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 Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)

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Erica Martins

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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptySun Aug 07, 2016 10:29 am

pt 31

Candy: she understands her green bros [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Candy: She'll open the bathroom window for him to leave through - it's wide enough for a lean long ninja turtle to slip out through.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: sides she knows he with his gadget know how may have a better chance of finding Raph first so letting him get a head start is best

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *will thank her later*

[Bookmark] Candy: there edited he can go [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hmmmm...I'm trying to figure out how to do this.

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] need a hand?

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm just torn on what to do. Whether Don should get his brothers or head out on his own.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Unless they'll be right behind him.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] well Don is the least likely to head out on his own - but he is also very upset by all he has learned

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe it he got April's assurance the others would be right behind hime the moment they had Casey with them?

[Bookmark] Candy: tell her to tell Leo to lead them?

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That could work.

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 211 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don will definitely have to thank her later.

[Bookmark] Candy: Daw April says anything for her green bros [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol - anything - she almost became a killer for em [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] and would have should Don not stopped her lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *didn't want to see the results should he not have stopped her* -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yikes Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: April: *snugs Don like mama bear! *

[Bookmark] Candy: Just imagined him flailing then lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: With his size, that would be pretty silly.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhe

[Bookmark] Candy: it would [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, Don is out the window. Should I got as far as for Don to find the phone?

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, I'll end it where I have it then.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] yep for now - dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn

[Bookmark] Espionata: uhoh

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: should head off this one [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night. I'll be going, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 211 days ago

[Bookmark] Master Splinter joined the chat 211 days ago

[Bookmark] Master Splinter left the chat 211 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Tara joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: coloring - work - chatzy [big grin] ~ you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nothing

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww - well theres chatzy theres that [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: finally able to get back to this picture - coloring a Raph yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Candy: yep a third of the background done and now a Raph and Ee are color - just the rest a Don and Dobby to color ... then cum to add all over the place lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: see above Kitteh finally getting this pic done [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mikko REALLY needs to get that pacemaker checked. She said MONTHS ago that it needed to be replaced. -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I saw. ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I just...don't have much faith in her 'doctors' if they don't know what they're doing. -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Candy: I shall spank the Mikko when she gets in... if she gets in

[Bookmark] Candy: ... gah I'd have demanded new doctors

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Well, her other surgery kinda pushed back getting a new pacemaker earlier. But, still...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And she was having complications from THAT. >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - not very well [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That girl needs to know what it's like to have NO health issues. [frown] I feel so bad for her.

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmm hmmm me too [frown] [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, speaking of "feeling bad" for someone, I read Mei's post. [frown] Don just wants to hug her!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: Where did the sig come from I wanna find that artist to see more of it

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww cause he is a big softie [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Run an image check on it. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee promises until he can hug her she'll be very kind

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: You guys get a turtle tot next week on the show it will be Mikey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh?

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww Mini Mikey!

[Bookmark] Candy: yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: unleash the cutegen!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: [wink] promise PrettyEyes - I'll treat her like a lilsis

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Thanks. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: and you like a bro - and Red.. well....... *leaves that to the imagination for now* swear there shall be as much chocolate as she can stand [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi SHy!

[Bookmark] Shy: not the cuteegen!

[Bookmark] Shy: hey

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: yesth! the cuteegen!!! mwhahahahahhahaaa *chokes on grape she stole to munch*

[Bookmark] Shy: *gives himelick to get the grape unstuck*

[Bookmark] Candy: *air!* thaaaanks! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Mel gonna post in Street Life? :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah thinking of a good one

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey all *waves*

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: won't be online super late tonight. role playing will be better for me tomorrow. since we have that storm coming in tonight. still haven't revived my car yet which I'm worried he'll have to drive it down during the storm. my parents are driving back from Florida and won't be home till pretty late tomorrow due to the storm and everyone at meijers was freaking out because of the storm

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: the places was packed it was like they had never seen snow

[Bookmark] Espionata: wow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: all 17 lanes were left open from before ten a.m. till I went home

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be on skype though

[Bookmark] Espionata: The only time my area freaked about snow was last year because it was record breaking snowfall

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you all

[Bookmark] Kitteh:

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *nods* same. on messager though for a bit but probably won't do much else tonight

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: if thats ok early wake up call for work. [frown] and don't want the weather

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good! This year's robotics tournament is gonna be AWESOME! It's medieval themed!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's fine. I don't think I have the brain capacity to do much tonight.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, cool.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sweet [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww - busy here typing and what not

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Candy: bloody japanese - hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas!

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don just wants to HUG Mei! That poor girl.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mei: *can't wait for a hug! And.. an apple..* [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Rogue: just posted the starter post for the bonesteel/ Donnie thread

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I would give you a fresh one. [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: timedated it a few hours after he leaves in JLOT. so when he's captured, it'll actually be in captivity during the jap meeting.. but BS hasn't delivered yet [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: just didn't think it would take Donnie til 1 PM the following day to find the phone

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mei: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah I had to go back and fix last post in Cellular - and edit a fair bit the firsts in Cultural Exchange - hoped they past muster

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It wouldn't take him long at all with a signal.

[Bookmark] Candy: and now doing a jap/ Ee post to get the meeting underway - named two of the fellows Daichi and Hiroto [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What would the effects of mutagen be on a human?

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh, awesome ^^ and the edits worked ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wouldn't that depend on what they last came in contact with?

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yeah Ee fell asleep - thanks Red she says she needed it [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: and the mutagen

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: if it is an untainted pure batch

[Bookmark] Espionata: Depends on which canon we're following when it comes to it in the 80's show it would be with what you had contact with but the 2003 show it wasn't

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She needs the energy for later. Because ooooooooh boy! Gonna have a lot to keep up with Raph. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: however if it is from a dna source like say LH -

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yes indeed - she's already had to change over blood packs and check on him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 2003 didn't really deal with mutagen until Turtles Forever.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Except for...yeah.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: grrr darn connection is telling me I have no internet on my desktop but I have internet on my laptop how does that work

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It just made the Turtles and Splinter more humanoid. Even though they had no real prior contact with a human. The exception being when the Turtles were placed in the jar.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: that you mention it, it DOESN'T make a lot of sense for Splinter to always have been a rat.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I just liked that origin better. lol But it doesn't make a lot of sense with how they did it in the 2003 show. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah so we need to know the affect on humans lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: The comics did it too

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I would say it would be the last thing they touched.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Then...they had it in Turtles Forever and it worked that way. Why the heck did they clash 'theories'?

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: okay posted - I didn't name the last jap fellow encase you wished to Rogue [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh! *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: hehhe lil intern - am I really that small? *after all is five feet flat!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: The 80's show is what changed the origin the first time too so man need to figure that out. Because I don't wanna go the Marvel route when it comes to mutations on humans even though I love Marvel

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're taller than me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Should I edit my post to either show Don exited that thread or include the link to the new thread?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm gonna try my desktop again

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ...Okay, scratch that last one. lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but also storm coming as well so not sure if that's messing up my connection

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Well, it seemed to have worked. *hugs Scoop*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: awesome post ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yep, that works ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] I hope so

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 210 days ago

Rogue: wb *chains dooown*

[Bookmark] Candy: wbx2

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee I am doing that now to a pic Raph [tongue] getting this thing finally finished

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooooh, can't wait to see the finished version ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sorry just trying to get things working again so bare with me if i get cut offline again

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying to get back onto messager also let me know when you guys get your packages

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: for those that were sent one

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Probably mine came first because I'm the closest one to you. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] looking forward to be finished -had such bad luck and no time prior to this - [big grin] hehehe but Raph is colored now and the house elf that had been a pot plant is more sketched in [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: this is true [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: love his face [big grin] that poor house elf ... well at least we know the place was cleaned afterwards

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: Dobby is a free elf! and looks what happens [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: okay LH posted for - now the Hank chasing the women through the sewers... he's enjoying it far too much

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So, should Don find the phone next?

[Bookmark] Candy: yeeeeeep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: *jumps on Oc cause she had been about to tell the poor turtle it's a trap! - they wrestle*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and the blood - and probably shell, plastron bits [tongue] drag marks... hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, that goes without saying. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. yep, all that grafic stuff along with it..

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: graphic

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yikes

[Bookmark] Candy: poor Don - gonna think the worst

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: but on the upside.. he will see him reeeeeal soon

[Bookmark] Candy: yep [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: as Ee promised Don she will be quiet whilst the bros have a reunion [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: hah hank posted for - whose next? [big grin]

[Bookmark] TigerClaw joined the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: Hiyas! ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I will post for Donneh-boy when I get off the phone. [wink]

[Bookmark] TigerClaw: hello hello ladies - how are all doing?

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Rogue: yayz! ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: good good

[Bookmark] Rogue: and good, how are you?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] TigerClaw: great
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Erica Martins

Posts : 885
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Age : 24
Location : solitary confinemnet

Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:45 pm

pt 32

Candy: Ee says oh don't do that - she'll be taking it off him

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha surprising BS and Ee can hold any sort of conversation [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Candy: and like Red's gear will be tucked safely in her little office until later [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: ... save his dew rag she'll probbly be wearing that most the time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] TigerClaw: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: okay now for cum everywhere!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: I actually shouted that out loud - and the looks I got - bwhahaha priceless [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off. sooo sleepy

[Bookmark] Rogue: will see ya'll tonight*hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: nawww night night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 210 days ago

[Bookmark] TigerClaw: good night
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Erica Martins

Posts : 885
Join date : 2014-10-18
Age : 24
Location : solitary confinemnet

Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 10:48 pm

pt 33.

Mikko: Mikko: *looks up* I see nothing

[Bookmark] Candy: yep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yesh. ^^ Loved that show. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: yeah and he's got back up with claws!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although the art change was jarring

[Bookmark] Candy: he and the two scientists and Ee are heading tot he aquariums - I will do a little googling on the structurs of lab glass rooms and describe it later [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata
American Dragon Jake Long - Both Theme SongsYouTube · 1:59 · 1M · 98%Both 1st and 2nd season theme songs of the American Dragon Jake Long [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Candy: though a trap for him would be easy enough - he'll give himself up for his best bud [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooooooooh that show. ok I know what that is, never watched it though

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was a fun show lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: google nothing! my aquariums! they are built large enough to fit two turtles. to simply insult the turtles the 'cages' are made up like a typical aquarium for turtles. sand bedding, and a water bowl type thing. strong ass glass, stronger then bullet proof. stronger then the shit they used in the movie.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mm, k. Don't have a lot to go on, though. It'll be a short post.

[Bookmark] Mikko: a heating lamp, you know, to keep them all warm and shit

[Bookmark] Candy: yep full of shenanigans

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: we're talking like...walking into aqueriaum of the americas except with mutant turtles

[Bookmark] Mikko: and the door is locked tight like those vault doors

[Bookmark] Candy: Well Don can try talking to her a bit now -

[Bookmark] Mikko: there top of the cage has a way to drop food in.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: the other two scientist have not forgotten Raph and are hanging back pushing as she pulls the trolley lift along [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: like super LARRRRGE aquarium

[Bookmark] Mikko: in an even larger room. there are only two right now, and one in the proccess of being built

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone draw this

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't fuck with bananas

[Bookmark] Mikko: is erica on MM going to get her sister from Mikko?

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: but I want to adopt her!

[Bookmark] Candy: though Elena is enjoying it

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe says no kids

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: there's five of the ickle rug rats - and Mikko is right to warn the mmBax... they will bite

[Bookmark] Candy: or Crimson and Cyan mostly in defense of their brothers

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: you ain't keepin' me in no fuckin' fish tank!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: well you are in there now and there is no getting out. so I think I am! look at that! I win! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[Bookmark] Candy: Crimson will give a good display of which turtle his cloned from

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww Donnie Ee posting for you [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Poor Raphie

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: hey! Mel! would it cheer you up if I brought you to see the turtles?

[Bookmark] Rogue: aurely Bax knows an aquarium set up for normal turtles.. just XL isn't practical, right?

[Bookmark] Rogue: surely*

[Bookmark] Mikko: he knows-ish

[Bookmark] Mikko: he works with robots! how is he suppose to know? he just called a pet shop and asked what a turtle needed

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: not only will it make working with them more difficult, but cause other issues as well

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: would have loved to be the fly on the wall for that one

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: uh.....he's uh....gonna hire a turtleologist

[Bookmark] Candy: be all like 'ma turtles are over six feet

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol nah thats what Ee is for - [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax just wanted a cage they couldn't break out of. the rest was just to insult them some

[Bookmark] Rogue: maybe he'll see the error of his ways when Raph drowns himself [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: or.. fakes it

[Bookmark] Mikko: he figures they ain't going to live long, so why bother

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that...would actually be a good plan. if he can slow his heart beat down enough to fool them

[Bookmark] Rogue: he totally can

[Bookmark] Rogue: Turtles can do that you know [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: wel then, he has a plan!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I KNOW NOTHING!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I delt with snakes. not turtles

[Bookmark] Mikko: gimmie a mutant snake

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You could sure as hell try Sammy >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel did wanna see the place mainly to map it out mentally lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: or lizard.

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone get mondo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: But seeing the turtles bonus so Sammy go do that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: during hibernation they can slow it to like one beat per minute

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: no hibernating! you need to breed!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *all scientist start tapping on Raph's glass*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've had this scene in my head for awhile. He's gonna fake death, then beat the shit out of whoever comes in to revive him

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: Erica! go revive him.

[Bookmark] Rogue: and try to escape.. but gets shot or drugged in the process

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. well that's the one person he wouldn't rip her face off with his teeth [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: No! >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: man geeeeze guys trust the Ee - she will get yous out - and destroy the building

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: fine. Mel! I'll give you a thousand bucks to go in that cage and wake the turtle

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol maybe it'll be sammy that has to get Raph

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh poor sammy

[Bookmark] Candy: ... though Ee just giggled and said she'd not mind any other form of Red teeth to her skin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: kinky

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not suicidal nor can you pay to do anything plus your not my guardian so I don't have to listen to you [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I kinda saved your life

[Bookmark] Candy: ... so prob still not a good idea to send her in revival may not be as violent... but... ya know [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Nope besides I haven't met the turtles yet [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yer about yo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yo

[Bookmark] Mikko: to!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I am?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have a feeling Sammy is going to need his own character

[Bookmark] Mikko: sammy posted and I'm still working on Bax

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: sec.

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 209 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 209 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: dogs vs lemons

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, now we're good.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted Mel's curiousity is piqued lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe

[Bookmark] Candy: Now Samny gets to see Ee in the dress too lol girl is cursing me for making her wear it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: sammy will make a post when I have made him his own character

[Bookmark] Mikko: not doing a profile! I know nothing about this man

[Bookmark] Mikko: and he might get eaten by raph anyway

[Bookmark] Espionata: While Mel is wondering why is she wearing that you can't run in that thing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph's... gonna be extremely dangerous so there's a good chance that someone will die, yes

[Bookmark] Rogue: hes' extremely stressed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Fare-thee-well, Sammy.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I don't blame him

[Bookmark] Mikko: OK! made now I'll post

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes poor sammy

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok sam posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: and he's hitting on Erica in front of raph

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think. I actually don't know where anyone is lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's in front of Don, for sure. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and it's sammy X because for some reason the forum said that sammy was taken

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol also because he will soon be Xed out

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think Erica should go on the date. I mean...the wish of a dying man and all

[Bookmark] Candy: Send in the pacifier [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: so before I post.. are these glass cells or actual large aquariums? What all in them?

[Bookmark] Candy: Shaped liked aquariums

[Bookmark] Mikko: large aquarums. baxter literally called a pet store to ask what a turtle needs in an aquerium

[Bookmark] Candy: Though cause they intend to work with them I'd say he glass may be in large sections with gaps between for workin room

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Are they soundproof? -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *still tapping on the aliens tank while eating cheetos*

[Bookmark] Mikko: no

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah that would make sense

[Bookmark] Candy: And so each sheet is also reinforced with cement filled bars

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don and Raph can have their girl talk all day

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I'm...not worried about that. It's just I-uh...don't want to hear anything else. >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *slips cheeto to the brain dude*

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh you will YOU WILL!


[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Sorry dude as long as Reds willing there'd be plenty to hear

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted and Mel is getting closer interested and at the same time sad for the turtles because anyone with a brain can tell they're human like plus girl has seen comics [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Well will upset Ee she intended to let the brothers catch up not stress them out further

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. Don won't be in a talkative mood much if there's too much of an audience.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And we KNOW Raph won't.

[Bookmark] Candy: Mmm okay she may be extorted into a date Sammy if you promise to clear everyone out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *growwwls*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, boy...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's mad

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm guessing there's literally sand in these enclosures?

[Bookmark] Rogue: trying to get my ducks in a row before posting

[Bookmark] Mikko: I finally bull shitted a post for baxter!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph's just now coming to.. so everything under the sun will piss him off

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is actual sand bedding

[Bookmark] Mikko: come on Erica. Sammy is BRAD PITT! who don't want to date that?

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies.. one Raph-freak-the-fuck-out post coming up

[Bookmark] Candy: Oh boy yeah Ee will be looking to Sam to clear them out - and then decide she has soothed a raged LH before - maybe able to do same for Raph

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: clear out? Look at that freak go! I want to see some more freak outs!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: I'll say yes if you do [eyelashes]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're gonna die Sammy

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: ok! EVERYONE OUT

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *to Raph* as friends only - [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: not after I get you to my house! *pelvic thrust*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: ... Oo no thanks! *scrambles into red aquarium*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: so when I win the power ball I'ma buy a large castle and we can all be roomies

[Bookmark] Mikko: and the animals can be roomies

[Bookmark] Mikko: each pet will have their own mini castle

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: That powerball is huge

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is!

[Bookmark] Candy: Yay! Thanks Mikko!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: 1.3 BILLION!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although after taxes it's less than that

[Bookmark] Mikko: so? more then I have now!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol now I have 16 dollars

[Bookmark] Espionata: Even after taxes it's plenty to live on

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: but if I did win, i would totally share the wealthyou all! then I would help the fam, then get me a nice place and car. THEN start a reptile rescue, and build a homeless shelter for the pups

Candy: Bugger see if MS can post for me when Raph is done lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: sadly down here we have LOTS of snakes and large lizards that get thrown out because people don't realize how big they can get

[Bookmark] Espionata: And some of those snakes can eat toddlers

[Bookmark] Mikko: luckily splinter didn't do that! even though he didn't know

[Bookmark] Mikko: eh...some. I guess

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had an anaconda that didn't want none

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Raph

[Bookmark] Espionata: That snake can get huge and the films are awful [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Poor Raphie

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Raph

[Bookmark] Candy: Okay fuck Ee is going to have to go in

[Bookmark] Mikko: it should be noted that I never gave up my snakes or lizards. but once I moved back in with the parents they had to stay with the Ex. other then on savanna. i kept him until my mom noticed he was getting bigger and bigger then she made me get rid of him. I miss Spike. he was my baby

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: you are NOT to go in!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: ABORT! ABORT!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: you can't stop me - or him

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: fine go get eaten.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Stockass this is your fault!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I didn't catch him this is all the hunter's fault

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *pays off hunter*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: By your orders!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: stop screaming so much. *pushes Mel into the cage with Don* there bond or something

[Bookmark] Mikko: FINALLY! us girls can experience the force!

[Bookmark] Mikko: uh nsfw

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not an experiment

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha.. saber dicks ftw

[Bookmark] Candy: Okay posted Ee is in the tank

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: And japs like uh don't we have lackeys to move the gal beast?

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol lazy buns

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes THEY WERE RIGHT THERE!

[Bookmark] Mikko: BAx: where the hell is everyone? stop making me look like a fool!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: god fucking on a cheese cracker!

[Bookmark] Rogue: will let Samcracker react and make a move [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol hey Sammy Ee's panties flashed ;(

[Bookmark] Candy: Ooops [wink] *

[Bookmark] Mikko: samcracker made a move

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: did she call me god? or a cheese

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah he didn't notice

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's all like. well there goes that to find another

[Bookmark] Mikko: can one of the fourm mommies take the X off sammy's name?

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. can you give him a last name, though?

[Bookmark] Mikko: GO!

[Bookmark] Mikko: uh...yes?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel ordered Sammy to help Erica because you know if a guy cares they help their girl

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mc Coy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: why I need a last name!? uh? you just gonna kill me!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue] because it's the rules

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oookay yeah it's Mc Coy

[Bookmark] Mikko: because i'm all about those irish names

[Bookmark] Rogue: and technically you're supposed to have a profile.. bu since you're a goner, we'll let that slide this time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Seriously Sammy is a weenie

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaay

[Bookmark] Mikko: sammy is a rule breaker!

[Bookmark] Mikko: sam is going to save his woman!

[Bookmark] Mikko: or die

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't know

[Bookmark] Mikko: how kids felt about the internet in 1991

[Bookmark] Espionata: Looks like the game was Hocus Pocus

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How big is the cage Don is in right now?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I thought he was in one of the tanks

[Bookmark] Mikko: Im so lost!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Can he stand up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes?

[Bookmark] Rogue: no, he's still in BS's transport cage. and it's pretty small. no room to stand. Probably about 4' high and about 6' long

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k thanks.

[Bookmark] Rogue: welcome

[Bookmark] Mikko: ah!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes like I said [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna do a mei post, then back to Raph

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO​OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO​O *sobs* I am sad now. one of my heroes have died.

[Bookmark] Mikko: RIP David Bowie

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I only know of him from the movie Labrynth

[Bookmark] Mikko: he was ziggy stardust and so much more! I loved that man!

[Bookmark] Mikko: music industry has lost a great one

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh no. [frown] what happened to him?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: Cancer took him

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww when? [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yesterday

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's freaking out.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Don't blame him

[Bookmark] Mikko: he passed away in his sleep with family around after 18 months battling cancer

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww poor Don

[Bookmark] Mikko: now....if Don used all his strenth. couldn't he rip through BS's cage? it can't be sturdy enough to withstand the turtles full force if they wanted to get out...could it

[Bookmark] Rogue: poor Donnie

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's pretty strong. He built it himself with containing mutant turtles in mind [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I just seen a trailer for the new tv show Lucifer I might have to watch that

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: Is there a way to let Donnie out?

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I didn't know this. Bowie's son is the director for the warcraft movie. cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don doesn't have the strength to walk yet, so...letting him out will only send him crashing to the floor.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, when I get to Raph.. is sammy within reaching distance?

[Bookmark] Mikko: if raph jumps a little, yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: more like a hop

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: I WILL DIE WITH HONOR!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh my it's already 2:30

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: they may put a hannibal mask on him after this

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh lord

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *walks in with the japs* uh....lets look at the flowers *pushes them out*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel is frustrated she can't get Donnie out and she wants to

[Bookmark] Espionata: She does have a heart [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: To bad Aly isn't with them. she has a super strong arm

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is someone's therapy pet

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww...I've always wanted a turkey ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: but they soooo mean

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 209 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Mei.. now for Rage [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: And they take forever to leave the road

[Bookmark] Rogue: or Raph

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Rage - Ee says she's ready for him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Had a cat that caught two baby turkeys I have no idea how she pulled it off

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Are they really still going to put her in with Raph? O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol sorry rain came in had to leave

[Bookmark] Mikko: I googled Mikko glamour shot and this was the first pic

[Bookmark] Candy: Better not yet

[Bookmark] Candy: Are they stupid?

[Bookmark] Mikko: no I think Bax said to not do that because raph was being pissy

[Bookmark] Mikko: AHHHHH this is the first pic for googleing Tiffany glamour shot

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL this one is worse

[Bookmark] Candy: Good -

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee does not want to have to save Mei from Raph until she has a Slash to back her up lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Yeeeeah. Not a good idea right now because Raph would kill her and have no idea he did it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Just making sure. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe

[Bookmark] Candy: Pro only safe ... For the Ee

[Bookmark] Candy: In a manner of speaking

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: what the hell is wrong with that turtle? is it the wrong grain of sand? I was told not to get the colored sparkle crap

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, Raph and sparkles totally don't mix. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He hates being caged

[Bookmark] Mikko: seriously whats up with that stuff, it can't be good for the animals

[Bookmark] Rogue: you talking about calsi sand? It's very harmful for animals

[Bookmark] Mikko: I used it once for some hermit crabs.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah that stuff

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel wants to free Donnie but can't and that brought the tears finally

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww poor Mel

[Bookmark] Mikko: and now she's about to see the only human in the building that is nice to her get eaten

[Bookmark] Rogue: people often use it for beardies.. but they can't digest it. and anyone that has ever owned a beardie knows that they usually end up munching substrate when they catch their crickets or other prey items

[Bookmark] Candy: What? Don't help Ee Sammy !

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nod nod*

[Bookmark] Candy: Snelling you around her will not calm Rage O Raph lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: I must save my love!

[Bookmark] Candy: Smelling*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well Mel convinced him to help because he wasn't doing anything else

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: I will face death bravely! they will remember me in song and stories!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: I am not yours though... His >​ *points at theRampaging Reprile*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. I dunno where to even begin with this post [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: you will be once I save you from the dragon!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o Dragon??

[Bookmark] Candy: Damn you Mel

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOOOL I snorted and laughed. I thought they were tiny dinos!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: no still the dragons gal

[Bookmark] Candy: Prob a good thing she's not on a httyd forum

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: Has thou ingested the poison!? My dear! you must come with thy!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He says he loves you but won't help that's a bit messed up. Besides if I didn't convince he might've just gone and helped anyway

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: yeah I would have helped

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: because I'm a GREAT GUY!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: we don't know each other ! - he can't love me

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Tell that to fairy tales

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: I love that dress. that counts

[Bookmark] Candy: Trying to get back into mm chat

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *face palms*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You are?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I signed out for the night. Can't juggle two rooms with this computer. And...I should be getting going pretty soon-ish.

