alysson: But I'll have you know, I'm the most easily distracted human on the planet.

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] Tara: ~holds out ducktape and glue~

[Bookmark] Alysson: O_o Okay, okay, no vanishing!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: back back [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *ZOMG cheeeeeetos! - scurries the heck over and sits on tail - wating* Hello

[Bookmark] Tara: wb

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~eats another cheeto~

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not home yet. Hi.

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *hopeful* hi - uuuh may I have a cheeto? [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: catching up on my little pony

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: finally caught up on Arrow

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~thinks~ do I get something in a return?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: ... uuuum what would you like? *really does not have anything*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: about a....~blushes~ a

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Someone has a crush >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: oooh - *gator blushie* okay - *nuzzles her cheek first with his snout - caaarefully - then snout smooch*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: *watches curiously*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blushes more then holds bag out~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: ^_^ *takes a few cheetos and tosses em up into his maw catching them with a snap!*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Woah

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Do that again!

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: [wink] you throw em and I'll catch em [big grin] *but tosses two more to catch himself*

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~winks and get's up to stand a distance throwing them~

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi, Mikko!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *catches catches and catching*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles throwing one up in the air and catches it~

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: Tara is flirting with my gator!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I use to live on a street named Tara drive

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's not yours

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: everyone is mine!

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [tongue] so out of luck for Red and I

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No we're not >​>​

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Wait what?.....~looks to LH then back to Erica~

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you are either my kitten! or my lover!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: How about neither?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: hehhee nope

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: no! one or the other!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *shakes head - picking a bit of cheeto from his teeth*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: so since I have no lovers. YOU ARE ALL MY CHILDREN!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh boy >​>​

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Love, I am a mutant created in a lab for the sole purpose to hurt people, I have no mother and I kinda feel like Erica is more of a mother to me...and as the lover part...I kinda already like someone

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [kiss] >​ ... oh well - um thank you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I too am a mutant created in a lab! see we're bonding!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe kissey face!

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello Mikko

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sucked into my little pony

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Your welcome Erica, but Love no seriously...I think you as a friend....distant friend...not as a mom and not as a lover.....~goes over to LH holding out more cheetos~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *takes some more - tail tip flip flopping as he eats em*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~ here you can have the whole bag

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Good idea because she eats people

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [smile] *snugging Blaze*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: BLAZE

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Did I see that little guy?!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: BLAZZZE!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: for me?! thanks!!! *takes and tips it up to eat*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *startles* hey hey he can hear you [big grin] *holds the little sleepy head out*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blushes~ you are welcome

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *drowsy - full of mum milk and all sleepy - blinks blinks*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I'm sorry

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: [wink] it's fine - he's getting much better at loud noises - here hugs? [big grin] *could really use a dash to the loo!* hehhee

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *eats the baby*

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *pulls him back against her safe and glares at Love* you leave my son alone!*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *snarls and gets between them* hey no nibbling my nephew!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Getting sleepy...good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~holds him~

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~looks to LH~ how were the cheetos?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *almost crashed into Mikey rushing to defend his godson - deep deep hissing rumbles - blinks and is cut off looks at Tara* oh ^_^ they were delicious [big grin] thank you

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *steps back, is behind a living wall of green scaled/ shelled hide and snuggling the still sleepy Blaze*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: You are most welcome LH, anytime you want more just ask, I'll be glad to provide *looks to Love* You ever do that again I may go back to my dark days....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: what?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You don't eat babies!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: You don't eat babies....and you want to be a mother

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hold's Blaze giving him a kiss on the forhead~

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: maybe you don't eat babies but I think they are yummy! and I wouldn't eat my own kids. but sense none of you want to be my kittens you are all fair game!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~growls~

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: thank you *is touched so many came to Blaze's aid so quick*... man need to pee - watch yourself cat [tongue] *to Love as she dashes away to loo*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: not my newphew - hehehe you luck Raph aint here - he'd gone ballistic

[Bookmark] Candy: lol full on Raph rage

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *smiles at Mike and kisses him*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: You won't hurt any of these children or any future children....wt...

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *shifts and blocks Tara and Blaze from Love - nuzzles the baby gently*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love is insane

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hey! *pulls away - I am a Ally only boy in here!!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hands Blaze to Lh~ ~goes over to Love slapping her across the face~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: He isn't yours

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Raph isn't yours

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Neither is donnie...or Leo understand, and I highly doubt Lh want's to be with you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: actually! Don likes me. sooooo he kinda is mine

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: speaking of Leo - bro you gotta catch up with your Vamp some time!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Unhuh....whatever.......​..

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love doesn't care and neither does Mikko trust me

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~goes back to LH and Blaze patting his head~

[Bookmark] Mikko: honestly it really sucks that no one wants to be with love.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Uhhhh, I am?

[Bookmark] Mikko: it hurts man, it hurts. is she really that bad a character?

[Bookmark] Tara: she tried eating a baby

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwwwws *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: she wouldn't do that in game!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: good [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: I can make an OC for her if you like

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I know how Love feels >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] though she in the bad books in the main game with April [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol well that's understandable

[Bookmark] Candy: not so in iZombie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I want love!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe and in here sorry oAngel and OEe kinda territorial of their turtles bwhahhaa

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: aint you Love *confused*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I did that name thing Mike made, the urban dic. said Mikko means asshole!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kinda territorial more like possessive [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pulls out Ipod~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~listens to jazz music to calm down while eating some candy~

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yeah kinda territorial may have been an understatement [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! yeah saw that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *nuzzles her as he checks the Blaze - loves his godson to bits!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sleepy giggling - sleepy*

[Bookmark] Tara: (is he nuzzling me?)

[Bookmark] Candy: yep - both of yous [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: I will get through my other characters with the name thing - thoughts I'd have Mikey go through the games [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~looks up smiles a little then looks away~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *smiles* he is fine - his mother pulled him back in time - happy happy gator again*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~nods then holds up a piece of candy~

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: echausted. won't be on long. how are ya'll?

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Candy: you are exhausted *hugs* dawwwww should be resting*

[Bookmark] Rogue: exhausted*

[Bookmark] Candy: fine fine - tired myself - but not that tired [big grin] and fine -

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: tired as well

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: two more days of work then two days of

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: off

[Bookmark] Rogue: thankfullly I'm off tomorroe ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: tomorrow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's good

[Bookmark] Rogue: typing is not my friend right now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my days off are going to be weird between now and the end of the year

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: so it will be hard to plan things

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *lays down and naps*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I won't have a saturday off until next year. sounds like a long time when I say it like that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i did apply for another department job for second shift. but hopefully if i get it will be steady hours

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not all funky hours

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] Shy: hello

[Bookmark] Candy: Shy! heelo

[Bookmark] Rogue: was gonna be off christmas, but gonna work it so my friend can go home and see her mom. She lives a long way away

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: like a 1-9:30p.m. that way I could get another part time job in the morning if i had to

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's the only day our store is closed

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: we are opened 364 days a year

[Bookmark] Tara: that was nice of you rogue

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Yes that was. *nods*

[Bookmark] Rogue: we're actually closed on Christmas too, but e have to have people go in and take care of the animals

[Bookmark] Candy: sounds like here - the work is twenty four seven three sixty five a year [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: it was indeed!!!! *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *as gentle as he is with Blaze, slowly sneaks the candy from between Tara's fingers* thanks [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: he's getting spoiled [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I won't be online much myself. not sure I can stay awake

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~smiles a little~

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok all I must head to bed now. so tired. night pretty princesses! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: well it is tara's fault....she could stop

[Bookmark] Tara: night Mikko

[Bookmark] Tara: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: bah he don't mind [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: good

[Bookmark] Tara: cause she wasn't going to stop

[Bookmark] Candy: at all - and it is helping him calm down - lucky there was no beast mode there in defence of Blaze [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha - man spoiled gator

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~holds out hands to hold sleeping Blaze~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *grins and gives him back*

[Bookmark] Shy: back. I just had a can of kippers.

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~sighs softly and hold him rocking him gently!

[Bookmark] Tara: ~*

[Bookmark] Tara: what's kippers?

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] cool - *hugs* been a while Shy!

[Bookmark] Shy: I was doing NaNoWriMo. I'm now in holiday retail rush until january/

Espionata: Fish

[Bookmark] Espionata: I know this because of the Wild Thornberry's lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Shy: tiny boney fish, poor people fisg

[Bookmark] Tara: ah

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Shy: I had a long day. I needed the comfort food.

[Bookmark] Tara: i have cheetos

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: ~slowly hides bag~

[Bookmark] Shy: I ate all of the cheetos in my room already before getting to the fish. (half a bag full.)

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~keeps bag hidden~

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *can sniff those cheetos but wont go looking for em whilst she holds Blaze*

[Bookmark] Tara: wait is he sitting next to her?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Has ice cream*

[Bookmark] Candy: yep - or slightly alomst in front as he sat there to block access from Love [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~look's up at him and blushes slightly then pulls out her last bag of cheetos handing it to him~

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you all tomorrow

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Monday night I won't be online

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: either

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: ^_______________________​________^ *baggie of cheetos* munchies

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol might be an early one all round [wink]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~smiles~

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Shy: Shaya: I always wondered what made Cheetos so good. Is it the MSG or the combination of 'crunchy air' and cheese?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: probably the MGS [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: oh Shy - sorry there has not been much activity in the origins rp chat room - the small mini crazzy chatzy story there on hold until I get all rp logs up to date [big grin]

[Bookmark] Shy: ja ja!

[Bookmark] Candy: we been using it mostly only on Mondays (tuedays for me and MS) to move game threads along [big grin]

[Bookmark] Shy: I understand.

[Bookmark] Espionata: And you're in July?

[Bookmark] Candy: any real rping in here is just mucking about - does not further the mini chatzy crazy story [wink] their all in limbo

[Bookmark] Candy: no mid june - I have up to early july - and getting through em slowly

[Bookmark] Shy: i thoought so

[Bookmark] Espionata: oh

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Shy: I know poor Shaya has been whispering in my ear while I was working on my story.

[Bookmark] Candy: and MS is trying to contact you in MM -

[Bookmark] Candy: I have been promoted to admin in MM - kinda still shocked about that

[Bookmark] Espionata: I can just imagine the face OO

[Bookmark] Candy: yesth lol brb

[Bookmark] Shy: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Shy: You are one of the most frequint users. Admin was a firm choice

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara: wb?