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol okay then leave it [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Net misbehaving any ways - storm coming

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sorry *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Raph. Sammy could have survived if you want him to, Mikko

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *clings*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and he could even get a shot in at Raph to make it fair.. doesn't mean he'll hit him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: but, rather it hit Raph than E

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: he can take it

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee says no she'll take it! Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: See hopeless

[Bookmark] Candy: Man Ee is trying ...

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: if there wasn't so much going on, she could have gotten to him easily

Rogue: too many humans in that room, his anxiety is out of control

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: sam posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: need sleep night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe she's taking him on posted

[Bookmark] Candy: The two assistants will show everyone out

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, finally.. the scientists are good for something [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: And now there's just a Rampaging Raph, Freakout Don and Ee

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes - Ee ripped her dress lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And soon to be drugged Mei?

[Bookmark] Mikko: there was a bottom hatch? wouldn't that make all the sand fall on them?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Good! I don't need no fuckin' sand. -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: but you do like the tree I put in there for shade, right?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.- I'm gonna pummel you.

[Bookmark] Rogue: is Erica still in there or did she exit with the group?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: but first! let me introduce you to female turtle!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think she's still in there

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bax is taking the long way in [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax heard screams he is frighten

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: so brave [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee is still there

[Bookmark] Candy: She is covering his face and ears [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol a bottom hatch would be more to a side just low to the floor - kinda the emergency exits zoo enclosures have

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax is all damage control!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How visible is Mei to Don?

[Bookmark] Mikko: very!

[Bookmark] Mikko: they can see each other perfectly

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: love at first sight and all

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Is it dark inside her cage?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you know who I love? This brain,

[Bookmark] Mikko: dunno

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ask Mei

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Raph

[Bookmark] Rogue: and he should be able to see her. She's inside of a kennel that was placed inside of a crate.. but there's spacing between the boards so he could see in, and she can see out

[Bookmark] Kitteh: But just the eyes, right? Not what she is?

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: bax: I am not running a dating site here!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep, probably just her eyes

[Bookmark] Candy: calm every one down - or die [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, no pressure! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: pffft she seems to work better under pressure

[Bookmark] Candy: no time to think she just goes with her gut feeling [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *notices how close she is with red....This could be either useful or a problem.*

[Bookmark] Candy: uh oh [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *goes to BS* I think you might be able to use Erica as bait for these mutants. have at her

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don: I'm traped. I might be killed. oh look someone new! hi there

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: Mike! *knocks on Mike's head* lead us man. into temptation. something something.

[Bookmark] Mikko:'s lead us NOT into temptation LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: never mind

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don still not able to move much, so he's saving his strength. He just doesn't know he'll be using it in another way. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: okay posted [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he may be able to use Ee against LH [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: bax made a little post

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Saw it. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: so now Don knows it's a girl

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's like: "Girl?" O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe should I have the japs impressed with Ee cooling off the Red - or not [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: did the last once get a name?

[Bookmark] Candy: I named a Daichi and Hiroto - do I need another?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah

[Bookmark] Candy: he'll be - the jap

[Bookmark] Mikko: anything happing on MM?

[Bookmark] Candy: not a lot [big grin] i think I must pro mikey raph players [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww. I think they could be impressed [wink] and feel free to name the last jap ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I actually pictured Bebe's scene more...animated? you know when you have a picture in your head then that dosn't happen in writing

[Bookmark] Rogue: I couldn't think of anything creative

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] good if their impressed they maybe willing to listen to her a little [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: thanks Raph [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: isn't 'jap' like a derogatory word?

[Bookmark] Candy: mmDon is up too [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is! I looked it up

[Bookmark] Mikko: so racist

[Bookmark] Candy: oh really? well sorry all japs I did not knows [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: ..... damn did it again

[Bookmark] Mikko: yep. it was used as an insult in some war.....or something. and now it's used as a insult. not sure why. like you jap...oh bitch you too lazy to say the whole word?

[Bookmark] Candy: uh Shin - there he has a name - so I gots a Daichi, Hiroto and Shin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yep way to lazy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MMLeo pulled MMDon out of harm's least temporarily in the Island thread. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mike is gonna get eaten!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Might have sent them tumbling in the sand, though. Depending on the footing. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Eaten?

[Bookmark] Mikko: om nom nom

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe is hungry

[Bookmark] Mikko: and you know pigs eat anything

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yes mmMike and mmBebe go at it, April readying herself to fight, Rocky now facing off with mmRaph. Don and Leo

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's the best way to get rid of a body

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko is trying to kidnap all the kids

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica hurrying to Mikko though Mikko sort of saved her the trouble coming over to them and the totts and mmBax whom is foolishly reachign intot he rockery trying to grab at the totts

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: yeah I'm good like that

[Bookmark] Candy: totts when I get around to posting there will go on the defensive and start screeching like little banshees and Crimson and Cyan will make bites at the Bax

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko's next post for the farm is going to have her gather everything then get back to the cabin

[Bookmark] Mikko: and see leo. who she remembers as the turtle who put a sword to her throat

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe his grabbing pinches Gold and he yelps, stirring his red and blue brothers into defensive mode

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Violet too but he'd be hanging back with Gold to make sure he's okay - Cyan and Crimson be charging and hissing and screeching and biting lol

[Bookmark] Candy: little devils [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: there the three dudes posted - just watchingit all unfold

[Bookmark] Candy: in Cultural Exchange [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: in FarmVille3 also that man - Andrew intends to pay them all a visit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I seen O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: yep so all hell break loose? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have to get going now. see you all.....tonight! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 209 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee MS said he will has the Andrew get a little rough with the ladies - not too much though, he's only looking out for a neighbour not trying to be a brute

[Bookmark] Candy: but might be enough to make a Leo go on the defensive [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Mei

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna do one more Raph post then I gotta go

[Bookmark] Candy: and CE Don Ee promises to tell you about LH sharing some of his blood when she has got Bax and the men to eff off and Raph patched up - cue the return of the assistants [tongue] and seen to him being put in his own aquarium and Mei in a more roomier holding cage

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she hopes Red did not scare Mei too much [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I.. think all Mei noticed was Donnie's eyes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Yay! [big grin] Ee is glad - and says eyes they are very pretty [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: the girls can get to know each other when Ee situates the brothers to catch up with each other -

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] well she knows from spending the day with Raph he missed his brothers - and though Don hated him - and now their all caged up - so she figures a good time for them to chat - after she repatches him up and maybe shows him where the trickle of water is in his tank so cool and clean up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: thought*

[Bookmark] Candy: on the plus side get to do more of the scene tomorrow - rp night

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: and never fear Red the Ee was never scared of you - for you yeah.. of you nope [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I'm gonna head out now. Stayed waaaaaay longer than I should've. lol *hugs* Night. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: nawww night nigh t*hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 209 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawws

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *snugs her*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, posted for Rage

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *cuddles*

[Bookmark] Rogue: now I gotta go. see ya tonight! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 209 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 208 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 208 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 208 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool [big grin] I've been cold all day can't get warm with this awful weather and car is almost done. should hopefully have it by Wednesday

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hoping the snow will stop by then

[Bookmark] Espionata: brr

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its under 20 degrees right now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but not below zero

[Bookmark] Espionata: Cold

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 208 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: working on my first speed build in a while for sims 4 though have to do it on my laptop

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cause my desktop isn't connecting to my internet

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: not much - [big grin] hows yous all?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cold trying to remain warm

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: one more day of work and hoping i'll have my car by then to

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 208 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: You made lots of posts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: using laptop tonight desktop still having issues

[Bookmark] Candy: yep [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 208 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how is everyone else

[Bookmark] Espionata: For some reason youtube isn't working on Firefox Oo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: huh maybe they are updating

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm on skype as well

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Now it works

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O. M. G!! I really hope none of you are voting for Trump. >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: Nope - even if I was a american citizen

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know who to vote for

[Bookmark] Candy: Well no the trump so theres that [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Doesn't help that my state has one of the more important primaries

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm not really interested in the politics in general and Trump has a large head

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He has White Supremists endorsing him because of him wanting to ban all Muslims in this country. >​.< Damn, I REALLY dislike this guy!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I heard Britain banned HIM from coming to their country. LOL What a friggin' moron!

[Bookmark] Espionata: While at the same time the terrorists are coming in tough thing to solve
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 11:05 pm

pt 34.

Espionata: Mel: And it might be sooner if Stockass wises up

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: getting on massager as well apparently I had to do a graphic card update with windows ten as well as an update for that file it asked for

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: The Haashi?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *snickers* well somethings just too big to keep hidden

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: how is this my fault!?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... your Leo - everythings your fault [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph:.... don't ask questions, just accept it, Leo.

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: brothers huh?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe, indeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah they're brothers >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *offers fist bump to Raph*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm on skype also need to update my sims game just bought a new pack

[Bookmark] Mikko: I broke one of our kitchen chairs today! me:1 chair:0

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *fist-bumps*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol ya winning*

[Bookmark] Mikko: but you gotta eat the booty like groceries

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: [big grin] and dats hows it's done [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And brothers can be evil

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is the third chair to break. first one by me

[Bookmark] Rogue: Karai wants to touch Leo's puppy. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo wants to touch Vics kitty

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, well damn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: *quickly vacates before any kittens are about*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Vic: You owe me one of those round flat things with all those unhealthy things on it. ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *shaves the pubes in the shape of hello kitty* what about this kitty!? *stands proud and naked*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Since we're all here, did we want to do another RP night this week, too? [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I will be there my sexy vampire!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Kitteh missed the part where I said I was drunk

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe:, you have pubes?? O.O *runs away*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Hey! I have you know my pizza's are healthy!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh.

[Bookmark] Rogue: I can for a couple hours tonight ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: psssssh drunk rping [big grin] adventurous [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: will be my last chance for four days.. pouts*

[Bookmark] Mikko: am I needed? is Bax doing anything? is Leo involved?

[Bookmark] Candy: *pooooouts*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol That's what log editing is for. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I only know half of what's going on lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara:.....~munches on cheetos~

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: you're always needed!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Uhhh...he doesn't have to be, does he?

[Bookmark] Mikko: CHEETOS!!!!! *tackles*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You can just obserrrrrrrve. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think it's pretty much Raph/erica/the don/ and the V

[Bookmark] Tara: *is tackled* nuuuuuuu someone save me!

[Bookmark] Rogue: or you could suck it up and post, buttercup [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: Sure

[Bookmark] Mikko: I can make a post!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I can do that

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah we do gots to finish that scene

[Bookmark] Mikko: WHY IS IT LICKING MY TOES!

[Bookmark] Alysson: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: so the turtles can all get some freaking rest

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I want to get out of this cage now! -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: after all that excitment

[Bookmark] Mikko: WE'RE ALL JUST A RAT IN A CAGE! *head bangs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: I'll get to it - just gotta finish neck - uh patching Red up

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: I want someone to get off of me

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I just want to love you with all my body!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeeeah. Mei's feeling the same way

[Bookmark] Rogue: about the cage [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ll

[Bookmark] Rogue: not what Mikko said [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: o

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *stressed* I'm getting to it!

[Bookmark] Mikko: l

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lo

[Bookmark] Mikko: oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: HA!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica enough with the sex!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *goes to post now...still has to pee. it's been two hours of needing to pee. I might explode

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: O.o Who the fuck's havin' sex?!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Oo there has been no sex - just kissing relax child

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Not me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Just go, Mikko! It's not good to hold it for so long.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Speaking of child where

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: it was me - in the bathroom on my own - ya know a turtle has got to do what a turtle got to do and all

[Bookmark] Tara: 's Blaze?*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: [smile] oooh - *goes to fetch ze Blaze and give him to Tara* here

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: You'll keep me company right kid? ~hold him and blows a bubble~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well you're making out and being filmed Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *rolls eyes* would you just shut it? there all just be jelling the Red's gettin the snogs

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *ponders* ooooor they could be into turtles too and be jelling I'm getting the snogs?

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahha

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica you're gonna end up getting fired if you keep that up

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko posted her ass

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *just woke from nap - usually as pleasant as his dad fresh from nap time - but - Bubbles! OO squeals and grabs for em!*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles~

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: I'll be quitting any ways soon

[Bookmark] Candy: quitting with a bang [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ... boom bang not the other kind

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *runs around in an Elsa costume* I wanna play with wittle turtles!

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *pops outof no where and chases - skipping* me too!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he is the wittle turtle... but never mind [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bella: *smiles and runs after him*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Before they free if Stockass catches you

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: *skips about*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I wanna watch the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but apparently the episodes are out of order and I'm soooo confused as to what order to watch them in...

[Bookmark] Mikko: bastaders

[Bookmark] Espionata: Never saw it

[Bookmark] Alysson: I've heard that it's one of those shows that every anime fan has to see at least once in their life...but I suuu confuzzled!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: spike posted his ass

[Bookmark] Tara: o.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: Jake: *pees on the wall*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Spike is scary.... Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: ... *sniffs at little boy - never seen a little human boy*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *takes this as a challenge to his leadership! - pisses on spot too*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: he is not - he's just hungry

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: and I live right next to you, bitch! *kicks in Lydia's door* HONEY I'M HOME!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches with blaze~

[Bookmark] Candy: oh that spike - yeah he scary

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *hides in bathroom closet with multiple locks*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy squealing and noises and wriggling - kicking*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: no he aint - just knock the dude out

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: Has anyone heard from LH, just...wanna make sure he's ok? ~smiles looking down at Blaze~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's scary

[Bookmark] Mikko: LH is scary

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *snoring under sun lamps!*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Giggling, cuz this isn't the first universe that Lydibug might make such statement (as she was originally a Buffyverse oc) xD

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: LH isn't scary....he's really nice....and...nice ~smiles watching him for a few minutes before going back to blowing bubbles~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Spike is scary

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *sleeping on top of LH. rolls and falls on the floor*

[Bookmark] Mikko: delivery truck rap battle!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~watches love then sigh's going back to blowing bubbles with Blaze again~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *looks like he is trying to fly or crawl, legs and arms waving about - noisey as heck!*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles then pulls out camera and takes a picture of her and blaze~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~show's him the picture~

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: oooh ooohhh! you should see him on his plastron [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *trys to suck on ze phone!

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~pulls phone away then takes a picture of LH~

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~show's Blaze~ Who's that?"

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals angrily when phone it pulled away - trys to suck some more!! loud happy noises*

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh no! Tara has lost her memory!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~laughs a little louder pulling the phone away~ ~covers mouth so not to wake LH~

[Bookmark] Tara: >​.>​

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: watching guardians of the galaxy

[Bookmark] Tara: ~gives Mikko box of cheetos~

[Bookmark] Tara: eat

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *grabs and eats* om nom nom

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~puts phone away and pulls out some hacky-sacks for blaze to play with~

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna restart computer

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *has quiet the little grip - grabs the hacksack and waves it about squeaking in pleased excitement*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: had to finish updates

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~chuckles and walks around with blaze~

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is true

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *spots Uncle Leo and shows off his new prize by waving it - drool covered and all - in his direction with a cheeky sort of look on his face*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *oh lord. the kid spotted me with the porn!* hiiiii little buddy

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaha!

[Bookmark] Candy: corrupting ya newphew already? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: nephew*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Uhoh [tongue]

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~hand's blaze over to leo~

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 207 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *took no notice - just waves his fisted hand and hacksack about more energetically at his uncle*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~walks over and slowly lays underneath the lamps with LH~

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *rumbls happily and snugs the Tara and Love - cause they extra warm!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: *grabs a super big bouncy ball and bounces it at him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: purrrrrrr

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~giggles a little~

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *is far too young for bouncy balls - it bounces off him and he blinks stunned for some moments*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~sits up~

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: uh....*grabs the kid and puts Blaze on his choulders then runs around*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~lays back down~

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love gave you a gift Don!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *slobbers on Leo's head - squealing in enjoyment -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: O.O -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Having fun Leo?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: yes lots!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *totally fearless!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *mummy is less so - watching them anxiously*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: "Why don't you play with his bubbles over there Leo?"

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: ~points to them~

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: bubbles! *runs over to bubbles then hands them up to Blaze* bubble run!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *grasps the bubble stick - and like all babies it goes straight to his mouth*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Uh Leo?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I see no bubbles small child!

Candy: Blaze: *ooooms loudly back at Leo sucking on the bubble stick - making faces at the icky unfamiliar flavor*

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: "That's because your suppose to blow them" ~show's leo how to do them~

[Bookmark] Tara: Tara: See

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: HIC! *blows a bubble* Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I know how it works. *sees bubble* there! he got it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No Leo he stuck it in his mouth

[Bookmark] Tara: (I read that last one wrong candy)

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: well I'm sure it's not toxic. *plops Blaze on Mel's shoulders*

[Bookmark] Alysson: -Reading through Cultural Exchange- Donnie and Venus are suuuuu cute!

[Bookmark] Mikko: a little too cute, love thinks

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leo OO *Holds onto Blaze*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: roasting mellows over a volcano is now on my bucket list

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *takes Blaze from Mel and sits down with him, humming*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: blinks at new face and - then gives her his best 'I'm adorable' baby grin*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *smiles back and hugs him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: I taught him that! *stole the Neo and hugging him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy squeaking - hugs! likes hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No babies know it already

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: sure sure - but I had to show him the finer points!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: excuse me his cuteness is all his dad thanks [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And it's gonna bite you later

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: yes... double time

[Bookmark] Candy: And no sneaking in right now Mel please - just observe [tongue] she gotta work [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *lays down for a nap*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *covers Mikko with a blanket and slips a pillow under her head*

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww [big grin] *joins the Mikko - hogging blanky*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: bubble bubble bubble butt

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smacks Rogue's ass* wooooo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Like I could get loose from the men anyway

[Bookmark] Candy: nope exactly

[Bookmark] Mikko: big strong men!

[Bookmark] Mikko: with muscles of steel!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o whoo! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: 66

[Bookmark] Mikko: 666

[Bookmark] Mikko: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: But I can make it hard for them [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.O *throws holy water on you* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I feel with the whole Bax lab scene. while very entertaining I feel...crowded. lol like, so much is going on it's actually causing anxiety in a strange way. XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: we have three turtles, Erica, Mal, Aly, Hun is still there, Bax, soon TC the japs

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax needs to get some air

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm sure the turtles do too

[Bookmark] Candy: lol well I had Bax see his Japanese counter parts out

[Bookmark] Candy: and isn't Aly in the apartment yet?

[Bookmark] Mikko: nope. Aly is in the lab waiting for her weapons to be added to her arm

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel was being taken to the apartment

[Bookmark] Mikko: but sam decided it would be nice of him to show her around

[Bookmark] Candy: ah mmmm well yes the laboratory will be crowded up soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: and the door to the girl's room is unlocked.

[Bookmark] Mikko: so aly can leave

[Bookmark] Mikko: Hun is still knocked out. so I don't have to worry about him

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: EVERYONE WHO IS HUMAN LEAVE! I need to think! think think think! How do I get Erica to go out with me?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Candy: Easy threaten the life and or limbs of the big red - she'd go grudgingly but she'd go

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: FLOWERS! *orders Erica five dozen red roses*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: ... what the fuck? all these men eyeing off my lil girl - knew I should have locked her away in a tower - wheres a dragon when you need it?!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: Im a dragon! kinda....

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: *pulls Erica close* I'll keep an eye on her

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: .... not scaly enough!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: no! *grabs her back* bad Purple Daisy - bad!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: Gabe can watch her. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: oh Gabe - he's nice

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 207 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: no! no men! *puts daughter in box and carries it away*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'll watch her!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: mo man will touch her!

[Bookmark] Mikko: mo?

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: NO

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: the mo man! dunnnn dunnnn dunnnnnnnnnnn!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks Mel*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *SPANKS EVERYONE!!!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm out of liquor.

[Bookmark] Candy: oh baby! *waves spanked butt*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tosses lortab to everyone*

[Bookmark] Candy
hehehe Ee's dress looks more like this now ;

[Bookmark] Candy: all torn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's pretty much MM mikko's cloths on the island right now XD Bax has a half naked Mikko on him. bow chika bow wow

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! [big grin] bow chica bow bow

[Bookmark] Candy: jinx!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I kinda like the dress better all torn up

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *waggles brows* shows off more skin*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax and Sammy like it too

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *seriously needs to get out in the sun more - so pale*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: pffffft I make sure I stay pale. tattoos show better that way ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: she got wet cleaning Raph off to patch him up and just about turned blue -

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone needs to post log! I wanna see what I'm missing

[Bookmark] Candy: I posted last nights

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MY ASS IS VIBRATING!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: OO

[Bookmark] Candy: .... stuck on a feeeeeling?

[Bookmark] Mikko: the dryer likes to dance and shake, and it's right next to my room so when it dances it vibrates my chair and ass

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHH! So much mushy mush!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and when Mikko finds out about Erica and Raph, she will be sooooooooooooooooooooooo​o happy for him ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *points at Erica* you better take good care of him!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: of course I will

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone needs to put Don and his new girl in the tank together!

[Bookmark] Mikko: now now do eet

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee will, after she asks the Venus what she wants - probably the first person in forever to offer her a chance to decide her own things

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *sees female turtle and squees and hugs* HIIIIIIII! yer so pretty! ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *french braids her mask tails*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *adds flowers to it*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: At least you're not insane like Love who raped Raphie

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I DIDN"T RAPE ANYONE!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: next person who says that is getting eaten

[Bookmark] Candy: *locks April in trunk*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus: O.o ..^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^


[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: ... I am!

[Bookmark] Candy: .... lol girl is going to just flop over some where fast asleep some time

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm sure she did not know she was signing up for all this

[Bookmark] Candy: not at all [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RAWR!

[Bookmark] Candy: *eppps and the cutters, grape bunch she was cleaning, the box stickers go all over the place*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol what!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe should never startle a working person [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *pulls Erica to him* so now that you are done working. As your boss, I demand you take off that dress and come with me to my office.

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *guuuuuuuuulps* but I... have only undies on under this [blushing] ​ [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes we'll get rid of those once we're in the office

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *approves Mikko's handiwork* [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Uh-oh. I can hear Raph growling from here. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and as for little Phin at the foot tower. when or if he meets Laz, Laz knows sign language sooo yay! they can talk

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *pummels Baxter!!!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww. yeah, he needs to meet Laz ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Phin is going to be turned into a weapon

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *girly scream*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Leave some for me Raphie

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: what!? What!? I thought he was safe! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan....​

[Bookmark] Rogue: actually need to PM you about that, Mikko. since Baxter's services will be needed soon. but gonna wait til he doesn't have so much on his plate, so to speak [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: hin is kinda going to be turned into somethin' badass like Winter Soldier

[Bookmark] Rogue: Phin*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *been watching too much Marvel and Sci Fi.. [tongue] All kinds of ideas*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Raph! *relieved - snugs him*

[Bookmark] Rogue: actually just blame it on a sketch of him I did [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna seeeee

[Bookmark] Candy: me tooooooo!

[Bookmark] Candy: *puppy eye pout*

[Bookmark] Mikko: well my idea for Gabe's recovery is based around X-men's wolverine

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *is poked in eye by damned vines*

[Bookmark] Espionata: While I've watching X-Men Evolution [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: looove that show

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can I get super powers?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm on season two lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and aws. Will try to scan it soon and post on forum [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gabe's bones will be covered with a metal that I had a name for....a name that I stole from a strong metal in warcraft lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: the hell you say. O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: lol it's in a earlier post in potential

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: don't worry. it's going to be awesome, you'll be indistructible

[Bookmark] Mikko: was going to mutate Mikko. but changed mah mind on that

[Bookmark] Candy: ooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I did have a whim of an idea to actually bring in my warcraft elf character, and have her from like another dimension or something. but I don't know if that'll fit into our world

[Bookmark] Espionata: TMNT has dimension travelling lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] their flexible like that

[Bookmark] Mikko: of course I would tweek her to fit our world. but she's just a high elf hunter. son't know...maybe after we really start getting into the alien plot, she can appear to help. maybe a hunter that's been hunting the kraang

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe a hunter that tries to out hunt BS

[Bookmark] Mikko: and she's a totally gay for girls. so no boys have to worry about her flirting

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: also...thinking of giving Rocky to someone who wants him. and take on Bebe. I can maybe use the profile from MM for him. I'm just soooo loving playing bebe ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mikko likes the piggy. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yesh!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy
Whatcha gonna do wid all dem big fat pigs? ♫ "PIGGY" - A Minecraft Parody of WIGGLE by Jason DeruloYouTube · 2:49 · 1M · 91%Download "Piggy" on iTunes: Parody of Jason Derulo's Wiggle Featuring Snoop Dogg Watch Wiggle Here: Meze Da Gamer: (Playing Snoop Dogg) ► Click Here To Subscribe ► (Help Me Reach 15k!) ● My Twitter - ● My Google+ - Buy The OFFICIAL "PIGGY" Pizza from Dominos: ► Check Out "Lets Craft it Noob" a Minecraft Parody of Come Get it Bae by Pharrell ►Check Out Gian Carlo! (The Singer) Lyrics: I'm the pig leader don't try to beat me I own all them pigs (Laughs) you know what I do with all the big fat pigs piggy, piggy, piggy piggy, piggy, piggy piggy, piggy, piggy big fat piggy (swinngg) Piggy shake Piggy shake Meet the fans got me in the house making dinner plans I can make bacon wraps for all minecraft I could make a sandwich for TCS Ham Sandwich! My castle like pig planet yo bro, this is pig minecraft woah I don't care bro you know what I do with all the big fat pigs piggy, piggy, piggy piggy, piggy, piggy piggy, piggy, piggy big fat piggy (swinngg) pig attack, pig attack, here comes pain pigs by my side ali a that tribe pigs be twerking from 9 to 5 oh piggy work that ass and heres my knife Ham Sandwich! My castle like pig planet yo bro, this is pig minecraft woah I don't care bro you know what I do with all the big fat pigs piggy, piggy, piggy piggy, piggy, piggy piggy, piggy, piggy big fat piggy (swinngg) Piggy piggy piggy bout to save me some piggies then i pick up my ax and i dig dig diggy No invites to my server im dolo this bitch New crib building it pigs in that picked fence We chilling watching out for creepers what i hate the most Put my sword to his head if he get to close And if i get hungry that lol piggy ima have to roast I'm just playing ill be fine its just a day in that mine ho Sung by Gian Carlo! Original Produced By Jason Derulo Check Out Jason Derulo! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

Mikko: oh minecraft. I use to play that for hours a day.

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh. If we have no hits on Rock, I maaay take him on

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wanna give the noobs a chance at canon first, though

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *twirks*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nod nod*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I likes playing de Rock. [tongue] Of course know movie version will have to be different than my Russian version on MM

[Bookmark] Rogue: ecause his human actor is sooo not Russian [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: my name to fame was when I was on a friend's minecraft server and i some how got a bunch of creepers in one building. then tricked the friend to go inside the building and he blew up

[Bookmark] Candy: not at all - but all that grey grey unicorn fun [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: his human actor is an irish wrestler

[Bookmark] Rogue: well that could be fun too, lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: never thought I'd enjoy playing a mutated Rhino [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe looks like fun [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I needs to do posties on MM [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: meh you'll get to it [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I meant to do this morning but had a TC and Spike post to reply to here

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So do I. "

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Mikko: the elf hunter. though if I bring her in I would use a real person for an avatar

[Bookmark] Candy: interesting [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: gotta find someone with that resting bitch face

[Bookmark] Candy: lol now got that song hips don't lie stuck in my head!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was kind of toying with the idea of having Rocky going loopy in LOST.. since Donnie cracked him over the head. Maybe he starts thinking that he REALLY is a fat gray unicorn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL that would be great

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe wouldn't know what to do

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: *would hit that*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *falls over laughing* Elena would be over the moon to have a fat grey unicorn pal [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: then.. may just make it happen.. sorry Rocky! [twisted]

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko is all about saving the kids. but she's also all about killing an older turtle for food

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.o Turtles are friends, not food!

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: well you, Purple. can be more then friends with me

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! - just picture Brus the great white shark from nemo sayin that

[Bookmark] Candy: Bruce *

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeeeah, shit's about to hit the fan at the farmhouse. But I think Leo will really be willing to fight while the kids are around. He really wants to avoid that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu​uuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: I need to catch up reading that so I can throw Donnie in somewhere. Even though hes glaring and saying he HATES being thrown.. as much as he hates face-grabs [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko wont start a fight. but she will send Leo to work!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: WON'T be willing*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol random things love Don's face - .... even Raph vomit

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahha

[Bookmark] Rogue: poor Donnie's face [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *presses her lips all over MM Don's face*

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O ... [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: well, I am happy to announce that my muse is back ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: has been for about a week now

[Bookmark] Rogue: s'why the posts are a happening more regularly

[Bookmark] Rogue: just darn this work situation

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shakes fist*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I miss the days when I had all the time in th world for forum RP

[Bookmark] Rogue: Turtle Tracks... so miss those days!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mikko, you were on that forum ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: did you get your power ball ticket?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I remember youuuu

[Bookmark] Rogue: I did not

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes I remember that

[Bookmark] Rogue: I want one

[Bookmark] Mikko: when Mikko was just a wee babeh

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want one too, but only if it's a winner

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was playing de Leo back then

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Mikey

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Raph briefly. I think I played them all at one point on that forum

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think back then I was on like, five different forums

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: that's where I met Jen. ^^ Really miss that chick

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah she was awesome

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: she and my Dark and angry Leo had some good scenes together

[Bookmark] Mikko: go away bra! I am a strong indpendent woman I don't need no bra to hold me up. I'll hold my own self up!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I love dark Leo

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o take it off then [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I did

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: sloooooowly

[Bookmark] Rogue: me too. He was fun to play. I also enjoyed playing normal Leo, too

[Bookmark] Rogue: hell, they're all fun to play

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: I am LOVING the Mikey play -

[Bookmark] Mikko: I still demand to see a Shredder!Raph

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph is, by far, the easiest for me to play, though

[Bookmark] Rogue: and you're an awesome Mikey ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw. You know, I had toyed with that idea

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: but, I feel like I've put Raph in the spotlight enough.. wanna give the others a chance to stand out in a plot

[Bookmark] Mikko: shredder Mikey!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Rogue: that's not to say it can't happen in the future [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Candy: [twisted] oh dont go there - a Shredder Mikey would be horryfing

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: his Foot would have compulsory victory dances

[Bookmark] Candy: when they put the smack down - the get the groove down [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I want that on tape

[Bookmark] Candy: and there would be a anthem -

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh lord

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: And lets face it - he'd probably take the world over easily and turn it into a giant theme park [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I vote Mike for president!

[Bookmark] Candy: Exactly!

[Bookmark] Candy: He'd make the tin suit rattle.... shake rattle and roll [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: DEADPOOL COMES OUT NEXT MONTH!!! *happy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: While I get a cybernetic leg >​<

[Bookmark] Mikko: I keeps seeing promo pics of a gambit movie, but no info on it

[Bookmark] Mikko: you will love your leg! LOVE IT!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko wants a threesome with Gabe and Lexi. bow chicka bow wow

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz: a threesome with Gabe and Lexi? yeah I could do that. tag team!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sure love something that was forced on me and Stockass will force more changes to my body because he's evil

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: hile Gabe is all for that shit, I don't think Lei would bee too keen [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: while*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi: I'm a one dick kind of girl.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I'm not evil! I'm a wonderful man full of love and....other emotions

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you have a dick? can I see?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi: O.o you wanna see my dick? Sure! Laz! Flash your friend! But no touching...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: AHHHH no! *runs away*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz: that's not what she said the first time we met

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im heading off for the night guys... getting sleepy *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi: .. once upon a time you told me to let you know how Laz was in the sack.. and now you run?

[Bookmark] Rogue: night scoop *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: pfffft *flashes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: tell me, not show me

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mike has no shame!

[Bookmark] Candy: no he does not

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *and looook hands free! can make it moooove* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey DX

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *deliberately 'fans' out totally* oh yeah!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: Mikey! this is not how a leader acts. all out of control like this. you hold that thing properly

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *throws a towel over Mike's 'friend'* Not now, Mikey. >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I was NOT expecting Leo to say that. LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey quit doing that!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: [big grin] Isn't he PERFECT!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: perfectly horrifying

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and gabe finally posted in the cabin thread, in case you didn't see. sorry it took like a month. Seriously thought he was asleep for some reason

[Bookmark] Rogue: probably because Eze woke him up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko responded

[Bookmark] Rogue: so in his mind, he was sleeping [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh? *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *makes his 'friend' shake the towel off' * hey it's beautiful - [wink] *at Ally* she knows it - ... and you have to hold yours? *to Leo - amused by this*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and jeeze Spike! Your sister just went through a lot and you wouldn't even let her answer! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: she can tell me allllll about it when she gets here

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey put that away!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: with the drugs and booze

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: -.- I have to look for a missing 6'+ Turtle. And now... two!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: I cant! needs a Ally to help! *waggles eye ridges*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: yeah ok, a turtle is more important I see how it is.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Then cover it!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: *tugs him off to.. take care of that* [twisted] *and to Spike* I LOVE YOU! You will have drugs sometime soon. Don't get your thongs in a wad.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *glares and flips a table*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Oo fuck! *and all this excitment and her knowing little soft hands - explodes all over the place*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Mikey you're cleaning that up!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel why were you watching?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's out in the open >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: it's like a train wreck ya can't look away!

[Bookmark] Mikko: no Ally pulled him away

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Didn't pull him away fask enough

[Bookmark] Espionata: *fast

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikey milk everywhere

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] try not to slip in it [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *from somewhere over yonder* I'm not cleaning that up!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: we'll get Raph to clean

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Neither am I!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha by clean it you mean grab Mikey and show him head first into it ?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes. bad Mikey bad! go outside!

[Bookmark] Candy: lmao!!

[Bookmark] Candy: shove*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rub his nose in it and yep throw him outside

[Bookmark] Mikko: ahhhhhhhh belly itches!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm hungry

[Bookmark] Mikko: thank god someone said it! I am too

[Bookmark] Mikko: pull the car over!

[Bookmark] Mikko: need some gas station egg rolls

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well I'm on my cycle and I get hungry a lot lol
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 11:35 pm

pt 35

Mikko: it's called gijinka, when you take something not human and make it human

[Bookmark] Espionata: They've never humanized Pokemon it's only cosplay lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not bad, though. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Alysson: My absolute favorite cosplayer is Jen Wicks! She is super nice, and loved my cosplay! She even took a picture with me!! [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: last year the voice actor fo gir was there

[Bookmark] Mikko: and THIS YEAR! steam powered giraffe is going to be there! *flails*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: *still reading site* I wanna go so baddddd

[Bookmark] Mikko: you neeeeeeed toooooo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: you can room with us!

[Bookmark] Mikko: tell ya mom we're not crazy serial killers.

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: .... a little crazy though [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol Erica post these nice songs, and I post songs like take the poo to the loo

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] well a few are her own

[Bookmark] Candy: the last one the one she was singing in Cultural Exchange for those that wanted to know

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: sirens! she will sing you to your DEATH

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] ... she might

[Bookmark] Candy: ... but you'd enjoy it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Mikko: probably

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: true or false: you want me to post Bebop's human apperence as well as mmuttated

[Bookmark] Candy: we'll know - if she starts singing and all the guys around her start doing insane things to impress her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: true!

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I move the stars for no one!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: why move them - you can just dance among them?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I don't need your sass

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *pokes tongue out* oh? whatcha gonna do about it?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: not sure how long the phone call will last for - her phone may decide like most phones that now is the time to run out of battery power

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] she may get out Raph is with her - and Don and be half way through trying to say Venus's name and then the phone dies [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... well thats going to sound kinky on our end [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well then Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: I got this! Erica's phone has GPS right? sooooo I'll just be the new Don and track her!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: if I'm the new Don does that mean I can hit on April now?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No it doesn't

[Bookmark] Candy: lol unless they check the last place she checked in her location - which was at home - which is funnily enough right across from April's place [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: fuck you too little brat! *flicks Mel's nose*

[Bookmark] Candy: April: *face palm*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: LEO! how daaaaare you

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... *groans* what did he do now?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo has no manners

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey!

[Bookmark] Mikko: HEY HEY! you you! I dont' like your girlfriend!

[Bookmark] Mikko: MY CUP RUNITH EMPTY! *pours another*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Cheers!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *hugs Mel from behind* New fwiend~? [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Sorry!!!! Didn't mean to startle you... o.o *hides in corner*

[Bookmark] Candy: oh *holds up water* cheers

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spikes water*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *holds up jucie* cheers!

[Bookmark] Candy: *gulps ze water*

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmmmm tangy

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That's okay

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Sooo...friend to yes? No! I mean...yes to being friend?

[Bookmark] Mikko: FRIEND!!!! *tackles Lydia*

[Bookmark] Alysson: (Lydia's speaking style is based on my own, for anyone wondering why she talks strangely at times *blushes awkwardly*)

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I guess Oo

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Yay~

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe cant do that to Ee - she'd be nothing but sass and cheek, bad jokes, puns and random facts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: love and leo posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: loooooooooove is sad. DON MADE HER SAD! for shame

[Bookmark] Candy: *stuffs April in a box and duct tapes it shut*

[Bookmark] Candy: oh yeah for shame

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don: I blame April for this!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's suppose to say love

[Bookmark] Mikko: HAHAHAHAHAHA

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don might blame her too I don't know

[Bookmark] Candy: well Leo and all are part right Raph is with Erica [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: so theres that [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: true lol

[Bookmark] Candy: though their both right now in a tank -

[Bookmark] Mikko: bow chicka bow wow

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *turns the lights out on them*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *blinks* oi! I need light to patch his shell!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: there's still a heat lamp

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Poor animals...stuck in tanks n cages

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *puts Lydia in a tank*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: oh right - it'll do...

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *fetal position*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *puts Mike in tank with Lydia*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *licks glass*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *next puts Leo annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Lexi in a tank*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Lh and Love in a tank*

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I'm the best match maker!

[Bookmark] Candy: busy beaver is the bax

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wonder where Rogue is.

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *heat lamps! - crashes under them!*

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah? [frown] hope she okay

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *looks at Mikey* Big...turtle?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: We're not animals! *Kicks Stockman in the dick*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *stays where's it's darker and snoozes*

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Mikko: BAx: jokes on you! I don't have a dick!

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: pffft you should see my brothers - their all taller den me *makes 'fart' faces against glass*

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooooo

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi !

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ask and ye shall receive! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *shoves vodka in Rogue's hands*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS

[Bookmark] Rogue: more alcohol [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: *Kicks Stockman in the shin then hard*

[Bookmark] Rogue: just came back from girls night out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: sooo needed it

[Bookmark] Candy: ... right - can I has all these crazy people here?

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooooooo!

[Bookmark] Candy: yes you did!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs* yay! have a good time?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I did ^^ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs* [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: gooooooooood!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *makes out with Rogue*

[Bookmark] Candy: and all versions of the tmnt - def need all the green to finish this picking season -

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Did my Pit in ball pool cheer you up? [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax locked Lexi in a tank with leo. get your freak on

[Bookmark] Candy: ... mind they all may just lay about in the freaking sun here bakin -

[Bookmark] Rogue: went to see The Forest, had mexican food and a margarita

[Bookmark] Mikko: pit in ball? like cock an ball?

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yesh, it did ^^ that was cute

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: the forest......sounds scarry? was it scary?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: spoooooooky forest

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. It was good though. And it's based on an actual Forest in Japan

[Bookmark] Rogue: xwhere people go to commit suicide

[Bookmark] Espionata: Tommorrow for TMNT Leo, Raph and Donnie have to go into Mikey's mind Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: very interesting

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Much excitement!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Though the sneak-peek is pretty awesome.

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe you don't watch slasher films with Ee - she be all like 'the arterial spray should have spurted further than that'

[Bookmark] Alysson: Sneek peek?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: OO oh my poor brothers....

[Bookmark] Mikko: OH THAT FORESET! I know that forest! now I must see it

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Of the TMNT episode tomorrow morning.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's on the Nick site.

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah his mind.... judging by the dream beavers is a odd place [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooooot

[Bookmark] Alysson: Ohhh! Checking right now!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww you left me a DA comment Mikko - lol thanks [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I also wanna see the boy

[Bookmark] Candy: glad you liked it [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I would pull it up in here, but my browser's kinda shaky as it is as far as not freezing up and stuff.

[Bookmark] Mikko: of course!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I viewed it on my phone. [wink] Much less cumbersome than the PC these days.

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: The Boy has Maggie in it!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'd see it just for her


[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes it does!

[Bookmark] Rogue: she's one of my girl crushes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's a total remake of the movie blue eyes. bt that's oj

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: well thanks Mikko *hugs* ... wow I has 11 deviations - Oo didn't realise it [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: anytine!

[Bookmark] Candy: but thats OJ! hehehe orange juice FTW

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I SLYED THE DRAGOON!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... you slyed? what cheated at riddle telling or something?

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ROACH

[Bookmark] Mikko: rawr

[Bookmark] Mikko: and yes

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: here a sneaky peak at a piccie I doing

[Bookmark] Mikko: ONE of your girl crushes? who are the oters?

[Bookmark] Mikko: otters?

[Bookmark] Mikko: otter cruch

[Bookmark] Mikko: crunch

[Bookmark] Mikko: croush

[Bookmark] Mikko: crush

[Bookmark] Rogue: Christian Serratos (Rosita), Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Milla Jovovich

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have a few [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: michelle rodriguez that girl is fine! and gay! so I have a shot! lol

[Bookmark] Candy: if it ever loads [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs Candy*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh, yes.. she's beautimus

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko wants to get in bed with erica on the farm

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Here is the clip.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: *raises hand*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I should be getting to bed, good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: no one cares Leo. fuck off.

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe and she is be baffled by that - like all my Ee's aside from Chatty ones she is a virgin [tongue]

Alysson left the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: we can start slow. I have strap ons of all sizes!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: Excuse me? What do you think you're doing?

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: flirting

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Flirting?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: And how far has that gotten you, hm?

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: damn, son! back the fuck off. a bitch tring to get some ass.

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe&mmEe: *shrug at each other - totally clueless*

[Bookmark] Candy: finally! sneak peaky!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: *is totally a better flirt* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: its the big brown eyes isn't it? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooooh! Plumber's Butt! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yep! and one we wont mind loking at [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: looking*

[Bookmark] Candy: not Loking - pretty sure Loki has better things to do than watch a girl bathing

[Bookmark] Rogue: LOKI!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: you know Loki would watch a girl bath any time

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol that got Rogue's attention

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok gurls! lets go shopping!

[Bookmark] Candy: *groans* do I have to?!

[Bookmark] Candy: .... wait what are we shopping for?

[Bookmark] Mikko: SHOES!

[Bookmark] Candy: *groans*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: what would you like to go shopping for?

[Bookmark] Rogue: V's all happy with Donnie snuggles. she doesn't want me to post because she doesn't want it to end [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: I was sort of hopping you were going to say horsey stuff [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are so cute togterht

[Bookmark] Mikko: together

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: lol why does it have to end ? their got hours before Japs be in to inspect the goods and all

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: ugh! are they ever gonna leave!?

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi: nope!

[Bookmark] Candy: Shin: *shakes head*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hiroto: Nevah!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And they sure were interested in the whole making a human into a cyborg thing >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi: oh yes - very interesting [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: we can turn one of the turtles into a cyborg.

[Bookmark] Candy: hm big blank spot on the edge of the picture - could probably fit a turtle there [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Wait until I kill you Stockasshole

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: you are not smart enough to get my name right, I doubt you are smart enough to kill me.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: wait - it's Stockcar right?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: wait wait no no - Stickman!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: -_-

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Blister Stinkman!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I almost escaped

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sammy: it's cool. I'm good.

[Bookmark] Rogue: will get to work n posties soon.. opening TWD blind bags right now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hey were on sale at Gamestop

[Bookmark] Rogue: they*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol I am all caught up [tongue] for now

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: you know what was on sale here? LIQOUR!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... it's horse poop here - three dollars a big bag full [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: if you want it for free go collect it ya self [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol what a deal!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'd sell my rabbits poo... but y a know..

[Bookmark] Rogue: my grandfather said people actually use it for stuff

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I'm like O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww - yeah I sell a lot of poop - the goats and chicken.... horse lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: if I plant a rabbit pellet will it grow a bunny?

[Bookmark] Candy: the farmers around her buy it all the time

[Bookmark] Candy: here*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: eww

[Bookmark] Candy: okay yep sketching a turtle into the edge of this page - hehehe which boy should it be *waggles brows*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ME!

[Bookmark] Mikko: as in Leo...not me me

[Bookmark] Kitteh: BOY...

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *waves to Rogue,* was into a Serenity movie

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off to bed guys. sadly work tomorrow [frown] Hope all are feeling better *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Candy: oh hem hem - young man [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: nawwwww *hugs* night Scoop

[Bookmark] Mikko: I read that as in you were IN a serenity movie.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was like wooooooow

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: . it should e me..

[Bookmark] Rogue: be*

[Bookmark] Rogue: sorry, still putting zombies together [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Guess I'm not special enough to be in a picture [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: well you are a girl

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh,and speaking of mini figs.. I LOVE the new widdle TMNT ones that are an upgrade from the lego turtles ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: hhehehe I'd draw all of them but the picture aint big enough ... unless I drew a duct cloud that had fists and random things like 'pow' coming out of it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And one of the rare girls who wasn't created so I wouldn't hook up with one of the guys later

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: oh yes you are a special snow flak

[Bookmark] Candy: sorry Mel - I have a few sketches of Elena and younger Erica - even one of Ee and her mother in the works - but no Mel

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: wasn't created for that either - not here or in any of my previous rp lives - just ended up that way... *totally baffled by that*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol younger Ee

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko was only made to fuck turtles! her job is not done until she gets knocked up by turtle cock!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh, there are some out?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Upgrade as in Mega Bloks?

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *grabs Mel's face and kisses her*

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep, those!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Where you see them?! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: they had one raph and one leo.. and a few of rocky

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hey!

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: no bebe?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I got Raph. gonna get Leo next trip if they still have him

[Bookmark] Rogue: Walmart ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: hey yerself sexy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How much are they?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm 14

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep. Bebop is in the Rocky set.. he just told me not to include him when I said it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: $7.50

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: must get!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Damn... still wanna look.

[Bookmark] Rogue: the turtles are. I'm sure the B&R will be more pricy since the set is bigger

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: okay mini Ee peak a comin -

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: that's cuz our dicks are bigger!

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: .... *fighting the urge to spill a pig penis factoid*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy
and lilEe!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: cuuuute

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: thats her mother in the pic too - lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Uh, Rogue? Do they look like the 80s TMNT?

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *can't hold it in!* a boars, uh male pigs' penis, is shaped like corkscrew and divided into two principal sponge inflatable bodies which one is shorter and narrower than the other. When flaccid, the penis is not so twisted but when it erects, it twistes all along, because the longer erectile chamber goes upwards and downwards the smaller erectile body....

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha geek -

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep, they're 80's kitteh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, I found both.

[Bookmark] Candy: coool

[Bookmark] Kitteh:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica tmi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe: *looks down pants* mine don't do that. looks normal to me.

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: .... I watch a lot of Animal Planet documentaries okay? [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *puts that bit of tidbit in Be's profile. * "dick not like cork screw"

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: mutation save him from that huh? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've had male pot bellied pigs before... yup. that sums it up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy
another lilEe - not sure why crying ... but any who

[Bookmark] Rogue: had one named BooBoo when I was a kid. he humped everything

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh
Eeeeeeeee! <3

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww

[Bookmark] Candy: yes the lilEe crying! - maybe she saw a clown?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It looks like they have three different styles.

[Bookmark] Mikko: al of it cute

[Bookmark] Candy: awesome!

[Bookmark] Mikko: baby E needs to MAN UP!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol lilEe would sniffle and state she cannot Man up - she a girl

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: woman up!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahah yeah that might make he go put on her mums heels and dress up to pretend she 'womaned up' [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: man like so many pics to finish [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: some to add to Ee's profile cause their of her GranGran, Mother and Dad [tongue] -

[Bookmark] Candy: hopefully this time wont lose them and have to start all over again [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: and the 80s figs have removable masks ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: looks like the 2k12 come off, too

[Bookmark] Mikko: kinky

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: you know those body pillows with the half naked girls. I want a Don pillow like that. cock out and all.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha if I played a Don he would be blushing fifty shades of pink tinged green right now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: My Don is hiding. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe my Ee's are not shy once they know what they feel and want [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: ^^ ...wait, what are we talking about?

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: your love for me.

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: [blushing] ​ pillows with penises?

[Bookmark] Candy: ... well that is a random conversation

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O ..Oh.. huhhaa.. *quickly finds portal hopper and.. NINJA VANISH!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: What OO

[Bookmark] Candy: that poor turtle [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: the leatherback turtles penis is actually almost flat - when erect the swelling of the muscular structures of the penis turns it into a more tubular shape *has got to stop watching Inside Natures Giants*

[Bookmark] Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica enough DX

[Bookmark] Candy: lol geek mode activated

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Sea Turtle, eh? *mischevious griiiiiin* SEE... TURTLE... *flashes- soooo not flat* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: ^^ *tackles Raph*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Raphie DX

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: exactly! - *misses mischievous grin and - shoves Love away* grrrrrrrrrrrr!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: grrrrrrrr *tackles and bites Erica*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: ... rrrrr! *fights back - punches*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: girl fight!

Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: scratches*

[Bookmark] Mikko: cat fight!

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.- *well that killed the mood! strings Love up by the tail*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *is bleeding - furious -* rrrrrrrrrr! *gonna pounce that strung cat!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: blood! rushing to head!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha - not the only head [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Erica you're worse than Love sometimes

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *trembles - forgets the Love and looks at Raph* she got dander on you - cuum we wash off *tugs towards bathroom*

[Bookmark] Candy: yes she is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: DANDER OF LUST!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Now that's a scary though

[Bookmark] Candy: puns [tongue] cuum - tugs hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: *thought

[Bookmark] Candy: almost as good as SEE TURTLE [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe

[Bookmark] Candy: made me giggle so hard I almost choked on a grape I was eating

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *goes with, will totally kiss all tose owies*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko
My Mom Sleepwalking (Tomato Cage)YouTube · · 6M · 92%Here's her reaction to this video!! My mom has her own channel now! I went into the kitchen to get some tea and my mom is standing in the darkness. I turned on the light and this happened. Yes, she's sleepwalked before. I have a good story about sleepwalking myself from when I was little lol Either way, I'm glad I got this one on video lol and luckily my mom thinks it's hilarious! Welcome to 60-Second September where we make a one-minute vlog every day. Claudio came up with the idea and Justine and I figured we'd go along with it. Should be fun! Watch other videos from 60-Second September!: Claudio is doing it here: Justine is doing it here: ---------- COMEDY CHANNEL: VLOG CHANNEL: BEAUTY CHANNEL: FOOD CHANNEL: TWITTER TUMBLR FACEBOOK: MERCH: INSTAGRAM @soundlyawake Mail Time!: Nick (Nicola if you're fancy) Foti PO Box 481 Middlesex, NJ 08846 Business only: [Click to hide video thumbnail] son filmed his mom sleep walking. LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe for a girl whose more pacifist than fistyfist she sure would fight for her man [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *totally snog all him - must ensure healthy coating of Ee musk to keep other girls away!*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: dats not very nice son [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hang on has to restart [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Erica needs to calm down about that lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Nope -

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah she does she's being possessive and insecure not good traits to have in the slightest

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: No ones perfect

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I AM!

[Bookmark] Candy: Kinda like she has big flaws [wink] it's good

[Bookmark] Espionata: No she's not but she will become one of those girls who will question everything their man does and snoop trust me no man wants that after awhile or in a very short amount of time

[Bookmark] Mikko: so negaticve

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol oh then we safe - she don't worry too much - jut Love in here should keep her furr to herself lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: No it's just an issue of my generation and a girl wonders why a guy won't commit

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe girls are like that because guys wont commit

[Bookmark] Espionata: Would you commit to a girl that gets jealous over a good releationship you have with your mom?