[Bookmark] Candy: Back!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Shy: weba

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yes, I agree. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: And thanks Shy [big grin] yeah I am, always in and out

[Bookmark] Candy: Of MM and Origins

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~gives Blaze back to Erica~

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *smoochies him, snuggling - after almost being eaten by the cat... Hurries back to Spot with him* thanks Tara [wink] Jaws [big grin] hi Shaya!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~nods and sits back down on the couch~

[Bookmark] Candy: Heheh Ee might be twice as protective of her son here lol poor kid

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *waves away his friend and godson - flops back down onto belly to chill ax [big grin] *

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~waves to Blaze and watches LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Tickle attacks Mikey*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *runs away!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe or end up farting ;P

[Bookmark] Candy: Alright signing off this one [big grin] *hugs hugs hugs hugs* [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* Night.

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Shy: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night, Shy. *hugs* I gotta head out, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 245 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 244 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 244 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 244 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: HI [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Bleh...endless supply of schoolwork. -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 244 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey all.

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be online as soon as I can. getting ready to take a bath and get things ready for tomorrow

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm feeling a bit irritated at the moment. Thanks to my brothers, my family now knows about the boy I happen to have a crush on. :/

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be online when i'm done

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you in a few

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs* Kay, Scoop!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 244 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 244 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Daring duck of mystery, Champion of right, Swoops out of the shadows, Darkwing owns the night. Somewhere some villain schemes, But his number's up!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Darkwing Duck (When there's trouble you call DW) Darkwing Duck (Let's get dangerous) Darkwing Duck (Darkwing, Darkwing Duck!) !!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Thanks alot got that theme in my head [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Loved that show

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Tara: i still have one of his videos

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: aww Rogue isn't feeling well. she's not coming on tonight

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww [frown] *huggles her*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Girl seriously needs a vacation.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I posted for Hun! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes she does!

[Bookmark] Tara: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: we should all get together and kidnap her and bring her to the beach

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: yesterday my brother and his wife went on a four hour hike. today he can't move. I was invited and I just laughed at them. you crazy! I ain't walking outside for four hours. I hate being outside. there are THINGS outside!

[Bookmark] Tara: i agree

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hiking is fun but take the easy trail down and not the tough made that mistake lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mainly because the rocks were made more for climbing up and not down especially when you have a backpack on [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: The dog had fun though >​>​

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 244 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was forced to leave the house friday. had to go to the doctor. I was seeing his assistent. but the doc didn't know that. he came into the room, looked at me and said, you're not an 11 year old boy. I said, I'm sorry i'm not your type. then he left XD

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm back

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ty

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm getting on skype

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lol that'd be an odd appointment

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] how are you all

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] i'm glad

[Bookmark] Tara: wb

[Bookmark] Alysson: Mel needs to post in Street Life. :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm working on it lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: 'Kay!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Somehow SL needs to get connected to the main story. It's currently just interactions without anything really happening.

[Bookmark] Mikko: join a gang!

[Bookmark] Tara: Rob a bank

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Tara: Burn a bridge

[Bookmark] Tara: Steal a car

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not that kind of thief Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: not with that attitude

[Bookmark] Tara: What kind of thief are you?

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] Tara: ~falls over from Mikko's response~

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel is one of those polite thieves

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm the sneaky thief not the type to do something that nine times out of ten makes you get caught

[Bookmark] Mikko: you only get caught if you suck at what you do

[Bookmark] Tara: well tara does have a guitar...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I have swords! and guns! and a bomb!lets do this!

[Bookmark] Tara: o.0

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz: *takes Mikko away*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Have you tried robbing a bank?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: no...I succeeded in robing a bank!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Let me guess by threatening to shoot everyone

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches~

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Alysson: Weeeeeeeeell, I doubt Aly and Mel would do something that...extravagant (specially the 'burning down a bridge idea), but something to aid in plot! That's why we're here, after all. :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I am a ninja! It was quiet, quick, and stealthy

[Bookmark] Mikko: there are aliens all over the city and mystery government men

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~coughs up drink~

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aliens?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes the krangg are invading

[Bookmark] Espionata: The Krang

[Bookmark] Alysson: Ohhhh, duh.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Actually, it's "Kraang." [wink] *wants it to be spelled right*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: the Krang are my least favorite color pink, and spider brains. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *makes out with Don*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o Oh, uh...hi, Love.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Love don't do that!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: hiiiii *grins and smooches more*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *pets her*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Donnie you're just encouraging it >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: new life goal. become a nature photographer

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: purrrrrs and melts in Don's arms*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh, what'd you see?

[Bookmark] Espionata: But that means you have to be in nature

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Awesome

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Love the seal on the guy's rump. lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like how the fox wants to see the pic that was taken

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it's cute... [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: one of my fav food is sushi. this is sushi shaped to look like koi. I don't think I could eat it XD
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:51 am

pt 18

Rogue: it's on FB. Mikko tagged us in

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: nope havent seen it yet

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *flies over to Facebook!*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Have any of you seen YOUTUBE REWIND 2015?!?!? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: yes

[Bookmark] Rogue: and for everyone else...

[Bookmark] Rogue: Rocky picks Raph up like he weighs nothing, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I have not seen rewind

[Bookmark] Tara: who was the scientist suppose to be?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its very short trailer

[Bookmark] Espionata: Trailer tommorrow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but cool [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Stockman

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm wondering if they will show it during before the Star Wars movie even if it isn't Disney

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's just a tease. full trailer will be online tomorrow ^^

[Bookmark] Tara: i thought sho

[Bookmark] Tara: so*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sah-weet! [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Man I want the full trailer now [smile]

[Bookmark] Tara: dang it

[Bookmark] Tara: i gotta work tomorrow v.v

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The movie is like seven months away. lol They're already showing trailers for it?

[Bookmark] Rogue: yup

[Bookmark] Rogue: same with Civil war. 6 months away, and now they tease

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not surprised look at Star Wars

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Still...cooooooool.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey its only fair if they start now like they did for Star Wars

[Bookmark] Espionata: Which I really wanna see

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Star Wars had trailers out that long before the movie came out?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im waiting to see it if i get the 18th off

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes they did

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I don't think I saw anything until a couple months ago.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cause if I don't I'm taking FMLA for my freaking appointment I'm not gonna reschedule it. And yes they did

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: They had started playing them near the end of Summer

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but when the second trailer came out during the foot ball games that's when all hell broke lose for the ticket box office

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's still not seven months. [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: true but this is Disney

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and I'm sure Nick is picking up on it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. I still have a hard time believing that. Who knew all those years ago that Disney would eventually get the franchise.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Marvel and Star Wars will never end

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hey Disney owns Marvel and look what happened there

[Bookmark] Espionata: Sometimes I wish Disney owned TMNT [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I had my reservations, but I think Nick is handling TMNT pretty well.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They needs a Christmas special, though!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Four seasons in and nada!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I just know Disney would've let the producers do their own thing lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's a shock Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Even 4Kids had one well an adaption of the comic but still >​>​

[Bookmark] Alysson: We just recently got the DVD of the 4kids TMNT Christmas special. :3

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I could even see them doing one while in space. lol Decorating the spaceship with garland and lights. If Fugitoid could make spacesuits and food materialize out of nowhere, then he should be able to do Christmas decorations. [wink]

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: By the Way there's a new Lion King cartoon

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
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[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: He's hilarious

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and totally right.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but I'm totally excited and I do hope I can see it next Friday

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: even if I have my stupid biopsy the same day

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Candy: fine fine

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: good [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
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[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed now, good night~

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Tara: soo how is everyone?

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Candy: good good [big grin] sore and tired and sticky - but good [big grin]

[Bookmark] Tara: woo

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~flops down eating cheetos~

[Bookmark] Rogue: so how much do you guys wanna se the WHOLE trailer?? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Pretty good

[Bookmark] Rogue:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ME!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: you're welcome [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o You found it?!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep..clicky the link and enjoy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *squeeeees! and hugs!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: *tackle glomp* yay!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: eep! *glomps back* ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi that link is the actual TMNT2 trailer

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: theu show beebop and rocky!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Donnie's voice is still off for me in the film

[Bookmark] Tara: *squeels then faints*

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep ^^ love how rock just picks raph up like he's a feather, lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] yep

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: loved the new trailer

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thanks [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *snorts* -.- It didn't happen like that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: annnnnnd I just noticed Rogue posted the trailer right before me lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw. well double the awesome [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: It looks good

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *rushes past to Tara -* ^_________________^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie we just saw it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: he heard cheeto crunching

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he has an unhealty adiction to those things

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hun is up in Street Life [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I have an unhealthy addiction to bad spelling

[Bookmark] Candy: yeeeeeeeeep

[Bookmark] Mikko: Hun is up and ready for a woman!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~wakes up to see LH~ Hey

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yeah dude I got it on vid and all [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't knkow what I'm going wth Hn yet

[Bookmark] Mikko: clearly i am in no possition to be typing

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had a dream about you guys! you all came to new orleans and we saw a dinos! not real ones. but then we all got sepreated and I found Rogue, but her name wasn't what it is and I took her to an ooooold french church and then she fell off the building and I woke up before help came

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: it was a little crazer then that, more stuff happen, some of our characteres were there. but that's basically what happen

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas, Mikko [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: *all here female characters vanish* .... hehhee no women here Hun [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: that is a weird ass dream

[Bookmark] Tara: And here I thought I had weird dreams

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: _._ *growwwwls at Mikey* I fell backwards. That is all.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Wow.

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~sits on couch eating cheetos~

[Bookmark] Candy: her*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *maybe pokin the bear but -* hehhee yeah helped by a mutant rhino [tongue] *grooooooooooooowls back*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: Raph was just playing light as a feather stiff as a board

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: hi hi *looks hoepfully at cheetos* how are you Tara [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *throws a van at him*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~shrugs~ Raph was probably just playing with him making the rhino think he had the upper know to catch him off guard

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie is that strong OO

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hands him a cheeto~

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *dodges*

[Bookmark] Tara: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you don't learn

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.o A van? Really, Raph? -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: I have stunned Don into silence

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ooooor he wanted to be the lil spoon for a change *totally never learns!*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: could be *not really listening - munches cheeto*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Really. I don't.... disastro-rate.

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yeah, MM Mikko did [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pats the seat next to her for LH to sit down~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie I know Mikey's orange crush is >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: ORANGE SOOOOODA!!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: guess what my favorite drink is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Dr. Pepper?