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhaha yeah no

[Bookmark] Candy: It's an issue of any generation Mel, insecurities are not generational

[Bookmark] Mikko: no but they better not have a good relationship with their mom! I'M NUMBA ONE!

[Bookmark] Candy: and everyone to a degree had em

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Seems to be worse nowadays

[Bookmark] Mikko: I woldn't know. I don't like leaving the house

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: As long as OchatRaph happy to be her mate OchatEe will of course be territorial - though she doesn't bother him about all his activities and whereabouts when not with her and or Blaze [wink] it's all good

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: that's when he's with me. not with the woman who's ruined herself by having a child.

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: psssh dream on cat - he aint interested in you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: everyone is interested in me

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: not this turtle - ya too old for me - and Ally is sexier

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I'm not interested either

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: old? I'm old? *attacks Mike*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ahhhhh! *runs away*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I'm still young! young and sprung!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And crazy

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah like what Love is ... twenty nine or something in the Origins?

[Bookmark] Candy: not old as in old - just a lot older than the Mikey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: juste un peu

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah I think she's 29

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Right now Don is really ticked off at Love in the game.

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *from hiding* then too old for the Don too!

[Bookmark] Mikko: well Love feels the same about hhim

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I was fine until I heard what happened between you and my brother. -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: well maybe if you stuck around and had a conversation with me...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I had other things to do, Love.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Our talk could have definitely waited.

[Bookmark] Candy: *throws April box in bomb shelter and locks door*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: Then I'll be expecting you to come to LH's den and talk to me

[Bookmark] Candy: prob best she does not get out for this - she still fuming

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: That won't happen anytime soon >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: doubt it - not only is he in captivity but he's found a cute lil turtle gal [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: ...Maybe I will.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I hope you do.

[Bookmark] Candy: .... lol Angel is saying are you crazy Don?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: be best to just cut that cord and be done with it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, he's not making any promises. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha good boy [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love would just continue to stalk him and anyone he knows. I think it would be best to sit down and talk things out with her.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What if she finds out Don's had a child with someone else?

[Bookmark] Mikko: she would be really hurt. angry, not sure what she would do though

[Bookmark] Mikko: she might just throw her hands in the air and give up all hope

[Bookmark] Mikko: start stalking someone else

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe....LAZ!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ut that kinda news would be best for Don to tell her in person then her just finding out

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, I think he would tell her. If it comes up, anyway.

[Bookmark] Rogue: speaking of the D, posted for the V [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: how fitting lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dksghn df zdfv p;zodlfjmg

[Bookmark] Mikko: my tits say hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: was leaning over key board

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. hi hooters [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhaha - [big grin] G'day Knockers

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *still in hiding* Hello thy spoongeboobs!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL Check out around the 5:20 mark. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh
MEGA BLOKS TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES BLIND BAG OPENING PART 1YouTube · 8:53 · 14K · 89%The NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blind Bag figures from MEGA BLOKS Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed the video, please hit the like button, and consider subscribing! Want to see a wider variety of videos, More tutorials, More games, Contests & Giveaways? Consider becoming a patron: Music by: Kevin MacLeod - [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahah

[Bookmark] Mikko: does Mike have Raph's scar on the shell?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe or Mikey has been let loose with the orange spray paint again

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Huh?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, Mike marked him. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: when he showed Mike, on Mike's chest there was a zig zag shape on his chest

[Bookmark] Candy: so Mikey

[Bookmark] Mikko: wait that was Raph?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need to stop drinking

[Bookmark] Candy: > [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL Yeah, that was Mikey. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: no it was raph

[Bookmark] Mikko: i need to stop skipping around on videos

[Bookmark] Mikko: i was like, how Mike paint his own name on his back

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: wait til he's asleep?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: stuck a taylor swift's Fearless album cover to Leo's shell -

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.- don't even think about it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: you wait till yer alsseep to pain your name on your own back? that's evn more amzing

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wonder where you get those blind bags at?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Mike marked Raph's shell while he was sleeping. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: walgreens!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh. gonna have to check there

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Oo yeah even I aint that flexible [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: walgrens also sells these squishy tmnt. I have all of em but Raph.

[Bookmark] Rogue: *goes back to workin' on Raph post*

[Bookmark] Rogue: walgreens has a lot of neat stuff

[Bookmark] Mikko: got two foot. shredder, a reguler Leo and a transparent Leo same with Don

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *grins at Raph -* bit late for the warning bro

[Bookmark] Mikko: I love walgreens

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I got a dancing groot there, lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are called Mash'ems

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I only have a Leo Mash 'Em.

[Bookmark] Mikko: the clear one or the normal one?

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: what a soft shell [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: they all have a clear version

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: the pic I posted is a clear one

[Bookmark] Candy: oh yeah! *rocking out to disturdbed's Animal*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The normal one.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The clear one is series 2.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: *flops over on ground once done* dat song dis awesome [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol have not collected any

[Bookmark] Mikko: *flops on Candy*

[Bookmark] Candy: we play turtle monopoly - ack! *hugs ze Mikko!* and whomever plays Leo for some reason ends up in jail first or second time round... not sure why Leo always ends up in jail

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, wait. No, the one I have is the clear one. I forgot I bought all of the turtles in a 2-for-1 packaging thing. All the turtles were visible and then you had a mystery one.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: coooool

[Bookmark] Candy: without fail - every time - he must be insisting the cop frisk him for his third secret katana or something [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for raph

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww yeah Red Ee is going to fret about bruised skinned knees when you need LH blood [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: not likely [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *bust in the lab and sees Raph and Erica first* this is some new school kinda kinky. you into the pet/master kinda play, Erica?

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: if thats the case I'd be the pet and he the master [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: oooh kinky!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hands Erica one of her dog collars*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *puts it on -* urgh it's tight!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: pain makes the sex better!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: ....

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha good to know - that Ee is a virgin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] fun fun [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: ... just remember no pointing it at yur eyes! stings like lemon juice!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahahha

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: It does?

[Bookmark] Candy: and of course heknows cause he got himsel fin the face mor ehtan once and be all dramatic all shout 'Whyyyyy?1 oh it burns!! it burns!'

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hands Erica goggles*

[Bookmark] Candy: freaking buttons [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: *snorts* bwhahahaha safe sex?

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off. can't keep my eyes open >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: *falls over laughing* oh man

[Bookmark] Rogue: see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 203 days ago

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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 11:39 pm

pt 36

Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh
Mega Bloks - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Single PacksYouTube · 6:2 · 8K · 95%Some very cool new minifigs from Mega Blocks [Click to hide video thumbnail] These are pretty sweet.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Rogue*

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: woman has 10 pounds of hair on her head

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Heavy Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: yep

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: Leo! after yer done unpacking the car, get me a drink.

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: 21 feet of hair

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: And what did I say about you ordering me around?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mm Mikko: I don't care what you say. now get me a drink. bitch.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo:

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: yer pushing it, turtle man.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: I'M pushing it. Look, I helped you unload the car. If you don't want to make a scene in front of the children, then BACK OFF.

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *waits for the the chicldren to nap then drags Leo outside* now. lets do this! *takles Leo*

[Bookmark] Candy: mmErica: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: ...I'm not fighting you. It's not worth it.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: *pushes her off him though*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MMikko: who said we're going to fight. I just wanted to ride that pony *winks*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahha

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: O.O What?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: I'm very sexually frustrated

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: Uhhh, and you expect me to do what?

[Bookmark] Candy: okay now either Erica's or April's phones are going to give up and cut off the conversation before Erica can tell just what kind of trouble Raph and Don are in

[Bookmark] Kitteh: what about that?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Candy: probably Ee's and she wont leave Red at the moment to go charge it - he needs to be fixed first

[Bookmark] Espionata: uhoh

[Bookmark] Mikko: alright my little danty teacups! i have to head to bed. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] should prob head off this one too hey? [big grin] [wink] on the bright side not long til rp night [wink] *hugs hugs* see you soon my ladies

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm off too. Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 203 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: you!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I need to get my hands on more Tales games [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *grabs yer ass*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: *squeeze*

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I need to sell Final Fantasy XIII because the plot makes no sense, the battle system is stupid no item managment between battles, no towns, I only like three of the characters and hell if I know I'm upgrading the weapons right

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah I heard nothing good about that game

[Bookmark] Espionata: There's nothing good about it they tried to make the female lead Lightening to be a Cloud/Squall clone and failed horribly

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's nothing more but a bitch that doesn't care about anyone but herself and her sister

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: And they made the XIII game into a triology

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't like the first one so I'm not playing the sequels

[Bookmark] Espionata: While I love VII and can't wait for the remake

[Bookmark] Mikko: me too

[Bookmark] Espionata: VIII I can take it or leave that one is hard to get into

[Bookmark] Espionata: IX needs a remake

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: um pineapples [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: pineapples!

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm hmmm pineapples

[Bookmark] Mikko: *eats them all*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *Pineapple over dose!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *kisses everyone*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'M FULL OF LOVE!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *humps Candy's leg*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Bwahahaha! Now I know where that 'inflated' Mikey gif you put on Facebook came from. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: ack *tries to shake Mikko off*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *holds on*

[Bookmark] Espionata: What the hell did the show do to the Neutrinos?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, fans of the 80s show probably weren't too happy about that.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't even know where that video came from XD i just seen it on Vine

[Bookmark] Espionata: I only saw the screenshot and I'm not happy about that

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The Fat Mikey came from the episode from today.

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It was an entertaining episode. WAY better than I thought it would be.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: *falls into Kitteh and sleeps*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o *catches then lowers to the ground, covers her up*

[Bookmark] Mikko: purrrrr

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol dawww *gives pillow*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *snuggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pulls Espi down to cuddle*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I has questions in the plot bunny threwad

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you al

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its super cold like 9 degrees

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Supposed to get snow tommorrow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep

[Bookmark] Espionata: Only one inch though

[Bookmark] Candy: Brrr

[Bookmark] Espionata: We're used to it [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm so tired!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you should go rest.

[Bookmark] Mikko: no sleep in DAYS!

[Bookmark] Candy: Well go get some rest [wink] will look over you plotty questions shortly

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm gonna wait and see how i feel since i'm on my new medication i start earlier than normal. i may or may not use an fmla tomorrow. just gonna wait and see how the weather is and how i feel

[Bookmark] Mikko: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas gurl! they are questions about my bee profile

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe - told ya Ee's phone would die [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: gawd Erica! so unreliable

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol yep!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Now they know they're gonna storm the place >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel needs to post in the apartment thread

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: watching episode

[Bookmark] Mikko: *runs arund naked then slams into the wall and falls on LH*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I know

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: finished watching episode

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *snores*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nuzzles LH* warm gator. yummy gator. deep fried gator.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's ok. we only eat the tail.

[Bookmark] Mikko: he can live without that

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o lol

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *does gator dash to nearest water and vanishes*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: BABEH! *grabs Aly and hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: **hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: I would've been in earlier, but I was sooooooo engrossed in Higurashi!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Alysson: It's really scary, but I couldn't stop watching! I watched the full first arc in one sitting. X3

[Bookmark] Mikko: spoooooooooooooooooooook​y!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tosses blanket over Aly's head* there! the spookies can't get you if yer under a blanket! it's the rules.

[Bookmark] Alysson: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: While I never watched it lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: You NEED to!!! It suuuu good! (So far, at least! :3)

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: my sista from another mista!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *dramatically falls on Rogue*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe ma sister fromt he other side of the plante? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: I kind of really want to cosplay Rena. She's my favorite character! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I fell on Rogue and she went away!

[Bookmark] Mikko: my fat ass scared her!

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: not as fat as fat Mikey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: oi!! that is all muscle!

[Bookmark] Mikko: no it was fat

[Bookmark] Alysson: O.o That reminds me!! I was so busy with my school project that I forgot all about the new tmnt episode!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Alysson: Gotta watch it tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *curls up with Rogue and shares popcorn*

[Bookmark] Espionata: It ruined the Neutrinos

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Eh, it just gave them a new purpose. TOTALLY different than the 80s version, though.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sorry was talking to my mother...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she's annoying me

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what mothers do

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: my eyes are fighting agsint me!

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are winning!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* Then get some sleep.

[Bookmark] Mikko: sleep is the enemy!

[Bookmark] Candy: I pmed the Ms he'll be in touch about your plotty questions as he is Shredder player [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

[Bookmark] Candy: for the record I like the thought the Bebe and Rockhead may be with Shredder in Japan on buiness whilst he is also there and coming home with him

[Bookmark] Mikko: shredder gets no say!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Tiger Claw came home early to find out what Baxter spent so much money on

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Bax is in trouble, Bonesteel also may fine himself on the wrong side of the foot

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: none of your business!

[Bookmark] Candy: and Karai is in trouble [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: big kitty gonna throw his weightr and claws around

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: ABANDON ALL HOPE!

[Bookmark] Candy: and those Japs have no intention of paying Erica - they will take her internship off Baxter then force her into a sort of servitude to them and their project [tongue] - yes abandon all hope! big Kitty is only a prelude to when Shredder gets home [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: dorry. found some baby pictures and a video of Gambit when he was a baby. a lil distracted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: sorry**

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwwwws *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww you need to share

[Bookmark] Mikko: would love to see kitty pics of your baby

Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm turkey patte and sweet chilli rice crackers - yummy lunch [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: mah lunch was chicken! smothered with a white queso and chedder cheese

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm! sounds yummy

[Bookmark] Mikko: it was!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I posted a new pic of Arthas

[Bookmark] Mikko: caught him trying to steal the other dog's bone

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: oooooh a pm...

[Bookmark] Candy: prob from Slash [big grin] always pming lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: pms!

[Bookmark] Mikko: slash has pms

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm trying to get this baby video up on facebook. so glad I found it. I thought it was gone forever.

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww player needs to go on hiatus for a while - family, work, school- uh Rogue could I adopt the Slash for the time being? the player says they be back so theres that - just can't right now

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, that's fine.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww can't wait to see it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws glad you found it Rogue would love to see it

[Bookmark] Candy: okay thanks, I'll take good care of the Slash .... sorta

[Bookmark] Mikko: Pet and stroke him

[Bookmark] Candy: ... petting - no stroking [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: but he would like it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: I should be getting to bed, good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok all. I must try and sleep. I will see you all tomorrow. I look forward so seeing the video, Rogue! night everyone! *hugs8

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: probably but aint happening - man now gotta got edit some profile and previous posts to accommadte the Slash

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *bugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: .... hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: not bugs thats just mean

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: okay do I create a new Slash profile or can the password just be edited? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: can edit it. will be with you guys shortly

[Bookmark] Candy: okie dokie thank you

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Mikko and Aly*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *belated hugs to Mikko as well*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehhee one person commented on my devi called 'Colors' - and they commented... colors lol! [tongue] ... my kitty tribute :

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: kitty

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww, too sweet ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm having trouble getting this uploaded. [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww, it looks great! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs* had issues with the Raph birthday vid is why I had to YouTube it

[Bookmark] Candy: Thanks my first kitty cat in art of any form

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Better than what I can draw which is nothing lol

[Bookmark] Candy: It's all in practice

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm not an artist anyway [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Mwhaha Ee be in so much big droppings - Daichi says so

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: uhoh

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawww [wink] don't really consider myself an artist - more of a hobbyist [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe yesth big doodoo

[Bookmark] Candy: Lead scientist be paying her a visit :ap

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off to bed guys *hugs* night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: At least it was not bugs this time hehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Candy: That was just mean [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Man the heat today

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: While it's freezing and the cat and kittens become furry and purry heaters lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe today I full support us all going nude -

[Bookmark] Espionata: How hot is it Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: It's like 39? 40? C

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's way to hot DX

[Bookmark] Candy: No breeze

[Bookmark] Candy: So ground is like a fucking grill

[Bookmark] Espionata: That's 104 for the States and where I am that includes humidity alot of it DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: You don't wanna move except to go into a freezer

[Bookmark] Candy: Indeed but must work - technically by law we must stop when it reaches over 40.. but orders must be filled and fruit have the night hours to cool in cold rooms

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ugh that sucks

[Bookmark] Candy: Yep

[Bookmark] Espionata: Wear lots of sunscreen

[Bookmark] Candy: stay in the shade - yep [big grin] lol

[Bookmark] Candy: meh should probably head off this one - *hugs* G'Arvo

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: dang.. just as I get back. [frown] anyway, video posted. guess I missed my chance to chat with you guys

[Bookmark] Rogue: later.

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm heading off, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 202 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Candy: the sky!

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Probably the temperature, too. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy:

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's freezing here brr

[Bookmark] Espionata: nice

[Bookmark] Candy: oh yeah low forties it is rumoured to get up to again today

[Bookmark] Espionata: Screenshots for the new game was leaked and the turtles of the appearance of the Mirage turtles with a mix of the 80's cartoon because I saw Bebop

[Bookmark] Candy: beboop!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: New game?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how is everyone... *pats Esp* i know the feeling of freezing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i went through work all day thankfully they placed me on a lane close to the bathroom and we were slow enough that I could leave it and go when I had to. today was slow and boring

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep new game

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: getting on skype

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What's it called, Espi?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: is it on the forum?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I forget right now lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: can't just give information like that and NOT get more specific. *paws* I need mooooore!

[Bookmark] Candy: more [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] i don't have it either [frown]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on messager

[Bookmark] Espionata: Found it lol

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah it looks cool the cgi reminds me of Borderlands

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: he was so cute in that episode

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Mikey

[Bookmark] Espionata: Little Mikey

[Bookmark] Candy: squuuuuueeeeeeeee!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know. ^^ The last 10-15 minutes of the show totally makes the episode. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It also has some really cute Leo/Mikey moments. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww! Yeah. That right there. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Damn it I don't like the show and it's trying to drag me in [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ahhhhh so cute!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Here's another screencap -- adorable!

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww clickies again ! mush alert!

[Bookmark] Espionata: If I'm gonna watch the show again I have to go back to season two the episode after Slash is introduced that was the last one I watched lol

[Bookmark] Candy: that ways back

[Bookmark] Candy: Have you posted for Aly yet in the main game?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not yet a little bit of writer's block hate when that happens lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oh? need to chat it out?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nah I will figure it out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: It rarely happens lol

[Bookmark] Candy: thats good

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Alysson: The new TMNT episode was sooooooo cute! Widdle baby Mikey!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: HI

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I know! ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Fat Mikey was really disturbing, though. lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: As Don called him "Glutton".

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD Yeah

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Why are they making a sequel to Full House?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Cipes had to have a ball with this episode. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I...don't know.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I didn't like the orignal show because of Michelle DX

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o You didn't like Michelle? I thought she was adorable.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And very witty. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: No I didn't she was a brat I remember the Disney episodes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Disney episodes?

[Bookmark] Espionata: There was a two parter where they went to Disney and Michelle cut in line to rub a lamp to become a princess for the day and she got extremely bossy. And when the others told her she was being bossy she took off

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Uh... *doesn't remember this one at all*

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's one of the middle season episodes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Okay, episode she was a brat. Most of the time she was funny.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Most of the time she was brat when did you last see the show?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: A couple years ago I caught several.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I think it's when you marathon it that you will notice a lot of stuff lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I marathoned.

[Bookmark] Espionata: oh

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hey

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still here got caught up into jessica jones

[Bookmark] Candy: how are you?

[Bookmark] Rogue: no sleep... in a really long time. not dealing well. :/ but distracting myself with looking up cat breeders. really want an Oriental

[Bookmark] Rogue: how are ya'll

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I haven't really slept since he died [frown]

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww *hugs hugs and offers her iced coffee* sorry to hear that - [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: an hour here and there

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I swear to god I head himsometimes

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: ..... and you will for some time yet

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os *hugs* you should relax then.

[Bookmark] Candy: it's been .... three years since great grandma and my Rebel passed within months of each other - and I swear I still smell her particular... her smell - the cobination of pine and mint

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i really want one of these cats:

Rogue: I just know that I'm going to have to get another cat soon. it's too lonely in here withouthim. was waitingfor another bottle baby to come into the clinic

[Bookmark] Rogue: w

[Bookmark] Rogue: aW*

[Bookmark] Rogue: those are pretty

[Bookmark] Rogue: I want an oriental sooo bad, but not having any luck finding a breeder close to here

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Candy: and hear Rebel's particular odd hopping canter gait in the early hours... [frown] it never goes away

[Bookmark] Candy: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: *snugs* It's hard. really hard.

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Yes it is - *rubs ya back*

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww those ears [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Oriental cats are pretty to

[Bookmark] Rogue: zomg, that face!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol I probably smell offensive - sweat and saw dust from these damned shelves I am putting together and grape smells from being out on the block this morning [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I need to stop.. I can't turn into the crazy cat lady [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Very pretty

[Bookmark] Candy: oooooh lol nawwww his ears!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I like the Color Point

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] ... hey I am crazy horse lady - it's all good

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aww

[Bookmark] Candy: ..... this morning in the top paddock had some brumbies in - I have so got to try catching the chestnut

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: a chestnut brumby stallion - bet he would throw some beautiful colored foals - maybe even cremello color

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Have you seen the latest TMNT episode, Rogue? It's full of cuteness. ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: eeep

[Bookmark] Rogue: I did [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: in his little mob of mares now there is a palimino filly - though if I catch him i'd have to take the rest and that means my horse number will jump from ten to fifteen

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww.. what's five more [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: .... but then again if I dont most likely he and the mob will end up rounded for cattle, culled or sold off to a rodeo...

[Bookmark] Candy: ... ya right - I will saddle the Mate tonight and go catch me a brumby stallion and his little mob

[Bookmark] Candy: if they come into the blocks again I may be able to shut gates and round them up in a paddock

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Candy: ... see crazy Equine Lady [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Espionata: That one looks like my male kitten the most except the male kitten has no balls lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, nothing wrong with being crazy my lil pony lady [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and pretty kitties

[Bookmark] Rogue: I found a breeder in Vegas >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: Really pretty and they're Siamese but breeders wanted more choices when it came to the points

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: ... or crazy camel lady - got two - thats how it started out with the horses.... exactly! Crazy good is Good Crazy! *hugs* I shall wear the body armor and helmet tonight [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: don't know what will happen - he is a tall lean legged stallion - he may stand and fight me and Mate -

[Bookmark] Candy: and considering his color is cherry or red chestnut - it's a possibility - we all know what red haireds are like [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *gleeful* fun [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: ... mmmm pretty sure if I round up his little mob though he may just follow - funniest thing he has a a lil pony in his mob

[Bookmark] Rogue: Red is definitely the color for caution [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: oh for sure - if I catch him I'll have to give him an appropriate fiery name

[Bookmark] Candy: the little pony looks like it may have some welsh in him [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: *sigh* brumbies are considered a nuisance out here - and it's not their fault their numbers swell, the cattle drovers and cruel people sometimes dump horses out here - they go feral

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha.. this guy is up for adoption. Seems to have a clown personality

[Bookmark] Candy: if I don't catch these ones their future is not bright

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww. I would take all the horsies if I could

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe me too - some round ups out here have some three hundred horses in them [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: *drops shelf bit on toe* ouch! *hops about cursing*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I couldn't take an older cat I already had a cat that at the time was eight years old and was top cat. Besides I don't know what issues an adult cat would have kittens at least can be turned around mostly lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: The female kitten is still skittish

[Bookmark] Candy: putting mah Goats in the fur babehs thread [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: done [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: night night Aly *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: *hums*

[Bookmark] Candy: but worth a toe two of three shelf packs done!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, cute goats ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: thank you - Nanny is a cashmere goat - but her furr is no good cause she was feral but never mind

[Bookmark] Espionata: I got knocked down by a goat twice I was two at the time lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ... yeah Majik tries it every now and than

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know why I was being knocked down [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I had a goat named Bullet when I was little. he liked to knock people down. he would also play on the slide

[Bookmark] Candy: he is a billy after all

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!

[Bookmark] Candy: that would've been adorable! hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: will share doggies another time - rp! lol

[Bookmark] Candy: sides have to catch all the little booogers in picture

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl was timed out 201 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna head off. sorry got timed out watching Jessica Jones

[Bookmark] Candy: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off for the night. *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol night night *hugs* enjoy [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thanks [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: *hums*

[Bookmark] Candy: oh fuck thats hilarious - pole dancing dead pole [tongue] lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: pool*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: deadpool ftw

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: night guys *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: NIght *hugs* Heading off here, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: me too - [wink] but cause I gotta log [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 201 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ihihih'

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: my food sadly

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm all kinda messed up.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: back, dog had to pee

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted for Leo

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: Death the Kid is insane lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like patty

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: um I think we are missing a thread.

[Bookmark] Mikko: where is Lexi's hospital thread

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've been a little off today so maybe I don't see it?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Candy: oh crap hang on might have moved it by accident

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok someone put it in the archives

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: how DARE YOU!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is why we can't have nice things

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah - teach me not to admin at 2 am [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko posted in MM

[Bookmark] Mikko: really need a Leo post in that

[Bookmark] Mikko: also Bax is back to check on the turtles MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[Bookmark] Candy: in any case hows all - especially you - read you fb post

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm very very much hoping to have Bebe posted up sometime tomorrow

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMG! I'm a mess I don't know what's wrong with me

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm good

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll be in the middle of talking and fall asleep

[Bookmark] Mikko: I fell asleep putting on pants! while standing!

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah its troubling - did you mention there was new medication?

[Bookmark] Mikko: no no new meds. I did take a bunch of bendril

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooh Bax - hehhee will check that in a moment

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: ... is a side effect of bendril drowsiness?

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I can't seem to keep food down

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you all

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! yes it is

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am...aliveish for now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os *hugs Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I see a doc friday

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I had a migraine since 6a.m. this morning so I called into work. Finally got ride of it this afternoon.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm just glad that I got on tonight!

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *massages*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: took an FMLA cause I had other issues of pain I didn't want to deal with at work along with a migraine

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Me, too. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *gives you snake massage*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *takes*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I...just don't know if I would like that.

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I freaked out having one across my shoulders.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] I'll pet and hold a snake that's about it

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm hehehe Baxter - Erica's back in Raph's tank and looking at him like he's grown a extra head - thats albino...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: your insane Baxter [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I'm not insane. Maybe a little.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Any ideas for what to do with Alyss now that Street Life has ended? Perhaps some sort of timeskip, after the weapon upgrade?

[Bookmark] Mikko: ALY! *snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: yes probably

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax is going to get back to Aly once he's done checking up on the turtles

[Bookmark] Candy: be a great new thread title - Upgrades

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh yes

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yeah!

[Bookmark] Candy: well then I will have Erica speak directly to the Bax - even though she is still in the tank lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: what does Aly want as far as weapons? like some iron man lasers from the hand type thing?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hm...I didn't have anything specific in mind.
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 11:47 pm

pt 37.

ScoopGirl: all windows ten

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: computer still giving you issues?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not so much tonight.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You do, Espi?

[Bookmark] Espionata: My laptop runs it

[Bookmark] Espionata: I haven't upgraded yet lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Are you on it or have you been on it today at all?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: what kind of issues does it give you

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Because...since last night, the taskbar on my computer has been moved to the right side of the screen. O.o Not at the bottom like it used to be.

[Bookmark] Espionata: On what?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: On windows 7.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I just wondered if a recent update did it.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's sooooooo weird.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have updates off Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ah. Okay, never mind then.

[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom's desktop has 7 and it updates and I see nothing

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's not good about your side bar

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling the side bar

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's something I can live with. It's just going to take some getting used to.

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's bizare

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It is.

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: hows all?

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Espionata: Watching Law and Order SVU nothing else is on lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Good good

[Bookmark] Candy: sketching these tanks [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: awesome

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype,

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: also working on creating Gilmore Girls home on my game i'm hoping it turns out well

[Bookmark] Candy: Oooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: the house:

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hihi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] how you?

[Bookmark] Espionata: hihi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Good~

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: hih hi

[Bookmark] Candy: and hows you?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Rogue: sleepy. how are ya'll?

[Bookmark] Candy: sorry thoe last two rp chat logs are not all corrected - Iwills go backs some time and fix em

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww *hugs* me sleepy too could not for the life off me sleep last night - not until about 3 am this morning

[Bookmark] Rogue: awws

[Bookmark] Rogue: and it's fine ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying to stay warm

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm gonna try to catch up posting here and MM before I have to head off tonight *crosses fingers*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still under 20 degrees here

[Bookmark] Rogue: bloody doubles -.-

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: nawwww MS poked all behind - but as usual it means just when you can catch up - no rush

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah hehehe probably a good thing I was sent home today to do dinner salads and stuff cause like oEe I get clumsy when tired... got two new bandaided fingers and a black eye where I hit myself with a box...

[Bookmark] Rogue: I still feel bad O.o oh noes *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: its alright - seriously [big grin] *hugs* and yep - clumsy clumsy

[Bookmark] Rogue: feel bad for Raph. Just lost blood, was given blood.. then had blood taken again

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's gonna be sick as shit when he comes to

[Bookmark] Rogue: lost, given, lost, given.. taken [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah oEe suggested they give him back the mutagen filtered blood

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bax: Oh, he's big.. it will be find!

[Bookmark] Rogue: fine*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Poor Raphie

[Bookmark] Kitteh: HIyas

[Bookmark] Candy: when ever she can get ahold of BS and ask if he no mind doing a little job with her in return for one or two of her grangrans pizzas - second only to Mikeys

[Bookmark] Candy: Slash may be sharing some of his red with big red [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, ooh. I'm sure BS will be game for food [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: oh she told Bax and his men to give Raph a little of the same thats making Donnie's legs uncooperative, but being a smaller does and his size it should not do that to him - might give him a headache and make him thristy though

[Bookmark] Candy: drug*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. Don's have a hard time coming off his dosage.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Everything works fine except for his legs.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: They just don't want to hold much weight.

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe alright well Ee's heading out of the labs now should she be brave and call him or text him - she'd have to charge he phone just enough to do either

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Ee swears it will pass as long as he eat sleeps, and drinks as much as possible - also go to the loo too as thats how most of it will be expelled

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yup. Though...getting back there might be interesting.

[Bookmark] Candy: she'll be going past the aquarium room to retrieve her phone and remind the pair to get rest - and promise Venus chocolate

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he's staggering like a drunk - yep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Sleep? O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: >​.< Does anyone have a bottle I could possibly use? -_- [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: hmmm mmmmm when we sleep our bodies remove a lot of toxins through drooling, on extra moistened breath and sweat and without the added work of maintaining wakefullness all these can happen at greater levels

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sorry no

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!! I'll see if she thinks of it and brings him something he can use

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus: *gives him the soda can* [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha! oh this could be awkward [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and yeah, BS isn't far. He's crawling around in the mud trying to figure out where that slide leads to. The water obviously, but where from there. [tongue] Gonna rent some scuba gear and go under

[Bookmark] Candy: LMAO!

[Bookmark] Candy: then Ee will walk over and tell him LH lives no where near this set of tunnels

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: I thinks she's tired enough to be less clammed up about her mutant buddies

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *takes it - at least it's something* Thanks. [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh

[Bookmark] Candy: lol though thats quiet the mental image of BS

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe she'll wait til he gets muddy - then tell him

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] she actually does not mind him - still wants to kick him for Raph but really to her its like hanging with her Dad's Ghosts... although to her their honorary uncles and aunts cause she has no idea what they do

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus: *turns her head to be polite- catches everything in the glass' reflection* [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha!

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh

[Bookmark] Candy: oh we just loooove making it awkward for characters - okay will do a thread for Slash retrieval

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *minds him- LOTS* -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yup

[Bookmark] Rogue: dun dun duuuun

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: oh one day I'm a kick him for what he did to you -

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: hard.... in the balls ... maybe I can yell mosquito and do it?

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: then run!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol that may come about later though

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL!

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe when she's on the run - suffering some amnesia with no idea whom she is or why she's running away with eggs and by then vaguely aware of her own condition - should be fun

[Bookmark] Rogue: daws

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] aliens, mutants - those future threads gonna be crazy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Yeah, the very last thing I want to do is relieve myself out in the open in a container with glass on all sides. >​.< Where anyone can walk by at any moment. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyborgs

[Bookmark] Candy: ... hehehe um should I post in Cultural Exchange or have Ee discover BS gettin his mud on in a new thread?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ... bwhahaha oh man yeah that is something she would say *rubs hands ebilly*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm excited to see what happens in the season if they do a 2003 series

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Being experimented on sucks ass

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: yes it would [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: ugh. computer sucks tonight -.-

[Bookmark] Rogue: and ither is fine. new thread or current

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww -

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs snugs - pinches computer*

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Raph swears if TC is gonna be the cause of E being in bad shape.. he'll personally hunt him down. it won't end well for one of them

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm might do another - prob just be them mostly - and seeing as leaving the labs - mmm Op. Retrieval?

[Bookmark] Candy: Muddied Waters?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he may be

[Bookmark] Candy: but I figure depending how close the girls are by that time - and they'd have to be if Venus would entrust her so - she'd not leave them... unless in some accident involving a head injury she just cant recall whom she is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: may very well be a TC run in

[Bookmark] Candy: and Aliens! hehehe looking forward to Kraang crazy

[Bookmark] Candy: lol going with Muddied Waters - cause the mental image of BS getting his mud on is hilarious [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, that works. though BS is not amused [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *giggles*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Ee ran into a door - see when tired total clutz

[Bookmark] Candy: okay be done in a moment

[Bookmark] Candy: there done [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee Ee's gonna be a nice collection of bums and bruises when she sees those in tanks next [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bumps*

[Bookmark] Candy: oh Don she got you some emergency pee bottles [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy: prob a good thing Baxter sent her away lord knows she may have accidently stabbed herself with a needle or something [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ... or him

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not much of a loss if she stabbed Stockass

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe brusied knees - ones got a scratch a bump on the nogging fromt he door and now a bruise pinkie tootsie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: welcome back

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna try to catch up for MM real quick and at least do a BS post for here

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hello

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches everyone*

[Bookmark] Candy: *snogs back*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sleeps*

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww *hugs* Getting any sleep?

[Bookmark] Rogue: have fun playing with dem balls?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I did not! got sick. *pouts*

[Bookmark] Mikko: came home early

[Bookmark] Mikko: usually I'm out till one

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I blame my brother!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs8

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww *snugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: before i left, i started to smell this horrible smell. it was so bad it was making me ill. headache, throwing up. bad stuff. Once out the house I started to feel a little better, but then got sick again. the smell it turns out was my brothers cloths detergent

[Bookmark] Espionata: You might have an allergy to it

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think it was just the smell, the brand is the same I use. but this just smelled horrible.

[Bookmark] Candy: wow -

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

Mikko: and then I sprayed my own air freshener to get rid of the smell, bad idea. it was like the bath and body works from hell!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Weird Oo

[Bookmark] Alysson: Weird...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [frown]

[Bookmark] Candy: yep weird

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have a very sensitive sense of smell. anything little smell can make me sick

[Bookmark] Mikko: why is Erica looking for Bonesteel? is she crushing? oooooooooh Bonesteel gonna take Raph's girl?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, man. [frown] *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! no no

[Bookmark] Candy: one day she will kick him for what he did to Raph -

[Bookmark] Mikko: kick him with her lips!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *pouts* no - only the red gets lip action... and any other action

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: everyone else gets pizza

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko thinks Erica is too strict with all her rules and hand washing nonsense

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe she is -

[Bookmark] Candy: but honestly feels its for their benefit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo's wondering if Mikko will ever acknowledge the hard work he has done. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Nah but she is still making jabs at him. posted in that

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww -

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: ........not. Cool. -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: chop chop, MM Leo! your rulers await their food.

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe says rules and boundaries are good for ones so young

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: I never had any of that and I turned out great!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: I told you, I'm NOT taking orders from you.

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: dont make me use my mum tone! I will do it

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: no, yer taking orders from tiny blue. he is the boss after all.

[Bookmark] Rogue: whew.. finally read up.. was a bit behind [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Rogue: now to post.. if I accidentally skip over someone.. sorry! a lot has happened since donnie last posted in that

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Rock.. mahahaha.. things are about to get interesting for the unicorn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: >​< I don't care whose boss if ya all dont wash hands, sit at table and eat! I'm send you all to bed with no supper!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: oh elena is so going to love this - her own fat grey unicorn [tongue] {

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: no yer not. *sneaks the kids doughnuts*

[Bookmark] Candy: \]Every lil girl wants a 7un8]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I guess Mm Bax is just laying back enjoying Mikko on top of him

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed now, good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ll

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night Alysson

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel must have got to her apartment and passed out

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Wtf laptop?

[Bookmark] Candy: Every now and then it just has a freaking crazy time and inserts symbols whilst typing... Sigh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: and no mmMikko kids will eat soup at the table not on the floor mmEe says

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mm Mikko: Momma Mikko has spoken!

[Bookmark] Candy: Loo on plus note mmElena all excited cause she gets what every lil girl wants.. A friend unicorn

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebe and Mikko will be very confused

[Bookmark] Candy: mmEe: I am mother to them, and I have spoken. *glares*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe indeed

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Because of that jab, if looks could kill, MM Mikko would be ashes. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mm Mikko: well....well....I'm the fun one!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mm Mikko: wait...does this mean Rock is gonna be nice? *squee! and hops on Rock's back* yaaaaaaay!

[Bookmark] Rogue: now just have rock to post for

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie is dropping hints for Leo to pass the message along to April that he's all busted up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: love makes one pathetic [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, he will. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: My April would be there in a heart beat

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mm Mikko: Don's going to his bedroom uh? *grins*

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: nods* ^^ *has noooo idea what Mikko has in mind*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: Out of the way...Dragon.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: that's good. *waits for others to go to sleep*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: I'm letting you stay the night since you helped my family. But you're NOT getting near my brother again.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: wow MM Leo acts like Mikko did something bad to him

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol big protective brother on prowl - watch out

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: You haven't done anything bad...yet. But you're a Purple Dragon. -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah we gotta let Mikko slip into Don's bed. seeing Don's reaction is worth it. maybe he'll scream and Leo can come running in

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don screams, Mikko screams, Leo screams...

[Bookmark] Candy: Yep!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Bebe: *screams*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhaha!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnd, Rocky thinks he's a fabulous unicorn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rock is so confused he posted in the wrong thread

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: oh? oh shit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhahahahahaa!!

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawww that poor fellow

[Bookmark] Candy: El promises to care for her fat grey unicorn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's not a unicorn he doesn't have a cutie mark >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *takes out her tattoo gun* I can fix that. ass up, Rock!

[Bookmark] Rogue: well he posted in the right place now and even accepted Elena's friend request [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: because she has apples [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: now I need make a bebe post responding to his friends odd behavore

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol !

[Bookmark] Rogue: Rock: Go away, pig. No room for pig in unicorn world.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: El will give his ears a good scratch !

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: brb.. then gonna try to get a BS post up beofre I have to go. stupid work.. messin' up my fun

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol! Oh poor Rocky! Can imagine the trott, tail up!

[Bookmark] Candy: fabulous unicorn lol

[Bookmark] Candy: El will snug his snout and be all sorts of delighted !! Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Naughty work

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: My area gets to escape a nasty blizzard only gonna get an inch out of it lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] hot here

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sounds like Venus and Don are left to their own devices for while.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko and beb posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: yup.. bow chicka wow wow

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well the mid Atlantic is gonna get two feet and some areas two feet+ of snow

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh kinky

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I doubt that will happen until after some rest and a pee break with Don. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yes they are, even when Red is back in his tank he is drugged and Ee hopes stays sound asleep

[Bookmark] Espionata: Eww Mcdonalds is gonna drizzle chocolate on their fries gross

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: .... Oh my glob!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don the bathroom is everywhere around you. pick a corner

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone watches adventure time

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: A little hard when I can't walk. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol Ew! No! But Ee found him some bottles to go in until he can move more...

[Bookmark] Mikko: just squat

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o I can't just go anywhere. >​.< I'm more human than turtle.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Not to mention how unsanitary it is. I can't do that to Venus.

[Bookmark] Espionata: No kidding because you can't paper train a turtle lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hey asshole says the Bebe fight is that way lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: but lil blond girl is other way!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko will post in the farm after leo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: k

[Bookmark] Mikko: their castle isn't a tent. it looks like this

[Bookmark] Candy: wait Elena and Ee will have to post too... Ee probably after Leo - El is helping boys set table so she is going now she has posted in the island, tempting a rocky over to her with a treat lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for BS

[Bookmark] Candy: Wooot [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you leave my gator alone, hunter man!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe daw he thinks he's an oz or African salty water croc... Though size would indicate as such

[Bookmark] Candy: the African ones tend to be... Heavier than the Australian... And the aus... Usually a little longer... Though of course that's generalizations and not counting individual crocs [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep. He's thinking croc, not gator.. and this excites him. The bigger they are.... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee makin a funny

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Got crocs in the States too mainly in the everglades with the gators

[Bookmark] Rogue: but not saltys [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: freshwater crocs, much smaller

[Bookmark] Rogue: and oh so rare

[Bookmark] Mikko: like pokemon

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yep so someone won't know if they see one

[Bookmark] Candy: yes Freshies... Hehe the Alice Springs reptil park has a salty

[Bookmark] Candy: a male, three meter long known as Terry

[Bookmark] Espionata: I've been to Floridia but it was to go to Disney and Universal lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: we have a gator farm down the street from me.

[Bookmark] Candy: you walk down a walk way and he will lower himself in the water of his spot to get a good eye ful of you through the glass

[Bookmark] Mikko: spoooooky

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw, he sounds adorable [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I'm being serious

[Bookmark] Mikko: give em a smooooch

[Bookmark] Espionata: I've seen videos of a cat take smack a gator and the gator left lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, I've seen that. so awesome

[Bookmark] Rogue: brave cat

[Bookmark] Candy: daw there finally it posted [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol girl must look a right mess no wonder Baxter sent her home lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Really brave and I couldn't believe the gator left lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: love wants to snuggle

[Bookmark] Mikko: cat was just lucky that gator wasn't looking for a meal

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol yes just thought that

[Bookmark] Candy: lol tired Ee

[Bookmark] Espionata: Goes to show cats are best pet [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. good thing BS does have a slight sense of humor [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Erica will give BS a massage. she's dying to put her hands all over him!

[Bookmark] Candy: Plol!

[Bookmark] Candy: no she'll shout him a pizza [tongue] ... No hands

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: O.o ..she's too young for me. I may be a sum'bitch, but I ain't no cradle robber

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe yeah she's tired, bit more loose lipped than usual and figures he wouldn't mind a lil teasing.. Or her curiosity...

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: hey mud is good for the skin whom am I to judge?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *ninja chops BS's face* leave my turtles alone!

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: -.- *uses Mikko as Croc bait*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: I see it's going to be a bit harder to corrupt these children...

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I gotta go. [frown] stupid doubles.

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *snoring makes bubbles*

[Bookmark] Rogue: see ya'll tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Nawww night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: old is LH?

[Bookmark] Candy: Twenty

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: why is everyone so young!?

Candy: Well he and Ee estimate that is his age given growth rate

[Bookmark] Mikko: ah

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: it's cool. no matter the age. we can still snuggle!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Rogue*

[Bookmark] Mikko: titty kitty!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: LH does not mind snuggles, but he won't do anything else [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: love posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I'm all for crazy rough sex. But LH might be a bit too much even for me O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: but he is my bestest best friend evarrrrrrrr!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: oh he's not interested in Love as a mate

[Bookmark] Mikko: he needs another gator lady

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love does want to have a baby though, it makes her very depressed that that wont happen.

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he don't know what he needs right now lol, but he may take a side trip to visit Ee's place and instead following his nose visit Aprils lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: you mean I'm gonna be alone for like, HOURS!? ugh!

[Bookmark] Candy: yep, hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: Slash may drop around

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh. well let me know. because this could also be a good time to do one of the scenes in my head. not really a plot. just something I've been waiting for Love to do. just needed the right time

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oh? What is that?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've been toying with the thought that Love goes out for a roof top run and finds the towers out door, roof garden and makes herself at home, then curiosity gets to her (assuming no one caught her) and she sneaks into the foot tower. what happens after that is anyone's guess. maybe she runs into the vampire XD

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oh Slash is just visiting, he will then go to meet Ee some where

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica wants to place him on the inside as pure muscle come the time for escape

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I just wanna run freeeeeeeeee! oooh flowers! oooooh secret ninjas! *snoops*

[Bookmark] Mikko: escape!

[Bookmark] Mikko: leo is waiting for Mike's input

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: we have no idea what stae Raph, Don or Venus will be in and him being close will be a good idea... He'll pretend to be her turtle lol... So Baxter can study him, take samples... Clone him, but no dicing him up

[Bookmark] Candy: yes still waiting for Ally and Tim there...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: UGH! whhhhhhy can't I cut up a turtle!?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Tim? you mean Spike? spike is done. he hung up.

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: clone him and cut it up

[Bookmark] Candy: oh good, why didn't I recall that?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol no idea

[Bookmark] Candy: my japs will be all "Godzilla!!"

[Bookmark] Mikko: he was all, "ally bring drugs and booze" *hangs up*

[Bookmark] Candy: ... Though no running from him lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I do want Mikko to be part of the rescue because she is fluent in Japanese. and I have this scene in my head where she starts flirting with the asshole guy in his language. but it's just for show. and she leads him on then NINJA CHOP!

[Bookmark] Candy: theyd be all for cloning not breeding him, the size of the clones alone should be enought to satisfy all gorey dicing up scenes and of testing to see how well mutant turtle bodies react to cyborg crafting

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun NINJA CHOP!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol then she better be about when the rescue happens... but know what Ee will think of when time comes... Won't occurr to her for a while...

[Bookmark] Mikko: if I do have Love run amok should I have that in a different thread?

[Bookmark] Candy: And at that time everyone better just get the fuck out

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So Don's still supposed to get a dose of Viagra? lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol if she is heading to Foot tower, if she hanging about for a bit she can meet Slash in the current thread

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol nah

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'll have her hang out and meet slash

[Bookmark] Candy: he will if he makes no move to breed V says my Jap

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Right now, all he wants is to be able to walk again.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I really hope that we move to the next day soon. that's when the stuff with Gabe will happen. because once that major plot is done. then Erica is free to do the rescue when ever she likes. though I would like the lab to not be blown up.

[Bookmark] Candy: lol lab is going down!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhahaa well there be no major rescues or anything yet.... Ee has not thought of it

[Bookmark] Mikko: I also like Rogue's idea of having Raph play dead. i think Bax will have sammy go in and check on Raph. poor guy.

[Bookmark] Candy: Baxter will have at least two months - imagine all the clones they could have of Slash in that time... All they could have learned of the turtles thanks to clones in that time [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: so much blood!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Bax hopes that from now on Erica keeps her cloths on

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee is doing what she can to minimize risks to others... And to her more important is Raphs risk to himself ....

[Bookmark] Candy: Plol probably not, she uses whatever she has at hand -

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: plese don't rip the lab coats, those cost me money.

[Bookmark] Candy: Shin: girl need less cloths

[Bookmark] Candy: Hiroto: mm yep

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *siiiiighs*

[Bookmark] Candy: especially for the experiment their thinking of [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: SLash be willing to supply samples for clone making - hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *walks in in her skin tight leather foot uniform* hajimemashite. *shakes her ass* doozo o-kake kudasai

[Bookmark] Mikko: we can't be making all these clones. over population!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe don't worry most be ... Chopped up?

[Bookmark] Candy: There Bax chop as many as you want of them [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Be like a slaughter house

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's still kinda sad. yeah they're clones. but they start as babies. so they'll be killing a bunch of kids.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm hmmm - Erica can alter the genetic coding to accelerate growth, maybe ... Inject squid DNA in, these grow like two hundred times in a few short years

[Bookmark] Candy: its the very end of her skills and she would of course not allow them to be as sentient as Slash is but it's still dicey and yes they still be butchering young mutants no matter how big they are.

[Bookmark] Candy: Not taking into account whilst she knows about genetics, it's not her main field of knowledge and she'd no be certain of it...

[Bookmark] Mikko: if Bax let erica be part of that process [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: exactly, the Japs want her mostly on the floor to take care of their project

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes I think Bax would agree with that. He'll want her to stay with the tank turtles as well. sense she seems to be so good with them

[Bookmark] Mikko: though Erica is being followed at the moment, so careful where she goes. dun dun duuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Candy: but in any case the Slash is there and so big he can be milked and sampled plenty or times

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nod nod*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she wants to go with Bonesteel to see where he caught Raph and Don, and retrieve Slash - if he is there his contributions will also protect Raphael and Don she hopes, and crucial muscle when it comes time to flee. She's too tired to think she should see April and them

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor girl needs to go home and rest

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe she'll sleep - probably just pass out somewhere and drool

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: In a most awkward position

[Bookmark] Candy: I mean in Cellular she managed to catch a few hours rest with Raph in her lap in a cage lol

[Bookmark] Candy: she can sleep anywhere

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Besides with Slash there providing needed biological information the Raph and Don have a chance to rest up some and then in Raphs case make with being a rude prisoner [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: he won't be able to if constantly exhausted by bloodloss and or having beaten the crap out of himself [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: There a short Slash post, he in the Den!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: raph stop being ruuuuude

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! [big grin] looking forward to some tank shenanigans on behalf of Raph and ... Don? [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Pbe fun

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee says sometime when it's night again and the aquarium room fairly empty once more and as long as Dons legs work she'll use the crate - sorry Don - to transfer him briefly to Raphs tank to have some bro time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww poor V. leaving her all alone

[Bookmark] Mikko: love posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Nah that is when girls have girl time... Smuggled in magazines, chocolate.., that kinda thing

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: hehe

[Bookmark] Candy: Well the girls need to get to know each other... And Don and Raph need bro time lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Slash posted, he half shy, half suspicious

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: love posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I have to go to bed

[Bookmark] Mikko: see you tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe Don like the chance to be with Raph for a bit?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sure he would. [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He just hopes Raph will open up to him.

[Bookmark] Candy: Yesth they need it

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gonna head off here. Night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihh

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] April joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Candy: lol like a song

[Bookmark] April: hello\

[Bookmark] April: mikko

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi hihihihihi! hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] April: i saw this photo and thought of Drunk shaya, "I thought it would be uniform colour swear!"

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello to all

[Bookmark] Mikko: It's Mikko!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: spooky scary skeletons!

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Candy: lol that song still going - hi hi hi hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe hi hi [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mm Mikko: Leo better show me a ittle respect!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I wanna watch Legends of tomorrow but waiting for Amazon to upload it to watch

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: And why should I do that?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it has most characters from Arrow and The Flash

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: Because I was here first! *grabs Erica and smooches her* my woman!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on it. and its funny that the two from prison break are now villains but legends

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: mmErica: ack! *flails and then gently lightly pulls away*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: *offers his hand out to Erica*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko is getten hiiiiiiiigh. and yeah she don't eat.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: when I move out I may buy Amazon prime just so I have tv without commericals

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cheaper and you get everything pretty much

[Bookmark] Mikko: get netflix

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee noticed - hehehe she's a inner mummy - she'll be trying to feed her in any case
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 11:58 pm

pt 38.

Mikko: and Mel needs to post.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm eager to see how her and Lyds get along

[Bookmark] Candy: there - [big grin] Ee speaking to Bax - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: me too [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yep, yep! [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax gives no fucks!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: watching Jessica Jones on Netflix got sucked into it

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: like a black hole!