[Bookmark] Mikko: nay I say!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *throws a table at Mikey.. will eventually hit him with something*

[Bookmark] Mikko: coke and pepper are my least favs

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like any thing orange flavored or! anything mnt dew

[Bookmark] Rogue: I don't drink dark sodas.. at all

[Bookmark] Rogue: trying to cut it alllll out. but love Mt. Dew

[Bookmark] Mikko: actually wise. I shouldn't either. every doc I have seen said that dew is the worse of all the sodas

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, it really is

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I drink gallons of the stuff weekily

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie snowballs work!

[Bookmark] Mikko: mostly code red

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I've done good. given up all soda except the worst one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: guess why I never sleep lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *fancy pirouette dodge* must have been good lil spooning - ya aim is off

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: speeking of docs have to see one tomorrow morning

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Pepsi is my favorite soda, but I only getting occasionally now.

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *grrrrrowls and TACKLES!!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooooooh - mah fave drink.... Iced coffee!!!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: o.o ~hides behind LH~

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwww I can't even go into a coffee house cuz the smell of coffee makes me sick

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Mikey... -_-

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *pretty pirouette didn't work this time! goes down!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *is not getting involved in this*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not again

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *ignores - havin cheetos - smiles at Tara*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *Headlocks and twiiiiiiiiiists his arm*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~smiles back and gives him a kiss on the cheek is not getting involved either~

[Bookmark] D joined the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: How many twists does it take to snap a numbnuts arm?

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] D: hey

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ahhhhh hey! I may need that arm later! *tryin to pull loose - bit of a lost cause*

Candy Mikey: could we noooot find out?!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] D: ahhh, ofc you guys have already seen the trailer [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: og corse!

[Bookmark] Candy: yep!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I have to stop typing

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you need to learn!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Is there somethin' you need to say? [twisted]

[Bookmark] Candy: and Mikey is paying the price for teasin Raph about it

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: uuuuh yes?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Then I suggest you spit it out. I'm pretty sure I just heard somethin' pop..

[Bookmark] Rogue: grrr.. brb

[Bookmark] Candy: daww kk

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Tara: k

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Annnnnd what does Mr. Critic think of this trailer? [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think human movie bebe is kinda hot

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *ruuuuuuuuumble, tail tip flopping*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *rains cheetos down on LH*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ik9999999999999999999999​999999999999999999999999​9999999998'

[Bookmark] Rogue: 823333333333333333333333​333333333333333333333333​333333333333333333333333​3333333n]0

[Bookmark] Tara: ?

[Bookmark] D: i liked it. looks fun

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] D: bnr have great designs

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~blushes~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *opens maw to catch mouth fuls!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o You okay there, Rogue?

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches trying to catch one~

[Bookmark] D: still would prefer to see it before making judgment calls, good or bad. but the trailer makes it look hella fun

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] D: and madea as baxter is just epic [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o seriously? I'm gone for 2 minutes >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gambit says HI!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it seems a lot is going to be going on. beebop and rocky. shredder. casey. some aliens

[Bookmark] D: also, this:

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi Gambit

[Bookmark] Tara: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Donnie's voice bugs me but it bugged me in the first one lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit is at your house? and yer on here and not in bed with him!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi kitty lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *catchs a mouthful and brings em down to Tara to eat*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I don't mind Donnie's voice

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol that pic is beautiful

[Bookmark] Rogue: seem's fitting for that version

[Bookmark] D: eh, a lot of things bugged me about the first one. this trailer at least looks better than the entire first film was [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like his voice

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't like Mike's face

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] D: lol mike's face. kissy kissy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww. his face was cute when he was asking casey and April if they were a thing, lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Such a gentleman ~takes one and gives him another kiss on the cheek~

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Mike ain't gonna get none. I do like that they gave Mike the crush and not Don

[Bookmark] D: i hope it's good. a lot of movies this year sucked

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oy! I heard that! I got a sexy face! *not what he is supposed to be sayin but it had to be said!*

[Bookmark] D: did get the steelbook antman blu ray tho

[Bookmark] Mikko: Friday I might go see that horror christmas movie

[Bookmark] D: ahhh, krampus? that one looks okay

[Bookmark] Mikko: yesssss

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] D: sadly the gallows sucked big piles of turtle droppings

[Bookmark] D: the trailer for it was good [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *hogties Mike and just.. leaves him*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oy they were not my droppins !

[Bookmark] Mikko: omg yes it did

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you got hogged tied XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had high hopes for the gallows and was let down

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hey!

[Bookmark] D: -thinks mikey has gone jewish on us all. looks for yamaka cap-

[Bookmark] Espionata: The female kitten has taken to giving me kisses and bites when I get up

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: bah. Hated the gallows. glad I used a free code to rent it

[Bookmark] Rogue: so not worth my time

[Bookmark] Mikko: my brothers cat attacked arthas. it was kinda funny

[Bookmark] D: lol

[Bookmark] D: horror sucks these days

[Bookmark] Mikko: It follows was also bad

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: an STD ghost lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You deserved it Mikey

[Bookmark] D: only good horror-ish movie i saw that i liked this year was final girls. maybe check that one out rogue, tell me what you think. it's a satire horror kinda like cabin in the woods. but way better than that

[Bookmark] D: i liked it follows

[Bookmark] D: had some probs but i liked it

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I seen the preview for that, it look pretty good

[Bookmark] Rogue: I saw prievews for Final Girls. looked interesting

[Bookmark] Mikko: a lot of people liked it. maybe It just wasn't gory enough for me

[Bookmark] D: yeah, wasn't a gore horror. saw babadook too. that movie fucking sucks

[Bookmark] D: lotta peeps love it tho

[Bookmark] Mikko
Sea bunny 雲見ダイビング ゴマフビロードウミウシ 2014/03/28YouTube · 4:10 · 874K · 99%Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom 通称ゴマちゃんことゴマフビロードウミウシ 白バージョンです とてもカワいいウミウシですね [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hey Donnie - wanna help a turtle out? *wriggling - trying to get free*

[Bookmark] Mikko: sea bunnies

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww

[Bookmark] D: lol

[Bookmark] D: that your next pet? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I could help you Mikey

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have done called my mother, and texted my aunt who are out tonight, to pick me up some things. no one has answered. if it was an emergency I would be screwed

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~look's over at Mikey~

[Bookmark] Rogue: MH: *tries to eat Mikey's head. Smells like undies*

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: sure then unti - Ahhhhh Metal Head! no!

[Bookmark] Mikko: laz posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Giggles and tries to get the rope undone* Good MH XD

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~eats another cheeto content where she's at snuggles up against LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *not lookin where she walking - writting*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: MH: *chompchompchompchompz*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Well, that rust bucket's good for somethin'..

[Bookmark] Mikko: Espi! can I shoot Mel in the leg?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: accck! MH look! she has new undies! *would point - but cant*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Sure [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: can I shoot Mel in the leg

[Bookmark] Mikko: yea!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: My player is crazy!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *louuuunging big happy cheeto munching gator*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: hun posted

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: What you so happy for LH?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: cause I got cheeots and someone to share em wid? ^________^

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Really?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: looook their lacey!!!! *trying to point -*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Stupid player >​< *Unties Mikey*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol cheerots [big grin] I like it

[Bookmark] Rogue: MH: *BAH. -.- -rolls him around on the floor because even bots can taste.. THAT*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *graps popcorn*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *finally!* ahhhhh! oy! *being rolled - pointing up Ee* look look! bright red ones!! *desperately trying to get loose of the bot*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tosses undies that she stole from Erica to the robot*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: woah

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hides her bag~

[Bookmark] Rogue: mh: ^^ *OMNOMNOMS and follows Mikko around like lost puppy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *gives MH a large magnet*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *maybe thinks she notes her backside is a bit cooler than it should be - keeps writing and walking*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: freedom! *hops to his feet*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That girl is oblivious >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: yeeeeeep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is a tattoo artist who was born without arms and tattoos with his feet!

[Bookmark] Mikko
Tattoo by footYouTube · 1:34 · 347K · 98%Born without ARMS, TATTOOS with his feet. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Tara: I saw that

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *left nakey butt cheek a showin cause that bit of skirt is tucked up*

[Bookmark] Espionata: And Mel is scared to death lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe cheeeeeky

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~covers eyes~

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww thats awesome [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica your clothes!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: O.o *blocks everyone's view*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Thanks Raphie >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *gives Erica's bum a smack*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~rushes over and pulls off her sweater to reveal her true self handing it to Erica~

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! *well that got her attention!!!!! * Gerzunheit!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know that feeling, Tara. when I strip my true self is also revealed

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~sits down with her blonde curly locks all around her~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica MH has your undies again

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *totally confused - has a sweater - and a smarting ass- what the heck* ohhhh... darn it - he like has all my underwear ... *sidles over to Raph*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And my player likes to torture me >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *snout nuzzle to curly locks* pretty ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ooooh I think your still wearing the matching bra

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~feels the nuzzle~ ~is blushing so much~

[Bookmark] Mikko: arthas is trying to dig a hole in my floor

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: is it workin?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: not yet

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hun scared Mel lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: good!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe I bet my fellow pickers can hear my belly rumbling in the next rows [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: so loud

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's going to kill me!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes. but not right away

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh that's so nice to hear >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: at least its not right away *vaguely from resumed writing - munches a bit of popcorn*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: mmmmmm? *drops pencil... bends to retrieve it*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Hun posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: now we should wait for aly

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~messes up with hair~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *sits up* can I comb it? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: What?

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: comb it? [big grin] brush it for you [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yay I get kidnapped >​>​

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Uh....ok?

[Bookmark] Tara:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And meet Stockman it seems >​>​

Candy: hehehehe cute

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Candy: something I'd picture Elena doing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: you wanted Hun to play with.

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *annnnd back to pacing about slowly writing away*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off to bed guys see you tomorrow *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No my player did >​<

[Bookmark] Tara: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: laz posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: So did my Ees - still working on one iZMikey whom wants to go with Leo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I found TMNT comics [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: have to head to bed now. stupid doc appointment tomorrow. night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehhe night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: iZMikey: beeeet Donnie wants to come too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off guys. double tomorrow [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: see ya'll tomorrow night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I'm gonna head off here, too. Got stuff to do before bed. Night.

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 241 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night night night *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: hows it goin? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Pretty good, you? :3

[Bookmark] Candy: busy busy busy but good good [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Is cursing her player*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Heh heh, SL is gettin' interesting! X3

[Bookmark] Espionata: It is

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We're gonna be test subjects!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: *muttering to herself* Mel's fault...

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] being Baxters intern there is the possibility Erica may have something to do with it to [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey you could've ran and gotten help >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: lol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: From who? >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't know from someone at least

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Anyone! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey I get to become a mutated cyborg DX

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [tongue] sounds interestin

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: For you maybe >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Sure it could be worse - at Least yous have Ee there somewhere too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah it could be worse still it's not the first time I was cyborg >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'M NOT HERE! you saw nothing!

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Alysson: 'Kay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: too late saw you caught it on tphone! *waves it*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok back I think

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel isn't happy with your plan Mikko [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Erica IS going to have something to do with it!

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol she will be

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Baxter: I will improve you!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Improve me?!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Oo

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: *hides behind Ee*

[Bookmark] Candy: Yay! another log done - [big grin] just gotta finish the naughty bit [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe main game Mikey hiding in the bathroom [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha not sure hiding behind Ee would be any good [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted for the HUn

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have ORANGE SOOOOOODA!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Mikey is jelly [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee oh an iZEe sent Leo a text to let him know the lil trio is on the move and where he can find then - though she didn't specify they needed rescue [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shares with Mike because the pic Mikko posted of him is hawt*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Where is Raph! I have a lovely pic of him!

[Bookmark] Candy: buuuut she did add the alley address with the storm drain their hoping to get down without dragging an entire herd of the bitey bastards with em [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: dawwwww loook their hugging

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yeah Mikey saw his pic [big grin] - he thinks he pretty hwat too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: You know those comics I found were from volume 3 on the TMNT comics ones that weren't released issues 24 and 25 so cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: :F

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: And they're easy to download [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you were 13 at the start of the comics Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: rawr

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: so young... so innocent

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not so innocent you killed the Shredder issue one

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish that Arthas could speak to me. because he's been sitting here for hours crying. I've fed him, I've bathed him, I take him outside but he wants to come right back inside. I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE WANTS!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: I did what I had to

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Alysson: Wait, Mikey was 13?! I thought he was 15 at the beginning!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No you were trained to get revenge >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: how in the world do they even know how old they are?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yeah well then I did what I had to -

[Bookmark] Espionata: In the original comics the turtles were 13 at the start and they're alot grittier than the shows

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! I love the old comics

[Bookmark] Espionata: The first comic at least was a parody of comics back then specfically the DareDevil series

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted!

[Bookmark] Espionata: When I found out about them I wanted to read them

[Bookmark] Alysson: I want to read the original comics! I think my dad has some of them, but I keep forgetting to ask about them.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: They're a fun read and you can still get them IDW reprinted them

[Bookmark] Espionata: Image still prints them

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey all. I'll be online as soon as I can.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you in a bit

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb AGAIN

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay


[Bookmark] Candy: OO

[Bookmark] Candy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​! what is it?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want to hurt mah dog

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted!

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hungry >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: hi hungry@

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sprays mountain dew on the girls* wet sticky t-shirt contest!

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: HI!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~walks in....see's....walks back out with cheetos~

[Bookmark] Mikko: just in time for the wet sticky t-shirt contest

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~walks back in sit's on couch without a sweater....curly locks flopping and crunches on cheetos~

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O I'm going to be 34 in like, 3 hours

[Bookmark] Tara: woah

[Bookmark] Espionata: Happy birthday [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: thankies!

[Bookmark] Tara: Happy Birthday!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Happy birthday~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Tara: ~throws cheetos as confetti~

[Bookmark] Mikko: thank yoooou! *eats the confetti and hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: And for your present - Aly posted! :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooo!

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooooooooo *party streamers, balloons, poppers* birth day bith day!!

[Bookmark] Tara: CANDY!!!!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *eats candy....out*

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol !

[Bookmark] Candy: kiiiiinkeh

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hums trying to brush her hair~

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *sneakies over - heard cheeto bag crinkling*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~is not listening continues to brush hair~

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Kittehyumyum!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Tara: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *and sits behind Tara, catching her hands and that brush -* let me? [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: for both Hun and Bax

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax will be calling Erica soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: KITTEH! *makes out with*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I have to lose my leg OO

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey! *Hides behind him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: only a temp thing. don't worry

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Temporary?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes. I will return the leg once it's...improved

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~turns her head smiling and holds up a cheeto to place it in his mouth~ I also have the spicy ones, and one's that are shaped weird designs

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol crapola - I better read the Street Life thread than [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Just waiting for Aly to post

[Bookmark] Mikko: yep yep

[Bookmark] Alysson: Will be done typing it up momentarily~

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 240 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Donnie! I posted your DSL pic! (dick sucking lips) on your thread

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's the rogue! the rogue that is doing much better on her diet then I am

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Roguealicious

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh no! the rouge passed out from lack of carbs. or Don's O face was just too hawt for her

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 11:07 am

pt 19.

Rogue: hiyas!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Thank yous - hello [big grin] ... Mmmm okay... Tell you what, you go through the rules and adjust as you see fit, and zi emailed the saki profile if you can possibly go through it for me [big grin]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: how you Rogue?

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo ... like I know what to do with rules?!

[Bookmark] Candy: other than break em..

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm good. ^^ You?

[Bookmark] Rogue: And the D posted in MM.. FtL anyway. Gotte see if he's needed in LOST

[Bookmark] Candy: but sure sure... I'll somehow fit in doing that, Saki and logs [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: he is - Clones, Elena, April all there

[Bookmark] Rogue: He's a sad widdle turtle in FtL.. and Mikko taunting him with that kiss [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - Elena is sad she can't heal that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: she tried - but it didn't work - and she couldn't anyways already at the end of her limit there

[Bookmark] Candy: but Erica swears soon the poor sad widdle turtle shall have some privacy with his brother and the little red turtle

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmm

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Dawww

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: well yes if Shaya does not pick up April activity when she said she is going to I will have to hand her over

[Bookmark] D joined the chat 237 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] D: hey

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Hello D

[Bookmark] D: MS! hey [big grin]

[Bookmark] D: hey candy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yo [big grin]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: how you been dude?

[Bookmark] D: i've been better. trying to get back into things. you?

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: looking forward to holidays

[Bookmark] D: hey kit [smile]

[Bookmark] D: cool, cool

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm REALLY looking forward to getting my life back after this week.

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *giggling*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Me too

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Heh heh giggle hurt [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: gurt*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Freaky phone lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] D: [surprised]

[Bookmark] D: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You have the best Autocorrect moments, MS. [wink]

[Bookmark] D: lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [big grin] I love em - chumming instead of cumming - still funny

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaha - oh man I remember that!

[Bookmark] D: >​.>​

[Bookmark] Candy: and Erica is giggling cause Blaze is giggling [tongue] mischief makers [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: While I'm being mutated and turned into a cyborg >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah but thats not in chat so relax girlie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas D ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: just can't take Ee anywhere can I? [tongue]

[Bookmark] D: hey rogue [smile]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [wink]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: ... Lol!! clearly not [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee

[Bookmark] Candy
Bishy wid the no shirt?

[Bookmark] D: indeed, thats how he rolls

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahah

[Bookmark] D: he's done GAP commercials and Ray Bans

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted up for MMD.. now for the Rocksteady [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] well gotta give Earth Protection Force a good rep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: enough MMcloney cuteness or need more??!

[Bookmark] D: "I don't always protect Earth, but when I do... I have my Ray-Ban sunglasses."

[Bookmark] Candy: LOL

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [tongue] product selling

[Bookmark] D: -pose-

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *forcibly does not do the face palm thing*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank responded to the bishy in iZombie

[Bookmark] D: i just read it ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: he being a good ghost boy - wants to go a lookin for his daughter but behaving

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee he may use the hunt for Phoenix to look about for Erica [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: like it? - Casey is in the lair with the others - but Leo is plannign to head out to try bring Raph, Erica and Alyss in so maybe Casey would be all eager to follow and help his best bud

[Bookmark] Rogue: Phin: *growwwwwwls -n-no catchy!*

[Bookmark] Candy: iZEe: [smile] dawww *catchs and hugs Phoenix*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol see not all bad [tongue]

[Bookmark] D: Bishop: -yanks him away and experiments to torture and giant cutlery- >​DDD

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *drags his daughter away*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] D: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Phin: *hugs, kinda awkwardly..annnd kicks Bishop in the gut. Steals glasses and ruuuuuns*

[Bookmark] D: [surprised]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] D: -puddles down and cries- ;_;

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *does the Miekarrazi thing and tphone films this moment*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Phin: *chompschomps glasses. Quickly discovers they're not very tasty. :/*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMRocky is sad. He has no friend requests [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ochat Hank will have to be careful now with a ochatBishy about [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Glomps Mikey*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa dawwwww Ee and El promise to send him one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: as long as he promises never to gore em with his horn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: he says as long as Elena brings sugar cubes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa even better she has apples [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and he makes no promises [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: MartinsSisters: fudge pellets!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Oh lol yeah OChat Hank may find himself in a conflict of interests sitch

[Bookmark] Candy: yeeeeeep

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee there as promise El brought apples

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 237 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello!

[Bookmark] Shy: hey

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Shaya!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Hello hello [smile]

[Bookmark] Shy: How is everyone?

[Bookmark] Candy: not too bad, has to mod for a moment - excuse me

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Great - how are you Shaya?

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Shy: ... I just finished an anxiety attack. I had a good weekend. Today was less productive than i planned.

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas! ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: awws *hugs* hope you feel better. [frown] anxiety is no fun

[Bookmark] Shy: I don't have it normally. After Nana passed some of my mortal weakness showed through.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: Are Rping in the other chat? ... I'm out of the loop.

[Bookmark] Espionata: On Monday nights

[Bookmark] Candy: no no nawwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: okay

[Bookmark] Shy: I had planned on friday that Sunday I'd plan out my trip to florida with a friend, in the afternoon hangout with another friend and put up christmas decorations and in the eveing I'd play an Rp game with friends

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: There is still the rp but it's sort of on hold until Candy can get all logs up to date into Origins for this one

[Bookmark] Shy: The Rp group planned we play from 3pm to 10pm. ... I was pissed, they told me it would be about my schedule but they meant the 'fulltimers'. SO my afternoon plan friend, I texted her my mind(she is more important). She cancelled for me so I would not be as stressed which cause more.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: and not much else has happened for Mm

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Chatzy rp in any case [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: Then this morning my morning plan showed up at noon... She left at 2:30. I was still doing chores while she was around to help with setting up holiday sstuff. ...By 3pm My family walked away to do theur own thing. My RP group was late by 2 hours and I waited all day for them.