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi says he wont have to pay her soon [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *makes sucking noses.....then realizes how dirty that sounds and stops*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I know

[Bookmark] Alysson: Writers block, Espi?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn you block!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Been a long time since it's happened too lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *massages Espi's brain*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Ah, well, me is the queen of writers block therefore I feel your pain. :3

[Bookmark] Candy: then kick it - or shake it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Do you need any help? You know, with ideas?

[Bookmark] Mikko: very soon, the peeps with the turtle's dinner will come in. with meal worms, crickets, green leaves, and powder suplements

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Sounds gross

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Powder supplements?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my parents always forget to use the remotes on the tv. today i had to remind them of the picture resize button.

[Bookmark] Candy: ick -

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah, stuff to try and keep em healthy

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Can't people see that they're human Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don's gonna get some viagra

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ahhh.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o Excuse me???

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Human? They look like turtles to me. [confused]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: you'll love it, you'll thank me later

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I don't need enhancements! >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well they're turtles that are humanlike

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Ooh! Wonder what sort of auras they have!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: we need to make sure that all the turtle baby juice goes into the woman

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Huh?

[Bookmark] Mikko: green ones

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo is also asking for Mike's two cents again.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Uhhh, so what? These pills are supposed to help my aim? -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: not those pills. that's what the other pills are for

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Ee's giggling

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: if they're humanlike they must have that means they must have auras! Maybe pretty one's...I like pretty auras. :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I don't need help to get a girl pregnant. >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: how do you know? how many girls have you gotten pregnant?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *would say something here - but giggling so hard*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: None, but that's not the point! It's not rocket science.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: no, but in this lab everything must be done correctly and right! so now, it IS science

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: have you seen the vid where two peopl ehave sex in a mri machine? - quiet fascinating

[Bookmark] Candy: lol see science can be sexy

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: How about something more useful. Like something to help me get complete feeling back in my legs? >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: why don't you have feeling in your legs? DAMNNIT! where's that hunter?

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Ee is rolling her eyes so hard at Bax in Cultural Exchange - she hopes he hears it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: Shaya: *pops into the discussion* ... Do we know what event caused this?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: that will return after a sleep, drink and then as much walking about the tank as you can

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *to Shaya* heavy dose, maybe even close to an overdose of sedatives

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey has to wait for Tim and Ally to post up

[Bookmark] Mikko: mike waits for NO MAN! or woman

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he would wait for Ally [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: sooooo romantic

[Bookmark] Candy: he is - aside from the beast attack he was doing very well [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm trying to get on Skype, Scoop.

[Bookmark] Candy: heheh did Baxter hear the eye roll? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: still making me giggle

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi the head japanese scientist will be about soon.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Your 'hunter' kept me so sedated that it's taking forever to come out of it all the way. >​.<

[Bookmark] Alysson: Who's going to start the 'update' thread, Alyss or Baxter?

[Bookmark] Mikko: BAx can once he's done with the turtles. I hate jumping around too much. finish a scene then move to the next. ORDER PEOPLE!

[Bookmark] Shy: Shaya: Ahh. Muscles most likely not awake. If it was nerves, he would be in a lot more ghost pain.

[Bookmark] Alysson: *upgrade

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *looks worriedly at Donnie* then food may not be the best thing so soon - you need rest, fluids and light exercise until you feel stronger again

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: they will eat!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I can mostly walk now. Just not without some assistance.

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *glares at Baxter* only if you want him vomiting and possibly choking on it

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: vomit. yes yes....we can study that.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o Excuse me?!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: grrrrrrr!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: Erica! stop patching the red one up. you are wasting bandages and shit. he's getting gutted in an hour

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: There is only dental cement no bandages - >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi: no! no dissection - not yet!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: it's still a waste when he's only going to be cut in pieceses

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: .... I'll cut you into pieces

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: yes! yes yet! you worry about your own turtle, the red one is mine to do as I please.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Why cut up the turtle? He might have a pretty aura!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: he might...but I doubt it

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Because Stockass is evil

[Bookmark] Mikko: soon as Don post Bax will tell Erica that he plans on choping up Raph now

[Bookmark] Mikko: well not chopping up...not killing him. but expiermenting

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: It's not every day one hears of turtles with souls and auras...I gotta meet them! :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: well come to my lab!

[Bookmark] Candy: ? thought that was going to wait until after the breeding - cause such a thing will seriously hamper that programe

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
my new speed build on the sims 4 you can tell i'm not feeling well when I did the video: Small Cottage Speed BuildYouTube · 9:9 · 16 · 100%Feeling under the weather I finely getting a speed build done for you guys. Hope you enjoy my small cottage. Have a good day where ever you are. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Candy: ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don and the girl are breeding. so BAx doesn't need Raph for that anymore

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello [smile]


[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi : [smile] no we need them all [tongue] - gotta get hunter to catch other two [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: As soon as Don posts???

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes as soon as Don post

[Bookmark] Mikko: BAx is speaking to Don


[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Plan! Melissa rescues the magic turtles, and I stay home where it's safe. :3 *genius, I know*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *confused* I was the last one to post last night. Unless someone put something in after--oh.

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: keep up! lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks Rogue*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh sure I rescue them when that asshole experimented on me

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: isn't it funny how when you don't need a cat.. there's kittens EVERYWHERE! And when you oh so desperatly need one because you're suffocating without cat hair.. (yes, never thought I'd say that) there's none to be found...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I'm not an asshole! *punches Mel in the face to prove his point*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: You don't like my plan? [crying]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: we need a kitteh! stat!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhhahahaa sound plan [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. [frown] broken heart demands it

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I like that one with the big ears

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: me too

[Bookmark] Rogue: I wold name him Kylo Ren for sure ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: to bad you don't live here! the humane society has like 120 kittens to give away

[Bookmark] Rogue: I found a breeder in Vegas.. but that'll be a long trip

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh I'll take that trip wth you

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ROAD TRIP!

[Bookmark] Candy: no sorry Bax dissecting Raph will have to wait the Japanese want him and the Leo and Mikey too - watch out boys .... go fix Gabe whilst waiting [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah took awhile to find kittens and I had a cat but he was lonely

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooooooooooo can I come!

[Bookmark] Candy: ?

[Bookmark] Candy: please?! swear I fold up small!

[Bookmark] Rogue: our shelter only had grown cats.

[Bookmark] Mikko: can't fix Gabe till we do some kinda jump to the at least the next day

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, sure! ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not really

[Bookmark] Rogue: ah, gonna chop up Raph huh?

[Bookmark] Candy: though my ass is a giant bruise from the hard ride last night

[Bookmark] Rogue: ...kinkeh

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah not chop up. just poke him a little

[Bookmark] Rogue: warning.. he pokes back [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol yes well my Japs want him and will want BS too to fetch the others - handsome pay checks on the offer

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko is gonna go job hunting, run into Bones, hear about Bax and his fix it powers, tell Gabe, THEN Bax will fix Gabe

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Then come up with a better one! *suuuu assertive! - pats herself on back*

[Bookmark] Espionata: I know adult cats can be good pets when you them as adults but you better know what issues the cat has and how to handle it. I prefer to get a kitten they can be molded really easily

[Bookmark] Candy: Kinkeh! hehehe yes I caught the stallion

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You can come with me and help there's another girl that's being experimented on anyway

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: ok that's fine and all. and they can have the other two. but the red one is mine. to do what I need to do, lets not forget that I am the one who needed the turtle from the start.

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. that's why no adult cat for me. I have small critters that I need one to grow up around

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gambit never bothered any of my other critters, because I had him since he was 3 days old

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Same well I have an older cat but I didn't wanna stress him out with another adult cat

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi: then you can wait - and den be more turtles to experiment on [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Me? Go there? Eeeep...

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'd prefer to get one that needs bottle raising

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah not so easy is it?

[Bookmark] Rogue: time consuming.. but worth it in the long run

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwww I'm sure one that is perfect for you will show up.

[Bookmark] Candy: it will

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm good at getting a kitten at eight weeks

[Bookmark] Rogue: hopefully soon. honestly haven't slept since he died

[Bookmark] Rogue: maybe an hour here and there

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww? no rest last night?

[Bookmark] Alysson: Looking forward to post-upgrade Alyss! Maybe a bit yangire...? [twisted]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *snugs and gives you what ever is going on with me. then you can sleep while getting dressed*

[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom and her family had to take care of a litter of kittens because the mom their own cat died from an allergy to flea powder

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: no [frown] I think I finally dozed off at around 4 PM and had to get up at 5 to go see my grandmother. all the time in between that was spent in bed, but no sleep

[Bookmark] Rogue: watched all the batman movies though

[Bookmark] Rogue: and cried lots

Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: [frown] awwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's like a bad breakup that never ends

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooches*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs and smooches*

[Bookmark] Rogue: but never been this pathetic over a guy

[Bookmark] Rogue: only my varmits

[Bookmark] Candy: yes was about to saythis aint a guy - it's family!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I would just keep searching on Craig's list petfinder I found nothing just older kittens that had been feral and for months the same kittens

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: well guys suck. and not in a good way

[Bookmark] Mikko: not to say critters suck in a good way O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo hehehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: we are so corrupted

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. been searching craigslist. I found one that looked very close to gambit, but 4 months old and I don't know if I can handle one looking that closely like him. I already hear him.. that's bad enough

[Bookmark] Candy: and you will for long time

[Bookmark] Candy: *snuggles*

[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom's requirements was that the kitten had to be free because she thinks if your cat has an oops litter asking for money is silly lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: like tonight.. I'm very much aware that he's gone, but the first thing I did when I got home was went to the bathroom to let him out.. because I had to pt him in the bathroom when I leave, because he liked to knock stuff over

[Bookmark] Rogue: and chew on collectibles

[Bookmark] Rogue: and run around like a crazy person

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: like a naked crazy person

[Bookmark] Rogue: and smush is face in plastic bags

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aww

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww - I still clean Rebel's tact even though he is no longer around

[Bookmark] Rogue: seriously. sometimes it worried me his love with bags. he would rub his nose against them and make a farting noise.. and this would go on for hours

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: and I should be resizing to fit it to one of the others

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool cute

[Bookmark] Espionata: I sometimes look around for the dog and the old cat even though they've been both gone for a year

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I can't bring myself to reuse his stuff for a future kitty. i'll just feel wrong. so whenever I do find one, gonna go to petsmart

[Bookmark] Mikko: can see Mike doing that if he was put in one of the tanks. smushing his face against the glass

[Bookmark] Espionata: Three weeks apart they died at that

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe and will - my Japanese will want to catch them too

[Bookmark] Rogue: I had a video of him doing the bag thing, but think it got accidentally deleted [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I do have one of him being a creeper with my bras [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww nooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: gotta post that

[Bookmark] Mikko: post post!

[Bookmark] Espionata: The cat was just old and if she was alive she would've been 17 years old

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, will do soon

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe BS up for more turtle hunting Daichi wants to know

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS is always up for hunting [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax says if the japs want more turtles they have to find another place to put them

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I can RP for about two hours if peeps are game

[Bookmark] Espionata: She was a sweet old cat liked to steal food though

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS has a slaughterhouse they can keep them in [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: oh shut it Bax they'll pay you for use of lab [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: well, slaughterhouse turned hunting deal. still bloody and shit

[Bookmark] Mikko: all the man wanted was one turtle to play with!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: he can play later - serious business stuff first [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: sides he will be in trouble with Tiger Claw soon [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is serious to him. the japs will have their breeding thing with Don. and he will take Raph to open up

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is honestly so much stuff going on with and around BAx I do feel overwhlemed

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah he is a busy man

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had two plans. one, get Raph toys with him, and breed a turtle with the girl. things keep getting added and it's giving me a headache

[Bookmark] Rogue: well he can let the japs do their breeding thing and focus on TRYING to do whatever to Raph [tongue] and deal with the wrath of TC

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm game and already in the room

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah I'ma have to do that

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was hoping that we would have made it to the next day and had Gabe going to get fixed

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Raph still needs to do gross things to Bax too.. it's a winwin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: it'll happen soon enough [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: yes -

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: wil e in as soon as the friggin room loads for me

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: thats what I mean - his plans for Raph may be put back quiet a bit with handling TC - whose on business for Saki - and Gabe - so in the meantime let the Japs do their experiement - have rude ass turtle shenanigans and mean while BS goes hunting for the Mikey and Leo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: it keeps saying timed out.. can someone send me the link in here.. will see if that'll work

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey is actually looking forward to i t- he wont be an easy capture at all

[Bookmark] Candy:

[Bookmark] Mikko: so your plan is to have all the turtles caught? Bax only has two tanks

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I do not want to save them ALL! omg.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] or try to -

[Bookmark] Candy: we're talking the alpha turtle Leo here [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: and the crazy ass Mikey

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: no one is catching me. I'm too quick. *chops the air with his hands*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehehe see?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: -.-

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *grins* this gonna be fun [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz: *battle cry and rushes in to save the day* AHOIHOIHSFOIAFIOAHFADFB <---battle cry

[Bookmark] Alysson: Espi, while they do their story, wanna do the Mel and Lydia thread for a little bit? I can help you a bit, if you've still got writers block.

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahhaa nice battle cry

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *introduces TC to Love* great you two go make kittens bye bye.

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Candy: lol your just trying to distract him from telling the Shredder what you spent his money on [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: here's my website:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Sure

[Bookmark] Mikko: cooooool

[Bookmark] Candy: thank you [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I spent his money on testing a means to make Shredder live forever!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Cool! I got a website toooo~ :3

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Aly could cozplay a good April.

[Bookmark] Alysson: :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okay! So, what are you stuck on, Espi?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mainly just stuck on figuring out what Mel is gonna do at the moment lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Well...if you semi-timeskip, you can go ahead and just have Mel in her apartment. Knowing her, she'd probably want to leave. If she makes enough noise somehow, knocking something over or whatever, Lydia would hear and probably be curious enough to peek out and see.

[Bookmark] Mikko: mel would have been sent to a fully furnished apartment and handed a few thousand dollars

[Bookmark] Espionata: An apartment that after what happened no one in their right mind wants nor the money

[Bookmark] Espionata: true

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Seriously I can't be payed off

[Bookmark] Mikko: after Aly is done Mel will have a roommate

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss probably won't want to stick around, though. Better things to do~ [twisted]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: Just wait...the Purple Dragons will FALL.

[Bookmark] Mikko: they kinda already did

[Bookmark] Alysson: She doesn't know that.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Huns still alive, though. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Yeah Hun is alive

[Bookmark] Mikko: alive-ish

[Bookmark] Alysson: Alyss: Not for long. [twisted]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi: You're welcome.

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm really sleepy...Mel can go ahead and post. Lydia shall respond in the morning. Good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: night night Aly *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: eeeep.. .omg!

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: nght *hufs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I think I just melted

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's like a cute alien cat

[Bookmark] Rogue: what you huffin'? I may need some [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kittens are so cute

[Bookmark] Mikko: TITTY ATTACK!!!!!!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im gonna be a bit distracted tonight. gonna try and start to build Gilmore Girls home on the show on my game

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Eze gave in! he now approves of the foot members!

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm waiting for Bax to start beating his chest. "MY HOUSE! BITCH! MY HOUSE! YOU WANNA BEEF! YOU WANNA BEER WITH ME!?

[Bookmark] Mikko: beer? lol I need one of those too

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: and dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: glad Eze finally sees the light [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ll

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes he does

[Bookmark] Rogue: and I know he misses Gabe.. but sure Laz will step up until he returns [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze just feels a little lost

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: *squeeeeeeeezes Eze and smooches his cheek* Heeeeey I think I loooove yoooou... so what'you so afraid ooooof.. *high as shit*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! Daichi be like no american beer icky

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: oooh this is getting hawt! stick it in the butt!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Eze: O.O

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: o.O The fuck you say.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *tucks his tail up* that sounds awful [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you can stick it in my butt! ^^what what in the butt!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Baxter always stays polite

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] good - Daichi says dont make him go over your head to Saki cause he will and then you miss out of profits you could have kept and not shared with Saki [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe can picture those two swatting at each other in one of those sissy fights [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I AM THE GREAT BAXTER STOCKMAN! I AM A GOD! so fuck you.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe yeah no the Japs want a hord of turtle lings - for military experiementation mostly - so they'll insist Raph be kept alive and in reach of their use for three weeks side it gives the others time to learn where their brothers are and plan a rescue [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: they'll be blown away by Slash when they see him and want to engage baxter in cloning him -

[Bookmark] Candy: ... thats went a turtle meat market will occurr to them seeing how immense Slash is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor slash

[Bookmark] Candy: yes - not him... his clones... and or offspring -

[Bookmark] Rogue: speaking of slash.. *goes to reset password*

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah I had no intent to off raph. BAx would like to keep him alive too.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna head off for the night guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: see you tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: but Bax getting mutagen from a turtle is important foooooooooor Gabe's recovery

[Bookmark] Candy: good [big grin] they need the red for an experiment they got in mind to increase yeild of 'products' ... especially as they only got one female turtle and trying to breed her with all the males will inevitably narrow genetics thanks to her being the only 'mother' [wink] - yes! need that mutagen

Mikko: mutagen the cure all for everything!

[Bookmark] Mikko: he used all his instock mutagen on Aly and Mel

[Bookmark] Candy: gah trying to play three business minded mean Japanese blokes is hard - but trying to picture how seriously they would take this [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *walks in speaking their native language shaking her tits and ass for em* ^^ my Japanese know how is useful now!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha - so be nice if bax could return the red to the tanks after wards - the Japs wont take him anywhere - actually their too afraid to approach him and his tank [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: pmed you Spash's new password, candy

[Bookmark] Rogue: sent it to Ee's account

[Bookmark] Rogue: slash!!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! thank you - yes this trip with Bonesteel Ee intends to pick up the slash - will need his humvee - Slash is a big turtle [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *pats Raph's head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax is trying to be nice to erica. so sweet. romance in the air!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe she's being nice back - after all he paid her well enough...

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi: we not pay her - she will willingly sign away her rights as a human and be ours! mwhahahaha! *chokes on one of those freaking bugs that flew into his mouth*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: ok. I might not be the nicest person in the world. and I do some questionable things often. but no one uses my people! I will cut you.

[Bookmark] Candy: Daichi: [big grin] but den you no need pay her no more - she work, take care of beasts, be at beck and call and no pay her a cent [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol see? asshole

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: I have no issues paying her. she does good work, she deserves to be payed well.

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: I will eat your face, Douche.

[Bookmark] Mikko: who's seen the new suicide squad trailer? it looks awesome

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm face - with bbq sauce

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: but not a human - that would be gross ! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah when I wrote more human I was like...that sounds bad

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Don! eat this human!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: I imagine it's be the same reaction as Raph has to bugs - like WTF! no way!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ... at least he wont be stamping on them like Raph would bugs -

[Bookmark] Mikko: unless the humans are zombies!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: oh... yeah he can stamp those [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: speaking of zombies. are the turtles in the sewers or above ground in the zombie game

[Bookmark] Candy: back in the sewers - Mikey pulled the crazy Leo down before the horde in the alley pounced on him and ate him [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I...don't even know anymore. I know Don and Raph are underground.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay mikey the hero!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: we have to save the people! There's some chick fighting a horde while her group look on drooling.

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: yep the Hero! hehhee Don worried fro Rap - Ee will check on him in a moment - AlyssAngel and Mikey all standing about looking cool with the Leo and all [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: For * Raph* lol fingers

[Bookmark] Espionata: ;p;

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: back

[Bookmark] Candy: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Candy: oh man milking Raph of his mutagen right now - they'll also get some LH mutagen [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: thats interesting - results with that mix will be.... volatile?

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: we'll find out when it goes into Gabe!

[Bookmark] Mikko: along with the X-men like metal that will cover his bones

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gabe! the new wolverine!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: O.O I don't swing that way!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I wonder if all this will make sex better in some way....time to experiment!

[Bookmark] Candy: oh it definitely will - with a double dose of mutant male mutagen [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: it'll also probably make him more likely to sleep with other hotties. and it wont help that Eze, Laz and Gabe are going to go out for a boys night out at the strip clubs!

[Bookmark] Candy: and two.... very alpha type males.... Raphael and Leatherhea d [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm the hottest hottie he's gonna get!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! yes I'd image he's find his.... heightened smell very distracting

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Candy: sense of*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Lexi: a boys night out, huh? Laz better behave [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Gabe, however, will not. unfortunately

[Bookmark] Mikko: Laz: of course! *gives Gabe the I'm watching you look*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: keep him in line, Laz!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ... Ee has not eaten since Raph's pasta bake [tongue] I just realised [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man she needs foodz

[Bookmark] Candy: lol has not had the chance to - dealing with the men she works with and Red patching [big grin] hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: say that word five times fast ...

[Bookmark] Candy: Dexmedetomidine

[Bookmark] Candy: Dexmedetomidine

[Bookmark] Candy: Dexmedetomidine

[Bookmark] Candy: heheheh

[Bookmark] Candy: Dexmedetomidine

[Bookmark] Mikko: I WANNA FLUFFY GOAT!

[Bookmark] Candy: Dexmedetomidine!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's what I'mma name my kid

[Bookmark] Mikko: Dex for short

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: she has no idea if that is what Bonesteel is using but whatever it's her best guess

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *comes swinging in like spider man* I'm here to save you turtles! and i brought drugs! drugs for all! oh and some beer for Raph.

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe she'll ask

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *cant fight the geek mode* Dexmedetomidine, also known as trade names Precedex and Dexdor is an anxiolytic, sedative, and analgesic medication, similar to clonidine, it is an agonist of α 2 adrenergic receptors in certain parts of the brain and notable for its ability to provide sedation without risk of respiratory depression, unlike other sedatives such as propofol, fentanyl, and midazolam and can provide cooperative or semi-arousable sedation.

[Bookmark] Mikko: does any of Don's trinkets have the ablity to be tracked?

[Bookmark] Candy: yes but he buried them

[Bookmark] Mikko: ah yes.

[Bookmark] Mikko: like a little doggie

[Bookmark] Candy: and Ee's phone is off -

[Bookmark] Mikko: mei practicing those egg digging skillz

[Bookmark] Candy: though Leatherhead has a rough idea where they are... he briefly visited the outside of the labs to give Erica blood for Raph

[Bookmark] Candy: that will soon be filtered for mutagen

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooh

[Bookmark] Mikko: mayperhaps I'll make a post for Bax taking mutagen and scanning Raph then bringing him back to his tank with his own pizza and soda

[Bookmark] Mikko: tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: it is tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: no it isn't

[Bookmark] Mikko: almost tomorrow

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Ee can help with all that - then she got other chores to do [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's really embarrassed right now.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Candy: can probably tell him a lot of stuff about the scan - thanks to Leatherhead and Slash she knows a lot of mutant turtle/ gator biology

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh yes! I forgot about erica coming in. ok Raph wount be put back yet, I'll let Erica come in and help with the scans

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww don't be embarassed Don [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol she will - and even offer to put him back like a good intern

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: to make up for being a prat earlier

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I have two girls in my tank that can do so much more than I can right now. >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: ... no not really so she can assure Raph recieves the very best of her care [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh two girls in the tank.

[Bookmark] Candy: I read that wrong - further showing how corrupt I am

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! yeah Mikko thats where my mind went [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: *lowers the lights and puts on mood music*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *face palms.... her player*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o I...I can't even do that right now. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: ow - hey! *pouts*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! ya no need do anything thats what they for [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o What?!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: brb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: ooooh for the love of.... whatever - *duct tapes Players mouth shut* don't worry about it Don shes crazy

[Bookmark] Mikko: HA!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ...what the hell you scannin' me for? -.-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: he wants to see what your insides look like?

[Bookmark] Mikko: tumors

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe okay Ee is on her way to room 206 - sorry Venus Don yous are for the moment on ya own -

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh that's just yer head

[Bookmark] Candy: lol! head!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... ave you started a thread for that or did you want me too?

[Bookmark] Candy: have*

[Bookmark] Mikko: thread for whhhhhhaaaaaat?

[Bookmark] Candy: room 206?

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaa... coul dbe a horror movie title

[Bookmark] Mikko: we need a new thread for that? I was just gonna post it in the thread we're in now

[Bookmark] Candy: Room 206

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think it is a horror movie title

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah no. I was going to post in the same thread

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't need a bunch of threads running around

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: those threads them - like kids - all over the place]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's a drama

[Bookmark] Candy: well you still up for rping a bit of it then? your still in the rp room as Baxter -

[Bookmark] Mikko: nope! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heading to bed. need sleep

[Bookmark] Mikko: but I will post for him tomorrow if the log is up

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: sounds good

[Bookmark] Mikko: don't want to post that before the log, that wouldn't make sense

[Bookmark] Mikko: Also MM Leo needs to post in the cabin, the kids want their toys!

[Bookmark] Candy: yes

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *snuggles*

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa oh he and Ee will

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: ... after they finish snogging [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: night guys *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: NIght *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm off here, too. Night.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty [wink] and night night to all [big grin] *hugs hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 200 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: very empty tonight

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 199 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 11:58 pm

pt 39

Candy: mmEe: *takes hand and tugs him to her* [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: Around the kids? What are you thinking?! >​ : (

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: clearly I'm thinking I want to be high

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: Then get out!

[Bookmark] Candy: okay iZEe just tried to give Leo and whom ever is going with him some zombie avoiding advice

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i have that currently but you've got to wait till the following spet to get a full season

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: amazon you get the following day

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: you can't kick me out.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im on skype

[Bookmark] Kitteh: MM Leo: Try me. >​ : (

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he could - but she might be like big bang theories stewart and keep coming back lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko is the drunk aunt that randomly comes over with lots of gifts

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihihihihihihihi​hihihihihi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: BRB!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHH​HH!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha funny Bonesteel [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: need food

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mikko. You got PM, yo

[Bookmark] Mikko: WOOOOOOOO PMS!!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: see if she can tease some more - and offer food in exchange for a ride [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: pms! lol the Ee will be doing that some time soon too

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I was like I don't see it! then I realized I was not on Mikko's account

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: responded like a boss!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I had to give Arthas his pill. he seen the box and ran for cover. then he seen the pill and tried to hid his face under my pillow. it was adorable

[Bookmark] Candy: me too! lol there Ee offered Bonesteel a dinner in return for a ride ....