[Bookmark] Shy: so today, I cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor, and stayed in a several hour call to find out my computer doesnt work with their system so I may just have to watch.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwwww! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: nothing about hte florida trip, hang out with two friend IRL, and my online friends brushed me off when I helped plan this game.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Shy: my mind whispered, "You did nothing today you wanted to do. ...Maybe life will be like this for you. Being swept by the tide." Cue Anxiety and angst.\

[Bookmark] Shy: I had to remind myself Saturday was AMAZING!

[Bookmark] Shy: I hanged out with a friend, had 2 great meals, I helped her make friends, we walked in the park with her new friend and we had a disney princess moment(We fed the birds, they landed in her hand.) Just amazing.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yesh! You much focus on the positive. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: must*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Argh! >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dammit, Emily! *shakes fist*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: ?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Shy: ?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: My cat just knocked a bunch of stuff down. >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: awwws

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Nawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: whew. posted up in MM, I think

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: yes you are,

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I almost am.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [wink] I or Ee will prod gently in chatzies if things are lagging

[Bookmark] Espionata: Cats do that they knock down a lot of fabric in my mom's sewing room no door [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mine just knocked some clothes down. -_-

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: I stole your idea Rogue and promoted Ee, thought she been doing a pretty good mod job for Origin and needed a admin for Mm

[Bookmark] Rogue: I usually get waaaay behind on work days, but try to make up for it when I'm off

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Nods*

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, good choice [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'll be back in full swing on Thursday. [smile]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Yes I do too, been easier admittedly with one game temp closed in Mm but still behind

[Bookmark] Espionata: My female kitten has recently taken to giving kisses then love bites for some reason

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: yeah at thought so... [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Yeah. I still need to make one last attempt to revive MO

[Bookmark] Espionata: And she use her paws to grab you lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I don't THINK I'm up in that.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Forum has been around for over 9 years.. hate to let it die

[Bookmark] Rogue: I think Mikko is waiting on your OC in MO, kitteh

[Bookmark] Rogue: could be wrong

[Bookmark] Kitteh: OC?

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. whichever one Mikko is dating [tongue] I forget who

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Chris?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Steve?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh. lol Yeah. I haven't posted in that thread in months. O.o Kinda forgot about it. I was so busy with the Turtles.

[Bookmark] Rogue: do we have a Steve? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ryan. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: dingdingding.. that's it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You think I would forget my own OC? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: tee hee he

[Bookmark] Kitteh: His name?

[Bookmark] Rogue: yup

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta post for Gabe.. and a dying Gabe, who's been dying for over a year now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi and*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'll see what I can do this coming weekend.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: It's cool. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I LOVES that piccie ou drew of Blaze, Cnady ^^ you needs to post him on the forum [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Candy*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Gabe you wanna be a cyborg [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: stupid keyboard

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: .......a crborg? Ain't never thought about it...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well that's what might happen to you [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 237 days ago

Candy: back!

[Bookmark] Shy: Welcome back Candy

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: thank you thank you -

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Shaya if you are very busy I can post for April and Shaya in Sismance and wrap u that thread with a wild chase through the sewers by Hank - whom will back off once he recognises April

[Bookmark] Rogue: My inner Raph was all like "I made dis." ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: lol [tongue] he is cute huh?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yay for Raphie

[Bookmark] Rogue: very ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: be proud Raph - he makes his mother giggle all the time

[Bookmark] Shy: I'm busy until january. It would be for the best. I'm sorry

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: It is fine Shaya - and as MS has stated I will tempt April in MM for you [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: oChat Ee be all sad - sees him laughing at her and goes into a instant mus/ giggle pile herself [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa I made dis - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: My inner Splinter be like : takes after his granddad

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaha! -

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank would agree [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe, dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: mush!

[Bookmark] Candy: the cutagen been unleashed! go to mush!

[Bookmark] Candy: *is mush*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: *turns to mush*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *meltz*

[Bookmark] D: -stabs it-

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *gets between the stab and her son* GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; Uhoh

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe see she is around mutants too much! even growls like em ! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: That's my girl.

[Bookmark] Shy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah she is

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *never mind she stabbed - glaring, growling holding heavy frying pan in ready to swing it stance*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *no notion how close he was to disaster - grabs his toes - sucks on them*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] D: -stabs it moar- >​D

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *Eats D*

[Bookmark] D: [surprised]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Serves you right >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *still between them - had smacked a few times with frying pan - almost swings it at Raph - but last minute turns it away* Raph?!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: she was in Mama Bear mode - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe she kicked Love the other day -

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *BURRRRPS*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And I had to save her ass >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *drops frying pan on her own toe* ow! *hops on spot - rubbing and looking at Raph* uuuuh... better out than in right?... did I hit you?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Love needs to be skinned alove. -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Nah, you missed. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yeah Eein here will only ever recalled Love tried to eat Blaze -

[Bookmark] Rogue: Yeeeah. Had Raph been here, she woulda died. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *kisses snout* oooh good - *annnnd goes to pick up Blaze but is a bit bloody* uuuh I should patch these up

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah you should >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *not a care in the world - happy lil bugger -*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can I hold him?

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm we should think of a main game bishy opening [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *only now realizes she's been stabbed, frantically looks for Don!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh

[Bookmark] Rogue: He needs to dicover that Vic and Phin are awol

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's been Karai'ed [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *is in his usual*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: Yes - please I need to... um.... be patched, stay near LH so he's safe please

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Okay

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *in lab with him, not cause she can help with anything - just to look after the Don*

[Bookmark] Shy: "Wait, what happened to LH?"

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: DONNIE!! *beatbeatbeatin' on lab door* I need you, bro!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol make sure he eats, gets coffee - is distracted from time to time

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Picks up Blaze* You're heavy Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *snoooozing in sun*

[Bookmark] Kitteh *jumps up from his chair with a startled yelp, then answers the door* What is it, Raph?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel [kiss] fell off desk* oooaf!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol and kissed thefloor

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Lol!!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *farts*

[Bookmark] Shy Shaya: *Curls up next to LH*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Stinky baby *Goes to LH and sits by him*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *curls up about Shaya, Mel and Blaze - eyes tracking those around them*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee nearly a tonne of mutant gator on watch - not wise to go near him

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey LH

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph; Some asshole stabbed Erica.. need a doc, stat!

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: O.O Where is she?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *picking back up frying pan - encase*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *frantically points in that direction*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol never mind blood everywhere - retrieve the weapon!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: hey Mel - Pretty One

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *working on being stinkier - grunting - screwing up his snout in effort*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh *grabs his med-kit then heads that direction*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Uhoh Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *picked self off floor - follows* hey RedT - was it that cat again? >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: pmed the KatanaPenLeo to move profile to right spot [big grin] hehehe looks good though

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o She got it done already?

[Bookmark] Candy: what I have read of it yeah - not sure if finished or not [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Daaaaaaang. Sounds like she'll be another prompt poster. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol sorry D - ochat Raph and Ee totally would eat anyone whom tried to hurt their Blaze

[Bookmark] Candy: yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: and a Slashy!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... um that is the character not the sex

[Bookmark] Candy: .... though ....

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: mmm dawwww well... babies gotta poop

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *annnnnd that was hard work... so hard he has a nap instead of squealing about his uncomfortable stinky tail*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I know

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Know where the diapers are Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *looks about - no Bishy?* I'll get em!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Okay

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *half-waves at Angel and joins Donnie with Erica* No, some random attack...

[Bookmark] Master Splinter *and has wipes!!- hurries over* I'll do it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Kay

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: oO on Ee? not nice

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *smiles seeing them, has the frying pan and been sitting pressing hands over different wounds to stem the blood.* hey hey...

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *comes back and hands Splinter clean diaper - waits for the icky one to go put in a bin*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *kneels down next to Erica and starts working on cleaning the wound*

[Bookmark] D: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *shows Don a few deep stabs -* this one is bleeding worse...

[Bookmark] Candy: lol [tongue] exactly!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He stinks DX

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe

[Bookmark] Master Splinter not for long! *old pro at this! Makes it less stinky real fast!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: * on multiple wounds*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: zzzz *power napping... sucking on a fist*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I should probably get going soon. [frown]

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: thanssssss Doooon *smiles, maybe slurring her words a little*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww -

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: thanks

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Stay with me, Erica.

[Bookmark] Kitteh *keeps working his magic*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *frantic-frantic- pacing like a mad-man*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter welcome, nawww there *and ta da! Done! Gives icky full one to Hank*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta go here in a few, too *pouts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: I'makay - *waves vague in Raph's direction -* Raph... come here... *if anything just to calm him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *takes and dashes off to dispose*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *smiles - cuddles his little group - they safe here*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; *Snuggles close*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *moooves closer, taking her hand* [frown] You okay??

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: mmm hmmm o'course *may be a weak squeeze to big hand but manages it*

[Bookmark] Kitteh *finishes up*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Raph, can you help me get her into bed?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *squeeeezes gently* Yer gonna be okay.. *and nods to Don, gently scooping her up and carrying her in that direction*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and now I gotta go [frown] see you all tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 237 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *being carried off* thanks preetty eyessss!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] somehow don't think their leaving Spot for a while

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *sneaks Blaze away after his parents*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: You're welcome!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee he'd have explaining to do if he was caught carrying about his mutant grandson [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *giggles - smoooches the Don's cheek* you did very good Doctor Don

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *snugging on the way*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: [smile] Thanks, Angel.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: be surprised if RedT doesn't hug the snot outta ya when he gets a chance - [tongue] *snugs him herself*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *chuckles* Maybe. *highly doubts it though*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *nuzzles back*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie loves you he just doesn't admit it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hehhee he did when we were rolling down those building that time off of Sacks tower [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *puuuurrrrs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: [wink] she will though - and I will *squeezes in hug*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *hugs and nuzzles a kiss to her neck*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: True

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But how does the mutatgen affect humans?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: ... mmmmmm - should treat you to a good shower rubbings for the excellent medical care you provide [wink] *shiiiver*

[Bookmark] Kitteh *chuuuuurrs* I'd love that. *smooch, smooch*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: depends on the amount of mutagen - and the source - is it mutagen filtered from a mutants blood?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: then come on - [big grin] *tugs him to his feet with her, and towards shower* cause you earned it * smooochies smoooch smooch*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Try the pure stuff

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *happily goes with her* ^___________^

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: not sure - the only source I have had is my own mutagen filtered from my blood

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Annnnnnd I has to go now. *hugs* Night.