[Bookmark] Candy: ... man that could have been taken as an innuendo

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: she's not even bothering to pretend no more with him

[Bookmark] Candy: too tired [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] see treats him like a dad work colleague [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: TRAITOR!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: LH: *shrugs* I know mind - always said she could tells others about me [big grin] - at her discretion of course

[Bookmark] Candy: no*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee hey never know might work in her favor some time to have some sort of rapport with the hunter - even if they'll never be boob buddies.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: BOOBS!

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: WHERE?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: HERE! *flashes*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: aaack! hey I was hoping they be Ally's [big grin] *covers eyes with bandana*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: awwwwwww yer allowed to look, just not touch

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: no! I am a good turtle!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol just reminded me of a house elf [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey is a good mutant turtle!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: *flashes Mikey* [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ....*flashes everyone* -.-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Avert your eyes! >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *is pretty much always flashing people sense she wears no cloths*

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: WOOOOOOOOOO! hehhee oh we doing this now? *flashes too!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *trips over and disappears behind couch* whoa!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... should not distract her like that when walking [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *ninja vanishes with the Ee* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie says he will be back in chatzy once his player is free of the weekly doubles

[Bookmark] Rogue: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: Oo well that escalated quickly -... but good idea! [twisted] *grabs Ally and ninja vanish! OO realised brother is there and instead goes to room*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol dawww if Shaya April is not in I shall be the mmApril

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: [lovestruck]

[Bookmark] Rogue: don't.. get him started [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee Ee swears to Bonesteel her GranGrans cooking is second to none - cause she aint had Mikey's [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: April: eeeeeeeee the cute Donnie! *glomps*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: granted this April thinks all Dons are adorable - just his gap tooth and lankiness is more so [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Mel postie yet~? :3

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, daww

[Bookmark] Mikko: ALY! *tackles*

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: *snuuuuugs* ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: April: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel is passed out in front of her door

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not yet lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Oh dear! Does she need help?! I can call the hospital!

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: No hospital can't be in one because of Stockass

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Why?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He experimented on me

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Sounds...unfortunate. I know a really nice nurse - I'm sure she wouldn't care! :3 But you're not actually​ver mind!

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM Mikko: *slips in MM Don's bed and molest*

[Bookmark] Candy: ahhhhhhhhhh!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Oh people would care and it lead to more experiments

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: You're too paranoid. Nice adults exist, you know!!

[Bookmark] April: hay

[Bookmark] Rogue: MMDonnie: O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Ever see a cybernetic leg with green stuff flowing through it?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Here, Leo... *snorts*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: No. Why? Should I have?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: that was a wild ride!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: If other people see that and are crazy like Stockass I would be experimented on or worse

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww lookit Bebe's wittle tail!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol it looked like fun -

[Bookmark] Candy: Elena: dawwww Mr. PurplePumba is hugging Mr. Turtle!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Well I know people that aren't crazy! There's a lot of nice people at the hospital!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol mmApril get in there and fight for ya man girl!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: And this.. was a wild ride ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] April: mm April: wait what?

[Bookmark] April: I just woke up form a nap!

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: dude aint living that down huh? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww good nap?

[Bookmark] Candy: mmMikko is molesting your turtle - get her! lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Ee is gonna get in the humvee and miss the tiny in comparison size of her inherited flower power volkswagen [tongue]

[Bookmark] April: most the day. I sprained my nap on Sunday. I am still headachy and DARN Sore.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: There's more to it than that I can't trust other people that don't see this stuff. Ever watch movies?

[Bookmark] Candy: too bad it is faaaaaaaar to small for Slash to ride in - he'd squish it

[Bookmark] April: sprained my neck

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: dammmmmn

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Sure, I like movies. Especially Disney ones!! But...I still don't get your problem. Not everybody is Mr. Stockman!​vies aren't exactly real.

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *staying in ninja vanish spot cause legs no longer working*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehehhe

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Watch X-Men sometime then because that will show you what I'm trying to tell you

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *the whole room is a rockin'* [twisted]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *lays on Gabe and snoozes*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *love bite attacks spot to turn the tables and make his legs jelly!*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: she small but knows whats she doing [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha I have got to stop editing the MW post [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: there I'll stop now [wink] hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: this is where save a horse, ride a mutant turtle would be appropriate to sing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *complete jelly*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: *and proceeds to ride the great green red wearing mate of hers like the stallion he is!*

[Bookmark] Candy: see? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: *giggling so hard others keep checking she's not choking*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: this photo sold for a million dollars

[Bookmark] Espionata: I want pancakes but don't have any maple syrup >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: ... is that a potato?

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes

[Bookmark] Alysson: It's no ordinary potato... It is ART!

[Bookmark] Candy: potARTo?

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: see tired Ee is best to pump info from - she just gives it away [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: In Singapore, the dead only stay in their graves for 15 years.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: .... then what they do with them?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: the family either pays more rent. for the rest of their lives, or the dead person moves in with a living relative, or the dead person gets thrown away

[Bookmark] Alysson: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: they do that in New Orleans too. some times you just rent a grave for a few years

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Uhhhhhh...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: other times, multiple people can buy the same the grave and they bury people on top of each other

[Bookmark] Candy: well... bet that makes interest death day party conversation which ghosts

[Bookmark] Mikko: Japan has a vending machine for everything! kinda nsfw

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's a different approach for getting a prostitute...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Candy: I'd say ...

[Bookmark] Rogue: IZRaph: Leo.. move faster or I'm gonna puke on you.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed now, good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe pink puke of doom

[Bookmark] Mikko
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[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: wtf?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Gabe! we should have sex in the putty tub!

[Bookmark] Mikko: that would be so horrible!

[Bookmark] Candy: snorted with laughter at that one

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehe you find the weirdest shit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's a gift

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] I'd say

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Rogue: Simon says- DEAL! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww. old puppeh

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: yay! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: put some cloths on, woman! lol erica running around with strange attractive men half naked

[Bookmark] Candy: hey she has the dress still on!

Candy: ... okay so like the skirt from the mid thigh down is not Raph's ... blinkers for lack of a better term

[Bookmark] Candy: now*

[Bookmark] Candy: so it's torn, blood stained and little hard bits of white all over - but she dressed! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol aint you got a dad lookin for ya [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: white hard bits uh?

[Bookmark] Candy: ... dental cement !

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] April left the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: and good thing Raph doesn't know BS is near her

[Bookmark] Candy: there may be other white bits later...

[Bookmark] Rogue: ..wherever he's at [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: he's in some room being mutagen milked

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's getting scanned. was going to bring him back to his tank after Don and V talk for a bit

[Bookmark] Rogue: and his whole waking up is NOT gonna be pretty

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: oooooooo - gettin territorial Red? [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: heyo wb shy

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ....maybe. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol hi ho BS Humvee!

[Bookmark] Candy: like took her three tries to get in lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: I scent marked her so... MINE. -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: she is a clutz

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: you peed on her?

[Bookmark] Candy: she's wearing his rag - subconciously declaring hte same thing [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ...pee on her? Is that what it takes?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes. you must pee on her!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's the law of the jungle

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Maybe that's where I messed up in the zombie world ...hmm...

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: -_- Let's not.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: O.o *gets a rain coat, because figures Mikey will take t hat to heart*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: -_- Let's not.

[Bookmark] Mikko: this baby os hard core

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Eww

[Bookmark] Candy Mikey: *thought about it*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: she is ready BS! belt on and all - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have to head to bed. early doctor appointment in the mooooorning! do not wanna go. it's just a check up on the breasticals

[Bookmark] Mikko: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night ngiht *hugs* luck!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *hopes Venus isn't expecting him to do that* -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night! *hugs* Luck!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe the ochatzy Ee makes sure she has a healthy coating of Raph musk [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe not pee but close enough

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol aint you got a dad looking for you? still makes me laugh - maybe Hank should make a brief cameo when they go get dinner -

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus: [blushing] ​ *figures D is too much of a gentleman, even if that's how it was actually done!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh

[Bookmark] Candy: He may have a heart attack thinking the wrong thing seeing her as she is with a much older dude [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: that'll be interesting [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ... he's going to anyways when he learns she gave away the trinkets [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee it will be

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: No cradles were robbed ...promise... -.-

[Bookmark] Candy: he will make a brief cameo later when they go for food

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *knows she has seen him pee in a bottle -- is that close enough* [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *sighs* this is what happens when ya the dad of a teen girl! *points at the grey hairs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: a cheeky, stubborn... too much like her mother teen girl!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus: *definitely the closest she's ever been to someone! Never saw her 'dad' pee or anything*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: At least you're an actual dad

[Bookmark] Candy: oh poor Don and Ven - so awwwwwkward - Erica could not care if Raph peed in front or on her - in fact she does not intend to sleep at home - but change, feed BS and go back to the tanks

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: and might risk poking the bear to wake him to eat, drink and yep go loo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *glares at BS* no robbing? *just to be sure*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *it's the most humiliating because his legs don't work yet* >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww poor don

[Bookmark] Candy: then the trinkets he is gonna freak [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus: *knows his pride took a hit. Snugs him* ^^ It is alright. I am certain that we have all peed in bottles... once upon a time.. *never even seen a bottle before now.. but trying to make him feel better*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: Nope. Just Donnie. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: have you ever tried that as a human girl? very difficult to manage.... *maybe admitting she'd had cause to try it once*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *will just... piss wherever. No shame*

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: *snugs* ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha sounds like Mikey - fuck it got to go

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: It's insanitary, guys. >​.< Especially in an enclosed space. -_-

[Bookmark] Candy: not sure she would admit such a thing to BS but he'll soon learn in this tired, clutzy state she is sooo easy to get secrets out of [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: .... someone on TV said urine is sterile....

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh

[Bookmark] Kitteh Don: Fresh urine is.

[Bookmark] Candy: yep [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus; *quirks an eyeridge at the Red one* Would you drink it?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ..pfft. Hell no.

[Bookmark] Candy: some things she wont talk about - Raph's spot cause he told her to keep it just between them

[Bookmark] Rogue: Venus: ..then perhaps you should not live in it...

[Bookmark] Candy: Leatherhead though said he'd not mind

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: but right now - other than the location of LH's den she'd talk about [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: [wink] *snogs red*

[Bookmark] Candy: mostly human hehhee like April Erica rather thinks her GranGran is a honey badger in human skin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: and Arpil.... most certainly is - wait to Dona nd Raph can have bro time and Raph hears April went all RedStyle and tried to murder Love [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee will put the brothers together for some time together - so she and Venus can have girl time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yay ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off for the night guys *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: When Don's legs work and Raph is feeling somewhat more stronger with LH - possibly Slash blood in his system [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] well she's got to find a way to make Venus comfortable with her entirely - if she's to try and protect her choices in regards to being bred

[Bookmark] Rogue: gaaah. poor raph. he's not even gonna be able to look at Donnie

[Bookmark] Candy: - yep thats why they need bro time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: almost done with the tank sketches - will post em up laters tonight ... um should I put them in the threads the tanks are featured in or in the Niche?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don says he's not angry at Raph.

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe might have to take a Mikey approach to big brother Don - tackle glomp the crap out of him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o He might pummel me. >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: ... he didn't pummel me [big grin] and we all know I deserve the most pummelling most of the time [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: polyester girl - so shiny!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He doesn't mind being glomped

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Yes, that is true, Mikey.

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: this is sappy mush bro stuff - just let it happen ya know ya both need it [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for the BS

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I want him to open up to me.

[Bookmark] Rogue: and you can post the sketches in the niche ^^ will make it easier to find for those that are curious

[Bookmark] Rogue: and he will.. he'll blubber big time

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's afraid more than anything that he's pushed Donnie away.. especially if he finds out that Don knows about love

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: and April almost killed Love -

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'll post for Don pretty soon. brb

[Bookmark] Candy: okay Ee will spill about LH attack on her at twelve - dude she knows about the instincts

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: -.- See, dangerous.

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: humans are more dangerous

[Bookmark] Candy: posted hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: she's seeing if she can shock him a little by telling him - and that she and Leatherhead still friends [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: normally she'd not have told him that one but - tired and a total klutz thanks to it is far to open for her own good [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Back

[Bookmark] Candy: maybe she'll show him one of the scars she got from the attack [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: on the back of her shoulder

[Bookmark] Candy: WB!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, quick question about the bottles Erica left. Are they empty?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yes just recycled ones from the bins - ... there may be the odd dribble or mouthful left in a few but mostly empty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Great. >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: she says pee freely o might Don! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: [blushing] ​ >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: mmmmm like that siggy

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for bonehead

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted for Don. lol He's denying the intended use for those bottles. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: bonehead lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwwww Donnie

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: No, no, no, no, and no! >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhaahaha oh Bonehead she's just getting started - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe yep

[Bookmark] Candy: that poor man - now he has an inkling what her father puts up with

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahah there - blush more bonehead

[Bookmark] Candy: uh BS

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa shy Donnie - don't make Erica come back and have to sit there making water sounds or describing water sounds [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... she will!

[Bookmark] Candy: I warn ya!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: and BS is like [surprised] .O oooookay

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaa -

[Bookmark] Candy: ... maybe she's the honey badger in human skin?

[Bookmark] Candy: had to edit a tiny bit but done and so funny

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off. dang doubles. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: will see ya'll tomorrow night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: night night [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: think mmLeo dodged a bullet in regards to that mmEe is not so geeky [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] hehehe signing off this one *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs to Rogue*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 198 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi!

Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Still writer blocked on post Espi?

[Bookmark] Candy: How are yous both?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah I have an idea for a post but it's the kind that refuses to be written annoying [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Alright hungry >​>​

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *waves*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mmm good, well try to force the bugger into submission, Lydia been waiting so patiently and all [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I will lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe [wink] *waves back*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: watching legends of tomorrow so slow replies right now

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihhihih

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb Candy

[Bookmark] Candy: ty [wink] hehehhe

[Bookmark] Candy: got Chatzy chewed

[Bookmark] Candy: Probably grape flavored

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mmmmmm

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm putting Raph all over my lips!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he taste like fruit punch

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What flavor is he?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Makes sense. [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and makes my lips soooo smooooooth

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was going to try Mike. but I'm not to sure about a pizza flavor lip balm

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Eww

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: they should have made him orange flavored

[Bookmark] Candy: Or mango

[Bookmark] Mikko: Splinter is chocolate

[Bookmark] Candy: mannnnngo

[Bookmark] Candy: lol chocolate!

[Bookmark] Mikko: man go where?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: tangerine? [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Or peach?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Kumquat! lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mike IS a kumquat

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love is getting a little friendly with Slash

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's a cat they do that lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he sits still enough she'll start bathing him

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy: Kumquat! Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Slash be uneasy with that

[Bookmark] Espionata: The kittens will be a year old next month OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: they grow so fast

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol Slash will be uneasy with a lot of things Love might do to him

[Bookmark] Espionata: They do

[Bookmark] Espionata: The female still has a kitten look to her and always will

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: *kidnaps the kittens*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *kidnaps Rogue*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *renames Rogue Mis muffens*

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: how are yooooou?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: I has three kittens ..O.O lol.. so I'm good?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You do?! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: KITTIES!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kittens!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep. bottle babes. Mom got killed

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww poor kitties

[Bookmark] Mikko: but yay new kitties!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gonna keep 'em all or just one and find homes for the others when they're old enough?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kittens are like potato chips can't just have one

[Bookmark] Rogue: only keeping one and will find homes once the other two are ready.

[Bookmark] Rogue: History seems to be repeating itself

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want one!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: when I got gambit, he was in a litter of three...

[Bookmark] Mikko: I will name her miss muffens

[Bookmark] Rogue: he was the sick one, so I kept him...

[Bookmark] Rogue: there is a sick one now

[Bookmark] Rogue: on meds

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: and it seems to have chosen me

[Bookmark] Espionata: History does repeat at times

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It's fate! [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves* im back

[Bookmark] Espionata: How old are they?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: was watching a show on amazon

[Bookmark] Rogue: 2 1/2 weeks, so not too terribly tiny

[Bookmark] Rogue: they eat like champs

[Bookmark] Espionata: So they have a better chance in surviving

[Bookmark] Rogue: two are colored like Gambit

[Bookmark] Espionata: But hard to tell the sex at that age

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: PICTURES!!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooh. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: the little female is tricolor

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: Except for the tricolor you can tell then lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: will be posting pics soon ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: take a road trip here and gimmie a kitty ^^ I'll trade you with...uh.............we​'ll go pick out a gator for you

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yay! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: no trade, I'd give you one [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^ YAY

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Are the female kitten's colors bold or soft?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: just watched legends of tomorrow it was very good

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooo

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm really hoping to find someone willing to bottle feed that would be interested, because I'm already getting attached, and I can't have three cats [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: bold, but not enough to be considered a calico

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: I would but to far away and I would get attatched

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehhee slightly uneasy Slash - close physical contact he ain't used too... Close contact between him and Leatherhead usually triggers their desire to fight about whose the boss - even if their friends lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: they're all really sweet. one of them has Gambit's personality. really naughty

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I have three cats lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: the sick one is a total sweetheart. purrs all the time

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: That one is gonna be a love bug

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I can't get out of his sight. really clingy

[Bookmark] Mikko: what's his name?

[Bookmark] Candy: nawwww momma boy kitty?

[Bookmark] Rogue: haven't named him yet

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: whats up all

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: Man even the kittens aren't like that and the male is a love bug pet him and he purrs but he leaves after awhile

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Kitties! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Slash okay with Squirt touch, but she knows when he's had enough and backs of lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: The female though if she sleeps with someone good luck movinglol

[Bookmark] Candy: Kittehs!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I was thinking about naming him Solo after Han Solo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think you should stick with the x-men theme names.

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: nightcrawler!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww, that's what my friend's boyfriend named his cat. lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: BABY! *hugs Aly*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Mikko: solo or nightcrawler?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: *hugs* [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Solo. [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: well I wanted to name one Deadpool.... but there are no nice nicknames that comes from that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Name one Leo [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ahs

[Bookmark] Espionata: Leo does mean lion [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: rawr, baby.

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've had a Leo before.. don't like reusing names

[Bookmark] Rogue: he was a lamb ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: an awesome lil lamb that thought he was a dog

[Bookmark] Rogue: had to rehome him because the neighbors dogs kept getting after him [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and he needed a flock

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Alysson: Aww!

[Bookmark] Mikko: you need to live away from other people

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, I really so

[Bookmark] Rogue: do*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I want a little female kitten, I would name her Sylvanas. who is an undead elf in WoW. queen of the undead!

[Bookmark] Mikko: because Arthas is named after an undead king in wow. so I would want to stick with the theme

[Bookmark] Espionata: If you get a tortie they have an attitude for some reason lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not all of them do. I had a sweetheart.

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw, well this lil female would be perfect for you [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mine is a bit more wild than her brother lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Nawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: But she had to be she was the runt lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah, a lot of them are, but I had a tortie growing up that was a lover

[Bookmark] Espionata: Before the tortie had a calico sweet kitty

[Bookmark] Espionata: She got more affectionate as she got older

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: what kind of cat did you want to get Rogue

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although every time my boyfriend was petting her she would wrap her paws around his arm and rabbit kick him while purring Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: *humming*

[Bookmark] Rogue: want? I wanted an oriental.. but I've always been a 'kitty in need' person [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: just domestic short hairs

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool. was trying to tell my friend what it was but couldn't remember the name of it

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she said cats should be free

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or under 50 dollars

[Bookmark] Mikko: I would love one of those hairless cats

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love wants to dance for Slash

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ever see Venus the two faced cat?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes I have

[Bookmark] Candy: Pthat may frighten him lol

[Bookmark] Espionata
Venus the Chimera kitty playing on cat condo.... CUTEST VIDEO YET!YouTube · 1:11 · 228K · 100% This is Venus playing with her "brother" Mojo & "sister" Ginger on their new cat tower/condo. She's a sweet as can be and the smallest by far but you'll see that she IS indeed the alpha in the pack Wink Want to see her soft affectionate side?? Click this link for her newest video....SO SWEET! [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Candy: Chimerism!

[Bookmark] Candy: he'll be looking forward to going into captivity as Ee's beast lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least it's not a literal two faced cat she's so cute

[Bookmark] Candy: had very little contact with females - not entirely sure what to make of them [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: fullmetal alchemist stuff right there

[Bookmark] Candy: and Ee is not a good example, she's weird

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, Rogue. I edited Don's post to include the invitation for her to come and live with them if she wanted to. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: nawwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: what!? how come I couldn't live with you?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I love Fullmetal

[Bookmark] Candy: cause Splinter don't like you?lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: You're crazy

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Oh, boy...

[Bookmark] Candy: or at least don't trust her

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Uh...well...because of your history.


[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: V: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah when Love and Don talk, or...Don talk Love will sadly will be depressing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I'm not even thinking about that right now. -_- *needs to get out of current predicament first*

Candy: Hehehe Slash is thinking same thing

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: ... Where do I run? Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: well Erica seems to rather flirt with the hunter then go tell the others where their brothers are

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: TRAITOR!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe Ee text him to come meet her and BS and he'll run [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: am not flirting! We debating tamability of mutant beings...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: nuuuuuu don't leave meeeeeeeeee I'll only get myself in trouble!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: or mutant rights?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Slash is scarier than Raph? lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *follows Slash around*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol Ee says you ever tried breaking a fight between Slash and Leatherhead? Than you know real fear... That they may kill each other... Lol though debatably seeing Raph almost kill himself was more terrifying to her than a horde of clowns

[Bookmark] Mikko: Rogue wasn't here when I shared my plot with Love. I don't think. I was thinking of having a bored Love come across the foot towers out door garden, which would lead her to sneak inside the tower. and...go from there.

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol [wink] cat woman style

[Bookmark] Mikko: yesh!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted pics of the babies on my fb. not good pics because they're sleeping.. but t'll give you an idea of their cuteness

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: ooooh look at all the stuff! *grabs sword off the wall and swings it around*

[Bookmark] Espionata: link?

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: Oooh furr babies!

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe. that scar on my knee in that one pic is from Gambit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Need link [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol nawww momento

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol shy Slash [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep. I wear it proudly [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have one on my ankle too

[Bookmark] Mikko: someone give poor Espi a link to the kittey

[Bookmark] Rogue: he never meant it. just sometimes he'd freak out from a nightmare and take it out on me

[Bookmark] Rogue: hang on..

[Bookmark] Espionata: poor kitty

[Bookmark] Rogue: the sick baby

[Bookmark] Rogue: the other two

[Bookmark] Rogue: if those don't work, I'll be posting them and better pics on the forum soon

[Bookmark] Alysson: The links don't work... :/

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okie~

[Bookmark] Mikko: they don't work if you don't have facebook I think

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kay

[Bookmark] Alysson: I have facebook - I just don't have any of you as friends on there.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Probably why

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwww~ So cute!

[Bookmark] Rogue: add us [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have my stuff viewable to friends only because of psycho guys

[Bookmark] Mikko: ADD MEEEEEE

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm not sure I'm allowed to add people that I don't personally know... :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww understandable

[Bookmark] Rogue: awww, yeah, totally understand that [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww you know us. [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: add us on the down low

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't use facebook lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: whhhhhyyyyyyy

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe shy Slash - def be looking forward to a ride

[Bookmark] Alysson: I need to go to bed, good night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe maybe at the catch sight there should be a clown of some sort.. Old statue or stuffie - just to freak Ee out lol

[Bookmark] Candy: might wake her up a little

[Bookmark] Espionata: Night

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not interested lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I seriously didn't think I'd like fb either. Never was into the social media thing, but friends twisted my arm and now I love it

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!

[Bookmark] Rogue: great way to stay connected to people.. even find old friends and make new ones

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: i only use it to chat to you guys lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's bad that I don't wanna move.. would have to disturb the lil sleepyhead

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's making lil smacking noises in his sleep ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: DAWWWWWWWWW

[Bookmark] Mikko: love posted

[Bookmark] Candy: Nuuuuu cute

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *steals everyone's kitties and runs off* MAH BABEHS!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: a drunk Slash [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: thats quiet the mental image

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have a sore in the corner of my mouth and it hurts so much! I can't even open my mouth very much

[Bookmark] Candy: Daww no

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: will try to do a post or two here in a sec trying to get the babehs settled

[Bookmark] Mikko: sweeeeeet babehs

[Bookmark] Espionata: At their age do they still eat every two hours?

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least when they're old enough litter box training is usually a breeze

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep, every two to three

[Bookmark] Candy: Nawww

[Bookmark] Candy: hehe slash posted, he'll join Ee and BS at some point [tongue] prob after they got food...

[Bookmark] Espionata: I never raised baby kittens and any litter that my family had the mom was alive at one time four adult females each had a litter at the same time 16 kittens. One of the moms was hit by a car a died the other three females took in the kittens

[Bookmark] Candy: Better have cheetos

[Bookmark] Candy: Cheeos!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: love posted

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *tosses white cheddar popcorn at people*

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] *eats those she catchs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Slash posted [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: he watches day time soaps lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: love posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for BS

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna try to get a V one up before I have to head off. gotta work in the AM and the roads are frozen >​.< we got snow

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *leaps on BS's truck* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: -.- *nets her*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: ooooh I always knew I was a good catch!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe some Ee klutziness a coming... Later

[Bookmark] Candy: and some clown spookies lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe take on a raging Raph yep

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: clowns you say? I hear they are good in bed. I also hear they kill little boys and bury them under their house.