Candy: lol! big cheesy grin

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night

[Bookmark] Candy: D!

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 237 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Then this will be interesting then Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: you gots any thoughts on a Bishop post in the main game? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: I am not sure where a Casey got to

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: it will be yes

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *snuggling the Blaze*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: My player is nuts

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe all us players are nuts and fruits.... like a box of chocolate

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: True

[Bookmark] Candy: some are even rock road [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: and or extra nuts because - coconuts

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: The D! pm me if you want to start something with Hank in the main game area [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 237 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 237 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 237 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Alysson you can posties in iZombie [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Not much, you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: same

[Bookmark] Espionata: You need to post in Street Life lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Working on an iZ post right now...I'll do that next

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Alysson: Oh, did you see the WIP I made for Lydia yet?

[Bookmark] Espionata: yes

[Bookmark] Alysson: Whaddaya think? :3

[Bookmark] Alysson: Thoughts, suggestions?

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: It looks good

[Bookmark] Alysson: Thanks~

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Stupid browser.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi hi [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: not a lot you all'?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Eh, it's terribly short, but I posted in iZombie. :3

[Bookmark] Kitteh: A lot's up with me. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: nawwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I went to an indoor glow in the dark mini golf course and did a lazer maze [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sounds like fun. [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oooooooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: I made my boyfriend do a lazer maze on expert level he let me pick [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was fun lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​iiiiiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaan~

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kitty being a lovebug ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe mush alert [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Pretty much

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] mush is good - everyone needs mush *tosses about mushmallows!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yep the kittens are cuddle bugs but the male has outgrown wanting to be picked up

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mikey is the tallest lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And scarred up >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hey these are battle scars - you dont be a career ninja fighting the forces of evil without scars to show it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: There - posted in Street Life! [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: True [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: uh huh [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But here you're the shortest one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: I eat my sprouts - I'll grow

[Bookmark] Candy: ... and everything else [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you're already much bigger than me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: pppffft that dont count ya a girl and human - squishy pink lil human

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It doesn't?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *peeks in*

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: squishy human, not natural body armor - all soft

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: So? Humans can get big as you and even bigger look at the muscles of some guys they're rock hard

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Hello. ^^

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yeah but you wont - and nah soft squishy humans all of ya [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No I won't but I'm not a weakling

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: yeah ya are - underfed and undersized you certainly are - need more meat on those bones

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Being strong doesn't mean physical strength there's mental strength

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey : *rolls eyes* and you have none of that either - you reread some of those logs? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: In the main game I am >​>​

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: no you're not.

[Bookmark] Candy: your Slashy profile KatanaPenLeo looks great - and the Lydia too Alyss [wink]

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: How am I not strong?

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Thank you. Did I post it in the right place? [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: no the first attempt [big grin] but thats alright - and I did pm you the right threads for the profile - i have not checked [big grin]

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Oh, thank you. I have to check my messages. I post here, right?

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - when you are finished you just copy paste into the finished area as a new thread and I or Rogue will approve it - or if we find things that may be chnaged up a little comment there in the thread - pm you or chat to you here [big grin]

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Got it, thanks. I'm fixing it up right now. ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: coolio and no be shy - if you wanna bounce things off of us in here do so - or ya wanna pm do so [big grin]

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Thanks so much. ^^ So which characters do you guys all play? If you don't mind me asking. >​<

[Bookmark] Espionata: I play Melissa Andreas [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: I play Alysson (which is...pretty obvious actually), and soon to be playing my beloved precious Lydia! :3

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe this thread can help with that

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hm, I still need to be added to that.

[Bookmark] Candy: but if answer cause that list needs some updating um I play three gals, Angel, April and Erica all human two canon one oc

[Bookmark] Candy: in*

[Bookmark] Candy: annnnnnnd three dudes Hank, Leatherhead and Michelangelo again two canon and one oc, two mutants and one human [wink] and yes Alyss the list needs updating - it will happens [big grin]

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: That is helpful. 0^0

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Oh nice, a LH! Slash will want to hang around with him.

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] I'll link LH profile for you

[Bookmark] Candy:

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: wasssup Roguelicious? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Hehe, not much Candy Cane [wink] how are ya'll?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Good

[Bookmark] Alysson: Quite lovely~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Throws Mikey into a lazer maze* XD

[Bookmark] Candy: fine fine

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *is impressed with the girls imagination to think she can throw him anywhere - reads a comic*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Kitteh: HI [smile] ☒

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey wanna do a lazer maze?

[Bookmark] Shy: hello

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi Shydiliumptious

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: nah

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why not?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: I'm readin'

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It's a comic

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *can't hear - reading!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Pouts*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Shy: night

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaha I tried to sign into the O rp chat under 'Orange' in pink [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: .... must be all this grape jizz I keep getting covered in

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *giggling still*

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie feel REALLY bad that he didn't notice lil red clone! He says he will make it up to the lil bugger

[Bookmark] Rogue: see how girls get in your head and cloud everything? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: My mind went Michelangelo - my fingers went 'Orange'

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe yeah he's pouting - and hissing at the rubber duck

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: it come closer he may bite it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: I'm sorry! [frown] *snuuuuugs him*

[Bookmark] Candy: ... though his splashing makes it come closer [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson: *dis snugged! yay! - gives rubber duckie a pokey tongue face*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Shy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhhahhaa still giggling at LOSt Gold dragging his tail about in the sand [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: mwahahaha Ee dropped none to subtle April hints [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *annnnnd is no longer focused on the comic - Ally in his mind - he grins flops back with comic book on his head* you tellin me *lovey hearts floats about and pop above his head*

[Bookmark] Candy: yes they do cloud a guys mind P

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you act like a love sick puppy

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *tail wags*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: [big grin] *tickle-tackles*

[Bookmark] Shy: sck

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: [smug] ​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *annnnd sort of chokes on a page of the comic book that went in his mouth as he gasped at the feel of those soft little fingers - he sneezes the book clean off and laughs - not putting up much of an effort to stop her*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No worse than a love sick puppy >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe KatanaPenLeo if you want to have Leatherhead and Slash sort of already friends - thats okay

[Bookmark] Shy: [smile]

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Yay!!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee Ee would say she adores it when Raph follows her about - and or so spot tickles and gives him an excellent plastron rubbing.... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: eep.. I needs to get crackin' and getProject Phoenix profile finished since he's being hunted in one game, and about to propertyof the Foot in another
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 1:51 pm

pt 20

Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *follow-follows like lost puppy, but of course doing so in ninja mode to avoid ribbing from his brothers*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] well it will mean Slash also has met Erica - being she and Leatherhead are also friends

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ninja mode - !

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: If this all takes place during the 2014 movie time, wouldn't Slash be around the same height as Raph? *Thinks to himself* Master, you got tall. o^o

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *knows he's there - leads way to kitchen*

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah if you'd like [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. or he could be taller to- you know- make Raph feel like a shrimp [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe yeah! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: poor BigRed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *follows into the kitchen, even though he STILL feels out of his element there*

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee maybe even taller than the Don KPL?

[Bookmark] Espionata: And Donnie is tall!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *smiles and gestures him over - has the cookie jar ready for the raiding*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Shy: Ee?

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica - Ee

[Bookmark] Candy: cause ya know I am lazy and all [tongue]

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: For physical appearance I'm putting, Height ~ Roughly 7 feet. (Maybe a head taller than 2014 Donatello)

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Giant OO

[Bookmark] Candy: LH [big grin] hey buddy my standing height is about seven foot too!

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *shoves hand in, gets it stuck* -.- ...*hulk smashes it! But hey, cookies come out okay*

[Bookmark] Espionata: And that is giant compared to Mel she's 4'7" lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Need a bigger cookie jar Oo

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Slash: Little Human. >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: See Ee is used to being around giant mutants [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm growing >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *had been about to try rescuing his hand - now snorts with giggles around a cookie - checks hand* you alright? [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: thats one way to raid the cookie jar - pulverise it!

[Bookmark] Candy: and leave the mess for Mikey to clean

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Yep. *offers her a cookie* They don't make those things with mutants in mind...

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha, exactly

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: just blame it on Mikey, too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: I know right - no imagination these cookie jar designers... none at all *takes cookie* ooooh choc chip - *offers him one she just finshed out of the wreckage of jar and cookie*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha yep [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *ally drunk* whadI do?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: You broke the cookie jar again. You seriously need ta be more careful. [tongue] *omnomnoms frech chocolate goodness*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oooh man so naughty -

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Goes to grab a cookie*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *giggling around mouthful of cookieness - brushes some crumbs off Raph's chin*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *happy churrrrrrrz* Mmhmm... you should... come clean this mess up before someone cuts their head off.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: bbbut the Ally - *snnog snog* make MH do it *smoochies*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you gotta clean it up

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Mikey is shaken his tail about in the rp room - this time without a bathroom floor rug

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe still makes me giggle thinkin about that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Metalhead: *Is that cookie jar shaped like undies? Nooooo. So not putting THAT into his mouth*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Metalhead: *makes snappy fingers at Mikey*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Eating a cookie* We need to make a gingerbread house sometime Erica

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *should not have taught him that*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: mmmm *not really listening - tiptoed to smooch the Red - sharing cookie goodness*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *snooooogs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Metalhead: *Autobots, rolllll out- vroom-vroom!*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey should not have let him view Transformers by the sounds of it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, nope [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *snoooooogging - cookies good to share - and now Raph flavor!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel; *Sighs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe then again he showed him Chappie and Big Hero Six too

[Bookmark] Candy: and Walle

[Bookmark] Candy: oh and Star Wars

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe should probably move a main story scene along in rp chat [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: also.... Robots

[Bookmark] Candy: so if MH tries to put together smaller MH's we'll know why [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yep. which scene?

[Bookmark] Candy: mm could probably wrap up Beginnings

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: run Mel - leave the kitchen before things go from pg - parent supervision is advised and some sexual references to MA

[Bookmark] Candy: nudity

[Bookmark] Candy: ect

[Bookmark] Candy: ... etc *

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Shy: tee hee hee

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You two have no shame

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: MH is better behaved and he takes bras and undies

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] she does realise she is going totally ignored?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'll send Raph over. Though, he's grumbling about having to give up suckyface time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee will grumble right along with him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.- I hate when you say it like that. It ain't sucky-face when I do it.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And you become oblivous to the world >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: sucky face, tonsil hockey... tongue tango - whichever as long as we get back to it

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Whatever I will make a gingerbread house >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee would say good for you - ... she will eagerly await makin some creeeam [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey wanna make a gingerbread house?