[Bookmark] Candy: Clown ? Nope... Unless forced to

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for me

[Bookmark] Mikko: weeeeee

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have GOT to remember to post for Karai after work tomorrow >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: mei*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: no his family will hate you! His father will tell Don not to speak to you! EVIL!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mei: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: it happen to me. it'll happen to yooooooou

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Because of what you did cat

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off for the night guys *hugs*))

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *higs*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm off too. need sleeeeeeep. night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: lol April says if that's the case Mei can stay with her lol

[Bookmark] Candy: she be like Finally a girl! Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hangs out with way to many dudes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] Ee says she no control Red - just helps him ... she thinks lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hopes

[Bookmark] Candy: hehe when she back at lab later gonna have fun 'poking' the bear also know as Raph [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *snugs Mei*

[Bookmark] Candy: gotta get dude to try eat and drink and loo lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mei: ^^ *snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: doubt there'd be poking though, something more gentle probably lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Tugging on his tail? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe tempting

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: my mikeywould be a smart ass here and warn to watch out for wood

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehehehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: nah Ee won't touch there unless given okay to do so - she's well aware of it being a sensitive place

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, gotta head off. [frown] gonna have to leave earlier than normal for work since conditions are gonna be bad

[Bookmark] Rogue: see ya'll tomorrow night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Nah night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwww *hugs* NIght.

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gonna head off here. NIght.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 197 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 196 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 196 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: me to just tired

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: have three kids here right now trying to sleep

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they've been busy bees all evening

[Bookmark] Espionata: I bet

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: are you on my facebook?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll show you pictures

[Bookmark] Espionata: no

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Carrie Caldwell is me. you can find me

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 196 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 196 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: I had to cook all day today [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy: hihi = ooooo whadcha cook?

[Bookmark] Candy: I am redoing this freaking tank sketch

[Bookmark] Espionata: Pasta sauce but that includes sausage, beef and meatballs lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: Meatballs are homemade and oh my god when the hamburger is slightly frozen painful hands lol

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 196 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: CHICKEN!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: spicy chicken!

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 196 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Espionata: Working on post lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi [big grin]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yaaaay~

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia is slightly more patient than I am.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my nephew Magnus, and my niece Verria

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Candy: not very good with aerial view prespective sketches - so made several blunders - sigh hehehe ... oh good good yes post! [tongue] mmmm all that made my belly growl - but not lunch time yet here

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: added me to facebook for those that are not

[Bookmark] Espionata:

[Bookmark] Espionata: Sorry gonna have stuffed shells for lunch tomorrow [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: I wuv Turtle Tots react <3

[Bookmark] Espionata: It is cute

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it is very cute [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I posted some of them on the forum
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)   Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) EmptyMon Aug 22, 2016 2:03 pm

pt 40.

Mikko: I'm off to bed. night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: nooo oOoo *yawns*

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 188 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: Don might have some...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well if he does it might help numb the pain

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *waving arm about still grumbling*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: no doubt [smile] *amused by Blazes continued complaints*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: And hopefully before you fall asleep standing up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: mmm aybe

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Blaze stop being mean to your mommy [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *loooouder muffled noises of absolute grumpiness*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] teething

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: He's Raphie's boy alright [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: [wink] indeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: The terrible twos are gonna be scary Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *annnnnd no matter how grumpy a full belly of mum milkshake makes him sleepy...* zzzz

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Well that knocked him out

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol milk drunk [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: zzzzzz *yep standing up*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Not surprised >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] where ever - oooooh fruit for afternoon snack! *munches apple*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have doublestuffed oreos

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawww could def use some chocolate

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: Meh maybe a cake mix my cousins and I can... Make and then lick the bowl off [tongue] later

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Mmmmm cake mix... Makes delicious pancakes [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: or just eating the mix without cooking [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well pancakes are cakes in a way [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ROFL

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah [wink] ever want pancakes that are different? Use cake mix [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't have any don't have maple syrup either

[Bookmark] Rogue: meh. I give up. -.- they go in circles ith their friggin' questions and make it impossible to meet the deadline

[Bookmark] Candy: Mwhahaha!

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I mean the real stuff which taste like heaven

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Nawww - >​< that's fucking frustrating! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Something that so utterly wrong but has you laughing your ass off.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Doesn't help that you get fined for not having insurance

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 188 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: !!>​
[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhahaha yep wrong but hilarious [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna try to do posts now that I'm not rushing to meet a deadline :/ an hour of my life... gone

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah great we all get healthcare but we don't get a choice nor can people afford it

[Bookmark] Rogue: but I have raisinets... so that makes it kinda better [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: *snugs* it's a start

[Bookmark] Candy: sounds like me trying to do the effing taxes here

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: My cousin does ours for us because fuck taxes lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: >​.< I haven't even filed mine yet

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I can barely figure out sales tax because my state doesn't have it

[Bookmark] Rogue: I like gettting money back, but probably won't get any thanks to me not being able to afford insurance :/

[Bookmark] Rogue: I hate this state

[Bookmark] Candy: I try claiming everything on my tax as nearly three quarters of what ever I earn is not mine, it's food and maintenance of habitats for my animals, and their medications (worming, vaccs, vet insurance) and Up keep of my car, and float ... Cars

[Bookmark] Candy: Savins and super..

[Bookmark] Espionata: You can claim medical bills if you pay off a certain amount my mom has because hysterectomys without insurances is expensive

[Bookmark] Candy: ... And the last bit of my wage is then on my personal share of utilities and food... Then the rest mine to spend

[Bookmark] Candy: Oooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: She didn't have a choice in the matter it was either that or die from Ovarian Cancer

[Bookmark] Candy: Ah poor lady

[Bookmark] Espionata: Caught it early so taking everything out got rid of it

[Bookmark] Espionata: Got to avoid chemo and raidation

[Bookmark] Candy: OoO than lucky?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Real lucky

[Bookmark] Candy: Mum kept getting cysts, she's had a hysterectomy

[Bookmark] Candy: Long ago, is why I am an only child - no siblings

[Bookmark] Espionata: And they're done so differently now

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Three little incisions instead of one big one

[Bookmark] Candy: Mmmhmmmm yep thank goodness

[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom had her tubes tied because she was almost 40 when she had my sister surprise baby felt the chemical change too when she got pregnant

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus the doctors were already in there planned c-section lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Huh yeah some women just... Know

[Bookmark] Espionata: At least she didn't find out until months later but she all day all night sickness so it would've tipped her off plus she had a regular cycle

[Bookmark] Candy: Whoa

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah some women don't know they're pregnant until birth

[Bookmark] Espionata: There was even a show on it

[Bookmark] Candy: Yeah seen a bit of it

[Bookmark] Candy: aith while ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: One woman gave birth in her jeans while the emergency staff was taking them off

[Bookmark] Candy: *shrugs* though ten years ago we had a story of a woman whom had two uterus and vaginas... And was pregnant in both ... think she had a Caesarian ..

[Bookmark] Rogue: the 'I didn't know I was pregnant' show? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo lol Well that was a 'Surprise! Mother fucker!' moment

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well that lady had to be shocked Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Pfffft sorry Oc no such surprise for you

[Bookmark] Candy: Plol yeah that show!

[Bookmark] Candy: Think I saw a segmen ton MTV once .., was a while ago though

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o WTF...?

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] yep a woman here in the Alice had... Twins... That had their own uterus [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah I would go for a c-section in that case because labor would be insane if both babies decided to come at the same time

[Bookmark] Candy: And ... Kids are like that so yep good thing

[Bookmark] Espionata: Plus complications because that's so rare to have two uteruses and two vaginas Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Mmmm hmmmm

[Bookmark] Espionata: The monthly cycle alone would make me want to get rid of one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: hell for sure

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mine is heavy enough as is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Urgh!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: mwhahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah I wish I didn't have it lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Don't we all?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I'm not so sure on the birth control that stops the cycle for months Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I wouldn't mind but at the same time the effect it has on the body

[Bookmark] Candy: Mmm it may play a part in why those present a difficulty in weight loss ...

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph posted. [tongue] now for Mei

[Bookmark] Candy: What effect? Has there been confirmed studies done to see what effect if any there is?

[Bookmark] Candy: get ya snug on Red [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well it can't be good to stop the cycle for months at a time it's all hormonal

[Bookmark] Candy: Don't know, though my Aunty had the Implannon for three years, barely bled once every six months. It was removed and the only effect it seems to have had is weight gain.

[Bookmark] Candy: Her periods and fertility returned to pre Implannon state after removal... As the existence of Walle has proven [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's hoping he didn't move too fast.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well weight gain wouldn't bug me I'm a size 0 without doing anything [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.O

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 188 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Fast metabolism

[Bookmark] Espionata: Which is why I'm hungry a lot [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: And why I have no ass and boobs lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Wow

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol my Aunty just said you bitch

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: dawww get some sleep Ee all snugged up - Bax, Japs possible run in with Sammy or TC ahead girl gonna need it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Pand having Aly under her feet.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Hey I can't help it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Do you have an active lifestyle?

[Bookmark] Candy: and ovulating so she's hormonal on top of it all ....

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Mei

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not really it's all metabolism right now but I don't drink soda or eat a lot of junk food

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwwwwww!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's pretty much speechless right now. lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Nawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: !

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How can you still have that fast of a metabolism at your age??

[Bookmark] Kitteh: One of my cousins had that when she was in her mid-teens, but it went away by the time she was in her 20s.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm only 25 and take after my dad's side of the family particullary my grandma she was thin like I was and still is

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 188 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty Ty, mmmm

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. At 25 the body slows down, usually. But, if it's genetics...then you are VERY lucky.

[Bookmark] Candy: Usually

[Bookmark] Espionata: But at the same time not genetics also dictates if you get cancer or not and got cancer on both sides of the family

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yes, there are always pros and cons to genetics.

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have a cousin who will always have some type of cancer

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawwwww Blow Job gonna start snogging all the love hearts popping about the tank room

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: gay laser jockeys FTW [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol and whatever Ee was gonna smartly reply with killed by the espresso crash... She is gonna wake with a seriously demanding bladder in several hours

[Bookmark] Candy: ... Smothered by snugs? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: crushed by cuddles?

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted for Don.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Dawww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Mei: [lovestruck]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: See Blow Job will just have to go with it

[Bookmark] Candy: hmwhahaha At least the den be filled with good smell, not the kind Mikey would emit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: he is saving up all his up the pong for Code Orange [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: -.-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's probably got the best-looking shell because it has been protected with all his tech. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: *snaps fingers in z formation inches from BS's nose* Oh no you didn't! You're not touching my man!

[Bookmark] Candy: Yep lucky for Red that's not the smells he's getting [wink] thank your turtle luck there boy

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *froms passenger seat of humvee* come on let's go!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: Yeah. That shell's mine.. *and just backs away from Ally with a massive eyeroll*

[Bookmark] Candy: cause he so would

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: BS: *shoves him out of the humvee and speeds off* I QUIT!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah Ee should probably not talked about shell mending,

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Pbwhahaha!!

[Bookmark] Candy: mikey: see prob solved [tongue] and let me graffiti that shell don,

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 188 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o ...I don't think so, Mikey. -_-

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol though Ee will suggest something to put BS off

[Bookmark] Candy: Bwhaha but she also tiredly blabbed it'll heal - almost spilled about Slash [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hunter could ask almost anything and she'd spill lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Almost anything lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta head off, but will do more posting soon. and promise to catch up on MM, too. AND MO >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: see you guys tonight for... RP NIIIIIGHT! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 188 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Think I'm gonna head off here, too. Night. *hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: Night night night night *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 188 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not much. You?

[Bookmark] Espionata: same

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi - ... oy vie - be back in half an hour [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my phone isn't charging well [frown] my birthday i need a new phone...

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its slow it lags i get an annoying add that comes up saying my battery is damaged but i don't want to click on anything to make it worse and now I think I ruined my usb plug

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, man.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah so i've told my parents that i want to do an update on my phone i really want the gallaxy six

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: galaxy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: since i have galaxy three

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: pretty much the only thing I want for my birthday since i know they aren't cheap

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or get it with my tax money either way i'll get one this year. [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: on skype

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Working on it.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: no problem

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how is everyone

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: back - hi hi [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] i'm glad any one watching the super bowl

[Bookmark] Espionata: yes want the Broncos to lose

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile] me i'm not a football person don't follow it much but I do watch half time and commercials when i can

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well I want the Broncos to lose because they beat the Patriots [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gotcha.... [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i know my uncle will be watching it he coach football at K collage

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i went to those games

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I...don't really care who wins. Though if I had to choose it would be the Panthers.

[Bookmark] Espionata: The Panthers might win wouldn't mind that

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I don't think Panthers have even made it to the Superbowl in a long time.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Last time it was 2003 against the Patriots I think

[Bookmark] Espionata: So it's been awhile

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *nods*

[Bookmark] Espionata: They've been a good team for the last few years so it was bound to happen sooner or later

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, hi! lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] hi hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: how are you

[Bookmark] Candy: fine fine

[Bookmark] Candy: you?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm good. [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: woooooooooo [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying to be warm dad turned off the heat completely earlier today

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was warm today

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It will be warmer here tomorrow.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus for the Republicans

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm suppose to be in bed ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was in bed

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I couldn't sleep

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I burned the hell out of my hand

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi - dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: We just need Rogue then we can RP! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: super bowl? isn't that on a sunday?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes

[Bookmark] Mikko: today is monday right?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh...where is Alysson tonight? I don't think she's up in that scene, but...she's usually here.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yup.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Don't know

[Bookmark] Mikko: I just subscribed to this! can't wait for my first box!

[Bookmark] Candy: nope - tuesday for me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Tuesday! then i should be getting poked and proded at the hospital!

[Bookmark] Mikko: they gonna take my bloods!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and beam me full of radioactive lasers!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] lol Ee will make contact in JLOT Leo [tongue] man busy girl [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: She's sleeping now, though.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yep all happening in Muddied Waters and JLOT be just catching that up -

[Bookmark] Espionata: Need an Ida post [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: right now it'd take a bomb to wake her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Jlot

[Bookmark] Candy: Just Like Old Times [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: what is JLOT!? speak english!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] ooh gotta fix up the time of Muddied Waters lol and as long as it's morning when Bax and Alyss come looking for Ee she'll have been up for a while... probably have cleaned - and other stuff

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Candy: and actually have had some sleep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi !

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol! Hi! I was just wondering where you were. [wink]

[Bookmark] Alysson: Robotics meeting tonight, plus I wanted to watch an episode of Higurashi before coming into chat [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ALY!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh robotics?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bax: are you working for someone else? ARE YOU SPYING ON ME!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Alysson: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Ee should have reminded Don and Venus to try getting some sleep too to help recover from Jetlag/ Drugs... ooooops

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm sure they know. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: fairly sure yes [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Red snugs put her to sleep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: well Bax will be sure to wake Erica up when he and Aly go see the turtles.

[Bookmark] Candy: meanie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: better be morning by that time - girl needs at least four hours of solid drooling before she can operate above Zombie

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: in that zone most new parents know - Sleep Deprivation Training [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: where blood is replaced by ... what ever caffinated drink you prefer - coffee? soda? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko:

[Bookmark] Mikko: Elton John has a closet just for his sunglasses!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Shy joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Shy: hey

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii~

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: oh on a LH response for you Shy and posting an Ida [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Shy: kk

[Bookmark] Shy: JUST woke up from a surprise nap

[Bookmark] Candy: lol nawww - good surprise nap?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Naps are always good. ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Candy: thinking of one myself lol - tired - even the earth int he shade of the vine looks soft [tongue] and cool

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Espionata: Probably not a good idea lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although I literally can sleep anywhere lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahhaa you have that in common with Ee then [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: I saw a friend and was gwtting some hurtful texts from someone else.

[Bookmark] Shy: I took a nap because they both took a lot out of me... darn sprained neck

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Except for the butt in the air lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I curl up in a ball lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaa yeah that is a Ee thing -

[Bookmark] Shy: my brother can do that.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Rooooooooogue

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: face plant, arms where ever - drool - and give where ever she is and who ever is about a good old Mooning

[Bookmark] Shy: its like... How did you get up in that tree and not fall from it yet you snoring mass

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahah

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Shy: so when Ee is sleeeping I just image one of my brother face first in the bed, butt in the air and an arm of the night stade higher than his body.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahahaha! yep pretty much

[Bookmark] Candy: everyone in the tank room safe for the moment from being mooned though - Girl is in the Den being snugged, she can't moon right now

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm sleepy...good night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: night night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay! Rogue is on the site! [big grin]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *may have been stalking her for the past 15 minutes* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi hi MS!

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: daww sweet you care so Kitten, hello hello ladies, lovely ladies

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas.. and nu, browser was open but just no getting on [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: this will prob be the norm for Mondays until these kittens can do stuff on their own

Kitteh: How are the babehs?

[Bookmark] Rogue: I don't get home til 9:30 and the kittens usually require an hour

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol how are you all?

[Bookmark] Rogue: they're good ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: trying to wean them

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Kylo is extra naughty. He doesn't wanna give up playtime

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well no he is a kitten [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol then named him right?

[Bookmark] Shy: I just finished a nap and a small supper.

[Bookmark] Rogue: they have a sort of makeshift 'crib' so I can keep an eye on them, and Kylo knows so he hides [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yep [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] dawww - hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's like the carrier the male kitten didn't mind it at first then realized it takes him to the vet that was hard to put him in it lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: He lost his balls lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Had to take him back to get the stitches taken out lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: While my black cat when he got fixed no stitches but the cone instead poor kitty

[Bookmark] Mikko: speaking of kittens. Love is waiting for TC to post

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: its his go? or Karais?

[Bookmark] Mikko: one has posted sooooo don't know who ever wants to post next I suppose

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: ah should have checked whilst putting out the MS and Casey

[Bookmark] Candy: lol Casey in JLOT! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: "What was so important - but is not a booty call and required pants?" - LOL [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: *needs to catch up reading*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: grrr... my friend makes me sooo mad. She had her cat declawed >​.<

[Bookmark] Shy: poor cat!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I think all vets should make sure clients are educated about that before doing it

[Bookmark] Rogue: personally, I want to see it banned

[Bookmark] Espionata: Aww

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [tongue] yeah Casey might be a pray and point out not so subtly Raphe been missing from his home since before his birthday... just to rub it in and all

[Bookmark] Espionata: I never declaw my cats besides what if the cat gets out they need their claws

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Raph*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, we don't declaw ours either.

[Bookmark] Candy: oooooooh Casey burn [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: never declaw your cats!

[Bookmark] Candy: and yes!! ban that! ban it!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I can deal with a clawed up couch and partially destroyed rug lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: They never scratch me

[Bookmark] Espionata: Although the female kitten has taken to biting my fingers when I'm in bed lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Arthas likes to bite my toes when I'm getting out of bed

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: my ting is, if you want something that doesn't scratch.. get a snake. When you declaw, they can develop other bad behaviors, not to mention, crippling arthritis because part of their toes have been ripped off. and yes.. RIPPED. I've watched it done before.. I wanted to cry

[Bookmark] Rogue: laser declaw is a little less painful, but can still cause a lot of damage

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's purring while doing this and gives kisses and grabs my hand without her claws she wasn't trained not to use her claws on people

[Bookmark] Mikko: I heard it was like cutting off your finger at the first joint

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah, I heard that, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: It is

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's exactly like that

[Bookmark] Candy: It'd be tantamount to me cutting my dogs ears - or improperly trimming my horses hooves

[Bookmark] Rogue: and a lot of people don't know, but cats use their toes to balance their weight. when they get declawed, they literally have to learn to walk again

[Bookmark] Candy: or docking tails

[Bookmark] Candy: ... yes!

[Bookmark] Espionata: The kittens are indoor only but they still need their claws if they accidently get outside my black cat is indoor outdoor can't keep him in

[Bookmark] Candy: >​< frack people learn about the animal before you go getting it!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have a horse question! that I might have asked already. lol sooo when you have a horse you have to care for their hooves, yes? what about wild horses? because I've seen pet horses with hooves that were not cared for and it was bad, so how do wild horses not get messed up hooves?

[Bookmark] Candy: wild horses spend 16 to 20 hours grazing, they are moving all the time and naturally wearing down their hooves

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh makes sense

[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom has had animals literally her whole life and they get spoiled not tortured by docking or declawing

[Bookmark] Mikko: I too spend 16 to 20 hours grazing lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: as soon as I catch up reading, can chat RP if you guys are game [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: We're already in there. [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: humans disrupting this must there fore trim back that growth that would be naturally worn... and if done in correctly or badly it can be painful, debilitating or lead to infections and other issues

[Bookmark] Mikko: I should be in bed. 6 in the morning will be sooooo soon. but I rather just not sleep and stay here ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs Mikko*

[Bookmark] Candy: we even feed them wrong - horses guts are designed to eat little often

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww poor horsey

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: You have around seven hours plenty of sleep [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: I am a total bitch about my horses hoof care

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] and not afraid to admit it

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: The only animal that I had that was a lot of work was the guinea pig made sure they got fruit and veggies daily

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ontop of hay and pellets and clover

[Bookmark] Candy: If I cannot get the farrier out I will trim them myself - but then again I know what they need as far as trimming goes - and a farrier my furr babehs know is better then one they dont... especially in regards to Shaddow - he will bite and kick if it's not me or me on hand to hold him

[Bookmark] Mikko: ick. I had stopped eating any beef or pork for the past 3 and a half months. and tonight I broke that meat fast with a ham sandwich and now my belly hates me

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: dawww

[Bookmark] Espionata: I can't live without beef and pork I'm a meat eater lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And my steak has to be rare yum [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was like that. but learning more about the health benifits of not eating it and sticking to fish and chicken and turkey and seafood. plus those poor animals! THEY HAVE FEELINGS MAN!

[Bookmark] Candy: ... lol I don't trust rare meat

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh rare steak was my fav. it had to be cool and bloody

[Bookmark] Mikko: now I'll take some baked fish instead

[Bookmark] Espionata: Beef you can eat rare for some reason lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I hate fish the smell bugs me

[Bookmark] Mikko: MAD COW !!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: then you have not had good fish. good fish and a clean good fish market has very little to no fishy smell

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: we had this debate in my cert 2 in Equine Industry about horse meat

[Bookmark] Espionata: My mom gets Haddick and I've never liked the smell

[Bookmark] Mikko: tuna and salmon is my fish of choice

[Bookmark] Candy: cause it has come up a few times in Australia - as has kangaroo, feral goat, pig and camel...

[Bookmark] Mikko: horse meat? you eat a horse!?

[Bookmark] Mikko: you EAT kangaroos?

[Bookmark] Mikko: monsters! lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: no wonder I have read so many stories of kangaroos attacking people in their yards

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: roo meat is very dark red, high in iron - and lean...

[Bookmark] Mikko: did you all hear? the manatee is no longer endangered

[Bookmark] Mikko: sounds like buffalo. which I do not like

[Bookmark] Espionata: I've had deer meat [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: deer meat is good

[Bookmark] Candy: the thing you must watch out for is parasites

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, I loves buffalo meat.

[Bookmark] Rogue: so you guys wanna do some from the zombie game so eveyone here can be included?

[Bookmark] Candy: this is why you should always cook meat properly to kill them

[Bookmark] Espionata: My dad accidently hit and killed a young one at night and in my state as long as you know someone who can butcher it you can keep it. My boyfriend's dad did just that lol

[Bookmark] Candy: sure [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Sure

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: okay

[Bookmark] Mikko: e're doing something?

[Bookmark] Mikko: who needs for what to go?

[Bookmark] Mikko: what?

[Bookmark] Mikko: who do I need to bing in?

[Bookmark] Candy: yep go get yous Leo on for as long as you can - IzLeo that is [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: how many Leo's is there!? O.O

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: meep. why does Transformers have to be on the telly on RP night!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: fangirling hard over here [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and it's not like I don't have the DVDs and can watch anytime [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: just something magical when a good movie comes on, all on its own

[Bookmark] Mikko: *lays down and rubs mah belly while crying* the paaaaaaaain!

[Bookmark] Mikko: robots in my eye!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: heading off for the night guys *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Shy: night hon *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: I hope you mean the 80's movie [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: What channel?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol I know what you mean, Rogue. [tongue] I'm much more likely to watch something if it's on right at that moment. [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko
Demon Turn DownYouTube · · 1M · 99%Behind the scenes of music video for "Emperor's New Clothes". After 4 hours of sitting in a chair and being caked in make-up... you gotta shake it off [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Shy: I needed that mikko, thanks for the giggles

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: back! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: back! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Shy: weba

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] ty ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 187 days ago

[Bookmark] Shy: night hon

[Bookmark] Candy: dawwww mmm I can do log in about three hours

[Bookmark] Candy: for CE should the thread end whenever Don and Mei go to sleep? - can then have the Bax and Alys arrive in the morning time in a new thread

[Bookmark] Rogue: sounds good

[Bookmark] Candy: though warning Red Ee will poke him awake early - poor fellow [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *grumbles*)

[Bookmark] Candy: or more of just gently stroke spot til he wakes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] hehehe not an annoying wake up call for once? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol wiggly butt [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: TC would probably agree, be all like must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that... wait no that's more of a Casey type comment about April... away from Green bro ears to avoid being smacked

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah Mikey would smack him for that - and then likewise probably be just as juvenile about Ally's ass - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: cause you know Mikey and all [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: Hypocrite [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oh for sure [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee still pondering a new thread name -

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Invasion [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Services has an amusing appeal - yeah maybe when we get more Shredder/ Kraang/ Bishop action

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Services!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: TC: I catch her alone there will be some servicing [twisted]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ooooh, then Raph will have you for breakfast. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: lol poor Ee - Sammy not going to take her rejection, big cat problems, Japs, Bax and Aly - [tongue] good thing Red put her to sleep then

[Bookmark] Espionata: And Mel when she sneaks in trying to break the turtles out lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee: ... please don't try until Raphael has recovered strength - be pointless before then even in Slash is on premises to act as muscle

[Bookmark] Rogue: eep.. Raph passed out before he could return Erica's 'love you' >​.< but it'll give him something to mull over when he wakes [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel: I would talk to them you know Oo
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation) Empty
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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (post O Rp Chat-RP Night Creation)
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