[Bookmark] Candy no

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: How come?

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: WB!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... or not lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: will has to pm Slash player - if LH is his friend and Ee then I needs to know!!

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: WB

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Ngh, I can't seem to post the thread. >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: which one?

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Work in Progress for Character Creations.

[Bookmark] Candy: that don't seem right - can you creat a new thread? and just copy paste what you have done already?

[Bookmark] Candy: also you will have to change your user name to Slash [wink] or make a seperate account for him to post under as soon as he is approved

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: That's what I'm trying to do, actually.

[Bookmark] Candy: ah I see - hmmm

[Bookmark] Candy: thats puzzling

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Preview works but send doesn't.

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Could I copy it and PM someone to make the thread for me?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: that is weird - yes you could - or try making one in the finished profile section

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] or pm me sure -

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: No, it isn't working for Finished Profiles either. >​< Could I send it to you, Candy?

[Bookmark] Candy: okay send to Erica Martins -

[Bookmark] KatanaPenLeo: Done. Thank you.

[Bookmark] Candy: alright leem sign in and see whats I can do - want me to post it in the Work In Progress?

[Bookmark] Slash joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Leatherhead: [smile] hi hi

[Bookmark] Slash: It's finished, actually. It just needs to be approved.

[Bookmark] Slash:

[Bookmark] Candy: okie doo will reads and posties in the Finished to be approved

[Bookmark] Slash: Thank you very much. ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Man it's fun to get cats going with catnip lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: It got my nine year old cat to play

[Bookmark] Candy: did it send? there is no pm in the Erica account

[Bookmark] Candy: ... no wait old ones from Tara [tongue]

[Bookmark] Slash: You didn't get it?

[Bookmark] Candy: no - something funny going on with the send option again?

[Bookmark] Slash: I...I guess. I don't understand.

[Bookmark] Candy: me either - mmmm try emailing from normal email to my gmail

[Bookmark] Candy: I'm a pokin about

[Bookmark] Slash: Alright, I hope that works.

[Bookmark] Candy: will get to the bottom of this

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs Slash's player* Sorry you're having so much trouble. [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs* yes - we will s figure it out [smile] no fear!!!

[Bookmark] Slash: *Clings* Thanks guys.

[Bookmark] Candy: okay got it via normal email [wink]

[Bookmark] Slash: Thank you so much, and I'm sorry for all the trouble.

[Bookmark] Candy: bah it's no trouble - MS... whom is trying to sort out his Saki profile has been sending me bits and pieces to do for him whilst so busy [wink] never be shy to ask for a hand amongst us all here [big grin] and lastly its also my moddy job [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yep

[Bookmark] Candy: yep yep yep

[Bookmark] Slash: Well thanks again. ^^

[Bookmark] Slash: I need to go now, it was nice talking to you all.

[Bookmark] Candy: okay posting profile *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm posted - hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: kinda curious as to why it was not working for her? a glitch?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Things happen some times. *shrugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: no idea

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah - my thoughts exactly

[Bookmark] Espionata: Trying to remember don't you have to activate accounts here?

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm I will ask her in pm if she did that

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: I just checked. The account is active. Could be the browser. I know AOL browsers have a hell of a time with freeforums anf forumotion

[Bookmark] Rogue: she may need to get firefox or chrome

[Bookmark] Candy: uh I will let her know in pm and email then [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I didn't really have too many issues with AOL.

[Bookmark] Espionata: People still use AOL Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I did up until two years ago. lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I never used it despite them sending those discs remember thos?

[Bookmark] Espionata: *those

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Er...maybe three?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: But hey I remember DOS lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Man that's old school

[Bookmark] Rogue: Iused AOL back in the day. And yeah, I had trouble with almost every forum. sometimes would have to hit submit a gazillion times before a post would fo through

[Bookmark] Espionata: Probably not as bad as Internet Explorer hate that thing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Lycanth's first forum gave me a lot of issues like that.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yes, I know that name is taboo. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ... is it? why?

[Bookmark] Candy: now ya got me curious [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Along with Buslady

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Depends who you talk to. But several people had issues with this particular person. I didn't personally, though.

[Bookmark] Candy: oooh okay [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: *barfs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Rogue might be one of them that had issues

[Bookmark] Rogue: I had a problem with how she portrayed Raph

[Bookmark] Rogue: BL, that is

[Bookmark] Rogue: yup

[Bookmark] Candy: i heard tell on the rp grapevine that BL played Raph ... badly

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Ly liked to delete forums in the middle of games

[Bookmark] Candy: oh look there it is again

Candy: ... seriously?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, yes. BL was a terrible Raph.

[Bookmark] Candy: why?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah she did

[Bookmark] Candy: and again!

[Bookmark] Rogue: because anytime BL or Bess would get upset because things didn't go their way or people questioned her Raph's cruelty to his bros, she'd delete the forum without warning her players

[Bookmark] Espionata: And BL isn't that good of a Raph

[Bookmark] Candy: okay I believe the hearsay now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: she tried to get me to come back as mike after her first time and I said no. because that's shitty to players

[Bookmark] Candy: it is

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah I played one of her games back in my teen years so yeah lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and the way she wrote Raph in her fics.. I wanted to gag. Raph slept with Mikey's girlfriend, was downright cruel to him

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ohhhh, it WAS you, Rogue. I heard about that but I forgot who said it.

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, it was me. I was her first Mikey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I played Mikey for a bit on her forum.

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo ... Raph is blunt with his brothers, rough yes... but would not be cruel

[Bookmark] Espionata: I read her fics as well but this was years ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: she begged me to come back, but I had moved on. made my own forum because I don't like investing time into stories to have them deleted without warning. but it's all good. met some incredible people over there

[Bookmark] Rogue: even though Nad and I no longer talk

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Reminds me of the Blended Family series of fanfics avoid those please

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs* but nothing beats this place ^^ and you guys

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww ^^ *snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: of course - we awesome [tongue] *snuggles* but dawwwww *melts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nothing like oocing three of the turtles and Splinter making Leo into a martyer by committing suicide only to be sent to an alternate universe to get nice brothers I'm not kidding Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: OKay, I gotta get back to work now. [wink] Just wanted a lil' interaction with you gals. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Think I'll be up most of the night trying to get all this crap done. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: nawwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: You're almost free

[Bookmark] Rogue: *snugsnugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: never be free! *clings* we got you now! *evil laugh*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: From school [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: To put things in perspective, I have been working on school work constantly since around 10 am yesterday morning. >​.< I've had enough!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It is now almost 3 am and I'm STILL a long way from being done. :/

[Bookmark] Candy: nawwwww you have!

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe April will join the table crowd shortly and prob can begins fading out as they enjoy dinner [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 15 freaking hours of homework -- is that even legal? O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] hey lady loves coming home to home cooking

[Bookmark] Rogue: sounds good ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: and it should not be

[Bookmark] Rogue: and it shouldn't be legal, nope

[Bookmark] Candy: hehe Mikey got bopped by the beer lid [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. Everything gravitates towards his noggin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe alright will signs in the Ape so she can posties after the Red - use that green for her I think..

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha yep - inwardly Raph be all like 'Ten points!'

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: haha, yep! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Pffffft, more like 20 [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Why not 50 [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehehe [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaaa if April were there now she would so point out it is not spicy at all [tongue] but she is coming in

[Bookmark] Candy: totally blow his cover [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] and she would do it with the sort of big sis grin

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Raph may be glad to escape her at the end of Beginnings - cause she'd also forgo pretense she set the damned thing up and want to know everything [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and April is in da house!

[Bookmark] Rogue: wootwoot

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe and Mikey's on his third plateful - he was hungry

[Bookmark] Candy: though I image when really hungry the turtles could probably put an impressive amout of food away [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: Donnie's probably a 'picker' [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: He is. S'why he's scrawny.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: despite my best efforts to fatten him up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: At least he's not as skinny as me >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: that would be impossible for turtles our size unless dead - so yeah most def

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah it wasn't easy to get to this size and it wasn't by choice

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee my MMFtLEe was all like Nawwwww Donnie so she left him absolutely subtle hints to come speak to her about April [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daws, and he totally will )

[Bookmark] Rogue: [wink] *

[Bookmark] Rogue: poor guy is obsessed

[Bookmark] Candy: he is - and at least she has some good news for him [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: Obsessed? [blushing] ​ It sounds horrible when you say it like that. [frown] In love... there's a difference....

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *flops!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Looks like another night of only two hours of sleep. :/ But I can't keep going like this.

[Bookmark] Espionata: No you can't

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I can't guarantee I'll be any more active in these rooms until after my semester is over. Too. Much. Left. To. Do! >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: that is fine - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: oh I willingly admitt in here I am HotRed obsessed - sometimes it's just too hard to kep it to yaself [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night, guys. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *snuggles*

[Bookmark] Espionata: nigt

[Bookmark] Candy: get some rest

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'll try.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: *tucks you in*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: April: *hugs the MDon* nawwwww young love is obsessive [tongue] it's okay

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: [big grin] *snuugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, I gotta get going. see you gals tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 236 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Melissa joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Melissa: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Melissa: What's up?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Finished Lydia's profile! :3

[Bookmark] Melissa: yay

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm looking forward to playing as her here. [smile]

[Bookmark] Melissa: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello *dies*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o *hugs* You okay?

[Bookmark] Melissa: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: everything hurts and food wont stay down and my poor wittle heart keeps flapping around and hurting mah chest!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.O Trip to the ER in your future?

[Bookmark] Melissa: OO

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: probably

[Bookmark] Mikko: mom's been calling all the doctors

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Melissa: aww

[Bookmark] Melissa changed name to Espionata

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Is it your pacemaker for the heart issues? When were you going to get that replaced again?

[Bookmark] Mikko: no they checked the pacer it's fine.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have a few more months left

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs again*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *huggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: mom thinks it's all the dew I drink. I don't think so.

[Bookmark] Espionata: It probably is all that sugar

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Uh, I wouldn't be surprised if that's one cause.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ptttttttft

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs her dew and growls* my precious

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: k

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: yw

[Bookmark] Mikko: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Bookmark] Espionata: Need a Stockman post >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *head hits desk and snooooooooores*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pulls blanket over Kitteh*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ^__^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: About two hours of sleep last night. Besides dozing off various times of the day, including tonight, I have been up since 6:30 this morning. >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hands you pillow*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Three more nights. Three more nights... Would be two, but my Trig instructor decided to be nice and delay one of our online tests to be due after were done with classes for the semester.

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But this is a good thing. It means I don't have to squeeze it in between two other online tests AND two speeches to prepare for which are due before class on Thursday.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ouch OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs and takes pillow*

[Bookmark] Espionata: You need a kitten to cuddle

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. So I'm thanking him profusely for delaying that last test. I have finals to study for, bookwork to finish, two tests to take online, two speeches to finish writing...ALL before Thursday! >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I do...I'm soooooo beyond exhausted.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I bet you are

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sooooooo, other than the occasional comments, you probably won't hear much from me until after midnight on Friday morning.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: *crashes on Candy*

[Bookmark] Candy: ack!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] *bear hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: purrrr

[Bookmark] Alysson: Did ya see? Lydia's profile is aaaaalllllll done! :3

[Bookmark] Candy: I wills go read [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I feel like all my ribs are broke! I shouldn't have picked a fight with that ninja

[Bookmark] Candy: okay good

[Bookmark] Mikko: good!?

[Bookmark] Mikko: my ribs broken is good?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm not feeling the love

[Bookmark] Candy: lol not you - okay good @ Alysson in regards to Lydia [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh. ok then

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] - that sounds awful I'd hug you but might not be a good idea in such owies

[Bookmark] Mikko: very soft hugs

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *makes out with Kitteh and passes on the plague*

[Bookmark] Candy: I will - gently stroke your head - and murmur Ahhhh whose a good Mikko? *does so* whose a good Mikko?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: ...t hats not good at all [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: And no poking despite how tempting that is like when someone has a huge ass bruise lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: why be there so many children on the forum! this is just more food for Love and more sex toys for spike! none of that is good!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Why must Stockman take forever [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: he's doing the supervillian thing where they explain their devious plans in a long monologue and all

Mikko: um....because if he rushed he might screw something up and kill you

[Bookmark] Candy: and taking a selfie

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I mean posting lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes! I am rather fond of the selfie.

[Bookmark] Mikko: because I'm not feeeeeeeeeling it

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: it will happen....soon...ish

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh cheese!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Ee may be in trouble there she hesitated and the other dude had to proceed with the cutting of the arm

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax did not see that. so she is fine...for now.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Hun is about to come in and Bax will leave Erica and three men to finish the girls while Bax takes care of Hun

[Bookmark] Candy: yay! - [big grin] yeah she really does not wnat to cut up kids

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: don't think of them as children. they are test subjects. once in my lab, they are no longer human

[Bookmark] Espionata: Don't blame her

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What?!

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: and once they leave my lab....they will be even less human

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: hows about I just stop em bleeding out?

[Bookmark] Slash joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: how's about you do as I say or your career is over

[Bookmark] Candy: hi Slasho

[Bookmark] Mikko: slasho?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Slash: [smug] ​ Am I interrupting? >​<

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah where the hell do I belong after this?

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *throws shoe at Baxter's head*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: nope

[Bookmark] Candy: not at all

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: Erica! I want the spiky turtle in my lab! make it happen!

[Bookmark] Mikko: almost wrote that as in my lap

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: naughty

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: he might want Erica on his lap though

[Bookmark] Slash: I would squish you. >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaay Baxter pancake!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: .... *innuendo goes over her head* why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *grabs a hand full of Erica's ass*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Slash: *Growls protectivly.*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: eeeep! *smacks hands!* no bad Baxter - bad! *hides behind Slash*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: if I don't breath, nothing hurts

[Bookmark] Mikko: *holds breath*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee says she'll happily help cut up Hun [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Hun's already cut up, he needs to be put together

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww but she says they need to cut away the dead flesh and stuffs!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: his whole body is about to be dead flesh lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Even better!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *joins Slash and Ee*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *joins in and squeezes between the twolarge mutants!* ^^

[Bookmark] Slash: About time you showed up, Brother. >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: I was really confused when I first logged onto Origins this morning and saw Erica's name all over the place - thought I had went crazy and posted all over the place early early early this morn -

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: but turns out I just was added to moderator on the various threads

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nope you have control over everything lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ... I was like - phewwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: hey I went hunting - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMG cutest thing EVAR!

[Bookmark] Candy: heheh Love wants to be the turkey in that mutant man sandwich [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn right she does!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *climbs up and sits on LH's shoulders - rubs Slash's bald head* hey hey [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: she may get squished those two are BIG

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Slash: *Tail wags slightly.*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Giants OO

[Bookmark] Espionata: Of course Mel is tiny lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: whose big? - and did some one say sandwich?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: er'one! look'a my dick! *wiggles dick around* wooooooooooooooooooooo *runs away*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Slash: Hrg, of course you'd show up when someone mentions food.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey who is that?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: better run dude - I'd hate to shame all human males here with mah flashing [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *wanders into room*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *runs back in and grabs Lydia then runs off with her*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: O_O

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *rolls eyes -* hey!!! *jump tackles Spike from LH shoulders*

[Bookmark] Candy: ... just imaged a ball of Spike, Lydia and Ee rolling about then [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: girls are just leaping on me! *takes Erica too and runs off*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Spike!

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: .... *bites him - bite bite bite bite bite*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: yeah, bitch! bite me! yer a kinky slut! I like that.

[Bookmark] Slash: Rrrr! *Chases.*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol gotta stop watching cartoons -

[Bookmark] Mikko: spike: *screams like a girl, drops the females and runs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: That was...weird.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: come on ... uh... hi - Erica - *drags her over to Slash*

[Bookmark] Slash: *Skids to a stop and sits.*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: hehhee humans - *nuzzles Ee as she comes closer - waves at new girl*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *laughing* hahahaha hear the scream?! *mimics* hehehehe!

[Bookmark] Mikko: my spirit animal

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Spike may be nuts but he's also a coward >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: thanks Slash [smile] *scratchie scratches LH's spot*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *happy ka -flops*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Uh...Hi! *smiles awkwardly, waving to the mutants*

[Bookmark] Slash: No problem, Squirt.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: his scream was girlier than mine! - *mimics again* girlier than crazy Leo !!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I'm not crazy!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: [wink] *gives apples to all for em to munchies*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hehehaahaha - yeah but when you were dude your girlie screams were exceptionally girlie - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Don't make me smack you Mikey

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oooh Apple! *munches*

[Bookmark] Slash: Allow me. *Smacks the back of Mikey's shell.*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *goes sprawling* hey!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *frowns* Why'd you hit him?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Because he's being obnoxious

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: oh he's alright [tongue] - he was so asking for it - apple?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: ^_^ Sure! *takes apple*

[Bookmark] Slash: Not like he hasn't been hit before.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: It's still rude...

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: mmmmm pizza *old mouldy bit from under couch - looks like finding the floor had a silver lining after all*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you're gonna eat that?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *sits on Mike*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: hey! - *busy eating mouldy pizza*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: With furry stuff? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeey oooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooh!

[Bookmark] Candy: lint, bugs the works [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww!

[Bookmark] Slash: I think I'm gonna be sick. O ^ O

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: .... kid has a stronger stomach than I *and thats saying something - he's a gator*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: i wish I had a mongoose

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: dawww it will be over shortly big guys - just don't look *gives Slash and LH an apple - and Mikko*

[Bookmark] Slash: *Clings to LH.* O^O

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: APPLE! *shoves whole thing in her mouth*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *finishes slice and belches - looks at Mikko -* is that a pizza topping? .... OO

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *and tosses one to Mel - and over to Leo*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I can be yer pizza topping.

[Bookmark] Candy: one*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: no! - no Mikey gluten free base for non - but the Ally!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Thanks Oo *Takes apple and goes to kitchen has been trying to make a gingerbread house and somehow hasn't burned the kitchen down yet*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *munches his apple pats pats Slash* it's over now he ate it ...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I can be yer ally

[Bookmark] Slash: *Munches on apple, tramtized.*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *strips*

[Bookmark] Raphael joined the chat 235 days ago

[Bookmark] Raphael changed name to Rogue

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: oh another turtle...ORGY!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: OO *covers eyes and runs away* no! I am faithful!

[Bookmark] Rogue: You saw nothing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Raph tried to sneak in to resume sucky face

[Bookmark] Mikko: *crashes on Rogue*

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: eep. feeling better?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey I need help!

[Bookmark] Mikko: nope! everything hurts. EVERYTHING! can't breath, heart is doing strange things, trying to get hospital appointment before I die

[Bookmark] Rogue: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: ER!

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: if things get worse I'll head to the ER

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *HUGS!* [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Good

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: So I have no idea when the TMNT Revenge DVD came out because I'm out of the loop.. but snagged it tonight ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaay

[Bookmark] Rogue: highlight of my other shit-tastic day

[Bookmark] Rogue: otherwise*

[Bookmark] Candy: .... whats this? - never heard of it

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww sorry to hear that *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Revenge?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Damn! I need to get that!

[Bookmark] Rogue: mmhmm

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *dashing about looking for the Ally*

[Bookmark] Rogue: they only had two so I figured it had been out for awhile

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Totally slipped my mind. >​.< Frikkin' school.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: December 1st.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: I must google!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It came out December 1st. I forgot. >​.< *must get somewhere to snag a copy*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey I need you to taste something!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *points that direction* whadda you say we check that out Slash?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Candy, the DVD that has the episodes for: he Noxious Avenger, Clash of the Mutanimals, Meet Mondo Gecko, The Deadly Venom, Turtles in Time, Tale of The Yokai, Attack of the Mega Shredder, The Creeping Doom, The fourfold Trap, Dino in the Sewers, and Annihilation Earth

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *pops out from under couch -* oh? what is it?

[Bookmark] Candy: oooooooooooooooooooh!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: thank you - google was being slow

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Gingerbread!

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I wonder how I have NOT seen this in stores for 2 weeks O.o I always swing by eletronics on supply runs

[Bookmark] Candy: love Mikey's Yokai dance [tongue]

[Bookmark] Slash: Sounds good ta me.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Maybe because of the Christmas movies Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *puts laser guns in Aly's tits* like Austen Powers!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *heads that way with Slash*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and for anyone wondering who Dee is, he goes waaaaay back [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: was the father figure when Nad and I were doing PD scenes

[Bookmark] Rogue: wish I could find those Origin logs

[Bookmark] Rogue: for the Dragons

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: yeah! Dee. I know him..he's like that guy, that guy that like...did stuff and shit

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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
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Random Chatty Pt. 11 - 20 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)
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